Associate editor of 21st Century Wire Shawn Helton joins James to discuss his cutting edge media criticism and analysis of the “mass shooter” phenomenon that has become an almost daily subject of corporate news media reportage; one where events holmes-etcincluding Tucson, Aurora, Newtown have more recently given way to Isla Vista, Charleston, Chattanooga, and countless others.

21st Century Wire is a daring alternative journalistic venture that has in recent years sought to shine a light on such curious events. In this important discussion Helton and Tracy elaborate on their various written accounts of such unusual events. placing them in historical context and reminding listeners of the special caution necessary for news consumers to employ in the police state and “war on terror” era.


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  1. Problems with the links so I’m re-posting:

    The criminologists claiming that mass shooting events have not risen since 1990 are following the FBI “new” 2013 definition for mass shootings that states that a mass shooting requires “4 dead”. The reader can come to their own conclusion as to why the FBI chose this random number at a time when mass shootings were becoming an almost daily event.. A far less mendacious analysis of active shooter events of the recent past can be found in a recent NYPD active shooter study:

    The exponential rise in active shooter events began circa 1980 in the U.S. Post Offices. Psychiatrist, and American expatriate, Stuart Bramhall believes, based on her personal experiences, that the Postal Police are actually an intelligence agency.

    Mobbing or severe harassment has been linked by Professors in social sciences to the rise in active shooter events. The works of Kenneth Westhues and Janice Harper are instructive on this matter. “Gang Stalking” or community mobbing has been on the rise as noted by Dr. Tracy:

    My own blog deals with the link between gang stalking and mass violence, and there is a lot of relevant information there on this subject found there:

    1. A particular form of American ‘gangstalking’ or ‘community mobbing,’ Peace Frog, is lynching. Well into the early part of the 20th century, Americans were organized into posses and pursued Criminals, often non-White, in order to hang them. This would often occur after torturing them first. The newspapers generally supported the War on Crime, and the Law always did, none of the lynch party being convicted of any crime, or typically not even charged.

      As a consequence a lynch mentality has been instilled in the American people, and this substituted for a militaristic tradition like that of Germany or Japan. It exhibits itself in cops shooting unarmed non-Whites, being trained to shoot them to death. Also the majority of Americans are for executing unarmed prisoners in capital punishment and in other ways, and the majority of Americans, according to recent polls, are in favor of torture.

      The savagery of American policy in both foreign and domestic affairs, is to largely legitimated by an identification with organized homicide, done both by government and by Private Enterprise. As long as its done safely. So non-White Foreign populations are bombed and droned from far away, and police now mass to kill Criminals. But this was formerly done on The Frontier by Individual Initiative, and the murder was, and is, considered Tough and Manly.

      Gangstalking is largely a modern outgrowth of this American tradition. As are Lone Wolf homicides.

      1. I have read a lot about some of the high profile mass shooters, and I believe that their co-workers, classmates, family, etc., generally describe them as shy and introverted. Therefore, I would say that their actions are more reactionary in the face of hostility, that, in some cases, is opportunistic because they make good targets for cowards who engage in group mobbing activities. This view has the support of some academics who are published on the subject of mobbing related violence:

        “Most of the people who go postal, however, in academic as in other workplaces, have been mobbed there in preceding months or years.”-Dr. Kenneth Westhues
    2. “Stuart Bramhall believes, based on her personal experiences, that the Postal Police are actually an intelligence agency”

      Regarding this statement (is Stuart a “she”?), I would contend that ALL so-called “law enforcement agencies and departments” regard themselves as spooks these days.

      It is part of their training to serve their masters that they feel “elevated” and special. I do not think it an exaggeration to say that every government agency has their own “police” these days. As is the case with “law enforcement” types, there is never enough funding or equipment. The road to funding is to generate events.

      When departments compete for funding they horde information. In fact, they invent information. When we have a disproportionate number of agencies creating their respective reasons for existence on the fly, we have trouble.

      This is run away bureaucracy at its worst.

      1. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall’s web site:

        I think a lot of this growth of federal police powers already had an infrastructure before 911. Basically, law enforcement intelligence units provide a lot of manpower for federal agencies. They are embedded in police and sheriff departments nationwide.The 11,00 FBI agents, and about half that in DEA, ATF provide a command structure for these local Stasi:

        1. Allow me to provide a small example. In the early 1990’s I was invited by a former employee to visit her at her new federal job with the U.S. Forest Service.

          During the tour we went to the “armory”. Trust me, they had weapons stored there that a lot of third world armies would be envious of.

          The IRS has them, the Postal Service, Dept. of Agriculture, BLM, (need I continue?). At some point I would imagine that someone might ask; “why does the Forest Service need an army?”.

          Like all “armies”, they each have “intelligence services” as well. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting these people will testify that they don’t train them, they recognize them.

          So, when reminiscing about the days of the former Soviet Union, it would be wise to understand that we have definitely surpassed them in this category.

          If you let your mind run wild you can imagine how this is managed. Playing one group off the other and rewarding deviant behavior ensures that the master’s work is done.

          Most aren’t even dimly conscious of this. They take the proliferation of cops and spooks as “natural”. It isn’t.

          My guess is that the only reason this works at all is that people are waiting for an announcement that they live in a totalitarian oligarchy. Historically, no one that I’m aware of has ever made such an announcement.

        2. “But what about the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service? All of these have their own SWAT units and are part of a worrying trend towards the militarization of federal agencies — not to mention local police forces.”

        3. Ah, yes. That’s’ why I said (“need I continue”).

          I don’t know if anyone’s attempted to actually count the number of people involved with all this. I’m sure it would be staggering.

        4. Ten years ago I bought a discount card at Yosemite that allows a lifetime lower admission to all National Parks. It was a good deal at the time and I never looked closely at the fine print on the back. The other days I did for no good reason and here is what it says –

          Agencies administering Federal recreation areas where this Passport is honored: Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, National Park Service, Tennessee Valley Authority.

          Guess I have a discount passport to a SWAT raid or FEMA camp, whichever comes first.

        5. Really, Lophatt? They have armories? And they had them BEFORE 9/11-anthrax? That’s a mindblowing truth bomb.

          Jesse Ventura, when he was governor of Minnesota, reported that there was a CIA agent working in the bureaucracy there, which astonished him. The CIA sent a huge group of different kinds of people to question Ventura after he was elected, probably because they did not see a maverick like him coming. That puzzled me, but I see I didn’t know half of it.

        6. As God is my witness (that’s not a “racist” statement, by the way!), they had an ARMORY. I’m not talking about a little room with a rack of rifles. I’m talking grenade launchers, LAWS, hand grenades, machine guns, the works.

          I can only assume that the other agencies with similar non-military functions must be supplied similarly. I know that the budgets for many other agencies and departments include armaments and ammunition.

          I know from personal experience that with LE types there is no such thing as “enough” equipment. Give them an MRAP today and they’ll want an ICBM tomorrow.

  2. Proble is 21st c entury wire operates under the belief that 911 was Muslims and Boston was a chechen. Now I can assure you that neither is th case , therefore Mr Helton, who also speaks at the ted x, is what is referred to as controlled oppo. Yes it would appear Shawn can see some truth, apparently not in Boston though, hmmm.

    1. John, that is my point about “premises”. If our premise is that there are “journalists”, and those journalists are actually doing investigative reporting, they can take to stance that they are being “cautious”.

      My point is that there is a point where we cross the reality divide and see things for what they are, not what we would like them to be.

      Boston is an excellent example of this. Once you look at it, there is no way to take anything related to it seriously. Martians would have been every bit as suitable for them as Chechens.

  3. Another great interview is with Professor Tracy and Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire. Henningsen mentions the following web site that tracks mass shooting events.

    Unlike the bogus definition the FBI fabricated in 2013 of a mass shooting requiring 4 dead, this site tracks active shooter situations in which 4 or more people are shot. this is in line with the long-standing definition used by the FBI to identify “spree shooters”:

    “Let’s summarize and keep it simple by giving an accurate and precise definition of a mass shooting:

    A mass shooting is when four or more people are shot in an event, or related series of events, likely without a cooling off period.”

    1. Very nice. I’m glad someone has done this. As Mark Twain said “there’s lies, damn lies and statistics”.

      We may actually find ourselves with an accurate means of tracking shooter events before the cops develop a reliable system to track their abuse.

      1. “We may actually find ourselves with an accurate means of tracking shooter events before the cops develop a reliable system to track their abuse.”

        We can wait for a new Church Committee to bring some semblance of oversight to the federal police agencies, but we might be Waiting for Godot!

  4. Very nice interview. The questions are those that anyone should be asking. Those of us who follow these things, however, should perhaps drop the pretext of assuming that “journalists” in the MSM are actually engaged in that pursuit.

    As many of us here have said, the premise we grew up with is that “news” is to inform the citizenry so that we can make “informed choices” in a democratic republic.

    I very much like that idea, I’m afraid that the reality betrays the misconception. The agitation from the members of the propaganda community when “doubters” arise is also a part of the manipulation.

    It should be clear to anyone looking at this that these stories are not analyzed or investigated by “journalists”. They are simply read. Everything in them is there for a purpose. While many are poorly done, they had a purpose in mind when they wrote the script.

    You both touched on this somewhat. Iowa was mentioned, for example. Sofia Smallstorm has pointed out the connection between funding and local control. Could it be that these rather small “news” operations in more rural areas have not yet caught up with their new roles as champions of the Government Corporation?

    Money is important to local governments. In order to qualify for the money they must participate in the drills. A corollary to this would be the agency participation that was mentioned. “Lower” level participation does not warrant the extent of federal involvement that later, more lucrative degrees of “readiness” involve.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one could tell the type of drill from counting the number of federal agencies participating. All of these local governments are anxious for money, even in Iowa.

    In addition, certain memes introduced into the story lines are probably placed there purposefully. They can be used on later occasions as “statistical” proof of a planned assertion. For example, “30% of active shooters had Asperger’s…”.

    Once the statements are out there they will be assumed to have been proven accurate. Lastly, perhaps the slaughter in the social media and direct attacks against those in the alternative media are designed to establish the public’s new role of “believer”. The public is faced with the choice of siding with “crazies” or joining the hew and cry against “conspiracy theorists”.

    So, I think we know what we’re looking at. We should constantly point to that fact. They can call psyops “news” but it doesn’t make it so.

  5. According to City Data, which I have found pretty reliable, shows only one murder in Newtown, CT since 2000. That murder took place in 2010. None in 2012.

    Perhaps the one murder listed for 2010, when remains were discovered under barn floorboards, is a reference to the actual murder dating back to 1984. I found no other murder featured in Newtown for 2010.

    “Those elaborately hidden remains lay undiscovered until April 2010, when the property’s current owners found them while making renovations.”

    1. Anne, that’s interesting. I note with some alarm how this meme spreads, even at this site. “Lone nut shooters” are assumed to be “real” and an increasing problem.

      Statements are made that there is some “American” psychosis that drives inhuman treatment, etc.. It is a form of self-hatred.

      There is a tremendous gulf between reality and the facts. There has never been a shortage of barbarous behavior and it isn’t only the “whites” who engage in it.

      Europe was largely subdued (with the exception of two world wars), and America was too large until recently to totally control. Seen in the larger context of world history we are not that far removed from the days of marauding tribal hordes.

      I believe that the basic grouping for humans is tribal. Once the tribe grows to a size where it becomes unmanageable new tribes are formed. Larger societies are the product of the effort to live in larger groups.

      Alliances can be formed so long as the parties do not take advantage of each other. What we see today is control being applied from outside the tribe. That breeds resentment and violence.

      In the past it was not government that kept tribes together. It was common beliefs and morals. The masters of the universe seem to be attempting to enforce their vision through sheer coercion and force.

      These staged events are not indicative of some demon lurking within the cultural heritage of peoples. They are manufactured to incite society to invite outside management and exploitation. Fear is the motivator.

      The key to survival is to become self-reliant. Instead of allowing the controllers to frame the arguments we need to utterly reject them. As your research so plainly shows, things do not radically change without outside influence. Once things stabilize in a locality there is no motive for radical change unless the society no longer works.

      1. what you call ‘tribes,’ Lophatt, I think of as geo-heritage races. These are groupings of people who have inherited genetic and cultural memes that unite them, who live on a particular region or homeland of the earth. They include nations. Their power systems struggle in the world power arena, often by war. Within a geo-race, a ruling class wars against the general population.

        If you accept this overview conceptual structure, than the major form of oppression historically has not been class, but has been racial. This leads to a very different view of reality than marxism, the major world social theory formulated from a people’s perspective in the 20th century.

  6. Our consciousness is a frequency, and a fragile one at that.
    and that was 40 years ago! Try to imagine what they have now, most people cannot, because this is basically one of a kind military technology.And the results…..your blog posting
    has noticed what is going on. No coincidence that the technology was deployed shortly after the current imposter took his place in the White House.

  7. The following three news items are related to the story above on the Daily Shooter:

    “The Death Rate Is Rising for Middle-Aged Whites”

    “American Obesity Rate Rises to 38 Percent”

    “CDC survey: 1 in 45 children have autism”

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