Just one day into Russia’s genuine “war on terror” corporate media have begun to claim, with almost no proof, that Russia is bombing innocent Syria civilians ( e.g. here, here and here). (One report from Reuters relies on a single Syrian Army defector ukpressas a source.) In fact, Syrians have been terrorized since 2011 in a vicious, US/NATO-backed covert regime change operation.

An accompanying tactic involves routine demonization of Vladimir Putin, the man who after all accurately hit upon the horrific nature of US foreign policy at the UN in September. “In fact, the Islamic State itself did not come out of nowhere,” the dreaded Russian head of state noted.

It was initially developed as a weapon against undesirable secular regimes … In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make declarations about the threat of terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the channels used to finance and support terrorists, including revenues from drug trafficking, the illegal oil trade and the arms trade.


US officials have exhibited uncertainty in how to publicly address Russia’s direct military involvement in fighting the CIA-created “Islamic State” (ISIS) mercenary army. The US government’s middling tactic involves the assertion that Russian forces are either incompetent or duplicitous in their approach to the conflict. For example, in September 30 statements following Russia’s first attacks Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter suggested that the Russians are likely hitting “moderate” anti-Assad terrorist forces instead of the bona fide Islamic State.

Such remarks must be seen as acts of desperation. In reality, Russia is proceeding where the US leaders simply feign action against ISIS to placate their domestic constituencies while supporting an illegal guerrilla war to topple the Assad regime and obstruct development of the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline.

Russian media provide an entirely different perspective. As RT reports, Russian military officials claimed their air raids have “destroyed explosives plants to the north of the city of Homs. This plant was used to pack vehicles with explosives that were
later involved in terrorist attacks, including suicide attacks.”

Given US and NATO’s established history of employing false flag terror against civilian populations, one is left to question how many such plants exist elsewhere in Syria Iraq, and elsewhere throughout the Middle East, where often anonymous “suicide attacks” have become routine occurrences.

The Syrian people themselves are frequently excluded from such coverage, even though as human rights activist Eva Bartlett recently explained, contrary to their claims of heavy-handed censorship by the Assad regime, Western correspondents and news organizations are in fact free roam throughout Syria.

RT Correspondent Lizzy Phelan

If this is the case then one might conclude that the civilian population around which the West’s purported sympathy and the Obama administration’s touchy-feely “responsibility to protect” policy revolves is only more strategic subterfuge–indeed a ruse that is now laid bare for the world to see.

In Damascus “the reaction has been generally very welcoming” toward Russia’s campaign, reports RT correspondent Lizzy Phelan from the partially safe enclave.

“People here are extremely fed up with receiving the news of Syrian towns and cities besieged by terrorist groups like ISIL and Al Qaeda affiliates Jabhat al-Nusra where all reports show that humanitarian conditions in the areas under their control are extremely poor. On top of that people are just fed up with living in the constant fear of another safe area like Damascus being overrun by these terrorist organizations, by which they face a daily reminder by these non-stop mortar attacks, including last night near my hotel–these mortars shaking the windows of my hotel.”

To be continued…

What do you think?

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53 thought on “How to Spin Russia’s War on [Western-backed] Terror?”
  1. What do I think? I think that it is fantastic that Russian is in there doing what needs to be done and finally standing firm against US perfidy. Hopefully they continue all the way until the criminals that run us here in the US are toppled.

    1. I think this is great. As usual, Obongo brought his checker set to a Chess match. Now Russia is actually attacking the US-manufactured ISIS and they can’t say to much about it because they’re supposed to be the “bad guys”.

      So, they’ve been “accidentally” dropping arms and munitions to them to overthrow the duly elected government. They are using this “ISIS” invention to provide excuses for invading other countries.

      Putin comes out and asks them straight up “why are you arming IS?”. Now they set up refugee camps IN SYRIA, and attack the US’s stated enemy. How are they going to complain?

      They are making monkeys of the New World Odor and its something to see. Then Obongo has the effrontery to actually lecture Russia on invading other countries. You can’t make this up.

      That’s one of the signature signs of being a psychopath. Normal people would have a hard time telling a lie of this magnitude. He doesn’t miss a beat.

  2. Here’s David “Spengler” Goldman, yesterday:

    “Vladimir Putin’s Sept. 28 address to the UN General Assembly was the most lucid account of the state of the world I have heard from any national leader in decades. It’s painful to hear the truth from Putin, but infinitely more painful to ignore it.”


    Also, same guy, today:

    What, all five of them?

    Russia apparently is bombing CIA-backed rebels in Syria. How did they find them? The last time we heard from the Pentagon, there were only four or five of them.

    Russia launched airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, catching U.S. and Western officials off guard and drawing new condemnation as evidence suggested Moscow wasn’t targeting extremist group Islamic State, but rather other opponents of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

    One of the airstrikes hit an area primarily held by rebels backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services, U.S. officials said, catapulting the Syrian crisis to a new level of danger and uncertainty.

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. general directing the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq set off a wave of criticism Wednesday when he told a Senate panel that the $500 million Pentagon program to train nationalist Syrian rebels had so far yielded only “four or five” fighters.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, Al-Assad is the elected ruler. Just because Israel doesn’t like him doesn’t mean the U.S. can just take him down.

      These “moderate rebels” are “Al-CIAda” in other contexts.. The ISIL/ISIS/IS is another invention we’re paying for and arming. That one is an example of the old axiom, “to overcome the opposition, become the opposition”. They send them into places they want to attack, stage some hoaxes just like here, and use it as an excuse to invade.

      The “refugees” is another aspect. Putin simply puts camps IN SYRIA (imagine that) and deflates their balloon. They can’t complain about them bombing their proxies in “IS” because they claim they’re the “bad guys”. That only leaves the Al-CIAda/”moderate rebels” groups.

      This is one of those times where telling the truth is devastating to a liar. So far they have lied and said that Russia invaded Crimea. Wrong! They’ve said that they shot down an airliner. Wrong! They have claimed several times that Russia has invaded Ukraine. Wrong!

      I don’t know where this is going but I’m glad I don’t support this administration. They are hell bent on poking the bear and it just might bite them. It is easy (and apparently fun to Obongo) to take out brown people from a drone. This isn’t quite the same thing.

      If he wasn’t a total psychopath he’d be embarrassed. But he is so he’ll just lie harder.

      1. I have had a pretty good grasp in the Middle East for many years, but I must confess that the situation today makes very little sense to me. What it looks like is an intentional creation of chaos on America’s part. It’s as if they don’t even care about not having a coherent position, a taking of “sides.”

        All America’s actions in the region are increasingly irrational. Russia, and China, do not like the game America is playing. China needs access to Gulf oil, which requires stability. Russia has many interests that America seems to be jeopardizing without any concern that Russia will intervene to protect its interests. Perhaps the Russian reaction is expected, and welcomed, because it will add to the chaos. Beats me.

        What’s clear is that everything America is doing there ends up removing stability (however ruthlessly is used to be imposed) and replacing it with nothing. Look at Libya. Look at what we did to Egypt, and how angrily we reacted when the military stepped in and reimposed a harsh stability. Syria has proven a more difficult task–which might be why multiple confusing entities have been added to the mix.

        We can say that it started when we invaded (and ruined) Afghanistan, which we have gradually abandoned, the wreckage apparently sufficient for our purposes. Removing Saddam from power in Iraq was probably the stupidest thing we could possibly do–unless we actually got the result we wanted: chaos. We did have generals that seemed serious about repairing the ruined thing, but that was definitely not our goal; we obviously like it the way it now is.

        Assad is similar to Saddam: a necessary evil, a harsh strongman who imposed order on multiple factions that hate each other. Take him away, and you get a repeat of Iraq. The problem seems to be that America’s public Mind was weary of war over there, so our masters tried to eliminate Assad on the cheap. Could be. It’s not working out too well, now that Russia has stepped in. But this could be an even more catastrophic crisis-condition in view. I’m betting that way.

        The way of life that pertained for the hundred years since those lands ceased to be ruled by the Ottoman Turks has been permanently ended. That seems to have been the goal. I don’t think our masters intend to replace the old order with a new one. They want the chaos to grow, and spread. This can only have one purpose: a World War so terrible that the imposition of a one world government will come as a relief.

        1. Order from chaos. Let us not forget the economic aspects. The US is having a currency war with China. They will have to be brought to heel by a world war lest they win that economic fight, and delay the world government, single currency/banking system. It would seem the only remaining function of the USA is to bring in the NWO, hence our directionless, and chaotic maneuvering.

        2. This one, from Britain, spells out what I tried to say in my original remarks about Syria very nicely: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3259146/PETER-HITCHENS-really-war-awful-against-evil.html

          More and more, I get the feeling that this is how it must have felt a century ago, as the various empires that then ruled the world stumbled into the First World War. We know that it was all planned at a high level that the papers never reported about (just like now). What WAS reported in each empire about the dealings and diplomacy between them was by turns hopeful and fear-inducing, keeping the man on the street confused and anxious, everywhere.

          The invasion of Europe will bring extreme discomfort to those forced to suffer the invasion, and the invaders are being coddled, and encouraged to hold the countries they are flooding into in entitled disgust.

          How the war will be sparked, I don’t yet glean. But it seems like it will be soon. Maybe it’s just a matter waiting for the critical mass of invaders to be reached. Yesterday, anarcho-communists from Britain, who infiltrated the camps of illegals near Calais, organized a foot invasion of England: about 200 black Africans tore down fencing and raced into the Channel Tunnel; they made it about 10 miles (a third of the distance) before being stopped and evacuated. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3258421/Eurotunnel-services-suspended-migrants-storm-Channel-Tunnel.html)

          These British “community organizers,” you can bet, did not decide to escalate the chaos without receiving orders from above.

          Meanwhile, in Hungary, which suffered under Mohammedan rule for a century and a half and has no intention of enduring a repeat, is being called out by the rest of the perfidious euroweenies for not getting with the suicidal program: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3258298/Racist-just-brutal-realism-Hungary-s-condemned-building-new-Iron-Curtain-migrants-PM-says-s-avoid-multicultural-Britain-s-mistakes-popularity-soaring.html

          Say what you want about the Daily Mail, but at least it reports these things in some depth and nuance.

    1. Ric, there is no doubt about it. They have been doing the full Pinocchio on this from the beginning. Obongo and his bosses are full-blown totalitarian imperialists. It’s their way or boom.

      Putin is representing an old idea. That idea is that countries can make their own choices. That is unacceptable to the PNAC-ers.

      I’ve said that I don’t have any heroes, and I don’t. In this instance Putin is on the right side. There is no doubt that they will continue to lie and pull any stunt they can dream up to regain control of the situation. I don’t think it will work.

      Obongo may be arrogant but Putin’s smart. I’m sure that he is aware of what he’s dealing with. The airliner was a good example. They didn’t push that where they wanted to. Why? I think its because he told BO that he had the goods on their 9-11 operation.

      The real meaning of the information that Russia shared on the airplane was not the main attraction. They had much more. BO knows it too. If they slink back to the rocks they crawled out from under and keep their mouths shut, things might relax a bit.

      If they don’t it is going to get very ugly. The thing to remember is that BO isn’t running anything. He’s there to follow orders and suck up tax money. Putin knows that he’s an empty suit.

        1. Mick, yes, of course. The Syrians INVITED them. They didn’t invite the U.S.., and frankly, they have no authority to be there.

          Syria is a big piece of “Eretz Israel”. Those “non-semitic” banksters (ha!) have given them their orders. Al-Assad won’t cooperate. So they stage “gas attacks”, similar to “mass shootings” and send in their favorite “terrorists”, ISIL/ISIS/IS.

          Putin says “hey, you want to get rid of IS? Consider it done”. They freak out. After all, it’s their personal boogeyman. After they “killed” the dead Osama, they needed a new point of focus.

          These guys behead people. They kill puppies, they crucify Christians, they steal the socks from your dryer. Putin is now in the middle of cleaning their clocks for them and taking out a few of their other proxies while he’s at it.

          After all, that is what Al-Assad, the legitimate ruler asked him to do. What is Idi Obongo going to do? Is he going to admit that they created and funded IS? Of course by “they” I mean the Zionists and the puppet Obongo.

          They’ve made a fool of him, not that its too hard to do. His bosses are telling him to poke the bear. He isn’t bright enough to know what that means. I think he’s going to find out.

      1. I so wish the Govt.’s of this world would realize how many American’s would stand behind them if they exposed all of this the from 911 to everything new and the past.

        But, they would get bombed, and hurt financially and murdered for the truth..How so Sad. This is MY Govt. I’m talking about.

        Is there time to fix this?…No

        1. Ric, it isn’t “your” government, or mine. That’s the point. You have ethics and want a decent world to live in. So do I. This merry band of fraudsters in not “our” government. They work for someone else.

          What you really want is for someone to fix it. That would be nice, but it isn’t going to happen. If it collapses tomorrow, there will be a whole bevy of parasites-in-waiting to take its place.

          We have to learn to not give them authority. All of these decisions and actions that they make or take are done in our name. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember anyone asking what I thought about any of it.

          This train left the station a long time ago. I got off at the first stop. Those who want to ride to the end of the line deserve what they get.

  3. The Orwellian lies of Washington to justify the horror of 250 thousand Syrians killed, and many more driven out of their homes and countries, are illuminated by the false flag that began the Cold War against Russia over Ukraine.

    A research paper presented at a political science conference recently in San Francisco by professor Ivan Katchanovski, from Ottawa university, concluded that the US engineered coup in Ukraine was a false flag operation. The snipers who shot both the cops and demonstrators, were stated in the US media as coming from the Yanukvych government which was overthrown in a ‘regime change,’ actually came from the Nazi organizations, Right Sector and Svoboda. The snipers were videoed on at least 20 Maidan-controlled buildings.

    Truth is the first casualty of war. But the Orwellian untruth organized by Washington and conveyed in all of the mainstream media about Syria and Ukraine is subject to evidenced refutation by the entire world. The refutation of these lies by honest opinion, which justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and threaten nuclear war, deservedly decrease the world power of Washington, and the oligarchy that controls it.

    Since the American media will continue these lies, the internet must be used to inform the American people of the false flags produced both domestically and in foreign policy, and the danger that American foreign policy is producing in a nuclear world.

  4. There is a distraction to the situation in Syria this afternoon on fox news.

    There is another DHS active shooter drill going on at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Preliminary reports indicate 15 dead and 20 wounded.

    All of the reporting and indications reveal that this is another govt staged shooting to the highest degree. No one is hurt or deceased. Of course, “the shooter” is neutralized so there is no possibility of any trial.

    1. Manifesto read by CNN – check. Networks taken over – check.

      There is and is guaranteed to get epically worse, massive flooding up the east coast not related to hurricane joking that will be following the floods slowly.

      Not anywhere near the coast but we have an active flood warning until Monday along with everyone else, currently the chrome dome has no rain for us. The massive weather storm maps are freakishly sandyish with more of a southern slam. May Good Bless America!

  5. It is obvious that Kerry is near a state of shock here. Probably wondering if he is going to have another bicycle accident. And Lavrov at times looks as if he is desperately trying to keep a grin off his face.

    It is pretty tense, Putin asking the UN if they realize what they have done, and then refusing to shake Obama’s had afterward.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAcdsx6g6MU&w=560&h=315%5D


    Russian author, historian and politician Nikolay Starikov explains what happened today like no one else at today’s meeting with fans and supporters.

    Even cats don’t get born on their own and such high-profile terrorist organisations, packaged with beautiful Hollywood promos don’t appear on their own. Of course, it is a project, the same project of the global banking elite. as once was Adolf Hitler, and before that where the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists, who have destroyed the Russian empire and were going to crush the neighboring states.

    Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.


    1. The Entire New World Odor caught with their pants down on every level.

      The Bankster’s and Corporate’s planning the next move.

      I like the Oregon shooting as a diversion.

      I think they may do something real stupid.

      A False flag: US jet gets shot down by meanie Putin.

      Then the speech: “we must unit against Russia” bla bla

  6. Time to start naming the high level, powerful war criminals behind funding ISIS and the mass murder of tens of thousands of nnocent Syrian people over the last four years. No more allowing powerful war criminals off the hook without punishment.

    1. Right on!, but what court is going to prosecute these vermin? They are powerful for a reason, many reasons. They own America, the judges, the Congress, the banks. Prosecuting them would require formation of another court system, how do you do that? Balance one kangaroo court with another?
      Oh, but there are many magnificent Americans coming forward and sharing their adventures in the “system” with us. It’s heartening to listen to their stories, their perseverance and direction are so focused and they form the germ cells of our future rise from the ashes.

  7. there are reports that may be credible that China is going to join Russia in the fighting in Syria. This would ally Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, and Iran on one side, and US, France, Turkey Qatar, Israel, and Saudi Arabia on the other. This may end the Syria war by checkmating the US side, the US effectively giving up its Regime Change policy. But it’s also pretty scary, with five nuclear countries involved.

    This is more or less the shape that the world is lining up in the 21st century. The Western and despotic powers on one side, the developing powers on the other.

    1. Would Obama risk nuclear proliferation in Syria? Presence of 5 nuclear powers would seem to throttle the Israel directed US febrility in Syria and, as indicated, put a checkmate into place that would effectively function as a massive change in our imperialism intrigues.
      Yet, these issues are fiercely resisted as possible by those Sandy Hook true believers. No, those commie Russkis are behind this and we are the white knights fighting this interminable evil sayeth these believers in state veracity.
      You know Obama is a chronic liar, a tool of the elites who likes his job immensely as it feeds his narcissism, but you then perpetuate the ruse by accepting MSM lies? The sheer inconsistency of the public is astounding in their belief systems. You know he’s a liar yet you accept his mendacity?

      The American dilemma is the American and his gullibility, his laziness in obtaining the truth. It’s why we, yes, we, have to get the word out in lieu of a perpetually duplicitous jew owned press.

    2. You should get out more. Just because Ann Coulter did not lay it out for you does not mean it did not happen.

      China deploys troops to help Russia in Syria

      September 25th

      Remember the joint military exercises of Russia and China in the sea and on land? With landing on shore and fighting against terrorists?

      And here is the answer to the question of why they trained together.


      “An Arab news source [Al Masdar News] reports that a military contingent of the PRC is on the way to Latakia and will arrive in Syrian ports any day. Chinese transport with military cargo was spotted on Tuesday morning, passing through the Suez canal.


  8. There appears to be a media blackout on the role of China in Syria, which has world implications. Iran apparently has soldiers fighting in Syria, so the two coalitions, for and against Syria, are in miniature the two coalitions in conflict in the world: The White West with its proxies against the rising underdeveloped countries led by China-Russia. If there is no major nuclear war, this should be decided in favor of China, etc within a decade or so.

    It’s interesting how US and the West changed US and Western public opinion from 2013 against bombing Syria to supporting the bombing in 2014. There were staged a sequence of beheadings by ISIL which Shocked and Awed the population and instigated the bombing of them. The US then pretended to bomb ISIL, while actually bombing Syrian troops and targets.

    Explaining the duplicity of the media is hindered by the anti-Semitism of the MHB, where Gil Favor and others rail against the “jew owned press.”
    Is apparently is the current substitute for the jew bankers of the populist reaction of the 1930’s. Since most people are repelled by such gross bigotry, and know that the media and banks are owned by the corporate and bankster oligarchy, Jewish and non-Jewish, the effect is to try to direct hostility toward Jews rather than the billionaire oligarchy. This is effective with the more primitive layers of the population, and tends to prevent the people from uniting effectively against anti-people power.

    1. Volkie says:

      This is effective with the more primitive layers of the population, and tends to prevent the people from uniting effectively against anti-people power.

      Primitive? Just who are you talking about? Yanomamo Indians in the rainforest? Volkie is a Darwinist. He has apparently evolved faster than these primitive folk. What a bigoted thing to say. All these people he wants to see rise up and fight the anti people power of inner and outer space with him, are too stupid according to him. Just what brains do you think have what it takes to properly unite this lower proletariat volkie? Any non-primitive groups in mind? Hmmmmmm?

      1. You are quite right, Rich, I am a Darwinist, or at least believe in a form of evolutionary theory. Nearly half of the American people don’t, according to science and Pew polls. Pew polled the American people over the last 3 decades and the results were quite stable. Nearly half of the American people believe that God created people within the last ten thousand years.

        Polls by science orgs also have determined that about 20% of the American people believe that the sun moves around the earth rather than the earth moving around the sun.

        The scientific revolution in the 17th century and the revolution in biology in the 19th century have not yet penetrated the population. And the marxist revolution in world social theory in the 20th century has been stigmatized, distorted and ideological repressed in the USA under the War on Communism. You have already eruditely expressed your amusement that this conceptual and ideological revolution can be extended to political culture.

        Did you know, Rich, that some people have strong opinions about matters that they know nothing about? Fact. And this is not uncommon in the USA.

        1. I would tend to disagree. I would say that the biological revolution(Darwinism) has penetrated society quite deeply. Too bad the theory falls short regarding the origin of life. It did not fall short on hoaxes, and fake, or doctored fossils. I was a believer in it, and did have an opinion on it without the facts. Why wouldn’t I. I had no reason to believe my teachers would lie, or at least teach a lie. It is interesting to find that when one looks beyond the teachers, professors, and booksellers, you will find the true thinkers on the cutting edge of science no longer believe in it.

      1. Well, Dublin, there is really no point arguing with the ideologically insane, but Carroll Quigley states that the leading American banking firm in the first part of the century was J. P. Morgan, consisting of Anglo-American agents, and on its fading out, was succeeded by the Rockefeller interests.

  9. The brilliant Bhadrakumar at Asia Times, a former diplomat and ambassador for India, argued, plausibly, that, in a diplomatic way, Obama conceded that Washington did not have the power resources to solve the Syria problem. Therefore he is not going to respond, openly, militarily, but to continue to carp diplomatically, to get as favorable a diplomatic solution as possible. He also linked Syria and Ukraine.

    This is a great relief, if true, which would allow Syria and Ukraine to go down as just another bloodstained debacle as US power slides down the razorblade of history. That would be a reason that China, uncharacteristically would engage militarily, although this is still not confirmed.

  10. Donald Trump is a vulgar and disgusting lout, but people say this like it’s a bad thing. Although his domestic policy in his campaign speeches is racist and despotic, appealing to weaker minds and the souls perverted by primitive religion, his critique of American foreign policy is by far the best of any of the candidates of either party. He sides with Putin’s policy in Syria, and argues that Iraq and Libya and the Middle East would be far better off without Washington’s policies under the Terror War.

    In foreign affairs, Trump serves the American people in the Repub primary than does the fake socialist Sanders in the Dem primary. Sanders is a militarist who will throw his support to Clinton at the end, whose foreign policy is even worse that Obama’s. So the question arises, what is more important to the American people, foreign or domestic policy.

    Although the conventional answer would be domestic policy, this is problematical, because domestic policy is greatly influenced by foreign policy, perhaps decisively so. After ww 2 the oligarchy changed American policy to finance a huge standing military, largely as a form of military Keynesism, as Chalmers Johnson referred to it, to prevent a return to the pre-war depression. It became a jobs program, fundamentally changing the American economy to a war economy.

    This was exaggerated when the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st. Oligarchical Washington chained the USA to a low intensity continuous war program lasting for decades. Trump’s campaign speeches argue for the end of this Terrorwar program, and a transformation of Terrorwar America. He could not promote this policy even in the unlikely event that he were Elected, but he serves the American people in voicing it. So I salute him, while holding my nose.

  11. I’m afraid that Washington under Obama no longer cares what the world’s people think. The US military deliberately bomb the Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing medical staff and patients, including three children. They destroyed a portion of the hospital, driving the Doctors out of Kunduz.

    This may have been the point of the attack, since the city was captured by the Taliban, and they may not want medical or technical help there. Even the head of the UN, largely a Washington advocate, demanded an independent investigation.

    This does not look good for the future American military and intelligence conflicts. Depressing.

  12. On the US bombing and destruction or the hospital in Kundruz, according to the British Guardian, the US has changed its story 4 times. Since it is a flagrant war crime, seen by the entire world, Obama and the military are trying to develop a defense of some kind.

    US war crimes of this type are routine, bombing medical installations, facilities, and doctors and other medical professionals. The mistake made this time was to bomb a WHITE Western world professional organization, Doctors Without Borders, destroying their hospital. Even the European media is shocked, although not the American media.

    It is another step down the roadmap of brutality, despotism, and decay where Washington is leading the American power system and the American people.

  13. There is no question now that the attack on the Doctors Without Borders hospital was deliberate, a number of different bombings lasting for over an hour. They were conducted by AC-130 warplanes which fly low so the hospital and its insignias were obviously seen by the pilots. The attack was probably in retaliation for the Taliban taking the city.

    The real question is why they did it knowing that it was a hospital maintained by Doctors Without Borders, a Western White group. The question is important because if it is now part of Washington’s Divide and Ruin policy to attack the White West, this will carry over to the American homeland itself. Indeed, maybe it already has, if, as James suggested, the race killings by the police were part of a campaign staging.

  14. The propaganda machine started reporting civilian casualties caused by Russia before Russian planes and helicopters even got off the ground! They seem to have a knack for jumping the gun.
    There’s no such thing as a nuclear bomb, so there will be no “nuclear” WWIII. Hellfire, napalm, air-fuel bombs, MOABs yes, but no nuclear bombs.

    1. Oh, and the Doctors without Borders organization have come out publicly against the Trans Pacific Partnership. So, if they go against New World Odor policy, I guess that makes them expendable.

  15. The Doctors without Borders hospital bombing most likely occurred because Washington did not like the medical treatment of Taliban soldiers among the other patients treated by the medical staff. If THX is right, the irritation of Washington at Doctors would overcome the public relations blowback of destroying the hospital, the only one in the city and area.

    Although Washington is in the process of concocting another explanation, the fifth, it is already apparent that Washington is increasing its use of violence and terrorism to induce fear, regardless of the repugnance of the world’s people. This is occurring domestically as well with the police shooting and murder of unarmed African Americans, and the rise of the ideology of White racism, anti-Semitism, and fascism. The Orwellian despotism which relies on untruth is being replaced with the violence of traditional fascism.

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