Family Torn Asunder By Phony Charges and Unlawful Prosecution

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daviddortch_tnOn this program Sofia Smallstorm interviews California optometrist Dr. David Dortch about the SWAT raid on his home and the false criminal charges brought against him by Riverside County, California.

The Dortch family’s life was radically exploded when they became the victims of a fiction created by the state and pursued through the court system to this very day. Desperately trying to learn how to defend their innocence, David and Kim Dortch began a study of contracting in commerce, as today’s Uniform Commercial Code-based “law” really involves. Listen to this amazing man tell his story and what he knows today of being oneself vs. being represented.

Smallstorm and Dortch also discuss militarization grants given to local law enforcement agencies and the “tasks”/drills/practice they need to carry out in order to qualify for more money (“upgrades”).


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34 thought on “Civil Rights Under Uniform Commercial Code “Law””
  1. It’s sickening and pathetic that this happened to the Dortch family, and events like this happens every minute in this country. I had a similar experience eight years ago going thru a nasty divorce but I had a little luck & smarts about me, due to studying “Chancery Law” in college in London in my past life.

    My advice is to never hire an attorney,stop paying federal/state taxes, stop signing contract and “divorce” yourself from the strawman personage. It’s going on five years for me and I’m elated.

    1. You could likely make some bucks writing a short and concise booklet describing the hows and whys in doing what you have described for us here. Of course, NDAA would be waiting for you in the FEMA camp of your choice. Detials, details.

  2. Police work closely with organized stalking groups or “criminal harassment networks” in cases similar to what you are describing:

    Murrieta is a hot spot for police controlled, organized gang stalking:

    Here is the homepage of my website containing useful information for targets:

  3. “As of 2008 there were allegedly eight million Americans listed in the database as possible threats, often for trivial reasons, whom the government may choose to track, question, or detain in a time of crisis.

    The existence of the database was first asserted in May 2008 by Christopher Ketcham[4] and in July 2008 by Tim Shorrock.”

    Threat assessment “professionals” and fusion centers play a large role in organizing the gang stalking Program. Offensive use of threat assessment, under the guise of prevention of violence, is used to single out potential “lone wolves”, and, has obviously achieved the provocation of many murders and suicides. Social media is currently being used to target individuals for their opinions, setting them up for “red flagging”, invidious discrimination and even state-sanctioned staged murder:

  4. From the Murrieta, California Neighborhood Watch manual, page iv:

    Block Captains act as spokespersons for the group of homes assigned to them. Block Captains are responsible for the following:
     Block Captains are assigned a certain number of homes in their tract (usually six to eight homes). 

     Report directly to their Tract Coordinator. 

     Maintain a telephone listing (tree) of all the families assigned to them.

    Coincidentally, this is about how many citizens spies were operational under the Stasi.

    1. Back in the 80s, it was called the neighborhood watch group. When a robbery occurred, the location and any other info available was broadcast via the phone system, with neighbors talking to neighbors! It was effective and our social network of the day!

      1. There is nothing wrong with a neighborhood watch per se. The problem is with its misuse. An example of this would be watching people who have committed no crime, and do not pose an immanent threat. It’s like saying the judicial system is good for society, but not when it conducts the Salem Witch trials. I think that the idea of having a neighborhood watch captain monitoring all the houses on his block is repugnant. This is something that has devolved into a malicious conspiracy against rights. It is rife for abuses and misuses.

        1. Let me tell you, the people in my neighborhood are nosy and eagle-eyed. And willing to post their perverse suspicions on Facebook. It’s nauseating.

        2. The expansion of these groups with block captains, etc., has transformed them from a crime prevention tool into criminal harassment networks. The surveillance is done with little or no suspicion, people are wrongfully targeted for private grudges, etc. Worst of all, these groups are provoking marginalized and mentally unstable people with the results being foreseeable violence. They are not only ineffective but positively counterproductive. The same nonsense is going on in college campuses. I have a suspicion that mobbing is greatly contributing to the rise of violence by police against citizens. They are bringing these techniques, that were refined in the Post Office, into dangerous and myriad places from campuses to city streets, police stations, and military bases. The evidence is overwhelming that the majority of the “motiveless” shootings, etc., are well rooted in months or even years of mobbing/harassment.

        3. The Post Office? I missed something…

          We have a growing transient/homeless problem in my neighborhood. Some have been here for years: locals, mostly, with mental illness and substance abuse problems. But we’re seeing more and more younger kids (late teens/early 20s), and we’ve been having more day-time break ins. Some are gang members who drive in from Long Beach.

          My son works a few miles away, near Knott’s Berry Farm. The street hooker situation is out of control (we’re talking like $5.00 blow jobs); they have pimps and many appear to be underage. Plus the drug dealing. Violence is always a possibility, and cops seem to make things worse, not better.

          This low-level criminal activity only encourages the “See something, say something” crowd. What to do?

        4. ” The street hooker situation is out of control (we’re talking like $5.00 blow jobs)”…Hahahaha

          I’m sorry, I can’t let this one go.

          I guess prices will go down if you just let the free market work..Haha

          Capitalism at it’s best, unhampered, with strong competition will always result in lower prices..Haha

          Recynd, nothing on you, just funny. Forgive me.

        5. No, Ric, you’re totally right. The market is FLOODED with hookers for some reason, and so between that and the fact that so many women put out so easily these days, it’s driven prices down…way down.

          I’m not making any moral judgments on this, just stating what I see and making a conclusion.

        6. My Grandparents moved from Kansas to Garden Grove, Ca around ’68 or so, only to have 100,000 Vietnamese dropped on their door step after the war.

          I remember as a kid see 1000’s of tents in the strawberry patches or farm fields.

          I think the Strawberry Festival was canceled that year. Longtime ago, my details maybe a little off.

          Anyways, O’Taliban has about 200,000 Syrians headed our way and Orange County is one of the Targets.

          We should re-name Anaheim, Dearborn as in Michigan.

        7. Isn’t it a small world? I actually grew up in Downey, and my husband in Garden Grove (West GG, closer to Los Alamitos/Cypress). We ended up settling here, as well.

          It’s a nice, central location, and it’s solidly middle class, at least as far as Orange County goes…it’s hard to be TOO “middle class” with property values as high as they are (houses in my neighborhood will run $550,000-$750,000, and they’re just 60’s tract-homes…nothing new or fancy). Ridiculous, actually. Few young families can afford to live here, and those who can usually opt for newer homes in South County.

          It’s pretty white in my zip code, but we have a good number of second and third generation Mexicans, Koreans, Samoans, Tongans, and a few Middle Easterners. Immigrants with real money generally go to Irvine (Middle Easterners and Chinese, mostly). I have heard, like you, that we’re slated to get our own Syrian imports. Hope they like the substandard education, shopping, and restaurants Garden Grove has to offer!

        8. I mention the Post Office because going Postal after being mobbed by at the Post Office started happening in the early 80’s long before we had a few mass shootings a week.

          As far as neighborhood watch observing and reporting on crimes like prostitution, pandering, etc., that is what they are supposed to do. It is when the watch starts aggressively harassing loners and other non-criminals that they become a problem. I don’t want my rights or privacy invaded by the police, or the “neighborhood watch” capo’s who gang stalk innocent citizens.

        9. Re the Post Office: that’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure.

          The Neighborhood Watch: yes, those street-level crimes are what the Watch is meant to combat, but with the uptick, people have gotten incredibly paranoid. One neighbor was suspicious of a “creepy ice cream truck” playing Reggae. Sheesh.

        10. In my opinion, “deputizing” citizens to be watch dogs is a bad idea. There is no shortage of would be FBI agents out there.

          With the advent of the “9-11 Movie”, this tendancy has shifted into high gear. They are encouraging every nosey, self-righteous busy body to report any activity that they don’t approve of.

          This is getting people killed as well as leading to Stasi-style raids on people’s homes. Of course such raids can be counted on their score cards for prizes such as brand new MRAP’s.

          Cops are given a license to kill and maim and they get patted on their nappy little heads for doing their job of protecting the elite. Adding “rats” to the equation brings out the absolute worst in the population.

          There is no shortage of cops. There are plenty of them to police petty crime. In fact, they should take their donut laden behinds out of their fancy patrol cars and put them on the street.

          I think at least a minor attitude adjustment would occur. It’s one thing to gaze through a windshield at “the enemy”, quite another to have to walk among them.

          The truth is that, when it hits bottom, it won’t be the cops that we have to worry about as much as these self-appointed seekers of approval. The Norwegians could teach us a few things about “Quislings”.

  5. The Dortches are stuck in a big, nasty, inhuman machine. The medical industry and education are the same.

    For a closer look at the travesty that is family law courts, check out “Divorce, Corp.”, available on Netflix streaming.

  6. Americans don’t understand, or want to understand, that when the criminal system, the police, prosecutors, judges, and media are unaccountable, they can do anything to anyone. But Americans have been so conditioned to defer to power and authority that the majority APPROVE of the police, now that they have been militarized and all have SWAT teams. They are against crime and criminals. So there are laws like Criminal Graffiti for which you can be imprisoned for five years.

    It wasn’t always like this everywhere. Years ago I lived in a liberal Cal town and played tennis with the chief of police. (he had no backhand at all.) But the homeless stayed in the stands and nobody objected, and the police didn’t harass them. The police were certainly not typical, but they existed, and no one was afraid of them. But I live someplace else now and I don’t know what they are like.

    The police-judge-media system could have only arisen by the consent of the American people. We identify with power against the people ruled by power, and arbitrary power is what has happened to this family. It will not change until the ideological world-view of Americans change, to transform the political culture.

    1. I agree to a point. I don’t personally blame the public for this. There is no way to “vote” this out. You can’t appeal to a corrupt system.

      It did not become corrupt due to actions or inactions of the citizenry. Why people want to blame themselves for this is mystifying.

      The “political culture” is theater, pure and simple. It is meaningless. It is the modern equivalent to bread and circuses. You can vote for Tweedledee or Tweedledum but you will get a self-serving psychopath who works for the New World Odor.

      We are not in control and never have been. The only question is; when will we decide to turn our backs and walk away?

      1. We often read that if we want to know who’s to blame for the current state of affairs – look in the mirror. No, don’t do that. This has been an evolving system for a very long time. We had nothing to do with its implementation, nor can we ever stop it in its tracks. As lophatt suggests, turn your back and walk away. That is what I have done. It is the only way.

        If you attempt to correct a wrong, the wrongdoers will be on you as vultures on dead flesh. I have been there. Just walk away and never look back.

      2. “The truth is that, when it hits bottom, it won’t be the cops that we have to worry about as much as these self-appointed seekers of approval. The Norwegians could teach us a few things about “Quislings”.”

        My belief is that the gang stalking problem is a counterintelligence Program, and that one of its chief aims is to destroy organized crime, linking them by greasing the rails for a conspiracy against rights case. This would be like other KKK prosecutions, but national instead of regional. Bottom line, the feds go big game hunting, and the self-appointed seekers of approval end up looking like Las Zetas victims. This is a pretty grim fate, even for those who well deserve it.

  7. This is a sad tale, but unfortunately, it isn’t the only one that I am aware of. Sofia has done a great service in pointing to the funding aspect of the federalization of police and the attendant consequences.

    I differ somewhat in that I am not as concerned over the corporate/contractual language. In my view they don’t need justification and attacking authority based on their failure to adhere to law and procedures is unlikely to produce anything worthwhile.

    While it is true that they could use contract law to rationalize their behavior, whatever “contract” claimed to exist would be determined null and void if one could get an impartial judgement. THAT is the heart of it, not the form that the contract takes.

    Several key items jumped out at me during the interview. No doubt they need opportunities to get their “ticket punched” with regard to “progressing” in the Stasi business. In areas such as where this poor devil lives it may be more difficult to find victims.

    When you couple this with the surveillance apparatus that they have recently built, data mining is quite easy. When there is a need to perform a drill, they can cast around in their files and target individuals who seem vulnerable.

    It is hard to say what first brought him to their attention. It may not have been his son. It may have been the medical marijuana prescription, or maybe a group they belong to, or statements either of them may have made to a neighbor (or “Neighborhood Watch”).

    Once they were targeted they no doubt scoured their files for anything that could be woven into their drill scenario. Not only is this done purely for funding, it is done as a punitive measure and warning to anyone else who may take it upon themselves to defy authority or act in nonconforming ways.

    The drills and some of the technology are new since 9-11. The overall approach dates at least as far back as the 1970’s. During the Gordon Caul, Ruby Ridge and Waco episodes this “Sovereign Citizen” term came into being. They are very annoyed by people professing this ideology.

    People have been murdered for holding beliefs that threaten their hegemony. The psychology of those who aspire to be cops often has a strong authoritarian component. Contempt of cop (or court) is often punished very severely.

    There are some things that, even though they are reprehensible and wrong, have to be accepted as real. We live in a totalitarian society. No, they are not going to announce that. Neither did Joe Stalin.

    But just as surely as Joe Stalin would have someone done away with or confined to a mental institution, our current “democratic” institutions would readily do the same. As this couple’s experience shows, they have no respect for rights, natural or otherwise.

    It is not out of agreement that I advise people to look at how things are, not what we wish they were. There is no appeal from something like this. In fact, the more public and loud the victim becomes, the harder they fall on them as examples.

    If it is personally worth it to someone to take them on head on, I understand that. They should understand, however, what that means. They would rather see you broken or dead than to relinquish control. There is no higher court that will reverse what has happened. Even in the case of a miraculous decision, one will still be broke and broken.

    1. “It is hard to say what first brought him to their attention. It may not have been his son. It may have been the medical marijuana prescription, or maybe a group they belong to, or statements either of them may have made to a neighbor (or “Neighborhood Watch”).”

      I have come into contact with well over 100 individuals who have been targeted by community mobbing a.k.a. “gang stalking” (gang stalking is run at the local level by cops). I would say that in a majority of cases the event that targets believe triggered the process (e.g., employment dispute, messy divorce) is a pretext for a deeper motive, that, in some cases (one case would be military/intelligence families), is multi-generational targeting. Large German families who have family members who were Nazi party members have been targeted en masse across this country.

      1. In reality, militant Zionist groups worked with the ADL, JDL, and organized crime writ large, to target families who had anti-Semitic beliefs throughout this country. Germans and families of certain Eastern European countries, such as the Baltic states and Ukraine, were particularly scrutinized for this type of targeting.

      2. Yes, I wouldn’t argue with that. I am saying that it also provides a stock of targets for their practice drills. That way they “win valuable prizes” while they’re at it.

        In smaller areas it is more difficult to find “compromised” individuals and they have to work harder. So, as it seems in this case, they develop a drill scenario and then fit the scene to the script.

        It ends up part of a symbiotic whole, whether planned or otherwise. They are being rewarded for turning into block wardens and Stasi. An added attraction is that they silence their opposition. They don’t really care if you end up in jail. By the time they’re done with you you are destroyed.

        1. “An added attraction is that they silence their opposition. They don’t really care if you end up in jail. By the time they’re done with you you are destroyed.”

          Another mass shooting and arson in Colorado Springs today. Memories of Webster, NY in 2012. The anger of the “motiveless” “lone wolf” is clear. How long can the blackmailed Congress wait for another Church Committee? Weekly mass shootings, or do we need it to be a daily phenomenon to wake the blind and the dead. The shyte is piling up so high they are smelling it on the Hill. The rope they are using to lynch targets will soon be a noose around their necks. Each one a coward and traitor to this country and its Constitution.

      1. Indeed. That is the harsh reality. Those who are toying with a martyr complex beware. That is obviously part of the message. If you do not conform and are disobedient, they will punish you.

        The piece that some fail to understand is that there is no realistic redress. I’ve dealt with this on a much less personal basis for years. There are “presumptions”. The court’s presumption is that authorities don’t act this way. Of course they know that they do, but they don’t rule that way.

        It is much better to avoid the courts than run to them for relief. It won’t be found.

    2. Very insightful post, lophatt. People must actually see what IS in order to see a way through.
      Our outrage against a system gone corrupt is largely impotent when the instruments of force (cops and courts) have been wrested out of our control.
      The citizens no longer are sure of who they can trust, and it’s become necessary to not trust ANYONE in government just to protect the little we do have. It didn’t used to be so blatant.
      That uncertainty ruins a citizen’s love of country, and the eventual result for most people is a depressing apathy and a feeling of impotence.
      The secret societies rampant in the world now have gained the upper hand. The internet and ease of communication between conspirators afforded by modern technologies has increased the pace of their schemes a thousand-fold.
      Although these societies cloak their existence in mystery and mythos, I believe they’re only financial con-men carrying out the plans of the world’s financial elite to suck up all the property and resources of the unwary.
      This has become the game of all courts, all local governments, all police departments. Justice for the average citizen is nearly unattainable, unless one is fortunate enough to find an honest judge, which is now almost a contradiction in terms.
      They will get our property and assets by hook or by crook, and the game is a very long one. They don’t care if we know they exist, because the specifics of who they are remain hidden.
      It is nearly impossible to call them out on a personal, individual basis and expel them. It’s like being infested with bedbugs, wreaking havoc by hiding in the cracks and crevices, impervious to almost every remedy. The only thing to do is to adopt a very burdensome, but necessary, wariness about everything in our own personal spheres.
      Designations of political party have become irrelevant, as these groups are much older in their goals than our political parties, and it matters not if Dems or Repubs are in ‘power’; all paths now lead to the slaughterhouse, and we are the main course.

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