cooper_smallstormIncisive sociopolitical researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins the program to discuss her recent work examining the stealth privatization of individuals, local and regional governments, and the United States itself. She argues that this legal corporatization that has ensued in varying degrees since the late 1800s is a major factor in better understanding recent “mass shooting” drills, some of which are being presented to the public as actual events. In other words, once local municipalities and law enforcement agencies become dependent on federal grants, they are compelled to partake in such exercises to justify continued funding.

Sofia’s “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife” lectures and video series explain the relationship between synthetic biology, radiation biology and stratospheric geoengineering. In 2013 she began researching the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The project resulted in her DVD, “Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Dimensions.” The presentation offers a different take on the use of staged events to shape society as we are moved to a posthuman world.

Smallstorm is a graduate of Brown University and hosts a series of interview podcasts available at her website,


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25 thought on “Sofia Smallstorm Maps the Corporatized You”
  1. Incredible interview, thank you, looking forward to many more..

    I have virtually been kicked off of almost every political forum, [America Thinker, Huffington, A0l, Weasel Zippers, Fellow ship of the minds, etc..] although I am polite & never use profanity..

    I do, however, query writers & occasionally disagree while minding my manners, of course, albeit – sometimes in a witty way – as you can see in the following link, where I am partout N0T appreciated..

    I am still surprised the fake “holy Dr” has not banished my comments, especially since my “ratings” are [still] higher..

    So, it’s N0T that easy to expose, as I get the usual ignorant “tin foil hat” or “forgot your meds” reminder, get important information out, unfortunately, the gullible masses are N0 competition for the CIA controlled media, Edward Bernays did too well..

    1. Chantal your story is a familiar one to many of us. I always used to marvel at forums on British newspapers. Many of them I could not be ejected from as I was not allowed to sign up to begin with! 🙂 They must run the IP.

      I decided to start my own blog. It is much more difficult to be kicked off your own blog!

      The article you linked over there from the vatic project … well they mirrored one of my posts on this subject at one time. Then they I suppose decided to do another shorter version of it. They used some of the pics I had dug out.

      I have one I think with everything anyone would want to know about Angela `merkel.

      1. OMG.. I am floooored, WOW.. I am familiar with some, but my goodness, you’ve got ’em all.. The clown “Dr.” Eowyn complained the site wouldn’t open, as if that were my fault, even accusing me of being insulting, when I only “made a funny”, lol.. ha, ha, ha, HAHAHHA..

        I basically wanted to make my point to Ms. Smallstorm that some of us indeed, try to get information out, but alas – we are being blocked..

        I appreciate the Memoryholeblog so much because I know that I can believe what I read/see; unfortunately, it’s “slim pickin’s” elsewhere..

        I merely asked a question on CFP, albeit I framed it in a manner they KNEW I already had the answer, & it was none too flattering for the writer.. Of course I was unceremoniously kicked off again, sigh..

        I did expose some of the horrific deeds of the popes on Facebook & was promptly attacked by several hundred gullible fools.. oh well..

        I did have my own web-site for a number of years – European-Designer-Contre-Stupide-Bush.. Pretty laminated decals on both sides of my car.. Until someone hacked into my bank account – from which I have not quite yet recovered..

        I will peruse your site tomorrow, thanks..

    2. Some suggest the KGB archives hold the goods on Angela. And some say she is not a bit smarter than she looks.

      “Though said to be born on July 17, 1954 in the former Soviet controlled German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Angela Merkel’s Stasi GDR file (currently still held in the Soviet KGB archives) states that she was instead born on April 20, 1954, the birth date of her ‘true’ father, Adolph Hitler who was born on April 20, 1889.”

      The gist of it is they know through the Clauberg experiments that Angie Is Hitler’s daughter. The tale goes she was taken by the catholic church and later given over to the claimed Lutheran minister who happened to be married to a jewess. She later miraculously became chancellor of Germany.

      “They soviets were said to have released the war criminal Clauberg when he turned over the information. He went back to Germany and died fairly quick under strange circumstances. The claim is that Eva Braun’s sister was a surrogate mother of Merkel.

      In the, aforementioned, ‘agreement’ between the Soviets, the Western Powers and the Vatican, the ‘ascendancy’ of Hitler’s Daughter to power could not be achieved until the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope.

      This was accomplished in 2005 following the death of Pope John Paul I, and which then brought to power the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger, and who is now known as Pope Benedict XVI, and who assumed the Leadership of the Roman Church on April 20, 2005 following his election the previous day.

      (It goes without mentioning the significance of the present Nazi Pope taking power on the 116th birthday anniversary of Adolph Hitler.)

      Quickly following the Nazi German Pope to European power, Hitler’s Daughter was elected as the Chancellor of Germany on November 22, 2005, and which is one of the most significant dates for the World Globalists.”

      She sure looks like pop. Papa was a rolling stone!

      1. I do kinda’ feel sorry for her.. Before I was made aware of her situation, I could not understand why her body-language is so awkward.. [I was born in Germany to a French mother & Yugoslavian father] Considering that someone actually wrote her speech, I wondered why she didn’t have a better writer.

        Since I exposed that, I know that my communications are being hacked.. Sometimes even difficult to use my mouse, someone is definitely trying.. I am not at home, so, also possibly not connected to politics..

        I am just so disappointed in the “brave” who have been so brain-washed, they refuse to believe anything other than what the CIA controlled media tells them.. The American Thinker let me post a LOT of info, one older lady had a good grasp & asked for more, alas, just then I was kicked out..

        I contacted her through disqus, left my e-mail in a convoluted way, but she would understand, yet never responded.. Guess she is comfortable with the clique she is in, they are more or less are her “friends” & she does not want to rock the boat.. I am not afraid of attacks, I pity so much stupidity, it’s unfortunately no longer ignorance.. Psy/Ops daily, within a relatively short time exposed as false flags, yet, the dumbed down public AGAIN believes it’s real..

        My next video will expose all of the sites I was ejected from for simply exposing the truth.. Watching any “news” site is not exactly beneficial for my blood-pressure; then I tell myself these presstitutes would not have a job if they could be honest, one exception Sharyl Atkisson.. I do hope that both, Atkisson & Smallstorm have sufficient security..

        1. I know the feeling, sometimes my mouse moves along by itself and will reverse and erase sentences. That hasn’t happened since I installed the anti-virus however, but two days ago the anti-virus was disconnected for a short period, could not reach server kind of thing. I don’t feel sorry for Merkel, that woman is evil.

          If you watch her closely, she has mannerisms that are similar to the little corporal. There are a certain percentage on the net that will have a conniption fit if it is suggested Der Fuhrer was not the hero they think, building some roads, putting a chicken in every pot and protecting them from communism. He was presented saving Germans and his daughter is the other side of the coin, rubbing them out with immigration.

          It seems contradictory but the elite love those type games. The focus never changed. Der Fuhrer was Tavistock trained along with Stalin the jesuit priest and the game was to destroy both Germany and the Russian empire so Britannia could continue to rule the waves. They did a good job.

          Today it is the same thing, there must be no rapport between German and Russia. German technology combined with vast Russian resources, military capability etc effectively ends any idea of a NWO. Ukraine helped with that. It is run by the usual suspects and may well be plan B in the case of the collapse of Israel.

          The final solution is in process now for Germany with the massive immigration onslaught. No Germans, no German technology, no rapport with Russia, no Germans, no problem.

        2. Guess what I meant, she is truly no eye-candy 😉 & her body-language is very awkward, no confidence at all.. I watched her only twice, each time shaking my head.. I imagine she had mostly women votes who simply like to see a female “power-house”, 🙁

          You sure have an awesome site.. 🙂

        3. You are very kind. I began that Merkel post because someone told I had no idea what I was talking about, the good church of Rome had nothing to do with anything, they are just a misunderstood outfit trying to root out a few pedophiles. I think I have pretty much squelched that type of simplicity.

          I read your twitter, looks like you are on the right track. I am not a big fan of Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts, I call him anyway. He can’t write a piece without mentioning how Washington is behind everything. For a guy who worked at treasury under Reagan you would think he would at least know Rothschild is printing the money here and rigging the elections. The picture behind him also shows a guy with his hand in his coat, ala masonic Napoleon hand signal.

        4. You pretty much got the gist.. what I found strange, the supposed rapist answer when they asked what he has to say – “only God can answer that”.. Then later, “only God can punish a man, is that clear?”

          The father said something equally weird, that “he is glad she is no longer here & does not have to relieve all of this a second time”..

          My goodness, he rather has his daughter dead..?? Wow, I hope you’re not upset with me, but — this all looks like another Psy/Op to me.. It’s just not how any “normal” person would respond..

          They make an incredible effort to blame Muslims &/or other refugees they don’t want.. all understandable.. In my opinion this is quite a show..

          In case you like to discuss via Skype – EuroImage3939

        5. I have another issue – the “reporter” addressees the “perpetrator” with the formal “Sie” i.e. very respectful; however, especially in the past 30 years or so the population has pretty much segued to the informal “Du”..

          I am sorry, but to me this smells of theater, not very good, as none of them are.. They all want to impress on the emotions of the masses..

        6. I meant to say, I have relatives in Germany. I have a niece there who is the most gorgeous creature you will ever see. She told me the new immigrants tried to make her ashamed of being German when in school.

          Germany is a mess, the living standards and ability to find a job are dropping drastically.

          This is an all to familiar example of what is taking place in Germany.

          The victim of rape commits suicide and the perpetrator goes free.


          I would suggest you stick with alternative news like MHB. I haven’t watched teevee in about 15 years. I use the teevee to play home movies of my own collection and occasionally watch FSU football. Old habits die hard 🙂

        7. Beautiful girls have a rough life.. Not only do they have to contend with so much jealousy, but it’s awfully dangerous.. My daughter was/is a beauty & I was always scared to death while she was little..

          Unfortunately, the average “plain Jane” will not empathize.. Hope your niece will be ok..

  2. (At first I must have accidentally started two or more instances of the interview-file for I obtained a weird echoing and chaotic sound picture. )
    Anyway I have heard about this before on patriot websites which were hacked and spread viruses – I think. I wasnt sure it was all true. The text of this article says if local authorities are dependent of federal grants they could be used for hoaxes like SH. A european who reads that without listening to the interview gets the impression that americans want to weaken the state while simultaneously recognizing that there is a ruling private oligarchy ruling the world. But the message is that the state is already in the pocket of the oligarchy not just through bribes but even worse through the type of judicial mumbojumbo you might expect to find within insurance circles in order to make people misunderstand the wording and the fine print.
    However libertarians appear to see the state as intrinsically evil even without the extreme aspects explained in the interview. So I’m still struggling to find out how wellinformed americans really want to change their country.
    I think they mostly believe that a large sector of small and middlesized private enterprises are a benefit to any country, as long as they dont conspire through secret societies and destroy the market mechanisms.
    But the crucial problem as I see it is what to about the bigger units and how to deal with those who do conspire in said fashion.
    Is there any chance at all, in the eyes of american intellectuals who have thought about this, that you could manage this without a strong state entity?

    1. I don’t know how well-informed I truly am (I like to think I am, and I’m certainly more so than the average bear), but I’ll tell you, I think the US–the whole world, frankly–is sunk. It’s too late to do much more than refuse to participate wherever possible.

      We homeschooled (we radically unschooled) our son, he’s planning on opening several small businesses rather than go to four+ years of college, we live within our means as much as possible, we stay out of the court system, we are active in our church (subversive!). I, personally, have stopped voting (not from apathy but because I won’t participate in this sham), but I do still attend jury duty whenever I’m called to (it’s one of the only ways left to really have any impact, and I’m well informed of my rights and duties as a juror). I refuse to “say something” when I see anything (other than an obvious crime).

      I conduct myself the way I wish everyone would: if I accidentally harm anyone, I make full restitution, I am polite and courteous, I’m generous with my time and money and possessions. I do not inflict my actions or values on others. I am willing and able to defend myself. If/when the time comes, we (my small family) are prepared to fend for ourselves.

      There doesn’t need to be an active rebellion; if people would, say, commit to educating their kids themselves, that alone would foster tremendous change. But even this small step won’t be taken. We’re too far gone.

      I think

      1. Recynd says:

        “There doesn’t need to be an active rebellion; if people would, say, commit to educating their kids themselves, that alone would foster tremendous change.”

        Hear, hear!

      2. @Recynd77

        “There doesn’t need to be an active rebellion; if people would, say, commit to educating their kids themselves, that alone would foster tremendous change. But even this small step won’t be taken. We’re too far gone.

        I think”

        This fellow, Buffalohair, the devil’s advocate seems to certainly agree with you. I would say in his own way he is changing things, approaching 2 million hits on his blog.–thoughts-about-the-serious-news/buffalohair-clueless-in-the-age-of-prophecy

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