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Another Daily Shooter event has taken place in San Bernardino, California. As we go to press, police marksmen appear to have shot-up a black SUV, with one suspect killed, one severely wounded [later pronounced dead] and another escaping on foot according to NBC News live coverage. It’s still unconfirmed whether the SUV passengers are actually the same men who were the original ‘active shooters’ at the original crime scene.

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 12pm PT, we’re that 14 people were reported to have been killed and another 17 have been hospitalized with various injuries, after the 3 shooters are said to have opened fire with ‘long guns’ inside a conference venue, in the Inland Regional Center, a government-run disabled services office complex, located in San Bernardino. Police gave chase to suspects and claim that 3 assailants were masked (therefore could not be ID’d at the scene), heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.

MADE FOR TV: The later shoot-out was perfectly positioned for a Television News chopper to capture the drama unimpeded for national audiences, putting all the latest police military gear on display. Many hours after the initial event, Paramilitary Police units in armored MRAPs apparently shoot-up a black SUV, but it’s not known whether or not this was driven by one the original suspects, raising the possibility about whether the police have ‘accidentally’ shot-up the wrong vehicle. Despite the incredible media vantage point here, still no actual footage exists of the alleged deadly shoot-out other than a few photos seen afterwards, nor is there any footage of police removing the suspects dead bodies from the black SUV onto medical gurnies (Image credit: NBC News)

Multi-Agency ‘Active Shooter’ Drill?

The speed at which so many paramilitary, police and EMS assets were mobilized today was unprecedented.

Police announced that they had an armed response on site in only 4 minutes from their first emergency call, and managed to triage and then transport the first victims to medical facilities in only 15 minutes. Incredible.

This was one of the most impressive mobilizations of multiple local, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies. Within 90 minutes of the alleged ‘active shooter’ situation at Inland Regional, at least 12 different agencies were mobilized, including over 500 armed agents, at least 300 vehicles, over 1000 personnel, 5 SWAT teams, 3 helicopters, 3 mobile command centers, 10 armored MRAP vehicles, bomb squads with “tactical robots” being dispatched.

Incredibly, we quickly learned that the same location where this ‘mass shooting’ has taken place, the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino – also stages “Active Shooter” Drills that feature armed response teams… every month. This little known fact surfaced in an LA Times report which interviewed Dorothy Vong, one of the nurses on duty:

“Drill started,” Dorothy Vong texted her husband, Mark. It was about 11 a.m. Wednesday.

“The Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, where Dorothy is a nurse, conducts active-shooter drills every month or so. Vong assumed that’s why she could see heavily armed law enforcement officers sprinting toward the building. She walked to a window and made a cellphone video of the scene. She sent it to her husband. On the video, a voice can be heard saying: “They’re all geared up! Rifles and everything!” In the background, there is laughter.”

“Then reality intruded. Vong texted her husband again: “Well, it’s real.” And a few minutes later: “We’re in a locked office.”

This is clear evidence that Wednesday’s event was in fact, another “drill gone live”.

In addition, here is additional evidence of another ‘Active Shooter’ drill taking place nearby at the Victor Valley College Library on Monday of this week, only 48 hrs before the San Bernardino event. Watch here:



What happened to the CCTV footage of the shooters as they traveled into the parking lot, got out, and moved towards and throughout the building site? If past ‘Active Shooter’ drills are anything to go by, then it’s unlikely the public will be allowed to see any of this footage, unless it’s been heavily edited and supplied to the mainstream media.

See some of images of the many hundreds of police and EMS personnel assembled at the scene on Wednesday here:


Hard to Believe

We’re also told that many hours after the mass shooting incident, police miraculously track-down suspects in a black SUV only 1.5 miles from the original crime scene? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The entire police case including its ability to pursue the black SUV with the alleged shooting suspects rests completely on a ‘police tip’ from one witness, a man named Glenn Willwerth, who we’re told owns a printing business, J&S Paper Southern, listed at 435 E Parkcenter Circle, San Bernardino, CA 92408 (oddly, this business has no website, only a Facebook page created on Sept 17, 2015), situated across the street from the Inland Regional Center. Willwerth said he saw the alleged shooters fleeing the initial scene in black SUV, which police claim to have then followed back to the suspects’ residence before, incredibly, the suspects then headed back to the original scene of the crime many hours later.

See Willwerth’s Facebook page here:



The US media are already touting today’s event as, “the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012.”

Following the take-down of the black SUV vehicle, tactical paramilitary police units escorting ATF and FBI agents then began performing armed, “door to door” searches of all homes in the vicinity of the SUV shooting scene.



The city of San Bernadino has been placed into lock-down, with closures of all schools, court houses and public buildings with all residents ordered to ‘shelter in place’. According to one local news affiliate anchor, “San Bernardino is now under Martial Law.”

NBC News resident ‘expert’, retired US Marshal Lenny DePaul also helped to heighten the sense of fear by telling millions of viewers, “People should lay low. If you got a basement – get in it.”

Today’s mass-mobilization mirrored the recent ‘Fox Lake Manhunt’ hoax, which 21WIRE rightly pointed out on the day was not actually a real manhunt, but rather a multi-agency militarized ‘fusion drill’ – which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars before it was finally wound-down by authorities.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International as the story was breaking and gave a number of key points about the event, much of which was completely missed by the mainstream media. Initially, many US media outlets were attempting to frame today’s event as a “domestic terrorism” incident, but Henningsen pointed out why this may be a red herring. By all accounts, the shooter(s) would have to have had prior knowledge, or even some affiliation with of the Department of Health’s private function that was taking place when the alleged shooters descended on the Inland Regional conference space. Watch here:


A number of media outlets, including the Israeli-run website Vocativ, came out to declare the San Bernardino event an ‘ISIS attack on American soil’:

“ISIS extremists began celebrating the mass shooting in San Bernardino hours after the massacre, creating the hashtag #America_Burning as police hunted for as many as three shooters, Vocativ discovered. The Islamic State, however, did not take credit for the shootings in the ghoulish postings.”

If this theme gains traction this week, then it will certainly trigger an all-out right-wing political campaign to call for US troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq. The timing of today’s shooting and Britain’s historic ‘war vote’ today should not be underestimated as the two appear to be feeding into the exact same talking points and foreign policy directives.

We’re told by the US media that the names of two of the suspects are, Syed Rizwani Farook 28 yr old male (US citizen), listed as a resident of the town of Redlands, and his female partner Tashfeen Malik (from Saudi Arabia via Pakistan?) – both of whom we’re told were shot dead in their Black SUV by police.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither suspect has been ID’d by witnesses at the original mass shooting scene because they were said to be wearing masks.

Competing Theories: Terrorism vs Workplace Violence

Adding to the public relations confusion, the mainstream media began to frame this story with not one – but two prepackaged, competing narratives – ‘terrorism’ and ‘workplace violence’. Here was the initial report of the suspect’s name, presumable leaked to the LA Times:

“A senior federal official monitoring the case said investigators believe one of the shooters left the party after getting into an argument and returned with one or two armed companions. Local officials at an evening news conference said it was not clear whether the people involved in the dispute were the same people involved in the shooting.”

“Law enforcement sources identified one of the suspects as Syed Farook. Two separate sources said one of the suspects was an American citizen, but did not specifically name Farook.”

“Public records show a person named Syed R. Farook was employed by the San Bernardino County Health Department as an environmental health specialist, but it was not clear if that was the same person involved in the shooting. The party was a gathering of employees of the health department.”

All of the sudden, the media began re-spinning the story. Three hours later, at 9:15 pm PT, the mainstream media then reversed the original story, claiming that ‘police sources’ were now saying that there was no ‘dispute’ at the conference center. The newly revised narrative found FOX News claiming that, “the suspects were there earlier to ‘case out’ the location to see if it was a ‘soft enough’ target.” Authorities also changed the story from 3 shooters, to only 2 shooters – Syed Farook and partner Tashfeen Malik, who were both shot dead. Case closed, or so it seems.

What happened to the 3rd suspect who police previously said was fleeing the black SUV on foot which prompted the armed house-to-house searches? Not a word from the police or the media on this. Apparently, this character has now been erased from the official story.


OUT OF STATE PLATES: Authorities confirmed that the suspects’ black SUV had Utah license plates.

Other reports released later claim that the assailants were “throwing pipe bombs at police” while escaping – although no formal confirmation of this has surfaced yet. The video below was obtained by Fox News’ Kelly File, and seems to show shots, but they can only be heard – and not seen. The Daily Mail claimed that this showed pipe bombs, but that claim is very debatable. The Daily Mail says, “At one point a bright flash can be seen coming from inside the vehicle, from which pipe bombs were reportedly thrown during the chase through suburbs of San Bernardino.” Watch:

Oddly, hours after the alleged ‘mass shooting’ took place, a bomb threat was called into nearby Loma Linda University Medical Center, where victims of the San Bernardino shooting were being treated Wednesday afternoon. We’re told that this threat was called-in at 2:40pm just as the 2 suspects were engaged in a chase and subsequent shoot-out with police. We’re told that Loma Linda is the only ‘Level I’ trauma center in the area. As expected, there has been no follow-up by the media as to who made this bomb threat (if this incident coincided with an emergency response drill then it’s possible that the bomb threat could have been part of a drill).


In the most bizarre twist yet, an ’emergency’ press conference was held by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who presented a new character to the media, Farhan Khan, allegedly the brother in-law of the suspect who was put on a podium, seemingly, to apologize for the suspect’s alleged crimes – even though a formal forensic investigation has not even begun yet.

“I have no idea … why he would do something like this. I am in shock,” said Khan. The only problem with this scene is that right up until this point, neither the police, or even the media had announced what exactly the suspect may or may not have done. Did CAIR jump the gun too early?

The CAIR’s west coast offices are located in Anaheim, CA.

MEA CULPA? Pakistani-American resident of San Bernardino, Farhan Khan, allegedly the brother in-law of the suspect (presumably of Syed Farook).

As it turns out, the FBI has had a long-running, intimate and often tumultuous relationship with CAIR for years, and was the subject of a recent controversy this past summer where CAIR officials complained about the FBI’s use of confidential informants embedded within America’s Muslim community where covert individuals were linked to secret investigations and other stings. In August 2015, we learned another shocking revelation related to the FBI’s extensive, well-funded Cointelpro operations linked to CAIR. Regarding a seemingly unrelated case, The San Bernardio Sun reported:

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations has raised a stir with federal prosecutors in an Inland Empire terrorism case by issuing a press release days before trial was to begin seeking public assistance in obtaining information about a confidential FBI informant in the case. CAIR’s Greater Los Angeles Area office issued a press release on Aug. 10, three days before trial was to begin indicating the informant had been paid $356,645 by the government as well as immigration benefits because he was a convicted felon being allowed to stay in the U.S. to work as an informant.”

“CAIR said in its release that it was concerned about the FBI’s use of confidential informants to entrap alleged terror suspects, and included information from a study by Project SALAM and the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms which concluded that 94 percent of all terrorist plots were fabricated or provoked by the FBI.”

Is this what today’s San Bernardino shooting event is really about? It certainly looks like it, as nothing else about this unusual event makes any real sense – no motive, no history – only a string of strange relationships and incidences.

A bigger question has to be: was either Farhan Khan or Syed Farook working as a confidential FBI informant?

Readers should also know that one of the most high-profile Muslim terrorist events in US history, the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, was in fact a FBI sting, that utilized FBI confidential informants who were put into position and allowed by FBI handlers to detonate bombs at the WTC complex. Still today, the US media speaks of this event as if it were the work of lone “Muslim extremists.”

Of course, no Daily Shooter event would be complete with out the all-important fluid press conference – where a head of law enforcement addresses the media but not without a dozen people standing behind him and within camera frame. This scene is what directors refer as “a show of force” or “a show of unity”. Notice also, all of the building’s occupants being frog marched with their hands in the air, paraded in front of the camera. This scene has become a standard for all ‘active shooter drill events. Watch:

The ISIS narrative has already gone viral with this event. Already, hundreds of internet posts are saying “terrorism confirmed!”, and posts are calling for ethnic and religious cleansing is the US. Here is one Facebook posting:


Even as the suspects were being pursued, President Barack Obama took to CBS News in order to lay out his case for gun control in America. Normally the president wait until after the event has settled before inserting himself in the conversation, but today he broke that tradition – even though none of the facts were in at that time. It’s as if the President already knew what the final narrative would be.

As far as social fall-out and manipulation is concerned, this event successfully covers both sides of the American political paradigm. Thanks to this event and the media’s calculated coverage of it, left-wing social media users are calling for “Gun Control” (led by President Obama), while right-wing crowd is calling for, “More ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, and Iraq”.

If you understand social engineering, then it shouldn’t be that difficult to see what trend has been set into motion here.


There is also an unconfirmed report which originated from a not-so-credible source, the right-wing political website and sometimes disinformation outlet, who claimed to have an “unconfirmed police scanner report” (it’s either a real one or a fake, the fact that Breitbart cannot tell us the difference indicates a possible decoy here). Here’s the claim:

An unconfirmed’ report published by Brietbart may dispute this claim. According to Breitbart, a description captured on a San Bernardino police scanner says that the shooters responsible for the massacre that left upwards of 14 people dead may have been one or more middle eastern men:

1:20PM Unconfirmed police scanner reports indicate: “Man in military fatigues currently at Roberts Elementary school.” The scanner also reports a “Middle Eastern male” with “long beard, tactical shorts and a backpack.” Again, the reports are unconfirmed.

If true, this report would indicate that a DRILL was running simultaneously with the public-facing, media-managed ‘active shooter’ story.

Update 12/4/15 9:25AM EST:

Incredibly, yet ANOTHER ‘active shooter’ drill was taking place nearby at the same time as the alleged mass shooting. KTLA 5 confirms this incredible coincidence:

“A call of multiple shots fired first came in at 10:59 a.m. from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. The Police Department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, “ready to roll” and responded rapidly, Lt. Richard Lawhead said.”


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  1. Most police cars in the U.S. have constant video dash cam feed recorded to protect both the police an civilians. With the possibility that tactical units in SUV’s pursuing armed and dangerous killers could create seven figure liability by shooting the wrong person, etc., it is beyond credulity that these vehicles captured no footage. The local cops in my town audiotape all civilian encounters because of potential liabilities. This just doesn’t make sense.

    1. Excellent point pfrog- I am predicting that we will not see a single picture or video of the perpetrators engaged in the acts for which they are accused.

      I was told that the spouse was a pharmacist ? So they were both professionals and just pulled off this act?

      Any 911 calls released yet ?

      Any manifesto released yet ?

      Any medivac helicopters ?

      Any visible injuries from any victim released yet ?

      I think the ptb are getting increasingly desperate and sloppy as each hoax becomes more and more evident. Like a gambler on a losing streak making larger and larger bets but becoming increasingly reckless.

      Virginia, Oregon-now this ?

      FBI agent Howdich’s presence at the ridiculous LA Airport hoax with the dummy in the wheel chair and now conspicuously in charge at San Bernadino should also raise some eyebrows

      1. The hard part for me is to understand how 14 victims, many county employees, with families and histories can disappear? A simple database search with Lexus Accurint would give a detailed window into each of their lives. Any investigative reporter could interview relatives, families, etc., of the victims. The victims are much more transparent here then in SHES. Maybe they were being watched harassed/mobbed/COINTELPOR’D after being identified and put on a threat list. It certainly wouldn’t be the first Big Lie for the FBI. Maybe it all happened with a little FBI greasing of the rails. Maybe the evidence at the apartment was allowed to be contaminated. Maybe the feds and their accomplices have a lot to hide here.

        1. I take it, however, PeaceFrog, that you yourself have not actually looked up the victims? Because you seem to be asking a mere rhetorical question – “How could they get away with it if everyone is in these databases”? Well, they get away with such things. Just go looking and you’ll see.

        2. Let me clarify what I meant there PeaceFrog – “the absence of evidence is not evidence” or so it is often said. If you do not find someone in all the usual databases, there may be an excuse to explain their absence or the conventional wisdom that somehow the person “slipped through the cracks”. I could even imagine some names of dead people used by their survivors with permission for the event, survivors who shared the motives of those staging this kind of thing (gun control and/or a new war against ISIS).

          It is well to remember the famous WWII British plot to disinform the Germans about the location of the D-Day landings, by planting “The Man Who Never Was”, a body with false information that was found on a beach in France. You should look it up. You can construct an identity if you are the government – they did then, and they can, with all their war powers, do it now. I think the book about “The Man Who Never Was” is not just a page-turner, but also a must-read for anyone deconstructing these stories. It may not supply ultimate proof, but it shows how such things are done.

        3. Small detail: Just looked up the story of the MWNW – the drop-off spot for the body was Spain and the disinfo was about the invasion of Sicily, which the Germans were fooled into thinking was instead going to be Greece.

        4. It doesn’t add up for me that the 14 individuals killed were fake. Books will be written about this subject, and just like the 911 fatalities (people questioned that one too, even with images of people leaping from windows), friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., etc., will testify that they existed. There are a lot of oddities in this case, but, I think, the deceased were likely stage- managed useful idiots, driven to kill by the use of old COINTELPRO triggers like mobbing in the workplace and community.

        5. A lot of people died on 9/11. One of the lessons that gave rise to is that the families of the victims, to this day, have never let it alone. They go on asking questions, giving speeches, filing lawsuits in actual courts with actual subpoena power, which are difficult to duck. One of the weirdest things about Sandy Hook is that 20 children were killed, and not one of their parents filed a lawsuit against the school district, the brand new security system that didn’t work, the city, the county, and God, for allowing their child to die. Ditto Boston: no lawsuits. How many employees does the SB Health Department have on its books? Maybe they hired a few more four months ago?

        6. Hi PeaceFrog…. I must be having a senior citizen moment…I’ve seen the names, occupations and photos of the 14 alleged dead victims both online and in my newspaper here in the UK… how are they disappeared?

          By the way, UK news tv channel just reported that an Isis radio station ( never knew they had one!) has claimed the deceased alleged perps were following orders from them. Obviously, I don’t believe this, just giving the info..

        7. Maybe they were deep operatives, like in “The Americans”.

          Yeah, a Christmas party of low-level county employees is a PERFECT target. Why not Disneyland or the Super Bowl or a mall?

        8. hey Recynd…. hope you’re catching up from a hundred comments behind…don’t want to send you to the back of the class.,.. lol

          Here in the UK, our TV news channels are reporting the FBI now saying they have no evidence of terrorist links by the ” perps”….

          And Obama saying that its ” insane” that people who are on no fly lists can still buy guns… he wants that ‘ loophole’ closed… so it sounds to me you’re authorities are back on the gun control meme rather than terrorism…but, hey, its changing every 5 minutes..

        9. “Books will be written” doesn’t cut it for me. There is a limited amount of mainstream publishing – it is just another form of media. The rest can be fringe, but who pays attention to it. I don’t see the pitiless objectivity you need anymore – probably it doesn’t sell anyway. No, hagiographies of constructed victims are easy enough to turn out. This is not proof someone existed.

        10. There are always weaknesses in any conspiracy that can be illuminated. Conspiracies, if one existed here, require compartmentalization, a need to know basis for sharing information, and the deception of the majority of individuals in the very organizations (usually law enforcement/Mil-Intel) that stage the conspiracy. As I said, a thorough review of Lexus Accurint on the 14 victims and 2 perps, interviewing neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc., could reveal a lot of circumstantial evidence of conspiracy. The fact that this type of analysis is not widely done, and information goes down the “memory hole” does not mean it can not be done. Maury Terry, Dave McGowan and Douglas Valentine are examples of investigative journalists who did it in a slightly different context.

        11. Another good point PFrog – that was the challenge that I have with Sandy Hook. I could see how the children victims could be easily constructed but where did the adult victims go ? I know for a fact that Dawn Hochsprung and Nancy Lanza were real people and and that Lauren Rouseau was known in the area for working at Star Bucks for quite awhile so the construct theory on them does not work so they went somewhere if in fact they were not killed.

          I also find the evolution of the narrative in the current case interesting, First it was 3 shooters wearing masks leaving in a black SUV. Then it was Farook leaving a party angry and coming back with his wife – All of this started in the late morning right ?

          So then wouldn’t Farook’s co-workers identified him immediately on the 911 calls? But yet police didn’t go to Farook’s house until the later in the afternoon ? And engaged in a chase thereafter ? Farook and his wife in a rented SUV from Utah ? Then again a 3rd suspect was reported as jumping out of the vehicle ?

          Obama is clearly frustrated because if this is classified as terror he cannot get any anti-gun agenda legislation out of it. In fact it would have the opposite effect. How can we limit assault weapons and magazine sizes when ISIS is everywhere and armed to the teeth right ? So now Obama is struggling to somehow squeeze in a workplace dispute as the trigger to sophistically attempt to get some mileage out of this for his own agenda.

          The adult victims should be easily verifiable as you indicated earlier. It is also quite conceivable, like in the 7 7 attack in London, that there is a hybrid of some real casualties in conjunction with the staged event. Possibly Farook and his wife were set up as patsies and were dispatched while the “third shooter” participant conveniently vanishes?

      2. “I think the ptb are getting increasingly desperate and sloppy as each hoax becomes more and more evident. Like a gambler on a losing streak making larger and larger bets but becoming increasingly reckless.”

        As I mentioned (above), I would differ on this. I think it’s evidence of utter confidence on the part of our masters. If Cassidy Stay didn’t prove the point, this certainly does. With Cassidy, they actually conducted a parade, and put her on a bandstand, and the American people didn’t have a spark of innate instinctual intelligence left to cry FOUL!

        And so the testing continues. It’s not desperation; it is demonstration. It is supreme confidence. They can now do anything they want.

        1. If they get away with this (and they will) the sky is the limit.

          Lets just hope something blows up this time.


    I can’t find it online, but I have tivo video of this scene in the photograph that shows something curious. As they are leaving, the people with their arms raised are suddenly called back by a guy in shirtsleeves who retrieves some kind of badge from each one. One of the women drops hers and goes back to pick it up to give to the guy.

    I was reminded of the participation lanyards from SH.

    1. Wow, that’s interesting what you picked up.

      It also makes me question the shot supposedly taken by an employee inside the building with a heavily armed cop. Which was it – real world or crisis actors? I believe I saw a woman with Down syndrome in the group, too. It’s somewhere in this thread or another at this site. Hard to evaluate, but your scene seems to involve a blooper.

      I believe however that employees at such a facility also wear lanyards. But why would you ask genuine employees to surrender theirs? They might be reluctant to do so, even for a “rescuer”.

    2. Toni you need to get a digitized copy of this original video footage and upload it to youtube and pass it around so people can start compiling evidence of this being a drill gone live. Please do this!

    3. Looks like they’re all head to a baptism. Where’s Shannon Hicks? Everyone else standing around picking their noses and they have their hands up. They should have joined the PD so they could be treated like citizens.

      You’re right, they probably still had their drill badges on. They are really controlling the footage on this one. They don’t want another SHES.

  3. .

    I’ve posted elsewhere the preliminary results of my usual event date relationships analysis.

    I also posted on the other San Bernadino thread that the simple, “vanilla” analysis, available to anyone who can think for themselves, begs the question :

    “who would target disabled folk ?”

    I contend that the allaged San Bernadino “shooting event” is the Eugenecist / Nazi faction response to ObamaCare.

    The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was signed by Barack Obama on 30 March 2010

    The relationships betwen the two events, from experience, indicate the preferred kabbalistic patterns. I won’t bore you with the details here.

    Also, regarding the “witness Glenn Willwerth” and his business :

    The California business registry, here :

    shows that J & S Paper Southern LLC, entity number : 201013310090

    was registered on 29 March 2010

    the day before Obamacare became law ….

    What to make of this ?

    If Glenn Willwerth is who he says he is and he did witness what he is reported to have witnessed then perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

    However, from my experience of analysing these scripts, I would suggest that these links are significant.

    In any case, the Obamacare relationship to the alleged “shooting event”, for me, is the give away.

    That and the usual markers to the usual suspects, including the seemingly mandatory link, for “shooting events” back to 15 December 1791, the day when your 2nd Amendment was adopted …

    I’m continually amazed that there seems to be little awareness of the 2nd Amendment links to these shootings.

    They attacked you Constitution on 9/11, they’ve been attacking it ever since.

    They are attacking your 2nd Amendment every time a shootign event occurs.

    You all know that, yet there is little or no analysis being done.

    No wonder they laugh in our faces, because their adversaries, the wider “us” cannot see what’s right under their noses.

    For example, where is the awareness of the relationship between 15 December 1791 and 14 December 2012 ?

    I mean, for crying out loud, the only clearer signal they could send would be to do these shootings on the 15th of every month.

    I appreciate you don’t have the tools for further analysis but links such as the above to Sandy Hook for example, should, imo, raise a few eyebrows at the very least.

    My eyebrows were raised sufficiently to motivate me to develop the tools required for the date analysis work.

    I strongly suggest to all who are genuinely concerned with thes events that the missing Trivium component in all of this is the “when”.

    We do the what, the why, the who, the where, the how …

    but not the when …

    I also suggest that the analyses of “the when” yields the most significant clues to the probable identity of the factions involved, the target / victim selction, the perp selection and of course, the real motivation …

    The scripts are designed this way, so it follows, that they should be read / interpreted this way.


    1. I don’t think it is argued that disabled were targeted. The present story is that the facility allowed a city health department to take a room for a party – and that the murder victims were not even employees, much less inmates/students of the facility. Therefore, the list of the victims has to be largely under the control of the agency staging the drill, not random people involved in the day-to-day operations.

      This is a critical distinction, however it is apt to be missed by the general public, who see Down syndrome people emerging with their hands in the air or standing around ambulances like extras, or boarding evacuation buses. Excuse me for not going over every scene with a fine-toothed comb, but all you really need to know is the party admission by the people reporting the event: it was outsiders having a party there. Yeah, right.

      1. I can’t say I understand MG’s work, but I DO understand his desire that we take into account the “when” of these pageants, as it relates to the “when” of others he perceives to be related.

        But I don’t think he would argue that it matters if retarded people were the targets, because he seems not to care if the the event was real, or a mere pageant. I’m guessing here, but perhaps what Mark would say is that the choice of the venue is what is at issue, and how it would be described in the press.

        If his strange analyses are accurate, and the multitudinous number conclusions he draws are not mere, impossible-odds coincidence, it is my instinct to cut him some slack.

        Two additional thoughts. Toni asked him to explain himself more than once, and he essentially blew her off, challenging her to follow his links (which I can’t really fathom, when I try that. He won’t even give the cliff’s notes intro to the thing. This makes me suspicious.

        The second thing is to do with why he wants to have us listen to him, but doesn’t wish to hold our hand, leading us in to what is obviously an arcane, esoteric, realm. Shouldn’t he know that almost no one can figure out what he’s doing in his work? Anytime someone lives deep in arcana, and won’t explain it to the common man, expecting contemptuously that the onus is on the reader to do their homework, I get turned off.

        I give people the benefit of the doubt, usually for a long time, but I have my limits.

        1. Thank you for the clarification musings.

          Early AM today I had the impression that it was, what we refer to here in the UK as “special needs” folk who were targeted.

          It seems there were two parties going on at the San Bernardino IRC.

          The one musings mentioned, hired by the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health and the IRC Christmas party with Santa …

          This is the IRC Facebook page that USA Today provided a link to:

          Further analysis strengthens the disabilities meme, even to the extent of the Lanterman Mental Retardation Services Act of 1969 signed by Governor Reagan on 4 September 1969, which established the Developmental Services and subsequently the IRCs.

          The usual suspects are as ever, all linked …


        2. Patrick

          Thank you for your most considerate reply.

          Regarding your comments about the lack of instruction / explanation.

          When I first posted here, the poster Toni responded and asked a question.

          I recall posting a reply to another quesiton from another poster.

          Toni then posted a rather childish slur about me being “passive aggressive” because Toni had perceived that I was ignoring Toni’s question.

          Toni has since persisted in asking the same question several times, supplemented by further slurs to the effect that I had no clue what my own work means !

          So, from word go Toni has been on ignore.

          I extended to Toni the courtesy of explaining why I was not interested in any dialogue, perceiving Toni’s posts as rather typical of the antagonistic genre.

          So, hopefully that explains the context re: Toni.

          And Toni, if you read this, please don’t think that I will enter into dialogue with you.

          When you can show respect to newcomers here, you might enjoy more amiable responses.

          Explanation of the date analysis method.

          I have provided links before.

          Here is a link to the explanation / composition of the triplets which are, the main ( but not exlcusively so ) signature components for the scheduling of events we are all supposed to interested in.

          Bear in mind that this post was written 2 years ago, when I was blogging my work as I went along. It was never intended to be a full blown explanation, coveriung every aspect of every number pattern used. Nonetheless, the link provides the mathematical rationale behind the 3 digit re-digits or triplets and the underlying signatures which comrise those rep-digits.

          A short explanation of my hypothesis:

          “The patterns found in the relationships between the dates of major world events, wars, assassinations, terrorism, politics, etc., indicate that there is something more at work than the random chaos of disorder or the quantum-mumbo-jumbo whimsical nature of time.

          The analysis reveals repeating use of numeric patterns between events.

          These patterns probably indicate esoteric meaning.

          Because of the novel date arithmentic method, the patterns and relationships between events have hitherto been completely undetected.

          It is my contention that these patterns reveal a design methodology which holds significance for and which bears withness to, the authors of these events.

          Further, I aver that the narratives provided for these events are designed using the methodology and that ergo, they are, in the main, false.

          I conclude that this entire matrix bears witness to the fingerprints of 33° World Masonry and Zion.”

          All of which you could have understood by following the above link and the myriad other links provided since.

          Patrick: I assure you that there is absolutely no need to be apprehensive about this work. There is nothing untoward about me, the work or the intention of sharing these findings.

          On the contrary, I publish these results, because it is now anbundantly and overwhelminly clear that this method is the same method being used by the perps to schedule their productions.

          There are no accidents around here. All is contrived.

          I recall presenting you with the post about Jesus Christ and 9/11 here :

          and recall your reaction, something to do with coincidence.

          I would strongly recommend that the following post be studied and thoroughly understood as a gateway into thsi paradigm.

          It concerns the formative event 9/11 and perhaps the principal root to that event, GHW Bush @ the CIA.

          If you all want to know who has been doing what, then you really do need to get your heads into this data.

          I cannot put it anymore plainly than that.

          These anlayses provide the keys to the script design, the perps and the targets.

          I have been analysing the War of Terror landscape for years.

          I have worked through each and every major “Al Q terrorism plot” and found them all wanting.

          They are all contrived. They are all false.

          All produced, courtesy of the puzzle palace(s) …

          Once the method is understood, one has the keys to world history at your finger tips.

          It really is that simple.

          I would lay money on even the most hardened “conspiracy types”, not having the slightest clue about how deep the rabbit hole goes.

          We have all been lied to. Forever. About eveything that matters.



        3. That’s just what I needed to know, Mark. I will delve into your links over the weekend, as you suggest.

          It is difficult for people who have discovered something new, that is very important, but very arcane, to get its importance across to even people who are most likely to appreciate it. There is a theory that our eyes cannot see things our brain has not processed before; patterns are shown to test subjects and they simply can’t see them.

          The other thing about this is that those who do the discovering, and for whom the logic of it has become second nature, often forget that even smart people need to be led into those strange woods by the hand. I have some familiarity with that in my own work.

          As I said, the numerical conclusions you draw are quite remarkable. Understanding their implications is the challenging part. But hard work, as they say, never hurt anybody.

        4. Patrick

          If you prefer to discuss off line, I can be reached by putting the at sign in between my first and last names with the period com at the end.

          Same for anyone else.


        5. Well, Mark, you are one of the few people who know the true date of Jesus’ birth, I’ll say that. Ernest Martin’s book The Star That Astonished the World ( proves it was September 11, 3 BC. And the fact that this is 666 + 666 + 666 years to the 9/11event is simply astonishing, given the Biblical importance of the number 666.

          My own work, as you might have gleaned, revolves around the fact that 9/11 formally ended Western Civilization, which had as its foundation Christianity. So the three 666s that ended it bangs a big gong for me.

          As for your second link, it’s all way over my head. I have a math minor, but it was long ago I took those math classes. (Oh, by the way, I wish you people would stop sticking that annoying “s” on the end of the word “math.” Is there someone you can call over there to get that stopped?)

          Anyway, I’ll just take your word for it that it all makes sense. I believe, after all, in codes. The are embedded in our reality; some are evil, some are good, and some indifferent. Apparently, you have discovered one. Great. The “when” is no doubt the neglected question, as you say.

        6. Patrick…hate to be pernickety, but the word here in England, the home of English, is maths… its you Americans who have the annoying habit of dropping the ‘s’, not the other way around ! Maths is of course short for mathematics …. no such word, I don’t think, as ‘mathematic’ without the s …

  4. .

    The “Glenn Willwerth narrative” is part of the script.

    This seals it for me:

    The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was signed by Barack Obama on 30 March 2010

    The Facebooks page for Glenn Willwerth’s business, J & S Paper Southern LLC was created on 17 September 2015

    So, simply by using the Date Calculator, with no other special tools, the world and his wife can easily discover the relationship between these two events :

    = 666 + 666 + 666 days

    ( The classic, triple, 3-digit rep-digits, all with their Zion / Masonic root of : 37 = P12 > 322 & 444 )

    So, this confirms for me that this “Glenn Willwerth narrative” is part of the script.


  5. One angle which this article thankfully touches on are the MRAPs (or Bear Cats as I heard them called by Fox News [the bane of my existence]).

    It was perhaps only the day before that the Fox News website ran as their main story (for awhile) Obama’s initiative to take back armored attack vehicles from police departments (the same vehicles given to local law enforcement agencies by the federal government in the first place).

    It was such strange timing that Obama would be set up as soft on crime one day (his reasoning was as a response to police abuse of power) and then literally the next day these Bear Cats would be “the” iconic image–the absolutely-essential saviors which hemmed in the black SUV from affront and arrears.

    It’s almost like the Rumsfeld budget announcement of 9/10/01 on a much smaller scale.

    Each of these events has an iconic image. The Charlie Hebdo false flag had the car abandoned mid-road with doors wide open (and identity cards within…conveniently left behind). [Like the magical 9/11 passport found by the FBI on a New York sidewalk after it survived the fireball of plane impact. Like the Syrian passport next to the body of one of the Paris shooters after they conveniently yelled, “This is for Syria” upon entering Le Bataclan. Did the Eagles of Death Metal go into jazz odyssey mode (sotto voce) so said terrorist could deliver his big line? (In case anyone, otherwise, would have been confused).]


  6. Is it possible for the letter agencies to take over websites like Breitbart and issue limited hangout verbiage from time to time? Does Veterans Today have any credibility left?
    Unless you read a website for a considerable period of time, you cannot see these blips on the radar very easily. When disinfo comes from a source, a process has to formulated to determine if said website is legit or not. And when said website went disinfo….
    Truth is great, especially when directed against something like the false flag at Sandy Hook, but the problem is, what can we do about these transgressions? We have no judicial power and Congress is bought and paid for.

  7. This event is already being reified by campus vigils in the area. Students are being asked to pray for the victims, not to find out if the crime happened as the authorities said. Why am I reminded of the witch doctors of Apocalypto who terrorize the populace with their knowledge of the eclipse schedule?

    One element of the story is that the developmental facility employees were never asserted as holding the holiday party, so none of them will turn up among the dead. No, it was a rented room in the central part of the building, and the attendees were employees of the Health Department of the city, including such roving inspectors as the alleged perp.

    If San Bernardino is anything like my city, it does not have some kind of permanent health department building, it is just a health department which may or may not operate out of City Hall – in fact it may be (as my own city’s was when I last visited it to get food inspectors to issue permits for a carnival) operating out of some former branch library which was shut down and turned into a food pantry.

    Thus, even knowing who was a proper employee would be a challenge to anyone trying to run down the truth of who was shot.

    But since health and gun violence is a nexus issue, it would make sense that some city should use their department to participate in something like this.

    Again, the behavior of the regulars at the building, assuming they were, was very casual. Hard to know who was really an employee and who was a shill.

    1. Somewhere in all the noise, I heard one of the witnesses say “the teamsters were having a meeting”. I thought that was kind of interesting, so last night I tried to look up the local and see if they had a anything scheduled on the 2nd. Oddly enough, I could open the home page for every other local, but that specific site seems to be ‘forbidden’ or otherwise unavailable. Figured it might just be my browser, etc. so I tried again this morning from a different machine – still no go
      Their facebook page is active, but the link doesn’t work from there, either. There’s a letter from 12/1 saying they were trying to secure meeting space to vote in a new contract in the next two weeks, but nothing specific

      oh – one other note – I also heard ‘somewhere’ (I’m honestly trying to avoid hearing this stuff, but it’s Everywhere) that the shooter was angry because they served ham at the holiday party…that’s what set him off. LOL

      1. Hmmm, interesting. There was a casting call. Are “grips” in the Teamsters?

        The version I read said that he and a Jewish co-worker got into an argument over the co-worker’s taunts about his “islamic appearance”. Ham will work too, I suppose.

        I hope they get that contract signed soon. They have a lot of black SUV’s to haul away.

  8. Can someone explain to me what a “drill gone live” is? If it’s a drill than all parties are in drill mode (and it’s announced over radio to all that is a drill) – When it is stated that it’s gone “live”, what exactly does that mean? Are then people “Set-up” to be the perpetrators?

  9. Thoughts internal to the event;

    Unless conclusive evidence is shown, I’m assuming no alleged victims died.

    I suspect the alleged perpetrator couple were completely innocent… set-up and murdered. I do believe they were real and now dead.

    3 tacops shot up the center.

    Where is the video footage from the security system at this office complex?? hmm…

    I swear from what I’ve seen and read it looks like the gun-control group(democrats) and the pro-war terrorism group (republicans) are having a media war over whose agenda is gonna get pushed. I wonder which group initiated the event?… not sure at this point.

    External thoughts;

    I fully expect the rest of Dec to be full of craziness.

    For awhile now it seems like they are rushing these events, there is just a sloppiness to them.

    I see a lot of spurious connections, poor conclusions, and faulty logic with at least 1/2 of the vids declaring an event a false-flag… and certainly some of them are created to discredit the authentic investigators. And just like the MSM news, alt/truth news are ‘rushing’ to get their analysis out there, with the resulting inevitable poor results.

    Regardless of source be critical of all news… think for yourself, make your own conclusions.


      A list of the 14 victims, their hometowns, descriptions of their jobs and families are all in the LA Times article linked above. Any lawyer or PI can use a service like Accurint for additional details on their finances, address histories, credit history, etc. This should be an easy case to properly debunk if these are fake victims, I doubt it. My impression is that workplace mobbing (perhaps community mobbing as well) and subsequent radicalization led to this.

      1. These people must have had one of those babies that sleep through the night right away. Otherwise I can’t imagine how they had the energy to make all those bombs and do the prep. Now they say that the female posted her allegiance to ISIS on Facebook right before the attack, but deleted it, and our authorities were able to recover it. I don’t know if there were actual dead people or not, but the storyline is ridiculous.

        1. I have no doubt they could retrieve it, but why would she take the time to post it and then delete it on her way out the door to a murderous rampage?

        2. The scariest possibility for me is that he and his wife were identified as religious sympathizers, mobbed/harassed at work, and that the drills were conducted respond the attacks that happened a la Problem-Reaction-Solution.

        3. I’m sure she channeled the ghost of Osama Bin Laden (both of ’em). I’m going to sound like a broken record again but, the drill isn’t over. They are measuring the various reactions to this absurd tale.

          “Here Mom, hang onto Junior. We have to run back to the office party and kill some people. We need to test our home made bombs”.

          If it weren’t such a waste of time it might be fun to check out a few facts. Did they actually OWN a black SUV? Why does it have Utah plates?

          Why doesn’t anyone complain that they are either mucking up a crime scene or trespassing in someone’s house? Since when do they invite the press into a perpetrators house?

          Where did all those goons come from? It looked like a police convention.

          Who has drills EVERY WEEK? Why would some would be “terrorist” go right where every cop in the universe is gathered?

          You couldn’t sell this storyline in India.

        4. I’m just catching up here after a long day yesterday.

          “Why doesn’t anyone complain that they are either mucking up a crime scene or trespassing in someone’s house? Since when do they invite the press into a perpetrators house?”

          This is the point I was making (above): I think this might be one of the primary objectives of the test. The Lab Coats are observing the lab rats in the maze, this time to determine if the rats will notice even the most insane invasions of privacy/freedom. Outrage, widespread, would mean they need more time to socially engineer us into absolute compliance. I suspect that the experiment is now complete. No one, statistically, notices, or cares.

        5. Well Patrick, sadly, it doesn’t look like too many made it out of their Skinner box.

          This explains the success of vinyl siding salesmen who call at dinner time. When breeding cattle one wants docile animals. You know what happens to the cull.

    1. I tried to post this before, so I apologize if it shows up twice. But is anyone else watching the CNN coverage of reporters swarming the shooter’s homes? No police presence evident. They are handling evidence and photographing everything. It’s unprecedented. What is going on?

      1. Swarming is right! I don’t see any crime scene markers or tape around or anything.

        The reporter just said that the landlord got the ok last night to pry the plywood off the door and let the media in.

        Another reporter just said the door is now sealed “by a group of people, they did not identify themselves, who came up, closed the door, came with a drill and sealed it again.”

        Most unusual for a crime scene.

        1. Compare that to the heavily redacted report we received post Sandy Hook, not to mention utter destruction of both crime scenes. This can’t be an accident.

        2. I just watched the press conference with FBI….they declared the incident as a ” terrorist attack”….which is how I thought it was going to go as soon as ” perps” were identified as muslims…

          The FBI guy said yeah we gave their home back to the landlord, up to him to let media in… here on Brit TV news they are amazed reporters could swarm over a recent crime scene, but it sounds like you Americans find that weird too…

          Oh, and we don’t yet have a manifesto but, yay, the female perp posted her allegiance to IS on Facebook! So it must be true,right? Sheesh, how do they make this stuff up?

          In case the sheeple have any doubts, the FBI have their crushed cellphones which they can recover ‘data’ from… so expect lots of incriminating overseas terrorist related comms real soon…

          Did you notice the fat chief cop behind the FBI guy? He looked bored and in need of a doughnut and his face told me the whole shebang was a tall tale…

        3. Yeah, the FBI declares it a terrorist attack, but they won’t be needing to re-visit the crime scene. There couldn’t possibly be any information forth-coming that could bring them back to the supposed terrorists’ home and bomb-making factory!

          Notice there was no finger-printing powder anywhere to be seen in the news video of the swarming reporters. But they left behind inventory papers of confiscated ammo and stuff. What a joke.

          The chief cop you mention has had his doughnuts. He’s bored because he’s been point man for the “terrorist” narrative since three hours after the event commenced. He was the first to venture the “mission” theme. He wasn’t too comfortable with the role yet. As I posted at the time:

          Pressed for details by reporters, he LAUGHED and hedged, “The only thing I’m comfortable saying at this point is that the information we have is that they came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission.”

        4. I just caught this blurb from the RT ongoing update blog…..

          18:08 GMT

          The FBI and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department have told reporters that the suspected shooters’ home is still an active crime scene. When CBS asked the landlord, Doyle Miller, why he let the media cameras inside, he replied: “I didn’t. When I opened the door… they rushed.”

        5. Funny. They’re backpedaling, trying to blame the media.

          It’s either an active crime scene, OR the landlord can pry open the door.

          Also, we’re supposed to believe the media was congregated at the “active” crime scene but no law enforcement was there to prevent the break-in and press-swarming?

        6. Toni… yep, the fat chief cop is bored for sure..he’s heard the fake story so many times, he just wishes he could go and get on with something real for a change…

          Just listened here on Brit news TV to the lawyers representing Farook’s family… he pointed out, quite rightly, that FBI had nothing solid on the perps, just implications from their surname and ethnicity and a vague unsubstantiated posting on someone else’s FB page….

          He also made the wider point, again quite rightly, that once you started registering people’s names on databases or watchlists( like Trump and other Repubs are calling for), just because of their last names or ethnic origin, then you are one step from doing the same to anyone, for being Christians, or jews, or Hindus, or atheists or commenters on ‘alternative’ websites or whatever or whoever…. it was good to see someone getting airtime on major media to point that out , especially to the watching unawakened sheeple…

        7. “They had half a tank of gas and were 50 miles from Chicago…”.

          I guess if you’re Muslim your relatives don’t have any rights to your estate?

          They “declare” it to be terrorism. That way they qualify for the DHS funds. Workplace violence is so 90’s.

          One piece I read said he argued with a Jewish co-worker over his “Islamic appearance”. He’s dead now.

          They made cute little pipe bombs in the garage and affixed them to cute little toy trucks. The neighbors were “concerned” but didn’t want to be thought un-PC. I suppose firing guns off the back deck didn’t bother them at all.

          Has anyone checked the fund sites?

          The black SUV with the dark tinted windows looks more ATF than ISIS.

          Someone has a video out that shows three just like it on the same street. The others have the glass shot out too.

          BO says that if we were all disarmed the “terrorists” would stop doing these things. Makes sense to me.

        8. Aha, I bet that black SUV with the Utah license plates came from Bluffdale, Utah. Just a crazy thought. Three black SUVs with shot out glass means two of them were stand-ins.

          On December 9th a contingent of gun control advocates from Newtown will descend on DC. Whether transportation will be by AF One or broomsticks were not divulged.

        9. Yeah Anne, I’ll be listening for the beating of leather wings. They’ll probably be transported from the airport by a string of black SUV’s.

        10. They’re not recovering data from the phones – they Already HAVE everything from the phone in Utah…had it in realtime.

          The one question that (again) no one in the media is asking – why didn’t data collection prevent this “horrible tragedy”?

  10. Is anyone else watching the footage on CNN of reporters swarming through the perpetrators home, handling evidence, and photographing everything. The voice of the CNN gal who was giving an interview was shaking. No police presence as they destroy evidence. The CNN newsanchor said he had chills and was shaking because it was so unprecedented he just couldn’t believe what was happening. Compare that to all the redacted Sandy Hook video we waited so long to see.

  11. The new normal is boots on the ground in the U.S., cities/neighborhoods on “lock-down,” houses searched by troops without warrants, and then voila, the suspects are killed, and the threat removed – all seen live on TV to stir the public’s interests, stoke their fears, and reinforce this “new normal.”

    All of these events have reminded me of the 1966 Truffaut film, “Fahrenheit 451,” based on Bradbury’s book (1953), where a suspect is seen on camera, then caught by authorities and taken away, and it’s all staged in real time for the TV viewing public. In the film (which differs a bit from the book), Montag’s wife, Linda, is completely taken in by everything she sees on her TV. It’s her reality.

    So here we are nearly 50 years after the release of the film, and the TPTB would hope that we are all Lindas. They didn’t count on the Internet, where there are many Montags (someone waking up), and Clarissas (already awake) – now, did they?

    With all that is going on in regard to the Internet, it’s only a matter of time (TPP, anyone?) before they close that final gap, and all we are left with is their managed events and managed news.

    1. Actually I think they did count on that, I mean really, are you joking, yes I agree with most of what you said, but please, the ptb if anything are very sly, cunning, they are masters at fucking your mind, really, so please spare me the oops shit, it’s all controlled, these zionists have been mind fuking people for 2800 years,

  12. Has anyone followed this witness story: How did he have time to make a sling from a sweater since police arrived within minutes and he was hiding out in the bathroom? Also, his quiet co-worker never gave any indication that he was capable of this behavior, yet now that Baccari thinks of it, since he was missing from the party for a little bit, of course he was the shooter! It stinks. I think he’s another Gene Rosen.
    Also, I find it very intersting that after the unreal wide-eyed photos we’ve gotten of Lanza and Holmes, now we’ve got the photo where the eyes are half closed.

    1. Thank you for posting the link to that witness interview. Very weird statements. “Everyone who was sitting with me was dead.” He knows this how? Names of victims have not been released; there were 17 wounded as well. A woman who was shot three times was allowed to walk out with a sling made out of a sweater? If these people are training for how to respond to shootings, then they’re doing it wrong! Paramedics would have put her on a gurney because a gunshot wound puts you at risk for shock. You do not go walking around once the shooters were gone. He knows it’s S because they’re having a party, and S is there, but then he’s not there when it’s time to have his picture taken, and then he goes to the bathroom, and someone shoots up the place, and he hears that the perps fled toward Redlands — so it must have been S! How about, where is S, did he get shot in another location? 68,000 people live in Redlands!

      1. I’m about 100 comments behind, so forgive me if this has been asked, but how did Baccari know who shot him? He was pulling paper towels out of the dispenser when shrapnel flew up and hit him. Who’s to say it was the perp’s bullets and not LE’s bullets?

        The woman who video’d what she thought was another drill hadn’t heard any gunshots prior to seeing SWAT. And at what time did the first LE appear on the scene? Do we know?

        So the story is that the previously-mild-mannered perp got mad at a Christmas party, went home and changed into military gear, grabbed masks (balaclavas?), weapons, and his non-English-speaking wife, and zoomed BACK to the party to blow some MFers away? Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe he car-jacked the black SUV with Utah plates on his way.

        Allah Akbar!

        1. Don’t forget that before heading out, the wife spent a few minutes on Facebook pledging allegiance to ISIS, and then deleting it.

        2. Recynd77 – I am 100+ comments behind too. Sometimes life gets in the way. Just wondering, have the folks from Utah come forward? Either their black SUV was stolen, they got carjacked or their license plates were stolen off a lesser car. I’d like to hear from them.

          The target shooting in their tiny and claustrophobic “backyard” shown as the rental property – was that ok with the neighbors in very close proximity on either side?

          The Tony for best “Broadway Across America” Fiction Theatre goes to……

        3. My guess is that some agents will be flying home instead of driving.

          Ditto on the target shooting. They said the neighbors were concerned by their constantly working in their garage and having strange visitors. They were allegedly making pipe bombs in there and attaching them to little remote control toy trucks.

          Of course now that they have searched the house, given the evidence taken back to the family, it’s all clear for the vultures to swoop in and ogle.

          The whole neighborhood was in “lockdown” for – who knows? It’s like life in Pelican Bay.

          I haven’t seen that many cops since they were all chasing that one ex-cop who threatened them. Remember that? They were after a large black guy and shot up a truck with two asian women in it. Then they burned down a cabin he was in! Wow, the Russians were kinder to the Germans after Leningrad.

        4. Who can forget?

          The Sun Posted: 09/16/15, 12:12 PM PDT | Updated: on 09/16/2015
          Four San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies have been awarded the Congressional Badge of Bravery.

          Three of the deputies — detectives Larry Lopez and Justin Musella and Deputy Daniel Rosa — were recognized by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office for their actions to save their fellow deputies during the standoff with disgruntled former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner in the San Bernardino Mountains in February 2013.

    1. There’s a line which explains the media presence there: to prove to the public that there is no danger from a bomb or something “after the FBI went through there.” You know, depressed real estate values are no joke. Better the neighbors should come through with children and dogs, and the media should stand there with microphones, than that the City of Redlands and its nearby University should become Ground Zero and be bought for a song by the Chinese.

    2. Annie O… no need to worry, Annie, the FBI guy said in the news conference he was following the law by releasing access to the ‘perps’ home… he even left a list on the table of all the ammo and explosives and stuff he and his buddies removed, so you can know for sure the occupants were bad guys… all part of our service to the citizens ma’am !

    3. This is just too painful to watch, so many pictures – quit showing the children! The bed had all their ids arranged for photos, and was that a zip drive they forgot? Oh my, where did grandma sleep?

      Hope and pray that the good guys have penetrated the evil monster and want us to know. Perhaps they need our help as in many sheriffs across the country are asking all concealed carry owners who are capable to make sure they are packing as you never know.

    4. Annie, I don’t understand when someones, ANYONE’S, property suddenly belongs to the media when they die. This is quite a stunt. This is like taking the Fourth Amendment through the mud and then jumping up and down on it.

      In one piece I read they said that they used to sit on the porch and target shoot. Think about that. In an apartment.

      This thing is looking like they want someone to stand up and scream “ENOUGH!”. Every aspect of it is totally ridiculous. It is not improving with age.

      1. You double down, triple down, quadruple down… at some point you hit bottom and there ain’t no more down to go to. Which apparently is when you move into the ‘ridiculous’…

        They are losing control, desperate, afraid, illogical… this is normally when people do something really stupid… and dangerous.

        I’m afraid ‘Something wicked this way comes…’ is apropos.

        1. Thats what I have been saying.

          This is a big screw up and I see infighting and sloppiness.

          This is the biggest clusterf%ck False Flag to date.

          Somethings brewing and I think Obama is losing power.

        2. Totally agree Ric. I swear it’s been a media battle between gun-control and Pro-war(terrorism). Whichever group was the creator of this charade the other group has tried to hijack it…

        3. They’re fighting for the spoils like a pack of jackals on a fresh kill. I only wish I could believe they were losing power. I’m afraid they’re just getting started.

          They really don’t care if we believe them. The “Daily Mail” (ugh!) had a piece on the family’s lawyer. He said there were “inconsistencies” like with SHES. They went on and on about how crazy it was to doubt SHES.

          The picture of the lawyer looked like a reverse Adam Lanza. Dark (extremely dark), mean-looking “Arab” guy with photo-shopped five o’clock shadow. Eyelids half closed. He looked like an ISIS suicide bomber on a three-day hash high.

          The one thing they’ve done “right” (from their perspective), is to control the video and photos. You KNOW there must be thousands. Where are they? Early on they said that the helicopters weren’t “allowed” to release video without police approval, ala Vance.

          So I guess we can be ordered to sit and roll over, have our possessions searched at whim and “news” coverage is subject to politburo approval.

          No, Kevin. When they hit bottom they start to dig.

        4. I’m glad you see that…Kevin

          As Lophatt said “it’s like a bunch of Jackals fighting over the Kill”.

          This one was Ripe with possibilities

          I’ve said and will say again. Somethings changing here.

          I think the New World Odor for lack of a better description are arguing.

          Do we move now on the Police State and Fascist Govt. and start worldwide wars worth Trillions or slow it down and get the Sheeple behind us to invade the middle east for the same 5 Trillion dollars?

          They dissed Obama with this one. His whole narrative about importing Syrians and “your afraid of women and children line” got blown up.

          Open Borders, Moderate Muslims and Gun Control fell flat on the public….

          We can only watch..we have no power while we watch the Bigger Piggies in their Starched White Shirts Fight It Out…….

          They always have clean shirts play around in….

        5. Ric, so weird. I just posted a comment to lophatt about the Beatles. It’ll be up soon; it’s taking the long way around.

        6. Great Minds Think A like.

          Remember when I said that and got Major Trolled.

          I think 3 common Ideas are going on at the same time at any moment.

          But lately my world has turned into 2’s. I’ve contemplated this can only surmise its Binary. I don’t know why.

        7. Not a false flag, not a false, really, a feckin false FLAG is……. Never mind why bother, ignorance of words and their meanings is only the biggest feckin reason we’re in this mess, please tell us what you think false FLAG means, me thinks the term you meant was feckin hoax, something that’s made to look real, etc,,,,

        8. It’s false flag because they’re blaming radical islam.

          Now begone! if you’re just gonna troll.

        9. I’m afraid I disagree, Kevin. I’m with lophatt on this.

          The real question is what do the teeming tens of millions who are not in the MHB sphere think about this particular pageant? Is MHB a bubble? We are here because we are naturally suspicious, and watch the videos commenters here post to flesh out the reality behind the events; we want to know the truth. But I suspect that there are very few people like us.

          That is, this could be primarily a demonstration of our masters’ complete power over us, and secondarily a demonstration that we (Americans in toto) have come to think it’s a perfectly natural state of affairs. The federal government, in military mode, is Johnny on the spot, swooping in almost instantly to control a municipal-jurisdiction crime scene. All levels of government completely coordinated. Just as it should be.

          Yet there’s no outrage, that I can detect. No one seems to notice how un-American this is.

          Next, the spectacle of the live broadcast as some dimwitted “journalist” rifles through the personal possessions of a family whose house they just forcible broke into, as a massive crowd of strangers to that family mill around in the background. Truly a sight beyond imagining a very short time ago.

          But does the public notice how insane is this act of the play? I believe the ridiculousness is a test to see how completely disengaged we have become from what we used to cherish: freedom, truth, and justice.

          I think this one (S.B.) proves that we are lost; this is what the New World Order looks like.

          Paul Craig Roberts has been giving interviews lately about the implications of the trade agreements that are about to be foisted upon us. For him, they’re the final nail in liberty’s coffin, because they complete the transfer of power from formerly sovereign states to transnational corporations. One example is that France, which has banned GMO “foods”, will be sued by Monsanto for “restraint of trade,” and win. PCR says this nightmare will go through because the politicians who will approve it will do so because the corporations bribe them handsomely. I think he is exactly right.

          Yet on this, too, there is no outrage. In fact the public could not care less. A frequent theme here at MHB is the quandary we face, knowing that we cannot interest the people around us in the deep import of these kinds of issues. Very bright people. They just don’t want to know.

          At PJMedia this morning there is an article about the front page of the Saturday New York Times: it features the first front page editorial in almost a hundred years (OK, I know you’re laughing, because that’s what they do every day, and officially calling it that is a distinction without a difference, but it IS important because they are doing it to trumpet how important it is to them). Guess what the topic is? How vitally important it is that the Congress pass the Democrat Party’s desired gun bans.

        10. Good points. I’ve speculated the past few months that from various events that they’re either flaunting it to those who are aware, and/or they are testing just how far they can push the envelope… or how ‘ridiculous’ can they go. Demonstrating as you said, just how ‘disengaged (brainwashed)’ the public is.

          But I still contend they are desperate. Disarming the US public is critical to their plans and the mass shooting events are not working, doing wonders for gun sales though. The fact that the OpEd for Gun Control is on the front page of the NYT times is proof positive of desperation.

        11. Do you think it is possible that there are elements within the charade apparatus that aren’t on board with the anti-gun agenda? Therefore, they perpetrate these hoaxes because they are told to do so; but inconsistencies leak out so as to undermine the narrative.

        12. You’re referring to the gun ban amendments they tried to attach to the bill to defund Obamacare?

          The bill the Democrats were voting against anyway?

          Funny, I don’t recall coverage of Chuck Schumer discussing his vote on the Bill…just those all-important amendments, and how they didn’t pass.

          I wish the amendments Had passed – it would have been fun to watch Obama veto the bill that finally included those magical gun control laws 😉

    5. Notice what Andrea Mitchell says right at the beginning when she starts commenting:

      “In fact, we saw while you were on with us yesterday the white pickup truck with the FBI bringing evidence out, they obviously were sending .. uh … ????? had said one or two planes a day back to Washington to the labs outside of DC, to go through the computers, hardrives, all of their devices ( even though they had smashed a number of their devices) , to try to retrieve what they could and, and EXPLOIT anything they can from their social media. ”

      Exploit? What an interesting choice of wording.

  13. RT, really, henningsen says he can’t believe how fast services arrived, well hmmm, this guy is on feckin rt, the feckin evil box,and whats does he do, plays the parrot, sickening mhb loves this lying scum so much, hell why not call it the Patrick henningsen show, this guy is nothin but bs, totally controlled oppo, sickening, listen up peeps if your on the box, your part of these zionists, wat say ya, fecking garbage,

  14. Comments subject to moderation, what the hell your really saying is, I’m looking at what ya say, Ifen i don’t like it…… Got comments floating around, where are day

  15. I made a comment that went nowhere. It froze. Either it was too boring or too hot. I’ll try again not using the same words. In the video of the marauders through the apt., there is a short glimpse of an open suitcase with a book inside. My comment was about this book. If interested, go to Amazon and look it up. A bit premature for a child who can’t yet walk and talk.

    1. Anne, are you referring to the video in the “San Bernardino Media Hoax…..ransack suspects family home” article on this site? I ask because the star buffoon in that clip decides to discuss this two books beginning around 1:20. He concludes that because Farook was born and raised American, he would have needed the primer because it was important to know Arabic.
      plant that seed – homegrown terror

      That reporter – whatever happened to the Q-Factor? jeez

      1. Regina – right. There are better views of the first book in other videos. What was it doing in an open suitcase? Perhaps brought there with all the other junk for staging.

        The first book the reporter holds up was printed long after Farook himself passed childhood. It is for 2nd graders according to Amazon which has a more detailed description of the content. Perhaps for his wife? But she was not allowed to speak to anyone according to other reports, so why would she need 2nd grade language lessons?

  16. A (minor) point not yet discussed: county employees, on the clock, at a Christmas (holiday?) party. Tax dollars, hard at work.

    Not to be a total Scrooge, but seriously? My company parties were always OFF the clock.

    1. What I can’t understand is how can all the people who took part in this hoax not spill the beans and say they were part of a drill? Where are these people? It is unfathomable that they could go along with such obvious manipulation of the American people.

      1. I doubt the actual county employees “went along” with anything. I think they thought it was a real deal. The same with Sandy Hook: far fewer people were involved, when it comes down to it, than would be involved in an actual event.

        Have you seen footage of actual school shootings, like the one in Brazil? This shows REAL panic:

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