By Diane Jakopovic

(PDF: Medical Aspects of the Shooting at Sandy Hook School (Final 2)

Having worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) in a pediatric hospital for over twenty years, over 10 years of which were in exclusively in the intensive care units, and 5 years working as a Registered Polysomnography Technician (RPSGT) in the Neuro/Sleep Lab, I felt qualified to address some of what was written in the official report of the Sandy Hook School massacre. I am also certified as a Specialist in Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Care. However, I am not a physician, a nurse, an emergency responder, and I don’t live in Connecticut, so I felt it necessary to defer my logic and opinions to what their guidelines and protocols were, prior to the Sandy Hook shooting. Unfortunately, I was not able to find information to fit the exact circumstances at Sandy Hook (pediatric mass casualty) other than their Triage algorithm. I also found information that dealt with gunshots, transporting, etc. so pulled that information into my comments. Whenever possible, I included a link to those online documents.

(Section 1 – Triage & Tagging)

I began by reviewing their START Triage Protocol and pulled out some pertinent information. My comments are at the end:


A multiple or mass casualty incident can be defined as any incident in which more casualties are present than an initial response assignment can reasonably handle. More assets are required for triage, treatment, and transport than can arrive in a timely fashion.

1. Conduct a scene size up.
a. Assure well-being of responders
b. Determine if (or render as possible) the scene safe prior to entering
c. If there are several patients with the same medical complaints consider hazmat, WMD, or CO poisoning. Call for the appropriate assets.

2. Take BSI (Bodily Substance Isolation – take precautions to avoid contact with bodily substances.)

3. Determine the number of patients. If there are multiple or mass casualties, communicate that fact through the proper channels, establish command, and establish a medical officer and triage officer.


I referred to their JumpStart algorithm, (for pediatrics, not adults):

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From the final report:

Book 6 – –1 (Kullgren): “When the search was complete we determined it was safe to begin evacuating students and staff.”

Book 6 – 00002113 (Cassavechia (Paramedic)): “Cassavechia stated that four separate patient assessments were made to guarantee no one was resuscitatable. Cassavechia said that the victims were formerly triaged using the SMART triage program.”



My Comments:

In the case of Sandy Hook, there were plenty of other care providers and ‘transport assets’ available. If it was safe enough to evacuate the students, as Kullgren stated, then why wasn’t it safe enough to let additional EMTs enter at that time?

According to their protocol, personal protective gear should have been worn and changed between patients. This should include gloves at the very minimum; there was scant evidence of gloves used anywhere at the scene of the injuries and definitely no packaging they would have come in.

The importance of changing gloves between each patient cannot be understated. Not only do gloves protect the caregiver, but they also protect the patients. In the case of multiple patients with open wounds, changing gloves is vital to prevent cross contamination of blood-borne pathogens. Also, in a criminal case, changing gloves between each patient would help prevent the transference of DNA between patients.

Cassavecchia said each victim was assessed four separate times. Gloves should have been changed between each victim assessment, so a very minimum of 80 pairs of gloves, and packaging, should have been scattered around. Since gloves carried by emergency personnel are packaged individually (in pairs) it’s highly unlikely that the Cario, Dragon and the 3 paramedics had that many gloves with them, or even in their vehicles, so other rescuers should have been allowed in, with additional supplies. Officer Dragon apparently used his only pair of gloves when assessing Dawn and Mary.

I found it very interesting that Cassavecchia said the victims had been triaged using the SMART system. SMART tags are the colored identifiers placed on or near the victims as they are being triaged. However, according to their statements, it was the paramedics, including Cassavecchia himself, who placed the SMART tags, so why did Cassavecchia basically say that the victims were previously sorted using the SMART program? Of course, we will never know for sure what he said exactly, since the original statements were completely redacted and the officers basically reinterpreted the witnesses’ statement, not word for word, but in the 3rd party.

One more thing about the SMART tags at the scene used for the victims in the bathroom, Paramedic Reed (00002358) said that they placed the SMART tags on the thermostat, while Paramedic Meehan (00019275) says they hung the tags on the bathroom door knob. So which one is correct?

(Section 2 – Defining and Responding to a Mass Casualty Event)

I then tried to find Connecticut protocols specifically for classifying an event as a mass casualty, and also for the determination of death, for both adults and children. I chose to follow the guidelines in these documents, which are the most current ones that I could find before the 2012 shooting.

This 2009-2010 protocol deals with mass casualty events in Connecticut Region 3. Newtown is in Region 5. For some reason, their protocols are not available on the internet, but my assumption is that there would be very little difference between regions, other than where to transport patients.

The treatment protocols follow those of the START MCI Triage protocol. I included this as a link, because it is an example of how a mass casualty situation should be handled.

I also found a statewide trauma system document which was valid at least through June 2006. Although I wasn’t able to find any updates to this system, the current link on the Connecticut Dept. of Public Health webpage, to the statewide trauma system document, is still the same.

From the above document, I pulled these items: 19a-177-5. Field triage protocols

(2) – 2. Assess the anatomy of the injury. Trauma patients with any of the following injuries shall be taken to a Level I or Level II trauma facility: (A) gunshot wound to chest, head, neck, abdomen or groin;

And a bit about the transport of pediatric patients:

4. Severely injured patients less than thirteen (13) years of age should be taken to a Level I or II facility with pediatric resources including a pediatric ICU. 5. When transport to a Level I or II trauma facility is indicated but the ground transport time to that hospital is judged to be greater than twenty (20) minutes, determination of destination hospital shall be in accordance with local medical direction. 6. If, despite therapy, the trauma patient’s carotid or femoral pulses cannot be palpated, airway can not be managed, or external bleeding is uncontrollable, determination of destination hospital shall be in accordance with local medical direction. 7. When in doubt regarding determination of destination hospital, contact medical direction.


My comment: Nowhere, in any document that I found, did it say that the patients should NOT be transported, regardless of whether they were alive or not. If the victim was not breathing, the decision was not whether or not to transport them, but which hospital to transport them to. There is more about this in Section 9.

(Section 3 – Determining and Declaring Death)

To determine death, I used these 2010 guidelines for emergency responders. However, these guidelines are specifically for adults, and for a non-mass casualty event. I was unable to find a more recent one, other than the START and JumpSTART triage protocol. I also used the 2007 Southwest Connecticut Pediatric Guidelines for Emergency Responders (EMS) as a reference. I pulled out some pertinent information:


“All clinically dead patients will receive all available resuscitative measures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) unless contraindicated by one of the exceptions defined below. A clinically dead patient is defined as any unresponsive patient found without respirations and without a palpable carotid pulse. The person who has the highest level of currently valid EMS certification (above EMR level), has active medical control, has direct voice communication for medical orders, and who is affiliated with an EMS organization present at the scene will be responsible for, and have the authority to direct, resuscitative activities.

Resuscitation must be started on all patients who are found apneic and pulseless UNLESS the following conditions exist (SECTION I (a-d) are applicable to an EMR level provider):

I. Traumatic injury or body condition clearly indicating biological death (irreversible brain death), limited to:

a. Decapitation: the complete severing of the head from the remainder of the patient’s body.

b. Decomposition or putrefaction: the skin is bloated or ruptured, with or without soft tissue sloughed off. The presence of at least one of these signs indicated death occurred at least 24 hours previously.

c. Transection of the torso: the body is completely cut across below the shoulders and above the hips through all major organs and vessels. The spinal column may or may not be severed.

d. Incineration: 90% of body surface area 3q burn as exhibited by ash rather than clothing and complete absence of body hair with charred skin.

Section (e) and (f) require additional assessment and/or confirmation found under “General Procedures,” a-d.

e. Dependent lividity with rigor mortis (when clothing is removed there is a clear demarcation of pooled blood within the body, and the body is generally rigid). DOES NOT APPLY TO VICTIMS OF LIGHTNING STRIKES, DROWNING OR HYPOTHERMIA in which case follow your specific protocols.

f. Injuries incompatible with life (such as massive crush injury, complete exsanguination, severe displacement of brain matter)

II. Pronouncement of death at the scene by a licensed Connecticut physician or authorized registered nurse.

GENERAL PROCEDURES: In cases of dependent lividity with rigor mortis and in cases of injuries incompatible with life, the condition of clinical death must be confirmed by observation of the following:

a. Reposition the airway and look, listen, and feel for at least 30 seconds for spontaneous respirations; respiration is absent.

b. Palpate the carotid pulse for at least 30 seconds; pulse is absent.

c. Examine the pupils of both eyes with a light; both pupils are nonreactive.

d. Absence of a shockable rhythm with an AED for 30 seconds or lack of cardiac activity with a cardiac monitor [paramedic] (in at least 2 leads) for 30 seconds.

If all the components above are confirmed, no CPR is required.

If any of the findings are different than those described above, clinical death is NOT confirmed and resuscitative measures must be immediately initiated or continued and the patient transported to a receiving hospital unless paramedic intercept is pending….”



8. Treat the patient based on his/her condition and the information obtained, following appropriatepatient care guidelines.

9. Transport the patient as appropriate to patient’s condition.

10. Maintain Warmth.


Field time for multi-system trauma patients and hypovolemic patients must be kept to a minimum.

Airway and C-spine control are the primary goals of pre-hospital care for the multisystem trauma


All other treatments should be performed while en route to the hospital.

I. Routine Pediatric Paramedic Care.

II. Basic primary and secondary surveys should be accomplished during on-going resuscitative measures.

III. Begin transport to an appropriate hospital/specialty center as quickly as possible. Continue treatment en route and CONTACT MEDICAL DIRECTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”


My Comments:

Because the school had been declared safe enough to be evacuated and to allow 3 paramedics and other officers to enter into the school, there is no logical reason that other EMS personnel shouldn’t also have been allowed in, to provide assessment and possible care. Knowing this, if more people were available to provide care, equipment and supplies (including assessment and resuscitation equipment) there would have been no reason to continue on with the Triage protocol of declaring a child dead without effort at resuscitation.

For a non-mass casualty event, with adult patients, a licensed Connecticut physician or nurse must to be the ones to pronounce death, and they had to be present at the scene. Possibly, because the Sandy Hook shooting fell within the limits of a mass casualty, but because many of these were children, this was not considered a requirement and was disregarded? However, there were several adults who were supposedly shot, so the pronouncement of death for the adult victims was required to be done by a physician at the scene. There were none at the scene.

Debunkers (those who seek to prove that everything we are told is true) often use the triage protocol to prove that emergency responders can pronounce death.

However, there is nothing that says this is true. The triage system is merely a way of sorting victims, based on a quick check of a few vital signs, to determine who should receive care (who has the most likely chance of survival.) As the victims are triaged, they are marked with a colored SMART tag. Although first responders may triage patients as deceased, there is nothing in the triage system which says that emergency responders have the authority to officially pronounce death. And again, for adults, pronouncement of death MUST be done by a licensed physician or nurse, at the scene.

In the case of the Sandy Hook victims, apparently all of the victims were pronounced dead at 11:00am, as a group, with no record of a doctor or nurse present. Unfortunately I’m not able to find out who can pronounce the death of minors, and under what circumstances, at a mass casualty event.

At the minimum, logic and professionalism seemed to be unused in this event, but without seeing more definitive guidelines, I can’t say that they technically did anything wrong by pronouncing the children deceased by a paramedic or a physician via the telephone, but they absolutely violated the law with the adult victims.

(Section 4 – Hmmmm…..What Was Wrong with Those Bodies?)

CSF 1200704597 – 00118939 is the scene report that details what investigators found at the crime scene before and during the removal of the victims, evidence collection, ballistic retrieval, trajectory documentation, etc. It should be the most concise report in the entire report as to the details at the scene of the crime.

This portion of 00118939 deals only with the victims found at the scene, as described by the CSP.

It does not include resuscitation efforts that were mentioned in the report, or evidence of patient mismanagement or endangerment that was included in the report. Only pertinent information about the position of the bodies and their clothing is included here.


“All victims sustained mortal injuries to various areas of their bodies with many of these injuries being catastrophic. All injuries appeared consistent with gunshot wounds. For all injury descriptions and locations please refer to the autopsy report completed by the OCME.”

…. Dawn Hochsprung…. was lying on her back….. Mrs. Hochsprung’s feet were touching Mrs. Sherlach’s left shoulder. Mrs. Hochsprung had brown hair and was wearing a grey and red hooded sweater, red long sleeve shirt…..

…. Mary Sherlach was positioned lying on her back with her head to the south and her feet to the north and her head adjacent to the south side of the hallway. Mrs. Sherlach was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, tan tank top shirt,

…. Mrs. Anne Marie Murphy …. She was positioned face down and partially on her left side with her right arm entirely over the chest of a child later identified as (redacted)…..

…. She [Anne Marie Murphy] was wearing a pink long sleeve sweater, tan top with straps, …..

There was a gold necklace and pair of glasses in her right front pocket.

…. (redacted) …. He was positioned face up on his back with both his legs bent completely at the knees and each adjacent to the right and left sides of his hips. His left (east) side was partially underneath Mrs. Murphy’s right (west) side. Mrs. Murphy’s right arm was entirely around the chest of (redacted) …

…. (redacted) was located northwest of Mrs. Murphy and in close proximity to Mrs. Murphy’s right foot. (redacted) was observed in a crouched face down position with her left leg bent at the knee and hip and positioned under her left side.

…. (redacted) was located …. His shoulders and head were underneath the second western-most desk. His head was to the south and his feet were to the north. He was lying on his left side facing west with his legs bent at the knees and hips in a west direction

…. Victoria Soto …. was observed to be lying on her left side with her legs bent at the knees and hips in an east direction….. . Mrs. Soto was wearing a green wool scarf, white long sleeve turtleneck sweater, green tank top, ”

“There were three children left in the bathroom after checking for signs of life. These children were (redacted) was located slumped to the floor in a seated position partially on her right side on the south side of the toilet (redacted) was located, adjacent to the southwest corner of the bathroom, in a standing position and bent over the south side of the toilet. (redacted) was located in a seated position with her back against the west wall on the north side of the toilet.”

…. Rachel D’Avino was in a crouched position; face down with a south direction against the west bathroom door jamb and partially inside the bathroom. Her right leg was positioned fully bent at the knee and hip and positioned under the right side of her torso. Her left leg was bent at the hip and knees and positioned on the east side of her body. Rachel D’Avino was wearing a black, grey and white short sleeve sweater, white shirt with straps,

…. Lauren Rousseau was positioned lying on her back partially on her right …. wearing a grey and white herringbone patterned long sleeve sweater, grey top with straps….

In Book 6 – 00002358 (Reed) “….. Reed stated they all understood that it is a crime scene, but was told by command staff to do what they needed to do. Reed stated they assessed all the victims that did not have apparent fatal injuries….”


My comments on the above statements in the report #00118939:

Note: there is more detailed information about cardiac monitoring in section 7 of this document.

1) According to Reed’s statement, paramedics on scene were authorized to “do what they needed to do” which would include repositioning the victims, removing clothing, and moving them, as necessary.

2) Following the Triage Protocol for Pediatrics (and ALL national standards,) the first step is to open the airway and assess the patient’s breathing. One child victim was found lying on his side, with his head & shoulders underneath a desk. In order to have followed the triage protocol to assess breathing, the boy would have had to have been rolled to his back while securing his neck, and pulled from beneath the desk.

In addition, if the above mentioned patients were found in the positions stated, many of them could not have had their breathing effort assessed. Assessing breathing is done by rolling the patient to their back, assuring the airway is patent (open), and then by audibly hearing or physically feeling for breath, and by observing chest rise. This could not have been done if the victim’s body was lying on his side with his head and shoulder’s beneath a desk. Breathing could not have been assessed in any of the other victims not found lying flat on their backs.

It’s particularly notable that none of the kids in the bathroom were described as lying on the floor, but were said to be seated or standing over the toilet. There is absolutely no way these children could have had their breathing effort determined in those positions.

3) If the above victims were found in the documented position at the time the investigation began, then how could cardiac monitor electrodes (*or AED pads, if needed) have been applied to any of them? Again, the victim’s bodies should have repositioned to their backs and that’s how the crime scene investigators should have found them. (See Section 7 for more information about cardiac monitoring)

*Note: Tranquillo 1 photos show what appears to be two Lifepak cardiac monitors and one Lifepak defibrillator at the scene, in the north hallway.

4) Clothing should have been removed or cut open, to expose a bare chest since electrodes (necessary for cardiac monitoring) must attach to bare skin. Many of the victims are described to have been wearing sweaters or tops that could not have been unbuttoned. Some victims were described as wearing layers of clothing. The time taken to pull these items up high enough to expose a bare chest would be longer than it would have taken to cut them. In addition, raising a shirt might disturb wounds even further; clothing should always be cut off for anyone severely injured. (See Section 7)

5) Dawn’s feet were touching Mary’s left shoulder. Ms. Murphy was found with her arm over a child’s chest. That would not have been allowed during assessment with a cardiac monitor for three reasons:

a) a false positive could have been picked up from the victim without the monitor, if their heart was beating, and

b) if both victims happened to be alive and a shock was required, it would endanger both of them since electricity travels through tissue. That is why it’s mandatory to not touch any patient who is receiving a shock.

c) With an arm over the child’s chest it would not have been possible to apply the electrodes to either victim, which was necessary to assess the heartbeat. (See Section 7)

**In the case of Nancy Lanza’s body, they did note the presence of the packaging from the EKG pads (Bk 1 – 00263454). Why did they not do this for the crime scene at the school?

In summary, if medical assessment of the victims by Paramedics Cassavechia, Meehan and Reed was performed as the report stated it was, every victim should have been found positioned on their backs with their bare chests exposed and with nothing obstructing access to their heads. If the bodies were found as the report states they were, then either the paramedics did not assess them properly (or at all,) or they replaced their clothing and repositioned their bodies… or it’s all a lie.

6) No mention of any evidence of any resuscitative efforts was mentioned in the area, such as or packages for items such as **cardiac pads, gloves, gauze to wipe the skin, ekg gel, etc.

(Section 5 – First, Do No Harm)

Every first responder must undergo, at minimum, basic first aid training. Someone who responds to an injury or an illness who doesn’t know what they are doing, or who ignores the basic tenets of first aid care, can do a lot more harm than good.


Book 6 – 00024911 (Katrenya): I observed a Newtown Officer carrying out a young girl who appeared to be deceased. He carried her towards the cars in the parking lot….

Book 6 – 00026724 (Cario): Det. Dragon or I had carried a little boy out of the building and I was attending to him near the curb outside the front doors. This victim came from Room #8.

…. I then observed Newtown Police Lieutenant Chris Vangheli outside a black SUV near the front of the school. I told him I needed to get a victim to an ambulance and needed a ride. He agreed and looked into the passenger compartment to make arrangements. Seeing that the cargo area was empty, I told him to open the rear hatch. I picked up the boy and climbed into the back of the SUV, telling Lt. Vangheli to leave the hatch open. Lt. Vangheli sped to the end of the driveway, having to drive up over curbs and swerve around the rush of parents. I kept speaking to the injured boy although he was completely unresponsive. I knew his condition was grave, but he was still breathing and had a pulse. Looking down the driveway I observed only two ambulances on scene.

….. I lifted the little boy from the back of the SUV and moved him to the ambulance. TFC Kick assisted me.

Book 6 – 00041707 (Kick): I grabbed the lower half of the child’s body and carried him over to the ambulance where I had put the female victim. Sgt. Cario and I put the child victim on the soft seat next to the female victim.

Book 6 – 00047345 (Smith): During that time, Officer Chapman had checked everyone else in the room for a pulse and located one female child with a pulse. Officer Chapman carried the female out of the building and I remained by the classroom door.

Book 6 – 00085751 (Chapman): Officer Chapman stated that he removed the child and carried her to an ambulance.

Book 6 – 00258158 (Chapman): .” I went back into the classroom and (Redacted) picked her up and carried her out of the building. I saw Lt. Vanghele and told him that I needed an ambulance. I began running across the parking lot towards Dickenson Drive with the girl in my arms praying that she would live and telling her that she was safe, that Jesus loved her, and that I was protecting her. I stopped several times and got down on one knee to check her pulse.

Book 5 – 00163580 (Redacted): While in the parking lot, (Redacted) stated that she saw a police officer carry a young child to an ambulance that had showed up way after her arrival.

Book 6 – 00073537 (Dragon): After this initial entry I then noticed that there was a little boy (later identified as (Redacted)) lying on his side, eyes closed, with what appeared to be (Redacted).

Once I had this little boy cradled in my arms, without cover, I ran out of the room and down the north hallway to the front entrance of the school where I exited and then placed this little boy down on the concrete sidewalk in order to perform a more focused survey of this little boy before he could be placed into an ambulance. While running out of the school with this little boy I told him that he was safe and that I was there to help him. (Redacted). I then advised Sgt. Cario that we need to get this little boy into an ambulance. However Sgt. Cario advised me that the scene had not been determined safe yet, and that it was still unknown if there was more than one shooter.

Sgt. Cario then shouted out to the parking lot in front of the school to the other responding Police personnel that were arriving on scene that we needed a vehicle to transport this little boy to an awaiting ambulance. While waiting for a vehicle to transport this little boy away from the school, I told him that his family loved him and that he was a hero for trying to protect his class. (Redacted).

Shortly thereafter a dark colored Police SUV arrived to the front of the school at which time Sgt. Cario picked this little boy up and placed him in the back seat. That prior to Sgt. Cario doing so, I advised him that he would need to place a blanket on the back seat before placing the little boy down in order to be transported away from the scene for further medical attention.

Book 6 – 00002060 (Vanghele): I then noticed Officer Chapman running toward me with a little girl in his arms. (This may have occurred prior to me searching the cafeteria and the main office. My memory is unclear as to the order). I opened the front door of the school for Officer Chapman and ran with him through the parking lot of the school. I heard him saying “Come on sweetie, come on sweetie”. I at first thought the child had fainted and then noticed all of the blood on her. (Redacted.) We were running towards the ambulance that was near the back lot of the Sandy Hook Fire House.


The first rule of medicine is “Do No Harm.” This means that every precaution is taken to ensure a patient’s safety without incurring additional harm or damage to them. This includes not moving a patient who has not been properly assessed and protected (stabilized) unless there is a threat of imminent danger to them if they are not moved, such as a fire, a risk of something falling on them, hitting them, etc.

When a patient is struck by gunfire the bullets can either stay intact or they can fragment. And they can either pass completely through the body, or may remain in the body, or any combination of the above.

When a foreign object enters a body, it may or may not also sever arteries and enter organs. Knowing this, any undue movement without securing a patient may cause much more internal bleeding than if they were stabilized in place and secured on a gurney for transport to an ambulance. If a bullet or fragment remains inside a victim, undue movement can cause the fragment(s) to move into organs or sever arteries, causing even further damage and possibly much more severe damage than the original bullet strike.

In the case of pediatric patients, who have much less blood volume, the risk to the patient from (hypovolemia) blood loss increases dramatically. In most cases an IV infusion or even, in some cases, an interosseous infusion is begun even before transport to the ambulance. Hypovolemia (shock) is often cited as the leading cause of death in the pediatric population.

Keeping the patient as warm is also extremely important, to help prevent further shock. Carrying them out into the cold weather without blankets was absolutely contraindicated. In the Sandy Hook shooting case, because there was supposedly ‘a possible second shooter’ on the loose, the officers apparently decided to risk injuring the still living children further, and broke every rule of basic first aid medicine. Not only did they probably cause more harm (and possibly death) to the children by picking them up and running and/or driving with them not immobilized, cold, and dripping blood, they also put those children and themselves at high risk of being shot by that possible second shooter who may have been outside the school because the area was not yet secure.

(Section 6 – Documentation)


In the medical field, there is a saying: “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.” Not only is documentation needed for payments, but also for tracking the compliance and ability of the caregivers. It also gives statistical information about the success and failures of a given procedure or activity, which in turn is used to measure its effectiveness. In addition, documentation is also necessary, should any legal action arise from an incident.

Book 6 – 00002113 (Cassavechia) “Cassavechia stated that four separate patient assessments were made to guarantee no one was rescuscitatable…”

Book 6 – 00002358 (Reed) “He stated there were a substantial amount of casualties and they spent a significant amount of time assessing the victims. Reed stated they all understood that it is a crime scene, but was told by command staff to do what they needed to do. Reed stated they assessed all the victims that did not have apparent fatal injuries….”

….. Reed stated with each victim that they utilized the cardiac machine on they left the EKG printout from the machine on the triage tag of victim.

Book 6 – 00019275 (Meehan): “Meehan stated that an assessment of all of the other victims in that classroom revealed no survivors. Meehan stated that they then went to the two victims in the hallway who were both expired. Meehan stated that Dr. Broderick of Danbury Hospital Medical Control and Cassavechia decided a secondary triage would be performed on all victims with the cardiac monitor and the triage tags would be applied and that presumption protocol would be followed.”

Item #7 in the “Paramedics Guide to Determining Death”, says. “All seven items must be clearly documented in the EMS patient care report (PCR).”


My comments:

The “Paramedics Guide to Determining Death” was written for adults in a non-mass casualty situation.

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything per-2012, other than the Triage protocol dealing with pediatrics. But regardless, documentation is extremely important. Medical documentation should always be precise and accurate, and as detailed as possible. In this case, at minimum, there should be documentation as what time each patient was checked, what four assessments were performed, and the results of any effort, and it should be recorded for each patient individually … not just lumping every one of them into a generalized statement like they had “obviously fatal injuries.”

Things that should have been documented were patient position, whether the airway was patent, breathing effort, pulses, patient’s color and blood pressure, and a general overview of their injuries. In addition, since a cardiac monitor was used, there should be cardiac strips. There was no mention anywhere, other than by Reed, of the EKG strips. Why weren’t they photocopied and attached to the report to prove that murders actually happened there? Names could either be redacted or the victims could be referred to as Victim 1, Victim 2, etc.) HIPAA laws are very specific as to what personal and medical information can be released but the identifiers recorded on those strips, like so much else in the report, could have been redacted. There is a possibility that there is documentation that is unpublished, but in that case, there should be a reference to where that documentation is located since it would be considered part of the murder investigation.

In the Statewide Trauma System document, it gives specific information about what should be recorded (Data collection – page 5-6)


(Section 7 – Cardiac Monitoring)

There are several kinds of portable cardiac machines. Some do simple monitoring of the heartbeat by providing a visual of the heart at work, some have the ability to communicate (send EKG waveforms) with hospital facilities, while others are multifunctional, designed to also shock the heart (defibrillate) should it be necessary.


1200705354 – Sec. 8 (Autopsy Report and Images of Nancy Lanza) says: “Clothing Description:

Victoria Secret brand pink long sleeve button down pajama top and matching elastic/draw string pants with black dot pattern…..” and

**************************************************************************************************************** My comments:

“Evidence of Medical Intervention: AED adhesive pads located on the left posterior forearm and lower anterior abdomen.”

The electrodes placed on a patient to pick to up the heart’s waveform are small, usually about 1-2” and are placed on specific parts of body, usually placed on the right and left side of the chest and a ground lead which can be placed on the abdomen or on the patient’s limbs. There can be anywhere from 3 leads (electrodes) up to 12 (or more) used. These small electrodes are not referred to as ‘pads’

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can also monitor the heart rate and rhythm, but can also be used to deliver a shock to the heart when it is beating but out of rhythm (ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.) In order to be effective, it requires two large electrode pads to be placed in specific areas, one on the right side of the chest and the other on the lower left side of the rib cage, or on the person’s back (usually used for children.) Although the AED machines themselves can be fairly small, the pads are generally quite large (adult size is usually 3”x4” or larger) and must fit snugly against the skin… there cannot be gaps. Incorrect placement (on an arm) not only would do no good at all if a shock was needed, it could be fatal to the patient.

First one must wonder why an electrode ‘pad’ was found on Nancy’s forearm? If an AED pad was found, as described, then it should have been attached to her chest. A forearm is absolutely contradictory to any medical process known. If however, it was an electrode found on her forearm, the report should not have specified that, and not said it was an AED pad.

And also, if Nancy was wearing a long sleeve top, how was the ‘pad’ (which is attached to a wire) kept in place on her forearm? None of it makes any sense.

(Section 8 – Patient Transportation)

In a mass casualty situation, providing transportation in a timely manner, with competent medical personnel, is extremely important. For critically injured patients, transport by helicopter, when available, is usually the preferred method. Air transport provides the shortest route between the victim and the receiving hospital. Air flight also avoids delays that may be caused by traffic, road construction, detours, etc. In addition, air flight, in good weather, is much smoother because it avoids things like bumpy roads, pot holes, etc.

In this abstract, published online in June, 2012, it discusses Connecticut’s mass-casualty helicopter transport system, established in 1985.

“Since 1985, the state of Connecticut has been served by a hospital-based, advanced life support (ALS) helicopter air medical service. The service is stationed at a 1,000-bed, Level I, trauma center that is responsible for its operation. Connecticut statute requires the hospital to file operations reports with the Office of Emergency Medical Services, which reports to the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Operations include response to requests for transportation of severely ill or injured patients from the scene of an incident, and patient transport from one hospital to a higher level, definitive-care hospital. This service also was charged to develop a disaster response plan to be integrated into the overall state plan for disaster responses……”

Certainly the qualifications of the transporting caregivers is a consideration. Life flight attendants are highly trained in critical care emergency procedures while ambulance crews may have lesser trained crew members. In a life-threatening situation, the expertise and qualifications of the caregivers should always be in favor of the most qualified.

LIFE STAR – Flight Crew

“The LIFE STAR flight crew consists of a flight nurse/paramedic, flight respiratory therapist/paramedic, pilot, EMS communication specialists and mechanics. Both LIFE STAR helicopters are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The LIFE STAR flight crew works collaboratively to function as a high performance team for the transport of the critically ill and injured patients.”

One of the main issues at Sandy Hook was the jamming up of the streets. Cars were apparently abandoned on both sides of the road and in some cases, they completely blocked traffic. Ambulances would not have easily been able to get to the school (if they had been allowed to) and then also would have difficulty getting back into the street to transport the patients. One patient (Natalie Hammond) was removed from the school by being wheeled on a chair, then loaded into a car and driven to the firehouse where she was placed in an ambulance. In the case of the two children who were transported to the hospital, both were carried to the ambulances (which may have caused much more damage than we will ever know.) Once there, the girl was transported by squad to Danbury Hospital. The boy was taken to the same ambulance as Natalie so she was (according to one story – 00019274) forced to move off the stretcher and ride in the front seat of the ambulance. If Natalie was well enough to ride sitting upright in the front seat, then she was probably well enough to have waited a bit for another ambulance, to be transported properly. Both were taken to Danbury Hospital.

Life Flight helicopters are stationed a Hartford Hospital, which is 38 miles to the northeast of Sandy Hook School. The flight team is always on stand-by, so the response to the helicopter is very rapid. The helicopters fly at about, or over, 150mph (2.5 miles per minute.) To travel 38 miles would take about 15 minutes + the amount of time it takes to get the crew loaded (because they are always on stand-by, it would be likely less than 3 minutes.) They could have landed on the school grounds, near the school. Time spent transporting patients from the school to Danbury Hospital would have been about 4 minutes. Total flight time would have been about 19 minutes. To fly them to Yale – New Haven Hospital in New Haven, would have taken an additional 4 minutes.

Danbury Hospital, traveling by expressway, is located approximately 10 miles from the school. An ambulance could have traveled at speeds of 80-90mph (1.3-1.5 miles per minute.). Under ideal conditions (no traffic jams) the time taken to transport a patient from the firehouse to Danbury hospital would have taken about 7 minutes. However, as seen in the police dash cams, there were traffic jams. And the ambulances were not able to park at the school; they parked about .2 miles away, at the firehouse. The time lost maneuvering around traffic, and then transporting victims from the school to the firehouse, certainly would have taken more time than if helicopter(s) had landed at the school and flew the patients to a Level 1 trauma center.

Because the report is so poorly written, and so much information is completely redacted, or not recorded, we cannot know the exact amount of time it took for the children to arrive from the school to the ambulances, and then how much time it took for the ambulances to get them to the hospital. We can know for sure, according to the report, that teacher Deborah Pisani was made to walk the distance from the school to the firehouse, even though she had a bullet wound to her foot. Once at the firehouse, she can be seen sitting on a chair at the 2nd triage area, with her leg extended….

According to the report, for some reason, it took over an hour to get her into an ambulance. She was wheeled on a gurney from that triage area to an ambulance parked in the street in front of the firehouse. Because of the jam of cars, the ambulance apparently could not be brought to her. Other considerations for Life Flight transport are distance (which was already discussed,) ease of access of helicopter vs ground transport, i.e. if there is an area clear enough to accept a landing helicopter, and finally, is it a safe environment to land in.

Sandy Hook was located on a triangular section of land. On the east side of Sandy Hook school was an open area and also a small baseball field. The field measured over 220 feet x 220 feet, so was well large enough for one or two helicopters to land in. Life flight helicopters require a minimum area of only 75’ x 85’ for landing.

The final consideration was safety. Was the site secure enough for a helicopter to land? Would a second shooter have put the flight crew in danger? If we step back and consider, the officers supposedly just evacuated 480+ students and approximately 90 adults out into the open and walked them up to the firehouse. There were armed officers surrounding the outside, and there were armed officers all over the inside of the school, even standing guard over the affected rooms, and there were news helicopters flying overheard.

Landing zones for Life Flight helicopters had been established before the 2012 incident; helicopters could have landed near the school in several locations away from potential gunfire; landing at the school itself was not necessary. Knowing these things, not summoning a life flight helicopter because of the possibility of a shooter, seems ludicrous.

Finally, in the report many officers stated that they saw many victims, very soon after making entry into the school. Of course no one knew what to expect, but they knew the number of victims was very high, and the officers should have known the capabilities of the immediate emergency teams. Besides the two ambulances from the Newtown area, 12 additional ambulances were summoned from nearby towns, ranging in distance from 10 to 15 miles away. When the calls went out to nearby towns for emergency assistance, why was Life Flight, who were prepared for mass casualty response, not summoned? That system should have been put into action immediately.

This is an excellent video reference to explain how mass-casualty events should be handled according to established guidelines, and explains why Life Flight helicopters should have been dispatched.

(Section 9 – The Patients are Loaded… Now Where Should We Take Them?)

Some considerations when determining the destination of the receiving hospital when transporting critical patients are

a) the level of care they can provide (trauma center versus non-trauma center) and

b) whether they accept pediatric trauma.

Danbury Hospital is the closest hospital. It is a Level II trauma care center but did not have a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in 2012. In addition, their Emergency Room was not specifically certified for pediatric patients at that time. Planning for a Pediatric Emergency Department began in earnest after the shooting, and is scheduled to open in 2014. So in 2012, those children with serious injuries could only be stabilized at Danbury Hospital and then must be transferred on to a children’s hospital. This causes extra movement of the child, less skilled caregivers tending to the patients, and further delay in the child’s care.

Following the established protocol for a mass casualty situation, a Life Flight helicopter would take the child directly to the nearest Level 1 Pediatric trauma center; in this case it would likely have been Yale – New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. which is just 20 miles away. Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford, 38 miles away, is also a Level 1 pediatric trauma center. Danbury hospital at Level II, without a PICU, was a poor choice for any critically injured child.

Another factor is whether the receiving hospital can accept helicopters on their premises. All of the above hospitals have helicopter landing areas.

It is very important to realize that planning for mass casualty events has already been done long before the Sandy Hook event. There really was nothing the first responders (Newtown Police) and subsequent officers (Connecticut State Police) had to determine or decide, other than to declare a mass casualty event (see the video above) because the potential was there for multiple victims. If that had been done, everything else…. all those decisions about appropriate medical care…. were unnecessary because they would have already been predetermined.

(Section 10 – Could Noah Pozner Have Been Saved?)

In early 2014, Lenny Pozner published photos of several documents dealing with his son’s death. They included the Investigative Report performed by the Medical Examiner’s office, before the bodies were removed from the school, and page 2 of Noah’s 3-page autopsy report, which was performed in the ME office in Farmington, CT. Although Lenny has removed these documents, many people had copied and saved them.…/tumblr_naxzw0yYQD1tzuanio2…

The Medical Examiner, Louis Rinaldi, gave a short description of Noah’s body, at the scene. He described wounds to the face (mouth and chin) only. However, the autopsy report listed four separate wound areas…. to the face (jaw), thumb, and to the chest (and arm).

The CSP crime scene report specifically said that a cardiac monitor was applied to each of the victim’s at the scene. In order to do this monitoring, the bare chest had to be exposed. Then why didn’t Louis Rinaldi see and make note of the wounds to the chest and upper arm?

One thing I find curious in the Report of Investigation is that although it lists the time of death (apparently pronounced by some unnamed paramedic) there is no mention of how long the examiner estimated the body had been dead. There is nothing about lividity (pooling of blood) the body or coagulation around the facial wounds (remembering, of course, that it appeared the ME didn’t see the chest, arm or thumb wounds.)

The following is my personal opinion, after having helped deal with hundreds of pneumothorax and some hemothorax cases throughout my years as a Respiratory Therapist. A hemothorax is blood collecting in the lining of the lung, which compresses the lung, and in some cases, the heart. These are common in penetrating chest wounds. If the paramedic had revealed the bare chest to apply electrodes, he also should have seen Noah’s chest wound, and so should have suspected that there would be a hemothorax, and reacted.

The wounds to the face and thumb may not have been fatal. The wound to the chest, with a double hemothorax was most certainly deadly without treatment, BUT with rapid treatment, if the child was still viable, death may possibly have been preventable. Paramedics (everywhere, to my knowledge) are certified to perform needle aspirations to the chest, to withdraw air or blood. I would have expected that needle aspiration may have at least been attempted in an effort to restore breathing.

In summary of this document, I again contend:

a) That logic and professionalism were completely disregarded in caring for the proclaimed victims of this shooting.

 b) That negligence by the first responders most likely delayed treatment and possibly contributed to further injury of the victims and

c) that the actions of some of the responders may actually have been responsible for the deaths of at least two of the children.

d) That either the paramedics failed to perform, or they redressed and repositioned the victims, or they lied. There are no other options.

To close, in my opinion, certain sections of this document prove that, at the minimum, a new investigation MUST be opened, not only into the shooting and its aftermath, but also into the investigative team, including Newtown Police Department, Connecticut State Police, and any state and federal agencies, who responded to this event. The medical aspects are only one small part of all the inconsistencies, improbabilities and conflicting statements in the official report.

Adam Lanza: Head Injury Makes Shooting Story Almost Impossible

I would like to thank Scott Anthony of youtube channel, “Flash News Network” for his critique and advice, especially concerning transport procedures and hospital determination protocols. I highly recommend his videos that deal with the medical information that he has gleaned from the official reports:


Diane Jakopovic is a retired respiratory therapist residing in Nebraska. She has certification in respiratory pediatric and neonatal care and is a registered polysomnography technician.

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85 thought on “Sandy Hook School Shooting: A Medical Practitioner Analyzes the Official Report’s Errors and Anomalies”
  1. There were no deaths. There were no victims. Not a false flag but hoax. I have found all these people, including the children where most were older than the purported age of the victims at the time of the event; this was another camera fraud psychopathic production.

    Simply put, with the the least complex example, FRAUD VITIATES ALL.

    Example: photo of the Charolotte Bacon family provided to the press by the alleged criminals playing the part and their very own Facebook publically posted most current IRL family photo.

    I realize that in interviews the Bacon mother has a different appearance than her younger look as seen above and that is because the family and friends in any given skit play the roles needed to portray the different appearances seen IRL over a span of time.

    It is a long chain of connected frauds that involves multiple states with most of these people located in Florida and Michigan; people from other states come into play when extended family gets involved for the various skits. It is an extremely complicated web of deception and much too complicated for a comment. I also found the fringe people. The United States of America has a phony government. The network is vast.

  2. thank you for keeping this TV production & all the other scripted tv productions alive , if the truth every finally comes out in this country about all of these tv scripted NON ‘events” , it will be because of you Dr.Traci. you could save America just by keeping the truth coming forth , I am helping do my very best by sharing your information on at least 100 pages every article that comes out about this scripted NON SENSE they keep producing for their Agenda 21 . things are getting more & more bizarre and to believe anyone can still watch that idiot box goes to show how mortally stupid the human species can be en mass . . here is a great film to show how the CFR / illuminati uses the television to brain wash the public

  3. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

    A meticulous and well-documented analysis of Sandy Hook by a medical professional (respiratory therapist) with over 25 years of experience, showing how the proper procedures were not followed by the first responders at the scene. Here’s a pull quote:

    “Because the school had been declared safe enough to be evacuated and to allow 3 paramedics and other officers to enter into the school, there is no logical reason that other EMS personnel shouldn’t also have been allowed in, to provide assessment and possible care. Knowing this, if more people were available to provide care, equipment and supplies (including assessment and resuscitation equipment) there would have been no reason to continue on with the Triage protocol of declaring a child dead without effort at resuscitation…. To close, in my opinion, certain sections of this document prove that, at the minimum, a new investigation MUST be opened, not only into the shooting and its aftermath, but also into the investigative team, including Newtown Police Department, Connecticut State Police, and any state and federal agencies, who responded to this event. The medical aspects are only one small part of all the inconsistencies, improbabilities and conflicting statements in the official rep”

  4. While the Sandy Hook event has been tightly guarded relative to informational truth, articles like this are highly rewarding and ultimately will make the difference between darkness and exposing those behind this brouhaha.

    This was a great article, imposing in its breadth, thank you.

  5. I am blown away and speechless by this report. I thank her so much for taking the time to read the false reports and give critical analysis proving once again ” Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”.

    1. Miss I have a lot of questions, I’ll keep it short and simple.
      You mentioned cross contamination as a reason for the medical personnel to change gloves per victim and per traige.
      But you also mentioned that 5here should be multiple gloves and boxes thrown about the area.
      Well I’m curious as to why the medical personnel would just throw contaminated gloves all around a c4ime.scene, and why you would consider that as normal.
      Also what picture, video or any other fact that you have that shows the Sandy hook crime scene where you would see gloves thrown or not thrown around. I mean what do you have to shows how many gloves one way or another thag the medical personnel used.
      There are other descrepancies in your story, but just wanted to get an idea as to where your facts are coming from.

      1. First, I said nothing about boxes being strewn around… I said packaging. I also said that gloves for transport personnel are packaged individually in pairs, i.e. each pair would come in its own package. A box would take up too much room in a medical bag, in my opinion. As far as the gloves themselves… when removing soiled gloves, they are taken off in a certain fashion so that one glove is inside the other and any contaminates are trapped inside. It is absolutely necessary that they be removed this way and it is second nature to any caregiver.

        I have attended more codes than I care to remember, in the ICUs and in the emergency room; however I’ve never attended a mass event, I will admit that, so I had to imagine how I, and the very capable people I have worked with, would perform.

        In an emergency situation, even with just a single patient, packaging is everywhere. In the hospital, a controlled situation, no doubt … used gloves are disposed of in trash containers. However, if I were to attend to several patients at one time, who were lying on the floor, I would most likely remove my contaminated gloves and throw them on the floor or a nearby desk or chair. (Remember, this is 2nd nature, the contamination is inside the rolled up gloves.) There would be scant time to get up, walk my dirty gloves to the trash can, and then move to another patient. But let’s assume they did that… that they removed their gloves and threw them in the trash. I will ask you, did the investigators pick up the packaging of the gloves before taking pictures? Why would they do that?

        You mentioned that there are no pictures to prove or disprove that. That’s true and that’s precisely what’s wrong with this whole thing. The photographers had no problem photographing Natalie’s blood over and over, and including it in the crime scene photos. They had no problem photographing the child’s blood spot and drops on the patio and including them for everyone to see. Yet there are scant photographs of any other blood or blood spatters, or evidence of any major incident having occurred, or care given, in any other photo. One must wonder why it’s acceptable to graphically photograph the blood of one or two victims, but no one else’s? That amazes me….

        Also, I would like you to remember. I have tried to back up everything I wrote with references and the rest of it is my opinion, my experience of how medical care should be given. It is my critique of the information the officials have given us. Could I be wrong? Sure, maybe. But please pay VERY careful attention to my last paragraph in my article. I am not professing to know everything….. but what I am doing is demanding is an investigation by non-involved parties. And I would be very interested as to why anyone else, given all of the contradictions and unanswered questions, would not also be demanding the same thing. It would once and for all, put the baby to bed.

        1. I would like to add one more thing in answer to the comment above. The rules about how to handle a mass casualty event were written by experts. Each step was undoubtedly discussed and assessed before adding. If these rules were broken, then it is not up to me to explain why they did what they did or did not do, it’s up to them to explain to the public. All I can do is question and work with what they said or what they didn’t say. Judging by their statements, if they are true, then (in my own opinion) they acted carelessly and they are inept, or they are lying.. In order to prove me wrong, they merely have to provide proof of more thorough, complete care given to the victims. Or even better, provide proof to a grand jury.

        2. “Djsticroix” is a well known Disinfo agent, Diane. The fact that he’s shown up here so quickly to “question” you is proof you’ve struck a nerve.

        3. Diane, thank you ever so much.

          I am still flabbergasted as to why two doctors were at the front door of SHES, no mention of the broken window glass there, and there is not a word anywhere of why these MDs were not put to good use.

          Dr. Laura Nowacki is a well known pediatrician in Newtown and Dr. Arguello was the chief of pediatrics at Danbury Hospital.

          ~Her daughter safe, Dr. Nowacki made her way to the door of the school, where she found Raul Arguello, M.D., FAAP, chief of pediatrics at Danbury Hospital and parent of a second-grader and a fourth-grader. Dr. Arguello rushed over after receiving a text from his wife. “Obviously, as a parent, I panicked,” he said.~

        4. Thank you very much, Anne B. I urge all interested parties to click on the link you provided as there is much more to be learned about Dr. Nowacki and the other medical personnel involved in the Sandy Hook event.
          I especially found this information and the comment that follows by Dr. Nowacki quite revealing:

          Eight of Dr. Nowacki’s patients died on 12-14, and she went on to organize Team NewtownStrong to run in the Boston Marathon. One mile was dedicated to each of the 26 lives lost in the school. When the bombings hit, she had just left the finish line, and all the team members and families were safe. While traumatic, the experience left Dr. Nowacki with greater resolve.
          “I’ve never spoken to the media until all of this happened. But I really believe I have to stand up. I have to use my voice. I used my legs for Boston and ran the marathon. But you realize ‘this is where I’m supposed to be; this is what I’m supposed to do.’”

        5. Thank you for link to that article. I hadn’t seen it before. That is just mind-blowing to me,,,, so much medical help available, and yet these professionals were unused while children lay dying (I do NOT believe that anyone can state as an absolute that they were all beyond help, without a thorough assessment.) And that also violated their very protocols. The whole thing, medically speaking, is absolutely ridiculous.

          Thank you again for sharing this. I am absolutely convinced, more than ever, that a new investigation needs to be opened (and not by the CSP) to figure what REALLY happened, or didn’t happen, that day.

        6. “I’ve never spoken to the media until all of this happened. But I really believe I have to stand up. I have to use my voice.

          She forgot: I just got 200k wired into my bank acct. from DHS….

        7. Yes Anne, it’s almost as believable as the autopsies in the parking lot. What do you make the odds of having a doctor involved in SHES, run the Boston Marathon when it was “bombed”?

          Small world, I’d say. I don’t recall any mention of this in the police story, er, report. I wonder if either of these two medics knew the school was closed?

          I don’t remember the name of the other one who gave an interview about treating victims at the ER that were never taken there.

          This must be quite a shock for those who believe in the “Godlike” qualities of M.D.’s.

        8. Apparently there was a third doctor at SHES we have not heard much about. Dr. Mendez states in the link below that he was in charge of taking two children to the hospital. Does that mean that he himself transported the children, or just helping out? I recall reading somewhere that one child was transported to the hospital with an SUV driven by a police officer.

          From the official report:
          11:36:00 Dr. Robert Solstice, attending ER physician at Danbury Hospital confirmed that the two children were DOA.

          “Most importantly, we want to raise awareness,” says Dr. Mendez, who is also the father of two kids in a neighboring school. “I was in charge of taking two kids to the hospital.”

        9. Anne B.,

          Just a clarification… There is a misspelling of the doctor’s name at Danbury Hospital in the official report that you referenced:

          “11:36:00 Dr. Robert Solstice, attending ER physician at Danbury Hospital confirmed that the two children were DOA.”

          I found this error in the “official report” quite intriguing as it hampered my research as I investigated this person.
          The correct spelling of the name of the attending ER doctor who confirmed the deaths of two children is Robert Soltis.
          Once I was able to correctly establish the correct spelling, I found this listing on IMDB (The International Movie Data Base) for Dr. Soltis:

          Apparently Dr. Soltis appeared in the TV documentary series Untold Stories of the ER back in 2005, appearing as himself in two episodes.
          Weird, huh?


        10. @Walrus – That is interesting about the misspelling of the ER physician’s name. I looked up a Robert Soltis, and there is a person by that name who lives in Newtown, only about 3 miles from SHES.
          Such a small, small world, isn’t it?

        11. John and Diane, small world indeed. Why would the official report have the name spelled incorrectly? Makes one wonder what else is wrong in that report (hm).

          Dr. Soltis is among the zero home sales on 12/25/09 in Newtown. Previously on 12/14/05 he and his wife bought the property for $ 901,000, the year of TV fame. According to his LinkedIn profile he was affiliated with Waterbury Hospital then and moved to Danbury Hospital in 2007.

      2. EMS and medics (I am one)- don’t make is a point to “throw” used gloves around the scene but lets be real here- real life MCI’s are CHAOS- The idea is to try and save as many of the viable as possible- If a set of used gloves were thrown aside in efforts to save a child- I highly doubt anyone would be complaining… I’ve been on single patient CPR calls where if you walked in the room you would see a lot of “Stuff” strewn about (that will eventually go in bio bags)- but when you are “working” multiple patients in a chaotic environment- this is to be expected- as far as your pic comment- there are none that I have scene but if all those kids were “worked” on – there should have been MULTIPLE large bio bags containing gloves, IV, drug boxes, BVMs, wrappers, you name it

        1. Diane: What a great article you have here!

          I happened to listen to a short podcast about, of all things, what happens during a “Code Blue”:

          I hope it’s accessible (if not, it’s Transom podcast, episode “Code Blue”). It’s short, relevant, and interesting. And it backs up exactly what Diane was saying about the packaging and the gloves.

      3. Well…well…well… Look who showed up here! Mr. Djstcroix… world renowned DISINFO AGENT…. taking a break from his full time job over on Youtube where he spends his days and nights combing the site for any and all videos that question the Sandy Hook event. The fact that he’s popped up so quickly after Diane’s piece was published here is absolute proof that she’s made “somebody” very uncomfortable with her thorough and logical analysis. Let’s see what else Mr. “Djstcroix” has to say.

  6. Knowing that first responders failed to perform their jobs regarding immediate first aid it is absolutely asinine that the parents have not sued for gross negligence causing death.

    Even the school staff are obligated to provide first aid and good samaritan laws make them criminally liable.

    This proves it was a hoax/drill , otherwise all first responders should be in prison. And media complicity is also evident for not questioning the non response to the supposed tragedy.

    RICO & treason charges should befall all involved, but in the end they all will goto hell … That is certain.

  7. well researched and articulated, Diane. Explains the reason for the red herring “woods shooters”. Meanwhile, Newtown Police are charged with selling Chinese steroids from their own headquarters. I await FBI to investigate RICO violations. Also, Darlene Froehlich is suing Newtown Police for the most horrendous sexual harassment imaginable. They’re gonna have to choose more than “love” in that town. Their going to have to choose some good lawyers.

  8. Thank you, Diane, for your fascinating analysis. So, according to your research, wheeling hundreds of bomb victims wounded by shrapnel, down a Boston street in wheelchairs would be contra-indicated for their health, well-being, and chances of survival? Especially on a city street accessible to ambulances, with some of the best medical care infrastructure in the world. Every victim of the Boston bombing should have been left in place and transported by EMS responders on stretchers.

    Can you comment on the UC Merced stabbing victim who is said to have foiled the plot, or at least one of the attempted murders, and then was allowed to leave the scene and drive himself to the hospital with a stab wound in the side of his abdomen that took 9 staples to close?

      1. Diane, thanks for your comprehensive work on this. It’s really an education for the non-medical person. I appreciate it.

        Though I’m not familiar with “TS” above, I think what he was asking is if your critical analysis about harming injured patients by moving them (upright, in jostling wheelchairs, etc), could be extrapolated to the injured parties at the Boston Bombing, and further to the Merced stabbing.

        Your astute observations about moving the injured is the most powerful part of your article for me. It seems logical that your useful criticism can be included as one more criteria to be mapped onto other events in order to determine their falsity.

        Thanks again.

        1. I haven’t researched those events in enough detail to respond to either. And to my knowledge, there has been no official report released about those events to the public, such as was done with the Sandy Hook shooting. I am not comfortable using media reports and photos as a source because I have no assurance that they are accurate.

          To be honest, though, from what I have seen, the media photos of the Boston bombing were FAR SUPERIOR to any photos the Connecticut State Police put out of an official investigation. Why would that be?

        2. I see what you are saying. Of course, you wouldn’t want to comment on events you haven’t researched, especially from information you can’t be sure is accurate. You have an obviously disciplined and scientific mind.

          My mind, on the other hand, is not disciplined and runs wildly to speculation, and so I take information like yours and try to fit it in everywhere I can. Forgive me for trying to drag you along.

          I also see that you are beset by trolls. How loathsome! Like others in this thread, I hope you take it as a mark of distinction.

  9. The mind control publicized is not one of which you speak; it is one you actively promote by means of senseless posts. It is these posts which radicalize the suggestible, turning a ” discussion ” into a lesson in confirmation bias and the board into a cast of professional wrestlers

    It’s a shame that time and talent is not being spent on a more profitable ventures. Not ones which bankrupt the fiber of the participants

  10. This is what happens in a real emergency. I heard a lot of sirens for quite some time this afternoon and assumed there had been an accident. It had, and this was the response to that:

    ~A 10-year-old boy suffered a head injury that rendered him unconscious Wednesday afternoon and was airlifted to a Los Angeles hospital from Heritage Park in Valencia, emergency response officials said.
    “We have a 10-year-old boy who fell off a swing and hit his head and had a seizure,” said Lt. Rob Hahnlein of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station shortly after 4:20 p.m.
    Paramedics with the Los Angeles County Fire Department were dispatched at 3:46 p.m. Wednesday to a house on the 24000 block of Dandelion Lane near North Weeping Willow Drive in Valencia, said Fire Department Inspector Humberto Agurcia.
    “We had reports of an unconscious person,” he said.
    Paramedics arriving at the scene found the boy unconscious and requested a helicopter to take the boy to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
    Deputies shut down intersections along McBean Parkway to allow paramedics traveling with the boy by ambulance clear access to Heritage Park at Newhall Ranch Road and McBean, where the helicopter was waiting.~

  11. Thank you so much, Dianne. It was a very thorough and logical piece. You confirm what many of us suspect.

    The handling of the “casualties”, both initially and later, were the signature events for me. I appreciate your willingness to do this.

    1. “The handling of the “casualties”, both initially and later, were the signature events for me.”

      Me, too, lophatt. How ridiculous that officials try to play these medical situations off as so chaotic and beyond the norm that all the rules must be thrown out! Especially in pandemonium, the article emphasizes, the most lives are saved when order is first imposed through the triage process, and established protocols are followed.

      Not adhering to established medical practice is damning to official narratives, and appears to be an area which our “Masters” continue to disregard. Lucky for us, we can use it as one more “tell” in this poker game we got going on here.

      1. It is NOT easy to do triage while eating a cheese, pepperoni, pepper, and hamburg pizza.

        That said, I’d love to read an article that summarized the reasons that John Q. Public has not been able to dent the government lies on this case so far.

        To me, it shows the adaptability of the perps and their handmaidens in keeping one step ahead of us, legal or illegal. They own the courts, the cops, the judges. They lie with impunity while we have to play by the rules.

        Some day our ship will come in. Of course, the official lies on the JFK killing are still running like the Energizer bunny.

        1. Point taken about JFK. I would add media to your list of “perps and their handmaidens.”

          Articles like this one are indispensable in creating the doubt that may make someone stop before reacting emotionally to an event, and ask, “Is this real?”

      2. Yes Toni, it is the same for the recent ones as well. The “dead” just left there on the street? We’ve been over this many times. If for no other reason than liability they wouldn’t do that.

        Then they compound it by writing ridiculous accounts of running with wounded kids, etc., then taking a ride to the firehouse to find an ambulance. Nobody asks why the ambulances weren’t at the school, where they belonged.

        The latest has a seven hour assault. Think about that. AFTER the assault begins they decide to block traffic, tell other residents and call for medical support. So while they’re blasting away in an apartment block, the others living there are on their own.

        These stories aren’t even within the confines of reality. It’s obvious that the takeaway from this one is Syria. Some are saying now that the passports were planted. Never mind that the whole “refugee” thing is contrived and we know they aren’t all from there, Syria is the goal at the moment.

        We live in “Chump World”. They’re just getting started. They want everyone to pledge allegiance to these things. They want to find out who won’t.

        1. “They want to find out who won’t.”

          I think this is exactly right. It’s one reason why the stories are so provocative, preposterous even. Be sure and out all the doubters.

          Chump World, indeed.

        2. “Some are saying now that the passports were planted. Never mind that the whole “refugee” thing is contrived and we know they aren’t all from there, Syria is the goal at the moment.”

          The Daily Mail: MailOnline reporter buys Syrian papers being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe hidden among refugees (

          “Our reporter was able to buy a Syrian passport, identity card and driving licence from a fraudster in a Turkish border town this week.
          The genuine documents were stolen from Syria when they were blank. The forger added our reporter’s picture and gave him the identity of a Syrian man from Aleppo killed last year.”

          “The passport book MailOnline acquired is genuine, made from a batch seized from one of the many Syrian government offices captured by advancing opposition forces.
          The forger explained that the militias fighting the forces of Assad make a beeline for government offices when they over-run a town. They know the value of the documents there and steal the passports, papers and even the printers that are used to create identity cards and driving licences.
          ‘I don’t know which town this passport came from because it has happened many times,’ he said.”

        3. I have no doubt that anyone can buy Syrian papers. If Iraq was the goal they would be Iraqi papers. I don’t know what the national breakdown of the horde actually is, but I do know that a lot of them are not from Syria.

          Syria is not the point (at least for me). Wahhabis have an interesting history. They run all the way back through the “Young Turks” and the Armenian genocide.

          Rather than get into all of that now, it is pretty easy to see that public opinion is being directed toward a scripted outcome. There’s much more to this, chiefly centering on using immigration as a weapon. It is impinging slightly on the Tribe’s anxious desire to remove Al Assad and gain Eretz Israel.

          But, the feature movie this week says that they are “Syrian”. If they keep poking the Bear there may not be a sequel.

        4. Recynd, that is a good video on the economics of the situation. What isn’t addressed is the fact that these immigrants are pawns in a New World Odor plan to destroy the native cultures of societies, worldwide. That is the motivator, not “concern”.

          Whether it’s BO or Merkel or any of the other employees, they have their marching orders from the boss. This is blatantly obvious lately as we can see multiple examples of disaffected citizens at total odds with what “their” governments are doing.

          This is not a theory. It has been spelled out quite openly by them many times. They are doing this whether it makes sense or we don’t like it. We are getting moved about and will suffer the unavoidable consequences whether we like the idea or we don’t.

          To me, that should make people very angry. I think that it does, but the full impact of this will take time for it to be realized for many. We are getting treated like ants in an ant farm.

        5. I totally agree with you, Lo, and that’s the only problem with Molyneaux’s assessment: the “why”, not the “who” or “what” of it. But still, for those who scream “Compassion!” it might shake some sense into them.

          Hell, who am I kidding? It probably won’t.

          Still, I hadn’t realized just how expensive this screwing was going to be.

        6. “To me, that should make people very angry. I think that it does…”

          A fellow at PJMedia called Rick Moran argues, very persuasively, that for the most part it does not ( I agree with him:

          “Terrorists attacked and killed more than 130 Parisians, but there are many ordinary Frenchmen who aren’t blaming the attackers and are pointing the finger at their own government.

          “They’re stupid, but they aren’t evil,” says Parisian woman who works in 11th arrondissement.


          But they aren’t angry, at least not at the perpetrators. “They’re stupid, but they aren’t evil,” their friend Sabrina, an administrative worker in one of the theaters in the 11th arrondissement, said. “They are victims of a system that excluded them from society, that’s why they felt this doesn’t belong to them and they could attack. There are those who live here in alienation, and we are all to blame for this alienation.” ”

          Serendipitously, The movie Monuments Men made it to the top of my Netflix queue this week. It is Hollywood’s star-studded portrayal of an American mission to steal back the artistic masterpieces the NAZIs had stolen, in the last days of the war.

          I often say, when contemplating the abject surrender of European culture to their deadliest enemy (of a thousand or so years), where’s Charles Martel when you really need him? Well, if this story is any indication, he would be absolutely rejected as France’s leader in the world the 11th arrondissement lives in. If theirs was the France of AD 732, they’d all be speaking Arabic today, having long since submitted to Allah.

          In the movie, George Clooney argues that the rescue of the art is important because it represents Western Civilization itself, its history in canvas and stone–its fantastic accomplishments. Well, these socialist, Leftie, intellectuals who speak for French culture today, have no civilizational survival instincts remaining. Saving that art from the grubby hands of the Germans (and Russians) was a complete waste, because the French, upon :liberation,” immediately set upon the task of committing cultural suicide. Somnolence and ennui now prevail, and they have invited in the deadly enemy that Martel drove back across the Pyrenees, to his great honor. Today, his pathetic heirs feel sorry for their conquerors, because they really don’t even want to exist any longer, as a people.

          Outside of Hungary, the same, for the most part, could be said of all the rest of what once was the West. Thing is, Hungary, too, refuses to produce a new generation–they are down to 1.41 children per female, which means that however bravely the country’s leader faces down the EU’s insistence that it allow the invasion of its lands, in a few generations there will be too few Hungarians to occupy them.

          Western Civilization is no more. We had a decade or so in this new one during which we could deny reality, but this second decade is making that moronic somnolence increasingly impossible.

        7. Pardon my error: the swells who revel in their cultural suicide live in the 10th, not the 11th, arrondissement. A regrettable typo. The 11th is, if I understand correctly, where many of the Moslems who hate everything about French culture live, and where the police simply will not go (without a tank). The 10th is akin to the Upper West Side of New York, where all the wealthy intellectual geniuses who are killing off France from within live–and where tourists go to have warm feelings about the France that is being systematically destroyed.

        8. Oh, boy. Michelle’s Mirror linked to this perfect Amen! to my reply to lophatt:

          “Let’s put it bluntly: Kerry tells us that certain acts of mass terror are not as bad as others if the terrorists have a “legitimacy” or a “rationale” understandable to your average progressive elite moron, one that said moron “could attach to.” You find encapsulated here the self-loathing that progressives feel for Western society, a loathing so deep that they could “attach” themselves to those who would kill us in cold blood as long as the killers had an understandable reason, of course.”

          Read, of course, the whole thing:

          It obviously does not matter of the asinine John Kerry actually believes that Moslems commit any of these individual atrocities. He wants US to believe that they did, and to forgive them, for the same reasons those Parisian self-loathers do.

          It is not just cultural suicide, of course. It is also a condescending racism that motivates these people’s thoughts. Just as modern Lefties in America think black slaves in the South were simply farm animals whose owners knew would be absolutely docile when they raped their wives, these people regard Moslems as morally inferior on a logarithmic scale: they just can’t help themselves when they commit atrocities. Even if Kerry knows a given atrocity was actually committed by the secret government, he wants US to believe Moslems did it, and they did it because they are not morally capable of NOT doing it.

          Forgive me for expressing my disgust with these wealthy, privileged representatives of the emerging civilization, but the moral preening is simply sickening. The toplofty denizens of the 10th arrondissement feel sorry for the savages destroying their culture, and Kerry tells us the proper response to savage terrorism is to “understand” why the savages are aggrieved. The people interviewed in the PJMedia piece certainly believe the terrorism-story is true, and feel sorry for the terrorists. The despicable John Kerry knows it’s not real, but tells us to believe it’s real and feel empathy for the people we are told are genuine terrorists.

          In truth, as I have written here many times, I truly feel sorry for anyone enslaved by Mohammed’s horrible political ideology. Submission to Allah is a ticket to mental illness. But that’s not the compassion these people are expressing.

        9. As I said Patrick – ant farm. You should feel disgust. They not only want us to suffer the consequences of their decisions, they want to dictate what our reactions should be.

          What does that sound like? I don’t treat my pets that way. I know it is a pointless question but, who authorized these psychopaths to do this? From where do they get this power?

          Maybe this is what happens when people become “civilized”. The self-haters are willing to participate in their own destruction. That defies the laws of God and man.

        10. It’s odd, lophatt, how comfort and “security” cause people to lose their sense of self-preservation. It’s what Agent Smith told Neo in The Matrix, when he said that the first iteration of the illusory world included no hardship–everything went to pot.

          I’m not saying that the guys who made that movie have the answers (one of them has made himself a combination drag queen/eunuch, which is evidence of extreme mental illness), but they certainly asked the right questions.

          These monsters (our secret government masters, not the Matrix brothers) hate the human race. We love our dogs. I have one customer who spent many thousands of dollars to have the great technicians at Purdue University reconstruct the lower jaw of her 13 year old cat, because the poor thing developed cancer. That’s stupid, but it’s human. The people crafting the new world we’ll soon be living in have no human heart. They want to find a way for us to volunteer for our extermination. And they know very well how to find that way. We are experiencing that process right now.

        11. Yes, dependency is what they want. It makes executing their plans that much easier. It seems that when people are confronted with fear and uncertainty they revert to their childhood. Those with plans recognize that.

          The corollary to this is running to the masters and begging for change. They are the source of the problem. Instead we just sit and watch them, much like a dog watches his master. We’ve got a bad master.

        12. Patrick, accepting that Islam is a harmful aspect of our civilization why then are so many of the west’s efforts based on trumped up Islamic fundamentalism? Are they just capitalizing on the availability of jihad-minded youths? At what point do we stop viewing Islam as the root of much violence and begin to attribute the violence to western operations presented as Islamic in essence?

          Admittedly, I’m oblivious to what Islam truly is and ultimately how it influences its followers. That being said, I’m still unconvinced that Islam in and of itself is the true root cause of the troubles attributed to it. That includes the more extremist interpretations and sects born from it.

          I guess I’m hoping that you’ve got a little known factoid you can easily point to that would account for your opinion. For instance, is it possible that all 3 of the major religions are deliberately constructed frauds at least their modern forms, and Islam in particular is the black sheep of that trinity? Please, don’t feel obliged to respond to any great length. I was just thinking you might have a Cliff-notes answer at the ready.

          This ends my venture into the off-topic. 😉

        13. Glad you asked, Derek.

          Here’s how it works: the bad guys, the crafters of the New World Order, are using Islam as a tool. Allah essentially went to sleep for a few centuries, as the Ottoman Empire acquired a kind of civilizational Alzheimer’s. The spirit of jihad that enabled it to savagely conquer a large portion of the world had seemingly gone away. It took real work for the men of the West to breathe new life into it.

          Khomeini was a very popular man in Iran when he was in exile in Paris. The revolution was created by smuggling cassette tapes of his sermons into Iran, where they were banned by the Shah. One of his themes was the lost greatness of Islamic civilization; he asked his listeners to go to the museums and ask themselves how come they didn’t know how to do any of those things any more.

          Combined with the vast strides made in the West in terms of increased standards of living, the sense of civilizational humiliation is palpable in the Moslem world. It is easy to make a certain subset consumed with grief in this regard.

          But is is still very difficult to make the terror infrastructure self-generating. You might systematically instruct the faithful every Friday about the jihad being the core of Islam, but that doesn’t mean they are going to act on it. I think that Moslems rather liked their lives before WWI, just sort of getting along. Only psychotics want to kill people and invade lands and steal their enemies’ women and forcibly convert everyone. Which is why so many suicide bombers are chosen from amongst the retarded (Islamic civilization is very tribal, and the statistics concerning the incidence of consanguineous marriages in Moslem countries is hard for a Westerner to accept as real–but it is, which is why the average IQ is so low in those places.

          But this explains the widespread approval in the Moslem world of the false flag events attributed to Islamic fanatics: they are proud of it, because they know that that’s what Islam is about–so long as it’s someone else doing the murdering. The bad guys have to work really hard to make Islam do their dirty work for them.

          That’s to say, most people are pretty decent, even when indoctrinated in an evil ideology from birth. Most Germans who were NAZIs didn’t want to do the things the SS was doing, just as most Chinese communists didn’t want to destroy their culture.

          Hope that was concise enough.

        14. That was actually more than concise enough, and a bit encouraging as well. It sounds like we agree on some of these matters. I’m too ignorant of them to know if that’s even a good thing, but it seems like it is. I see what you mean about the difficulty in ginning up the activities that might be required by certain group’s patrons. Oh, how our heroic leaders do put their backs into their projects. On my tablet and all thumbs so I’ll just end by saying thanks!

  12. Bravo Diane- I am an EMT working on medic-I can speak about how things really work in the field . (20 years) I just attended the 2 day PHTLS class (pre hosptial trauma lift support class)- it made think longer and harder about SH. First thing is Rapid triage and transport- No more hanging out on scene- Also you are always taught- Your call BEGINS at dispatch- not when you arrive- So when that call first comes over as multiple victims shot- You don’t even hesitate to call for medicvac- You call once you roll out of the station- Every EMS system I’ve ever worked in does it- as soon as you start the rig- You CALL- You can always cancel them- The fact that this never happened is a HUGE issue- You never wait until you are on scene- Why was that call never placed (by multiple EMS organizations)?? The news choppers got the call…. In my opinion- there is no way this could happen as stated- I’ve been on several car accidents where all we have is- Multiple patients- entrapped- The NEXT thing we do is call medivac- Let them get started- If I don’t need them- I cancel- If I do- I know they are on the way- (would you not want this for your family??)- You don’t wait until you walk into a school…Every EMS system carries triage tags (which is why you see the red/yellow mats in lot)- You save as many as you can (yes some are black tagged)- BUT you are taught to reposition- open airway and move on….You are aiming to save as many red(critical) and yellow as possible- I find it hard to believe that all victims were dead at that point. If you want to see what a real school shooting/live scene looks like (and trust me the ARE chaos)- go look at video of the Belarus school shooting and compare…..

    1. Thank you for your excellent comments. It only helps cement what I think… that if things happened like they told us they did, then they were extremely negligent. If nothing else comes out of my research, I certainly hope it will open some eyes and focus on how badly things turn out when the first responders don’t follow their protocols.

  13. Djstcroix your questions are a sophistic and questionable. The obvious reason boxes of rubber gloves would be thrown about in the middle of a crime scene would be to use to pick up the litter from the Doritos, banana peels and Gatorade bottles that the Law Enforcement personnel brought into the crime scene.

    While a dozen and a half LE personnel roll out for lunch at 12:08 on dash cam footage grabbing the grocery deliveries over Olivia Engel’s blood trail the nurse and secretary are still unaccounted for and are still hiding in a closet in the office. For some reason 4 sweeps of the building, with help from the FBI, missed a search of the office despite that LE personnel were told that the shooter went in there.

    Those a a few reasons why people question the official story. Thank you for your astute observation on potentially contaminating the crime scene with rubber glove boxes.

    May I direct your attention to the porto potty placed over evidence marker 502 which denoted Olivia Engel’s blood trail ? Why don’t you report that to the Department of Justice Inspector General and they might make you an honorary junior G Man.

      1. Thank you Diane- if Mr Djstcroix wants a challenge we may also ask him to research if it is proper protocol for police to photograph wounded dying children before checking their vitals and attempting to save their lives.

        Apparently, according to TFC Carlo Guerra, document number 00093048, another trooper asked him to photograph the bodies before he altered the crime scene when checking their vitals and identify survivors.

        According to document 00025303 Sgt Covello stated that TFC Guerra provided the pictures and explained that they were taken at the direction of Sgt Cario to document the scene prior to his disturbing it while looking for survivors.

        When Mr Djstcroix is done agonizing over glove boxes in the parking lot maybe he can graduate to these other matters ?

        It’s all documented in the state’s case file by reference.

        1. Along those same line, in his statement (Bk. 6 –1) Sgt. Kullgren claimed to have photographed the victims and the general area they were in. The radio transmission report (Book 4 – 0019629) verifies that a camera was brought to him. But the photos that Kullgren took were never mentioned again in the report. So one has to wonder what happened to those photos, Did he keep them for his own use? Where are they?

        2. “ask him to research if it is proper protocol for police to photograph wounded dying children before checking their”

          There are photos of wounded, dying children? Cause I did not see any photos, I thought there weren’t any. Where can I see this.

        3. P. Ryder, apparently there are such pictures. They are in the official report… redacted… like the pictures of the gloves wrappers and electrode packages. Ray is repeating what the report said they did. How are we to know what is true and what is not, when they hide everything?

        4. I would expect that those pictures would likely be those as referenced in the state’s investigation file subdirectory as 22 Assorted Files – “Cell Phone TFC Guerra”

          all redacted

  14. Excellent compilation Diane.

    Here we have a local EMT wondering why none of the local responders received recognition in the Gov. big shebang honoring 300 first responders. No local EMTS were allowed in!

    Along those lines, even though their was a huge production on the court order to release 911 tapes and the media declaring how disturbing they were, it was all a lie. Newt and Jen received national recognition for their stellar job of fielding hundreds of calls, less than a handful were released and the bulk of the air time was devoted to dial tones and hanging on the poor custodian who kept calling back.

    One lady was shot in the foot and was instructed to keep pressure on it. OK? OK. Bye Bye! bye bye.

  15. Some people like to argue about their opinions of their ideas of theories of speculation of opinions of views but there is no evidence that “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.” Even Dr. Fetzer knows this. The “tell” was Dr. Fetzer’s and Mr. Halbig’s meeting in front of the Sandy Hook School Board. Dr. Fetzer, in front of the School Board, did not say “nobody died,” but the contrary. Dr. Fetzer acknowledged that people died at the Sandy Hook shooting event. Again, this was in front of the school board. So it appears that Dr. Fetzer doesn’t want to be charged with “defrauding the government” by lying in front of the School Board. But on Dr. Fetzer’s radio show and other “entertainment” shows, Dr. Fetzer claims that nobody died. So the evidence reveals that Dr. Fetzer knows it is a federal crime to defraud the government. (e.g. Vancouver Hearings)

    3:44 to 6:03

    Maybe Dr. Fetzer should request a court order to exhume the children’s bodies! LOL

      1. Perhaps a more realistic approach would be to request all of the payroll and schedule records for SHES on and before the extravaganza.

        There must be drivers, cafeteria workers, janitors, maintenance men, etc.. Armed with that, should there be any, arrangements could be made to talk with them.

        By the way, where did they all go? Why were none of them questions by the news hounds from Hell?

        The body idea is good, but I doubt it would ever get off the ground (so to speak).

        1. at this hearing with Halbig & lawyer & entire “sandy hook board” of ACTORS – not ONE question could be answered on previous things done to the school maintenance wise pre “massacre” i thought all these points you brought up should have been covered at this meeting also , but they covered “maintenance” and nothing could be addressed by “sandyhook board” / ACTORS – check it out – SandyHook School Not in Operation During Alleged Masacre

        2. At the time of the SHES event, I happened to catch an article on the web that described a patented device that could detect whether or not a cemetery site had a body, an actual body in it. I contacted the individuals who devised the gadget, a man and a woman, and asked if they would be willing to come to Newtown and test their device. Holy cow!, it was as if they were witness to some earth shattering event and had to blow town! They declined my very kind offer and were never heard from again. Of course, if a body is shown to be present in a site, who is to say it is the same body that is represented by legal paperwork from the proper people and agencies?
          Don’t you get the feeling somebody is trying to hide something in yonder cemetery? You mean you don’t trust the cemetery official?

        3. Lophatts:
          “Perhaps a more realistic approach would be to request all of the payroll and schedule records for SHES on and before the extravaganza.

          There must be drivers, cafeteria workers, janitors, maintenance men, etc.. Armed with that, should there be any, arrangements could be made to talk with them.”

          Is the way to go FIOA….

        4. Ric, as I’ve said before, they will get nowhere with the courts. My thinking was, in order to try and settle the school “open/close” issue once and for all, they couldn’t run a school without staff.

          As the wages and salaries are taxpayer money, the records should be available (at least anywhere other than CT).

          In addition, there would be invoices for food, supplies, etc.. If they actually produced them someone could verify that.

          There is certainly enough anecdotal evidence that the school was closed (at least as a regular school).

      1. John, I personally, don’t think so because there is nothing they have provided to prove anyone did die. In fact, the very notion that they have hidden everything to “avoid offending the families’ sensitivities,” while at the same time those very same families run to every camera and miss no opportunity to talk about what happened (and raise millions of $S from it) smacks of something very wrong.

        By constantly scrubbing videos or articles (which is undoubtedly a full time job for many people) which legitimately question the event, smacks of very powerful involvement. Because they try to intimidate, threaten, insult or persecute anyone who does point out the inconsistencies tells me that they have much to hide.

        And by appointing the President of the Connecticut bar association to defend in a lowly FIOA case, is a big red flag for me. It tells me there is really something there that they do not want people to know about.

        And the fact that they have tried to pass off that unintelligible piece contradictory crap as an investigation, one which has brought millions and millions of federal dollars to the state and to those departments, tells me that there is a huge conflict of interest going on. They think they can insult our intelligence because one would have to be stupid to believe it, as it is written.

        Any normal, thinking, caring person would want those questions answered, not fight so hard to keep them from being asked.

        1. “Any normal, thinking, caring person would want those questions answered, not fight so hard to keep them from being asked.”

          Thanks, Diane. I’ve studied this “event” from day one, as it started to unfold that morning and have come to the same conclusion. I know how many hours… or, more appropriately, days and days I’ve spent poring over all the available material so it’s easy for me to assess how much time you have devoted to this event yourself. As an educator (retired high school teacher of English) who taught for more than 30 years in a public high school, I can speak to the voluminous number of problems with the official narrative from that perspective. When I combine this with expertise provided by professionals such as you from the medical field, the evidence points in only one direction.
          So… thank you again for your work, devotion and sense of integrity.

  16. I’m just sharing one interesting characteristic of SHES that few have brought into their consideration of what happened. There appears to be only one entrance/exit to the school. I haven’t looked into whether this is unusual, but it strikes me as both odd and convenient.

    Then again, many anonymous parents of children that attended SHES have noted that it was “very special.”

    What the heck. I’ll add one more thing. If the orchestraters are purposely being inconsistent in their responses to events like SH to confuse us as to which events are real and which staged, the public might be able to dissuade them. If public “stakeholders” filed suit in each case where officials failed in their responsibilities, that might curb their wanton arrogance and give them pause before staging future events.

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