Someone targeted the Metro-Jet Flight 7K9268

James R
Crimes of Empire

Debris of Metrojet Flight 7K9268 on the ground in Sinai, Egypt, October 31st, 2015.
Debris of Metrojet Flight 7K9268 on the ground in Sinai, Egypt, October 31st, 2015.

A month to the day after Russia entered the Syrian war in a big way, a Russian Aircraft carrying almost entirely Russian tourists is destroyed in the skies adjoining Israel. What an unhappy ”coincidence”.

It has become clear that someone has targeted the MetroJet Flight 7K9268 that was destroyed in Egypt yesterday leaving all 217 passengers and 7 crew aboard dead.

This statement can be made at this early stage in the investigation because it has become clear that the jet downed in Egypt has split into at least two pieces and there is really no way that the flight breaking up i the air is consistent with an accident.

Not all of the bodies have been recovered yet. The people on the ground are still searching for the dead. In a conventional mechanical failure accident the fuselage lands on the ground in one piece and although there has been at least one air disaster ascribed to a plane disintegrating in mid air, the China Airlines 611 incident of 2002 that left 225 dead, even a freak occurrence such as this would not account for the lack of a distress call from the pilot of the doomed Metro-Jet flight..

The lack of a distress call has been a repeated across several of the recent inexplicable air disasters. The Air Asia 8501 disaster late last year is one that comes to mind immediately. There was never any explanation as to why the pilots never transmitted a distress signal as the plane apparently stalled and fell to the ocean.

Egypt widens search for Russian plane crash victims | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

“EL-HASANA, Egypt: Egyptian rescue teams were looking Sunday for more victims of a Russian passenger plane crash in Sinai, widening the search after finding bodies scattered across eight square kilometers a day after the incident.
A military officer helping with the search told AFP that rescuers had found 163 bodies out of a total of 224 people who were on board the Airbus 321, which crashed after taking off from a Red Sea beach resort.”

That single story, printed in a pro-Western news organ, the Daily Star makes it clear that someone has done this. Mechanical failure will cause the plane to be unable to fly, it will not cause the distribution of the wreckage over a large area as we are seeing in Sinai.

The remnants of Metro-jet Flight 7K9268 in the Egyptian Sinai.October 31st, 2015.

Intent Signals Motive.

Once it is accepted that this was not an accident but an intended attack, then the obvious motive becomes clear.

Either someone is upset over the month-long Russian operation in Syria and they are expressing their displeasure, or someone is trying to frame someone for that..

The message would appear to be that there will now be attacks on Russian interests right across the world and there is nothing Russia can do about it except continue what they are doing in Syria and try to even up at a later date if they can identify the perpetrators.

It is quite unlikely that any ground anti-aircraft system was responsible for the destruction of MetroJet 7K9268, the height of the jet and the topography of the Sinai would make it seemingly impossible to hide a system of the required size in that area.

The prime methods would be appear to be either a remote hijacking, a bomb or an attack from a jet.

At this early stage the remote hijacking seems to be a non-starter as it fails to explain the mid-air destruction of the fuselage. The most likely explanation seems to be either a bomb on board, an air to air attack or something exotic.

Apocalypse in the Conventional Sense.

It is equally becoming clear that whether by accident or design, events are poised to spin out of all control in the near to mid-term future. It seems that an immense deadly war that dwarfs the current small-scale catastrophes is poised to break out.

The forces of darkness and evil cannot and will never accept that they have been usurped and are no longer the masters of the universe.

Russia has too much pride to back down in the face of their threats. The tactics that work against other merely inflame the Russians and add to their determination and animus towards the authors of evil.

Their mindset is calculating and methodical but there is an element of the Howard Beale character from Network, they have had enough and they are not going to take it anymore and this has been their position since the Ukraine coup of late February 2014.

Since February 2014 Russian officials have stated repeatedly that they are willing to fight a major nuclear war with the West if necessary.

The people who made those statements probably naively assumed it would never come to that.

Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons ‘if necessary’ and blames US for Ukraine crisis The Independent

Yes, Russia is *still* ready for war – even nuclear war | The Vineyard of the Saker

Since that time Russia has made a number of devastating moves, they have humiliated the demonic entities who run and control the West repeatedly. In Crimea, in Eastern Ukraine and now in Syria.

These people believe they have the divine right to rule the world, they were never going to just sit back and take it.

They have met their nemesis and this is only the beginning of the response and many more families will be grieving before this is over.

Image from Flight Radar shows the flight path of MetroJet 7K9268. (Source) Thanks to silver palomino 2013 for the link.

Crash of Metrojet Flight 7K9268 | Flightradar24 Blog

Metrojet 9268 Disaster- Russian Airliner Destroyed Over Egypt | Crimes of Empire

Good photos here.

First video from 7K9268 A321 crash site in Sinai

No survivors as Russian 7K9268 jet crashes with 224 on board

163 bodies recovered so far after Russian plane crash

Russia: Relatives of crash victims grieve at Pulkovo airport

Deadly plane crashes claim hundreds of lives in recent years

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97 thought on “The MetroJet Disaster was No Accident”
  1. Am I the only one that thinks this looks staged? The pictures don’t seem to match what I would expect a wrecked plane to look like. The claiming of the tragedy by ISIS is also suspect.

    1. No, you’re not. As much as I’ve come to the default position that it is a lie unless proven otherwise, I am trying to keep an open mind.

      Apparently the plane hit its tail on a prior landing, was repaired and the copilot was telling his daughter (I am now given to understand) that it was in bad shape. There is also the claim that they radioed trouble and declared an emergency.

      Now, I don’t know if ANY of that is true. And it DOES look staged. It certainly doesn’t fit the description. If it blew apart at high altitude you would expect it to be spread all over the place. The “rear pressure bulkhead” is clearly separated from the rest but it is awfully close.

      I don’t see any luggage, but I’m not sure I’ve seen the entire site either. They said that some of the bodies were burned, but I see no sign of fire.

      As I’ve said before in similar events, they see much more than they allow us to know. Just like with the two Malaysian planes. If Russia says that they know what happened the U.S. and its boss, Israel, will certainly know that they know.

      So, the chess game comes down to playing it off as an accident and avoiding a war, or declaring it an act of war and retaliating. These clowns just can’t stop poking the bear. They are likely to get bitten.

      1. Glad you liked it, it is one of the best articles I’ve read in a long long time. In a better world Brandon would be a star journalist on a big newspaper or something, but it isn´t…

      2. But a globalist on what terms? Soviet communism sought to expand its spheres of influence which was what the Cold War was about. They were in various Asian countries, allied with India, in Latin America and also Africa. No, they weren’t as successful at it as the usual capitalists, and it is true that early on there was bet-hedging by people like L.A. oilman Armand Hammer, who tried to keep Russia afloat at the beginning of the communist era. There was an alliance with Stalin after 1940 to fight the Germans, even though he’d had an earlier pact with Hitler.

        So I do not see the globalism as universally the same. Each side is selling something a little different to the people they plan to exploit.

  2. While I certainly won’t rule out foul play, this plane apparently had a hard landing (tail hit the tarmac) and had to be rebuilt once before. They call it the “rear pressure bulkhead”, where the vertical stabilizer is.

    If you look at the wreckage you will see that the stabilizer is folded back on itself along a seem. It would not be the first time this has happened.

    The copilot allegedly complained to his wife that the plane needed work. They did indeed make an emergency call and said that they planned to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport before they lost control.

  3. I don’t like the looks of this. The pictures at the Daily Mail, particularly. Do you see any seats? Overhead compartments? Kitchen equipment? Toilets? Luggage? Bodies? Body parts? Blood?

    We are always being lied to. We look at images and have been trained to believe the narrative we hear with our ears. I like thinking about what I see with my eyes.

    What’s more, the obvious goal of creating a catastrophic war has been in view for a long time. The question in my mind has been, how will they trigger it? In Ukraine, I’m certain that a plane was not shot down–but the Russians went along with the lie. Why? Could this be a repeat? Why, again?

    I simply don’t have enough information to have a valid opinion, but since we’re always being lied to about things like this, and since the photographic evidence does not look remotely real, I’m not going along with it until I’m proved wrong.

    Another thing. This is Egypt. Egypt was about to experience mass starvation, until Al (is it Albert, Alfred, Alphonse, Aloysius?) Sisi rescued the place from the tender mercies of Barry’s boys in the Moslem Brotherhood. Since then, it’s the wonderful fellows who run Saudi Arabia who have subsidized the slow-motion train wreck that is Egypt’s economy. At least the people are still being given bread to eat, I guess, but for how much longer is ANYONE’S guess.

    Because the House of Saud is in grave trouble, and will run out of money within five years–unless oil prices recover:

    Something fishy going on. Maybe the price of oil has something to do with it. Everyone knows that Russia is financially on the ropes because of the price of oil, too.

    Lots of moving parts. Lots of evidence to glean in the coming days.

    I’s recommend battening down the hatches.


    1. I did see luggage collected together, held behind barbed wire. And as we know the Russians are sending bodies back. It’s considered bad taste to show them and I would assume this relatively inaccessible desert location does not attract many tabloid photographers. Yes, they have been over the area and rearranged things. But it sure looks like a bad crash to me, like the Japan Airlines one sometime back. It looks a lot more real than the Germanwings trash heap in the French alps.

      Of course if you are trying to protect the US or Israel from suspicion, you would pretend the Russians made it up and this is just another Shanksville. But then you would be a propagandist and a liar.

      1. I am, correctly, I think, suspicious.

        I think a World War is being set up. Here are the elements:

        1) I think that the grievously low price of oil is crippling the Gulf dictatorships and Russia.

        2) I think that airplane parts were carted along a road in eastern Ukraine, and spread in a farm field roadside, and old corpses dropped from planes to make it look like a plane had been blown out of the sky–to be blamed on Russia. The same could have happened in the midst of the Sinai desert, with our pet terrorists being blamed–no one could possibly know, because the world press simply reads the CIA’s script.

        3) I think Russia is sick of America creating Moslem terrorist organizations, and then letting wars in its back yard run endlessly–and I think that Russia truly does wish to protect its friend, the family that runs what remains of Syria. And they really do have a demographic problem–and a VERY serious Moslem problem.

        4) I think Barry Soetoro followed his masters’ orders, and directed his henchwoman to cause the murder of our Ambassador to Lybia for at least two reasons: to open up the western gateway to the planned Moslem invasion of Europe, and to make very serious weaponry available to our terrorists in Syria, where the Middle East would be deconstructed (and, bonus, “justifying” the eastern flank of the planned Moslem invasion of Europe).

        5) I can’t imagine how Israel (since you brought it up) can be helped by any of these things in any way. Israel’s strategy, it seems to me, always has been to play stable operators off on another, keeping them distracted to keep them from launching yet another attack against it. In the 80s, for instance, they used to joke about the Iran-Iraq war: “it’s too bad both sides can’t lose”–because the longer it went on, it created a form of semi-stability in the region, and the outcome of the war represented real uncertainty. The last thing Israel, a tiny country that can be wiped out with a single bomb, likes, is chaos in the neighborhood. Especially chaos that could result in nuclear war.

        6) Add to this Russian naval movements in the Atlantic, and American naval movements around China.

        Our masters want a major war, to fundamentally restructure the current World Order. China and Russia are aware of this, and are two legs of a three-legged stool–but they have more reason to ally against their common enemy, America, than to stand apart. This amplifies the danger. I don’t think our masters care about that.

        In my opinion, we know exactly what the outcome is going to look like, though. The Bible spells it out in minute detail. We are not going to like it.

        1. I don’t know why you assume the US and Israel always have separate interests. Sometimes, as now, they seem to move in parallel. It may be that just playing off various mid-eastern countries is getting too hard when you have this kind of an alliance: Russia-Iran-Syria. That’s got to send shivers through the Israeli establishment and through the US as well.

          But this is just a plane crash – and it looks real enough to me, unless the Egyptians are also dancing to the Russians’ tune. It can have been caused by a bomb on board, easily. Not unlike the Pan-Am flight. In fact very much like it in terms of how it would be accomplished.

          So if you intimidate the Russians, however you do it, whether by bomb or some missile (which might have been seen on radar, no?), it would be to warn them that their being in the Mideast is going to have consequences that the folks back home might not like, and might shake the premiership of Putin.

          I don’t have a neat theory all sewn up for what is planned. I go by the fact that there are ripples of unintended consequences and many a slip twixt cup and lip. The world is not a perfect little machine which keeps chugging along. It is full of nodes and radiating pathways, crises and such. Yes, propagandists try and steer it with fake crises from time to time, but not all the time.

          I notice that when something real has happened, the media swarms it but does not give it the 24/7 coverage that it gives to fake scenarios.

          For instance, word has it that a cargo ship or perhaps even a “cargo ship” trainee vessel which was spying for all we know (a lot of American merchant seamen on board who look fairly fancy for such a tub) went down in a hurricane. I believe it did. I believe all hands were lost tragically, mostly very young merchant seamen. But since it received little coverage compared to the missing Malaysian jetliner that sparked a multinational search in deep ocean (a very interesting place where there is little known and little security extended), I figure it was an unexpected event that could not be allowed to deter from other planned things. Short shrift, you see, is a mark of the real. Or if they pour on the attention, it is to force one’s rival into some position deleterious to its power, to wear it out making denials or such.

          Oh yes, it’s a great game. But the outcome is not foreseeable at each stage, although perhaps you think it is ultimately preordained. I don’t happen to share quite the same view.

        2. “But the outcome is not foreseeable at each stage, although perhaps you think it is ultimately preordained.”

          That is not the question. Free will and predestination exist at the same time.

          We may know with absolute certainty that

          [Zechariah 12:2-3 KJV] 2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah [and] against Jerusalem. 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

          But we can’t know how it will eventuate. A century and a half ago, it was a worthless, barren, waste; no one would have believed it would be every day’s front page news in our day. We, of course, can read today’s papers and see that the Bible is coming true. How the next fulfilled prophesy will happen is unknowable. But we can know with certainty that God’s Word will in fact not fail.

          To return to the top of your comment, musings, you have it wrong when you say this: “I don’t know why you assume the US and Israel always have separate interests. Sometimes, as now, they seem to move in parallel.” Israel has for the last seven years had in the White House its most dedicated enemy in the guise of a former friend. America’s interests diverge completely from those of Israel today. America’s interests are the complete unravelling of the World Order as it has existed for the last century.

          It is important, however, to recognize that the monsters who rule Israel are certainly in league with the monsters who give Barry his orders–and these people want 1984 to come true. So in that sense, you are correct. But Israel has national interests, and a will to survive, that America does not recognize any more. America is now completely dedicated to expunging any vestiges of what once was Western Civilization. Israesl’s people share with the ancient Israelites a sense of eternality. They have been betrayed by the demonic 1% of them who control so much of the world, and their own country, but the country itself has a national interest, and is in great peril. Obama wants to increase that peril to the point of destruction. He’s proved it a thousand times. But of course, he’s not above average intelligence; he just knows the nostrums he absorbed hobnobbing with the likes of Billy Ayres, and probably barely understands them. But he jumps when his masters tell him to jump.

          Zechariah, in the next chapter, gives the truly dire description of what comes of that “cup of trembling” business:

          8 And it shall come to pass, [that] in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off [and] die; but the third shall be left therein. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It [is] my people: and they shall say, The LORD [is] my God.

  4. An ominous development. Americans who identify with American power don’t want to know this, but Washington shoots down civilian passenger planes as part of its foreign policy. In 1988, an American missile ship shot down an Iranian airliner, killing all 290 passengers on board. The USA never apologized for the attack, and gave the captain and crew of the missile ship medals for their performance during the time of the shootdown.

    The Dutch airliner flying over Ukraine was shot down a year or two ago, killing all the passengers on board. Washington blamed Russia while covering up the evidence that its client state Ukraine was responsible. The shootdown enabled Washington to convince the EU to vote for sanctions against Russia.

    Of course this Egyptian shootdown could be an accident, and Lophatt has raised issues that should be explored. However it doesn’t seem likely. ISIL is claiming Credit and Washington and Israrel are supporting ISIL under the Pretense of opposing them. Washington is apparently moving into a full terrorist stage, no longer caring about world public opinion.

    Shooting down the plane is consistent with bombing the Doctors without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, after Doctors opposed TPP on the grounds that it would harm medical care. And Washington was allied with Saudi Arabia when it bombed a Doctors hospital in Yemen. Washington is apparently now bent on conducting terrorist atrocities no matter what people think, what the public relations fallout is, and this will inevitably drift over into being done domestically, as well in foreign affairs.

    1. Yes, in our current situation, Russia represents a brake to this mad imperial dream of theirs. Some see Russia as the bad guy. I don’t. There has to be a counter force to slow this train.

      The “neocons” (I have a better description) want to directly challenge Russia, and maybe even China. They are completely full of themselves. There is no chance of winning such a conflict.

      They have pulled out all the stops to provoke Putin but he hasn’t responded in the way that they hoped. Indeed, he has made asses of them and I find that rather funny.

      I can take an objective look at this because these mutts do not represent me. I know what they’re up to and I don’t like it.

      They thought they could isolate Russia and surround it with NATO troops in their former satellite countries. This hasn’t worked as planned. The hubris is simply staggering.

      NATO has an over-extended military fighting actions on many fronts with garbage equipment. It’s pretty easy to bomb brown people. It’s a little different to take on a country with eleven time zones and equipment that actually works.

      They’ve already demonstrated that they can completely shut down the electronics on navy ships at the push of a button.

      Putin said that talking to BO was like playing chess with a pigeon. I completely get that. All of the strutting like a peacock isn’t impressing anyone.

    2. I actually knew the Operations Officer on that ship. He told me all about it. It’s quite a story. Basically, the captain wanted to be an admiral. He disobeyed orders and went “Yosemite Sam”.

      They never admit their mistakes. They always lie. When you think about it, its like sending not-to-bright psychopaths out to play with explosives.

      1. Really, Lophatt? It was the captain who initiated the shooting down of the airliner? And Washington just supported him afterwards? Well, that’s better than Washington ordering him to shoot down the passenger plane.

        But they gave him and the other officers medals afterwards.
        Would they have done that if he disobeyed orders?

        1. I’m not sure what you’re implying here. I said that I knew the guy, and I did. I met him where I was working at the time and he was stationed there on his shore duty.

          The captain did indeed give the order to fire. They did indeed give them medals for this and refuse to apologize:

          I did not say, or imply that I was happy about it. It was just a statement of fact.

          The backstory is that Capt. Will Rogers III, who was responsible for this, was known as a cowboy. My general experience with the military in general is that they are primarily a self-serving band of sanctimonious hypocrites.

          Rogers was assigned to patrol 40 miles South of Iran’s waters in the Straight of Hormuz. Having his eye ever-trained on his officer fitrep (fitness report), he was “hot for action”. He was actually within Iran’s waters at the time of the attack (his attack, not Iran’s).

          He was supposed to be escorting American flagged Kuwaiti oil tankers. This was during the Iran/Iraq war. He was constantly provoking Iranian gun ships in the area and had been warned before about this by the fleet commander.

          If you read the attached piece you will get the general idea of what happened. The reality is that it was a combination of idiocy and avarice. As this is precisely what is normally rewarded in the military they of course received honors for this.

          Anyone wondering if it has improved since then can rest assured that it has not. So, not that I’m suggesting anything here, I just know that military exercises were ongoing in the area and “mistakes” happen.

          In the Iran Air 655 incident the Government did not order the shoot down, but they rewarded it. I’m certain that isn’t lost on today’s hard-charging rank grabbers.

        2. I was not at all implying, Lophatt that you approved of shooting down a passenger jet, what I was questioning is that the captain did it on his own without orders. Cowboy or not, he was a military commander, and the military functions through orders from superiors. The orders may not be open and explicit and written, but they can still be clear as to what the power structure would like done.

          It seems to me unlikely that a commander would shoot down a civilian plane without word that this is what the power system would like done, and then be commended along with his crew for an “accident” that killed 300 people. I don’t think the military, or any authoritarian organ, functions that way.

          The captain and crew got medals because, in my opinion, they did what their superiors wanted done. And it was disguised as an “accident’ In an arrogant and domineering exhibition of Plausible Denial, for diplomatic purposes. An action that said ‘F*ck You’ to the Iranians.

        3. I have worked around the Navy directly for over 45 years. As I said above, I don’t have a high regard for the military in general for several reasons.

          I can assure you, however, that the captain of a ship has complete authority over the vessel. He also has standing orders to protect it. In this case the CO “stretched” that and claimed he was under attack by an F-15.

          At one point in the hearing there is mention of him asking for permission to engage. It does not say what the response was. He would have asked that from his fleet commander, an admiral.

          A captain of a ship is several levels removed from the White House. I also have no love for them either. All that being said, I am certain that he did not have orders to shoot down and airliner. He should not have fired, period.

          He was not at war. He was not really in danger. He had been making provocative moves and was reprimanded by his boss for not staying in his assigned area. The reason he did that was to provoke a response that he thought might provide an opportunity for him to win a medal and enhance his promotional possibilities.

          While I certainly don’t believe all of the testimony, his junior officers were encouraging him to fire. The “target” was broadcasting on the civilian, “Mode III” channel instead of the military “Mode II” channel. That should have been enough to make him stop.

          He did broadcast several warnings but they were on the wrong frequency. The military aircraft in the area heard them but ignored them as they were directed at an imaginary F-15. The civilian airliner did not hear any of this.

          To top the whole thing off, they refused to apologize and gave out medals for this performance. It was disgusting. He should have been prosecuted.

          Lastly, there was no real reason for an Aegis Class warship to be there at all. His actions were reckless and irresponsible. Both he and the administration showed complete disregard for human life and profound lack of empathy.

          As sickening as this was, I don’t think he was ordered to do it. He screwed up chasing his career dreams and was rewarded for doing so.

    1. Well, it’s possible, I suppose. Everybody knows the politics of it. Obongo has announced that he will be sending “human shields” to keep the Russians from bombing his terrorists.

      This could be a stupid Brezinsky trick. We can no longer believe a local or international story. I have to admit, it has that feel to it.

  5. I was going to post that this crash site looks staged but several sharp people beat me to it. No luggage? No bodies/body parts? No fires? No apparent impact from the parts?

    1. There is an area of luggage. I personally do not think the crash looks staged. Are you saying the Egyptians are in cahoots with the Russians – because it is their territory and their jurisdiction. Nothing smells wrong about this. Not that the radar website called this one when it happened.

      Yes, there can be an airtight NWO that always controls everything, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. So far, I see a lot of discontinuity, however much money supplies the glue for everyone. Even in the closest family, there can be murderous disputes. The bigger and richer the family, the more bodies.

      1. Yes, I’m hearing that there is quite a debris field. That would be consistent with the explanation that it broke up at altitude. I can’t tell that from the pictures I’ve seen.

        The pictures give the impression that its all pretty much there in a neat line. That may not be the case.

        A catastrophic failure is just that. Whether it was caused by a device or just bad repair work remains to be seen.

  6. An alternate explanation to terrorism was provided by Lophatt, inadequate repairs to a previous tailstrike accident. Both a Chinese and a Japanese passenger plane had broken up previously, and they were both characterized as failing due to inadequate repairs after a tailstrike accident.

    What there is absolutely no evidence for is that this event was faked. There would be no point to faking it, and it probably would be impossible to do with so many international authorities involved, and the relatives of 224 killed.

      1. Yes, precisely. I’m being cautious here. Politically, I can see several reasons for someone to do this. On the other hand, it is not exactly unknown for substandard repairs to be performed in that part of the world.

        I read an extensive piece on this several years ago. Airlines routinely lease planes from Third World countries that have had miserable maintenance. You can be taking your life in your hands to get on one and you may not even know that you have.

        I liked what Longinus said about confusion. I also get the sense that they are proceeding more cautiously than usual.

        If it was an accident, they will know that. If it wasn’t, they’ll know that as well. They probably already know all they need. I wouldn’t necessarily take it to the bank just because they announce their findings.

        If something was planted it will be easy for them to know that in short order.

  7. Another interesting conspiracy theory…The part about another airplane sabotage may even be true. But the author is missing the context of terrorism and war. The Russian ruling class are at least as warmongering, as terror-mongering, as evil as the western rulers, and they answer to the same elusive Masters, otherwise they would not have censored 9/11.


    1. no they are not, Daniel, although they are equally corrupt. Russia since ww 1 has been militarily defense, and has seldom engaged in terrorism. It is true that they have censored 9/11-anthrax, but releasing a counter narrative would be considered undiplomatic. It would not do much good either, since the truth about 9/11 would just be branded as “Russian propaganda.” As occurred when Russia told the truth about the Nazis in Ukraine.

      1. Thank you for elaborating on my point. Assuming your conspiracy theory is true, the Russian rulers are too afraid of the Master 9/11 conspirators to even discreetly notify Russian architects & engineers that they would face no retaliation if they signed a certain online petition for a thorough technical investigation into the Twin Towers’ destruction. They are 9/11 censors, criminals against humanity, and major actors in Plato’s global cave. Their mask of wise statesmen who try to calm the U.S. appetite for war makes them more dangerous warmongers, just like the most dangerous wolves are those that don sheep’s clothes.


        1. Folk’s Right Daniel.

          The Russians know, but it’s not worth the pain they would go through to expose 911 or any of it.

          They’ve been pretty vocal about the phony ISIS or ISSL as Obama likes to say..Levant

          Oooh the sweet sound of the morning prayer

        2. Ric, try to place yourself where they are positioned. They KNOW all about it. They probably have the sort of proof that would be their undoing.

          They don’t control them. They use it like a bargaining chip. It’s one of the reasons they hate the Russians so. They don’t want to be a vassal state.

          There was a similar dance when the Malaysia MH-17 went down. The Russian ambassador paid a visit and let them know that they had the goods on them. Their aim was to get them to stop lying.

          We are living in scary times. I have no confidence that these mutts won’t get us all killed.

  8. The photos don’t necessarily looked staged to me. Recall Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie, Scotland. The nose cones are similar. Images of PA103 are available online. What WERE DEFINITELY LIES were ‘the plane at the Pentagon’ and ‘the plane in Shankesville’ on 9-11 . Anyone who bothered to even give those 2 scenes a cursory glance could plainly see there were no airplanes there. I don’t recall which newscaster said it very early on while at the Pentagon –but he said that he didn’t see any plane wreckage there. And the fact that so few photos were ever made available is an absolute red flag.

    After reading the information at the link below, I think it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Putin wouldn’t commit such an act to bolster world opinion in his favor. After all, a bogey man needs to be set up over a period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Look how long Bin Laden was in ‘the works’ before we were told he pulled ‘the big one’ whilst sitting in his cavern lair.

    OF COURSE, part of the agenda is to make everything SOOO confusing that John Q. Public will throw his hands up in the air and basically give up trying to figure it out. I have heard the “what can I do about it” and “what good does it do me to know all this?” refrain a number of times over the years.

    If I were a betting person, I’d bet that Putin is part of the NWO agenda and that he’s playing his part very well. This is not a stupid man. If WWIII were to get ‘hot’ (because I think WWIII actually started on 9-11) I would think it could very well be while he is in office.

  9. It has taken a long time for the Nemesis to shape and gather strength, but it seems to be present at last, a force to oppose the Hubris launched during 9/11.

    It will never be a clear-cut story – the Russians are too experienced for that. They are, after all, not masters of checkers but of chess. They have suffered and prevailed as we can only imagine in our worst nightmares, which are a child’s haunted house to them. The Siege of Leningrad is the kind of thing they remember, not some crisis actor’s suffering.

    Every official remark they have made about this crash has been incremental and cautious. Meanwhile, the mockery of their capabilities and the willingness to attribute the crash to their incompetence is what you can expect from the Hubris side of the board.

    Now for history – the glance back that news feeds never take. The phony crash at Shanksville – versus this.The day our country really has to face reality instead of virtual reality, will be the beginning of our own rehab. Sometimes you have to lose a few matches and admit it before you can grow up. The Mideast is shaping up as a losing match.

    1. “The day our country really has to face reality instead of virtual reality, will be the beginning of our own rehab.”

      Profoundly true, Musings. And this will take decades because Americans identify with ideological irrationality, the Proclaimed or Pretend truth rather than the reality-based truth. The Pretend truth legitimates American power, largely by instilling a contempt for people. It isn’t possible to instill a respect for people without subverting the Western ideological tradition, and the American ideology that revolves around Freedom&Democracy.

      To defend this ideology that legitimates American oligarchical power, the lies will grow wilder and the irrationality deeper, as evidenced by the Repub presidential debates. The lies are necessary to legitimate American violence which is espoused by all the Repub and Dem candidates. And the first casualty of violence is truth.

  10. Some updates..

    The owner/operator of the aircraft gave a press conference and said

    There were no comms from the plane at all before the crash

    In their opinion, the plane disintegrated in the air and, again in their opinion, this rules out pilot error and mechanical failure….. therefore it crashed because of ” some kind of impact”

    The Russian government has not dismissed or contradicted the airline’s statements, at least not yet, which is interesting

    A spokesman for the Russian government said there were no indications of an external impact ( presumably that means no missile)

    To me, that leaves the possibility of an onboard explosion, which means an accidental explosion of something in the cargo bay or a deliberately planted explosive device

    I don’t know what footage you’re being shown in America, but here in Britain we are saying a huge amount of luggage etc among the debris and the wreckage is clearly spread over many square miles, again indicating an explosion…

    1. There are some famous bombings of aircraft which relied on the lower pressure of cruising altitude to detonate a device, which was set up to spread debris over a wide area (as here). The trigger was the lower air pressure.

      I do not have the incidents, but that is one thing I recall. In the old days those devices used liquid mercury pressure to set off the bomb.

    2. Yes Steven, that’s what I read as well. The Russian investigators did chastise the airline to some degree, however. They said it was premature to say anything at this point.

      I have not seen that sort of photographic evidence. I have seen the clips on RT. It is difficult to get a sense of the extent of the debris field, other than through their descriptions of it.

      There has been speculation regarding the tail section. They call this the “rear pressure chamber” near the vertical stabilizer.

      They have reported consistently that this plane suffered damage due to a tail strike on landing but was repaired and recently inspected. Some are pointing to outward protruding pieces of aluminum at the point where the tail section separated.

      It seems they have abandoned to mayday call business. What is being referred to as a “dive” is apparently from radar data. The numbers they’ve posted don’t work, however.

      They said that it was less than one minute from the observed anomaly to ground strike. All things being equal (which of course they aren’t), it takes approximately seven seconds to fall 1,000 feet.

      They claim it was at roughly 31,000 ft at 186 mph. That speed at that altitude is pretty slow. I don’t calculate free fall as getting it to earth in under a minute either.

      One site was pushing the old “center fuel tank explosion” meme. I’m not buying that. While I’m not suggesting anything I would like to point out that there was a huge military drill going on at the time centered around Israel.

      Of course, they’ve been adamant about there being no outward signs of damage to the hull. Of course they have already changed many things being reported already.

    3. Steven, in today’s Daily Mail ( there are two videos, one of aerial footage of the debris field, and another promising footage of “personal belongings”–which it does not actually deliver.

      The aerial footage shows a very confined pile, that contains no seats or kitchen equipment, toilets, or luggage. It circles a large part of the area, and the only thing of interest pictured far away is the tail. There is no large debris field.

      The other video has a phalanx of men searching the desert in a line, finding essentially nothing–just like the fakery of the Pentagon lawn.

      The text of the article is by a guy from the Economist; it is chock full of all the anti-Russia propaganda tag-words; the article is intended to remind us all of the scary man we are supposed to be afraid of.

      But the pictures don’t lie. The flyover seems to me to prove the story is yet another hoax. They planted some airplane parts, some old plumbing pipes and blackened trash, a beach sandal, and told us there are hundreds of dead people there. Nope.

      If you are seeing pictures that contradict that video, that video is fake. Which means, there has to be a reason to stage a second scene. I suppose anything is possible.

      1. If you look at images of the Lockerbie Scotland crash, the plane, which fell from 31,000 feet, dug a furrow in the earth large enough to accommodate 4 ordinary sized houses. Where is such a furrow in this crash (in sand, no less). Why do all of the airliner parts seem to be placed on site, and there are even large equipment tracks all around the debris, which would allow such a hoax. Why are the wings largely intact, with nothing more than signs of being burned? I simply do not buy anything promulgated by any government, government entity (corporation), or anyone with access to the mainstream media. Period.

  11. Although they interviewed experts such as a 30 year career commercial pilot who stated that planes like this one do not just nosedive when the engines fail, RT did not rush to judgment by pointing a finger at the usual suspect. I hope that the Russian investigation gets to the bottom of it even though much evidence was destroyed in the “accident”.

    1. They, as well as we, have technologies that enable us to see just about anything we’d like to see. The game is not to let the other guy see what you can see, even though they know that you can.

      Whatever happened to the plane, they know full well what that was. The diplomatic game is to play it for public consumption.

      For example, if he knows that it was bombed, he’ll know who is responsible. He will likely not say anything about that. If he does then his constituents will insist on retaliation.

      If he plays it like an accident, but knows otherwise, there will be some sort of tit for tat and all will know why. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think so.

      He has demonstrated that he uses his head. I’m quite sure that isn’t easy.

      1. “He has demonstrated that he uses his head. I’m quite sure that isn’t easy.”

        It stands to reason. However, Putin’s power is contingent upon the support of military generals, the GRU, and to some extent FSB and oligarchs. I think They (especially the military and GRU) are demonstrating great restraint. This is similar to when the Soviets knew we were supplying stinger missiles to Tim Osman. They do not quite have the discipline and long-term view of the Chinese, however they are in no way as reactionary as US.

        1. I think that’s an accurate assessment. Putin IS a politician. He is shrewd, however. We haven’t had anyone like that, if ever, in a very long time.

          He has to balance his generals, his populace, various interest groups, etc.. Like I said, if there is foul play, the generals will know that. He will be under pressure to retaliate. That isn’t as bad as having his citizenry know.

          I’m sure he would rather not have to deal with all this. Russia is doing better economically than we are. Look what happens.

          They are arming Chechens and other groups to cause internal problems. They send in NGO’s to cause internal strife. They lie about them at every turn.

          The world would be a much better place without all these trouble makers. They can’t leave anyone alone.

        2. “They are arming Chechens and other groups to cause internal problems. They send in NGO’s to cause internal strife. They lie about them at every turn.”

          No one beats the Mossad and CIA in these games. However, Blowing Up Russia was a book that had to be true. Res Ipsa Loquitur, Alexander Litvenienko did not get polonium in his coffee causing a break with Russo-British relations, for the first time since the Cold War, for spinning a conspiracy theory. But, I still think the last statesman this country produced that could be compared to Putin was JFK.

        3. Interesting that you mention Chechens…. apparently Metrojet has two principal owners…one is of Turk origin, presumably muslim and the other is a Chechen,with a name that sounds muslim rather than ethnic Russian…..this may, of course, be entirely irrelevant to the cause of the airliner crash…

        4. Well, its a well known fact that they use them. That’s what they do globally. Go into countries, find dissenters and leverage that.

          The ownership is a little confused. They have gotten some bad press for other mishaps and, as you say, the area is a vacation spot. When you have a crappy maintenance record what else can you do but change your name?

          They seem to be trying to let this one die. I don’t think Putin will.

  12. OK, since the initial rush to judgement a few things have come to light (at least as far as we can determine from the ever-dependent press).

    Now it seems that the discussions with the daughter about the condition of the plane were fabricated. Why? I don’t know.

    It is apparently the same for the emergency radio call. They say the Egyptians made that up.

    Now they are “leaking” that there may have been some sort of internal explosion. They cite the outward protruding aircraft skin.

    Further pictures show evidence of a fire.

    Now, as I see it, if the plane broke up at 30,000 ft., there would be quite a debris field. They claim that there is, but the pictures don’t give that impression.

    They claim that it “dived”. If it “blew up” it most assuredly didn’t “dive”. It fell. If it actually dove, it would make a hole the Pennsylvania would be proud of.

    We know that Putin has shamed BO (as he should). We know that ISIS is funded and coordinated by the US and Israel. We know that Russia was invited into Syria by their elected leadership. The US was not.

    We know that BO has now decided to put military in Syria to act as human shields for his terrorists. We know that they have been busy falsely accusing Russia of bombing hospitals that have since been proven never to have existed.

    We know that Rita Katz released an “ISIS” movie claiming to shoot down the plane. There’s a clue here.

    Given all that, I would hazard that Israel/US brought down the plane and Putin is trying to decide whether it is worth WWIII. If he says what I think his people will demand action. If he says it was an accident you can rest assured there will be some sort of retaliation, albeit “unofficial”.

    1. good post, Lophatt. But Putin isn’t in favor of ww3; I would guess he will try for a political settlement anyway. Israel doesn’t want one; but maybe Obama does.

      1. I completely realize that. I’m on his side on this one. He’s a good leader and a lot wiser than our stooge.

        I confess, this mess in Ukraine and now Syria makes me nervous. I know that BO’s boss wants war. BO doesn’t care about any of it.

        He has handled the Ukrainian orchestrated coup brilliantly. He has to consider his people’s feelings as well as what he knows to be true. He is smart enough to act in ways that are logical under the circumstances, not emotionally satisfying.

        1. It’s a sad in Amerika when the majority side with Putin and Not our own President..

          It’s not that we love Putin and what he stands for, it’s because we are so sick of the Bankers, CEO’s and the ALL the Industrial Complexes running OUR Country and we see someone fighting Back.

          And right when you think “our ” people just might put their collective ears on the Tracks to hear the train a coming….He sends 50 Troops and Tow Missiles, Ammunition to Syria KNOWING Russia is there legally and potentially harming my Russia Brothers who are trying to end this Bull$hit.

          You All know what I’m saying and I know My President is just controlled by the Puppet Masters.

          Wheres is the left?

          O’s wars are good but Bushes wars are bad mentality?

          Republican bombs are bad but Democrat bombs are good?

          Hypocrisy at level 10+.

          Hey, if anyone from left stroll by here, We NEED your help to make a change..Common Ground

        2. Ric, if its Putin making sense, I’m OK with that. He’s not the one in the worldwide land grab. “Our” guys are saying “its our way or the highway”. That’s unacceptable to me.

          I have no obligation to support what the Odor boys are doing and I don’t. They aren’t asking my permission and, if they did, I wouldn’t give it.

          Anyone can read the PNAC document. It is the dream of madmen. We are currently living that dream. That dream is rapidly becoming a nightmare.

        3. I know and it Sucks!!

          And I think these sick F&cks are going to keep pushing.

          They don’t give a Rats As$ about Us, America or anything but have been in control since 1963….And no one will ever believe it

          I’m lost for words, and the Left American’s will Never stand up unless there’s a Repub in the WH. The Right never does anything, the Teaparty movement was unbelievable ( a group of older people) and have been blamed and kicked around for Everything by the left.

          That’s the only time you see protests is when the left disagree. The Right sit at home.

          I hope you know what I’m saying and this is why the left wins on every issue eventually.

          They do something….

          I’m sure an a$$ kicking is on it’s way but it’s the truth.

          The left got big bucks for their fight and pay protesters to riot and protest but no Big Bucks on the right or center do, and yet when the left feel they’re losing they blame it on the Koch Brothers money and Tea Party…..

          They are WAY more organized and Funded.

          SHHHHHHHHHH it’s a secret

    2. It helps to read Veterans Today at the same juncture one is reading MHB. VT has some good information on virtually all of their work, how about Jim Stone, too? Strength in numbers, although info often emanates from ONE source and can be tainted, si vous plait.

  13. Russian Transport Ministry officials have rejected ISIS claim saying that “plane at 31K feet is outside MANPAD range”.

    Mokhtar Awad, an analyst with the Center for American Progress, has also rejected ISIS claim – calling it “quite vague”. The Washington-based group was founded by Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, John Podesta (Jewish) in 2003.

    Lt. Col. Stephen Avery, who had piloted Airbus 321 in the past, has also rejected IS claim in the video. He says that Airbus 321 doesn’t have the power to reach 31,000 feet range.

    I’m surprised the Egypt, Israel and United States have not awarded the honor of planting a bomb inside the plane to anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood that supported Mufti al-Husseini against Jew settlers.

    The shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile MANPAD has a maximum range of 1500 feet. The question is who provided the IS those missiles other than the US or Israel?

    Based on the above facts, I believe it was a warning to Putin to get the hell out of Syria by USrael.

    1. “Hey Umar, here’s $100. I need my backpack stowed”.

      Doesn’t sound too tough to me. No “manpad”, no video, just BOOM!

      I’d wager there are several images of that “flash”. I can tell you that there isn’t an explosion on earth that doesn’t get recorded. Those satellites are much more capable than they would like us to think.

  14. The solution to the American political problem lies in religion. It is currently in the hands of people like Patrick, a pustule of malice and deceit, but there is another side to religion which can serve the interests of people. Some of the strongest voices fpr the oppressed in American history, Lke Martin Luther King, or John Brown, came from religion. They were both killed by the American government and their heritage grossly distorted. But the American people will be increasingly oppressed in the coming years, as the economy degenerates, and the only solution to this oppression is spiritual revolution.

    What must be done is to sacralize the secular. Josephus, the historian of the Jerusalem war of Rome, stated somewhere that a person has a soul that is a fragment of the Divine. We must sacralize the person so that it is sacrilege for power to brutalize, impoverish or treat her with contempt. All 7 billion persons. Religion must be used to personalize the earth’s people. All religions have a Proclaimed side that can serve the spiritual enlightenment and moral generation of the population, they have just fallen in the hands of power manipulation.

    Our presidents Proclaim their religiosity as they kill and torture people at random, apartheid Israel appeals to it promote its imperialism, Saudi Arabia uses it to maintain a primitive and reactionary despotism. While Human Rights is Proclaimed by Washington. But this Orwellian use of religion historically can secrete another side, one that serves people rather than oppresses them.

    A political revolution in our political culture must be a religious revolution. And this requires a fundamental transformation of our ideological world-views as the Western tradition reaches its historical end.

  15. According to Asian Times, a doctor who examined the bodies maintained that those in the rear of the plane died by a blast. There were metal particles in the bodies, which did not occur in the bodies in the front of the plane. So a reasonable guess is that a bomb was slipped on board, and put in the rear where there was a repair of a previous tailstrike accident. According the Stratfor, a US private intelligence agency, it is commonplace to bribe Egyptian airline workers to allow unauthorized packages aboard.

    The reasonable suspects are the US, Israel, or ISIL, or a combination of all three.

    1. Here in Britain, mainstream news just said that the passengers in the rear appear to have died by blast and the passengers in the front from blood loss and shock….which seems to support the theory that there was an explosion at the rear…. I think its a little premature to jump to ” must have been a bomb” but that scenario is clearly in the frame..

      1. Yeah, the smart money is on the tail section being torn loose, either from an explosion or other cause. As to the bodies I have heard to polar opposite stories. One says they had no sign of blast damage, another says yes they did.

        The satellite data (remember I mentioned that in passing?), claims there was a “flash” recorded at the time of the incident. That is HIGHLY suggestive. I doubt if the departure of the tail section would cause a flash recordable via satellite.

        All through the Malaysia incidents (both of them), I said that nothing moves anymore that they don’t know about. I know that to be true. They spend huge sums of money and allow these production numbers to go on with the searches, etc., knowing full well what happened.

        Think about that. The Russians and Chinese know that we have this technology. They have it themselves and we know that. But, neither will acknowledge it publicly. Why? It’s “secret”. From who?

        So from where we sit, what we are told are political “truths”, not the facts. No matter what the final accepted verdict is, it will in all probability be a lie.

        1. Yeah, Lophatt, a ‘flash’ is getting nealyr conclusive. Good catch on the satellite data.

      2. But what else could it have been, Steven. If the tail separated from the fuselage, there wouldn’t have been an explosion, just a separation of parts.

        1. Folk, something else could have exploded , in cargo, for example.That airport, Sharm El Sheikh, is well known for having bribable baggage handlers… lots of smuggling going on, I’m no expert but maybe chemicals, constituents of illegal drugs, for example, or other flammable material…

          There is an interesting rift growing between the Russians and the Egyptians…..with Russian investigators talking of burnt bodies, cockpit recorders exhibiting sounds of sudden chaos on board, implying a fire and a break up in the air…whilst the Egyptians seem to be denying a mid air break up, presumably because that would make Sharm and Egypt appear insecure which badly affects their revenue from tourism etc…

          Im a Brit and for many of us Sharm is like your Florida, a huge number travel there for winter sun holidays, nearly a million just last year, I think…its a big deal for Egypt…. anyway, should be interesting to see how this pans out….

        2. Folk…. it could have been a fuel tank explosion or something smuggled into cargo that accidentally blew up, like illegal chemicals…Sharm airport is notorious for corrupt baggage handlers…

          The Russians seem to be favouring mid air explosion, while the Egyptians are saying tech fault, probably cos explosion would scare away the tourists…I’m a Brit, the Sharm area is like your Florida for us…hot weather winter holidays..

        3. Steven, depending on what reporting one relies upon it could be either/or. If the flash caught on satellite is real, it probably was an explosion.

          If the reports of the bodies being damaged and burned are true, there probably was an explosion.

          They have corrected the speed of descent information that I complained about earlier. Now they have it at 300 mph.

          As you say, baggage handlers in that neck of the woods are notorious for taking bribes to smuggle things.

          Based on the reticence to announce officially I think they are deciding how to treat this politically. Russia has been raining on Israel’s picnic lately.

          They may trot out the old “center fuel tank explosion” meme. It has been proven to be bogus before, but hey, its a story that seems to match the findings.

          It is somewhat suspicious to have conflicting leaked reports that are diametrically opposed. From what I gather this would be easily done.

          I read a rather obscure posting where they were trying to get other satellite data. Like I said earlier, there is a record of it. The U.S. (or rather their boss), doesn’t want to share.

  16. “In Moscow Vnukovo and in St. Petersburg and in Kazan and in Novosibirsk, Israelis provided all security. I asked an airline executive why is that a big country like Russia can’t provide its own security? He explained that, if Russian airlines and airports do not use one of the approved security firms, the airplanes from Russia will be deemed unsafe and will not be allowed to travel to Europe/US. All the security companies in the list approved by FAA are Israeli owned.

    Then I noticed all airports all around the world, including Asia, Middle East (even Dubai and Mecca where Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter the country), Egypt, and China use local Security companies, which are branches of European/American companies with headquarters in Israel. (Iran and North Korea are exceptions. But they don’t fly outside.) US is forcing them to use Israeli companies or be banned from Europe and US. Israeli companies decide who gets on an airplane and what bags/items are loaded onto the plane, anywhere in this world. If any bombs explode on any airplane anywhere, you know who placed it there.”

    1. The source for your assertions, Dublin, are provided by religious loons and anti-semites. Some of them may occasionally be true, just as a broken clock is right twice a day, but, in my opinion, you are an addled dingbat who obfuscates reality.

  17. Here in Britain, our Govt just announced they believe the crash was due to an explosive device…based on Intel, not the wreckage… all flights suspended from here which is a big deal cos thousands of Brit tourists go to Sharm area winter sun resorts every day..our PM meets Egyptian Pres in London tomorrow..

    1. It’s certainly looking that way. They are going to hang this on “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service).

      Mark is right, the gloating is disgusting. It also point to how ridiculous all the airport nonsense is. A few dollars will get anything you like stuck in the baggage compartment.

      I’ll bet there weren’t any nail clippers or breast milk on board, however. Ever since Umar Fizzlepants they won’t let you have matches either.

      By the way, that was Israeli-owned security as well.

  18. The West is openly gloating about the destruction of Russian passenger plane and the killing of the 250 persons in Sinai. A mainstream American journo John Bradley wrote an article for a British mag exulting that this would discourage the Russians and would extend the war in Syria. As I stated before, US power–oligarchical Washington– is now supporting terrorist policies regardless of the public opinion fallout.

    The piece describing this approach is by Olson Gunnar in New Eastern Outlook.

  19. Dr. Tracy, care to comment on either of these reports? They appear to be translations of Russian sourced articles. I don’t believe anyone wise to the corruption present in western politics and media would be surprised if this information has been subjected to a news blackout. Same links have been provided to a self-described intelligence news outlet, no follow-up as of yet.

    Daring Raid Captures CIA “Assets” Who Downed Russian Plane In Egypt

    Russian Emissary Death In US Spurs Flight To Moscow Of Plane Shootdown Terrorists

  20. It was a psyops, a hoax. Metrojet belongs to a Dutch company, TUI. The plane is just a bunch of scattered parts from a retired plane and parts of other planes. There is a junk yard for planes. You bet it wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t even a real plane with passengers

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