This afternoon Rita Katz’s “SITE Intelligence Group,” the enduring conduit for Islamic State’s slickly produced videos of alleged Western journalist beheadings, are vigorously promoting a new ISIS video.

The report/video is titled, “Russian-Speaking IS Fighter Beheads Alleged katz-SITERussian Spy in Video,” and observes that the IS hatchet man has “threatened Russia with attacks.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is the first major cable news network to run with the report. Blitzed and Katz are both prominent Zionists. SITE has released no such “beheading videos” for several months after it was revealed that the material is probably inauthentic.

SITE Intelligence now warns non-subscribing visitors to its website from using any of its material without notification and attribution.

Apparently CNN is a SITE subscriber.


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17 thought on “SITE Intelligence, CNN Allege “ISIS” Has Beheaded Russian Spy”
    1. A couple of echoes from the Planned Parenthood incident:

      “Police also used a robot to detonate a “device” found inside the building, according to the sources, who also said investigators were assembling a battering ram to gain access to the office complex.”

      This article also mentions THREE suspects on the run in an SUV from an anonymous source. Not that Anonymous, I’m assuming, although why not, right? They’re not averse to working with authorities.

      OMG Obama’s already on his “outraged” schtick with the gun control.

        1. Did you see the brave woman who bound up her own arm using her jacket as a sling? She was walking next to a firefighter, who didn’t seem to notice.

          I can’t wait for someone with a medical background to comment on these images.

          I’m watching the cable news networks. That they all simultaneously commenced full-blown coverage at the beginning of the incident is a pretty big tell that the event was planned.

        2. Exactly. If you can find the image or video of the woman who made her own arm sling please post the link. I missed that one. I did notice a few “limping victims” helped by police instead of EMS-this was really bad acting-really low grade street theater. I believe that “street theater” is an intelligence term; Google ” some low grade street theater” in quotes and you will get a hit from Russ Winter’s site.

        3. Interesting article at the google search!

          I’m looking for the arm sling woman. It just so happens I have a new digitizing set-up between my TEEVEE(tm) and my computer, so I’ll upload it if I can find it.

    2. Just on the face of it, from the report on CNN with its copious helicopter coverage, people are milling around AND it is being reported that the shooter or shooters are still at large. CNN is reporting that the shooters pulled a fire alarm, they are interviewing an FBI expert, and he says that this was done to draw people out the better to make targets of them.
      Okay, so then logically they should not be milling around a providing photo ops for the news media – they should be taken away from the scene if they are not “sheltering in place.” Because they are continuing to provide such an opportunity to a shooter.

      This is not the chaos you would see if people’s colleagues and patients were suddenly slaughtered. It is a great big “thorazine shuffle” of inmates and staff which can only mean one thing: a drill. However it has made the news around the world, and the BBC has reported it. Those crazy gun-mad Americans at it again, what?

      1. Exactly, Sandy Hook Redux. Also, I noticed an uncharacteristic total lack of emotion on victims and other participants. There was a lady sitting on the curb on her cell phone like she was talking to customer service.

      2. Oh, and here’s a quote:

        “Just another day in the United States of America, this time in California, a day of gunfire, panic and fear.” (5:30 PM, Wed. Dec 2)

        That’s on BBC America, Public Broadcasting. Thanks, benevolent overlords, for reminding us that the colonies should have remained under the thumb of the British monarchy.

  1. “Blitzer and Katz are both well-known Zionists.” This is interesting, but not that important, unless anti-Zionist bully pulpits firmly and convincingly dispute the authenticity of the video.

    It bears remembering that in the context of Plato’s very big cave, ostensible opponents march to the same drum. This is, of course, best exemplified by the remarkably tight and self-healing censorship of 9/11 by the overwhelming majority of institutions, in all disciplines, worldwide, and and on a permanent basis. Under this backdrop, Blitzer and Katz happen to appear to be better or faster informed than non-Zionists or anti-Zionists.


    1. To the extent that SITE can “intercept” videos before ze evil tewowists can even upload them to the alleged favourite Jihadi websites.

      How do they do that ?


  2. This savage beheading and the Paris “shootings” are “…a reminder of their war against apostates…” (Ed Royce)

    I can’t stand it. I really can’t.

    “If they won’t give us chaos, we’ll give ’em chaos,” says the Powers That Be.

  3. Again, the “media” (and Israeli intelligence posing as private intelligence) are providing us with the answers. We can see the hand of MI6 in Jihadi John (who was as ridiculous as Jihadis Paul, George, and Ringo combined). To get all McLuhan, the medium is indeed the message. How do you terrify Brits that carnage is imminent? Have a bloke speak English. Keep calm and (pretend to) bomb ISIS (while actually dropping supplies for them and acting as THEIR Air Force against Assad).

    And now this Slavic spokesperson (as Webster Tarpley might say) straight from “central casting”. The message is for Russia. Sure. No argument from anyone on that point. But the message is IN Russian (making translation unnecessary). And so, once again, the intended target of this NATO-sponsored (and created) terrorist group is not Putin and his Generals (who have plenty of Arabic translators) but the people of Russia.

    It is a desperate bid by NATO allies Israel to sustain the “clash of civilizations” about which Samuel Huntington “spoke” (kinda like how Zbigniew Brzezinski “commented” on Central Asia a few years before the PNAC gang took his “observations” and made an actionable “clean break” of them in the self-inflicted attack of 9/11).


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