On November 21 a press release reproduced below announcing Amazon.com’s censorship of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook was sent to almost 23,000 news media outlets by Sherwood Ross Associates, a Miami Florida-based public relations firm.

Thus far almost without exception the press release has been ignored, bannedbooksrepresenting a wall-to-wall media blackout of the retail powerhouse’s incredible act of prior restraint-style suppression.

Further, journalists at those very media now have an opportunity to download the book for free and judge the validity of the research for themselves.

In mid-November, just days before Amazon and Create Space suppressed Nobody Died, co-editor Jim Fetzer was contacted by the television news magazine Inside Edition for an interview on the book’s findings. He claims that the subsequent fifteen minute session conducted via FaceTime with an unidentified man was much less like an interview with a journalistic team than an interrogation–perhaps involving personnel from civilian or military intelligence seeking to determine whether the book should in fact be suppressed.

“It was odd because several times [the interviewer] just got up out of his chair and walked out of the visual screen to consult with someone else,” Fetzer explained to talk show host Joyce Riley on November 23. “I think this was his handler, who was going to determine whether they had done enough or not to assess the book, or to attempt to discredit me.”

Here is the breakdown of media receiving the press release from Sherwood Ross’ firm:

Black Weeklies – 183
TV Networks – 11
Local TV Stations – 1428
AM Radio – 7560
FM Radio – 6766
Dailies – 1404
Weeklies – 5586

Total: 22,838

This is the complete press release these news media are in receipt of:

Amazon.com has banned the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill” from its list without giving the co-authors any specific reasons.

The book—-which presents hundreds of proofs that the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on Dec. 14, 2012, were a staged, elaborate hoax—-had enjoyed a brisk sale of around 500 copies since Amazon initially offered it on Oct. 22, of this year.

The book was removed by Amazon Nov. 19, after less than a month and despite nearly 80 reviews, where those who had actually read it gave it 5-stars and those who had not only 1.

“The whole Sandy Hook operation was a sloppily staged fraud perpetrated by FEMA in collusion with local and state authorities,” said the book’s editor, Professor Emeritus James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer.

“None of those allegedly 20 slain children were killed,” Fetzer said. “This looms as a far bigger scandal for the Obama administration than the simple burglary at Watergate ever was for President Nixon.” He termed Amazon’s action, an “egregious act of censorship.”

In response to Amazon’s action, which the bookseller termed “suppression,” Fetzer and the series editor, newsman Mike Palecek, decided to offer the book free of charge on the Internet at http://rense.com/general96/nobodydied.html

The 425-page book presents 12 chapters exposing the complicity of local and federal authorities, and includes as a 19-page appendix titled “The FEMA Manual for Sandy Hook” (subtitled “Site Activation Call-down Drill Exercise Plan”), which outlines the event as a two-day drill operation.

The FEMA Manual states, “The preparation for Mass Casualty is a drill designed to establish a learning environment for players to exercise emergency response plans, policies, and procedures as they pertain to a mass casualty incident involving children.”

Fetzer says that local conspirators in Newtown, such as the alleged parents of the murdered children, have made out very well financially soliciting contributions from a gullible public and that Newtown has been showered with aid, including $50 million to build a new school. This compares with the $7 million typical construction budget for an elementary school.

Among the scores of proofs of the hoax at Sandy Hook offered by the co-authors include:

* Local individuals, as well as the United Way, went on line soliciting funds in the name of the slain children BEFORE the December 14th shootings. How could they have known?
Fetzer notes his book contains photos of some of the Internet donation pages soliciting funds before the alleged massacre!

* A swat team was photographed at SHES in front of a classroom whose windows, later shot out, were still intact. Crime scene tape is already in place for a crime not yet committed.

* By what miraculous process did the Newtown Bee newspaper get an interview with SHES Principal Dawn Hochsprung hours after she was allegedly killed by shooter Adam Lanza? (The paper later apologized to its readers.)

* The book presents evidence that SHES was closed BY 2008; that there were no students to evacuate; and that Lanza appears to be “a work of fiction.”

* The only death certificate available for any of the 20 dead children is a fabrication and the annual FBI crime report for 2012 lists no murders at Newtown.

Fetzer writes, “The teachers, the parents, the Newtown School Board, the State Police, the Medical Examiner, and Governor Dan Malloy apparently were all in on the hoax.”

The Fetzer-Palecek book, after presenting dozens and dozens of examples of fraud, concludes that the Newtown “massacre” was, in fact, “an elaborate psy-op to promote gun control, which was supported by then Attorney General Eric Holder and the President of the United States.”

Nevertheless, a variety of alternative media have provided generous coverage addressing Amazon’s ban.

American Free Press

“Joyce Riley on ‘The Power Hour’

Mike Adams on the banning of the book

“Mike Adams interview and commentary”

Government Rag

“Windows on the World” (UK)

“Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s ban of NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK”

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125 thought on “Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s Ban of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’”
    1. Alright, I can’t defend the honest man anymore. The shills have flooded this place so bad its like the comments section is pure spam. Its disgusting and it works because I see the effect of the fake commenters actually supplanting real people opinions with shill bs. I’m probably infected too somehow. Jft u let this get out of control. I say u did it on purpose.

  1. I’m so glad I ordered my copy – it is a very powerful collection of solid evidence. Certainly, no one in their right mind could read that book and conclude that a real elementary school massacre was even a remote possibility. Can he do a direct sale? I would like Fetzer to bring in some good sales numbers, which would be the clincher for this thing to find its way to the big screen. People need to get the real story – however, the government’s media partners will never spill this one.

  2. And yet Obama can call for a ban on guns while he is droning innocents to death all over the world and the US seeks to subjugate nations in behalf of the pesky Tribe and our lovely business imperialism. War in Syria, no problemo, just call Obama and he will set you straight. Our so-called leaders are leading us to the gates of Hell yet those people who voted for Obama surely realize, ha!, that they put this guy in office.
    We are either going to stop these destroyers or we will become a northern hemisphere banana republic. It’s just that simple.

    1. You forgot he(Black Jesus) destroyed Egypt our Ally, and bombed Libya, Our Ally and said Turkey was our “Bestest” ally in the whole world because they both colluded on the Caliphate together.as Beck said before he got “Neutered” and turned into the worthless thing he is today…

        1. Ric – Nothing to apologize for anything you say. I am so tired of the libs crying like babies over words. Where are their tears over the millions of babies aborted? Where are their tears over people being beheaded, burned alive & slaughters by the thousands by the radical Islamic terrorists? Where are their tears over cops being executed? Men and women have died to give these ignorant people the rights to freedom of speech unless it’s something they don’t like to hear, then they cry. GOD BLESS AMERICA. :D.

      1. The Khazars in the back room are behind most of these Middle Eastern intrigues. The Chicago jews put Obama into a senate seat and then the presidency.

        Here we are almost in ’16 and most people don’t realize the presidency is bought and paid for by the almighty shekel. Then again, when you have 2 schlubs, one in each party, does it truly matter who you vote for? The tribe behind the presidency wants wars, guess what? We get wars.

        When we think Obama, let’s realize this means controlled NWO stooge.

  3. While Fetzer’s book may be an important read, unfortunately Fetzer is deeply connected to the discredited web site Veterans Today which has admitted to publishing “truth distortions”, giving entities like Amazon enough ammo to justify their position. Stuff like V.T will always come back to bite you in the butt at the worst possible time. Anyway the book has been published and if one of Amazon’s rivals is carrying it then Fetzer and Palecek should receive some monetary compensation for their efforts, and we all have to eat. If one wished to publish supposition and conjecture then they need to inform the reader that this is the case instead of holding what they have written to be well informed opinion based on research to the best of their ability as was not done with a lot of stuff at V.T.

    1. I think your assumption is absurd. Totally inane. Are you saying all writers published in VT are considered dishonest and tainted just because there might be some rot there at times? Fetzer is nothing if not scrupulously honest and he’s in the habit of acknowledging a faux pas or two should he err with facts from time to time. In a fast moving scenario, it is not uncommon for writers to be off kilter at times.

      Fetzer has uncovered reams of valuable material over his career. I kinda think this overwhelms any suspicions of taint, don’t you?

        1. Your pathetic defense and praise of Wayne Madsen’s helter skelter, hunch laden guesswork regarding Duff and the crew at VT is typical of your superficial approach and careless handling of truth matters. You have a fine penchant for repeating warmed over innuendo, disinfo, outright lies, and you typify the old stereotype of a roundtable of people, one of whom whispers a little story in the ear of a person next to him/her and then the entire circle hears and then repeats to the next person what turns out to be alleged transmission of the original story. It matters not to you that this is the way you conduct your affairs here trying to impress us with your prissy and inflated self image. “Oh, Joe Blow whom I quote directly here heard this from one neighbor who heard it from 83 others, blah, blah”.
          You live up to your real name, Reprehensible, and while I pale in comparison to you and your name calling fandango, don’t forget that others on this wisened board are on to you. As far as I can see and recommend, you need to take your hubristically tainted hot air and scram! Were I not dealing with an aged child, I’d use slightly stronger adjectives and lay the lumber to the impostor stricken with gullibility and hearsay prone fatuity. Please take your ball and bat and go over to the children’s playground and see if you can impress them.

  4. Naturally I read the book as I was a low level contributor, however, I was not satisfied with the black and white photographs because too many important details could not be seen so releasing it on PDF was actually a benefit to anyone wanting to see ” proof ” in color. A reporter at the Tulsa World newspaper was not too interested in the contents of the book ( naturally, since it is owned by Warren Buffet) but VERY interested by the fact it had been banned and wants to do an interview. Also the rival paper, the Tulsa Beacon was also concerned as well as the editor at the Banner. Our local CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates also seemed concerned when I contacted them.

    1. The initial news story I read on this was even sillier than most. You could tell by what they discussed that it was a setup for BO.

      They are going to keep these up until they confiscate everybody’s guns. The fact that guns owned by millions of people have nothing to do with these alleged events don’t seem to enter into the equation.

      This all ties nicely to the Planned Parenthood scandals lately. Why would a guy from South Carolina go to Colorado to do this?

      The report said that everyone was in “lockdown” or “sheltering in place”. It read like the script for a DHS drill. Imagine that.

      1. Lophatt,

        What are you talking about? A WHITE Patriot Guy living in a cabin, in the woods off the grid, without electricity and water clinging on to his Guns and Bible Snaps and tries to kill the “baby” killers?

        This is Great for the Narrative…..

        A Black Gang member would NEVER do this….

        Are you a Racist or something?……Pathetic whats going on.

        1. Robert Lewis Dear is the first hit on both the intelius and ussearch links below. There is no doubt that this is the guy because Pamela Ross, his ex-wife, shows as a relative in both search engines. Strange that both public databases, both of which I used successfully for my own searches, have his age as “88”:



          I used to have access to Accurint, a search service for attorneys and P.I.’s. I’d be interested in the details on an Accurint search on Dear-lots of details!

      2. So you think it’s fake from start to finish? Right now I’m thinking some person may have done something like what’s being reported, but both the acts and perpetrator are being profoundly distorted. Maybe he was just a bankrobber. ‘Neighbors’ describe him as ‘rambling’ and incoherent, which would negate the kind of focus his alleged act required. How did he earn money? Why are these ‘neighbors’ scared to give their names for fear of retaliation when he’s never going to see the outside of a prison cell?

        1. I can’t say for sure. I CAN say that the initial piece I read was utter rubbish. They talked about victims running into a neighboring medical building for treatment of minor wounds, etc..

          They brought in “the cavalry”. Armored everything. Despite cameras everywhere they didn’t know where he was. They broadcast the locations of all those trapped in the building over unscrambled radio. They clearly wanted coverage and to build the drama.

          They want to deflect all of the body part sales attention away from Planned Parenthood, highlight the “gun” issue, and use it as a springboard for BO’s latest push for disarming the populace.

          Somehow, I find it hard to believe that they simply wait for someone to go off the rails. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t already have people they can insert for this purpose. That way they can sheep dip them and build a narrative to match their pre-scripted scenarios.

          That’s why I’m always harping on the definition of “hoax”. I am certainly interested in whether anyone was hurt or killed, but that isn’t the issue. I don’t know which is worse. Lying by setting up a totally false event, i.e. SHES, or gunning down innocent people and blaming it on their pet target.

          I do not believe we are seeing a naturally occurring increase in this type of violent event. It is being orchestrated. I am sure that they would use a natural event, but it would put them at a disadvantage in that they would have to develop a script to fit the action instead of the other way round.

          This has actually been going on for a very long time. The drama and intensity of these and their frequency is definitely on the increase. The idea predates Sirhan Sirhan.

      3. Paris shooter: “This is for Syria.”

        Planned Parenthood shooter: “No more baby parts.”

        The too-perfect narrative. Again.

        The big question is:

        Why is Obama trying to arm the rest of the world

        while he is trying to disarm American citizens?????

        1. Anne,

          The Planned Parenthood shooter is the PERFECT subject.

          He’s is a Crazy White Guy living in a cabin in the hills of Colorado.

          No electricity, No natural gas. No Plumbing…

          But, he has a Secret Weapon….

          A Bible and a Gun…….Awesome. We Need TEE VEE Camera’s Now on the scene…….

          Screw all those real people getting shot in the City…..

        2. Ric, that’s a good point. It also defeats all their surveillance excuses. I guess they don’t read his emails.

          People are basically stupid. Something happens and they want somebody to DO SOMETHING! It doesn’t matter one bit that there may be nothing to be done.

          On a purely simplistic basis, the “cure” for lone nut shooters would be to arm everybody. They might get one or two but somebody would take them out.

          I don’t know what the real statistics are for this. It’s impossible to know because of all the hoaxes. One of the bits in the “Nobody Died..” book claims 44 school shootings. Does anybody believe such a thing?

          In the first place their simply are not enough homicidal maniacs (outside of Congress of course), to do such things. If they did, why would they choose a school? Once in a blue moon somebody’s cheese slips off their cracker and there is a genuine school shooting. The odds are about as likely as finding a 10 pound gold nugget on your patio.

          So, we must ask ourselves, what is there about firearms that would cause this? The answer is, nothing. Ii suppose you could make a case that, once someone decides to go homicidal, a gun is more efficient. I’ll take my chances.

          There is no doubt whatsoever that the NWO boys and girls want the public disarmed. That is quite obvious. Anyone with any sense would view them as far more dangerous than any “lone nut”.

          It’s really pretty insane when you think about it. They are shipping hordes of young angry Muslims in by the planeload and sending them all over the country. At the same time they’re saying, “we’re going to take your means of defending yourselves”. There’s a term for this. It’s called; The Enemy.

        3. Every time these events occur the populace arms themselves in droves, Anne. The only reason they would continue with the formula of “terror attack = Americans buy guns” is for us to revolt. The question thus is – why do they want us to revolt?

  5. Perhaps book retailers like Smashwords.com (eBooks), Lulu.com (print) and other non-Amazon companies would gladly accept the book, as these companies are getting pounded (authors’ incomes as well) by Amazon’s near monopoly on world book sales. Smashwords is a great organization for independent authors. Publishing the eBook there would generate higher returns for efforts by the creators of the book, while giving Smashwords some well-deserved (soon, probably international) promotion.

  6. I just got “holed again”. Its funny, the whole page moves down to the bottom and stays there. You “know” you just got “holed”

    No moderation anymore….”Holed or not” that is the question in 2015.

    James….you can’t see this?

  7. I am so glad our leaders are all gathered in Paris,

    If they can stop Global Warming then all the worlds problems will go away.

    The Biggest Threat we have ever seen….

    I see Cannibals Munching
    A Missionary Luncheon

    Those Damn Yankees……..

      1. Did all these green folks bike or hike to Paris? I can’t imagine them using private planes and limousines from their secluded enclaves all over the world. Two words I’ve come to dislike tremendously: green and smart.

    1. Where were these global warming morons eons ago when the arctic had a tropical climate? The planet did just fine without these idiots.

      Many years ago fossils of palm leaves were found here as well. One suggestion by a so-called expert was that the archipelago had originally been close to Indonesia. With earth movements/changes the “tropical” islands had ended up in the arctic.


  8. I checked with booksellers such as AbeBooks and Alibris. Not there. It looks like Alibris had it for a while. Alibris carries all the other books by James Fetzer.

    New Releases in Crime True Crime Books (page 3) – Alibris
    Buy from $11.57 • Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Wasn’t a School Massacre. It Was • Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It… Jim Fetzer Ph D, Mike Palecek (Editor)

    1. Anne, I don’t know if you’ve read my theory about this. The “printer” is the one who backed out, not the seller. I’m trying to test this theory. If Amazon will accept a used copy for sale it is not “banned”. All that’s needed is another “printer” to agree to print on demand whatever number of copies are ordered.

      If it turns out that I’m wrong about this I’ll gladly retract what I’ve said. What’s needed is for someone to go to Amazon and list their used book for sale. If they accept it, it isn’t banned.

  9. Should have gone with Hill & Knowlton (the slimy PR firm which helped push the US in the first Gulf war by way of fraudulent “Kuwaiti babies ripped from incubators” stories). I am, of course, kidding (as Hill & Knowlton have already shown themselves to be part of the problem). The sad truth is that they got the rubbish story (acted by the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US) before Congress. I suppose that’s how the New World Order works. If your channel of communication doesn’t recognize your legitimacy within the grand system, then your information is whole-cloth disregarded. –Paul

      1. That is Crazy! I’ve been smelling Natural Gas for days and thought I must have a leak. This morning it was real strong in my back yard.

        Porter Ranch is a Rocks Throw from my house.

  10. So, let’s just say that it’s all true, that everything about the January Economist cover is predictive of the Elites’ plans, including, now, as Dr. Fetzer claims, the date and place of the Paris attacks. Why put all the other symbols on the cover which don’t apply to the Paris attacks?

    And why scramble the date at all? Who is supposed to unscramble it? Is it only supposed to be unscrambled after the fact? Then how is that predictive? And if it’s only meant to be “discovered” after the fact, what is the point?

    To whom are the elite, in code, telegraphing their intentions? And what is their purpose in doing so? Just to be ooky-spooky, or what?

    Assuming it’s all true, please explain the purpose, the significance, the effect of making such a magazine cover. How does it serve the interests of the elites, and how should it affect the believer, before and after the events it predicts?

    1. I could explain it all to you, but until you Accept…you cannot Understand. I gave the date two years ago. It isn’t hard to know the Knights Templar are going to have a bloodbath to celebrate 11/13/15 especially on a Friday the 13th.

      Further, I published on Wednesday the 11th that Donald Trump and the RED=ROT, STARBUCKS SERPENT=CHILD cup were signaling for a False Flag Friday 11/13/15.

      One only need understand what is going on and who is doing it to know when they signal.

      As to the Economist cover, I also broke that with the Dates, ISIS Greenlight, AND Playing into Putin’s Hand. SEE All 3 Cover ciphers. Peace.

      1. If you want to make yourself understood, you evidently have the capability. But you don’t want to, apparently. Sifting through dozens of tweets, and clicking on asinine hashtags, is a game that grows old very quickly.

        If you want us to know what you’re talking about, tell us.

        1. This guy is selling website.

          “I made a thousand dollars today” “I make $97.50 an hour working for NSA.”.Opps I mean Google.

          Pat, don’t give me the town, but state do you live in? I know your back east somewhere.

          Anne, Recynd and Toni I think live here in Cali-Mexico.

          Lophatt is either Portland Ore or Maine, not sure.

          Dub Master is FLA…..it’s just interesting

        2. I live in Indianapolis. Grew up in Chicago. Went to school in Southern Illinois. Lived in Pittsburgh for a couple of years after college. All driving distance.

          The internet lets us have friends in constant contact, all over the world. Who would have guessed it, when I was a kid.

          What fun we have here!

          I have personal email friends I have met through MHB, because I have a WordPress site of my own (which I never do anything with, seemingly); some of these people never comment at MHB, but they like what I say here. This tells me that the world is vast, far beyond what it looks like just reading the comment section.

          Time zones are a problem, though. You guys are chatting happily, long after I’m in bed; I catch up with it in the morning, and write comments when you are still asleep. You coastals get to have night-time back-and-forths. But that’s all right. It’s all good.

          Best to you, Ric. Hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one (mine was).

    2. Is that it, then? Ok.

      Let me address these two.

      First, DateShake, or whatever the name is. The one who wants to be a cult leader:

      “I could explain it all to you, but until you Accept…you cannot Understand.”

      This ouroboros of backward reasoning is meant to imply that the writer possesses Special Knowledge that can be imparted only to those who already believe in what they don’t yet know. The burden is on the reader to extrapolate some Unnamed yet really Important Meaning from the mind of the writer. If the reader fails, it is the reader’s fault. The reader is not evolved, not cool enough, not cosmic enough to “get” it.

      You can always tell this kind of bullshit because instead of a reasoned argument, the reader is urged to “think carefully” about, or in this case, “Accept,” what the writer refuses to specify. The implications of Overwhelming Significance are hyped to high heaven, when in truth, there is no there there. It is obscurant mumbo-jumbo that obscures nothing but the emptiness of the writer’s understanding.

      Some people pay money or some other kind of subservience in hopes of obtaining the Special Knowledge which the self-described “enlightened” claim to possess. This arrangement is called a cult. It is by nature censorious and seeks to obstruct the free dissemination of ideas.

      Secondly, Patrick suggests that in publishing the January cover, the elites are laughing at us. I have said from the beginning that the point of the “conspiracy” cover is that they are laughing at us. So what? Are we hurt by their laughter? Do we suffer a microaggression? Engineering a magazine cover seems negligible compared to what TPTB actually accomplish on a daily basis.

      When I wrote about the Economist cover, my intent was to show that any symbols the elite offer, toward whatever goal, are far more predictive of their own nature and relationship to the world, than they are of discreet day-to-day events.

      The Economist cover is revelatory in its depiction of the neo-landscape of power. See the global vision of the elite, riding high on over-confidence with their hubris on full display. They pose their gloating puppet leaders like titans as if to say, we will stage whatever event we want, wherever and whenever we want, and we will be able to say, “We told you so.”

      It’s my contention that if the Paris event happened on some other day in some other city, the arrows and the Eiffel Tower would be ignored and other “predictors” would be identified in their place.

      Throw enough stuff at the wall, and hindsight will draw you a picture. I don’t think there is an event that could occur this year or next that wouldn’t find its concomitant “prediction” in this elaborate pastiche of a cover.

      Rearview mirror prognostications are one dimensional in their scant overlay on the past. They are reductive of the power of imagination that allows us to see the full picture of the elites as they unknowingly reveal it, straight from their unconscious. It’s all there. The childish scare tactics that accompany their brutal actions. The sterility of their imagined environment, with its collection of baffled toys and exaggerated mascots. The clumsily assembled cultural detritus that can’t discriminate between dirt and a masterwork. Power mad, they gather all their symbols, strip them of history and force them into subjection to a terrifying now, where the only meaning that remains is apocalyptic.

      We can see these revelations, of course, because seeing patterns is what humans do. It’s one of our great gifts. In the wake of an event, some people will obligingly seize upon certain of these patterns like Easter eggs and imbue them with apocalyptic portent, saying, “See? They told us so.” This is, I’m sure, an actual source of amusement for the Elite.

        1. Always an honor to be labeled instead of censored, James. As for Toni – she divulged too much in her comments regarding fetzer – whether for or “against.”

          So her identity is one of the following: James hired her, James was assigned her, or she is just an alias of james’ (or fetzer – who I say runs circles around jft). I am leaning number two or three. I don’t think James has that kind of money to throw around, especially for an English major like Toni.

          But I digress… Here’s my enemies enemy:

          “It’s not enough to prove something, one has to seduce or elevate people to it. That is why the man of knowledge should learn to speak his wisdom: and often in such a way that it sounds like folly.”


        2. Just so, D’reprehensor. You make so much sense.

          Gosh, I don’t remember who hired whom. There’s just so much money flying around these lucrative circles that even a wealthy English major like myself is all, who cares? just tell me who to be!! $$$

        3. Did you misinterpret my analysis of your excellent prose fraught with faux -devils advocate commentary and unambiguous agreement with shills as an employment offer? Nevertheless, I would expect more than a scoff from a scribe of such sesquipedalia verba. Certainly you can respond when directly questioned?

          Please describe what gangstalking elements you found evident in peacefrogs links regarding loughner and dear.

      1. All good points. That’s the lure of gnosticism. “I was chosen, you were unworthy”.

        The Beatles thoroughly enjoyed having their fans dissect their album covers and lyrics. I really don’t understand it myself, it seems a form of arrogant indulgence.

        So, let’s pretend that they’re sending us a message. What’s the point? If I “get” it and it happens, it happens. If I don’t, it happens anyway.

        1. This song, it says, was written in 1965; was this before or after Faul? (I’m too lazy to look myself, forgive me.)

          It’s a great song, anyway.

        2. Well, lophatt, my comment to you didn’t come up so I’ll have to try to re-write it tomorrow.

          One thing I said though, was that you get it exactly right and say it more simply than I did

        1. Like Arians, Johanites, Cabalists, Assassins, Copts, and a long list of others. Aramaic is a language.

          Gnosticism = secret knowledge. Put another way, God only reveals to “the chosen” certain mysteries. This was the essential reason for most rejections of texts when the canon of scripture was formed.

          The “Mystery Religions”, and all of their subsequent spinoffs to follow essentially have this feature. It has always been attractive to devotees because it is believed that it makes them “special” or “higher’ and provides influence over lesser folk.

          Indeed the basis for Freemasonry can be traced back through these techniques. This involves revealing “truths” in incremental degrees and the use of deception to compartmentalize knowledge.

          So, neophytes are brought in believing one set of principles initially, only to be told later that “that’s just for beginners. This is what we’re really about”. If they are useful in some way they can be “advanced” through several iterations of this. Finally, if one is determined to be “worthy” they are subjected to a life-changing ordeal. If they succeed, they are termed “Masters” and oversee the instruction of others.

          So, in a nutshell, numerology, Gematria, Skrying, necromancy, and a host of other practices are sometimes floated for the amusement of other adepts. It’s an inside joke.

        2. I tried to make a joke, but I’m an idiot. I meant arabic numbers, so Fetzer’s in bed with arabs, when I know the troll means the opposite.

          Thank you for pointing it out, and I love your thesis. Totally agree that enthrallment is the function of revealing Special Knowledge in increments.

          Feels so special!

        3. We haven’t discussed Mystery Schools much here. I think it’s worthy of closer examination, though I always have to be careful not to allow it to become too distracting. Even without being an “initiate”, it can tickle that “I’m special” spot we all have to one degree or another. That play to pride is so seductive, it’s easy to get lost even while thinking one’s guarding against it.

          I think the basis for today’s (and yesterday’s) Mystery School comes all the way from Lamech (Gen. 4:23-24; Moses 5:49-52), and then from Egypt in the very old days…like Abraham/Moses days…I suspect this is where the sorcery and the occulted knowledge sprang (sprung?) from, and since then, never stopped.

          No “Ambian Walrus” tonight, so I’ll say nighty night ???

        4. Recynd although your pun is hilarious, I must voice concern with taking any pharma drug for long periods – although I am not one to talk…

          That out of the way, I agree with the mystery religions suggestion. When phrased like that I am not opposed to throwing some more taboo on the grill. What a Christmas dinner we would have if everyone here showed up and started where we left off on the site… Lol… I am an ass. I will work to be more constructive. Recynd – you make me smile. Thanks. Whenever I get frustrated here and want to leave forever I always say to myself “what about recynd? Will she be OK??” Ha-ha. I wish I could say otherwise, but you are the only real person here that I am 99% sure on. Dinophile, svbob, and a few others are real but they are never here anymore. I guess I am reflecting on this since I read a pretty incredible comment progression on a security blog that put things into context for me. There are bad people that are on the sites we visit that are paid to misinform, and persuade, and (from what I saw today) recruit (and the impression i got was that harrassment was inevitable for the commenter in question). The natural evolution of this surveillance state is harassment, jailing, then killing for those considered dissenters. Whether mhb is a honeytrap intentionally may never be known, but we expose ourselves to the above possibilities by merely visiting this site. I urge you to use a vpn and don’t be careless with your information when commenting. Perhaps invent a new identity based on someone you know in another state and stick to it. I’m not paranoid, this is occurring and its happening right now. There is too much to lose to be cavalier. Not trying to scare, but when you see it unfold in front of you…. Idk. Take what you can from this. Get a vpn! Don’t say your name, age, dates, location, anything! This is all permanent and will eventually be used against you.

          Idk why but I just was compelled to tell you that. I re-read it and felt that despite it sounding foolish, every word had to stay. OK… /rant

        5. Rep (Gran1t3, right?): Thank you for that. I’m not generally a sucker for flattery, but yours is always welcome.

          You offer excellent advice re anonymity; too bad I already blew it. It would be a cinch to find me, since I dropped so many clues (and even my real name just a few weeks ago). I try not to say anything too controversial or nasty (I’m not nasty by nature [well, I am, but I try to keep it to myself most of the time]), but even so, your point is well taken.

          As for the pharmaceuticals: yes, you’re right on that point, too. I would guess a drink or a toke (how is that said these days?) a day would be less harmful than any given pill a day. And my sleep-aid of choice, in particular, I’m convinced, was developed as an MK Ultra amnesia drug, but, damn it, it works so…GOOD. (That’s how you know it’s probably REALLY bad.)

          I hope MHB isn’t an intentional honeytrap…I don’t have the sense that it is, but one never knows. However, we have formed quite a “family” here, haven’t we? The Christmas dinner scenario made me smile. It certainly wouldn’t be the same…or as fun…without YOU, our “problem child”. ❤️

  11. http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Gun-group-from-Newtown-outspends-NRA-6662924.php

    ~WASHINGTON — When Adam Lanza took a .223 Bushmaster XM15-E2S semi-automatic rifle and killed 20 children and six adults on Dec. 14, 2012, many residents of Newtown became outspoken advocates for gun control.
    But the National Shooting Sports Foundation, whose headquarters are located a scant 6 miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School, quietly went in the opposite direction. ~

  12. assuming anybody actually cares, heres the MOTIVE- not just gun control, but distraction. this should have been the headline that day, but nobody heard about it, check the date: http://www.theguardian.com/law/2012/dec/13/cia-tortured-sodomised-terror-suspect yes its horrifically true, the cia was CONVICTED in European court of torture and sodomy, and especially with the hindsight of how much energy they then put into having the senate handle this issue with their neutralizing ‘report…’ they were vehemently denying that that we had torture camps around the world, and then boom- conviction. did we really need a ‘report’ after that? the school shootings are perhaps sometimes real, but there are definitely false flag shootings ready to go at the drop of a hat whenever we need a distraction or more fuel for gun control. mkultra works! and it works on us.

    1. Ummm the reason for the current scare tactics regarding abortion more than likely are due to the influx of mexicans to the states who may be influenced by Americans and abortion rights. They want them to continue breeeding to maximize the dilution, therefore they use terror at abortion clinics.

      1. Are you saying that the Powers That Be want more Mexican babies, all the while aborting an untold (but terribly high) number of black babies? That doesn’t make sense…I thought they wanted to cull EVERYONE (especially brown folk).

        1. thanks for replying. perhaps the overarching goal is de-population, but for the next generation or two the last thing they need is for their investment in foreign immigration to be statistically less than predicted. mexicans believe in catholicism and whatever the pope says. this is why the pope was here recently. if the consensus among newcomers is abortion is bad, then they will continue to breed without education just like in their homeland.

          whites and blacks can choose abortion all they want as they have lived here, understand the governemnt pardigm, and are not malleable when it comes to votes or sentiment.

      2. I think there are also religious motives, which should not be swept under the rug. There is also something which I would call the age-old need for males to assert something in the reproductive process – whether to force an abortion on a girlfriend rather than take responsibility – or to deplore the fact that some women reject pregnancy at some point in their lives (though not necessarily altogether).

        The idea that immigrant women will not find out about birth control and be unable to stop “breeding” unless the doors to abortion clinics are barred is kind of insulting. I’ve never met a stupid working class Mexican woman. Never. I don’t know the demographics on the clinics, but it is my experience that single white women are the biggest users of them, perhaps because we are brought up to live in romantic fantasies about happy endings, and then we find out they are blocked by some indiscretion. Just my own view.

  13. The Role of Harassment in the Planned Parenthood Shooting:

    “Dear wasn’t just the subject of police reports. He also, the Daily Beast reported, had himself called the cops a number of times, often to accuse “juveniles” of damaging his property.”


    This is similar to the community mobbing experienced by Loughner and his family documented by the PIMA Sheriff:


    Even Islamic “homegrown terrorists” may be reacting to mobbing. Remember, the Paris terrorist, supposedly armed with a rifle, who ended up fighting several American servicemen with a knife, on the Euro train, before being subdued.

    Conspicuous surveillance, part of COINTELPRO, is designed as a strategy of tension to wear down a target. When used against a large number of targets there will be blowback from this. Even if a fraction of a percent of targets go on a murder rampage this fraction of a percent adds up to a daily shooting event. The blunderbuss use of these tactics, and their being taught to poorly trained community spies/criminals, is grossly negligent/reckless behavior with a foreseeable and exponential rise in mass shooting casualties.

    It is noteworthy that the U.S. and Canada have a much higher rate of mass shootings than the rest of the world.

      1. I think your analysis in these two posts is right on, PeaceFrog. Heart-breaking. It’s grievous the way political interests immediately swoop in, raptor-like, to exploit a tragedy precipitated, as it appears, by government surveillance.

        1. I’ve been reading about this guy, and it seems that his expressed fundamentalist religious views played a role in his target selection. That being said, it is a distinct probability that those religious views coupled with observations of his neighbors that he was strange, probably was enough to flag him for placement on a threat list. This comes as a package deal nowdays with community identification and harassment. These harassment groups are set up in every neighborhood in this country. The shooting was most likely a classic retaliatory backlash to mobbing. Mobbing played a substantial factor, if not, serving as the proximate cause of the shootings.

        2. You’re right, of course, that government surveillance is oftentimes added after the fact, when a victim has already been identified by neighborhood surveillance. The package deal, as you call it.

          Mobbing. So distressing. Imagine living in a neighborhood that is entirely predatory.

        3. Like I’d do anything YOU ask.

          D’reprehensor! Ha

          “Fie, fie, you counterfeit. You puppet, you!”

        4. I remember in the film JFK there was an allusion to the theory that Oswald was being harassed by the FBI, and they were approaching his Soviet born wife so he somehow threatened them or came back at them with fury. I think this was later constructed by some into his motive to assassinate Kennedy. It seems there can be a ready rationale after all the poking with a stick results in the patsy situation.

          There are those who would see alleged Mideast terrorism in the same way – Gore Vidal did, for instance. Stirring up hatred is not too hard to do, and then you can point to the reaction and claim the designated perp had a motive.

    1. Peacefrog, you need to leave. We don’t want your kind here. Whatever reason you are spreading disinfo for I’m not concerned with. The fact is, you are the chaff, and I am separating you from the rest of us.

      First you quote out of context that Dear had juveniles stalking or mobbing him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dear had a problem with neighbors and they felt the same about him. He was a perv, and from what it looks like, resorted to adolescent like tactics and pranks himself (knocking over a motorcycle) after receiving a restraining order from his incessant peeping. No mobbing, no juveniles. Just you hoping no one would click on your links.

      Next you link to a cbsnews article and leave us assuming you did so in good faith when you state that loughner received community mobbing. There is no community mobbing of any sort going on if you read the article. But you knew that and based your disinfo on your out of context quotes knowing that the quote was something you could work with. This is flagrant and despicable. I hope you are merely trying to grab attention for entertainment purposes but something tells me you have an agenda.

      At least you are caught red handed. I’m sure you have a perfectly good reason for why you “skimmed” the article and jumped to conclusions innocently. Save it. We have enough bullshit around here. The real innocent around here are looking for truth, and here you are promoting (I assume) targeted individuals, cointelpro tactics, and gangstalking, when there is simply none of that going on in your linked examples. Intentionally misleading people is egregiosly inexcusable. In all likelihood, this is compensated work. What a noble career you have chosen, traitor.

  14. Santa is coming early to Connecticut with gifts wrapped in FBI, IRS, HUD and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. First chimney stop ought to be in Newtown.


    ~NEW HAVEN – Federal law enforcement officers, struck by what they called the persistent criminal behavior of government officials in Connecticut, said Wednesday that they have created a multi-agency, federal task force to fight public corruption in the state.~

  15. The Wayback Machine results sited here are not scientifically valid.He says they are the most compelling evidence.

    Wayback Machine results and The Hunger Games, thumbs down.Donald Sutherland,thumbs up.

    Absence of internet activity 2008-2012

    Arguably, the most compelling evidence that SHES had long been
    abandoned before the 2012 massacre is the testimony from the Internet
    Archive’s Wayback Machine of the school’s lack of of Internet activity from
    the beginning of 2008 through all of 2012.

    To verify Jungle Surfer’s claim, I searched for SHES’s website,
    , on the Wayback Machine, the result of which is below,

  16. Do people think that most of the politicians (congresspeople, senators, governors, etc.) know that most of these incidents are fake? Ann Barnhardt has asserted that every single one of the national legislators knows that Obama was not born in the US.

    Texas Senator Cornyn introduced a bill in August that he’s attempting to tack onto Tim and Chris Murphys’ that calls for official (as opposed to supposed, which is what the protocol for commitments are) judicial reviews of the ‘mentally ill’ people’s gun rights, so that Second Amendment rights can be restored to people after the psych system labeled or even ‘treated’ them based on claims never aired in open court. It seems like an obvious attempt to obstruct Tim Murphy, who is also a Republican but who is said to refuse to compromise with anyone. The Democrats have already militantly opposed Cornyn’s attempt to honor the Second Amendment since they don’t respect the Constitution (or pretend to like the Republicans).

    How bizarre it is to acquiesce (which Cornyn does) to the psych system’s absurd pseudo scientific tyranny, only to turn around and demand due process for a citizen ‘once sanity is restored.’ He clearly doesn’t want to take on the psych system directly for any variety of reasons, but my question is does he even believe in these fake shootings?

    1. Although I never thought Obama’s place of birth mattered any more than did that of Romney’s father (who used to run for President on a regular basis) or John McCain’s or anyone else’s with an American parent, no matter what the paperwork. Therefore I considered the case against Obama’s American citizenship to be a red herring (Trump was one of its most vocal exponents, and it got him a lot of air time). Yes, it could be used in the future (the myth that he was “really” a Kenyan) and in the “unintended side effects” (unintended by simple minded anti-Obama people) it could lead to more weakening of the Constitution on the role of the executive, and the limits thereon, in order to present total foreigners as presidential material (How about Prince Harry – he was a big hit in Vegas?). But to me it is better left to the side, because the real policies and principles are what we have to live with, from a guy who is definitely the child of a white American mother.

      No, the real problem is that there are people in power who simply cannot entertain the thought of these events as being pageants and hoaxes. They quickly go on record to denounce the alleged perps and keep up the talking points for weeks. How humiliating to have to eat their own words. And generating copy for the media is how they live or die.

      Not only that, policies are formed based on these manufactured events. They seem to be satisfied with the policies which evolve and finally emerge. So why is truth something they want? It’s like the tradition of the defense attorney whose client suddenly wanted to confess to the crime. He stops his ears and tells him that he cannot offer a valid defense unless he knows as little as possible about his client’s having done the crime. Knowing would result in a consciousness of split loyalty – partly to the client, partly to the law. He does not want that. A spirited defense of some low life depends on voluntary ignorance. And I think that is what happens with this. If you cannot be a good hypocrite, then be willfully ignorant. It is easier to be a good advocate than a good actor (as the crisis actors demonstrate regularly).

      1. Actually, we have no way of knowing who his mother was, any more than we can know who his father really was. The person they claim him to be was never was issued a birth certificate, and his life story is one long intelligence agency “legacy building” exercise. He probably did not attend Columbia, for instance, and his role at the Harvard Law Review is entirely for show–as was his teaching at the University of Chicago. Nothing about the guy’s history is real, or verifiable.

        His grandfather, we are told, made Frank Marshal Davis his mentor as a teen. Davis, we know all about. He was considered one of the most dangerous communists in America by the FBI, but he was also a pornographer (the naked snaps of Stanley Ann were taken by him) who wrote a particularly unsavory novel, wherein he talked about a sexual threesome between him and a mother and her daughter.

        So if Barry had a white mother, it is far more likely the woman identified as his grandmother–but we have no way of knowing if he is indeed half white.

        The evidence that anyone who has suffered through the horrible nightmare of the last seven years, and read the research to try and understand exactly what our masters did to us by foisting this person upon us, indicates a complete absence of a nativity narrative for Stanley Ann: no pictures of her pregnant, her leaving on a jet plane for Washington state immediately after supposedly giving birth, etc. We all know the amazing lack of evidence she was ever pregnant, and the absolute certainty she never lived with the Kenyan. No point in revisiting it all here.

        But what IS of value to reflect on is the implications of all that evidence: it is entirely possible he is not related to any of those people. That it’s all fake. That’s because we have no documentation at all about how he really came into the world, and everything about his curious pathway through life is one long exercise in sheep dipping. Nothing about his story can be believed, because none of it can be proved.

        Think of the Franklin Coverup, or the work of Chris Spivey. All kinds of children exist in a vast pool of sexual perversity that the elites of this world derive material and spiritual power from. The guy could be absolutely anyone, simply plugged into a CIA family and raised for just such a purpose as this.

        (Forgive the Esther quote–I couldn’t restrain myself, even if it is vaguely blasphemous to use it with the diabolical Barry Sotoero, it was too good not to use.)

        1. Maybe you have not spent your whole life obsessing about family resemblances as I have, but I can tell that even though he is black, Obama has his mother’s jawline, that slightly jutting chin. Why do people have such a problem with that? If we look at these events, we have some recent evidence and what is being cooked up. The distant past with Obama is only slightly obscure. He went to law school, he acts like he knows how to debate very well, and judging from the types I knew in law school myself, he is fully qualified to preside over Law Review. But to some his being black means he could not cut the mustard. Ever since I was bested in class standing by a girl much like Obama in her parentage, ever since we compared notes on that dread class taxation and I saw she put my reasoning to shame, I have understood that race doth not make for superior smarts. Even the plantation owners knew that, and dreaded the day blacks would be taught to read and write. Their descendants, apparently, are still quaking in their boots. Some blacks can run faster, but the talents aren’t distributed fairly – some of them can also beat you IQ-wise.

        2. “But to some his being black means he could not cut the mustard.”

          That certainly wouldn’t be me,

          Three of the Americans I admire the most are Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Clarence Thomas.

          Williams wrote a very fine column shortly after Barry was installed, the gist of which was: the worst thing that could have happened to the NBA would have been Walter Williams being the first black in the league. Because it would poison the world’s outlook towards black basketball players. That’s what he felt about our first black president being Barry Soetoro. Williams’ leadership of the Economics program at George Mason has been stellar. And it’s nothing to do with the fact that his ancestors came from Africa.

          Sowell is an intellect of the highest order, and he was already in academia when blacks started to be given positions they had no business receiving, simply because there was a quota to fill. It is famously said about him that he came in through the FRONT door. He deserved it, because he is a first rate intellect.

          Clarence famously put a five cent sticker on his Yale Law certificate, because although he earned it, he understands that the whole world knows that if you’re black, in our time, you probably didn’t.

          Barry didn’t. I doubt he attended any classes, even.

          So don’t call me a racist, musings, because I relate what we know about what we don’t know about Barry Soetoro. Barry is a dimwit, a tool, and can’t stand in the same room with these men without shaming the black race. He’s the fake villain in Iron Man 3 played by Ben Kingsley. A below average IQ narcissist. An actor. An unserious person. He is there because our masters hate the black race, and want not Sowell, Williams or Thomas to represent it, but want completely despicable people to be the ones we think of when we think of blackness. Kanye West and Dr. Dre, some of the most despicable people in our world, are treated as if they are worthy of the accolades that used to be bestowed upon great men–precisely because they are despicable. I might have despised the political views of Paul Robeson, but he’d certainly be worthy–because he was a fine artist.

          And I did not say that he is not the child of Stanley Ann, or her mother. I said that there is very strong evidence that if it is in fact one of the two it is probably the grandmother, based on the evidence at hand. But we simply cannot know. The man we have as president, as the Hawaiian story goes, was never issued a birth certificate. And it is a CIA family he was raised within. This we know. All the rest is the legacy.

          A strong case has been made that he is Malcolm X’s love child with a different white woman. We have all read about the evidence supporting that theory many times, and were compelled by the strength of the case. Is it true? How are we supposed to know?

          Again, we can’t even know if he’s half white.

          The point is, he is an imbecile, who cannot speak extemporaneously, and he’s so stupid that when he reads things that are outrageously dumb that his handlers put on the teleprompter, he never can detect it. He called brave men the “corpse,” because he didn’t know any better. He said that Austrians speak “Austrian.” Morons like that don’t get through Harvard Law. Unless it’s pure fakery. He’s utterly ignorant. He’s completely uncurious, so even though he never went to college (really went), he’s not an autodidact. He sits around watching ESPN all day, while ValJar does the heavy lifting in his name.

          Say what you want about Bubba, I believe it when they say he only slept 3 hours a night (he did not need more sleep than that) and read serious books voraciously.

          Ah, the good old days.

    2. It is not where you are born that makes one a natural born citizen. Both parents most be citizens to be natural born citizen. The whole Hawaii birth certificate thing is nothing more then a distraction. That being said president Obama does not qualify because he claim his Father to be Kenyan.

      1. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You don’t have to have two parents be citizens for you to be one. He was born in the US – they could have been a pair of wet-backs. If he was not born in the US, his mother simply had to register his birth with the US embassy or consulate. Or his father. You lot are not going to mess with my kids’ citizenship no how, no way.

        1. Check out the discussion of the legislative background at harvardlawreview.org for Mar 11, 2015 “On the Meaning of ‘Natural Born Citizen'” and how it evolved from the British colonial definition to one in which the child of either an American mother or American father is a citizen. This comports with how we view parental rights in a child to be equal.

  17. Ecclesiastes 1:9 is a scripture,that`s found in the Holy Bible, that states that there is nothing new under the sun, and the reason this eye-opening book is being ban is simple, hide the truth, promote deceit and confuse humans.

    The OSS/CIA/NSA and the rest of the satanic cabal has always had an this agenda.



  18. The book wasn’t banned. The government has not declared it illegal to sell the book. Amazon has chosen not to sell it. That is their right. It is the same as if you wrote a book promoting the molestation of children – getting it published and sold is not a constitutional right. While no reputable company may choose to sell it, you are not prevented from printing it yourself and selling it out the back of your car.

    Using the word “ban” is inaccurate.

  19. I frequently purchase books from Amazon & have been extremely satisfied with their service. Sadly
    I must now boycott any future purchases of books & many other products because Amazon banned James Fetzers book on the Sandy Hook hoax: welcome to 1984!!!

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