James speaks with Southern California-based political commentator John Friend, a 29-year-old man who was recently terminated from his position in the Escondido City Manager’s office because after being targeted for his online political speech. He has been deemed a “conspiracy theorist,” “white supremacist” and “anti-semite” for challenging conventional historical narratives of 9/11 and World War II.

John Friend has been terminated by two employers since 2013 for his publicly-expressed political views

Friend appears to have entered the sites of anonymous forces who chose to use the press–in this case the San Diego Tribune (here and here)–in a campaign that pressured Friend’s employer to force him into relinquishing his position with the municipality. Tracy experienced a similar scenario when the South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran a smear campaign in early 2013 highlighting Tracy’s analyses of Sandy Hook school massacre press coverage.

John Friend has an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska, a Masters of Public Administration degree from Ashford University, and is a regular contributor at American Free Press and rense.com. Additional information is available at Friend’s website, therealistreport.com.



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116 thought on “Thought Crime and Punishment in the USA”
  1. It was only a matter of time. I’m sure Friend had to expect this, because he was criticizing “those whom you may not criticize,” and pointing out obvious truths. So now they are trying to starve him.

    1. Wow, a twofer! Well, its Friday and any shooting that’s not in Chicago is a “mass shooting”.

      Do they have the “lone nut’s” name and toilet preferences yet? What about the manifesto? Under the circumstances I think it permissible to use on manifesto. They can share.

      Being in Texas it was probably just a meeting of the Debate Club.

      1. I think after the Oregon shooting, when the in-house DHS manifesto writer screwed up and forgot to put it in his back pocket with a thumb nail back up drive, so it took a day to find it lying on the ground. They’re scarping manifesto’s.

        They have also announced they won’t say the name of the shooters anymore.


        Big shooting at Kent State. 33 Dead. We will Not release the shooters name or his Manifesto ( we fired the in house writer).

        No overhead Helicopter video either. Just still shots that have cleared DHS.

        Just take our word for it. It really happened Slaves!

        Now, I have a new executive order……

        98% of the population agree. Maybe the 2% of you who see our game need some form of Mental Heath….

        1. Yeah, its coming to that. “There will be no names or pictures. You’ll just have to take our word for it. Early one morning, and late one night, two dead boys began to fight…”.

          Anyone reporting anomalies in the script will be referred to their designate mental health provider.

  2. “Many of us know that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects “free speech,” but what exactly does that mean for government (public) employees? If you are a state or federal employee, then you are protected from retaliation for exercising free speech by the First Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment. This means that when you exercise your right to free speech, your government employer cannot retaliate against you with negative employment action. The law regarding free speech can be very complex, however, and not all speech and action is protected. Read below to find out more about what is protected and what limits your employer can legally impose on speech in the workplace.”


    Whether your employer stated reason for terminating you was a “pretext” is a question of fact for a Jury. Get a lawyer. They probably will make a six-figure settlement offer before jury selection.

    1. You are quite correct. He definitely should get a lawyer.
      This dichotomy of being at once the “victim” AND the bully is very typical. One will not succeed by appealing to their sense of fairness.

      This is a people who have been taught that the world belongs to them, and them alone. Their job is to possess as much as possible and destroy the rest.

      This was the genius of the editing of the oral traditions that began in Babylon with Deuteronomy. The idea that God considers them “special” and has made a covenant (contract) with them.

      This is precisely the target of Christ’s earthly preaching. This was “political” not “religious”. It has the cover of religion.

      This taking possession has been the uninterrupted occupation for two centuries. It relies on people’s ignorance, gullibility and fear.

      They were feared by the Romans and the Persians and everyone who came after. The ability to act as a coherent group when needed, in the shadows, has resulted in several backlashes over the centuries, but they always come back.

      It is the ultimate in tribal identity politics. As John said, even “atheistic Jews” (think about that a minute), consider themselves Jews first and foremost. That is quite an achievement from a control standpoint.

      It is not the fact that they attempt to control us, it is the fact that we allow it that is inexcusable.

      1. “They were feared by the Romans and the Persians” – really? Yes, the Romans destroyed the Temple – because anyone who would not go along to get along was a threat to them. The Persians? Which Persians? The ones who controlled a huge empire which included Babylon and what is today Iraq? I look at their relationship with the Jews differently. The Book of Esther for instance is basically a novel. The source for much of the Bible seems to be a rewriting of Babylonian texts. Most of these empires feared military action, not people who merely resisted them. With the Romans, it was about insurrections. And in the latter case, it does not seem that these were launched by a totally coherent society, but by insurgencies. I figure Jesus’s lost years were ones in which he tried that technique, but then he decided that his people, the Jews, would be better off with a portable set of ideas that could take them into more of the many exiles they endured through history. His followers finally found a brand that sold like Coca Cola throughout the Roman world, for which I for one am grateful.

        1. Well, as usual, you are free to your opinions. There are many examples of Roman leaders confiding to one another of their fear of Judaic intrigues.

          The Persians are an excellent example of the technique of toadying up to whoever is in power and using their army to enforce your agenda. This is what happened to the Babylonians prior to the Persians and the Persians as well. Later it happened with the Moors….on and on it goes.

          This, at least to me, is not a “racial” or “religious” issue, in the normal sense. It is political. To work this “magic” requires a coherent group that is prevented from assimilation over time. No matter the circumstances, the host is the “oppressor”. No matter the length of stay in a given location, one is the stranger.

          I don’t have such a glib explanation for Christianity nor would I put it in the same category. That is the other part of the “magic”. Most Christians think that Judaism is “Christianity without Jesus”. I’m afraid not.

          My example goes to manipulation and the techniques thereof. It is a constant. And, by the way, “his people, the Jews” is hardly the case. His people may have been followers of Yahweh, but they were no Pharisaic. “Israel” was a distant and short-lived memory. Judah was a small and insignificant backwater in Palestine.

          The lineage you describe was a later invention. When the Pharisees returned with the Persian army they set about enforcing their newly edited law. Marriages were annulled, those who were born in Judah were forced to live under their law. It is known as “the day the people wept”.

          This is how they brought about the decision on Jesus at the Passion. The Roman tetrarch was afraid of them. They threatened to put in a bad word for him in Rome. Sound familiar?

          It was a totalitarian, legalistic, custom made formula for absolute obedience and servitude. In exchange (the covenant), everything ultimately was to belong to them. All that was required was to keep these statutes and judgements.

          This was not the oral tradition of neighborliness that existed prior to the diaspora. This is what came back from Babylon via the Persian army. One is left to consider what manner of pressure was exerted on King Cyrus to lend his army to this pursuit.

          This dynamic exists to this very day. The center of control changes over time, but the plan continues apace. So our friend John (no pun intended) has joined a long list of victims. I’m quite sure that the city manager was thinking much the same as King Cyrus when they brought this to his attention.

  3. what a disgusting, deceptive, and dangerous piece of dreck this interview is. I wasted an hour listening to it because I could not believe professor James Tracy could sympathize and promote such garbage. John Friend is categorized as an anti-Semite, racist, and Nazi because he IS an anti-Semite, racist, and Nazi. His website features blurbs by Hitler and Goebbels. Hitler comments: “…in standing against the Jew, I am doing the work of the Lord.”

    Goebbels states: “There will come a day…when the truth will triumph again.” If there are enough people like Friend and Tracy, his Truth will.

    This guy Friend, with Tracy’s cooperation, pretends he is coming from the left, or that he is just telling the Facts. What he is actually doing is disseminating Nazi values along with the facts. He states that Jews are a race and responsible for 9/11, obscuring the distinction between Jewish rulers and leaders on one hand, and the Jewish population on the other, which is about 7 million people in the United States.

    Both Friend and Tracy agree that the Jewish state in Israel try to prevent cross group marriage without pointing out that of course it does, it is a racist state. Neither mention that over half the Jews in the USA marry non-Jews, since this is contrary to racist beliefs.

    Tracy is defending this guy on the liberal grounds that everyone has a right to express their beliefs. Not in the leading offices of the city they don’t, nor in public universities when those beliefs teach bigotry and violence.

    Giving a public platform to this kind of racism is how Nazism began in Germany, the Nazis using democracy to achieve power, and then establishing a murderous tyranny. Tracy sanitizes Friend’s beliefs because he obviously sympathized with some of them, the same reason no doubt he tolerates the disgusting racist garbage in this blog.

    1. Mark, all perspectives should be voiced and scrutinized in the ideal public sphere, as I repeatedly allow you to do on this blog, since it is my firm belief that truth can only be realized through careful consideration of a wide array of arguments.

      I have just this week invited the SPLC to select one of their representatives to discuss the influential organization’s various endeavors on the program. My request thus far has been met with silence. Please remind your contacts there that they have an open invitation to appear.

        1. I can see why you like this Ric, since your idea of intellectual discourse is factless jibes or pointless insults. But Tracy’s assumption that I have contacts with this group is the usual anti-Semitic assumption: their leaders are Jews, I am a Jew, so we have the same values, ideology, and policies.

        2. Ric, you should be ashamed! Go to moderation immediately. Don’t you realize how “dangerous” these ideas are?

          I can’t wait until Mick finishes baking.

        3. Mark you have called me a ‘white supremacist’ yet I don’t speak in biologically racialist terms. I report patterns of dynamics like black on ‘anglo’ crime, but somehow when I do that I’m grouped with people who are my ethnicity but whose ideologies I don’t share. Your comment, “Tracy’s assumption that I have contacts with this group is the usual anti-Semitic assumption: their leaders are Jews, I am a Jew, so we have the same values, ideology, and policies” includes another hypocrisy by my accounting.

        4. Sue
          You are showing white survival tendencies however which must be suppressed at all costs. I find it quite intriguing that a member of a tribe which owns the media in the west, banking system, the majority of stock of the 6 corporations that control the world, has the largest lobby in in the west and some other nations, dominates the jesuit council in Rome, has established their own regime in Palestine and rule through a scorched earth policy, and other levels of power worldwide, screams in agony when someone mentions that Iceland might be the only homeland left where Europeans actually control their own destiny.

      1. My impression of Friend from both this interview, and from looking at his website is that his whole act is just the latest psyop from the PTB. The point is to connect 911 Truth with Holocaust denial. They want us Truthers to start chanting “Israel did it, Israel did it”. It is an instant turn off, designed to make the unconvinced run the other way. The recent “revelations” of Rebecca Roth are part of this psyop. I am glad that James has distanced himself from this point of view, even though he gives it a hearing.

        The evidence that Friend presents on his website as proof that the Nazi’s didn’t really mean to kill Jews during the second world war is ridiculous and unconvincing. It is the same nonsense that Jim Fetzer touts in his recent book, that the gas chambers were merely delousing stations intended to protect the camp inmates from disease. This is an absurd claim. Nazi Germany passed laws specifically restricting the rights of its Jewish population, then rounded them up, confiscated their property, and shipped them off on cattle cars to isolated internment camps where they were starved and forced to work in factories. These are established facts supported by historical documents, and the testimony of millions of people. It is simply loony to claim that the Nazis really meant no harm to Europe’s Jews.

        The idea that 911 was “made in Israel” is equally foolish. The years of planning that were necessary to place the explosives, starting with the 1993 WTC bombing, followed by the OKC bombing to create a pretext for prophylactic demolitions, followed by the continuing cover up, should make that clear to anyone who cares to look.

        1. The entire holocaust apocrypha is beyond foolish. It’s absurd. First, the jews were only starved at the end of the war by the Allies, who bombed supply lines so that the arms the jews were making for the Germans couldn’t reach the battle zones. This disabled supplies from reaching the camps, however. Typhus killed thousands of jews, and it was carried by lice. Delousing showers and shaved heads were meant to control the epidemic. All scientific and circumstantial evidence totally negates any holocaust could have happened, from every angle except unfounded claims made by racist hysterics.

          Again, I’ll direct people to Ry Dawson’s videos as the most conclusive compilation of hard core evidence disproving the occurrence of any holocaust. Hitler could have rounded up the jews, confiscated their property and interned them for forced labor without having any intention to ‘genocide’ or mass murder them. He did intend to move them out of Europe permanently, which was consistent with his view that the jewish nation was parasitic to the german and european one. Once separated from their host he no longer saw them as wielding any threat. Jewish belief that they were being killed stems from (in part) the sense in themselves that the crux of their cult – privilege over the goyim – was collapsed by the act of separation. In a way there was a holocaust, just not of jewish bodies and only of judaism’s foundation – colonial power over the gentiles.

        2. No it is not all nonsense. The nazi movement actually began with Disraeli, the first Jewish prime minister of Britain. He advocated an alliance between European aristocracy and the Jewish elite to rule the world. And let me assure you Elizabeth Battenburg and family are Jewish.

          Rabbi Marvin Antelman is on record as saying stating that Hitler was indeed a Rothschild. He also goes further stating that sure Jews were rounded up and put in camps and made to work. However the kicker is they were trained to live on a Kibbitz in Israel once the invasion began. Is he lying? It is said that many did not want to leave but were told go to the specified camps or you will be put in a British style camp you won’t like. These camps were supervised by the Red Cross ala Red Shield/rothschild. They were not bombed at all. They were not the Holliday Inn, they were training camps.

          There is an old Roman clique, who gains? I will tell you who gained, Palestine was turned into a Jewish state. Germany and Russia were bombed into the stone age. Britain came out smelling like a rose and Germany is still paying reparations and furnishing diesel subs to Israel at blue light special prices. There is still no alliance between Russia and Germany and that has been the goal of two world wars and is still ongoing today. And believe me Rome wants a weak Europe, they are easier to rule. They do not want the long feared Russia/Germany reproachment which would almost be invincible. Rome is still on board with all of this as anyone who has researched the matter knows that many popes have been Jewish as well as a high percentage of them among the Jesuits.

          Most of the history presented to us concerning this era is an absolute lie. Mengele and Goebbels were from Jewish families. In fact Goebbels children are wealthy share holders of the German arms industry in Germany today and that includes BMW. There were 150,000 Jewish officers in the Reich. The History Channel and Time Magazine will not even hint at any of this.

          In fact the father of Teresa Heinz Kerry was Jose Simoes Ferreira. He was one of the more interesting scientists working in World War II for Dr Josef Mengele on the German Ebola program. He was a Portuguese doctor. Surprisingly, no one apparently thought to ask John Kerry in 2004 whether or not his father-in-law was involved in hideous medical experiments on African children in World War II on behalf of Dr Mengele.

          We do know this, in Namibia for instance skulls were sent back to Germany for scientific research and are still in the Medical History Museum of the Charite Hospital and at Freiburg University. A leading doctor in Namibia who worked on German genetic doctrine was a doctor Fisher, Who trained doctor Mengele. The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family. Nobody wants to talk about Jose. When they fled Mozambique after the revolution, he ended up with a UN job. Not bad. The elite certainly seem to land on their feet.

          All of them run around flashing the spear of Longinus, a Roman iluminati symbol. Hitler was fond of it as well as Merkel, Poroshenko, Teresa and many others.

          Zyklon B the delousing agent? Do we really even want to discuss that?

          But I agree with you, there is something psyop about John Friend. He and Carolyn Yeager, Kaminski et al go on and on about Hitler the guy who built some roads, Put a chicken in every pot, saved Germans from Russian communism and we need another one etc. yada yada. Yeah there is nothing like a disarmed population, under a fascist corporate dictatorship commencing with pograms. Count me out. And believe me, I have had discussions with all of them and they will call you the worst names possible if you try and mention their boy wasn’t quite the hero they think. No they want to keep writing books and best of all, the reparations have to keep flowing to Israel, the guilt complex has to be maintained, it helps with the mass immigration now destroying the fabric of German culture.

          It should have been evident to all that Merkel wanted to go full bore fascist again over the Ukraine. She invited Tymoshenko to come to Germany for treatment as soon as she was out of the joint for embezzlent. Shades of Skorzeny busting the Duce out of jail. She also invited Dyntro the Aryan Yarosh also. Strangely she was supporting nazis in Ukraine, gave them a half billion dollars and at the same time supporting the inundation of Germany. These cretins work toward certain goals and it does not always make sense to average person.

          Lastly does anyone honestly believe the Austrian farm boy built the largest military on earth at the time using the barter system? All of this with foreign agents which would include Russia, Britain, Rothschild, swarming all around him? Excuse me but that is a fairy tale. In fact, I.G. Farben, the Bush family financed this and best of all Bishop Pacelli who later became pope furnished Hitler with vatican gold, mentored him early on and later furnished jesuits to train the SS, in propaganda, Assassinations and terrorism.

        3. Thanks, Christo, I could not have said it better myself. So simple for those who guard the official story to force you to stand in the vomit of the Third Reich defenders, kind of like caging demonstrators. Truncheons to the right of them, truncheons to the left of them….

        4. I don’t understand it, Christo. This started off as a blog to reveal the truth about staged or phantom homicidal operations. How did it get to be a racist, anti-Semitic, and fascist blog?

      2. I know nothing about the SPLC except their policies are congruent with the Israel Lobby, which I oppose of course. I have no contacts with them. But I can understand they’re not wanting to debate a racist and anti-Semite who supports Nazis, who functions under the liberal guise of Freedom of Expression.

        Jphn Friend was previous given a platform by Jim Fetzer. He is an extremely intelligent man, but is suspected of being a Sunstein infiltrator, taking preposterous positions to de-legitimate the Conspiracy movement. His advocacy of holograms rather than real planes hitting the 9/11 towers, which were exploded by small nuclear bombs, was instrumental to his exclusion from 9/11 truth. His later claims, that the moon landing was faked, or something about the Beatles, falls in the same pattern.

        So does his supporting Nazis like John Friend. If the staged homicidal operations analyzed by honest independent truthers are associated with Nazis or the White supremacy movement, no decent person will get involved in it. Why you do, professor, I don’t know, since I admired your courage in telling a truth that the American people needed to hear.

        Washngton is now sponsoring and subsidizing Nazis in Ukraine, which were instrumental in the coup there. Astonishingly, these Nazi anti-Semitic organizations are sometimes led by Jews, such as the oligarchical criminal Kolmonoisky. He is an Israeli dual (or perhaps more) citizen. He supports anti-Semitism because the chief purveyor of anti-Semitism is ISREAL, in order to get the millions of Jewish people to support Israel power and the gangsters and criminals who lead it.

        A form of Nazism is a threat in the USA, and the major ideological thread uniting it is anti-Semitism. As in Germany, it is used to create a Pretend enemy in order to attack enemies that serve the interests of the oligarchy. The major holocaust of ww 2, were the Slavs, many more killed than the Jews. Currently in the USA it is the Muslims, which both Friend and professor Tracy oppose immigrating to the US in the above recording. But domestically African Americans have been the major target, professor Tracy maintaining that the atrocity by Root did not really happen.

        Why professor Tracy wants to discredit the great work he has done, I don’t know. But that is what he is doing.

        1. But I can understand [the SPLC’s] not wanting to debate a racist and anti-Semite who supports Nazis, who functions under the liberal guise of Freedom of Expression.

          How thoroughly disingenuous of you, Mark. After all, this is entirely within the SPLC and ADL’s purported mission statements–to counter ideas and public pronouncements they deem “hateful.” Surely they should be able to to logically address such arguments in the light of day. Again, I have offered a forum where such a discussion might transpire. Since nearly about all of my male forebears over the past century (apologies in advance for the gendered microagression) have fought to defend our freedom of speech I hope you may understand.

          “…Currently in the USA [the “pretend enemy”] is the Muslims, which both Friend and professor Tracy oppose immigrating to the US in the above recording.

          An absolute distortion of what I stated in the last few minutes of the interview, which is entirely characteristic of your clever verbal sleight of hand, and a key example of why you should perhaps not be trusted as a commenter in this forum! I stated that I would be favorable toward Donald Trump’s policy of deporting Syrian refugees if such refugees cannot be adequately vetted by immigration authorities and verified as non-terrrorist entities before entering the US.

    2. I was never took John Friend too seriously. He couldn’t seem to grasp that Hitler was all part of the operation, trained at Tavistock along with Stalin. It was a part of the British/Rothschild plan to weaken weaken both Germany and Russia and to acquire Russian resources which are immense.

      That was the plan in both world wars and it is the plan today.

      If Jews are not a race then why is there the requirement to be born of a Jewish mother? It is because of the Khazar gene, E1B1 Y-DNA haplogroup. They recognize each other in Japan by this same haplogroup. Shinto Buddhism is virtually oriental Judaism, with a sacrifice pole, ark of the covenant and temple of Solomon.

      It seems to me jews are a religion when it is convenient and a race also if it is convenient. Mass slaughter of Palestinians in Israel doesn’t seem to show much effort at religious conversion. It is about race there.

      This anti-semitism mantra seems to be all you are capable of. I have only met two jews in my life who looked remotely Semitic. All of the rest looked like Khazars who imagine themselves to be Semitic.

      If we are going to talk about racism, do you practice the Talmud? It is probably the most racist document on earth. Have you ever read it? I have and it speaks of gentiles as beasts put upon the earth to be the slaves of Jews, people incapable of abstract thought. It doesn’t consider the rape of gentile toddlers to be a sin and it speaks of the day when zion will conquer the universe and the hated goyim will disappear. It advocates urging Jewish sons and daughters to become doctors so they may poison the goyim. In fact in 1977 Menachem Begin said the same thing to the Knesset. The AMA seems to have taken that line whatever their religion.

      If this book is in your library, you don’t have to discuss it in city offices or universities, you can read it at home or down at the temple.

      Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

      -Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983)

      You are not against racism, Folker, you only condone a certain type of racism, for the Judeophile only. I would have to characterize you as suffering from anti-goyism.

      1. I have never been able to understand why waving the Nazis remains so powerful for some. What we are looking at could not be further from “National Socialism”. This is “Anti-Nationalism”. This is the New World Odor.

        Attaching a name to something and attempting to draw parallels is counter productive. What we are looking at is the denouement of two millennia of Jewish wet dreams.

        All of the others were ham fisted attempts. John is young. I admire his courage and passion. I also admire Dr. Tracy’s courage for his willingness to address the most important elements of the world we inhabit today.

        We talk about the fake shootings and sometimes other topics that show the manipulative nature of our government and their mouthpieces. Those are all but incremental steps leading to the main event, our total enslavement.

        It is precisely through the ruse of feigned insult that they manage to keep the world from openly discussing their attacks. The simple truth is that “what’s good for the Jews” is not good for us. They intend to get the gold and give us the shaft.

        No amount of feigned indignation or howling about racism (whatever), will alter the facts. They are the target of criticism because they deserve criticism. No one should face repercussions for speaking their mind. This is unacceptable in private industry and even more so with public offices who are supposed to honor the Constitution.

        I wish John all the best. I think Dr. Tracy for having him on. I await the howls that are sure to follow.

      2. I don’t follow your argument here. The maternal DNA is m-DNA, and the paternal is Y-DNA. For instance, it appears that after finding some of Hitler’s male relations descended from the Hitler’s grandfather, the Y-DNA turned out to be non-European E1b1 or something, which both Jews and North Africans possess too. That would make him patrilineal-related to the people he ordered “deported” to camps. But in the days before the discovery of DNA and its uses for proving paternity, he would only have known from someone telling him, and who knows if he knew.

        The Jewish maternal DNA is from more than one source, including lots of European ones that are common in lots of ethnic groups. This would argue that the group was founded by men who married local women, in the era of Mediterranean expansion into to Europe (the Romans, etc.). Then at some point the definition of members of the group became fixed around matrilineal descent, once the customs were set and adhered to by even foreign wives. Talk of pioneering couples moving north sound like hooey to me, although surely some women were brought along. There are all sorts of myths about peoples’ origins. Does DNA trump them? Not necessarily all the time. For instance, Hitler may not be descended from a Jew but from an African. I don’t know if the jury is in on that one yet.

      3. Actually this idea of “race”, was not a consideration prior to the diaspora. When Deuteronomy was brought back (hot off the press) from Babylon, the idea of “racial purity” was introduced.

        Even a cursory reading of history would show that intermarriage with neighbors was standard. Look at David. The idea was most likely related to establishing a “members only” group to carry the agenda forward.

        Later, if you look at the Khazarians “conversion” it would be a pretty difficult argument to make that they got to be Jews through racial or female lineage. There have been examples of proselytization in history as well, although that isn’t done currently.

        So, my read is that this was done by the Pharisees as a way to gather a group from among the mixed peoples of Palestine and hold them to a legalistic standard over time. That is why the marriages were dissolved, etc..

        Most of the Jewish world was unaware of the “Eastern Jews” until they showed up to raise a ruckus at the Zionist Convention. At the time the plan was to go to Uganda. Most were quite happy with the idea. Not the Khazars.

        Lastly, concepts are funny things. Until recently the idea of “race” was essentially meant to describe whatever social group you belonged to. I have textbooks from the 1920’s that refer to Greek “races” such as the Athenians and the Spartans. Genetically, I doubt that there would be much difference.

        Just like the use of the term “Semitic”. The meaning is one who belongs to societal groups that speak semitic languages. Hebrew is one of those languages but there are others.

        So what I find is that those who wail and gnash their teeth at any discussion of them will use whatever seems handy. It is “religious intolerance”, or “racial hatred”, or (you fill in the blank). What it never seems to be is an honest discussion of behavior.

        It isn’t any more acceptable for them to violate John’s First Amendment rights than it is for anyone else. They are quite free to be annoyed. I know that I am.

    3. “Giving a public platform to this kind of racism is how Nazism began in Germany, the Nazis using democracy to achieve power, and then establishing a murderous tyranny.”

      There were many generations in Germany in which proto-Nazi groups had influential members like Wagner and Strindberg. What made Nazism become influential in Germany was the reparations demanded after WW1, and not free speech. Keynes warned that the retaliatory sanctions were going to create problems. Anti-Semitism is higher in parts of Europe (especially the underdeveloped East) than it is in the U.S. So, if your theory is that free speech and not social conditions foster anti-Semitism then can you explain why the Eurozone which criminalizes hate speech has more anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic sentiment than we do in the U.S.? A Jew walking down the sreet with a yamaka is safer in the U.S. than in many cities in Europe where hate speech laws carry long prison terms.


    4. Folktruther says,
      “Tracy is defending this guy on the liberal grounds that everyone has a right to express their beliefs. Not in the leading offices of the city they don’t, nor in public universities when those beliefs teach bigotry and violence.”

      This is the most disturbing riff you have, Folktruther, that people should be punished for expressing their beliefs. It’s your authoritarian drive laid bare.

      What makes you think you’re the one to decide what expression is acceptable?

      The apotheosis of this post, though, that had me in wonder, is calling for the dismissal of those with whom you would disagree from UNIVERSITY employment.

      In a blog belonging to James Tracy.

      See my point?

      You gotta lot of nerve, that’s for sure.

      Stupid nerve, but you got it.

      1. Good response. By the way, what is “liberal” about the First Amendment? This website has provided a platform for constant wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding imaginary racist ideology precisely because it honors free speech. Not because we all agree.

        Toleration is not agreement. From what I’ve observed some have made no headway in convincing any of us. That’s a very good thing.

        I have said, repeatedly, that if someone finds what’s said here offensive, feel free to go somewhere else. After all, it used to be a free country. You still have the absolute right to be offended.

        The “cure” for speech we disagree with is MORE speech. It isn’t punishing others for holding views that differ from ours. It isn’t necessary that everyone share the same beliefs.

        Isn’t it ironic that those most fond of trotting out the Nazis are quite willing to use the tactics often attributed to them to silence their opposition? Hypocrisy is an ugly trait.

    1. Really? “a psychological operation”.

      He wasn’t real? Bullsh$t. nonsense. Get out of the weeds. I guess He’s in Hawaii with Elvis playing Eddie Rabbit songs and Harrison is playing lead guitar..I don’t waste my time on this crap.

      Anyways, the war is on and CW Wade and Honr network have laid the cards on the table.

      Lenny is saying now his son was part of pedophile conspiracy and all the SHE researchers are covering for them. It’s insane..

      Watch this:

      About 3mins in Lenny and CW Wade come into play.


      1. Ric we can never be sure. They say John always loved to joke around.


        The biggest clues come from a little indie film from Toronto about Lennon called Let Him Be released in 2009, with clips still up on youtube as of 2014. It is chock full of big red flags. The first red flag is the title, which is a prominent part of the psychological operation (psy-op). The film is a pretend hunt for a living John Lennon, but the message is there in the title: let him be! “He isn’t still alive; but even if he is, let him be!” In the film, they tell you they have found a guy who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age. And in the interviews for the film, they tell you they have found a Lennon impersonator who looks exactly like Lennon would look at this age, to play the part in the film. So they have an actor named Mark Staycer playing a character named Noel Snow who other characters think may be John Lennon. So we have a bluff inside a bluff inside a bluff. Inside a bluff. The film is basically a psy-op that backfired and had to be suppressed. They produce these things to take you close to the truth and then ricochet you off on some tangent. But they took you so close to the truth the ricochet didn’t work. That’s why the movie is now being buried.

        1. Dub, I saw that guy,

          First, he’s portraying Lennon 1968 era in 2007. Lennon would be much older.

          Second , He can’t sing and doesn’t even sound like Lennon. He’s an actor in a movie. I’ve seen better tribute bands. Watch him sing at youtube live and not in a movie.

          I buried Paul/Turn me on Dead Man.

          Get a mic and say “Number Nine”, then play it backwards using microsoft recorder and you will Hear..Turn me on dead man.

          Same as “we Can” from O’Kingy.

          Either someone planed this or ……….

        2. Yeah, I thought the same thing. He DID love to mess with people’s minds. Ric is right though. The actor is too young and he’s stuck in the 60’s. He made some other “errors” in his shtick that the real John would not have made on the authorship of songs.

          This is another of Miles Mathis’ (BHHN) extravaganzas. It’s too bad, really. I actually like his writing (not as much has he does), but I like it.

          As much as most of us wish it otherwise, the world is usually a bit more nuanced than these absolutists would suggest. It’s a lot safer to say what you think but know what you don’t know.

          It is never necessary to have a total, absolute, fully-formed opinion. It’s fine if you do, but for me they take time. Trust me, I don’t put anything past them any longer. That doesn’t mean I believe any theory that comes along.

    2. And Gio, before you go on with your whole rant how MI6 ran the Beatles and Paul was replaced to keep it in place and how Nixon hated Lennon and Reagan had him killed..This had nothing to do John Lennon..

      There’s no doubt the CIA/Pentagon hated Lennon. He, himself was not a part of it. And….Paul is Alive.

        1. And from your comment

          “Pamela seems to believe that, along with Jim Marrs and to quote his publisher’s blurb, there’s an “effort that has been under way for the past sixty years to bring a form of National Socialism to modern America, creating in essence a new empire-or “Fourth Reich”!”

          If you are able to read and comprehend the link I left to the no cancer foundation of Europe, it shows the fourth Reich has always been legally established in Belgium. It is not a stretch to think America is affected by this. You see American owes European bankers for the most part 18 trillion dollars and fights their wars of expansion for them. Now that is not so hard is it?

        1. If you read Dr Kevin McDonald’s great book, “Culture of Critique”, you’ll realize that der Juden started to come in heavy numbers to the US in around 1880 and it was a heavy infestation until WW2.

    1. The Reich never ended. It was simply transferred by paperwork to the Benelux union. These legal shysters accomplish things by laws and paperwork the general public has no idea of.

      This is according to Europe’s nocancerfoundation.

      The consequence of this is that the masonic Grand Lodge of Belgium was founded a year after the Benelux treaty (1959), supposedly because of the good relations with the Jews of Antwerp, England (Rothschild) and America (Rockefeller) from which Hitler was financed through Netherlands including the Bush family and their financiers (video). This lodge is separately established in Belgium in 1959 to support the Nazi fascist World Order continued from the territory of the Netherlands, expanded to the Benelux, Europe, America and then the rest of the world with a fascist agenda and genocide consequences. The Second World War never ended and continued stealth through the Dutch territory and the Bilderberg Conferences (video). A Nazi Trojan Horse from within Europe onto the rest of the world.

      This is further carried out from the Bilderberg conferences’ implemented under the chairmanship of Prince Bernhard at first, later Queen Beatrix and now the Belgian Etienne Davignon. Whereby the Nazi regime and Hitler Cabinet from the territory of the former Netherlands has continued and has been adopted by the European Union. With the next step a total destruction of our democracy under the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) that by July 1, 1012 will be implemented

    2. “The Dutch identity does not exist, and also: The Dutchman does not exist,

      From May 18, 1940 the Netherlands (Dutch memberstate) no longer exists.

      From the territory of the former Netherlands the Hitler Cabinet continued stealth to expand its sphere of influence into the greater German Reich “or as we now call it the ” European Union “. This was achieved not by a democratically elected president and a European Commission, but by one that takes decisions against which by citizens of the Member States within the European Union cannot be litigated. ”


        1. Of, course, it was addressed to you. lol

          I shouldn’t have to beat your point out of you. Just explain it.

        2. It is already been explained somewhat. There are posts in moderation.

          But I will help you out Toni since you seem to be in over your head. The paper John Friend is holding up, American Free Press and Rense are both intel. Mark Lane just happened to fly out of Jonestown just before the mass poisoning. He is their owner. So if that is the case and I believe it to be, then it is not hard to see why some would believe it is a “false narrative”.

          Stay with me now!

          The American Free Press had debates arguing the point the Boston Bombing was legit. Maybe you believe that also, who knows?

          I realize you fancy yourself to be some type forum enforcer looking for that one seam in every statement. That is fine, you are entertaining.

          When one is discussing a subject such as Mr. Friend and his firing, it is helpful to know something about his background. I do as I have had some discussions with him on his blog and I am fairly familiar with certain stances he takes. You don’t seem to know anything about him.

        3. So he should have been fired, due to something in his background?

          Again, you intimate this, but don’t say what it is you’re hinting at.

          Then you ridicule me for asking.

        4. I know a fair amount about him and know him to be genuine, which doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says at all. Your tone towards Toni seems gratuitously obnoxious.

        5. He wasn’t fired. He quit in lieu of being fired which he regrets and will hurt his lawsuit.

          He should have told them to “F” Off.

  4. We all know it is virtually impossible to fire government workers and they even have rubber rooms for the misfits to maintain their salaries for life.

    There are many times when cruising through the comments here I want to play the tune – you’re so vain, bet you think this blog is about you, don’t you? LOL

    Are there any readers in Germany? Our news here is reading like a sad comedy show lately with 400 sanctuary cities that are anything but safe.

    More distractions to keep us from seeing reality.


        1. Pedanticskirt, do you think John Friend is a false narrative?

          Not being combative now, I want to know. Is that your intuition?

        1. Geez..lighten up.

          25 Things I Trust More than Hillary Clinton and her minions:

          • Mexican tap water
          • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
          • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
          • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
          • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
          • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
          • Brian Williams memory
          • Pete Carroll coaching decisions
          • Loch Ness monster sightings
          • Pinocchio
          • The Boy that cried Wolf
          • Browns going to the Super Bowl
          • A Nigerian inheritance email
          • A pilot alone in the cockpit
          • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
          • Tying Anthony Weiner’s shoes
          • A fart in an automatic car wash
          • A factory packed parachute
          • A kiss from Judas
          • An Afghan wearing a backpack
          • A Supreme Court decision
          • Keeping my healthcare plan
          • A North Korean trial
          • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
          • A week old tuna fish sandwich found on a city bus

      1. Actually, it makes you sane. Only those who seem to derive great pleasure from devising more and more reasons for Whitey to be ashamed would enjoy this behavior.

        It’s like a Howard Zinn book. In those only the white Europeans are the devil incarnate. Everyone else is living in a state of absolute purity and worthy of great admiration.

        If they cause offense, it is only because we made it happen. Isn’t it funny that those who are constantly claiming “racial hatred” don’t apply those principles to their own behavior with regard to white people.

        Its pretty hard to see these as anything but a nasty bunch.

        1. This woman is only hitting the tip of the iceberg also. It is much worse in Europe than people are led to believe. There is not much in the mainstream news about it, but there are many youtubes showing the mayhem.

          My niece in Germany told me many times in school the muslims tried to make her feel ashamed of being a German. She is a scrapper though she pretty much told them where to get off.

    1. Skirt, he was an “at will” employee. This, just like no tenure, is the latest assault on worker security. It has never been “impossible” to fire a government employee. I’ve heard this forever and, having retired from federal service, can absolutely guarantee that to be a myth.

      What passes for “impossible to fire” is almost always either no cause, or too lazy a supervisor to document the problem. What is not allowed is to capriciously fire someone. I think that’s a GOOD thing.

      In John’s case they gave him a choice. This was a gallows or firing squad sort of thing. He, probably thinking that it would make future opportunities disappear, chose to “resign”. This is another popular ploy.

      If he had asked me I would have advised him not to sign anything. They are obviously going to do whatever they were planning and if they want your cooperation, it can’t be good for you.

      Obviously they hope to avoid the charge that they fired him for his opinions. By him “resigning” they will say “hey, he quit. We didn’t have anything to do with it”. They may get away with it. On the other hand, if he has a good lawyer, they may not.

      It seems to me that he has a good federal case for violating his civil rights. I think it very likely that they would settle. We all know what happened here. His bosses were either in collusion or utterly spineless, you decide.

      Just how “special” are we willing to let the “special” become?

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who anticipated folktruther’s (and others’) indignation. Kudos by the way for using three weaponized terms in a single sentence, i.e., anti-Semite, racist, and Nazi. Well done. Only conspiracy theory was missing, but I guess that wouldn’t work here of all places.

    Just a quick comment about the water we fish inhabit. Anyone paying attention has noticed that Orwell’s warnings about how language control is a crucial element of mind control. Working together in this regard, and in a truly efficient manner, are the power of virulent political correctness plus the way the language is becoming increasingly infantile. We now have “foodies” taking “selfies” in trendy eateries where, by the way, “veggies” has now replaced the word vegetables on almost all menus. And let’s not forget “birthers” and “truthers” and “antivaxxers” and all the rest.

    Maybe others think this trivial but I think these two forms of mental tyranny are reducing more and more of the population to a diminished capacity, that of children who are both afraid to speak candidly and clearly and likewise losing the vocabulary necessary for forming and expressing ideas. Neil Postman, John Taylor Gatto and others have told us that this no mere byproduct of technology and the educational system. They are intended goals.

    Still I have to agree that he wasn’t much of a guest. That said, the good professor has been doing a wonderful job here and I look forward to hearing from future (more cutting edge) guests in the future.

    One other thing: if Mr. Tracy were currently in the spotlight or the cross hairs of A. Cooper and the like, I think this particular guest would have generated some pretty serious media attention. I somehow think that might have helped said guest but not Mr. Tracy.

    1. You are certainly correct Geo. I am sure you have noticed as well as I, on many blog sites someone well begin by saying “I am not a conspiracy type” but…. This term has been thrown around so much people are afraid of it. It rather ridiculous. If one gets together with his next door next to paint a house then they are conspiring to get the job done. They are in a conspiracy to accomplish a goal. Use of such terms suggest a person who has not thought through on an idea but is simply accepting the common definition of an event.

  6. To the doubters,
    my experience with this story tells me it is not a false narrative:

    Like everyone, I browse by clicking links and reading. Wherever I go, I usually read the “About” of the sites I visit. So I saw that John Friend’s realistreport was in Poway, near Escondido, an area I’m familiar with. So it stuck in my head.

    Later, when I read about some guy in Escondido being fired for his website, I wondered, is it the same guy? Yes, it was, so I followed his story. Then, independently, Scoop Feed picked it up, and Real Politic broadcast the interview.

    To me, this is the way real events unfold. A personal observation, coupled with an event, turns into a small story that gets larger and picks up speed in a linear fashion.

    If it was a false narrative, the story would probably have been exploited more, with national coverage of Friend’s “outing” and lots of media discussion of “don’t we need to rein in these dangerous websites” ala folktruther.

    A false narrative might also have avoided the quagmire of firing a public employee over free speech altogether, leaving calls for his dismissal to an “outraged” public. (ala folktruther, again)

    Just the fact that MHB is the only venue carrying this story should be enough to convince you of its veracity.

  7. Well it didn’t take long to discover the latest shooting plot foiled by the sheriff near Yellowstone California.

    Tuolomne County sheriff’s detectives foiled a plot by students to go on a shooting rampage at their high school near Yosemite National Park,

    Tuolumne is now home to the Black Oak Casino, operated by the Tuolumne band of Me-Wuk Indians, a federally recognized tribe. The students planned to smoke some students and faculty. Thanks to some good detective work it didn’t go down. All this extra militarization of police depts must be paying off. This is growing harder to keep up with. Just keeping the false flag review up is a full time job.

    1. As for students planning a rampage – one should dig a little deeper and see if there is a property dispute over the gambling money and venues. There was recently a killing in Alturas, California, where my dad used to have a ranch. One of the tribal elders, a woman, shot 8 of her relatives dead during some tribal equivalent of a town hall meeting. It was about being ejected along with her son from some leadership position. Don’t know all the details, but suffice it to say that there are hatreds within tribes. I don’t know the facts of this case or the value of any recent upgrades to county fire power. It is just that there are these little ghettoes where disputes can be approached in just as violent a manner as the inner city.

  8. There are a few things going on here that are worth mentioning.

    I tend not to like weighing in on this topic, partly because I know too much about it, and partly because it is often so poisonous. It’s not my job to instruct the world, and change people’s minds about these matters. But I think that saying something here will be of some value.

    First, there is my familiar reminder that Tracy rarely makes a point of expressing his theories; this is an interview, and so far as I can tell, interviews are the only places he hints at his interpretation of events. MHB is a forum for media criticism discussion. It’s not surprising, then, that he honestly gave some idea of his thinking to the fellow he was talking to. But he did not pontificate, or even say what he thinks about the lines of reasoning his guest indulges in. Mark, predictably, missed that essential truth with exquisite exactitude. Kudos, dude. You scored a 10. Your long track record is looking good! Tracy’s an everything evil everything because he’s interested in the story of a guy being media-driven into exile.

    Second, there’s the problem of history. Most of what goes on at MHB is about the crazy lies the system tells us day to day. But we have to carry our knowledge of history into the analysis. Lots of smart people like to jostle against one another here, holding different interpretations of the past. It’s true that we have been lied to about all historical epochs, so revisiting them with unknown information is a very good thing to do. As the man once said, there are “known unknowns,” and there are “unknown unknowns.” We should wish to know whatever we can find out, that we do not know–even when we have no idea it even exists.

    In a recent conversation (http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/09/30/un-introduces-new-feudalism-under-guise-of-social-activism/), I had much to say. I’d recommend going back and reading all of my remarks there, but here is one comment of mine (most of it):

    Paul addresses this mystery in Romans 9-11. Here’s 11:25-32

    25 For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery–so that you will not be wise in your own estimation–that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; 26 and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, “THE DELIVERER WILL COME FROM ZION, HE WILL REMOVE UNGODLINESS FROM JACOB.” 27 “THIS IS MY COVENANT WITH THEM, WHEN I TAKE AWAY THEIR SINS.” 28 From the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God’s choice they are beloved for the sake of the fathers; 29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. 30 For just as you once were disobedient to God, but now have been shown mercy because of their disobedience, 31 so these also now have been disobedient, that because of the mercy shown to you they also may now be shown mercy. 32 For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all.

    The worst form of blindness, as I say, is the Talmud, which is an active evil. But Mark is a completely different breed of cat: blind because of the passive religion of secularism, which is just as prideful as is the talmudist.

    Paul makes explicit in Romans that all ethnic Jews will one day be redeemed–because that’s what God promised, and He can’t break His vow. But there is a mystery about the intensity of the rejection of their messiah. In Matthew 5:17, the word “abolish” is a term of art in Hebrew, referring to the rabbis accusation that He was misreading scripture. Jesus put them on notice that He, the Author of scripture, was CORRECTING, undoing the false interpretations they were teaching the people. He denounced their “traditions,” which is the Talmud. He was in essence telling them, stick with God’s Word, not the words of men.

    End of comment.

    Either the Bible is true, or it isn’t. I hold that it is, and I can prove it. It is not a half-truth, or a con-job. It is the living Word of the Creator, that predicts future events hundreds (thousands) of years in advance, and it ALWAYS comes true. It predicted all kinds of troubles the Jews would undergo, and they happened. If you read the book(s), you will notice that it is vary unfavorable in its depiction of the Jews–from Abraham on. The prophets are almost unanimous in denouncing the people God sent them, commissioned them, to correct.

    The Bible is true and can be trusted. It predicted that as the end draws near, the Jews would be gathered from the ends of the Earth, to reoccupy their original homeland. That happened. It also tells us that there will be a nuclear war there, and that 2/3 of them will die. Things do not look good, according to the Bible, for the Jews, whose governance in the last days will be just as evil as it was the first time Messiah appeared.

    The hardness of the Jewish heart, in our epoch, was clearly stated, IN THE BIBLE. So why should we be surprised by any to the things James’ interviewee is tracking, and finds of interest? Anyone who knows the Bible should find it a yawn-fest.

    That the Jews would actively cooperate with the satanic plan to push God out of the picture, and create a demonic New World Order, should come as no surprise. After all, they killed Him once already–and they don’t feel at all bad about it.

    1. Patrick what is to become of us fools who adhere to the science of Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism ?

      Am I doomed?

      Some thoughts




      Patrick I don’t mean this in a bad way, but I think this was the main message of Jesus.


      I have never asked you this before, but are you a professor?

      1. As I said, Mick, either the Bible is true, or it isn’t. If it’s true (and it is), all other systems are erroneous. The Bible is a self-authenticating message system, comprised of 66 books by more than 40 authors, written over the course of thousands of years. It is perfectly coherent, containing threads of thought and instruction that weave their way from Genesis to Revelation. This fact, and the trustworthiness of the Bible, can be demonstrated in many ways, one of which is the various codes that are embedded in the text. The most obvious code is fulfilled prophesy. Every prediction and promise, no matter how seemingly preposterous or unlikely, has always come true (although some we are still waiting for, the end not having arrived yet).

        Until the mid 19th century no one would have expected that the Jews would return to the land of Israel, but evangelical Christians who took the text seriously boldly predicted it will happen—because that’s what the book says. At the time it was an unpopulated wasteland, a patchwork of swamp and desert. The Ottomans had tried to repopulate it repeatedly, but it could produce nothing, and the various population groups they tried out always simply drifted away (one such experiment involved Moslem tribes from the Caucasus, the same Chechens who have been imported into Syria in recent years as terrorists). Yet, starting in 1879, Western Jews started to migrate there (a small population of Eastern Jews had lived there continuously since the wars with Rome). They took control of the water, draining the swamps and irrigating the desert, and made it once again a “land flowing with milk and honey”—and business, which produced the job opportunities that attracted the current crop of Arabs who live there today, who disingenuously call themselves “Palestinians.” What seemed a crazy prediction that “disproved” the Bible, came true: Jews from every corner of the world flocked to the Land.

        Does it matter if the leadership of Israel is evil? Why should it? It was evil the first time Jesus came there. All that matters is that long before Jesus’ first coming, prophets God sent to His people, to correct them, predicted that it would happen—and they had not yet left the Land, obviously, for even the first time, much less a second time, which is what the prediction said. What matters is not that they have been regathered because they are “good.” What matters is that the Bible said it would happen and it did.

        I could write volumes about other fulfilled prophesies—as many others have done. But this one astounding example establishes my point. The Bible is true in even the most arcane detail, and if it’s true all other systems are false–because that’s what the Bible says about all the other gods.

        Which brings us to your question about pagan religions. Knock yourself out, Mick. Believe whatever you want about the Essenes and the Gnostics and the phone-baloney idea that Constantine had anything at all to do with writing the Bible–much less the utterly false notion that Jesus spent tim in India, or that He wasn’t a Jew. You can believe whatever it is the jungle tribes of Africa believe if you wish. What do I care? It’s all false theology. Sorry about that.

        What is to become of you, you ask, you people who follow the gods of the Hindus, or Buddha, or gnosticism of any kind, on Judgement day? This is a hotly debated theological topic, and has been for 2,000 years. Church splits have been very frequent about it. In my close examination, the God of the Bible is not a torturer; He’s infinitely forgiving. I don’t know what options He gives people like yourself on the other side of death, people who heard His Word and rejected it (much less those who never even heard of the Bible), but I feel quite certain that He has a plan. After all, the Bible says that He would that ALL be saved. And He also said when He appeared as Jesus, that He came to save the whole world–which would include you, Mick.

        Error is in the nature of man. None of us get it right. It is incumbent of us to try, continuously. And if you are trying to get it right as a Hindu, I’m certain that He has a way for you to become redeemed when finally you meet Him on the other side. I have no idea what it is, though.

        Take the Jews, for example. God created them as His own nation, giving them peculiar laws intended to keep them separate from all the other nations. He made a personal covenant with them, then gave them he task of writing His very Word (the books of the Bible) for the instruction of all the rest of us. If you read those books, the Jews almost never come out looking good. It’s like reading the diary of a serial killer. If they, the Jews, wrote it to make themselves look good, I wonder how they ended up building Hollywood; what a learning curve that demonstrates! It’s all sins, failures, betrayals, unfaithfulness, hard-heartedness and refusal to confess sin when it’s completely obvious. Then, icing on the cake, they murder Him when He comes here to straighten them out. Yet He promises that He will redeem them all, before the whole story is told.

        He even, on the cross, asked the Father, to forgive them “for they know not what they do.” No one in the history of the world knew better what they were doing. But therein lies the greatest mystery in the world.

        If He says that about the Jews, who systematically betrayed and finally murdered Him, I think He’s got a way for a gentle, wise, Hindu to overcome his lack of Biblical insight.

        1. O.K Patrick which ones have come true?

          Let us remember that Constantine, a British born Caesar wrote the bible along with his chosen wise men who gathered in Turkey about 100 years after the death of Jesus Barabbas. We are talkiing about a warlord who killed the Vedic priest in the vatican. Why do you have so much faith in him?

          The jews are returning to Israel because they wrote the bible, they have controlled the Roman empire since inequity due to usury. Of course they are returning to Israel, that was the plan all along. Now they want to institute the pope in Jerusalem. That is what the earlier crusades were all about and that is what the current one is about.

          No they stole what little water was there to begin with and are in the process of trying to take what is left from Lebanon. Unfortunately what is left is due to their incessant wars of genocide against the locals.

          Yes they flocked to the land, as Hitler was a Rothschild and forced them into camps to train them for the kibbutz in Palestine. The red cross (Rothschild’s shield) was in every camp. They had jobs and food while the average German was being bombed into the stone age and burned alive in dresden. Those who did not die in Eisenhower’s death camps where 6 million Germans were exterminated after the war had ended. Didn’t hear about that did you?

          They certainly produced job opportunities as the real Semitic ones there were summoned out of grammar school classes and told the need to get some scalp X-rays. unfortunately they were lethal doses and most of them died are were deformed for life.

          And anybody who has researched it, knows who wrote the bible. It was Constantine and he besmirched most everything Jesus said.

          Patrick you are decent guy, but engage in fairy tales you learned at sunday school.

          The one true God is the vibration of creation the cosmic mind, the one you hear in a seashell, that forms all life, has always been here and will always be here even after man and the earth wither away. It is called Shruti, the sound of the cosmic creator. It produces life and light. Like they say, in the beginning was the word. This light, I can see in meditation. Nobody has to sell me a book. There were no books when Jesus around and he wasn’t selling any.

          Patrick, I know the routine, they had me baptized at 12, fortunately sunday school did not stifle my search for truth.

          Choose life Patrick, not books at walmart.



        2. I will try a shorter version due to moderation.

          Have you noticed that Hindus and to some extent the Chinese are represented in universities way beyond their percentage of the population?

          There is a reason for that. They all practice ancient traditions. The Hindus are vegetarians for the most part. They use copper and iron utensils to cook their food. The practice deep breathing, think prana the mysterious particle of life force in the air we breathe. They have done it for thousands of years. Even the jews use their kiddush cups to drink from. They are usually of bronze, copper or silver. The elite use gold plated ones. They don’t tell you that however. That is not for public school kids to know about. That is why they gather the gold. That is why they also are over represented in universities and trust me they use this influence to make sure you don’t know these things. You are to continue believing in fairy tales.

          It is a proven fact that one cannot form healthy red blood cells if they are copper deficient. That is another plan of the NWO and the dumbing down of education. They don’t tell you that.

          You have probably noticed that Hindus and Chinese are very big on silver tea kettles. They are not just drinking the tea, they are absorbing the precious metal colloidal. It strengthens the brain and spinal chord so the base energy of the chakra can enter the brain. Think caduceus. You know the one Hippocrates lifted from the Vedas.

          I know for a fact that monks eat from large bronze frying pans all over the orient. It is for a reason, it strengthens the body mind and soul. In fact over the Potala in Tibet there is a sign, it says “a thousand monks, a thousand different religions”. They know everyone is on the path to enlightenment. Some are just ahead of others in the quest. It is not just well here is your book from walmart believe bubba or taste the fire.

          Westerners think nothing of eating trash out of teflon and aluminum pans. It is a killer. They go down and get their flu shots also loaded with aluminum, pig DNA and mercury. They then wonder why Johnny can’t read.

          I say once again, choose life.

        3. Patrick I drink from a bronze goblet with silver and gold soldered into the bottom of it. A monk made it for me. I found the chinese goblet on ebay for 20 dollars. To me, it is priceless. I also drink from a silver from 950 sterling silver goblet I bought off ebay. It has the chrysanthemum etchings of the japanese royal family on it. I stole it. If it is good enough for the rising sun, it is good enough for me. The Shinto Buddhists are khazars.

          The Meijis made some great stuff. They know about these things Patrick. You need to find out.

          I have enjoyed this conversation. It pains me to see the people of the west laid so low. And if we are going to be biblical. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

        4. I was done but I will throw one more thing at you Patrick. The native American indians wear silver bracelets and trinkets. Silver is precious to them as is copper to a certain extent. You see those elements draw electromagnetic energy, the fire of life if you will, the life force. I hope this is not news to you, but we live in an electric universe. See Thunderbolt of the Gods.

          The bone breast plates draw this energy around the heart chakra.

          I myself have two Navajo bracelets I wear, they also draw electromagnetic energy. You also absorb silver colloidal from these through the skin. For the indian the bracelet can also be boiled in water when ill and drank as a tea. It was a traveling medicine kit. That is when they did not have time to let fruit spoil and eat the mold. (penicillin) Pasteur did not discover it. It has been in the native American medicine cabinet for thousands of years. I am afraid for many westerners, their arrogance is only exceeded by their ignorance.

          The more of that energy you can channel into the physical body the better off you are.

          Everyone seems to think their culture is uber alles, and many of them unfortunately want to kill off everybody who doesn’t believe their particular angle. Muslims seem especially bad about this and the eternal victims.

          It is going to take cooperation from everyone to fend of the NWO. Lets all just try and get along.

          An Inuit hunter asked the local missionary priest: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” said the priest, “not if you did not know.” “Then why,” asked the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?” ~Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

          I didn’t know I had a quarrel with him. ~Henry Thoreau in answer to the question, “Have you made your peace with God?”

          Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion – several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven. ~Mark Twain

          Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. ~Seneca the Younger

          The kingdom of heaven is a condition of the heart..not something that comes upon the earth or after death…..Nietzsche

          A member of the Ohiyesa Santee Sioux was asked about the sabbath and he replied that he saw no need to set aside one day a week for God, for an indian all days are God’s days.

        5. It is absolutely hilarious to read some of your ludicrous fake history, Mick.

          Constantine was emperor in the early fourth century. All the books of the New Testament were written in the first century, by numerous individuals, whom we know. We have early manuscripts (multiple) of all of them. All but one of the books of the Old Testament were found at Qumran (amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls). These manuscripts date to the third century B.C. The idea that he (of all people) wrote the Bible in the second century is, well, stupid, for lack of a better term. You ask me if I have faith in him, because I believe the Bible. And you wish for me to take you seriously.

          I think you did not read what I wrote. The Israelites were certainly used by God to write the books of the Old Testament, but they make themselves look really, really, bad in them, all the way through (why would they do that, Mick?). The prophesies of the return to Israel all were written centuries before Rome emerged on the scene, much less conquered them and destroyed Jerusalem, in the first century. Question: how did they know that they would spend millennia away from their homeland, when Rome was still a distant republic?

          Why am I bothering to comment on such sheer nonsense, much less interact with it seriously? Note to self: don’t do that anymore.

          And they didn’t “steal” water. They channeled the streams that were feeding the swamps; the water was unusable in swampland, which had made the place worthless for many centuries. And it was an amazing abundance of water, given the vanishingly small number of people who lived in the Land in the late 19th/early 20th century. This is easy to look up, Mick.

          As I said originally, I avoid joining this topic here, because I know too much about it, and hate having to go into “instruction mode” about it. I don’t like being bored, especially when it is very unlikely I am going to persuade people who have their minds made up. I can’t reproduce volumes of research in quickie comments, or even lengthy ones, and everyone thinks they already know all about it, so what’s the point even to try? It makes my eyes bleed to read some of the sheer nonsense people write about it here (you are taking the current prize in this regard, incidentally), and it wearies me to contemplate attempt these pointless corrective lessons.

          The only reason I did it this time, is the Post is about a guy who has opinions related to the subject, and certain comments deserved at least some kind of response. I guess I was right all along. Just keep my yap shut when this topic comes up. Pity, that.

        6. All this talk about metals and the wisdom of native tribes is fine with me, Mick. What’s not to like? Admire?

          And quoting the cynic Mark Twain is just a lazy way of denouncing hypocrisy–which I keep repeating, the Jews accuse themselves of constantly, throughout the Bible. Everyone who knows the Bible knows humans can’t live up to the standards God sets. So what?

          The fact that there is wisdom to be found in false religions comes as no surprise. Everyone alive today is descended from the eight people who stepped off the Ark. Everyone knew the true religion in those early days of the new era. After Babel, they spread across he Earth. Did they forget? No, of course not. The question is, did the gods YHWH assigned to the various nations rule wisely, or evilly? How much truth did they retain?

          The reason for the Bible is to draw all the peoples of the world back to the original, true, God. We know this because of the codes embedded in it, particularly the most obvious one: fulfilled prophesy. Hundreds of arcane prophesies, spread across the whole of the Old Testament, predicted the specific details of Jesus’ life. All came true, a trillions-to-one probability.

          You can scoff about the verities taught in Sunday School, as if it is allobvious foolishness. I don’t care. As I say, you can worship the god of headhunters in an African jungle for all I care. But the Bible is true, and since it is true, it must be our pole star; other stars might look near by to it. It’s your life. Choose well. But if you ignore the perfect, 100% accuracy of the Bible’s predictive track record, and claim to have a valid opinion on the subject, You are living in a fool’s paradise. Many statistical analyses have been done, correlating the possibilities, the probabilities, that small handfuls of such prophesies would all come true, and it always ends up in numbers that outstrip the number of atoms in the visible universe.

          That’s confidence you can take to the bank, my friend.

        7. I’m going to pitch in on this tomorrow. I have a very simplistic answer as “What happens to us all of all religions”. I really have studied this and all religions my whole life and have many stories.

          But, Please don’t fight amongst yourselves.

          Your BOTH right!

          I am no savior but I think I know the answer or IMO the answer that should suffice.

          Bottom line is we are all Going to the same place during the millennium.

          Only a Few physically make it thru thats why the days were shorted.

          It’s all good and God, or the Universal God, whatever you say is correct and ALL are his Children…even the sticky Ones…

        8. We obviously are not going to find any common ground here. These jungle religions you are refer to are pretty much established scientific fact. The sound of the universe is knowable. Have a listen. Choose life.

          Once the truth is known, theories naturally become unnecessary.

          Dr. Paul LaViolette


          The Om is the “sound” of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe. In the context of the ancient physics of subquantum kinetics, it is the minute energy impulse imparted when each etheron pops into existence in its new etheron state in the course of its endless journey through ether states. Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer, creates this sound by shaking the drum which he holds in his upper right hand, his hand of creation. In his left hand he holds the flame of dissolution which represents the departure of etherons as they transmute into the next etheric state in their chain of evolution. Together this process of etheron creation and dissolution denotes the ever-present cosmic flux.

          The Om also signifies the continual omnipresent fluctuation of the ether, the substrate that extends throughout the universe, underlies our physical existence, and forms what physicists call the zero-point energy continuum. This stochastic subquantum vibration is driven by the random transmutation events that etherons are continuously undergoing. Every subatomic particle that is continously created throughout the universe is nucleated by a rare mega-fluctuation, or critical fluctuation, that from time to time emerges from this zero-point continuum. Hence the process of physical creation is ultimately spawned by the Om.

  9. All truth assertions are based on values, but one can still distinguish truth assertions from value assertions. The killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis for example is a truth assertion, and, in addition, is used by Israel as a value assertion to unite Jews around apartheid Israeli imperialism. If, therefore, anyone wants to argue that the this did not occur, the Nazis did not historically kill six million Jews, that the number or means were different, this is simply Free Speech and should be allowed. That it is illegal in Europe is quite wrong.

    However, to argue or imply that killing 6 million Jews, or any minority, was Good, and should be continued in modern times, should be a crime, and the perpetrator should not only be fired from their jobs, but imprisoned. Organizing to commit murder, as Nazis and White supremacists do, should be illegal, an media and other truth institutions should attack it continuously.

    But how do you distinguish the truth assertions from the value assertions? This is a difficult legal problem which requires much thought over a period of time. However this is not a problem in John Friend’s case because he explicitly quotes Hitler and his major ideologist in his blog, with the implication, and apparently argument according to Christo, that the Nazi policies were Good. His suggestion that Dr. Tracy interview David Duke as well, is a sufficient indication of where he is coming from.

    Dr. Tracy has argued that supporting Nazis and racists is part of Free Speech, effectively helping them to organize to carry out their policies.

  10. The interview with John Friend took place a month or so after Alex Jones debated David Duke on Infowars. This debate resulted in a kind of split between Nazi anti-Semites and the White non-White racists traditionally led by the KKK. Alex Jones was attacked as being part of the Jewish cabal largely because his ex-wife was Jewish. For some reason, it appears that anti-Semitism is a stronger glue than anti-non-White-ism for a fascist movement. Possibly because it has a stronger religious basis.

    Apparently the anti-Semitism is used for berating the Jews, while the killing and lynching is reserved for the non-Whites, especially African Americans. The three Nazis mentioned in the past on MHB blustered anti-Semitism, and went to Jewish cultural centers, but shot non-Jews, including non-Whites. To some extent this paralleled the Hitler Nazis, whose ideology was anti-Semitic, but most of the people they killed were Slavs, although this is downplayed in the American media and learned truth.

  11. Before I started my search I believed everything that pop history told me. Then, incrementally, I crossed off item after item on the list of popular “truths.” One after another, the popular narratives began crumbling. Throughout this process I remained properly outraged by any questioning of the capital h holocaust. I believed any such questioning was the secular equivalent to a sin.

    Even as I write this, I feel uneasy. I feel like a bad person. I may very well be a bad person (and in fact I generally think I am) but I am not one not for questioning a cherished and profitable belief.

    A great many things are hidden in the places we are not permitted, socially, spiritually, and emotionally to look.

  12. Folk 12 Iman says”

    I can see why you like this Ric, since your idea of intellectual discourse is factless jibes or pointless insults. Haha. NO

    But Tracy’s assumption that I have contacts with this group is the usual anti-Semitic assumption: No

    But \tThen he agrees with SPLC based on “I’m a Jew”

    “Their leaders are Jews, I am a Jew, so we have the same values, ideology, and policies.”

    AS SPLC? I thought you weren’t religious. So is Jewish a Race or Religion or Govt. like Islam?

    So if your Black you should agree to the Black Lives Matter destruction Group because your a certain Color?

    I dedicate this song to you and I’m 100% Hetro. I do Love You as a Brother….


      1. Haha..This is just a Funny aside.

        My 3 kids all have their own lives and Animals

        I get to babysit often…..

        My Wife says she want’s “Skin” babies not “Fur” babies….haha

        I just get a kick out of her saying and wanted to share it on a light note…..

        (Grand) Parents want Skin Babies..haha

        1. Being a great-grandfather myself, I have a pretty new (2 1/2 year old) granddaughter. She’s an absolute joy. I have grown grandkids and now this. I also have a sister for her on the way, due in January. I can’t wait.

          Watching how full of awe and joy they are at that age is restorative. I got her a few things the other day but the thing that I gave her that stole the show was a big maple leaf. She thought that was the most wonderful thing.

          It’s for these that I worry. They should all have lives full of wonder and hope.

  13. Not sure why people would say that the Goebbels children are large shareholders in many German companies. Were not the 5 children of Joey and Magda Goebbels killed by the parents in the bunker?

    Please clarify.

    1. Gil,
      Actually his step son from Magda’s previous marriage. He was in the Lutwaffe and survived the war. Joseph Goebbels, four step grand children are now worth millions due to an inheritance of the German gun and missile industry which includes BMW. Joseph was Catholic but his wife Magda was Jewish.

      We can never say anything we read is totally authentic, but several authors have mentioned this.




      The Bormanns seem to have done well also.


  14. And I concur with you friend. In fact that is why I blog. Well it is the only form of connection between normal people at this point.

    My grandchildren face a hell they would not believe if I produced a doctorate and laid it in front of them.

    You old fool, I am a great grandfather myself. Only kidding, I have noticed the wisdom of you age lophatt.

  15. Christo and Musings are right; the purpose of associating Nazi anti-Semitism with 9/11 is to discredit people stating that it is a false flag operation, being associated with Friends position that ‘the Jews did it.” Most people don’t want to be associated with this kind of preposterous filth, preventing them form being associated with an honest investigation.

    It also eliminates the possibility that Israel or the Israeli lobby may have had a role in the 9/11-homicide, the Dancing Israelis, Mossad agents knowing about the attack before it happened, and rejoicing in the destruction, the whole thing covered up by the Bush administration.

    That is how anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial became associated with investigation staged homicidal operations–“Conspiracy Theories.”

  16. The First Amendment protects the rights of every citizen to speak on matters of public importance by prohibiting government from punishing citizens based on their speech. Government employees are still citizens and thus have those same protections. In fact, courts have recognized that one of the core purposes of the First Amendment is to protect the government whistleblower. “It is important to good government that public employees be free to expose misdeeds and illegality in their departments. Protecting such employees from unhappy government officials lies … at the core of the First Amendment.” Myers v. Hasara, 226 F.3d 821, 826 (7th Cir. 2000).

    The U.S. Supreme Court has also recognized that the government whistleblower will sometimes by the public’s only protection from government corruption:
    [P]ublic employees are often the members of the community who are likely to have informed opinions as to the operations of their public employers, operations which are of substantial concern to the public. Were they not able to speak on these matters, the community would be deprived of informed opinions on important public issues. The interest at stake is as much the public’s interest in receiving informed opinion as it is the employee’s own right to disseminate it.
    City of San Diego v. Roe, 543 U.S. 77, 84 (2004) (citation omitted).

    The fact that the government employee is an “at will” employee does not mean the employee can be fired for exercising the employee’s free speech rights. “A public employee’s First Amendment rights are violated if his employer takes an adverse employment action against the employee because of that employee’s protected speech, even if the employee was terminable at will.” Vasquez v. City of Bell Gardens, 938 F. Supp. 1487, 1495 (C.D. Cal. 1996) (citing Mt. Healthy City Sch. Dist. Bd. of Educ. v. Doyle, 429 U.S. 274, 283 (1977)). “In other words, although plaintiff may be discharged for no reason at all, his continued employment may not be conditioned in a way that impermissibly infringes his first amendment rights.” Savage v. Com. of Pa., 475 F. Supp. 524, 535-36 (E.D. Pa. 1979) aff’d 620 F.2d 289 (3d Cir. 1980).

    There are several exceptions. First, the government employer can always prove that something else was the cause. Second, a court may conclude, as the Supreme Court did in San Diego v. Roe, that the speech did not have any public value (that case involved a police officer running a “made to order” porn cite where he dressed in a generic police uniform). Third, the speech may be deemed to be made as an employee, rather than a citizen. Garcetti v Ceballos, 547 U.S. 410, 417 (2006). Fourth, some jobs are deemed inherently political and therefore the employee can be dismissed for political reasons. For example a high-ranking legislative aid could be fired for endorsing the boss’s opponent. Gordon v. Griffith, 88 F.Supp.2d 38 (E.D.N.Y. 2000). Fifth, sometimes the speech was so disruptive to the workings of the government agency that the termination is upheld. This last exception is very rare and usually involves positions where close teamwork is essential, such as an aid-car crew for a fire department. See Anzaldua v. NE Ambulance & Fire Dist., 793 F.3d 822 (8th Cir. 2015).

    Nevertheless, the First Amendment provides a level of protection for almost all government employees and serves as a sort of real whistleblower law as well. It is not limited to whistleblowers, however, and protects the right to engage in all types of speech.

    So I wouldn’t give up just because you were at will.

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