On this week’s episode of Real Politic University of California Davis Professor of Asian American Studies Darrell Hamamoto joins James again to discuss a wide variety of issues spanning from hamamotoorganized religion to public health, the politics of higher education and what passes for critical thought and analysis in today’s academy.

Darrell Hamamoto holds degrees in political science, popular culture, and sociology, and is a graduate of University of California at Irvine’s Comparative Cultures doctoral program. A Fullbright Scholar (Japan) Hamamoto is presently the senior ranking professor in the Department of Asian American Studies at UC Davis. Throughout his 30 year academic career he has become a major figure in the study of media, race, and popular culture. Professor Hamamoto’s latest book is Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America (TrineDay 2014). He is also the author of Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the Politics of TV Representation and Nervous Laughter: Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology.


Darrell Hamamoto’s YouTube Channel is Professor Hamamoto.


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8 thought on “On the Uncritical Nature of Contemporary “Critical” Thought”
  1. Really enjoyed this interview, Prof. Tracy. Darrell’s advice is priceless – you don’t have to participate in the NWO. Do your own thing, stay healthy, stay informed, be happy. The evil bastards that run things want people stupid, unhealthy and unhappy. It’s comforting to know that there are individuals like Tracy and Hamamoto in academia – there’s hope yet.

    1. Stop and think about it, the power of the NWO agenda relies on the backing of… wait for it, Walmart people.

      Pinkie: What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?
      Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinkie, try to take over the world.

  2. I haven’t listened to the audio yet, but I’d like to say that I am completely unimpressed with supposed “degrees” and “honors” associated with the now recognized religion of scientism.

    If he’s a smart guy and he’s telling the truth, that’s all I need to know. I’m a smart guy, I tell the truth, and I hold no “degrees” (a freemasonic term). So get over yourselves and your “degrees”, which confer no particular power to your arguments. If you insist on resting on the laurels of your “degrees”, your days of credibility are numbered.

    Now, that’s the truth.

    1. Okay, I’m listening to the audio, and my reaction is somewhat mollified by the attitudes regarding scientism and academia, but really shouldn’t you all get rid of the fake “authority” promulgated by your “degrees” (after all, the Strawman in the Wizard of Oz became “smart” by conferring a “degree” by the fake Wizard of Oz, and there is no difference here.) We all do our own research, which I prefer to call discovery, and there is no greater value in anyone’s particular viewpoint superceding anyone else’s, as long as correct data is being perceived rationally.

      1. I continue to see, over and over, how this supposedly enlightened forum, have succumbed to the post WWII propaganda regarding “Nazis”, the NSDAP, and “Fascism”. This is the worst hoax in recent times, far beyond the little hoaxes we are being subjected to lately. People seeing these little hoaxes nowadays, seem unable to do the discovery and correction of understanding of these larger hoaxes. Hitler was a nationalist German, who performed nearly miraculous changes in the German economy, bringing Germany out of Depression within two years, whereas the USA, under President Rosenfeld, had to live, and more importantly die, under the Depression for years more.

        People seem to be unaware that Germany did not declare war on the world, but that the international jewish community declared war on Germany by establishing a successful international boycott of German goods in March of 1933, long before Germany began restricting the actions of jews.


        Also, people seem to seriously misunderstand the difference between Fascism and Communism, and which was truly the harmful influence in the world then and today. Communism killed scores of millions of innocent people during the so-called “Communist Revolution”.


        “Political radicals often shout, “Fascist!”, “Fascist!” at anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. The term is especially popular among college students. But do such people actually know what Fascism is? Have they studied it?”


        While I do not promote, nor condone, ANY form of government, I think the misperception of the past is causing incredible error in people’s thinking, and needs to be cleared up. BeLIEf in the holohoax is causing horrible misunderstanding in peoples’ minds today, and misdirecting people from recognizing the real enemy of humanity today.

        1. The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews | Brill
          Robert Aleksander Maryks

          “In The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews the author explains how Christians with Jewish family backgrounds went within less than forty years from having a leading role in the foundation of the Society of Jesus to being prohibited from membership in it. The author works at the intersection to two important historical topics, each of which attracts considerable scholarly attention but that have never received sustained and careful attention together, namely, the early modern histories of the Jesuit order and of Iberian “purity of blood” concerns.
          An analysis of the pro- and anti-converso texts in this book (both in terms of what they are claiming and what their limits are) advance our understanding of early modern, institutional Catholicism at the intersection of early modern religious reform and the new racism developing in Spain and spreading outwards.”


          Why Jews Should Celebrate the Ascent of Pope Francis – Tablet Magazine

          “it was only in 1593, years after various cathedral chapters and fraternities had banned New Christians, that the Jesuits instituted purity of blood legislation. Until then, those with “Jewish blood” were welcomed, and some of these reached high positions in the order, including Ignatius’ secretary, Juan Alfonso de Polanco, and his successor as Superior General, Diego Laynez, who was a significant intellectual leader of the Catholic Reformation. Francisco de Toledo, also of Jewish descent, was the first Jesuit to be appointed a cardinal. New Christians were so common in the order that King Phillip II of Spain termed the Jesuits “a synagogue of Hebrews.” (The fascinating subject of Jesuits and Jewish blood has received a full and expert treatment in Robert Aleksander Maryks’ recent work The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.)”


          Think about it, and think about “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

          Whether Voltaire said it or not, it is still true.

  3. Wonderful interview. But I have tried very hard to get to Professor Hamamoto’s blog/website and learned a lot about tacit censorship via treacherous Google. i can get to the Youtube sites but am stymied as to the blog. I believe he said it was something like “professorhamamoto.com” yet find absolutely nothing. He is a TI like so many of us. Could you kindly post a link to his blog/website? Thanks.

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