As of November 27, 2015 the BBC, one of the world’s most powerful mass media outlets, still has an incomplete sketch on the details of exactly who perished in the November 13 Paris terror attacks, which French authorities  say resulted 130 deaths and over 350 injuries. With its abundant staff and resources, it is unusual that the news outlet with global reach would abandon such an important story. Yet it has–as have many of its competitors.


On its page, “Paris Attacks: Who Were the Victims?” the government-sponsored broadcasting giant lists hyperlinked photo descriptions of 42 victims, and verbal descriptions of an additional 83, for a grand total of 125. That means there are five fatalities Aunt Beebe–which played a central role in publicizing the attacks throughout the world–has failed to document.

 It asks online readers to provide details on those it has listed, while overlooking the five it apparently cannot account for.


In contrast, on November 27, the day the French government officially commemorated the deceased, Agence France-Presse published this graphic, but it includes the names of only 127 victims.


Other major news outlets have also run articles with incomplete listings of the deceased. For example, on November 17, 2015 CNN ran a piece with profiles of 72 deceased, while Buzzfeed posted a story, “Here are the Victims of the Paris Attacks,” with a total of only 71 profiles. Buzzfeed promised to continually update the article, but it was last revised on November 20.


The venerable Washington Post lists profiles of 123 victims yet admittedly omits the identities and biographical material on “at least seven others” for which the paper claims to have no information. The Post promises to update the page “as more information becomes available.” However, no details have been added since November 23.

In 2013 Memory Hole Blog reported how the Boston Globe failed to accurately document those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. [“The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Inflated Injury Tallies“] In that event municipal authorities and the Boston Globe claimed there were an incredible 286 injuries. Yet the Globe could only provide information for 55 individuals who sustained injuries.

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52 thought on “Paris Attack Anomalies: News Media Death Tallies Don’t Add Up”
    1. Maybe because they think that after 26 it really doesn’t matter. Besides, it’s not the number of dead that counts, but what counts is those who are doing the counting.

      1. It is all about the French numerical system. Once globalism is in place and the dire emergency of climate is resolved, we can focus on the problems with numbers. We may find that we actually have more natural elements than previously believed, and that the new Common Core Mathematics Program will prove that two plus two can add up to whatever is needed for any particular circumstance. Then I can claim and brag about an IQ about which I can be proud!

        1. The only terror connected with weather/climate/cooling/warming is terror by manufactured weather. Some of the buffoons now performing in this Paris burlesque show would (or should) have been informed by their handlers about man-made weather which does change the climate.

        2. I wonder if those exploding party favors that throw all that confetti into the air are a hazard?

          I actually think the methane exposure from all of these staged events could be serious. There’s probably a glacier in Iceland that’s flowing at this minute due to the BEX emitting from Paris.

          To make matters worse, BO was there yesterday intoning away. “Now, let me be clear…….”. You could not pay me enough to be in a room with that ….thing. His audience should get hazard pay.

    2. They should count navels. They are only issued, one to a customer.

      We know that they simply read whatever TPTB provide to them. So “investigation” would be a novel concept for them.

      Surely in France there is an “official” counter of such things. I know from experience that they are capable of losing luggage. But this is a step beyond.

    1. Yep, Dr. Carver would have advised the Paris authorities to just leave all the dead bodies where they were for the night and let their family members identify them by photos.

      “It wasn’t a tent, it was this magnificent…thing!”

    2. I think the child under Jesse “the Devil” Hughes’ leather jacket was Noah Pozner. This time he was the only survivor in that Paris dressing room, soon to appear in the next production.

      1. It’s a good thing I didn’t take up acting. Bad things happen to those people. They just seem to be all over these things. I just don’t know what to make of it (drool).

  1. Additionally,I noticed that the Aussie PM said he “called to cheer her up.” Yeh,good luck with that;Miss Duping Delight could hardly be more cheerful if she found a pot o gold.

  2. I Have yet to see anything remotely similar to evidence. Television is an extraordinary substitute for any kind of investigation that may lead to due process apparently.

    Can’t we sue these news agencies or something for these lies that lead us to war? Can’t we argue the injury caused by Manufactured Consent?

      1. Pretty sure it’s entertainment,, just like so called professional sports, strictly entertainment, or maybe we could compare it to da po po, surely evbody knows day ain’t gonna protect you, what a joke. Guess we deserve this, after all, we’re spinning at 1k a hour, it’s feckin awesome

    1. News agencies are part of the Khazarian stranglehold that chokes us in so many ways. They are all part of the overall conspiracy to control the entire world. If you don’t know the media is one big, fat lie by now, time is running out for you.
      People don’t like to use the word that describes these banditos and it’s not out of respect, it’s out of fear. You can be Breitbarted like politicians can be thrown out of office, dollar power strikes again.

    1. Obama added:

      “The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” an Obama administration official told The Wall Street Journal. “This is an international threat, and it’s all coming out of Syria and it’s coming through Turkish territory.”

      Translation: Close that border before I go jail for supporting ISIS!!

        1. And it appears to me the door must have been without a window, meaning it was designed for the event.

          I have friends who rent their house for commercials to be made. They are always having doors substituted – like a doggie door temporarily put in for a dog food commercial, for example.

          So whether or not this is a genuine cafe, it is for the moment a movie set. Happens all the time – real residences turned into short-term sets.

        2. There is a long list of private homes in and around Los Angeles offered up for any movie set one can think of. I know of a cul-de-sac in Culver City where the residents there were paid for the “inconvenience” of having parts of the TV show Cougar Town filmed outside.

  3. Sorry, off topic, but for those interested:

    New Footage :Viral: show IDF Soldier Throws Knife Next to Palestinian Student and orders her to pick it up and prepared to murder her

    New video. “Oblivious to the bus passenger capturing the events with his mobile device the IDF-Zionist soldier can be seen at the 1:30 mark throwing a what appears to be a knife on the ground and ordering the terrified girl to pick it up then getting prepared to shoot her but the soldier find out that someone in the bus was videotaping him as a witness and then arresting her and charging her with attempted stabbing”.The girl (14 years old )was arrested and taken to an unknown location.The video Occurred at al-nashash checkpoint near Bethlehem.The young girl survived this experience thanks to the witness.

  4. MHB news wire ran a story on Soros buying coal companies from Jon Rapaport’s blog.

    Soros Fund 13f filing on 9/30/15 shows a complete sale of BTU and ACI:

    Personally I think that, given financial analysts have shown a large correlation between Brent and coal “at extreme highs and lows”, this was a short-sighted trade. However, Rapaport should exercise a little more due diligence in his investigative reporting-this is public record!

    1. Right, we are only allowed to see what is important for us to know about – mostly the manufactured events. On RT right now they have an article about an active shooter situation in progress in San Bernadino: 3rd sentence informs us that it’s happening around the corner from a planned parenthood center (though it’s not happening there). At the bottom they wrap it up with reminding us about the recent planned parenthood shooting where 3 were killed and 9 (?) injured. I am so sick of all the manipulation.

    1. Something Big is happening.

      ISIS is going to be exposed via Russia as with Obama’s involvement.

      The Climate hoax is about to fall apart via Australia.

      Obama’s and the lefts divide and conqueror strategy is falling apart because it banks on losers like BLM and thugs as victims.

      Americans are just getting sick and tired of MSM and all the lies.

      I could go on and on about whats going on behind the scenes.

      They are either going to back down and wait for the kill or move very fast in the next year.

      1. All the signs: full-blown media coverage, federal agencies appear, the drill on Monday, military hardware, etc.

        The shooter is dressed in tactical gear, wouldn’t you know.

        Have you seen the middle of the street triage? I’m not medical but I don’t see any blood.

        Contrast this to the shooting in New Orleans that Amanda linked to earlier, where nobody bothered to pick up the bloody bandages.

      2. Check out this “prescient” quote from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy after Monday’s drill:

        “Earlier this week, Victor Valley College held an active shooter exercise with the county Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department in an effort to increase campus security efforts.

        Deputy Brendan Mahoney told the Daily Press Monday that it was an “invaluable” exercise, “especially with the unfortunate rise in these events.”

        “Thankfully, nothing like that has occurred in our county, but it’s a very real possibility, especially as we are the largest county,” Mahoney said.”

        1. And here is the one comment so far on that article:

          “The worst part is teh killings were ata campus for disabled people who can defend themselves even less. No one can say we dont need sensible gun laws all over the country after this carnage since they probably were from Arizona or Texas with lax gun laws! .. Thanks for putting your lives on the line sheriff deputies to stop teh murders. It makes me proud to be a citizen in this county.”

  5. There is a guy being interviewed on CNN wearing a freemason hat. What a joke.

    Asked about what it means for this to come to our shores…

    He laughs…

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