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Eyewitness “heard shots” and “ran … got to my car and drove out.”

Timeline of October 1 Shooting from Oregon Live

How the FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC Covered the Oregon Shooting Before They Knew a Thing About It
Justin Peters

By now, we all know that there’s been another school shooting, this time at Umpqua Community College in southern Oregon. But for what seemed like a very long time this afternoon, that was all we knew. Further details were hard to come by, which posed a challenge to the many journalists who were tasked with reporting on what had—and hadn’t—happened. If you, like me, were toggling between the three main cable news networks this afternoon as they struggled to report the story in a virtual information void, you saw three different and distinct journalistic strategies at work: circumspection, observation, and pontification. Here’s what I glimpsed, and here’s where I saw it.



ROSEBURG, Or. — The man who authorities believe opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College on Thursday is dead, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told reporters.

People take part in candle light vigil following a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon October 1, 2015. A gunman opened fire at a community college in southwest Oregon on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven others before police shot him to death, authorities said, in the latest mass killing to rock an American campus. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola - RTS2OKG
People take part in candle light vigil following a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon October 1, 2015. A gunman opened fire at a community college in southwest Oregon on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven others before police shot him to death, authorities said, in the latest mass killing to rock an American campus. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola – RTS2OKG

No police officers were injured, but preliminary information indicates 10 people were killed and more than 20 others injured in the shooting, according to Oregon State Police spokesman Bill Fugate.

The suspect was a 20-year-old man, according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

Investigators are examining social media postings they believe were made by the suspect, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

The night before the attack, the alleged shooter appears to have had a conversation with others online about his intentions, the source said.

“We arrived to find multiple patients in multiple classrooms. Law enforcement was on scene and had the shooter neutralized,” Douglas County Fire Marshal Ray Shoufler told CNN.


Tweets excerpted from Daily Mail coverage:




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  1. With fifteen dead and twenty wounded, the shooting in Rosewood, OR features the improbable kill ratios we’ve been asked to believe in previous “mass shootings.”

    There are other improbabilities, too; still gathering them.

    Fun Fact: One of the brave soldiers that stopped that shooter on a train in Europe a couple of weeks ago, was an Oregon National Guardsman who hails from Rosewood and is a proud student at Umpqua Community College, site of the shooting.

    1. I think his brother – or was it his (her?) sister – ran over him (?) [her?] with his (her?) car. This is so confusing. Oh, that one was in Boston. Nevermind.

      1. Yes, always the same pattern of “we caught him…huh?….oh, wait…uh…he’s dead, actually.” This always raises the red flag for me.

    2. I had read earlier also that the shooter was in custody. It always appears that the original reports are multiple shooters which later transition into the lone crazed dead gunman (patsy)

  2. Here in England, Sky news just reported ( 10 15 pm UK time ) 13 dead…they quoted a student as saying the gunman told students in a classroom to stand up and state their religion….

    that’s already sounding suspicious to me….

    1. Steven, that would be unusual. It would also be a violation of their Constitutional rights. Of course, this is Oregon. It is a bastion of maniacal fundamentalists.

      Frankly, it IS suspicious, killings or no. I’ve said many times that killings are not the measure of a hoax. This has all the earmarks. I want my money back. I’ve already seen this film.

      1. Lophatt…Think you maybe misunderstood me..our English news was saying the gunman forced the students to state their religion..maybe he then shot the ones who had a religion he didn’t like…

        Seems the gunman was born in Britain of a British father… I heard his father on the news, talking to the press…just a brief..” Im shocked, nothing more to say, blah, blah,” but I could hear the English accent…sounded north western England to me..

        Elliott Rodgers was also born in Britain of a British father…probably just a coincidence? As you say, Lophatt, we already saw this film!

        1. Steven, thanks for explaining the British patrimony connection.

          Do you have an opinion of the Oregon shooter’s supposed support for the IRA?

        2. I do, Toni. Ireland has been considered the battleground in the struggle against the invasion of Europe as of late. It’s just a theory, but I think there is an attempt being made to associate irish nationalism with ‘mental illness,’ even though the nationalist parties today come more from the right.

          Historically the irish have been imprsioned/interned in ‘insane asylums’ at astronomically high rates compared to almost every other ethnicity in both Ireland and the diaspora. Oonagh Walsh is an irish academic who recently wrote a paper on this pattern and interpreted it as proof of ‘epigenetic’ legacy of the Famine or what’s now being called the Hunger. A more sober and realistic view would be that the irish posed a very specfic threat to their oppressors; they were a poor but still highly literate, white (as in anglocelt) and english-speaking people whose protestations would otherwise have been more effective than the British Empire’s other colonized, hence the need to ‘kill the idea’ since ‘the man’ might not be so easily ignored and dispatched of. There are probably other related memes influencing the phenomenon, but I think it actually all ties in.

        3. Sue and Toni….

          Toni…I haven’t seen the shooter’s comments on the IRA in any detail, but if he is expressing support, then that’s probably because he sees them as being anti – British, anti-establishment, fighting for freedom…..maybe his father’s Brit family have Irish Catholic roots, maybe he simply identifies with them as outsiders( like himself? )

          Sue… that’s a very perceptive analysis of certain Irish sociological factors…but surely too deep for the mindset of a 20 year old kid from Oregon, whatever his interests in his Brit and/ or Irish roots, wouldn’t you think?

          I just saw the press conference with the Oregon Governor…an odd little woman, looks like a librarian on the edge of a nervous and other assorted self important politicos…. they all started their statements with… this isn’t the time to urge for gun control, but….. they don’t waste a second do they?

        4. Steven, thanks for reporting back. Yes, I’ve seen nothing really either, except for this capture of his MySpace:

          About Irish sociology being too deep for the mindset of a 20, or 26, year old kid, I think Sue – and I – (Sue can tell us if she disagrees with me) are conjecturing from a position of disbelief in the kid. He might exist, or whatever, but his “persona” as described in the media, including “his” social media, are constructed by the hoaxers. Every meme they choose telegraphs some intent or other.

          So, of course, when they associate the IRA with the “crazy” shooter, they are preemptively demonizing the revolutionary position.

          I think Sue is right when she says this meme is meant to associate Irish nationalism with ‘mental illness.” I also think it’s a counter-balance to the call, most recently from our President, to identify with our more sensible English-speaking cousins around the world and just ban the guns.

        5. I don’t think it’s the same guy in the photos linking the perp to the NRA as the kid babbling about “norms” in the video that Jeff C did (the long, live video, #2 in line on this post). No way. Maybe the kid in the videos was the wrong guy?

        6. Toni…

          Thanks for that…..once you hypothesise that the shooter’s social media is a false meme to create a ” picture”……..then what Sue said and your further clarification make perfect sense….

          I’m a bit slow picking up on that area as I don’t personally have any social media footprint, never have, probably never will, so never read anybody else’s either….

          The IRA has been totally out of our British news and awareness for a long time, but just recently there was an incident in Northern Ireland( details not necessary to expand here) that brought it all roaring back…huge furore..the northern Irish regional government came to a standstill, front page in home news…..uncomfortable reminder for the sheeple that IRA still a force, still a ”problem”……

          so, actually an opportune moment for further demonization of the IRA…..remind the sleeping masses what bad guy terrorists they are……

          or yet another coincidence? Maybe not, we know how our wannabe masters like to bunch as much mind control memes into every hoax event as they can…

          Still no named victims? No credible eyewitnesses, no footage of blood,, injured kids, panicked parents….how much longer do you think your country can keep pulling this same stunt? It really is unreal…

        7. Hey, Steven,
          Since my last comment to you I have been down the rabbit hole and back with the IRA and its relevance to this event, and I think you are prescient in writing these two paragraphs:

          “so, actually an opportune moment for further demonization of the IRA…..remind the sleeping masses what bad guy terrorists they are……

          “or yet another coincidence? Maybe not, we know how our wannabe masters like to bunch as much mind control memes into every hoax event as they can…”

          So check it out. (This is really long, but please bear with me.)

          On Friday, Ric posted this video further on down this thread:

          In it, the videomaker shows us two different facebook pages he was able to acquire, both associated with the name of the Oregon shooter. The first page features a spread for Cascadia, a nationalist movement encompassing the Pacific Northwest, though it’s a typically laid-back west coast “we don’t like to use the word secession” kind of nationalism. Though they deny an interest in disunion, they have taken the name “Cascadia Rising” which echoes the famous Easter Rising, the armed insurrection by Irish republicans against British rule in 1916.

          Within hours of the shooting, the Cascadia page is taken down and a page with references to the Provisional Irish Republican Army goes up.

          So I thought, I need to know more about the IRA. At first I couldn’t find much, just articles about the political problems of the Sinn Fein party, including President Gerry Adams who won’t stand trial now for allegedly ordering the murder of a supposed informant. Adams says the Army no longer exists, and he was never a member. Everyone else, it seems, is decrying the fact that there was no wall between the political Sinn Fein organization and the paramilitary Provisional IRA.

          Then I ran across this interview with Seamus Mallon, musically subtitled “A Straight-Talking Statesman of Substance and Standing,” and published yesterday in the newspaper, The Irish Catholic.

          Mallon, as I’m sure you know, brokered the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, and became the inaugural Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. (In the US we’re told Bill Clinton brokered this historic accord. Well, he was there anyway, as were the Intelligence Services, we can assume.)

          (Seamus Mallon (second from right) with former Ulster Union Party leader David Trimble, former US President Bill Clinton and former Prime Minister Tony Blair)

          Earlier this year, at a tribute dinner honoring him, 79-year-old Seamus Mallon was hailed as a ‘great Irishman’ who ‘practised a positive and inclusive nationalism’ and who had shown ‘disdain for tribal and sectarian politics.’

          Seven months later, Mallon abandons national inclusivity to unexpectedly come out of retirement and finger the IRA as a mafia-like crime organization holding sway over a terrorized populace.

          Then he adds the coup de gras. He says the 1998 Good Friday Agreement was an historic accord, of course, but it was “flawed” by a “fundamental mistake.” The Agreement’s grievous error, Mallon explains, was not requiring that the IRA be “decommissioned” (give up all its weapons) before its political arm, Sinn Fein, would be allowed into the government of Northern Ireland.

          Is it me, or is it auspicious that this historical figure has come out to vilify the IRA, and lament not taking their guns, on the SAME DAY as a mass-shooting by a kid said to be enamored of the Irish Republican Army and Cascadia Rising?

          And the people of the world wonder why we Americans think everything revolves around us. Our lying media tells us so.

          Well, suspecting that the US may not be the exact center of the universe, I read more deeply into the long history of the Irish Republican Army and I realized something fairly obvious.

          The goals of Irish nationalism were realized with guns and, to quote the rebel song, “a clip of ammunition for me little Armalite.”

          In other words, the history of Irish nationalism provides a working model for successful resistance under a militarily superior state. Armed resistance. This is what makes it so dangerous and why it must be demonized as “terrorism.”

          So, as you intuited, the hoaxers in Oregon/Cascadia look to be piggy-backing on Irish politics and coordinating activities between here and there. If a questionable event in the US is being painted with Irish revolutionary memes, at the same time Irish Nationalism is being faulted for the violence that made it a success, isn’t it safe to assume that Irish politics are being manipulated the same as ours here in the United States? From Gerry Adams’ ‘troubles’ to public denunciation, the recent bad publicity has hurt Sinn Fein; they are losing political power and the Northern Ireland assembly may collapse.

          Regardless of the validity of the charges, those who denigrate Sinn Fein and the Provisional IRA hope to alienate Irish nationalism from its roots. In Northern Ireland, nationalists suffer loss of power and dignity, as well as control of the narrative, and in the rest of the world the example of a successful rebellion is truncated for other would-be resisters of state oppression.

          But the hoaxers may not have had the last laugh. By flashing the Irish Nationalism meme, they have revealed the very road to our own resistance. May it rise up to meet us.


        8. Hi Toni

          I think you have come up with an excellent analysis of the current Irish nationalist situation and it does appear as if my original thoughts on the links between the Roseburg incident and Sinn Fein have been borne out by your research…

          Im constantly frustrated by the lack of any dynamism amongst those who see the shackles imposed upon us by the ” Elite”….. back in the 60’s and 70’s, we were on the streets protesting all the wars and domestic tyranny we were faced with…ok, we failed, but we slowed them down and won some important victories along the way….

          .now the youngsters just stress about getting jobs or repaying student loans, or how can we ever afford a house, blah, blah, nobody takes up the struggle, which isn’t just Irish nationalism, or American imperialism, or Brit financial domination, its now a life or death struggle between our controllers who are scarily close to total control over every aspect of our lives from birth to death ….and everybody else on the planet who are scarily close to total slavery as a result of apathy and our overpowering subjection to manipulated media….

          so is the old IRA way of the gun, armed resistance, a dangerous idea that the controllers want to suppress or demonize any chance they get? For is
          So, to answer your question, has the path of armed resistance been revealed to us and should we meet it? Every man and woman must answer that for themselves, but I know one thing…. resistance by keyboard on blogs like this might annoy the psychos a little, but it won’t be enough… the very least we need mass mobilisations of ordinary people, stopping the everyday wheels of commerce from spinning…hitting them in their pockets, disrupting the elevator music going on in the average person’s head, we are many, they are few and so on…

        9. Steven, yes, there are a lot of twists and turns to the IRA thing. I used to play in a band that played Irish music. One of the guys was from Dublin. He had a large family and they owned an Irish Pub.

          Because I had an Irish grandmother he thought I’d be interested in Irish news. I was. I read a couple of papers for years during the Jerry Adams era.

          All of my ancestors on both sides were English (with an occasional Welsh woman or two thrown in) and my grandmother. I am also Catholic so it made it pretty easy to sympathize with the IRA.

          You are quite correct to say that it requires a little maturity to understand this. There is the history, and there are the spook intrigues that must be sorted through. It seems that both sides have been played for advantage.

          And, as you say, there is an “Irish sensitivity” that must be taken into consideration. I think I understand all of this but it took years.

          That said, it is unusual to hear much about the IRA these days. Why they would contrive a scenario with them involved is a mystery. Perhaps some clown down at DHS identified them with “terrorism” and decided to write them into the script. After all, that’s largely what MI-6 did with them for years.

          We mustn’t forget that the same controllers run the same scams and countries don’t mean much to them. Any boogeyman will do in a pinch.

        10. Hi Lophatt,

          I get all you say about Irish roots…. my ex wife’s grandmother, southern Irish Catholic, was apparently ” connected” with the IRA back in the 30’s..

          Even in her 80’s, long settled in England, mysterious Irish visitors would appear to pay their respects…..and nobody locally ever messed with her…lol…. the traditions may go underground for a while but they never die…

          You asked ..” Why the IRA? Why now?

          I did try to answer that in a previous post..see my comment dated 2 October at 6 13pm….. just to repeat briefly..the IRA are suddenly front page news again here due to an incident a couple weeks ago in Northern Ireland and our psycho controllers don’t want them Irish anti-government guys gaining any revived traction….

          By the way, I liked SV Bob’s speculation about a pro shooter and the kid as patsy…makes sense to me

        11. Steven, is the news story to which you refer the murder of former IRA member Kevin McGuigan?

          If so, I wonder if you have any doubts about the narrative of this and the related incidents. Do you have any reason to think that the story could have been manipulated in order to not only demonize the IRA, but to undermine the political prestige of Sinn Fein as well?

        12. Hi Toni,

          Yes, I was referring to the Kevin McGuigan story….

          Nearly all our Brit sheeple had forgotten the IRA ever existed…this really woke ’em up, at least for a day or two, until the new Dancing With Stars started ( we call it Strictly Come….

          So, yeah, they arrest a prominent local citizen, then the Leader of the regional parliament, a protestant Brit resigns and leaves chaos in local politics, then they release the prominent guy, then Cameron and the other controllers plead for sense, then the whole thing just drops out of the news….

          So I think manipulated attempt to revive IRA as boogeymen, scare the sheeple about domestic” terrorists”, demonize the legitimate Sinn Fein Irish nationalist party….. for sure…

          Beyond that, Irish politics just too Machiavellian to speculate upon….

          the ” boost ” to anti IRA propaganda by your shooter’s supposed admiration for the IRA was heavily publicised here in our media…so a double whammy for the Brits….maybe your mind manipulators owed us one…..

          Incidentally… we have now passed 10 years since our train attacks…known as 7/7…our 9/11….. In all those years the ” anti terror” laws have grown enormously and the level of surveillance and control , supposedly to protect us from those darn terrorists, has gone through the roof, just like yours…. but you know how many people have died in Britain as a result of ” terrorism ” in the last ten years?

          One. An off duty soldier, hacked to death in the street by 2 British muslims.And there is a lot of doubts over whether that was ” terrorism”, or simple criminality, or just a false flag… both attackers were well known to the ”intelligence” services..

          I’m 63 and I no longer recognise the country I grew up in..I’m sure many Americans, even ones much younger, feel the same…

          Lophatt mentioned the Watchers.I feel that for sure..

        13. Thanks for the response, Steven. Yes, I’ve read the other comments. You are probably correct in your speculations as to the motives of the renewed interest in the boogeyman.

          That said, it is also true that this will never “go away” with the Irish. There are so many years of underground culture and legendary victimhood that they would have to literally reinvent themselves without it.

          It is not unlike the American black thing. It isn’t the same, exactly, but it has similarities. The Irish have very legitimate gripes. The problem is that it’s too late and impossible to rectify them.

          I understand your ex-wife’s grandmother. It sounds like she and mine could have been twins. In playing for years in Irish pubs I can attest to the fact that, far from being reconciled, the legends continue.

          I have probably met every Irish expat in my area. There are quite a number of them. Many contribute what they can to whatever is left of the IRA. There are also “strange visitors” here as well.

          There are lessons in this. When a group is treated unfairly some never get over it. Having never owned a slave or oppressed an Irishman I feel confident of my blameless status. That isn’t really how it works.

          These things are generational and “the sins of the father” are attributed to the sons. There is nothing one can do to atone for this in some people’s eyes.

          When Cameron and his cronies start waving the IRA you can rest assured that there’s more afoot than kneecapping.

        14. hey Lophatt

          I agree with all you say…except its not impossible for things to change…in another generation, because of the demographics, the higher native Irish, catholic birth rate will lead to them being in the majority in Northern Ireland, at which point they might be able to force a referendum on leaving the UK and joining the Irish Republic….since Scotland was allowed a referendum it no longer seems impossible

          Back on the thread
          I identified the father’s accent accurately..its now emerged.they are from Preston, a small city in north west England…( incidentally, north west England has the highest number of Irish migrants after London, its the nearest point to reach from Ireland, but probably not relevant to the IRA angle…there is no mention of the father’s family having Irish roots )

          ..authorities still struggling to find a motive for the gunman? That’s a little surprising… maybe he really did it so no perfect little backstory?

          A former security guard at the school confirmed they had no armed security and only one unarmed security guy…he also said their prep against possible mass shooting incidents was totally inadequate….could this be a real incident after all? I suppose its still unlikely but maybe not totally impossible…

          I hear the wounded hero is up over 700, 000 dollars….and hard to see a scratch on him..those SHES fakers must be getting jealous..

        15. I don’t think it’s the actual IRA/Sinn Fein who is being demonized, given that they’re marxists who support the invasion of Ireland by the so-called ‘refugees.’ The hoaxers are just using the IRA to associate and demonize any irish nationalist movement, who today all consider Sinn Fein infiltrated or sellouts. Interesting that the link was played up in Britian, but minimized in the US, because irish americans supplied most of the resources to the IRA. But there has been talk recently of the english nationalists evacuating to Ireland and using it as their home base, so the target audience was probably Britain.

        16. Excellent detective work, Toni. “Is it me, or is it auspicious that this historical figure has come out to vilify the IRA, and lament not taking their guns, on the SAME DAY as a mass-shooting by a kid said to be enamored of the Irish Republican Army and Cascadia Rising?”

          Guns are the heart of it, and America is where irish nationalists got them. So maybe Ireland at large and the UK are the target audience both. We have yet to see this meme played up in the US.

          As for the conflict with Northern Ireland, I don’t think it’s much alive today, really. But I do know that the protestants there have taken to learning ‘Irish’ or what used to be called gaelic, and that during the summer a man in northern Ireland flew the Confederate flag and Hitler’s personal one on the same pole in protest against what was happening in the South and I guess anywhere else (while southern baptism bears little resemblance to its scots irish presbyterian roots I don’t think such a man would care).

          Also in the spring two standoffs in the Republic of Ireland took place between young celtic men and african immigrants; the irish brought lead pipes and knives to the fight.

        17. My God this thread is long…

          I just wanted to know if any of you would like to come over and have some “Corn beef and Cabbage” with me..haha

          Kilts optional.

        18. I’ll pay the air fare if you cook the corn beef and cabbage with carrots and give me your Grandma’s recipe.


    2. Steven, my apologies. I misunderstood what you were saying. I hadn’t, at the time, read the account of the “shooter” asking for this information.

  3. The first thing I noticed (after Wolf Blitzer’s prompts on how easy it is to get firearms in Oregon), was the helicopter picture of the parking lot. My goodness, that event parking again. Just like Sandy Hook, if you all remember.


    [Ed. Note: UPDATE: At 3:35 pm CST, a guest on CNN reported that no one in adjacent rooms or adjacent buildings heard any gun shots. CNN is also reporting, quote “it’s also concerning that we don’t know the condition of the shooter, is he alive, is he dead?” At 4:00 pm CST CNN’s Wold Blizter reported that the shooter, a 20-year old male, is dead.]

    1. A woman who talked to an Australian paper mentioned the silence of the event:
      Marilyn Kitten, the mother of a student at the college, told CNN there were 10 dead and up to 25 wounded.

      “He said ‘you know mum, there was no sound. He said ‘there were 30-something shots and no sound. How does that happen unless there is a suppressor or somebody knows what they are doing?’

      I’m assuming the “mum” was a mistransliteration.

      Or carelessness.

        1. Yes, maybe I didn’t make it clear that that was my point.

          And maybe your point is that the mom and son are Australian to begin with, which I admit I didn’t consider. It was in print and I assumed he was American.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. “Mum” (as in “Mom”) – as opposed to “mum” – as in keeping silent.

        They interviewed a guy in a tractor hat who was purported by be “an Air Force veteran” (whatever the significance of that is), who was supposed to be carrying. He had a concealed carry license.

        He claimed he was in the “Veteran’s Center” with others and was prevented from intervening. He said that he didn’t hear any shots either. He said he was less than 200 ft. away from the scene.

        The interview looked staged, however. He was just TOO stereotypical. I’m not sure just what the message was supposed to be. You are armed to protect yourself and others but would rather sit still and let people get shot than disobey the administration?

        They are going to keep staging these until its unusual to find anyone who hasn’t been involved with one. Those that can’t see this should be declared wards of the state.

    2. You would think after spending trillions on “homeland security” spy cameras on every corner, internet surveillance,something might be stopped when they announce it ahead of time. It is looking like a waste of money.

      Of course the key here is that college allows guns on campus. Something that is not welcome by the Demiurge.

      When I see transvestite, my sensors begin to red line.

      Maybe time to get more serious about silencers also.

      Rambo type aimpoint and body counts in a short time with no noise?

    3. They probably used one of those “Virginia Guns” that don’t eject spent shells. “Ah, it sounded like the janitor knocked over some chairs, or something….”.

      From what I heard (and its HIGHLY suspect), the shooter was under age and couldn’t buy a gun legally if he wanted to. Those laws are absolutely meaningless and an insult both to the Constitution and to us as citizens.

      The idea that killings wouldn’t happen if there were no guns is ludicrous. They are worried that the dupes might wise up some day. It’s doubtful.

  5. Sitting here watching the tube. The same old clip gets broadcast over and over again. A clip of a helicopter shot of the Supposed Umpqua parking lot. There were a few people walking around as of they had rigor mortis, not like there was any emergency. Not a sign of a ambulance or a medevac helicopter. The shadows of the trees and the moving people were slightly longer than the objects casting them. All I can think about is Sandy Hook. This should be interesting how the news plays out from here on.

    1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. It looks like SHES. Having been through Roseburg many times (its the armpit of Oregon), nothing would surprise me.

      Isn’t it amazing how quickly they assemble all these elements to make a visual/emotional statement? It’s almost as if they had foreknowledge and had it in the can prior to the incident.

      They get “twofers” out of these. They train the thugs to control and the eaters to be idiots. I suppose its time to save any early reporting in case it disappears.

      The takeaway is that there are hideous shooters lurking EVERYWHERE, and it just isn’t safe to leave your shelter. Thank Gawd we have these fearless law enforcement clowns to protect us. Whew!

  6. I’m waiting for the interviews of the aggrieved families. Within less than 24hours they will be able to be on camera without being hysterical and no tears in their eyes–oh and also calling for more gun control laws–cuz that is the first thing you call for when a family member has supposedly been murdered. The intrepid alternative researchers are already on this one. Go fund me pages have probably been started. All I would need to know that this is a fake are the underemotional crisis actors. Just now 5PM Central-the hostess on the QVC tv shopping channel has announced “their” thoughts and prayers are with the people in Oregon–really a TV shopping channel??

    1. Danabelle, still no aggrieved families. The witness interviews I am seeing only attest to seeing the chaos – “two girls ran by,” “I heard a scream,” “we got a text to lockdown.”

      Nobody ever seems to experience anything firsthand.

      One witness related a weird scene. She said she saw a woman covered in blood, get in a car and drive away, which sounds like a crisis-actor to me.

    2. They had the “survivors” families from SHES on there. I suppose they’re doing the warm up for the heavies to come later. Properly looked at, when they actually shoot people it means that they are willing to kill to disarm us.

      The reason for the disarmament has nothing to do with crime. It has everything to do with parasite safety.

  7. Busted Toni

    “Fun Fact: One of the brave soldiers that stopped that shooter on a train in Europe a couple of weeks ago, was an Oregon National Guardsman who hails from Rosewood and is a proud student at Umpqua Community College, site of the shooting.”

    There are some true patriots in that Oregon area. 🙂

    1. Reports of multiple shooters now changed to lone gunman. Youtube vanished.

      Meet the Oregon Sheriff who refuses to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

      Well you can count out one local law-enforcement agent who’s not buying the executive actions just signed at the White House or any potential new gun legislation to come. An Oregon sheriff is citing his constitutional duty in accusing politicians of “attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims” to enact new gun laws that he thinks would harm his law-abiding locals. Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller has promised not to enforce any new gun laws enacted in the wake of the Newtown shootings, making him pretty much the​ gun-rights hero of a very big day for pro-gun America.

      1. Mick, Oregon just enacted universal background checks for gun sales. I think the larger target may be mental health, especially with the crucial Murphy’s Bill in Congressional transit.

        Obama said about the shooting today,”Anyone who does this has a sickness in their minds no matter what they think their motives may be.”

        I think the goal is set.

        1. Remember when “Poppy” Bush used to have fits over being made to eat his broccoli? From what I gather this “Broc” has lots of experience with that.

          Put a little cheese sauce on his head and he could be mistaken for Dennis Hastert, or not.

          Hey, you’ve got to admit its a real crisis when it takes “Broc the Crock” away from golf and arm wrestling with “Michelle”.

    2. I’m know there are true patriots in Oregon, but I should have added a /sarc sign to my comment because I wasn’t being serious, Mick.

    3. It’s Rose”BURG” Mick. Anyway, here we go again. They are hyping this to the heavens. How are background checks and gun control related to so-called lone nut shooters?

      What is the presumption? If guns were illegal we all know that murderers have infinite respect for the law so they’d have to switch to hatchets? Just asking.

      We need a statistician to run the numbers on this. I know the odds are better that two suns will come up tomorrow morning.

      What a line of B.S.. How do they know all these THINGS about the alleged shooter? How is it that it just magically gels with their agenda? Same scenario. I’m sure if it was a lesbian shooter it would be a Prius.

      My wife had the TEE VEE on (ugh!) and they’re just panting away over this one. Chris the Screamer is calling for gun confiscation and they are doing the quick cut routine in rapid fire staccato fashion from one “expert” to another.

      It makes me sick how gullible people are. Everyone’s first thought should be “its a hoax”. If it proves otherwise later, it will be unusual. Lies and propaganda, that’s all we get. They’re even trotting out the SHES actors to speak about this one.

      Just to tie this together, that staged event in France was as phony as “Charlie Hebdo”. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we’re paying these liars to make asses out of us.

        1. Don’t be, trust me. It won’t last. It’s days like this that remind me why I don’t watch it. I’m going to take an extra Ranididine.

  8. Adam Lanza : 20 year old white man
    Dylann Storm Roof: 20 year old white man
    Transvestite Oregon Shooter : 20 year old white man

    “Four Guns found at the scene.” Where have we heard that one before?

    Adam Lanza: black 4 door honda
    Dylann Storm Roof: black 4 door honda or hyundai (same thing)
    Transvestite Oregon Shooter: It has to be a black 4 door honda!

    It is blatantly obvious that the same untalented writer makes these really bad stories.

  9. smells like CFR/ agenda 21/ brain washing television to me A G A I N , so soon , already – geeesh we sure are raising a LOT of mass murderers lately in this country , LOL

  10. At his traditional mass-shooting press conference, Obama said this:

    “Earlier this year I answered a question in an interview by saying, “The United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient commonsense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings.”

    And LATER THAT DAY, there was a mass shooting in a movie theatre in Lafayette, LA. That DAY.” (emphasis his)

    As musings said earlier:
    “Quelle coincidence!”

  11. Reblogged this on happytailswag and commented:

    sure smells like AGENDA 21/ BRAIN WASHING/ CFR TELEVISION TO ME A G A I N – SO SOON- AREADY – GEEEESH WE SURE ARE RAISING A LOT OF MASS MURDERERS IN THIS COUNTRY NOW , LOL if you believe this nonsense – “Four Guns found at the scene.” Where have we heard that one before?
    Adam Lanza: black 4 door honda
    Dylann Storm Roof: black 4 door honda or hyundai (same thing)
    Transvestite Oregon Shooter: It has to be a black 4 door honda! HHHHHMMMMM some more FUN FACTS :::::: what a coincidence HUH ?????? : One of the brave soldiers that stopped that shooter on a train in Europe a couple of weeks ago, was an Oregon National Guardsman who hails from Rosewood and is a proud student at Umpqua Community College, site of the shooting.”

  12. Any time the FBI & NG is on scene so quickly as was written in those Tweets by Payt, you know it’s likely a hoax/drill gone live. She wrote she was there 5 mins before the cops but then said minutes later the FBI & National Guard were there? Remember that other real mass shooting in Banning last week? No FBI ever showed up.

    1. Roseburg is not the sort of town to have an FBI office. It has lots of garages, as I used to think they salted the highway with shards of metal to drum up business.

      Just like that Virginia thing. If they were there for the event, it was a drill. The FBI doesn’t roam the mean streets of Roseburg looking for trouble. They don’t usually have uniformed military hanging out in rural Western Virginia either.

      I think we should ban transvestites and generalized looniness. It’ll solve the whole problem.

  13. Oh boy. This one is rich. The script appears to be in place. The shooter even has Youtube rants! Let’s get to work folks. Dig deep. Any drills going on? Will we see even one photo of a dead or injured person?

        1. Portable autopsy room, heh… that’s a comedy call-back.

          I wish that just one time they would put one of these on in my neighborhood, and boy, I’d have that place covered in spy-cameras so fast.

          Like now, in the middle of the night, what’s going on in the parking lot? I know I’d be down there right now, fording that river, to find out.

          We need someone on the inside!

        2. Toni, I believe you would be all over it. That’s a good thing. Many of us have been talking about that sort of investigation for a long time.

          Speaking of investigation, where are the video tapes from this college? Was there a “malfunction”? Did they confiscate them?

          I heard that they searched everyone illegally and took their phones. Could it be that they wanted to make sure nobody photographed anything? Just askin’.

    1. Just like Ferguson, Obama was mouthing off about this “event” within a couple hours. The man is famous for originality, 97 false flags and every one is exactly the same as the previous ones.

      But, Obama plays the angles. He knows there are millions of low IQ people who will accept this farce hook, line, and sinker.

      The next false flag will feature an unemployed 4′ tall transgender space alien who has a case against some school. He’s already working with Scott Pelley so the presentation comes out smoothly.

      Love how Obama feigns deep, brooding angst and anger when presenting this farce to the American public. The guy can act.

      1. Hey Gil,

        Expect more to come. Because you are right, millions continue to believe.

        Is there any family out there in MHB-land with 100% consensus on what we discuss here?

        Is there any elite family with 100% consensus that “these scenarios are necessary”?

        Do the math. We will experience a defining moment in this lifetime.

        Like a pimple, integrity and truth vs. greed are coming to a head.

        1. My family is pretty much behind what you discuss here. That would be my mom, sibs, hubby and adult kids. That’s twenty people. Except that Louisiana shooter from Phenix City was definitely evil!

      2. I understand this story has top billing, so that it can influence policy. Meanwhile, a C-130 has crashed in Afghanistan with a similar level of loss of life. It is unlikely that this story is generated to cover up losses in the war theater there and elsewhere (the conflict in Syria where Russia appears to be more sensible) – but still, if there is any sense of priorities, I would think that some regret would be expressed for loss of American lives (and others) abroad at this time. Clearly, the party in power determines top billing, along with who owns what media.

        I imagine that those who feel it is a priority to get American gun ownership under strict control (did Obama allude to Australia – I think he did, where the legislative response was almost instantaneous after one of their mass shootings or “mass shootings” to disarm the public).

        I believe there is a deeper, global agenda associated with the supposed bonds among “the English speaking people” where one’s behavior is being called into question because of non-conformity to British norms. This is in addition to any real objection to such events. It is basically saying that our country is untrustworthy, a poor investment in the long run because of our criminality. The purpose of these events is to shame us into giving up some of our rights, so that we conform more closely to the people of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. Unfortunately, that commonwealth has its own skeletons in the closet, and among them is the sort of strife in the former Jewel in the Crown, with Pakistan engaging in all manner of terrorism. The troubles of Northern Ireland are not that long ago either. Hanging onto a small Atlantic foothold, the Falklands, generated a war. I would think that on some level, while we are still “cousins” there is the fear that we might go another way when our demographics change.

        1. Obama indeed referred to Australia and the UK–noting that in each country far fewer instances were necessary to pass the type of gun control his sponsors like Boss Bloomberg favor.

        2. That’s a profound insight. “We English speakers are supposed to be civilized. The U.S. isn’t because we’re armed”. Trust me, there are people who are paid to dream up these marketing ploys.

          I think its really much more simple than that. They are afraid of us. They know that there are more angry moments ahead and that some will eventually come to realize what they’re up to. They are confident that they’ll win, they would like to avoid the possibility of casualties if they can.

          This is why we have Obongo. He is following orders beautifully. He has no compunction of any kind against totalitarian rule. That is why they put him there. Killing doesn’t bother him and loss of liberties for others certainly doesn’t concern him in the least.

          He doesn’t even pretend to be doing the will of the people. He is contemptuous of the citizens. He is “New World Odor Man”.

      1. Somebody must have screwed up. ALL the shooters have manifesto’s in their back pockets, a list of ALL the websites they ranted on and a thumb drive for back up.

        I thought the new thing was faxing in 23 page rants to a local station while the cops chase you at high speeds.

        They “caught him” which means he has at least one more job to do…..

        1. Recynd, dying at the scene is no excuse for not taking the time to write down a few thoughts and fax them out. Hell, Vester did it from his moving automobile, and he was trying to flee!

          Lengthy first drafts are fine, as you know.

        2. Hey, which version to you prefer? I like the one where he runs away and joins a gay burlesque company. None of the others have had the variety of SHES.

          I’m getting concerned that there won’t be a manifesto.

      2. Lophatt, according to a CNN analyst the new manifesto is ones social media fingerprint. You know, like 60 is the new 40? That’s why all the attention to the alleged chat room conversations. He didn’t need a manifesto…his on line chums are telling his story.

        1. Yes Joseph, I see that now. Your likes and dislikes, what webpages you visit, etc.. That justifies them spying on us all the time. It’s a “pre-crime” thing.

          Depending on the character development you can see what they’re targeting this time around.

      1. Or maybe the 3 previous drills DID prepare them…..for this latest drill! It’s complete Alice in Wonderland.

      2. Nothing suspicious there, wot? It’s just a “crime fightin” sort of place, I reckon. I’d wager there are federal dollars that come with that sort of cooperation.

        I have to admit, the “transvestite” meme was a stroke of genius. Could amputee dwarves be far behind? Maybe amputee dwarves who were bullied for their B’hai faith. They could clear all that up in the manifesto.

        1. Recynd, no, I poked around on the web a little. I misunderstood Steven’s remark about him asking their religion. I thought he meant that it was some sort of class exercise.

          There are accounts, alleged to be from students, that said he had them all lie down and they were phoning their parents and friends. Can you visualize that? I can’t.

          Apparently it was also a “gun free zone”. That seems to be working nicely. We all know how maniacal shooters respect the law.

          I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him -(her?)- speak. As usual there are lots of conflicting tales. I had almost forgotten about “Elliot Rogers” (there are so many).

          I suppose this does go quite a way toward diverting attention away from Putin eating Obongo’s lunch. We live in filthy times.

          I’ll see if I can find a video to watch. These guys really need a script writer.

        2. I watched a few minutes of a few of the videos. “He’s” a “he”, I think, but sounds and looks a bit like an unattractive butch woman. Dyke-y (my teen son informs me this term is now derogatory; I don’t mean it as such, merely descriptive). He talked a lot about “alphas” and “betas” and “norms”, and refered to himself in a depreciating way as “autistic”, though he clearly is/was not. Some say Aspie, but I’m not buying it. Isn’t that what they said about Rodger, Lanza, Holmes, and…who am I missing?

          I read about the crime scene as well: victims on the floor, standing to state their religion, and texting. Made no sense to me, either…maybe it’s all the trauma!

        3. I can’t take this anymore….I’m coughing up my Pump BB Gun….it can put an eye out ya know…

  14. Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller went public Tuesday with a letter addressed to Vice President Joe Biden.

    In it, he said he would not deprive citizens of their right to bear arms when they have broken no laws. He also said he wouldn’t let federal authorities enforce gun regulations in his territory either.

    The sheriffs of Crook and Curry counties signed on to the same letter penned by Mueller.
    Continuing coverage of gun control in Oregon and across the United States.

    “We are Americans. We must not allow, nor shall we tolerate, the actions of criminals, no matter how heinous, to prompt politicians to enact laws, which will infringe upon the liberties of responsible citizens who have broken no laws,” wrote Curry County Sheriff John Bishop.

  15. They only ID’ed the shooter as Chris Mercer, 26 yrs old, at 9:30PM Est, yet for hours before this, CNN went on & on about the shooter making Youtube vids & “trolls egging him on”. Marxist propagandist Dr. Drew Pinsky really made a huge issue of this. Sounds to me they’re a bit concerned about all the hoax & psyop aware folks online.

    1. In the vids I saw, he couldn’t have been older than 20. The “trolls egging him on” was on 4chan, I think, or maybe Reddit. Most everybody posted anonymously there, even the perp. The YouTube videos were separate from the postings. We’ll see… the Powers That Be are still working on the official narrative.

      1. Recynd, can you link the videos? Do you still have the pages? I can’t find them.

        Also, I’m not picking up the tranny thing. Have you heard anything about it? Oh, I did find one witness on a radio broadcast who said the shooter looked like a woman and so may have been a transsexual.

        That sounds laughable as I type it. “The shooter sure looked like a woman but that can’t be true – women don’t shoot up the place! Musta been one of them transsexuals done it.”

        1. I saw the perp’s videos as part of the first video that was embedded into this article. That’s probably a good place to watch it, since I heard the originals have been taken down.

          I glanced at the Fellowship of the Minds article about the shooting, and the photo they’ve posted of the perp looks nothing like the guy I saw in the videos (to me, anyway). The guy in the videos was younger and less attractive. In the videos, he joked about “looking like an egg”. He DID look like an egg-man: his head and body were both oval shaped.

          The kid in the vid (ha!) wasn’t dressed as a woman, nor wore makeup…he wasn’t transsexual, but maybe trans-gendered? I don’t know. He looked more “dyke-y” to me.

        2. Oh! in the video above. I didn’t watch it as it’s nearly four hours long. Do you know how much I can read in four hours? lol

          Well, I may search the video for it then. Any idea of where in the video? It’s ok if you don’t.

        3. I only watched a few mins myself. Try around an hour and a half in. If you go to YouTube, maybe you can “scrub” (watch and fast forward at the same time) to find the relevant parts.

    2. I think that the Virginia shooting was such a massive flop that they were compelled to do something to move on to the next promotional event and get people to forget Virginia.

      The official NBC video interview of the woman survivor was swamped with over 4300 thumbs down so it appears that people are waking up.

      The delays is identifying the shooter are extremely suspect. So the question is was this a psyop ? Was the shooting real ? fake ? partially fake ? Was the shooter a patsy and that was why the ID process took so long ? Maybe he was a victim and the real shooter was an operative ?

      The timing is just too obvious.

        1. I want some of whatever Vicky’s husband’s on! If he hadn’t blinked, I would have thought he was a cardboard cutout.

          The second one has it pretty well nailed. The formula never changes. From the character formation to the preordained message. Pure marketing. Bad marketing.

  16. I live two hours away and will go to the memorial next week. I’m gullible, fooled – easily. But, I do know grief. I’ll report next week. I hope it is a fake and nobody’s dead or injured. Someone called Roseburg an armpit – not true, and the North Umpqua is one of the most beautiful watersheds on the planet – logged and logged and logged but a tumbling river descent thru basalt chasms from the high Cascades and then thru the Coast Range to the Pacific.

    1. Sorry Marv, the Umpqua IS beautiful. I’m just not so crazy about the town. For some reason I can’t ever seem to get through it on I-5 without something happening. Blown tires, breakdowns, illnesses. For me, its cursed.

      I like the drive along the river, though. I’ve never had trouble in Elktown or Reedsport. To each their own I guess.

  17. Obama announced:

    “We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months.”
    “as I said, my only regrets as president is I haven’t been able to disarm Americans and get the police state in full force”

    “I will continue to stage shootings all over American until I will have no choice but to involve Martial Law” “I’m taking your Guns Slaves, decried Mr. Obama”

    Translation: “We are the only advanced country on Earth that STAGES these kinds of mass shootings every few months.”

    Moments ago, President Barack Obama delivered remarks on the ‪#‎UCCShooting‬ and demanded a change of politics on gun control across America.

    1. Haha…An advanced country would never have elected him as president, let alone allowed him to carry out all the treasonous unconstitutional acts he is so guilty of.

      I’ve had it…I’m moving to Russia!

      1. We are not an advanced country any more we are a banana republic. After the Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi Scandal can there be any doubt that we are just a neo banana republic?

    2. “Some of you may have to die, but I, Lord Farquat, er Obongo, will disarm you if it kills all of you. I have spoken”.

    3. Exactly. You speak Obama. Perfect translation. We need you to be the interpreter for his pressers like at the UN.

  18. Think of the film “Gone Girl”, think of what this blog really represents. As T.S. Eliot said, “people can’t bear too much reality”–especially Americans.

  19. Just a couple of days ago I mused it was time for another mass shooting…

    Let’s check in the boxes (this is from less than 30 minutes research);

    Young loner male (who will be on some SSRI)
    Mass shooter drill @ location (week prior)
    Shooting at School
    Shooting @ Gun Free Zone
    Multiple weapons
    Target religious group (Christian)
    Local Sheriff Dept has sent letter to Prez Obama that more gun control will not fix shootings
    Soldier from European train shooting went to College

    I find Obama’s comments about the nation ‘becoming numb’ and response ‘routine’ to mass shootings very telling. Imo it means the psyops/propaganda are not having the ‘affect’ they wish. I think it might be over-saturation. Overkill… pun intended. We know less people are paying attention to news, but maybe more are waking up to the mass psyop we all live in.

    1. I like happy victims. After all, all the good parts can’t go to amputee actors. They are doing the full Dunblane on this one. I haven’t seen so much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth since Nodding Yahoo got a pork sandwich by mistake.

      This is one of those films where the publicity just exceeds the performance. All this deserves is a “three-finger salute”.

    1. Looks like they pumped him full of Vicky Gardner juice. They’ll have him on his feet in no time. That stuff’s better than bag balm.

    2. Maybe he is smiling after monitoring his Gofundme campaign goldmine bonanza: $458,464, as of 7:30 Friday night, and rising by $50,000 per hour. Congratulations, Chris! And don’t mention your free medical treatment in your local VA hospital. And you probably have a share of the Oregon legislature forthcoming compensation, and book and interview fee deals coming.

    3. I bet that smile would be quickly erased from his face if he were forced to undergo exploratory surgery in a VA hospital looking for the 7 bullets inside of him, lol!

      There is absolutely no evidence of any trauma to his body, including body shaving in prep for surgery, no stitches, no pain anguish, nor any pain medication or drug effects in his facial expressions.

      The only evidence of something amiss is his closed eyes in the photo, while displaying a sheepish grin. Those two elements are 100% body language proof of lying.

        1. I usually like Peekay’s stuff, but that’s a different guy. Plus, when someone commented that it wasn’t the same guy, Peekay responded very defensively, saying, essentially, “Don’t come on my site and tell me I’m wrong.” That’s pure ego.

          I didn’t think the blonde woman from Sandy Hook and UCC are the same, either. This photo-matching is a joke, generally. Have we learned nothing from the evil Dallas Goldbug?

          The alternative news/truthers need to be more careful…lives can be ruined, and there will be trouble. There’s such a thing as info spreading TOO fast.

    4. Can we please take a quick, succinct look at the Chris Mints “thing?”

      Reports are that Mints jumped in front of the shooter, taking 7 rounds, in an heroic effort to save lives. The picture here (and there is a more comprehensive one available…with girl at bedside demonstrating satanic hand signal…in true Cassidy Stay form…) shows Mints with ZERO wounds from the midsection on up. The other photo I mentioned parenthetically reveals Mints with ONE bandage on his abdominal area. Sooooo…the shooter hit him 7 times IN THE SAME AREA, or was gracious enough a mass killer to only wound him from the midsection on down.

      WHY…would this mass murderer inflict wounds which would have had such a poor chance of being fatal?

      He could not have been that poor of a marksman, nor would he have had mercy on someone who was essentially getting in his way.

      All it should take is one ASSININE portion of a story (like heroine florist Debbie Dills in the Charleston event or the Dawn Hochsprung patrol rushing an armed madman) to determine the actual, disingenuous nature of a purported tragedy.

      What those of us here, frequenters of the MHB should be repeatedly left to wonder at is; what occurs between the collective ears of Americans when they hear of a Debbie Dills or a Chris Mints, or any of the “heroes” of past MCEs?

      How totally absurd can an account be before enough lights go on?

      I just don’t know anymore.

      1. Yes Joseph, there’s a lot to be said for lying consistently. They claim he asked them their religion. If they said “Christian” he shot them in the head, right?

        Now, what’s everyone doing while this is going on? They are lying on the floor texting and phoning friends and relatives.

        At some point, our hero, Mr. Happy Mints rushes him. The story is that he tussled with him and was shot (in the legs I believe). He then argued with him and was shot again.

        How did we get from deadeye Dick to fumbling Fred? My presumption would be that, if you rushed a shooter, you would either be killed or you’d at least incapacitate him. I sure wouldn’t allow him to shoot me two or three more times while I argued with him. Where’d he learn that trick? In the Army?

        So, are they saying that, before this heroic event, he laid there while he shot ten of them? Somebody’s been watching too many old martyr movies. That’s like hanging them and asking them to pass the noose.

        You are quite right to be annoyed, Joseph. If someone you knew just started telling you a tale like this, what would your reaction be?

        Then put the story together with all the rest. Confiscated cell phones, no security video, FBI on the scene, drill scheduled, on and on it goes.

        Now they are hyping this all over the world. “Flying monkeys from outer space attack junior college”. “Again?” “When is this going to stop?”

        Whether its the French Train fiasco, Charlie Hebdo, beheading soldiers on the street (remember that one?), they must be having fun with these. If it isn’t that they are the stupidest people who ever lived.

    5. I keep thinking about Paul Ekman who created the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). Microexpressions are an important part of his research. These are little facial giveaways that, like “tells” among poker players that, reveal what people are really thinking and/or feeling regardless of what they are saying. They’re like flaws in the mask.

  20. Hey Toni…I haven’t followed this shooting all that closely…I wasn’t aware the shooter had expressed support for the IRA..I will try and catch up on that and get back to you….

    1. Elfmom55 makes a thoroughgoing linkage between the actions of Oct. 1, and the declaration on Sept. 24 in Douglas Co. Fire Dept. that in order to become a higher grade of fire department, certain exercises would be needed, following an earlier drill at the (same?) school, with the deadline for coming into compliance for that upgrade as Oct. 1. I hope I have summarized correctly what I just watched – might see it again.

      But just as with Boston and the FEMA document, as well as an article appearing a few years before BMB about treating the Marathon as a possible terror/mass casualty event, you may well be able to find what would be a smoking gun if anyone cared to step back and look at the news story with a modicum of skepticism.

      When there are gross improbabilities in a story of terror or mass shooting, such as unbelievable photographs, or the usual self-publication of the alleged perp (I believe it was Gore Vidal who pointed out the unbelievability in pre-internet days of young assassins being the type to keep diaries, since almost no one kept diaries anymore and the diary was simply a method for creating the sense of growing tension and private thoughts; whereas today you might find too high a production value in someone’s Facebook or Myspace page indicating it was created as part of the project, by some hired artist) and you also find a drill whose action is scheduled to take place at the same time or an article which discusses the need to prepare for same, then the probability that the news story was simply a reporting of a drill as real, and in fact a fabrication, rises significantly.

      The only thing that is lacking in proving this is for some admission at some stage by someone who doesn’t like where it is going. I wonder if everyone in Oregon, for instance, is dissatisfied with the gun laws there. Could there be dissension in the ranks? After all, if you are a federal entity (or a global one working through a federal system), you might still run into resistance at the state level, in some quarters at least.

      I have to say that for me it is less about the federal government trying to get the states to conform to its standards, than it is about deliberate deception, which to me is tyranny, plain and simple. Under our constitution you can pre-empt the states in certain areas, but what is naturally wrong is to trick people into compliance. Fraud vitiates a contract, doesn’t it?

      1. Musings, all good points, of course. I tend to think of these as a “Delphi Method” approach. They keep at them and point to them and say “see, look at how many we have. We have to DO SOMETHING”. They don’t ask what the public thinks, because that is not their goal.

        They KNOW what they are going to do. They would prefer to have a “consensus” in agreement with it, or barring that, at least willing to accept it.

        A question for the Elfmom video might be, if you didn’t conduct the drills on this date, when did you conduct them? We’ve discussed the blending of the drills with “reality” before. They have built a massive structure to support these.

        It is reported in this one that the FBI were present. They were present in the Virginia one as well. That one had what appeared to be National Guard troops participating.

        If you didn’t know any more than that, how would you explain their presence? They are not stationed there normally. They weren’t in the neighborhood on a shopping spree. They didn’t just “materialize”.

        So, when we add the confusion that some have with whether these are “real” or not, we might ask ourselves, who was handling the action in these things? If they shot everyone dead and the National Guard was there, would it be “real”?

        For me the only division is how they handle the story. Sure, its possible that a “real” event takes place and they just spin it to death. But, so far, that’s not what I’m seeing. Besides, the statistical odds are simply beyond belief.

        1. So the public screams, “Do something!”

          And the government says, “We can a) take away your guns, b) screen every student [define broadly] all the time and medicate where necessary, or c) both a and b. Which do you want?”

          That’s the Delphi.

    2. Elfmom, thank you so much for sharing this. An often overlooked aspect of these is that they are planned months, sometimes years, in advance. There are budgets for these that the participants are anxious to get their hands on.

      There is little doubt that with the “upgrade” in status, there is a corresponding upgrade in budget. These states and municipalities manage these planned events through the use of “CAFR” funds. They constitute a significant portion of their budgets.

      These function like corporate goals with attendant “bonuses”. It is inconceivable that they would let a deadline pass that had funding attached to it. To a large extent, this is how they federalize (corporatize) local governments.

      So while some go to town meetings and petition their politicians for their favor, their parasites are focused on those with the deep pockets. It all happens “under the table” so to speak.

      Thanks again for the detective work.

  21. I knew MHB would blow up with comments. I have been watching intently, last night CNN and today some MSNBC. Let me share some of my observations.

    About the president:
    He said every time a shooting occurs, he will bring up the gun issue, and that the reporting, his response, and the response to his response have all become routine. No kidding Barrack. It is routine because the routine is, well, routine. As I watched the coverage I could just as easily have been watching the events of any of the recent MCEs. They are routine because they aren’t real events. Its like watching Columbo over and over. You know who the bad guy is and how he did it.

     He continues the "we need common sense gun laws" refrain. He has said this so often, others are repeating it as well. I joked with a friend last night, asking him how long will it take before we hear someone say "common sense gun laws?" I turned on my all news electric radio station here in Philly and the FIRST sentence I hear is "After the shootings in Oregon president Obama is calling for new common sense gun laws."
     Obama compared these shootings to coal mining disasters. He said we enacted new laws to help coal miners. We enacted seat belt laws when they were needed. This is a gross over simplification and a ridiculous comparison.

    What was most disturbing to me, however, was that CNN continually tried to convince its audience that the president was “visibly angry,” and “raw.” Well, my eyes did not see that. I saw Obama in typical form, looking down frequently when referring to past MCEs. If he was really angry about those shootings, he would have ripped them off the top of his head without having to refer to notes. He looked rehearsed and prepared. I may have had a myocardial infarction if he had wiped away a phantom tear.

    In general:
    WHERE IS THE SECURITY/SURVEILANCE VIDEO?!?! Not one person on air has even raised this issue. It was not asked of any official at any of the pressers. C’mon man…this college has no cameras anywhere? Its Sandy Hook all over again.

     I saw no grief or tears from anyone who was interviewed. I did however, see some smiles and smirks...from the cast at CNN as well.
     I saw no evidence of a mass shooting. People were walking around, milling around, in no hurry, with no sense of urgency.
     The photos (Getty Images...?) CNN were showing, repeatedly, the same ones of the same people in the same positions over and over. I am thinking, seeing students being frisked, searched...this tells me the scene is not yet secure, could be another shooter somewhere...and yet these photographers are allowed by law enforcement to stroll around, snapping photos? And if they were allowed to photograph outside, why not inside? 

    The Chicago police always shooed Karl Kolchak away when he tried to snap photos at fresh crime scenes.

    I heard a student/witness tell CNN that she hid under a desk for an hour, because she didn’t want to be a running target. This sounded very odd. She chose rather to be a STILL target? She then stated that while she was at a church last night (a vigil I presume) she was startled because someone opened a water bottle and it made a popping sound.

    And the candlelight vigils. The same looks, the same positions, the same photos. Routine, Mr. president.

    Oh well, I haven’t seen the ribbons come out yet.

      1. I can see it, Joseph, the one part goes off the side and is unreadable. Did you paste it in? Maybe it needs to be “unformatted text” before you paste it. You can transform it into unformatted text by cutting and “special pasting” from the menu in MSWord, if you have it. It will offer you the options of Plain Text and Unformatted Text. Either will work.

        WordPress is so annoying; it strips out the formatting you do want and inserts distortion when you don’t expect it.

        1. That happens when you paste. Toni’s right, different fonts react differently when pasted into wordpress.

    1. I love your Karl Kolchak comment! I used to love watching that show when it would come on during the late, late show lineup. I should be careful of saying such things though, as I run the risk of revealing my age. 🙂

      I was just looking over an article in the Daily Mail about the latest and greatest all-American hero, Chris Mintz. The eye witness accounts all conveniently seem to mention the “shot seven times” monologue, but in the photos of him being wheeled into the Mercy Medical Center, I don’t see a single drop of blood on the white gurney or on his body. His feet are clearly in view and if he had been shot at all, there would be blood on his feet. How can someone be shot in the legs to the point of breaking bones and not have any visible blood, even on his feet? What…do ambulances now stop en-route to the hospital and run seriously injured victims through a car wash?

      The rest of the photos in the article, for the most part, show a bunch of people trying their darnedest to muster up a few tears (shades of Gene Rosen) and failing miserably, along with a photo of the alleged UCC students that were evacuated that look anything but panicked and terrified. There is a girl in one photo that looks a lot like Carlie Soto. I’m not saying it is…I’m just sayin’.

      Here’s the article if anyone is interested:

      1. Mintz was supposed shot in both hands, yet no wounds are visible in the photo of him being wheeled to the ambulance/hospital by EMTs. Reminds me of Cassidy Stay.

        He was also reportedly shot in the back (yet he was lying on his back on the gurney, with no C-spine collar). Both of his legs were reportedly broken as well, but his pants are on in the photo, with nothing to immobilize them.

        Props to Prof. Doom for pointing this out.

        1. Oh, the Cassidy Stay videos are like something out of a nightmare. She’s doing the Cernunnos sign and prancing around like a demon child while her admirers clap and cheer. That’s not my idea of how someone acts right after their family has been killed. There is something very perverse going on there.

      2. Mary….you are not alone in thinking you saw Carlie S. I saw the first pic that came out and saw more than resemblance…I too am not saying it is but the familiarity startled me.

        1. The picture caught my eye right off too, and I went back to it several times. It reminds me of that dramatic photo opportunity from the day of SHES, where she is holding her cellphone. I remember thinking then that it looked staged. Do you think it is Carlie?

        2. There is no proof it is Carlie S but seeing it was one of the first pics shown, I got this funny feeling that maybe somebody wanted us to think it was her. My first reaction….was that it was her.

    2. Don’t know why I didn’t think of fixing the broken formatting before:

      As part of his longer comment above, Joseph Charles Miroddi says:

      He continues the “we need common sense gun laws” refrain. He has said this so often, others are repeating it as well. I joked with a friend last night, asking him how long will it take before we hear someone say “common sense gun laws?” I turned on my all news electric radio station here in Philly and the FIRST sentence I hear is “After the shootings in Oregon president Obama is calling for new common sense gun laws.”

      Obama compared these shootings to coal mining disasters. He said we enacted new laws to help coal miners. We enacted seat belt laws when they were needed. This is a gross over simplification and a ridiculous comparison.


      I saw no grief or tears from anyone who was interviewed. I did however, see some smiles and smirks…from the cast at CNN as well.

      I saw no evidence of a mass shooting. People were walking around, milling around, in no hurry, with no sense of urgency.

      The photos (Getty Images…?) CNN were showing, repeatedly, the same ones of the same people in the same positions over and over. I am thinking, seeing students being frisked, searched…this tells me the scene is not yet secure, could be another shooter somewhere…and yet these photographers are allowed by law enforcement to stroll around, snapping photos? And if they were allowed to photograph outside, why not inside?

  22. There are three possibilities for the Oregon shooting:

    It’s an utter fraud like Sandy Hook. I don’t think this is likely given all the trouble they’ve had about Sandy Hook, not least from James. I don’t think that they would want to go through that again.
    The killer might have been preconditioned by the intelligence or other agencies to mass murder, like the Navy base killer. I think this more likely.
    It was a spontaneous event of a shooter running amok which the Obama and the media took advantage of to push Gun Control. Gun Control is itself an Orwellian concept, which supports INCREASING guns and other weapons for the police, mercenaries, military and other violence organs, while decreasing them for the American population.

    What is the reality-based explanation? I don’t know.

    1. There might be a fourth possibility. They had a real gunman (or more), a professional shooter wearing a face-mask (a la Charlie Hebdo) who used a silencer, who shot people and did the play-acting of asking about religion. The pro shooter was whisked away and “they” left the dead body of the patsy Chris Harper Mercer at the scene. This would follow the Myron May-scenario, who I believe was pumped full of thorazine and left dead at the scene. The young female student witnesses would be real. This fellow Chris Mintz, however, was an actor-accomplice. He is older, previously in the military, already has a Go-Fund Me charity set up (11,881 donations received so far), and his wounds are not credible (how do you get two broken legs?).

      The patsy would have been “in the system” for a while since he had been in the military briefly, and rejected. Either DHS faked/planted his rants, or they spotted his rants and exploited him, a la Myron May.

      The DHS is constantly developing the craft of false flags, which includes having a variety of pretexts and methods. They almost got exposed at Sandy Hook, and a lot of their recent fake shootings were rather crude and raised suspicions because there was no dramatic and/or visible bloodshed and/or implausible. Here they may have decided to have some real victims. The student-victims at Umpqua Community are lower class types whose families are not sophisticated enough to ask questions and sue.

    2. Folk, all they need to do is SHOW SOMETHING TANGIBLE that would indicate a mass murder has occurred.

      A mangled or dead body? Someone being interviewed who was genuinely overcome with the anguish and pain that one would expect someone to be experiencing shortly after a carnage? Some surveillance footage demonstrating an actual emergency situation?

      Seriously, I stopped at a roadside ice cream stand which had a sign clearly indicating that I was being filmed.

      DONT try to convince us with studio analysts, interviews of smiling, sometimes laughing student/witnesses, redundant still shots of what appears to be a tranquil campus with some officially outfitted men searching a yawning student body, pointing weapons at NOTHING, Obama failing another screen test, every damn alphabet news agency under the sun telling us we are witnessing horror?

      Really, are we ALL asses?

      1. It is a great boon for the wannabe Sigmund Freuds out there who stand to make millions analyzing every word or utterance across the airwaves. They can decide who to praise and who to blame while eating a peanut butter sandwich.

        I will never forget, soon after 911 I bought some food and set it on the counter, this guy who had obviously been briefed on his new found role of importance said “you are not buying this for them eyerabs are you?”

        He struck me as having an I.Q of around 50. I walked out of the grocery store thinking God help us.

        1. You should have said: “no comrade, I’m taking this down to the generator factory to show my patriotic support for the winders, with your kind permission of course”.

          It is not a comforting feeling to know how many there are that would be perfectly fine with having others control every aspect of their miserable little lives.

          Maybe they were weened too early. They have this whole “Peter Pan” mentality. “I don’t wanna grow up”. The State must look like a comforting giant boob to them.

    1. Hockley: ‘Our whole goal is to stop violence before it happens…to protect…days weeks or months or even years before someone picks up a gun to hurt someone else…it has to be about gun laws and mental health and wellness both…if you’re not helping the person you’re only dealing with half the problem…’

      ‘Training programs on how to recognize signs…every threat should be assessed…there’s always something behind it causing someone to act that way…signs and signals…on social media or blogs they write…we train people to recognize these signs…’

        1. Yes, and all the WATCHING too. We shouldn’t be left alone. We all need watchers, lots of watchers. Without watchers there will be risks. Risks are intolerable.

          Better that everyone does the Thorazine shuffle. An obedient eater is a medicated eater. Eaters who refuse medication should be re-educated.

          Won’t it be a lovely world when these superior beings get their way? Every element of life sliced, diced, analyzed by “experts” and corrective measures taken. Pure bliss.

  23. Federal Court Hands Sandy Hook Families First Victory On Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    Portion of article – more on the site – In a short order issued September 30, the court ruled that the families’ lawsuit should proceed in Connecticut state court, where it was initially filed. Shortly after the families filed suit last year, Bushmaster removed the case to federal court.

    Bushmaster argued that a federal law granting broad immunity to the gun industry provided a basis to dismiss the plaintiffs’ case against Riverview Sales, the store that sold the Bushmaster assault rifle. Bushmaster urged the Court to find that the plaintiffs’ claims against Riverview were meritless and that Riverview had thus been “fraudulently” named as a defendant in the case.

    The ruling by the district court was an unequivocal rejection of that argument.

    1. Since the entire event was a scam and Adam Lanza never existed, who purchased the Bushmaster from Riverview? The entire state of Connecticut must have been involved in this. I hope and pray that Bushmaster, in their efforts to defend themselves against this suit, will discover some very damning information about this little stunt! Apparently nobody in Connecticut is willing to speak out.

  24. Newtown wastes no time in sounding off about Umpqua, gun control propaganda. “The community of Roseberg will change forever” – that $$$$tatement is true.

    Portion of article – The Newtown Action Alliance issued a statement Friday in response to the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.

    “We understand that words are not adequate in these circumstances but we offer them in the hope that they will provide even some small comfort,” the NAA said in a statement. “The families of the victims and the community of Roseberg are in our thoughts and in our hearts. Like Newtown, the entire community of Roseberg will change forever as a result of yesterday’s tragic shooting.”

    “We are extremely angry that Congress has not taken action to prevent these senseless shootings after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting almost three years ago,” the statement said.

      1. That video of the witness was posted on the “Alana John” channel. I wonder if the witness is Alana John? The oldest postings on that channel are only a month old, and many of the postings (mostly short, unrelated news clips) were posted in the last two days.

    1. There’s a big difference between these doctors and, say, Wayne Carver, isn’t there?

      Good question. Their performance (and I mean nothing by this) is very believable.

  25. Please excuse the digression but…I was in Mexico (not Cancun or anything like it) for an all too short visit. It only emphasized how insane this place is. That country will fall as all places will, but for a brief shining moment I felt human again. Even the airport experience was different. I got to Houston and it was over. I didn’t even get to live on the fumes long enough to get to my “home” state. I was already being treated as a criminal.

    And the first taste of America I got, after being pushed around by the TSA/Homeland Security/Israel alliance, was television monitors telling me about this latest shooting.

    1. Almost three years later and she’s still lying. She should be in jail for perpetrating a fraud upon the American people for the sake of filthy lucre.

  26. Is America Waking Up?

    Roseburg Newspaper Publisher Delivers Brutal Message to Obama Ahead of President’s Plans to Visit Shooting Victims’ Families

    Gun Shop-Owning Roseburg Grandma Gives Completely Unfiltered Answers When Asked About Gun Control — Including Her Nickname for Obama

    Roseburg Don’t want Obama to come on Friday.

  27. More tearless crying. Gunshots do not resemble the sound of fire crackers. When she said that… I could tell she had never been in close proximity to gun fire. This lady witness is just not believable. These attacks keep coming so frequently that I do not believe them. The boy who cried wolf syndrome comes into play where the next real mass killing will rejected as another staged event. You should see some of the morning talkshows… a full court press is on against guns. They get their little flocks of sheep walking in a pretty little line with no opposing viewpoint offered. The message: guns are the enemy of every soccer mom with a minivan! They chant a familiar sound bite followed by thunderous applause. It is enough to bring up a hair ball. I wanted to shoot my TV it made me so angry. Something big is being planned for the US. You can sense it… you can feel it… like putting your ear against a railroad track to feel a freight train coming to judge if you have enough time to run through a tunnel before it tears you to pieces

    1. Derek, well said…yes, you can feel it, something almost palpable. There’s hardly a dull moment any more.

  28. Reports here on British TV news….the shooter left a ranting manifesto..Yay! Every false flag needs a ranting manifesto!

    Oh, and he was enrolled in the class where the shooting happened, had an arsenal of guns at home and, oh yeah, he shot himself! Really? Where was Mintz when this happened. You americans, gotta love your totally bizarre gun crime stories…our news is so dull by

    1. I saw that too. Everyone here was “where’s the manifesto?” it’s common DHS protocol. Then some dweeb finds it on the floor a day later. Right…..

      I’m sure the In house Manifesto maker at DHS is in hot water..haha

      It should have at least some blood on it too, right?

      What a joke.

      1. Yeah, and they really need some better scriptwriters….
        ” Everyone hated me from birth” and, oh yeah, ”I could never get a girlfriend”…really? Is this the best The Manifesto Maker could come up with….

        Today, its an 11 year old kid shooting to death an 8 year old girl with his daddy’s shotgun, in Tennessee….those shocking guns eh?
        .they really want your guns now..the day of final switch into total tyranny must be near….

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