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BREAKING: Five people were injured and a suspect is deceased after a stabbing incident on the University of California, Merced, campus this morning (Nov. 4). The suspect was shot by police and later died from his injuries, according to the UC Merced Police Department.

ucmercedstabbingTwo of the victims were transported by helicopter to a local hospital, and the other three were treated on campus. All victims were conscious. The incident occurred in front of the Classroom and Office Building.

UC Merced Director of News and Social Media Interviewed By CNN:

“Well, obviously there’s a lot of activity–a lot of concern, uhm, you know, and we share that concern, uh, with the families of all the victims, certainly, and uh, uh, as well as the suspect.’


The campus has been closed for the day and all classes canceled. Police advise people to avoid coming to campus for the rest of the day. Additional information will be reported as it is confirmed. Visit emergency.ucmerced.edu for more information.

In times of crisis, the university provides a number of resources for students, faculty and staff. Counseling is available through Counseling & Psychological Services 24 hours a day — call 209-228-4266 to schedule an appointment or to talk with a counselor over the phone.


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.27.45 PM

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From emergency.ucmerced.edu:

Nov. 4, 2015 – Stabbing on Campus

10:20 a.m. – Counseling and Psychological Services is available to students affected by today’s events. (209-228-4266 or counseling@ucmerced.edu). Grief counselors will be available at noon today for employees. Location: Promenade Suite A conference room.
9:55 a.m. – Press conference at 4 p.m. today. Location TBD. More information to come.
9:45 a.m. – A press release about the stabbing has been posted (above).
9:17 a.m. -The situation is under control.The suspect in this morning’s stabbing is dead. There are five stabbing victims. Two were sent via medical helicopter to local hospitals. All victims were conscious.
8:50 a.m. – Classes are canceled today.
8:48 a.m. – A stabbing incident occurred on campus this morning. The campus is on lockdown. The suspect has been apprehended, and we are awaiting confirmation of information regarding victims.
8:41 a.m. – The investigation is ongoing, please continue to avoid the area and do not come to campus. more info as available.
8:18 a.m. – Suspect in stabbing incident has been apprehended. More info to come.
8:02 a.m. – A stabbing has been reported near the Classroom and Office Building. Please avoid the area.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.23.30 PM

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92 thought on “5 Students Stabbed at UC Merced, Suspect Shot By Police – Officials”
  1. I read the headline but didn’t need to read any of the rest now that I know they are doing stabbings, shootings state by state, suspect always dies lol. This is getting so old it’s boring.

  2. Concern. It’s good to be concerned. And to be concerned for those others we are concerned for, and about. The next best thing to being concerned is to share that feeling of concern with others who may be feeling concerned, too. Concern and sharing; sharing and concern. They really are like two hands stuffed into the same glove, or whatever quasi-familiar parallel comes to mind here.

    We’re a community and there’s more than enough concern to go around. If, God forbid, someday that concern evaporates, it will be something we should certainly be concerned about.

    1. Absolutely. As long as we’re resilient, our concerns should not become a major concern. A major concern could lead to extremism. I’m very concerned about that.

    1. I’m sure they’re writing feverishly to put a “terrorist”, or “extremism” spin on this. They don’t get DHS credits if there isn’t a connection.

        1. Ah, the art of manliness. And those pocket knives, so many were and are beautiful works of arts. Used to be a favorite gift for the men in your life, perhaps still is.

          If someone wants to go on a killing spree, they will find a way regardless of bureaucratic meddling. Here in my neck of the scorched earth, two people killed themselves today – by accident. In two separate incidents a car sped into another parked car on the road, and in both cases the driver died. Luckily the parked cars were empty. Perhaps texting was involved, I don’t know.

          Tptb don’t care if we kill ourselves or others. They are afraid for themselves and their lackeys – as long as they need them..

        2. That’s right Anne. It’s all about parasite safety. This one has that zombie element to it as well. Grinning from ear to ear while he does his Norm Bates imitation.

          How convenient that they’ve been Israeli trained to shoot to kill. We might learn all sorts of fascinating things from him if he’d lived.

          We could have brought in that hypnotist that worked with Sirhan.

        3. I thought it was mandatory to keep your manifesto in your back pocket at all times in case you snap.

          Or at least be close to fax a machine to send it to ABC or CNN before you commit your crime.

          Even good criminals are getting hard to find.

        4. Yep, don’t leave home without it. These brooding loner scripts are really getting boring. Where’s the panache?

        5. Maybe I’m a over achiever, but I have MY written manifest in my pocket at all times and duplicates in Mac and IBM format on a memory stick in my pocket just in case with Google Translator .exe in case I snap in a foreign Country……it’s only right.

        6. That IS being prepared. Remember, failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

          I take it you keep a Koran in your car and several flight manuals as well? It’s also good to get a photo made wearing a fishing vest with fuses sticking out at strategic places.

          Now if you throw in a few poker chips and lap dance coupons, you’re good to go.

  3. “A series of uncoordinated mass stabbings, hammer attacks, and cleaver attacks in the People’s Republic of China began in March 2010. The spate of attacks left at least 25 dead and some 115 injured. As most cases had no known motive, analysts have blamed mental health problems caused by rapid social change for the rise in these kinds of mass murder and murder-suicide incidents.[1]”


    I believe that “gang stalking”, which is done in China through the social media “Human Flesh Engine” is behind this trend.

    Australia and England also have pervasive gang stalking problems (numerous web sites on organized stalking) “gun control” and regular mass stabbing events. I have spoken to Deborah Dupre of Examiner.com who writes about gang stalking and other issues. She is from Australia and claims that the gang stalking problem there is similar to the U.S.

    1. “Human Flesh Engine” Ugh! Maybe it sounds better in Chinese.

      We can assume Reddit and such are used in the same way. Anonymous, et al always claim chivalrous motives when they go after someone. But I’m sure it covers for gang-stalking activity online the same way that Anonymous masks cover for infiltrators at political actions in real life.

      It seems plausible that gang-stalking could have been used here. Now the stabber has a middle-eastern name and the incident is being likened to similar stabbing events in Israel.

      (As an aside, you know what would be cool, PeaceFrog? If you had a search bar at your site. Have you considered it? Maybe it’s more trouble than it’s worth.)

        1. Ric,
          Good call on the Israel thing.

          I haven’t had any posts disappear in a few days. My suspicion is that the comment box itself gets “screwy” the longer it is active (open and being typed into.)

          So I type my comments into a Word-type app and then copy and paste it into the comment box and post it as soon as I can.

          If you feel like experimenting, you could try this and see if I’m on to something.

          Otherwise, I think WordPress needs a major upgrade.

        2. I thought so to. So I’m been preparing in word then pasting in comment box and Poof……..

          No Mod anymore, the page just freezes and you know you’ve been “Holed” again.

          But will most likely show sometime later but not all the time.

        3. Ric, I agree with you. It’s programming at a subconscious level. It’s also a Gladio “B” sort of thing. Generalized fear.

          Word on the street lately is that there aren’t nearly the number of stabbings in Israel as they say there are. Every time they shoot a Palestinian it’s “he stabbed me”.

          This works too. I have a sort of unofficial gauge with a guy I work with. He’s the “man on the street sort”. With this he’s saying “see, they’re everywhere, stabbing people”.

          I’m always correcting him or saying “well, did you know…..”. I can tell he goes away mulling it over.

          We who follow these things tend to forget how much we’ve learned. When you talk to people who stumble and mumble through life you realize just how little they know of anything.

          They work on “impressions”. That’s how the media does it. Stories are designed to either create emotional impact or to leave an “impression”. Facts are irrelevant.

          That is also why people like us drive them crazy. We ask questions. They’re saying “why don’t you just register our impressions and go away?”.

          When I see something like this my first thought is mind control. This is a Sirhan Sirhan redux. He was SMILING while he stabbed people. Nobody does that unless they are totally insane or mind-controlled.

          The choice of schools is also telling. First the one in Oregon, now this. They are rural. The message is, “nowhere is safe”.

          It would be interesting to know the backstory on this stabber.

        4. “Word on the street lately is that there aren’t nearly the number of stabbings in Israel as they say there are. Every time they shoot a Palestinian it’s “he stabbed me”.”

          I don’t think that’s true. Here’s a story about how terrified everyone has become not just in the capital, but everywhere in Israel: http://pjmedia.com/blog/israelis-living-under-the-knives/

          “Young Arabs with knives, hatchets and even screw drivers have been stabbing young and old. This new wave of attacks has made many Israelis afraid to leave their homes, restricting their daily lives.

          “Rabbi Yechiel Becker, a 43-year-old teacher who lives in Betar, a city near Jerusalem, has often gone to Jerusalem for shopping and doctor’s visits, but said that now when he visits the city, he sees that most of the stores are almost void of customers. Where the streets had always been filled with people, it has become like a ghost town of Jewish Israelis who are afraid to go out. “Banks, stores and buses are almost empty.””

          It’s the insane randomness that is so terrifying, not the number of stabbings. Even if a large percentage of Israeli Jews has a concealed carry permit, and is armed all the time, it might not help much, because Allah has promised his slaves that if they die in the attempt to murder infidels they do directly to “paradise.” And get streets named after them back on Earth, and American Aid dollars delivered monthly by the PLO to the murderer’s family, forever. And PLO television will celebrate the terrorist’s nobility, making his name universally known (well, since he’s usually called Mohammed, that’s not such a big deal as one might think).

          The real solution, which is impossible, is to forcibly stop the Arab media from inciting terrorism, and stop them indoctrinating children in schools in murderous hatred of Jews. In the latter case, of course, it would mean cutting out important sections of the Koran, which would draw the death penalty. What they need, in the end, to do, is to start feeling ashamed of the original Mohammed’s maniacal Jew-hatred. Which, again, is never going to happen.

          Jews, Moslems understand in their bones, are supposed to be dhimmies–infidels who are allowed to live, but tenuously, and only if they openly accept their sub-human status. The very idea that they have their own country, and that the Moslems inside of it are not in the superior position, is unthinkable, contrary to nature, and thus impossibly humiliating. It is the chronic nature of the deep humiliation of having Jews ordering society that is eternally demoralizing, because it indicates that Allah is not all-powerful after all–that Allah has failed.

          There is thus no solution. Moslem Jew-hatred is baked in the Islamic cake.

        5. Patrick, I’m not going to bite on that one. I have a great deal of sympathy for the people of Gaza, for the Europeans currently under attack by this orchestrated human weapon. For Israelis, not so much.

          I suppose if they weren’t there there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Or if they learned to coexist with the natives.

          That’s not going to happen.

        6. You think random murder is justified, Mick, apparently.

          I’ve been to Israel. It is a normal country, where the people live normal lives. They go to work. They walk down the street. They eat in restaurants. They shop for groceries. They raise children.

          Just like here.

          If crazed white-person haters started randomly stabbing people in any of those settings, in America, causing Americans to cower in fear, not leaving their homes, I wonder if you’d think THAT would be justified, too.

          As for Gaza, your sympathy for the people there is completely misplaced, lophatt. They CHOSE Hamas to rule over them. Israel forced all Israelis to leave, abandoning their houses and businesses; Gaza now rules itself, and its people chose perhaps the most insane terrorists in the world to order their lives. Hundreds of millions of dollars are sent to Hamas every year by the brain-dead West, thinking that it’s humanitarian Aid, when all Hamas does with the money is build invasion tunnels under Israel and rockets to randomly terrorize innocent Israeli families with. What the people of Gaza need to do is kill their terrorist overlords, and ask Israel to help them become a prosperous country; Israel would like nothing better than that. Alas, hate will continue to prevail. As I say, it’s baked in the Islamic cake.

          Oh, and of course, that hate always has as its object the effort to make it, as you say, so “they weren’t there” anymore. That in fact is the Moslem notion of solving the “problem.” (I, of course, do not think the existence of Israel is a problem at all. The problem is Islam, and what it does to human minds; even if they managed to get rid if all the Jews, guess what? It would still be a hellhole, because that’s what Islam does to a country.) Moslems look very much forward to the culmination of history, when, as the Hadith comforts them,

          “You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me); kill him.” (http://quotingislam.blogspot.com/2011/06/muhammad-says-that-one-day-very-trees.html)

          I don’t think such “natives” want to coexist with the people of Israel. They want them all dead.

  4. I don’t see any federal agencies, nor big media, sweeping in on this story.

    The real false story being pushed today, besides the airliner bs, is that the Illinois cop that was “murdered” by perps last summer was really an elaborate suicide.

    If you recall, within hours of the event multiple Federal agencies had coalesced in the tiny Illinois town and locked it down. Authorities went door to door looking for suspects. Not even pet owners were allowed outside; police were taking the dogs out to pee.

    From the first, the MSM were on the story, with a “desperate search for suspects on the run” theme. The television coverage in Illinois was familiar because it looked a lot like the coverage of the big “manhunt” that was broadcast when the convicts escaped from prison in NY: a lot of low-information graphics and anchor commentary, lots of pictures of military hardware and personnel in what look like military field operations.

    I don’t see any of that in Merced.

    Now the “dead” Illinois cop is being called a suicide. I think the authorities wanted to be rid of the “murdered” cop theme on this one.

    1. Oh, yeah, another reason I don’t think this is a false flag story is that they didn’t roll out Brian Williams for this one. He provides “rolling coverage” for all the staged events of our lives.

      1. You forgot “red hot fireplace pokers”. I hear they are really deadly when inserted into the brain through the eye. That’s what Solzenitchin wished he had done to the goons who came to take them away to the camps. Instead of fighting back, they all placidly went with the Bolshevik goons, only to lament their sheepishness after they were incarcerated in the gulag. They then figured it out that if they had made it dangerous for the goons, the other goons would be hesitant to go out the next night. RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE !!!!! Everyone is going to die someday, so you might as well die on your feet, fighting tyranny.

    2. As this probably wasn’t in the drill schedule, it takes time for them to mobilize in order to take credit for a response. As you point out, when they don’t plan these things they are poorly attended.

  5. Will they ban plastic cutlery at fast food outlets? how about pens and pencil, base ball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, bows n arrows, pool cues, potato mashers, tire irons, tooth brushes, nail guns, broom n mop handles, axes, re-bar, chair legs, etc, etc, etc. No! They will not have to because the majority of the masses are being conditioned starting in the school system. Look around you, open your mind to what has happened to society. They will come after your protection and those that resist will be gone. The majority will not care as in history past until it is to late to care. We have let the banks, corporations, corrupt governments plunder the wealth of the people, poison food, drugs, water and at the same time murder millions, destroy sovereign countries, displace millions by psychopathic leaders who get awards and 50 thousand dollar speaking engagements. No, we have not done anything up to now after all that has passed, so in the fall of my life I try to enlighten but find that, most do not want to hear and the ones that are few, that do, have mostly given up and have and are preparing as best they can for what may be ahead.

  6. I note that there are no eye-witnesses cited. I note that the only witness on scene was behind the door of a classroom when the event occurred. He says he heard a terrifying scream, his professor went out into the corridor, came back looking traumatized and told them to lock the door, and the students soon after were escorted out through crime scene tape while “bodies” werebeing treated on the floor. What’s missing? The sound of the police shouting at the perp, and the sound of gunfire while they shot him.

    The “witness” was credited with suffering an “ordeal” for being nearby when this happened, and being escorted past the crime scene.

    Why wasn’t the professor interviewed? Or anyone in the hallway? Or the police who took out the perp? All the other people cited in the article were far away, “sometimes used the building to study,” etc. The purpose of the rest of the article seems to be to dwell on the terror and fear that everyone must be feeling. Is that helpful?

    1. I can’t help but wonder, did the professor lock the door and then scuttle all the students into a tiny bathroom to hide? Did some of them escape and make their way to an old man’s house down the street? Were they told to shut their eyes while being escorted out of the building? Are there any photos yet of this mass evacuation, or just a couple of photos showing the students all lined up in a row of about 15 or 20 total? They have got to get another playbook…this one is getting moldy. 🙂

      1. I think they only do that in elementary school. In college they have them line up by their grade-point averages and sacrifice themselves.

        You get extra credit if you refrain from defending yourself or others.

        1. They’re training them to be chickens. That’s what chickens do when you’re about to lop their heads off. They just resign themselves to it.

          They scream “shelter in place” and the students lay down and prepare to die. Don’t they have fire extinguishers in those gun-free zones?

        2. In the event of an active shooter, we’ve instructed our kid to GET THE HELL OUT, before SWAT or any other LE can get there. There is no way I want him huddled in a room with a bunch of other unarmed sitting ducks.

          My husband tells me that, at his college, they are being trained to use classroom items for self-defense: staplers, pencils/pens, scissors, manila file folders, paper clips, etc. I think health and safety codes prohibit using fire extinguishers, though.

          Brings new meaning to “Never bring a knife to a gunfight”.

        3. Santa Monica College “shooting” in 2013. That one they dropped real quick.

          He drove up Pico blvd.shooting anyone he saw. Right

          What a joke and that exact same day LAPD were doing a Terrorist drill and had all the streets blocked off.


          I wish My Lefties would wake up

        4. Ric, Obama was here, too, and he had the airspace was locked down. I remember because there was none of the usual helicopter coverage.

          You’re right about the drill downtown; it was part of a huge FUSION city conference.

          The drill downtown was supposed to be the capper of the conference, but I guess they had a drill “go live” in Santa Monica as the real capper.

        5. I’m surprised they didn’t have Cassidy Stay in an open limo trailing him down Pico Blvd, throwing the Devil sign at the assembled crowds.

      2. I never understood why the kids being evacuated at Sandy Hook had their eyes closed while crossing the parking lot. All the bad stuff is back in the building, we know, we’ve seen extensive coverage of the parking lot. Having them continue to keep their eyes closed in the parking lot seems like child abuse, by increasing their terror. Makes no sense that someone would do that.

      1. I don’t want to see him killed OR wounded. I want to see him on trial for his crimes.

        This appears to be an increasingly minority opinion in the midst of a rising lynch mentality.

        1. Yes, I remember when they were trained to do that. It is also OK when a perp gets away. If they aren’t endangering someone it is better that they escape than to put others at risk.

          Of course, in this case, he was a risk. They could have knee capped him though. That would have taken the fight out of them. But NO, now they empty the magazine.

          It’s too far gone to ever go back. People are apparently OK with this. With a gun they have a better argument. With a knife once he’s down its all over.

          Toni is right in that it doesn’t have all the usual trappings. The smiley/stabby thing is troubling, however. This could be a low-budget variation.

        2. Maybe their bonus each month is paid by Bullet?

          I’m not down on the Cops but Really?

          A Full Clip unloaded because I threw my lit cigarette out the window?

      1. “Shoot to maim”…you’re dreaming.

        If people knew how little firearm training/practice most law enforcement get, they’d arm themselves and/or run for the hills. Many of the casualties of L.E. shootings are innocent bystanders.

        1. Recynd,

          They are Trained to “Shoot to Kill” no matter what. But that mentality is based on someone pointing a Gun at them first, which is understandable.

          But being a dumb A$$ and trying to take off after you have already been pulled over because you know they are going to search your car shouldn’t get you a bullet in head/Face.

          He’s not going anywhere or getting very far. That know who he is and have the cars tags.

          And I’m Not a Liberal so don;t think I’m being naive.

      1. Well, we don’t have a cowboy hat but we do have the miraculous recovery. Drove himself to the hospital. “Hey, it was just a couple of feet of intestine”.

        He knocks him down, gets stabbed, and lets him get away with the knife to stab two girls. If somebody stabbed me in the stomach he’d be grinning from beneath his chin.

  7. It is high time for the concept of Robert Heinlien’s “Fair Witness”. Send one in BEFORE all the crimescene investigators contaminate the area beyond recognition.

    1. Maybe if we got the people who are doing such things to read Heinlien’s Stranger in a Strange Land, they would grok the wrongness of propaganda both with and without real violence. Worried about UC and all of California under this Democratic hegemony.

        1. That’s funny, I was just thinking about the witness characters in Stranger in a Strange Land just the other day. Serendipity!

  8. I think this whole psyop was to designed to bring in to the minds of Americans the Fact that Palestinians (Arabs) are randomly stabbing Jews (Americans now).

    This guy was Arab and ran around randomly stabbing Americans.

    I don’t think they got the point across as intended to the American public, that this is going to be common place here as in Israel. (We need Troops on the ground like Israel.)

    Therefore, this story will go down the Memoryhole.

    Nice Try though.

    PS: Guys, if want to try this one again,
    I suggest an Arab guy with a Tee Shirt on that says “I love Palestine” randomly stabbing Jews also wearing a Tee shirts that say I’m a Jew, so the American Public “Get” it.

    Just trying to help….I know you guys need new writers.

  9. Well, somewhere something is being done about the knife problem.

    “Jerusalem Asks Arab Parents to Keep Children Away From Knives”
    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.684039

    In Brazil a dam collapsed and buried the town below. What can we do to prevent dams from bursting? A ship with five thousand cattle just sank in the Brazilian Amazon River. Crocodiles are carnivores.

    Dams burst, ships sink, cars crash, planes fall from the sky and bombs too, fires burn, rivers overflow, people drown, earthquakes rattle, mudslides slide, avalanches bury everything below, crocodiles eat people and cows, guns shoot and now knives kill. There is no end to the dangers we wake up to every morning. Where will it end?

    By the way, in case anyone missed it, the knife man was a shy loner bordering on anti social, and now this according to The Daily Mail:

    “He had far greater intentions to do damage’: Police reveal twisted college freshman who stabbed four on campus had a backpack containing petroleum jelly, handcuffs and night vision goggles.”

    Add backpacks, petroleum jelly, handcuffs and night vision goggles to my danger list above.

    1. “Dams burst, ships sink, cars crash, planes fall from the sky and bombs too, fires burn, rivers overflow, people drown, earthquakes rattle, mudslides slide, avalanches bury everything below, crocodiles eat people and cows, guns shoot and now knives kill. There is no end to the dangers we wake up to every morning. Where will it end?”

      WOW. The Liberals really have their job cut out to save us.

      Maybe I’ve Been too hard on them.

      But for right mow they must prioritize on Gender neutral Bathrooms and LBGT Rights.

      You forgot Bee Stings…

        1. Holy cow Rick, you are on to something. We have bombs, terrorists and aggression right here on home turf.

          “Bees: winged bombs of fiery poison, bright invaders from above”

          “For 60 years, imported red fire ants have terrorized people, livestock, and other ants as they spread across the southeastern United States”

          “Unusually aggressive mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases have been found in many parts of California, including Los Angeles and Orange counties, health officials warn”

        2. …and keep in mind that bees transmitting disease have been featured in the pre-programming series X Files (or was it the movie?). Also, alternative news people have told us that mosquitoes have been used to transmit disease among Canadian citizens… Fire ants will be featured next season.

    2. So they blew up his bondage kit?

      I suppose those Palestinian kids would do better to stick to rocks. It makes it easier for them to steal their organs.

      Speaking of floods, I was watching a clip on an Eastern European news service today at lunch. Wow, they were interviewing “migrants”.

      One scene was in Germany. The reporter asked where a guy was from. He said Albania. She asked him “why are you so angry?”. He said he paid a human trafficker 18,000 euros to get him there and “this is how they treat me?”.

      A couple of blocks away they had set four Polizei vehicles alight. It looked like a scene out of Dante’s Inferno.

      One town had four rapes in one day. The youngest victim was 14. There was a clip of Angela Merkel at a meeting where someone handed her a small German flag. She looked at it with total disgust and handed it to an aide.

      This is so obvious. They may as well be wearing tags that say “property of…”.

      So, yes, its a scary world out there. Somehow the “natural” dangers fail to compare to the manufactured chaos.

        1. Steyn had his notable plugs for the jews in this article of his. If folks haven’t noticed it, he’s a typical “conservative” backer of Israel like Hannity, Levin, Savage, and the Loathesome Limbaugh. I’d say it was getting quite obnoxiously redundant to hear these pro-Israeli blatherers wax on about the virtues of the Talmud.

        2. If I glean your meaning properly, Gil, you seem to be saying that it is reprehensible to denounce the celebration of a (genuine) series of random murders, because the political ideology (Islam) that motivates it is, for you, good, and the targeted ethnicity is to your way of thinking bad. It’s something to do with an obscure book almost no one of that ethnicity knows anything about—but nevertheless, any of them can be cheerfully murdered because of that book, at random, and you’re fine with that. Even if they are completely innocent. The ones with the knives, and the shopkeepers who actively encourage the murder in a propaganda campaign perhaps unprecedented in human history–all the the murderers and those who encourage them–are the ones we should not be denouncing. Do I catch your drift, or am I missing something?

          I find that pretty strange, to tell you the truth.

          Me, what I see here is a culture that adores mindless murder, and conclude that it is sick. Sick to the core. And since I have studied Islam deeply, it saddens me that hundreds of millions of people have grown up absorbing its toxicity. They see those mannequins that are clutching knives, and it makes them feel pride that their fellow Moslems are enthusiastic murderers of innocent people.

          (For those who are as sickened as I am about what has been done to these people’s minds, click through to the source article Steyn links to, and watch the video of passers-by in Gaza, who in man-on-the-street interviews tell the camera how much they absolutely adore the sickening horror show. It’s not The Onion, trust me. These people really feel that way.)

          Finally, whatever you personally read into it, Gil, the article has nothing to do with the targeted ethnicity, or the book you mention that a tiny minority of them study. Not even an oblique reference. It is about Mohammed’s poisonous ideology, and all the new Mohammeds that horrible system keeps generating and sending into our midst—and the hate they are taught from the cradle.

          You list some of the voices you don’t like. Well, anyone who wants that hate stopped is good in my book. Every public voice that refuses to fear the fake charge of “islamophobia” is a hero to me—we need lots more of them. The Islamification of our civilization might be impossible to reverse, but we should do everything in our power at least to try. Thank God SOME people want Allah to be stopped before he ruins the whole world.


    Two-Page Handwritten Manifesto Found on Body of UC Merced Attacker — Here’s What It Said, and Who He Praised

    “The man who went on a stabbing rampage Wednesday at the University of California, Merced, praised Allah in a two-page manifesto recovered from his body, the Merced County Sheriff said Thursday.”

    What a Bloody Joke…………..

    1. Ric, the Manifesto was found during the autopsy. And lophatt, here is the missing cowboy hat.

      ~The discovery of the script, with some 24 precise steps and, like a computer software code, instructions to repeat, answered the question of what motivated the quiet teen from Santa Clara to launch the most brazen act of violence to occur on the young UC campus, set in a rural landscape before the Sierra Nevada mountains.

      Wearing his signature cowboy hat, the sheriff told a crowd of reporters Thursday “there is nothing to indicate this was anything other than a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates.”~

      Read more here: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/news/local/education/uc-merced/article43126323.html#storylink=cpy

      1. ” “there is nothing to indicate this was anything other than a teenage boy who got upset with fellow classmates.””

        Yes, those irascible Mohammeds. Always no Islam to see here.

        Maybe, “peaceful” Moslems would catch a clue and realize it’s best not to curse their young’uns with the name that ends in murderousness, time after time.

      2. Yeah, someone should write a parenting book about this. “What to do when your son gets all stabby”. They can hype it on Oprah.

        Well, all the required elements are there. Looks like they’ll get advanced to “Level II” preparedness and pick up their check.

        I’ve sat in a number of classrooms in my time. I’ve watched some people get pretty angry. I’ve never seen anyone go Norman Bates with a smile on their face. I must have led a sheltered life.

        It would really be interesting to know a little more about this guy’s history.

  11. Do most people think this is real, or partially real? I haven’t had time to check, and ‘they’ are getting better at execution so the narrative tends to be the best indicator. If ‘mental illness’ is the stated or even strongly hinted at motive, it’s usually fake. Why people on here seem to assume that a knife incident can’t be used for the agenda I don’t get. Mental illness is the way they’re going after both the First and Second Amendments (and all of our Constitutional rights). The crazedknifemen incidents have been happening since at least spring of 2013, in NYC especially where the heart of Big Pharma/Psych’s final campaign began.

    It’s also naive to think islam won’t be used as part of the strategy.

  12. “Ric, the Manifesto was found during the autopsy.”

    Haha. I’ve been laughing day

    Camera pans to morgue:

    Liver…Check Sir

    Gall Bladder…Check sir


    We found it behind his small intestine Sir

    Oh Well,

    Manifesto…Check Sir

    You can’t make this sh$t up……….

    1. It must be true, authorities said so. Why handwritten if he was studying computer science? Good thing it’s only two pages and not an attempt to copy Anders Breivik’s massive 1,500 page Manifesto. It would be a major hindrance to the autopsy with more cutting utensils (pc for knives) needed.

      Merced Sun Star:
      ~Anger over being kicked out of a UC Merced study group drove an 18-year-old computer science student to make a precise plan to kill “a lot of people,” according to a two-page, hand-written manifesto found during his autopsy, authorities said Thursday.~

      Meanwhile back at the jail, while serving his 21 year sentence, Anders has become a student of political science. Not sure which one of the Anders characters, there are more than one.


    2. Thank goodness there is a discussion about this case! I can find no reason why I should believe this narrative. Said attacker is dead at the scene. victims: no casualties and no names released. Contents of backpack no outside witnesses, manifesto no outside witnesses. Analysis of context of event unrealistic. Silly, even. 2+2 =5….not buyin it.

  13. I think this stabbing event occurred pretty much as the media said it did. A young kid engaged in a Lone Wolf attack with a knife, just as a Muslim officer in Texas shoot a bunch of soldiers did with a gun. Or as the Nazi militants shot people to death in Lone Wolf attacks. And the manifesto found on the body was probably real, written as the others were and for the same reason.

    You can’t deny reality just because you don’t like it, or because it doesn’t fit into your right wing populist world-view. Well, you can, and MH commenters do, but then you are living in a fantasy world. The American power system does indeed stage homicidal events which are fantasies, but there are very few of them relative to the number of homicidal scenarios that occur. Conceiving them all as fantasies simply encourages most Americans to dismiss conspiracy comments as mentally diseased, which many of them are.

    Most Lone Wolf murders are stimulated by the reporting of other Lone Wolf murders. I would guess some are staged by power, and a few don’t occur at all, at least in the way the media describes them. Granted that the media tends to distort the reporting of them all, conceiving all of them as not occurring, or being staged, leads to a consensus of unreal groupthink. Which is likely being engaged in by MH commenters about this stabbing.

    1. Not sure. The perp was in a classroom during a class. Let’s assume 20 other students in the class as well as a teacher. He draws his 10-inch knife. He attempts to cut the throat of his female designated victim. He wounds her. (According to MSM): A witness hears a godawful scream. The contractor-hero hears an altercation. The contractor-hero stops what he is doing (renovating a student lounge), goes to the door, correctly identifies which classroom the noise came from, crosses to the classroom door and opens it, in time to save the victim from being killed by the perp. So, in the 15 or so seconds it would have taken the hero to get there, the perp with the 10-inch knife did not succeed in killing her.

      What also did not happen is, the other 19 or so people in the classroom did not throw desks and bags and books at the perp, and tackle him.

      We do not know what happened in the classroom, because no reporter has interviewed anyone who was there when the event began. Now, does that seem likely to you?

      The hero was interviewed, and the guy from another classroom who heard the ungodly scream, but not the professor, or the eyewitnesses who actually saw what happened.

      You know what else we don’t have? Dozens of videos from students’ phones.

      So, then the hero fights off the perp. There are two versions of this fight, both provided by the hero. In the first, he decided to get on the ground and kick at the perp from there, to avoid being wounded in the body. In the second, he stood and kicked at the guy for the same reason. But he did not get wounded in the legs.

      In knife fights, defensive wounds to the hands are ubiquitous. He should have had cuts all over his lower legs. If the perp was not cutting him, why didn’t he kick the sh*t out of the perp while other people knocked him down? (Just about every male in that classroom, and many females, would have played tackle football at some point in their lives).

      So then the hero was knifed in the side, but it did not hit a vital organ.

      The perp runs into the hall, where he stabs someone else, then runs out of the building where he stabs a staff member sitting on a bench, then he runs over a bridge and is shot in the back by police.

      The godawful-scream-hearing witness is escorted out of his classroom by police, and sees two bodies in the hall, lying on the ground, having their wounds treated.

      Why would one of the people knifed in the classroom be moved into the hall?

      Where is the video footage from all the students passing by the crime scene?

      The hero drives himself to the hospital, where nine staples are put in his gash.

      Think about that. Police and paramedics are on scene. The hero has been wounded. He is bleeding. He may be bleeding internally. He may have a nicked artery. And yet paramedics and police allow him to leave the scene, leave the building, walk to his car — he would have blood all down his side, and on his hands from holding the wound closed — get into his car, and drive himself for several miles. Also, puncture wounds hurt. Oh, do they hurt. And yet no one puts him on a stretcher and takes him to the hospital. Come on. He could faint from loss of blood. He could bleed out and die. Think of the liability! No one would let him do that.

      One picture of a body has been published. The body is lying on its face, out of doors, and police are standing around it, not doing anything. It is not the perp. The hero said the perp wore a black hoodie. The police said the perp wore a backpack. This body has neither. Therefore, it must be the staff member who was stabbed outside. So why is this wounded victim lying on his/her face, while police stand around not caring for him/her?

      The victims have all survived. Their names have not been released, and no reporter has interviewed them.

      Just saying . . .

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