By Patrick Murphy

[The following are the opinions of the author, a longtime commenter at MHB. There is at best only circumstantial evidence that Dave McGowan’s cancer stemmed from a plot by the US government or any other specific entity. McGowan was a longtime smoker whose employment also put him on contact with carcinogenic material, and whose cancer had reached an advanced stage by the time he sought professional treatment.-JFT]

A great loss occurred November 22 at 12:47 PM in Los Angeles: Dave McGowan, the courageous, fearless, brilliant discoverer of patterns no one else noticed, died.

A man who had essentially never had anything physically wrong with him, he all at once came down with cancer, all through his body. Within a few months, he was down to 90 pounds, and the pain could not be managed with drugs. I believe he was murdered, just as I believe that Andrew Breitbart was murdered, and for the same reason.

mcgowan1The crafters of the New World Order are ruthless. Apparently, the decree that Amazon vaporize James Fetzer’s latest edited volume came from the White House. Dinesh D’Souza produced two incredibly damning documentaries exposing the truth about Barry Soetoro, and because he had the misfortune of finding a vast audience, the secret government set about finding a triviality by which his life could be ruined. They even put him in a federal prison camp for the better part of a year (at least they didn’t kill him).

The viciousness of the technique used in Dave’s case is almost unspeakably cruel.

He had decided to publish his last book, about Laurel Canyon, conventionally, with a view of reaching a larger audience than he had with his previous works, and the publisher prevailed upon him to promote it through Facebook. He had not blogged before, and took to it like a fish to water, making thousands of genuine friends. Reading the heartfelt sorrow of the many comments after he revealed his new situation, one was astounded by the power of this new technology to gather a true community from all over the world. The people who wrote to tell him how sorry they were genuinely loved him, and were terribly grateful for what he, via his work, had done for them.

Many offered advice as to how he should approach the battle. Lots of alternative cancer cures, and lots of admonitions to refuse the chemo route. The medical world prevailed, alas, with the fear of how fast-spreading and deadly is the kind of cancer that had hit him so suddenly.

Even with the sickness the rounds of chemo caused him, he was able to compose another essay in his latest project, finding what really happened with Lincoln’s assassination–and reading it, you’d never know anything was now different about him. His mind, and his wit, and his amazing ability to see things there in plain sight that no one ever noticed before, were undiminished. Heartened by this, I continued to drop by his site every morning, in the hopes that the MDs might actually accomplish what they told him they could do: heal him through their allopathic paradigm.

I never wrote at his Facebook page to tell him how sorry I was, because so many people already did so, saying the very things I would have said. How many thousands of his fans can say the same?

He will be missed in a way that few writers are missed when they shuffle off this mortal coil.


Dave’s web site started out as an on-line newsletter.  It availed him of the chance to spell out his thoughts about the events of the day, and although I never knew him, I suspect that he learned to write, and think, so beautifully because of it.  He finally had the platform he needed to find his true calling.

His early books, as I recall from radio interviews of his that I caught, were complications of those newsletters.  Understanding the F-Word was about the strange form of fascism America has so easily come to embrace (while that one DOES reside on my shelf, it remains unread by me, sad to say).

Programmed to Kill, which is about the strange and unexpected reality behind the phenomenon of serial killers, is one I wish I DID NOT read.  It is replete with documentation of the pederasty the elites who rule this time of the world seem so addicted to, the world that John DeCamp documented in The Franklin Coverup.  It is such a heartbreaking reality, that even Dave, in a radio interview, said that once these ideas are deposited into your brain, they can’t be expunged, and he wondered at whether it was worth it.  I talked about this once with Sofia, mentioning a particularly horrible anecdote about the Bohemian Grove.  The story I was relating to her was how I felt so horrified to have learned this thing, and I called Stan Monteith to hopefully somehow calm me down.  It was his wife, Barbara, who answered the phone, and she was very comforting.  Sofia knew the anecdote, and understood my horror.  Sofia is stronger than I, and even though years had passed since my chat with Barbara, Sofia’s way was very helpful, too.  Still, I wish I did not know these things.

Dave faced such things with a courage I don’t think I could.  He soldiered on, facing monsters, and laughing at them, one after another.  What he wrote about what he learned exists, as documents we all could face.  Some of it very dark indeed, some of it laughable charlatanism.  Somehow, he could balance the two worlds.

Eventually, his site was not a platform for his newsletters any longer, but a place he could work out the research he was doing in a more systematic way.  If you go there, you can see that gradual transition.  The bottom of the page features a sampling of his newsletters (all–well, most– are fantastic reads), and just above that, you will find a blocked off selection of his 9/11-related newsletters–a different method.  He was a great, early 9/11 researcher, as those entries will demonstrate.  But he also engaged in quite an amusingly antagonistic, public, tête-à-tête with the pompous blowhard Michael Ruppert–but it can only be found in the newsletters not included in the 9/11 section.  Believe me, it’s worth the digging to plough through the newsletters and read what transpired between these two men.  It’s 9/11 related, but not an analysis of what transpired that morning.  It’s about the weirdness of 9/11 research, and how personalities often took center stage.

His analysis of the photographic evidence of what transpired at the Boston Bombing, in 16 parts, is as good as anyone has done.  He absolutely PROVES it was a hoax.  And he makes you laugh, too, as he does it.

Of course, he became famous on a scale even he was shocked by with the series of articles he called Inside the LC: The strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.  It started out in the most innocuous way possible.  One of his daughters had given him a present, a book about one of his favorite things, the rock music of the 60s, and he took it on vacation to read as a diversion.  But it was filled with what for him were obvious “red flags,” indicating a lot that needed to be looked into.  So he did.  21 Web essays later, he published it as a book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, which I mentioned earlier.  It is probably what he will be most remembered by.

(He took down the articles on the Web, as I mentioned in an earlier piece here at MHB, which I found sad, because they included lots of fantastic pictures, but you can still find them all here.  The book is a re-crafted version of the web series; Dave said that it had 30% more material, but he also dropped lots of fun stuff.  That’s what you have to do when making a book.  So it’s great to have both accessible to us.  Read both.  Dave was a great writer, a great thinker.)

But meanwhile, in the midst of the investigation of the birth of the “hippie” phenomenon, he stumbled upon something else.  He called that series of essays Wagging the Moondoggie.  Here’s how he launched it:

It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. It would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity and, having traveled all the way to the moon, it must still have enough fuel to land safely and make the return trip to earth. Furthermore, in order to give the expedition a margin of safety, we would not use one ship alone, but a minimum of three … each rocket ship would be taller than New York’s Empire State Building [almost ¼ mile high] and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary, or some 800,000 tons.”

Wernher von Braun, the father of the Apollo space program, writing in Conquest of the Moon

I can see all of you scratching your heads out there and I know exactly what it is that you are thinking: “Why the hell are we taking this detour to the Moon? What happened to Laurel Canyon? Have you completely lost your mind?”


Back to me, Patrick.

It the best introduction to the Apollo program hoax.  The best.

And finally, he became interested in Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong.  It is fantastic as anything else he did, even though he was not able to complete the project.  Better.  He was getting better.  How good would he have gotten, given another few decades?

I loved listening to him talk, in interviews.  Listen to his one with Sofia.  You have to love the guy.

I could go on.  I am heartbroken.

My best to his family.

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130 thought on “Dave McGowan: A Great Man, Taken From Us”
  1. Thanks, James…

    I have been following Dave for years, emailed with him several times. His Moon stuff was hilarious and on point. His Boston Marathon stuff, along with Peekay’s, 100% proves the hoax as you said. I listened to every single interview he ever did. I scoured the Net for them all the time, and saved them all, re-listened to most, which I seldom do for others. He was by far my favorite in the truth biz, witty, humble, wise as Solomon with his insights.

    We lost an irreplaceable hero today.

    Was he murdered? From what his brother described of his cancer it was unlike any I have encountered, and I have lost family to the disease.

    I am saddened for all his friends and family. But I am grieving most for David’s mind–the likes of which we will never see again.

      1. Well, many of mine do seem to appear. I haven’t cussed until now. If you don’t moderate and leave it “in the wind”, what the F is going on here?

  2. Programmed To Kill was a stark look into the demonic criminality of the intelligence agencies. What amazed me about the book was the author’s meticulous use of open source information to substantiate the alternate historical view obscured by systematic and continuous government and media propaganda to create an official “truth” narrative fit for mass consumption. The smart use of OSINT by investigative journalists can trouble the intelligence cabal by raising truth from the ashes of government-media lies. We have lost a soldier for truth, but many more will follow from his shining example.

    1. True. It’s another example of a pattern that was always right there, in the plain-sight evidence, not at all hidden, that he was the first to see. You are correct that others can figure out how his mind worked, and learn how to see what everyone takes as simple “facts” that don’t require further thought, but are in reality clues pointing to a bigger, darker, reality.

      Part of it is genuine curiosity, part of it is confidence that we’re always being lied to, so the breadcrumb train must lead somewhere interesting. And part of it remaining optimistic even when optimism is hard to justify.

      1. Dave and his work represent logical step, the next generation of researchers in the lineage begun by Mae Brussell. Using “open source” – mainstream and independent-mainstream media outlets – information is, more often than not, the best method to expose modern Western Society; take the news controlled by the psychopath power elite, lob it back at them in the form of a rearranged bomb composed of a compendium of expository evidence of gross maleficence… and watch them react with the only emotion a psychopath possesses, anger, on such an extreme level that it often results in the death of the person or people they would say, “are seeking to oppress them.”

        Mae was killed. So was Dave.

        1. The only issue with this very logical train of thought is that, once this knowledge is accrued and parsed for best understanding, it still requires a medium of interaction and a venue to disperse said information. Dave performed the former, but could not get to the latter.

          That is up to We The People.

  3. So “they” killed him for publishing a wildly unpopular ($5000 gross) book. I think you’re onto something. Hold that thought. Whatever keeps you warm

    As far as cancer, usually you go from not having it to “having it”. For all you budding oncologists/ballistics experts/globalpoliticians/economists/climatologists/stuctural engineers out there

  4. Thanks Dave, for having the courage and persistence to do the research and publish the results.

    ‘Wagging the Moondoggie’ is excellent, well worth the read. ‘Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon’ is a fascinating, disturbing and thoroughly researched book, you’ll never look at or listen to music the same way again. ‘Programmed to Kill’ has been on my ‘To buy’ list for quite a while, but have been hesitant to purchase it because of it’s subject matter. And after reading Patrick’s comment I’m even more reluctant. My heart’s heavy enough with all the madness I’m currently aware of…

    I also am of the opinion that his cancer was no ‘fluke’ or ‘coincidence’.

    Thanks again Dave… you’ll be missed.

    1. I also believe Dave was killed. Whoever “Phoenix Archangel” is that left that cryptic comment for him after his interview on Caravan to Midnight was either the actual killer or someone who was associated with the killer. How else could they have predicted that Dave was “likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer”? Dave didn’t have pancreatic cancer, but this comment was far too accurate for comfort.

      Another victim of these devils is William H. Kennedy. He also exposed the evil of the elitists, and died mysteriously two years ago. I have still not been able to find out his cause of death or what happened to him. His last interview was with Dr. Stan on Radio Liberty, and the subject was Pope Francis. It can be heard here:

      1. I could have made that comment after listening to his interview with Sofia, or the one with Jan Irvin (if I recall correctly). He sounded terrible (i.e., “juicy”). I actually said, out loud, to myself, “Dave, you better stop smoking before it kills you, my friend.” Cross my heart, I did.

        1. I can’t argue with that, I also remember him not ‘sounding’ well in his interviews concerning Weird Scenes. It is possible he was the author of his own demise, or he might have been hastened along.

          Murdering him by cancer would certainly make it difficult to prove otherwise. But based on the long history of mysterious, untimely, or suicided deaths of those trying to uncover the truth… how can we not suspect Dave was but another victim?

          It dawned on me that in the not so distant past, when people died suddenly of unknown origins it was oftentimes called ‘poisoning’… today we call it cancer…

  5. Have used Laurel Canyon to wake others up for years. RIP to a very brave man.

    Off topic, New Orleans reporter tweets photo of shooting at 5:50 when the alleged event happened after 6 p.m. Why are their shoes always off in these fakes?

    From the Guardian: A gunfight between two groups in a New Orleans park where hundreds of people were gathered for a block party and the filming of a music video has left 16 wounded, police said.

    Shooting erupted at around 6.15pm on Sunday night in Bunny Friend park in the city’s upper ninth ward, police said, although no fatalities were reported.

  6. The same exact thing happened last year to excellent researcher Philip Coppens from the Ancient Aliens show. He was about to release a ground-breaking book. He was perfectly fine one month and dead the next from a very painful “fast acting cancer”. The symptoms were like those of rat poisoning. Same happened to the legendary world change musician Bob Marley.

    1. Maeve, what is really strange is that Phillip Coppens was mentioned in the article I just read and commented about concerning the mysterious death of William H. Kennedy. According to the article, Kennedy “had been working to organize a trip to Peru with Phillip Coppens. Sadly Mr. Coppens passed away from a rare cancer in Dec. 2012”.

      Things just get weirder and weirderer!

  7. I wrote a brief note and sent a small donation to Mr. McGowan when the news of his illness broke. He was a gifted writer and obviously a tenacious individual whose work is very important and I let him know how appreciated it was. I have all the books he authored. I’ve read Programmed to Kill (a tough one to get through) and Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. Both are revelatory and few-holds-barred investigations into the topics. I have yet to read the others but will do so in good time.
    My sympathy to his family.

  8. Here’s the truth of the matter: Stage 4 lung cancer can appear to happen fast and be just as cruel as described. My brother-in-law had a small spot on his lung which was dismissed for years. Then he developed back pain. The cause was that so-called nothing spot, which suddenly turned into a big tumor, and ravaged his body so that he died in about six months, last year. Something that looks like sudden onset can have been building up for years.

    Whether or not I accept that McGowan was targeted by those who worried about his truths – truths they are very good at dismissing already – it is not as though Dave was headed for the status of one of the opposition icons like they had in Poland, Czechslovakia or Burma, who later were elected to run the country – it still stands up, all his work, about how we as a country have been taken on a trip through a hall of mirrors and told we are the greatest by means of events which did not happen (moon landings) or victimized as innocent good guys (9/11). This belief system was the edifice that McGowan swung at but even though it was sometimes as flimsy as the fake moon lander, most people did not want to hear, or to give up their illusions. They wanted to fight anyone who challenged them. Their best weapon was not to cause cancer, but to consign the truth-tellers to the ugly category of paranoids. If someone went too far and believed something was a conspiracy which wasn’t, the finger could easily point at the worst of the guesses made by someone, to dismiss everything they said we should look at closer.

    Nobody could touch Dave McGowan for his side-splitting humor. So it can be seen that as with a wit like Cyrano de Bergerac (of fiction and of history), some roof tile might have been aimed at his head. You can cause a death by telling something they have nothing wrong, too. But whether that is how McGowan came to have fulminant cancer, I do not know. The thing is, lung cancer spares few who ever get it, even a small lesion. It is the closest thing to a death sentence at this time.

    We all die, but McGowan made a difference. His work will survive.

    1. Coincidence and conspiracy go hand in glove. What are the chances that a man that illuminated the machinations of the intelligence cabal would work with toxic elements that lead to his demise by chance? I would wager that some irregularities in the materials or in his lack of a proper mask to filter carcinogenic materials (such as concrete dust) was also present “coincidentally”. Millions of Americans, all far less of a threat to the PTB, from Vegans to gun owners, to Ron Paul supporters are on DHS Main Core list. My hunch is that he was identified early, undermined at every turn and duly neutralized.

    2. Musings, your story about your brother-in-law brings to mind that of one of my husband’s oldest friends. He developed shoulder pain that eventually got bad enough that he went to a doctor for treatment. He was quickly diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to his liver; he was dead within six months. He had appeared healthy up until then, and he was not a tobacco smoker, though he’d been a heavy pot smoker for years (ironically, he’d quit altogether the year before his diagnosis).

      If you listen to any of Dave’s interviews over the past year or so, you can hear that he’s headed for trouble: he had a “smoker’s cough” and a rattle that never means anything good.

      I am taking the opportunity to go back and listen to (and re-listen to) many of Dave’s interviews. What a wonderful body of work he has left! May God bless and keep him, and his family.

  9. Dave was absolutely brilliant and wonderful, but just so people know (so as not to jump to conclusions), he did tell Meria Heller in this interview that he was a smoker for 30 years. Lung cancer can certainly be caused by smoking. Dave also mentioned in this interview that he had been waking up during the night suffocating and unable to breathe, and these episodes had been going on for quite a while before he sought diagnosis/treatment. As I learned from Dave, his daytime work was building medical offices (the insides), and certain building materials and their particulates can be carcinogenic … Additionally, due to the severe pain he was in and the advanced state of his lung cancer, Dave consented to and received several rounds of chemotherapy, which are heavily toxic and often the ultimate cause of a cancer patient’s death. Here is the interview; it used to be available for free, but no longer:

  10. One thing the first tranche of responses to my obituary/remembrance of Dave’s passing has focused on, to some extent, is my belief that he was killed, like Breitbart. Some are convinced it’s true, others think it’s either a nutty idea or just a coincidence that this guy got this kind of sick just now.

    I’d like to address that.

    First, I have no way of knowing if it was assassination or coincidence.

    Here’s what I said on 11/21, in a comment, replying to a message a commenter quoted from Craig, Dave’s brother, as Dave lay dying (

    He was just in the middle of the most fascinating analysis of the Lincoln assassination, too. He was very charged up about it; I heard an interview with him a couple months before he found out he was sick–he had hoped to have the project completed in time for the 150th anniversary last April. But he kept discovering astounding new pieces of the puzzle.

    Anyone who has not read those articles is missing something rare and special. Everything the world was told about that pageant is a lie.

    The thing about Dave, he could detect whole worlds hidden in plain view, and make you shake your head in wonderment: how come no one ever saw that before?

    His murder (I’m convinced that’s what it is) is one of the saddest things possible. The dark forces that are crafting the New World Order need to control the past, and they simply won’t tolerate wide-spread knowledge of their deceptions and nefarious activities. I’m guessing the Lincoln research was the last straw. VERY important that no one know the truth about THAT one–because it’s where the whole project we are victims of started.

    Which brings to mind Dr. Fetzer’s remarks of the last couple of days. He wrote that multiple people suspect that the same dark forces intend to do the same to the authors of the BANNED BOOK.

    Soon, the world is going to look very, very different than it does now. It will be exceedingly unpleasant. And the truth behind it is going to be increasingly difficult to obtain.

    End of quote.

    It seems an amazing coincidence, if that man, at just this moment in his career, at the prime of life, is suddenly struck down in this way.

    I accept that it is possible, but I always lean to the demonic interpretation, because, as Mel Gibson famously said in response when he asked if he believes in conspiracies, “Of course I do; that’s what people do: they conspire.” People are demonically possessed, much of the time. Particularly those who aspire, and conspire, to rule us. They have supernatural help.

    Sure, Dave could have caught that form of cancer because he smoked.

    But that’s not what happened to Jim McDougal, or Jack Ruby. There are lots of others the same device was obviously used as a murder technique, for political assassination purposes. Just as “heart trouble” did not naturally kill Breitbart.

    Again, I can’t know. I can only speculate. If I’m wrong, if it’s just a coincidence, it’s a horrible, random, loss, for all of us, and he’s having Job’s conversation with God right now. Come to think of it, even if it was a political assassination, he’s having that same conversation with the Big Guy. God has His reasons for allowing bad things to happen to good people, and we can’t know them.

    Those who disagree, and think I’m nuts, I laugh along with you, just as Dave would do. It’s all pretty funny, after all. We simply can’t know much of what we dearly wish we could.

      1. Ha! Hi Patrick, I was actually thinking of posting this video here but then I thought it would be, I don’t know, showboating on the death of David? I’m glad someone else did though. A bunch of people came by that video and left comments telling me to check out miles Mathis which is weird because Mathis called David disinformation. I read a bunch of his articles and I think something is very wrong there. Read his article on Richard ramirez, it’s ridiculous.

  11. Thanks Patrick, well done. There are others, many others.

    On February 9, 2015 Dr. Rauni Kilde died from cancer. On November 20, 2014 she appeared vigorous and healthy as seen in the video below. Dr. Kilde was famous in Europe for her research on mind control, targeted individuals and other taboo subjects.

    Wikipedia says she died from a long illness, which is not true.

    Excerpts from the link above:

    When Henning Witte met Rauni Kilde personally the last time on the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels the 20th November 2014 she was very fit and healthy. No sign of illness especially no cancer; take a look to her body language in the video below when she was giving her last speech on chips in mind control.

    Rauni and Henning sat together with ti Magnus Olsson in the board of EUCACH, the first association for European targeted individuals (ti), victims of electronic harassment, mind control. The dark forces had severely pushed for another candidate to join the EUCACH board in order to control it, but Rauni Kilde and Henning Witte stand firm. Here could be a reason to murder her to open the way for puppets of the dark side, as they did with all the other mind control groups, especially the German one.

    A second reason to kill Rauni Kilde could be her last book. She had complained about problems with her publisher, which caused a severe delay of the book. We can only hope it will be published in a way that Rauni wanted. She was the only author.

    The death of Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde is a huge loss for humanity, because no one combined so much knowledge and pedagogical skills as she to explain the most secret topics of the world.

    Dr. Kilde on Red Ice Radio in August 2011, after the Oslo attacks:

  12. Patrick-Thank you so much for helping me to rearrange some of my emotions into words. I only found out this evening via his brother Craig’s FB announcement. I told my wife that I feel exactly like I’ve felt after learning of a close friend or relative’s loss:shock and a weird unreality that seems to push everything else aside. I got off my dead ass and ordered two books a few months ago,and got them after Dave returned from the hospital(both signed). Today,while at lunch with my oldest living friend who is a retired newspaper editor,I mentioned Weird Scenes and let him borrow it,after mentioning some of the bands involved. I am eager to hear his take on it,himself a published author of no small stature. Odd thing…I offered up a intercessory prayed just this past Sunday afternoon at around the time he left Earth. (He has been on my prayer list now since he first knew of the cancer.) God continue Blessing you,too.

  13. Dave was a great and inspiring guy. I’ve been shocked and saddened by his loss. The amount of pain he seemed to have undergone at the end is also atrocious, but he leaves a fine legacy of work behind him.

  14. Actually I believe there has been some information out there for a while that death by seemingly natural causes could be ‘remotely’ instigated. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The modern incidence of tinnitus is completely unspoken proof of an open human experiment in mind control. This is what we get for having allowed tacit trust in those who keep secrets They’ve stolen our money and and the technology that’s been gained form the research it’s paid for.

  15. Never gave the moon landing too much thought, although I did find it very strange that we went to the moon in 1969 but could barely get the space shuttle back without blowing up. Dave sealed the deal for me that it was a hoax, and not a very well done hoax either. RIP Dave.

  16. Sorry, but Andrew Breitbart died from complications from AIDS. Funny how Andrew Breitbart, a heavy user of cocaine avoiding even
    any mention of that on his official Autopsy Results and Death Certificate. Money sure can take you a long, long way IF you have
    the right Intel connections. In regards to McGowan, apparently he was a life-long cigarette smoker. For a 55 year old man, we’ll assume
    that played a rather large role. Now, experts in the biowarfare field generally recognize two kinds of technology to cause cancer (1)
    the use of cancer causing toxins and (2) the use of equipment that emits extremely low frequency (elf) electromagnetic waves.
    We can assume that #2 is being used, because it’s being used on just about everybody these days. You can’t avoid Cell towers
    or Wi Fi in the USA. Now, were cancer-causing chemicals added to his tap water supply? The water he showered and bathed with?
    McGowan lived in Southern California, land of the swimming pools. The bottom line is that are many different compounds and viruses
    that can cause cancer and can be most effectively modified to aggressively attack the body with very high resistance to treatment.
    Ever look at the food additives in the items in any grocery store? I will concede though that the US indeed liquidates dissidents
    through numerous slow kill methods. Every hear of the microwave based “People Cooker”? Most importantly,
    a good doctor will admit that the treatment of cancer is what actually kills people. There’s no need for poisoning via chemical
    and electronic means, as radiation and chemotherapy as administered by the medical profession will do the job effectively. Anyone
    else here notice the epidemic of cancer deaths? Anyone else who works in alternative media notice how many of their counter-parts
    are working for the 18+ intelligence agencies that operate in the US with unlimited resources?


    Natural ginger root contains natural compounds that are hundreds times more effective than anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs, a study published in PLoS journal said.

    The substance known as 6-shogaol is produced by drying ginger root. This substance is active against cancer stem cells at concentrations that are harmless to healthy cells. This is very different from traditional chemotherapy that is known for its serious side effects mainly because chemotherapy kills both healthy and cancerous cells.

  18. Most websites ‘resemble’ (ie., mimic exactly) the techno fascist, techno totalitarian society, ie., dominating centralized control and corruption, we live in, even when they claim they do not. People whose views do not match those of the ‘owners’ are weeded out, sometimes gradually, sometimes with much haste. Either way, they are weeded out. A very typical example of this would be OpEdNews, where I once commented (until being removed), but the list is endless.

    I continue to observe MHB and find it to be better than most in this regard. In other words, actual freedom of speech and the importance of the individual, among the many, is upheld to a greater degree, here. The personality traits of the ‘owner’ (JFT) are on display (and have impact) but are more a part of a background, rather than a completely dominating aspect, as is the case with organized tyranny and the persistent copying effect of various websites (and other human gathering zones) as they come into existence, claiming to be helpful and a part of some sort of ‘solution’ or resolution of the enormous problems we have with us today.

    There is no other hope for humanity, than to realize the importance of each individual, as well as various sub groups functioning rather independently of the current (political and contrived) tyrannical main. Certainly, it (hope) does not rest with increasing usage of technology, which is now, of course, completely political and contrived and tyrannical. So called advancing technology is clearly no longer helping humanity (or any of earth’s other life forms) as a whole. Rather, it is being used to further the wealth and poverty disparity and the happiness and total misery and despair disparity.

    If you use the internet, use it to fight tyranny, not to take part in more of it.


    Ned Lud

    1. Best comment I have seen from you ever Ned. Seems you used to be kind of out there when you first got here, but now I would say you have matured a great deal and have settled into a wise-old-sage role. Truly do love to read your comments either way. Cheers

  19. I found this article about LBJ;

    which is about LBJ suppressing the media in regards to himself.

    It mentions that LBJ’s cousin was in a movie called…

    ‘The Wrecking Crew’, which came out in ‘1968’ starring Dean Martin, and was the last movie starring… ‘Sharon Tate’. The movie is part of a secret agent series Martin did spoofing Bond.

    Dave would have loved this tidbit, another piece of the puzzle.

    1. Right. These things are so common in our history, since the War To Prevent Southern Independence, that if we are not suspicious, we are not paying attention.

      Why was John Kennedy murdered? Because his dad stole the election from the establishment’s man, and thought that being president meant he could actually ACT as president. The guy in the number two slot was just fine with the elite’s program.

      I am only speculating when I posit that Dave was murdered because he was on track to get large traction with his Lincoln-murder revelations. But it makes sense to me. Almost no one has any idea how transformational Lincoln’s war was, and how it launched the set-up for the New World Order we are now beginning to live within.

      It rankles the establishment/elite when an individual truly awakens people, however insignificant their numbers. When it really pulls the rug out from under them, they must put it to a stop.

      Was Kennedy a good man? No. But our masters don’t care about that; in fact, they like blackmail-able people. But what they can’t abide is people who really can get the understanding established that we are being lied to on a massive scale.

      What began with Lincoln, as I have written in comments here for years, was the transformation of the country into what Bacon was writing about in The New Atlantis. What I call the “Southern Veto” kept it on hold for seven decades. Whoever is in charge used Lincoln’s exit, after he had conveniently dispensed with the obstreperous South, to immediately launch the program.

      Anyone who honestly wants to understand this should start with the book Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History ( It was Lincoln’s generals who eliminated the Plains Indians, launching the American Empire.

      Once we question the official story of Lincoln’s death, and find out that it’s all a lie, we might stop believing everything that came after it is The Matrix.

      Can’t have that

      1. It’s a little strange to me that someone eulogizing the great Dave McGowan would substitute the term Civil War with the atrocious euphemism “War To Prevent Southern Independence.” McGowan would have disagreed with you completely about the reasons for JFK’s assassination as well.

        I just hope you realize that you guys weren’t exactly political fellow travelers.

        1. I am delighted that you mention that, Matt.

          Of course, I think the term “Civil War” is the “atrocious euphemism,” because the Southern states simply wished to quit the club they had joined; they did not want to fight the Northern states. They did not want to take over Washington, and rule over the rest of the states. They were attacked, and destroyed. Civil wars are fought by two sides wanting to rule over both sides; wars of conquest are when one side wants to destroy the other, and the other wants to be left alone. That’s what Lincoln’s war was–a war of conquest.

          But your point is quite correct. Dave was a man of the Left. I loved to argue with him in my head, wishing to drink through a conversation late into the evening with him over some of the things he believed.

          I love people. I like it that we don’t agree. As long as we want to know the truth.

          I like to believe that Dave would eventually see that Lincoln’s war was what the guys in Lew Rockwell’s world think it was, because he was a truth seeker, and that is the truth. But even if he held another opinion, all the way, it would have been enormous fun to wrestle with him about it, perhaps all the way through a bottle of scotch (assuming he liked scotch).

          Cheers, Matt!

        2. Matt,Since Dave and Patrick are both on the path of truth,it may seem at points that they diverge;however,that is only momentary,as they both(me as well) descend upon the truth…where ever that rocky path leads. I,too respect Dave as a great thinker(I’m a Conservative/Libertarian) and man of letters in the 21st Century. “There is no Left Side;there is no Right Side:There’s just you and me and we just disagree.” (apologies to Mason Williams)

        3. Guys, for the record, I’m glad that people of all stripes would admire Dave’s work, as its well deserving. I just didn’t want people to get the wrong idea about the ideals that undergird our man’s search for truth. Dave’s leftism was an important foundation to some of his analysis. As a “leftist” myself I often find that the best critics of the empire are libertarians, agreeing whole heartedly as I do with their description of symptoms–but divulging when it comes to the underlying manifestation and the cure.

          Speaking of points of consensus, can all of us in the “truth community” agree on this: “Miles Mathis” is at the very least an embarrassment, at worst, a shill, and his insinuation into Dave’s world of expertise (and more so his denigration of Dave) is an offense to our collective intelligence. He should be avoided like herpes.

        4. Fortuitously, Matt, Lew Rockwell today published a short Kirkpatrick Sale essay ( that pretty much encapsulates my view of that terrible war.

          I’d love to know how Dave would have interacted with those ideas. Certainly, he was always ready to acknowledge that “everything we know is wrong.”

          I have written here more than a few times that I regard the ratification of the Constitution as being the worst thing that could have happened to the colonies-turned-states, that the Articles of Confederation should not have been violated. If my ideal history in this regard had happened, I think, states would have coaligned in regional blocks based upon their similar cultures and interests, and today North America would be a patchwork of countries–many of them Indian nations–in much the way Europe gradually developed. The South wanted to do just that, seven decades after the end of the Articles, but Lincoln’s paymasters wouldn’t let them. They wanted a unitary, continent-spanning, empire. I believe the wrong side won Lincoln’s war. I’d like to have seen what the Indians’ countries would have looked like, had Lincoln’s generals not destroyed their way of life. Too late for that.

          But we are all entitled to our opinions, at least for now.

        5. We don’t have a left! Right wing libertarians in the U.S. are full of shit. Calling Amy Goodman et al, leftist is absurd. Those people are controlled opposition — and clinging to right wing libertarians is Chomsky’s fault IMO. Like swimming is deep water. Those people are funded by high finance too — confusing them with an absent leftist movement is going to dig our graves sooner than later! We don’t have a left!

        6. Patrick would you care to address the direct question to you regarding miles mathis being a shill, an embarrassment to truth and quite simply, a poseur?

        7. That’s kind of harsh. I like reading him. He has what seem to be original thoughts. He might be a bad guy; I have no way of knowing. But I always reserve such judgements until I have good evidence.

        8. I meant diverging not divulging, of course. Odd malapropism.

          Anyway, Patrick, I probably wouldn’t be much interested in what an anti-government, pro-confederate fellow (is the term du jour “minarchist” or “anarcho-capitalist”?) like Rockwell has to say about Lincoln. I tent to think of the freeing of the slaves and the saving of the union as no small bit of business. But I have no problem admitting that I appreciate LR’s anti-war and, anti-neocon work. Libertarians etc… can be commended for carrying the torch for piece whilst it has been dropped by mainstream liberalism.

          I’m no mindreader but I strongly suspect that Dave considered the JFK assassination a coup d etat pulled off by the deep warfare state—big business interests, military brass and the CIA working together with some added facilitation by fascists (like Walker, Shaw and Ferrie) and criminal patsies. Not to mention the cover up abetted by a pliant cold war media and cowardIy centrist establishment. I further expect he’d relate the escalation in Vietnam directly to JFK’s demise.

          As you know Dave was very interested in picking out strains of fascism and secret military control in the American power elite. He very much realized that the idea that this country does not have a politically active aristocracy as a lie or an illusion depending on where you stood.

          But again, what of this swine impugning our man with his nonsense fake-research? I fear the busy shop that goes under the name Mathis is so prolific it can’t help but fool some folks who would have otherwise found Dave’s work. Another reason why Dave’s website cannot die.

        9. Lincoln did not invade the South to free the slaves, and in any event he never freed a single slave once, very late in his horrible war of conquest, he needed the topic for political propaganda. Not. One. Slave.

          And he didn’t “save” the union. He destroyed it. What had been, up until the railroad barons’ lawyer was put in the White House, a voluntary union of sovereign states, was transformed into the Hotel California. It became a prison-camp for formerly free entities, ruled over by a tyrannical regime in distant Washington (or as Lew likes to call it, Mordor)–very much like Eastern Europe under the Soviets. If you approve of that, and like it, we will never agree. It was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to us.

          I agree with most of what you say about the complex set of circumstances surrounding the murder of John Kennedy. But it would not have been necessary if Joe Kennedy hadn’t stolen the election, and the establishment’s choice, Nixon, had been installed according to plan.

          Certainly, the coup of 1963 fundamentally transformed America, horribly, just as the North winning Lincoln’s war had done. In both cases, a secret government was empowered and emboldened, in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. In the 19th century, had the good guys won, the railroad men behind Lincoln could not have gotten away with exterminating the Plains Indians, and they’d probably be thriving today, independent and free societies–and the environmental nightmares those lands beyond the Mississippi had inflicted upon them would not have happened. Certainly, the federal government would not own 80% (or whatever the inexcusable number is) of that land.

          The secret government only rules us because Lincoln and Kennedy became president. Lincoln, because he was a monster, and Kennedy, because he was good–and thus the bad guys had to get rid of him. The bad guys now rule everything, with impunity.

        10. I wholeheartedly agree with Matt! This fellow is wrong about Lincoln and Jack Kennedy!! And Dave would agree! The truth about Dave’s demise — is we will never know for sure. But it does seem odd. Sofia is smart but she is no cancer expert.

        11. Why do YOU think John Kennedy was killed? And, come to think about it, I wonder what Matt guesses Dave McGowan surmised the reason to be.

          As for my being “wrong” about Lincoln, I can rally some really good thinkers to back me up. He was a hack, a railroad lawyer of very small character, who did the bidding of very evil men, to destroy this country. And it worked. You can look it up.

        12. Yes, well I grew up by Lincoln and after my third degree I worked on the Living Farm that JFK signed into the Federal system. I spent much of it in the primary resource library there. Lincoln was an atheist, he since childhood saw that blacks had been put in an impossible situation and saw too that white were kkkish and would never accept them. The story is long and obviously one you are not aware of. He educated himself as all great thinkers do, and was murdered over it. His generals lied to him every step of the way to see arms sales, as with JFK. McClellan was so disregarding of Lincoln — he and John Hay waited and waited and when M. returned he retired and Hay wrote after he avoided us we knew who was in charge. Lincoln saw through the 13th amdt to be done with this forever. And his ideas of reconstruction cost him his life — if he were LBJ he’d of made it! Very sad you are a contributor here I guess you are the same who wrote the article. Bring on the breaking in every door because believe me as a sociologist I an assure you it was never just about “blacks”, they hunt the left and fund the right. Michael Parenti.

        13. “Very sad you are a contributor here I guess you are the same who wrote the article.”

          I am, in fact, the author. And I am not at all sad that YOU are a contributor here. I like people. I like different points of view. One thing I despise about total government–that is, the Left–is its dislike of having to allow points of view it disagrees with equal access to the commons. They like to ban it, in fact. Leftists like to rosy up that vile evil, calling ideas they don’t like “hate speech.”

          Hey, here’s the truth about the despicable racist you seem to admire so much (he was perhaps the father of “hate speech,” as the Left currently defines it:

          Oh, hell, here’s another. Why not? it’s a holiday:

          Lincoln. Ugh. What a scumbag. And we’re stuck with him, as a “great man.” Caligula. Nero. Stalin. Mao. Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Lincoln.

          Great men. He fits right in with those monsters.

        14. Well, I was busy. But am sick of this bullshit. I am sad in that — no opinions not factually based are a disservice and dangerous. The fact that this nation state has protected the right wing lunatics and hunted the left, like Jack, Bobby, Malcolm, Jim Morrison, and a long freaking list. Is NO accident. I’m sick of it. True factual analysis seems to fall on death ears to males. Notice females today are so worried about nose jobs and boob jobs they haven’t time to be intellectuals any longer. (Oh and for the ones who would lie to be (we don’t have European paid childcare or the status of such. Rather what little existed here was akin to a pity party.) Right and you really look moronic lambasting Lincoln like that and as dense as our public is we’ll all be blown up before Jack is correctly written about. Whatever. I guess any blog is free as long as this keeps on keeping on!!

        15. “European paid daycare”? Oy. You know who pays for all that daycare? Everyone else. That’s called “theft”.

          I am college-educated (though I would never care to be called “an intellectual”; I’d rather be called just about anything else, frankly); got a degree in sociology, with a psych minor. And? I’ve learned so much more outside of college, and the “learning” I got in college didn’t help obtain it. I didn’t “learn how to think” in college: just the opposite, actually…it HINDERED my thinking.

          You need to take a close look at some of your Heroes of the Left: I’d bet that the vast majority of them were Intelligence operatives (and I don’t mean they were smart).

          So far, I haven’t seen where you’ve answered Patrick’s question about how much government you’d like to have. Well?

        16. Almost certainly, she won’t ever answer the question, Recynd. People who are completely emotionally driven, who don’t think systematically, are incapable of even understanding such a request. It’s nice of you to bring it up, though.

          She claims that there is no “Left,” but refuses to explain what the “Left” is. Obviously, communism is as Left as you can get, and fascism is its kissing cousin, and all brands of such socialism surround every country in the world in our day, pushing for the same thing: total government, zero freedom.

          Left/Right implies a spectrum. And if total government/zero freedom is on the left, well, guess what? The far other side, the right, must mean zero government/total freedom.

          But to grasp this obvious notion, you must be THINKING, not FEELING. Since she obviously can only FEEL, there is no way for her to process the thought. She can’t think it through, and produce an answer (if she DOES make the attempt, I guarantee it will be incoherent).

          It would be fun if she tried to do it though. I’d love to see the mental gymnastics she’d go through to justify the absurd, and how hard it will be to make sense of what she comes up with. Let’s hope she takes the bait.

  20. No doubt he was given shit that made him incurably ill. Won’t be surprised if it turns out to be someone from the government or someone from the family of one of the Laurel Canyon “artists” he’s exposed.

  21. About a year back (roughly), Dave was contacted by one of the stars of “Its always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He had claimed to have read Wierd Scenes and loved it. I don’t know the circumstances that then led to this, but Dave was further invited by the actor to meet with people at the William Morris talent agency, which may be the top agency. Dave claimed on his blog not to know what it was all about, but the obvious assumption was interest in his book. I had nothing solid that would give me reason to suspect foul play, but I did. And I wasn’t the only one with a wild imagination, as someone else on his Facebook page suggested he not go swimming alone.

    If it was weird scenes they had interest in, its very likely a lucrative film idea wer’re talking about here. Then I got to thinking, why would Hollywood want to produce a film that exposes itself and reveal the magicians secrets? They wouldn’t. So I made the tiny peep of a suggestion to Dave to be careful not to forfeit all rights to his great material, lest they will sit on it or turn it into a made for TV series geared for the TMZ crowd.

    Long story short, I wonder what Dave was presented with by the cats at William Morris and whether his estate has secured the rights? iMO, the success of the Lincoln revelations isn’t as practical a justification to do away with Dave than is the potential to lock up the penultimate Laurel Canyon tell-all, or if not that to be able to adapt it for film without Dave there to keep them honest.

    I just share this thinking someone may know more about it, but think and hope that it’s pretty unlikely to have been related to Dave’s illness. Yeah, Dave was pretty cool. That guy had some wild experiences himself he could have written about and I think it would have maybe been equally compelling.

    1. Fascinating. There certainly is potential for real money to be made in a cleaned-up version of the Laurel Canyon story Dave discovered. I had not thought of that. If he was “done away with,” it might not have any political motive at all, just money.

      All speculation, obviously.

      And on the topic of speculation, it turns out that I didn’t know that I don’t know what I don’t know, about cancer.

      When we suspect there’s something we don’t know, we can look into it, and find out what we don’t know, and maybe learn something about it. Sometimes, we think we know enough, and blithely carry on, even offering opinions out of ignorance.

      Last night, I had a long chat with Sofia, who, it turns out, knows quite a bit about the biochemistry of cancer, and knows something about the small-cell lung cancer Dave developed. She (like musings) thinks his case looks fairly typical for a life-long smoker. She said, like musings, that the symptoms appear suddenly, but you are already riddled with cancer by that point, without knowing it. And Dave in fact HAD displayed symptoms I was unaware of for perhaps a year.

      Conspiracy-minded gent that I am, it seemed easy to jump to the conclusion that they “did him in.” I now feel a bit chided. Being ignorant isn’t too bad, if when it’s pointed out we correct it.

      Sorry if I was a bit inflammatory in my initial grief when I reacted to Dave’s demise. As I say, sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, but think we do, and end up sounding like an ass (Sofia couldn’t have been nicer about it, incidentally–the harshness is all self-generated).

      1. Do I detect a Rumsfeldism? That’s fine with me. Despite his shall we say, shortcomings, I don’t disagree one bit that he didn’t know what he didn’t know. The difference is that, you and I will act accordingly when it comes to important matters. And keep up the conspiracist mindset. Despite Sofia being obviously brilliant, I bet she too doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. But yes, I pay close attention to what she has to say.

        1. Hi dude! I’m not that brilliant, you know. I’ve simply learned some things in the recent past about how cells turn cancerous and how cancer develops in the body — from people who know a lot more about it than I do, actually. E.g., Dr. Nancy Turner Banks. Read AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS & EMPIRE and you will have a brand new understanding about cellular energy deficiency. (But there’s still a ton I don’t know, and you can certainly fill me in.)

    2. Indeed fascinating. I’ve never seen that post, where he talks about said overture. You were right to caution him. By the way do you know where the post where he writes about this can be found?

  22. Well, again I posted one but I don’t see it. We don’t have a left. Right wing libertarians are highly financed and Chomsky’s fault. Goodman et al is no leftist, she too is high finance. We don’t have a left and this is the problem and clinging to right wing libertarians for “answers” is swimming in deep waters!!

    1. Here’s how it works: the extreme Left is communism. Scrunched right up against it is Fascism. That is, the Left represents Total Government. No freedom. Far across the spectrum,on the “Right,” we have anarchism–no government at all. Total freedom.

      So yes, we have a “Left”: it is all around us. In our time, we expect government to do everything, satisfy all our personal needs. That’s Leftism, in spades.

      Is there anywhere in the world you can go, in our time, to escape from government, and just live your life?


      Libertarianism is as close to freedom as today’s political theory offers, even if it is impossible to implement, given that the Left has completely taken over the political world, if not every corner of life–yet. Totalitarianism is in the offing, no matter who you look to. Guys like George Soros, and Charles Koch, and David Rockefeller, can buy private islands–and plenty of lawyers–that enable them to live in the anarchist dream of pure freedom from government. The rest of us have to endure Obamacare, and Social Security, and the TSA.

      Things are not going to get better, either. The Left has been winning for a century, and it WILL achieve its ultimate goal, very soon: 1984. The Left has as its goal a world where everyone is either a Prole, Winston Smith, or O’Brien. We are almost there.

      My advice: choose freedom, in your heart, Stephanieanne, even if it is impossible. Don’t let those Leftist bastards get you down. Stand with Charles Koch. Fight against the Leftist juggernaut that is enveloping all of us in tyranny and horror.

      In other words, you are wrong. All that exists is the Left. And it represents a nightmare. It is the worst thing imaginable.

      1. Wrong. Totally propagandistic — straight outta too much TV and gross Hollywood films, lack of historical knowledge and no intuitive instincts. In tact apparently. (I stopped reading it after the first two lines of parroting and frankly am busy. But “freedom” has nothing to do with what you are implying, it does. The leftist of one century and a half saw what caused it as Marx said, knew religious BS kept it going, and reversed all patriarchal oppression that ruined female lives and died before they could see it through. Although did educate a peasant populus in 6 mths in proficient reading; something this nation could use ASAP. Right wing nut jobs with huge guns took over and here we are. (You’re pissing on Dave BTW.) Whether you know it or not.

        1. I have “no intuitive instincts.” Coming from, what did you say you are, a “sociologist?, that’s very powerful. I did not know that about myself. Perhaps I should see a psychiatrist.

          Oh, and I have no historical knowledge. I did not know that either. I wonder if I can even read? What’s a book?

          Marx. THERE’S the go-to guy, if you want to convince intelligent people that you know what’s what. Why not Fidel Castro, though? Or Pol Pot? Yasser Arafat?

          “Patriarchal oppression.” HA!

          Education camps. Pol Pot is your man, steph. You would have absolutely LOVED the killing fields (the nightmare, not the movie), apparently. You sing the same song, from the same sheet music.

          Call back soon. You are a genuine pleasure to chat with.

      2. Yes, I skimmed the rest of it. Frankly, I wonder if any of you are real?? If you are your historical knowledge is very very scary indeed. We have never had a left. The Europeans did have taxes that went to social welfare for awhile, now they are slowly arriving at our sad pathetic way of neo-slavery. By the time they catch up with our fascist country we will probably all been nuked by then. You are so wrong so wrong it almost embarrasses me. But I am used to it. Leftists aren’t fascists. Leftists were after the truth and once people knew history’s causes all could then live their own lives after a long overdue education. And they were flexible about how to achieve it. It’s too late. The Freaks have won. Superstition has won.

        1. What, my darling girl, is, in your definition, the “Left”?

          What, in your political taxonomy, is the spectrum? Where on it is the location of zero government?

          I await your undoubtedly most elevated instruction about these matters.

          Oh, and have a lovely remembrance day, when we all gather together to remember how the settlers of this continent thanked the God of the Bible for allowing then to survive. Happy Pilgrim’s Survival Day. Remember me when you eat that pumpkin pie (extra whipped cream, please).

        2. Dearest, you will never put your imprint on this group. You are trying too hard to start your line of bombast. Most shills that pop up here from time to time, and I can think of several, play this game exactly the same. Like, decrying the perceived slugs that infest this site while espousing one’s own purities and enlightenment.
          Boring, boorish, baloney…..

          Halfway down your screed, I knew you were one of them. The literary Noah Posner has arrived, again, and we are blessed, once again. The miracles never cease.

  23. Many thanks, Patrick, for your informative post on Dave and his work. Anyone reading your piece who hadn’t known about Dave’s genius will be scooting over to his web-site after reading your excellent introduction to his work. And thank you too, James, for giving space to Patrick’s essay, so that it will reach a wide audience.

    Dave was one of my heroes after I read his blistering reporting on Boston, and then I happily plowed through the other great posts on his blog catching up on what I had been missing.

    What I am hoping is that somehow Dave has been able to convince the malefactors that he is gone, but that he has instead managed to find somewhere safe. We can dream, can’t we?


    1. Thanks for reminding me of Dave’s site, which brings to mind – i was wondering if anyone had chosen to host a mirror of Dave’s site in his memory. For posterity (as long as that lasts, that is). If you have the inclination, i hope you do it fast.

  24. Well, no surprisingly my post was not posted as I can tell. So I’ll shorten this. You are factually wrong. A scourge. And I do not welcome false history of any kind. Your kind always prevails in your condescending tones about any piety you come with, and you are at home in this dumb ass nation. Ranked 50th for over 30 yrs on being the most depraved in every way measured. (One comment I want to reiterate which was not posted was the absence of female commentary — this is no accident they were always historically the intellectuals.) Some of us still exist.

    1. A “scourge,” am I? That’s bad, I’m guessing. But after all, I have no historical knowledge, so that could mean that I play the bagpipes at funerals. I’m just too dumb to know.

      “And I do not welcome false history of any kind.”

      You must understand that the falsity is entirely based on your no doubt correct diagnosis, that I know nothing of history. I just make this shit up as I go along. I’ve never read any history books, Steph. I’m just a dumb-ass prole, wondering why they substituted “liters” for “pints” in the crappy pub. You pegged me perfectly.

      “Your kind….” Just so.

      1. This is where they are not posted… I’ll try. I’ll skip the pub bullshit but you did indeed type it correctly. “Books” are CIA products and real research is painstaking and we all know men like to inflict pain, mostly. Not endure it. (I pinpointed Dave many times on an irresponsible accounting of Jim Morrison’s history, and he was one of 4 I mentioned that were leftists that “died”, where the right lives on in force. That was not posted. Later I realized his brother said he’d never made any money except on that book so that to me explained why he left that BS story about Jim Morrison. One of our only intellectuals. BTW.)

    2. Well, Steph…it looks like you have found Prof. Tracy out; he has been deliberately withholding “female commentary”. Your style of paranoia gives females a bad name. In your effort to prove your intellectualism, you have failed miserably.

  25. Yes, I shortened it. It did not post again. Maybe extra bad due to the special pin who knows? Who cares? You are all the same. Boring and predictable.

    1. It disappeared again. Marx thought people wouldn’t turn out so depraved, that they would not put up with this. Since they disappear and yours don’t I am not surprised.

  26. Oh one issue was I contacted Dave numerous times on his errors on Jim Morrison, one of if not the only intellectual … And his brother stated Dave had never made any money so he had on this one…. that explained it for me. But I’d mentioned all the deaths on the left up to four of them….. Hum? I just wonder why that was?

  27. Entertainment is Jew-run and therefore, always, destructive of previous European-American standards.

    McGowan never went there, even though ALL the evidence leads there: who owns Hollywood, who owns Wall St., who funds the corrupt politicians …?

    McGowan wasn’t ever serious opposition to the real powers that be.

    He always seemed to me honest but gormless.

    How could any politically informed White Californian in 2008 worry more about ‘Nazis’ than an ongoing invasion of Mexicans?

    He was much more a tool of the establishment than a threat. I wish his life had been better spent.

    1. I have to laugh out loud at ridiculous assertions like this one. Perhaps you’ll enlighten us, hotshot, on what YOU PERSONALLY have done that even approaches the level of critical thinking and readership Dave McGowan achieved. I mean, really, go ahead and dazzle us with YOUR insights, sparky. We’re all waiting with baited breath…

  28. Marx was correct. The only issue he was incorrect about was he thought people were smarter than they apparently are, IOWs less inclined to being propagandized. That is his error. After all the TV was not apparent. Nothing about Marx is wrong only in that he assumed people were wiser than they turned out. He assumed people wouldn’t put up with this bullshit and I admire that. His error was he thought people were to be held in higher esteem than they can be. Or should be. (I think most of you foolish sorts are paid or are computer generated. Honestly.) I’ve studied it for over 20 years. Really all my life.

  29. I started coming here to MHB during the Sandy Hook FF – I treasure the comments that are offered from all directions. I love talking with someone who doesn’t agree with me even if he/she gets my dander up (mainly it’s hysterical emotional she-males and females that do me in). I am an old lady and have to watch my shrillness level when stating opinions, so there is that. I offer no opinion that I haven’t done a lot of research. If I missed a critical fact, I do my best to check it out. In the end, we can all have the same facts, yet we come to extremely different conclusions due to different world views, value of human life, etc. I never perceived my own government as a direct threat to me as I have these last 20 years, and particularly in the last 10. We are now to the point where the national government in America has grabbed so much power over the people, and the other branches of govt. do nothing to stop it, I have to believe that they are all in on the Fix. People are waking up, but what to do?

    It seems we humans can be divided into three main groups (debatable on the % of total): 1) Truth Seekers (<1%); 2) Truth Squelchers (10-20%); and 3) Who the Hell Cares about the Truth, I’m ignoring it all/going shopping/watching football (80-90%). I just wish the last group would shut the hell up if they don’t know what they are talking about, but that’s the group that can be rallied to storm around and destroy – Tools, I guess you could call them.

    Lastly, I agree with what Patrick writes about Lincoln – he was a monster of the highest order. That is not news to people with Southern heritage, but the rest of us in that 80% group have been kept in the dark until very recently. There is no longer any reason to be ignorant about Lincoln and the Leftist take over in Europe and their former colonies, Russia, and more surreptitiously in America. I hope I would have been a Copperhead had I lived in those days when our country was torn asunder. We have similar types in power right now willing to do the same thing again, even worse due to better weaponry. Ultimately, and sooner than later, I believe our country will break into de facto regions when we say ENOUGH – that will only happen when our comfort zones are palpably destroyed. This time our Tyrants in Govt. and their Handlers will seek total annihilation for the Dissidents.

      1. I’m glad you know about that; if I got more push-back out Lincoln, and if the 13th Amendment came up, I was ready to bring this up.

        What’s interesting is how powerful the propaganda already was in the mid-19th century. They have sold Lincoln as a secular saint, and we all are saturated with the lies from the time we could crawl. Anyone who points out the facts about that puppet is immediately denounced, as if it is almost a crime to contradict the imaginary construct.

        Thanks for the link. There is so much going on at that moment in history; Lincoln was the Obama of his time–a puppet for the crafters of the New World Order to hide behind. They have a plan, and they use these lawyers to force through fundamental transformations the public would never agree to.

  30. I posted an honest statement that was removed today. I knew Dave and we were friends. I think his gprovable assassination is NOT off topic, when that is openly alleged and consistent with other assassinations. I moved from Venice to Sonoma years ago, but visit there for weeks at a time annually. I was purged from KPFK for be honest about Israel being critical of Israel. I take it to heart that his is no longer beating, and it hurts, ask him widow and daughters if they know Bill Mitchell. My e-mail address is

  31. People die from the treatment of cancer. By their own statistics, the medical industrial complex only claims a 3% success rate (which means a 97% failure rate) in their poison/slash/burn “therapies”. And even this “success” rate is defined as only surviving (not necessarily thriving) just for 5 years after treatment. If you die thereafter, according to them, you did not die of that cancer. Natural Cures for cancer far, far exceed this “success” rate in eliminating cancer from stricken people.

    I have had immense respect for Dave McGowan since the very day I discovered him. As a precaution, I have archived his website, which surprisingly only takes up 91 MB of space on my hard drive. If need be, it can be republished at a later date. I noticed that at some point, quite a few pages had been deleted, judging from the 404 error pages reported by the site mirror software.

    BTW, an acquaintance was told by Dave in a personal conversation, that he avoided the topic of The Juice because of the death of a friend of his. No other details were provided, but the incident apparently frightened him away from the subject. I don’t blame him for avoiding it, under those circumstances.

  32. This appeared on Dave’s Weird Scenes Facebook page last night:

    Several people have expressed concern about what will happen to Dave’s body of work. Dad signed his intellectual property over to me (Alissa, the eldest daughter) a couple of months ago to safeguard it in the event of his passing. Please be assured that both this page and his website will be maintained (actually, I’ll soon be rolling out a new and improved website that he and I were working on together before his death). No permission has been sought for reproduction of any of the material on his website, so if anyone sees any “mirror” sites, please let me know.

  33. I started reading this author for the first time without knowing he was recently deceased. I am sorry he is no longer with us, and grateful for his efforts to write revisionist history while corresponding broadly about current events.

    I went to prep school in the late ’70s from a town in remote Maine and found an almost religious veneration of rock coupled with intense and broad usage of marijuana and lsd among the nation’s ruling class children after having been rapidly transformed into a co-ed institution. I think part of the reason for the libertine environment was to get girls into the school while distracting the boys with drugs. So the whole ’60s was in a sense culturally determined by CIA anthropology but the specific nature of florid arcana was more a case of historical accident then one of machiavellian causation.

    On the other hand I’m posting here now because I noticed during president obama’s SOTU this evening his enunciation of ‘Isil.’ His pertinacity in using this term rather than Isis does make me wonder if he’s maintaining the morale or coherency of some group that relies on such esoteria, or for misinformation to fuel such rumors.

  34. The index page for Dave McGowans blog is suspiciously down. Anyone know what’s going on or what can be done about it? It’s been down for at least a couple weeks now.

    1. Dave’s daughter is now in charge of his site, and it is changed. This was announced at the Facebook page:

      If you can’t do Facebook, here’s the new site, with almost none of the old content:

      If you want to look at the old site, you can always use the Waybackmachine. Here’s a sample:

      You can fiddle with the dates, and get most of what you want there.

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