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Today saw another new low-point in American broadcast journalism, as members of the media and public ransacked the shooting suspects henningsenfamily home in Redlands, California. On closer examination, however, what is on display here has very little to do with journalism, and everything to do with staged ‘synthetic terror’.

It appears that both mainstream media and law enforcement are becoming increasingly desperate to sell an ever-more embellished and fantastic story line surrounding this latest alleged ‘Mass Shooting’ event that we’re told took place on Wednesday in San Bernardino, California.

Earlier, CNN’s official “terrorism analyst”, Paul Cruickshank, stated that San Bernardino’s staged event was, “the deadliest Islamist terrorism attack on US soil since 9/11”. If that was true, then any venues or sites related to this investigation would still be secured by law enforcement – and yet, less than 48 hours after what we’re told was a ‘mass shooting’ and ‘international terrorism’ event – members of the mainstream media and unidentified members of the public were let loose completely unsupervised, inside what authorities are claiming to be “the killers’ home” located in Redlands. California.

More than any other aspect of the contrived narrative currently being assembled by the mainstream media – this latest bit of media exhibitionism has provided clear proof that much of this story is a staged production – completely engineered by the media and members of certain government agencies…

‘PRESS GANG’: Media and public barge into the family home of alleged shooters.

This gives a new meaning to the term “press gang”. The media frenzy at the family’s Redlands home can only be described as a disturbing spectacle broadcast LIVE this morning over ten different major networks.

Today’s bizarre media stunt came only two hours after authorities and the media claimed it now had ‘evidence’ that Wednesday’s attack was “ISIS-inspired”. In a rush to establish a motive for Wednesday’s ‘Active Shooter Drill’ and staged terror event, a new piece of ‘virtual evidence’ appears to be as bizarre as it is laughable:

“We have evidence that while the attack was underway, the female shooter (Tashfeen Malik) is believed to have posted her allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – but not on her own Facebook account, rather on another different named account believed to be linked to her Facebook account.”

As 21WIRE pointed out yesterday, authorities are intentionally not showing any photo or image of the alleged female shooter, Tashfeen Malik. It’s likely that this is because Malik was not actually involved in the shooting as the authorities are currently claiming. Based on this, we might expect investigators to turn around at a later date and claim that she “wasn’t actually one of the two shooters.’

Then things began to get even more ridiculous.

CNN’s reporter Victor Blackwell began today’s news segment joined by a large group of at least 150 persons, including 30-40 unidentified people filming on their cell phones which CNN claimed were “members of the victims’ families”, as well as at least 75-100 media personnel and cameramen, all of whom followed behind the property’s landlord, Doyel Miller, who appears to have given an unsupervised, guided tour to the media and unidentified members of the public.

Blackwell even admitted that locals from the neighborhood and their dogs could also be seen wandering through the property.


CNN’s Blackwell claimed to have simply walked into the house, and by chance, finds a 4 paged FBI Seizure Document dated 12/3/15, which details evidence removed in the supposed federal terrorism investigation. CNN’s Blackwell then goes on to read out loud on air, in what he describes as a list which paints “a really clear picture”, before reading out all the items:

“… ammunition, hard drives, laptops, thumb drives, rifle cleaners roll-a-dex, gun cleaning kit, bolt for M-4 style rifle, boxes of ammunition.”

Although CNN and others appear to have gone to great lengths to portray this bizarre news event as authentic, it quite clear the FBI or police had left their classified investigation documents and various items as staged, props for the media.

It is not yet clear whether or not members of the media had paid a sum of money to Miller for access to the property.

In what authorities have claimed is a crime scene and “federal investigation related to terrorism”, the alleged home of the shooters has no police tape and has already been opened to random members of the public and the media – who could be seen rummaging through the alleged shooters belongings with no police or federal agents to supervise what can only be described as a free for all.

“passports, driving license, an FBI evidence docket list of items removed from the house [just laying around for the media, we’re told]…”

MEDIA AGIT-PROP: CNN’s Anderson Cooper conducted today’s desperate media play, designed to sure-up the media’s latest “ISIS-inspired” narrative for this week’s San Bernardino ‘mass shooting’ staged event.

The entire fiasco was being stage-managed by the highly dubious CNN operative, Anderson Cooper, who is then flanked by CNN junior ‘reporter’ Stephanie Elam who clearly states, “I was the first person who walked into this room [bedroom] and saw how it was before everyone started touching it… I don’t want to show you these ID’s over here [as the camera shows then] just because I don’t want to show you those addresses on there, but I do believe they belong to the mother based on the ages that were there.”

So Elam had access and tampered with the entire crime scene. If it were a real federal crime scene, then this would be a violation of numerous state and federal laws, including a violation of the family’s rights to privacy. In addition, under California state law, all media members and public present are in violation of breaking and entering, vandalism and as well as theft in the event that any personal items were removed from the scene. The fact that no one has been arrested or charged is proof that this is not a real federal crime at all.

MEDIA VANDALISM OR STAGED ‘PRESS’ EVENT? Less than 48 hours after ‘the biggest attack since 9/11’, CNN’s Stephanie Elam leads a mob of media and public in ransacking the alleged family home of dead suspect Syed Farook.

CNN Reporter Carelessly Tosses Religious Prayer Beads, Religious Books

CNN’s Stephanie Elam then starts picking up and throwing the family’s personal religious items. “When I first walked in this group of prayer beads was sitting on the edge of the bed, Several prayer books that were all around, some business cards, receipts for store purchases, lotions and creams…”.

CNN’s Elam then picks up the set a prayer beads for the camera, before carelessly tossing religious items aside on to the bed below, and moving on to ransack the house along with the other members of the “press”. She clearly states that, “these items belong to the shooters’ parents” – as she and others carelessly rifle through the family’s personal belongings.


A media entourage of at least 40 reporters and 50 random members of the public (who the media claim were “victims’ family members”) appear to have been involved in a forced entry, or “breaking and entering”, as the entourage followed the landlord who, according to CNN junior reporter, “We watched him come back with a crow bar… and a drill… to removed the door that had been barricading with a piece of wood. Then everyone came in right after that.”

She then claimed that, “The police were ‘done’ with this building.”

Under the remote direction of Cooper, CNN’s on site cameraman then moves in for a close shot at a desk with a number of documents neatly arranged – including a passport, presumably belonging to family member of the alleged shooters.

STAGED: Passports were neatly on display for the media camera, in what appears to be staging of the supposed ‘crime scene’.

FRAMING THE STORY: CNN’s Elam claims as, “clear evidence of religious faith”.

San Bernardino: A Media Production

CNN’s law enforcement analyst Harry Houck then came on camera with Cooper to display some outrage, seemingly bedazzled and upset over, ‘how the FBI have allowed dozens of people to destroy the crime scene’.

What Houck and other media operative are not asking is the real question here: if this were a real federal investigation and crime scene then, obviously there would be police tape, and the property would be supervised as it is less than 48 hours after such a high-profile ‘mass shooting’. Clearly, this is not a real crime scene – and by extension – we can conclude now that this entire event was likely to be a staged one.

One of the most incredible media reports was turned-in by Democratic Party-affiliated media outlet MSNBC, who could be seen going through the family’s personal effects and photographs, and showing “Muslim items” on camera. Shamelessly, MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders rifles through childrens’ personal belongings in the room of Farook and Malik’s 6-month-old daughter (allegedly), and points out her crib and what appeared to be a “Muslim prayer rug”. The following viewing is disturbing, and almost unbelievable:



The bumbling MSNBC reporter Sanders seemed to be a bit desperate to make a case that these were ‘Islamic terrorists’, and whoever staged all the ‘evidence’ laying around the home – has clearly arranged passports and photos prominently in place for the media – in order for the hapless media to draw their own conclusions. One planted item is meant to be photos of Tafsheen Malik, shown here:

PLANTED PROP: Mystery photos: viewers are meant to think these photos belong to Tafsheen Malik, but “cannot be confirmed”.

MYSTERY WOMAN OR FBI HANDLER? The FBI and media have intentionally hidden the identity of the female suspect.

Once again, based on the FBI’s continued hiding of her identity, we can almost conclude that their supposed female suspect, Tafsheen Malik, was not involved in the staged shooting event at Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, but rather, could have been the FBI female handler of male suspect Syed Farook – a very similar scenario to a carbon copy modus operandi seen with Boston Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his illusive white American, Muslim convert and CIA -linked wife, Katherine Russell.

Not surprisingly, not CNN, nor any other mainstream media organization, will ever chase up any of these leads, and after today’s debacle – we should all know why.

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83 thought on “San Bernardino Media Hoax: CNN, Media, ‘Victims Families’ All Ransack Suspects Family Home, Faux FBI Crime Scene”
  1. Bizarre. Power destroyed the evidence by immediately cleaning the assassination car of the Kennedy murder, to exporting the steel of the 9/11 buildings. But this is the first time they actually CELEBRATED the destruction of evidence.

    San Bernardino is a high crime area, one time murder capital of the USA, but Redlands is a nice little town. In an investigation my wife was conducting, a good trial lawyer from Redlands rode up with us to a northern prison to question an inmate. That was some years ago but he really liked the town. It’s further out into the desert.

    It’s important to distinguish between what appears to be a staged operation like this one, and a fantasy operation like Sandy Hook. Here real people apparently died. It’s difficult to know what happened to the
    “3 perpetrators’ who originally committed the crime, but one perp also disappeared in the Oklahoma bombing. They aren’t usually missed.

    Indeed, an air force general who headed the agency that investigated explosion stated to Congress that the Oklahoma bombing could not possibly have been done by a truck rigged with ad hoc explosives, but the media paid no attention. The oligarchical control of the media, or Free Press, can cover up a multitude of anomalies. But it is good to note them for future reference, when the American people eventually regain control of our country.

    1. I don’t think real people died there – just isn’t any evidence of it.
      With each event, someone wants to demonize (I guess) the government (which kills abroad quite freely), and to make sense of their absurd drills by finding actual humans sacrificed to them. But in the absence of evidence, it’s hard to do that.

      Yes, Redlands has its points – – similar to Bay Area small town in its sophisticated restaurants. It’s got a history probably like nearby Pomona but with a smaller historic area. The university has old-fashioned appeal. But San Bernardino county is huge. There is a mix of housing in these places – maybe some of them subprime or underwater (the commute to LA makes them less desirable). I could see from the helicopter shot that this one had a lot of features of what you might see on “Flip or Flop” where they come upon basically abandoned property.

      1. The British Guardian showed the pictures of the people killed at the site, and their names and addresses appeared in the American media, Musings. That IS evidence for public consensus, albeit the kind that must be taken with a lot of salt. Some of it is true, some of it is not true.

        I suggest that a Sandy Hook type of staged scenario created too much disbelief, so that fantasy operations have been replaced by real blood.
        the staged homicidal operations have real corpses now, I contend, just as the patsies do. I could be wrong, of course, but at this point, I think that is the way to lay your money.

  2. EVERYTHING on the TV is specifically for brain washing the poor dumb public & to reel in AGENDA 21 – the new/one world order . Must See! How The CABAL / CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) I uses Television to Control Your Mind – the TV is a piece of brain washing equipment & it is doing its job quiet well – HOW MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS USED AS A MILITARY WEAPON

    1. During an afternoon press conference, FBI Los Angeles Assistant Director David Bowdich said that the federal investigation at the property had ended.

      Bowdich said investigators had seized several pieces of evidence from the home but had turned it back over to the owner.

      “Once we board it up, anyone that goes in at that point has nothing to do with us,” said Bowdich.


    1. Im not. Too many things that dont add up, like the house being ransacked 48 hours after the supposed crime was committed and the media is allowed to go in and go thru all of their personal belongings and touch evidence that the FBI missed? I mean, who keeps their family portraits in the bathroom?

      1. yeah, on the sink where they’re sure to get wet.

        There was also a supposed “work ID” that had the name Rafia Farook and said “Reveune (sic) Support Clerk”, and pictures showing that there are two different locations with supposed ‘live’ shots of the SUV (one has markings in the road and a tree, the other doesn’t), windows of the SUV are rolled up when supposedly the suspects were firing automatic rifles from inside – all of this (including above vid of attorney) are from jimstonefreelance dot com. I’d written off Jim Stone in the past as being a little too hysterical for my taste, but this is pretty compelling stuff.

        And this photograph they’re circulating – if that’s the wife, who is this woman?

        1. that is his brother the navy vet, syed raheel farook, and wife tatiana. neither have appeared in public or said anything since this happened, in stark contrast to the rest of the family. are they even alive ? websearch terms: “partial list of why san bernardino could be a false flag event” in the quotes !

        2. Well she isn’t <95 lbs. There obviously can’t be three shootout scenes complete with bodies. But there are. The video I saw had the “slow speed chase” i.e. O.J. Simpson, with their flasher lights going. Go figure.

          They get to their position and speed off. The gaggle follows. Later we hear shots. There is a distinct makeup to the cars in the group. Up the road a piece is another black SUV, windows shot out, bodies lying in the road. Different gaggle of cop cars. Beyond that, yet another.

          Prof. Doom called the FBI and asked about the apartment. He got a nonsense answer both from the local cops and the FBI. They said that once they were finished it was the responsibility of the landlord.

          The media would have had to have been informed by someone that they would let them in. It isn’t normal.

          The family’s lawyer presents a problem. They were hoping to put this to bed without any further ado. Either the lawyer will become depressed or they will offer some sort of settlement with gag order.

          They hoped to slander the lawyer but it has backfired. A higher percentage of commenters agree that it’s suspicious. The only logic about this is a sort of “Gladio” scenario. Keep the public fearful without being able to understand what’s going on.

          Look at world events. It is becoming increasingly well known that the US is funding ISIS. They are our allies in Syria and we’re there without invitation to overthrow and elected government.

          At the same time, we’re professing to be fighting ISIS and Russia actually bombing them is causing the US consternation. Our other ally, Turkey, is in bed with them and buying their stolen oil. So is Israel.

          At the same time they are importing “refugees” who are very likely to have a high percentage of ISIS sympathizers among them. Then THIS happens.

          So they are saying that these two are “sleepers”. At the same time they are saying that immigration law is too stodgy so they’ll just smuggle them in on UPS flights. But don’t worry though, they’re women and children.

          Did they kill them? I don’t know. I do know that they had no problem doing that on 9-11. I know that they were not embarrassed to suggest that in the PNAC papers. Killing in support of their agenda does not seem to bother them. I personally feel that its a matter of expediency. They do whatever they think works best for their aims.

        3. But don’t you think it is too much of a coincidence to have victim/patsies in the same convenient location as a crisis drill? And you point out the many different SUV scenarios. Why would anyone go to the trouble of killing anyone to shoehorn them into the story? I suppose it may have been different on 9/11, in order to make a big splash, but even that has some doubtful victims. For instance, one of the passengers on the jets with a great big story – seems to have been married to man 35 years her senior and to have a different birthday (and death date): i.e. the chick was already dead and her name lifted and a different story built around her. I don’t know how to explain Mrs. Tony Perkins, except to point out two things: her husband died of AIDS (so maybe she did too) and she had the right of return by birthright. She could have gone anywhere, or already died.

          But we do not have to give them excuses and somehow make this flimsy act in San Berdoo partly fake and partly real. To me there is a high burden of proof necessary for the latter, and they have not met it (especially after your description). I think you somehow imagine the attorneys are genuine, and therefore you must accept real deaths. But if they are part of the cast, albeit with bit parts, rather than as extras, then who needs bodies?

          If I were one of the government idiots planning this dopey exercise, I would be imbued with a spirit of patriotism and benevolence, I would be sure this is just the medicine my society needs to allow my boss’s ass to be saved after resisting droning out Assad for so long, and allowing others to arm the odious ISIS. Now I have given my boss the mandate, the popular mandate, to attack ISIS along with the Russians. Because they attacked us in the USA.

          In a way, it makes sense of the narrative. It’s about switching sides.

        4. Musings, I do not define these fakes according to whether anyone died or not, period.

          On this one I have not taken a position one way or another. It is obviously a fake. In other words, do I believe that this happened in the manner described, organically? No, I do not.

          I quite pointedly said that the story makes no sense in terms of their present pursuits elsewhere. Its schizophrenic. It only “makes sense” in terms like the Gladio operation. A doctrine of tension.

          I don’t imagine anything about the attorneys. They are simply elements of the story at this point. It isn’t about “choosing sides”. What sides?

          This is a lie inside a much bigger lie. Sometimes real things happen during lies. Sometimes not. For me the central issue is not whether anyone died or not. The issue is that we are being lied to and manipulated.

          There are countless examples of this. For example, it would make no sense to have multiple staged scenes involving real corpses. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

          If I find something definitive one way or another I’ll go with that. So far, I haven’t.

    1. I literally gasped when I heard him say they were handcuffed. I don’t think they did anything wrong. I think the FBI needed a suspect and motive and did not have one so they picked some random Muslim family and executed them without a trial or any chance to clear they name or be charged with a crime.

      1. Perhaps – but have you seen the dummy on the ground in one of the pictures. There’s a close-up of a handcuffed woman (who does not look dead to me) covered in blood, but the awkward dummy in the overhead car shot is very LAX.

    1. And why are they even mentioning this? The K-1 (fiancée) visa is only good for 90 days, and it takes two years to be approved for a change in residence status, so theoretically she was still “in-process” and subject to ongoing vetting. Unless someone at State was applying a little ‘special handling’ in her case –

      1. Right, that’s an additional point. I am just dumbfounded that in plain sight there is something that defies logic and basic addition that apparently people don’t question when they hear/read news?

  3. “Attorneys representing the Farook family, David S. Chesley and Muhammad Abuershaid, hinted at a possible conspiracy surrounding the husband and wife team of terrorists who killed 14 and wounded 21 in San Bernardino, California, Wednesday.”

    “There’s a lot of things that, quite frankly, don’t add up or seem implausible,” Chesley said during a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo on Friday, Mediaite reported. “She was never involved in shooting. She’s probably about 90 pounds, so it’s unlikely she could even carry a weapon or wear some type of a vest or do any of this. … It just doesn’t make sense for these two to be able to act like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde or something. It’s just ridiculous. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up, the military skills to carry out something like this, really. I’m just telling you straight out – it doesn’t make sense.”

    1. The attorney’s comment about the woman being 90 pounds is interesting because in the ransack video, the reporter picks up a California drivers license that describes the woman as 5’5 and 170 lbs. The image of the woman does not seem to agree with this description however, as a woman of that height and weight would be quite pudgy.

      The license can be seen at the 6:50 mark on the video above (‘the media went inside…)

        1. Thanks for that clarification – the whole apartment chapter of this story is quite unbelievable. A set full of clues for the bloodthirsty media.

      1. Note, too, the date on that drivers license: 2004. And her signature? Doesn’t look like someone unfamiliar with our alphabet. What would your signature look like if you had to write it in Arabic?

    1. interesting how they’re pushing the short version of this – I posted a slightly longer version below, where the second attorney chimes in and then they cut him off.

      Both are on youtube – comments are interesting. With the longer version, there are many sheeple bleats…on the (youtube) version you’ve posted everyone agrees with the attorney.

  4. they kept sandy hook school completely shut down and even made the demo crews sign n.d.a.’s. guess they couldn’t destroy this place like they did the lanza house, which was also off limits until it too could be destroyed. when you see the illuminati (anderson cooper) around, its a good bet things ain’t what they seem.

  5. Excellent work by the authors of this article! I would add one observation. The front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured a large picture of the Redlands residence (with front burglar-bar door torn off and the front window smashed out). In the photo, an FBI agent is seen entering the home.

    What struck me most was the caption…particularly the phrase “evidence response team”. Now, I’m no law enforcement expert, but that phraseology struck me as having a sort of dual meaning.

    My first thought was, caught with a lack of evidence, the Evidence Response Team responded to this crisis of illegitimacy by arriving to ameliorate the judicial void with some readymade “evidence” (like a sinister version of Marcel Duchamp with a warehouse full of criminal slime ready to be rushed to the scene of a pseudo-crime).


    1. Call for extras – hm. Waterman Ave. rings a bell, though. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the (temporary) phone number, 9911 is sort of evocative.

      1. Anybody notice on the map nearby there is also an Indian casino? You look at Highland, CA and it is just north of Redlands and appears to be carved out of San Bernardino.

        Waterman Avenue where the phone number seems to lead to is not in Highland but runs through San Bernardino. I seem to recall it is the site (not just of the location of the phone number leading to a credit bureau which is now non-operative at the number) but where the final confrontation with police by the “terrorists” was filmed by helicopter, the place where the dummy was lying in fresh “blood”. It is part of the set.

        In my view, the messed up neighborhood around the house of the suspects (complete with a probably feral cat in one of the helicopter shots) was some abandoned property such as is often seen on the HGTV show “Flip or Flop”, where they take a trashed house in Southern California and renovate it for sale. It isn’t as bad as Detroit, but the mortgage crisis hit the so-called Inland Empire and most of the desert properties pretty badly. Underwater real estate. So perhaps the credit bureau whose number was used to garner actors for the shoot is significant as part of the picture. This seems to be a form of relief work.

        I am often in Southern California, specifically LA, and whenever there is a shoot going on, you can ask about what they are doing. The idea that you sign a confidentiality agreement seems bizarre, unless you are doing government work.

      2. Image for the news result

        This is right down the street from the address of that Craigslist phone number FAKE Credit Collection CIA safe house.

        Police Identify 2 Suspects Killed After San Bernardino Shooting That Left 14 Dead, 17 Wounded
        KTLA‎ – 3 days ago

        A call of multiple shots fired first came in at 10:59 a.m. from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. … In the 1700 block of San Bernardino Avenue, the vehicle stopped and …

        Craigslist Number leads to this address:

        Credit Bureau-san Bernardino, 909-885-9911, 1270 North Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino CA 92404-5376, Outside San Bernardino area,

        Right down the street from shooting and car chase

        1. Yep – some coincidence. So what they do in So. Cal. sometimes is to use a business that is shut down (like the credit bureau, which at Google maps has a “For Sale” sign on it). There’s a couple of restaurants in Hollywood which were once very popular, but which now are used repeatedly in films.

          I kind of pity the actors – thinking about the girl (Tracy Lime) played by Kirsten Dunst in “Wag the Dog” where Robert DeNiro tells her that if she tries to put the Albanian scene on her resume, they will send people to home in the night to kill her. And (spoiler alert) Dustin Hoffman blabs and dies. I would warn kids I know who show up to be extras that if there is a confidentiality agreement they are selling their souls to the devil.

        2. Also, it looks to have a large walled parking lot, where people could park or be issued their lanyards. Actually, when I looked it up I could hardly believe it – not sure when the Google maps picture was taken. It just seemed too good a site for all that would be required. So is it possible the buses pulled up there – for pick up and drop off. Who would have cared either before or after the event – there would be no obvious relationship with the event.

        3. I just had an “Aha” moment.
          I thought it was strange everybody at the crime scene were put on Buses. I thought why? Where’s your cars?

          The buses were taking all the actors back to the 1270 N. Waterman location where they gathered that morning before the Production.

          That explains the buses. Their cars were parked down the street.

        4. Terrific observation – they were never employees at the facility to begin with, so their cars were elsewhere!

          Somehow, putting people on the buses seems so “submitting to authority” – where they are being collectively rescued and taken away from a scene of horror.

          Yet I can already construct a rationale – however insanely lame. They are going to say that it would be too dangerous to get into your own cars after such an event because (wait for it!) these people might have wired the vehicles to explode — yeah, when, how, and how does it comport with the impulsive reactions of the alleged perp.

          When you have an endless canvas to work on, and everyone treats your bovine excrement as crystalline truth, well you can get out of any dilemma about your plot.

          But by all means, make a count of the buses and how many got on them. Buses have to go somewhere, and of course you can pretty much predict where….thanks for your observation.

        5. Oh, and I cannot help noticing there is a casino nearby – does it have any role in the story? Definitely has the invisible cash flow that criminals everywhere crave – and so people can be paid out of petty cash, can’t they? But that is just from looking at the map. I have no idea if it is related.

        6. Sure. Remember the busses in the Aurora hoax? In that on some of the kids who worked there managed to just slip away and go to their apartments across the way. There was some great footage from that.

          They had lots to say. Those who stayed as “ordered’ were bussed to the cop shack. After being intimidated and cowed they were left to their own devices to get back.

          You guys found some great stuff. Those are the giveaways in these. There is no conceivable way that all those alphabet soup goons could be in that location in that amount of time.

          The black SUV’s were like the green car at SHES with the bullet holes. There are pictures of it from the night before already in place, complete with holes.

          The neighbors were told to stay inside away from windows, etc.. We’ve seen this before. Later they go around to reinforce their silence. “Don’t talk to the press. We know where you live”.

          All the locals know is what they were told. They hear noises. They aren’t allowed outside. If anyone admits to filming they take their pictures away.

          Even in San Bernardino there are security cameras. Where’s the footage? This stuff is infuriating. How dare they?

  6. Another media trial – there will be no trial, in investigation, the media and govt. spokespeople have given us all we need. Terror, tension, fear, violence. They are becoming quite desperate, this is their only card. There is no plan B. War soon, if we cannot regain a rule-of-law process.

  7. now MSNBC is apologizing:

    “We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review,” the network said.

    After showing live television footage of inside the home of the San Bernardino mass shooting assailants, the network has apologized for the decision on Friday.

    “MSNBC and other news organizations were invited into the home by the landlord after law enforcement officials had finished examining the site and returned control to the landlord,” a statement from a network spokesperson read.

    “Although MSNBC was not the first crew to enter the home, we did have the first live shots from inside. We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review,” the network said.

    Earlier in day, in a widely criticized decision, multiple news organizations, including CNN, aired live footage from the home of assailants Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, including walking around rooms and showing photographs in the household.”

    This from a statement to The Hollywood Reporter (!) – interesting choice to get the word out

    1. Mmmm. Nice. First off, she says she heard “automatic” weapons firing…really? That’d be machine guns. I’ve never seen a machine gun in CA. “Assault weapons” maybe, but they’re all semi-automatic here, at least publicly available ones.

      Second, during her recounting, she kept changing from past to present tense…making things up as she goes?

      Finally, three figures, wearing all black, with masks, and…hats. Hats? And yet she could tell for sure they were white, and “appeared tall”. Gag.

    1. There are parallels to US and Nazi German propaganda to demonize and fear the population into war. It seems we are headed for one if you look at the financial markers and other geopolitical data. The GOP may already know they are in power 2016. The MSM is bent on 911, part deux and another Pearl Harbor.

      As for the Hoaxes, the planned parenthood event looked like a “team left” HANDLED event while the SB event appears to be a “team right” production. We at COTO know the left-right paradigm works for the Central Committee but in the big Casino Royale, there are stakes to be one by either team. Though they must follow the rules, laws matter not for them. What I find incomprehensible is why they insist on making these media psyops so obviously hokey and transparent.

      ‘Syriana’ is the key term to all this Middle East agenda. It comes from the Trilateral and explains the program since Desert Storm to date. The only real Pipe Bombs are those operating and planned for the Oil Wars. Syriana Pipelines and Keystone are just one of the parallels we share with the global geopolitical theater. What Climate-Gate and the WTO represents is the frontline of terror and both teams are putting the world on a collision course.

      1. So if it is true that Peak Oil is real, then limited resources will be fought over. Desperate bids – like fracking and shale – are what you have if you do not get your hands on the Mideast crude. There are those with an apocalyptic mind-set who imagine that elites are plotting demand destruction (even though customers are the source of their power). I think the confusion of what happened drove people like Mike Ruppert absolutely mad. Is it possible that at the heart of all of this is still the original cause of 9/11 – the need to control a finite resource, most of which is based in the Mideast and Central Asia?

        Given the history of the earth’s continental plates, and the lack of deep sea resources (since the sea floor is mostly basalt and has not history of oil being formed there due to never having had the fossil life the continental plates had) – the fight will always be over those petroleum resources in the world’s hot spots.

        As Ruppert so pessimistically put it (and in the end he really was a pessimist and rather guilt-ridden too), the planet cannot sustain the infinite growth model promised by the industrial age with its history of fossil fuels, from coal to oil to natural gas.

        Whatever you think of global warming, the problem is that the fuel itself cannot last – and we see the pitfalls of nuclear as well. Even the solar and wind need to be made out of products which come about through industrial processes which may themselves not be sustainable. Worst of all, our civilization (mostly the West, but in the recent hundred years the Asian one) has been about competition and supremacy.

        For some reason, I am optimistic that mankind will adjust, that we have the built-in ability to do that. But history tells us that some very bloody pages get written before a true “new normal” sets in (and this one is a fake new normal).

        1. Climate aside I think the issue is all about power finance. Regime change and a global order trumps the Peak Oil (if real) Oil is independence and those who have it can remain free. A greater hoax is the Carbon credit economy plans which once again provides the same monopoly in control. It’s Agenda 21 that makes me think the whole system is a fraud. A real good “Disclosure” event and an exopolitical new order would be the greatest hoax of all. The Pope has spoken and he’s in the wings ready to baptize this coming entity. We live in strange times.

  8. Wow!!

    Attorney David Chesley expressed skepticism at the accuracy of information released by the police and FBI after Farook and his Pakistan-born wife Tashfeen Malik gunned down 14 people at the Inland Regional Center before they were killed in a shootout with police, the Daily Mail reported.

    “There were a lot of questions drawn with Sandy Hook and whether or not that was a real incident or not,” Mr. Chesley told reporters alongside family attorney Mohammad Abuershaid.

    1. Does anyone seriously think these lawyers are more likely to be genuine? I think they are part of the scenery. Of course the family will have lawyers. They will be telegenic and fervent. Of course. Right out of central casting (and you can get some real good lookers in So. Cal. too).

      That man in the sunglasses whose wife was supposedly in the building – a mouth breathing method actor. Did he say she was at the party? Can’t remember what kind of noises he made. Just part of the cast, but a bit part not an extra.

        1. RedSilver misses part of the lawyer’s purpose, which is to portray ‘conspiracy theorists’ as in denial. It’s probably an oblique swipe at James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, et al – who are highly credentialed and represent the respectable establishment. Even the ‘smart’ and ‘erudite’ professionals can be fooled. So far the narratives of each have been painting family and friends as mostly in denial while confirming that at least one had suspicions, but this sideshow is aimed at the establishment truthers.

  9. This is an “op”, a massive op…pure and simple; a Greek drama play scripted & edited to MANUFACTURE CONSENT. Each ” staged event” just adds more layers to it, because the “War On(Of) Terror is the modern day equivalent of THE NEVER ENDING STORY. It’s like saying: ” the tooth fairy is real. OK, what’s the evidence? Well, my mommy said so, so it MUST be true”. That’s called BEGGING THE QUESTION. We can’t just look at the inconsistencies of a story, valuable that may be…we must challenge the VERY premise on which a story is based. When the premise is proven to be fallacious, then it’s an error or a lie…if a lie, then at the end of it is AN AGENDA.

  10. From Jim Stone Site:

    The police reported the couple was in full combat gear, but in reality the wife (who was the only one shown after the police shot up the SUV) was in shorts, high heels, and a short bare tummy blouse.

    There are 2 pics now. One with full combat gear and one in shorts with her shirt pulled up to show her bra straps. See it is a girl…(for dummies).

    1. Ric, yeah, I saw that too. Sort of hard to explain, eh? I’ve seen another on the same street with THREE black SUV’s with the windows shot out. It was either a drone or helo shot. That is why they wanted to control the footage. From the air you could see them all lined up. Each had its very own gaggle of police chase cars.

      1. And isn’t the SUV conveniently enough beside a vacant lot, rather than business or residence? Like it’s waiting.

        Another thing I noticed once the police arrive is the fact that windshield wipers keep going on and off on the SUV. Would that indicate the motor is running and would that make any sense?

      2. CE, yes, that’s the one I was referring to. There are three black SUV’s. In fact, the one with the “body” outside, by the vacant lot, is all by itself. The “main” one that they film has an MRAP up against it (probably to justify having military gear).

        You can see clearly that there are a horde of cops positioned behind a vehicle watching the first SUV. Behind them are another group play acting the second.

        You have the Hispanic “Harley Man” hanging around to be on TEE VEE after taking his video with his phone.

        If you just gunned down a room full of people and were trying to escape would you go back by where every cop in the universe was? I suppose if you did you’d turn on your safety flashers just to be safe.

        1. Lophatt, you got it exactly right.
          They were driving away in the jeep with Utah plates and noticed the cops weren’t on to them. They were upset because this was suicide mission after all ..

          So they thanked Allah for their success and turned around and went back to scene to test their fate…..Yeh, that’s the ticket

          I think we can all agree they have the worst writers Hollywood has to offer…..

  11. Of possible interest; at approximately minute 9:00 of this video, the owner/landlord, Doyle Miller is interviewed briefly by the man who has been talking all along in the video and describing the interior of the apartment of the alleged perpetrators of the San Bernardino killings

    This reporter identifies himself as a CBS News reporter and he begins to ask the landlord questions. Mr. Miller states that this ‘is not real, doesn’t seem possible, way too much hype over this.’ Then he goes on to say that he did NOT allow the cameras (and reporters) into the apartment but had opened the door to the apartment and the reporters rushed past as if it were a ‘garage sale’.

    1. Interesting: The landlord claims to have not spoken to police (maybe that doesn’t count the FBI, but I bet it does) at all. I wonder who cleared the apartment for reporters to go in? Doesn’t jive with what LE PR said to Dr. Doom.

      Landlord said, “It’s not real; it doesn’t seem possible,” numerous times. Oh, and he said the perp was “clean cut”. Doesn’t that mean clean-shaven?

  12. I’m still waiting for a single piece of real evidence that any of this really happened. 1) In a city like San Bernadino there would be traffic cameras at every intersection, most over passes and certainly in the parking lot, at the entrances and in the lobby of the building where the attack is supposed to have taken place. Show me a single clip of those kids geared up and armed?? 2) The press was all over the home, show us some pictures of the alleged location of the shooting. It’s going to have bullet holes everywhere. 3) Show us a single picture of one of the victims wounds, faced blacked out if you like, just one.4) The statement about knowing that the guns were legally purchased but they were still trying to find out where they were purchased and from whom is absurd. To purchase a gun in my state I need a firearms license, the state next door I don’t so no way you can know if it was legally purchased unless you know where and how it was purchased. A law enforcement source would know that but a political hack writing a script to make a political talking point would not. 5) How is it possible that within 24 hours of the alleged event the usual political hacks like Pelosi and Schumer had new gun control proposals for “Legally owned” long guns?? Really?? how did they know they would have such a custom designed opportunity to push the agenda?? 6) Explain how the SWAT teams got there in 4 minutes if they weren’t geared up and waiting. If so how did they know it was going to happen? And finally, the issue of the so called survivors being interviewed the day after the alleged event. Supersonic rifles like the AR-15’s are extremely loud, particularly in enclosed spaces like a building. Anybody in that room would be functionally deaf after the shooting. They would not be able to hear a reporter’s questions and answer like the so called survivors did. They WERE NOT in a shooting. I accidentally had my hearing protectors shift at a range some years ago and a single 5.56mm was fired outside 10ft. away from me, just one round. I had a ripping headache for a solid day, my ears were ringing for a week to the point where I couldn’t hear a normal conversation and swayed when I walked because my balance was off. 50-60 rounds inside a room and these people would have shattered ear drums and mostly be profoundly deaf. This one is stinking to high heaven even faster than Sandy Hoax.

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