Emergency Spending Bills Signal Transition to Banana Republic

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Twice in September Congress implemented ‘Martial Law’ as a way of railroading unconstitutional spending bills to keep the bankrupt US government from collapsing. The use of martial law fast-tracks spending bills by BYPASSING typical procedures – it’s a stop gap measure of overt tyranny from the government of a nation which at this point is best defined as a ‘Banana Republic’.


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6 thought on “Congress Declares “Martial Law””
  1. Their laws are void. These people in the US Congress are not who they say. The United States of America has and has had for a very long time A PHONY GOVERNMENT!!

  2. I’m fond of saying that they are not going to announce our enslavement. I doubt that there was ever a regime that wasn’t a “people’s republic” or “democracy” of some sort.

    I’m somewhat bemused that, while we watch videos of cops beating and executing citizens on the street, people respond with warnings that we are “approaching” a police state.

    SGT is absolutely right about the end game. They will institute a “new and improved” version of global fiat currency. They will get the gold and we will get the shaft.

    There isn’t a member of the legislature or the executive who isn’t guilty of grave crimes and misdemeanors. Just like the currency, this renders the whole production criminal and inauthentic. It only exists because everyone pretends its legitimate.

    When (not if) they decide to dissolve it, they will have a brand new cadre of parasites to replace it. It will not be an improvement. Their hope is that, by the time that happens, you will be so sick of things as they are that you welcome what they have in store for you.

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