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Among the many anomalies and strange coincidences in American history is the frequency in which the name Harvey appears in connection to political assassinations.

Oswald_TimeConsider that the man chosen by Allen Dulles to head up the CIA’s assassin recruiter program was one William King Harvey. Dubbed ZR/RIFLE, the project was a component of Operation Mongoose, the Agency’s umbrella program to overthrow, and if necessary, assassinate Fidel Castro.

Among the more plausible theories regarding the JFK assassination is that Mongoose was simply reverse engineered to target President Kennedy after he and his brother Bobby had ruffled too many Establishment feathers.

We have, of course, the case of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged “lone nut” assassin of President Kennedy. The cumulative evidence strongly indicates that the 24 -year old Oswald was a low to mid level intelligence operative working for the US government, perhaps Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The CIA had a 201 file on him and his actions in the year leading up to the assassination were strongly indicative of an intelligence operation. The “loner” Oswald had a pregnant wife and child at home and reportedly a girlfriend on the sly.

There is the case of Laurence Harvey, the actor who played role of a mind-controlled assassin in the 1962 political thriller The Manchurian Candidate. The movie, directed by John Frankenheimer (Seven Days in May) and produced by Frank Sinatra, was the screen adaption of a 1959 novel by Richard Condon. The book and movie are particularly notable because they gave the public a glimpse into at least one aspect of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program (mind-controlled assassins) which had yet to be exposed.

It is also worth pointing out that Sinatra also starred in the movie. Sinatra’s career is perhaps the best illustration of how worlds of politics and entertainment intersect with the underworlds of intelligence and organized crime.

And finally we have the case of Raymond Lee Harvey. The Ohio-born unemployed drifter was arrested by the Secret Service on May 5, 1979 for possessing a starter pistol with blank rounds at a Los Angeles shopping center where then President Jimmy Carter was scheduled to deliver a speech.

The “mentally disturbed” Harvey claimed to be part of a four-man assassination team targeting the president. According to Harvey, he had been recruited by three Latino men who gave him the pistol and instructed him to fire at the ground to create a diversion while they shot the president from a hotel room. Sound familiar?

Although the police originally dismissed Harvey’s story as “a tale spun by an intoxicated man” their cursory investigation found a room rented at the nearby Alan Hotel by one Osvaldo (Oswald?) Espinoza Ortiz containing a shotgun case and three unspent rounds of ammunition. The occupant had checked out the day of the alleged assassination attempt.

Harvey was jailed on $50,000 bond and “Oswaldo” Ortiz was taken into custody as a material witness. Both were eventually released and charges dismissed for lack of evidence.

So we have the following names: William K. Harvey, Lee Harvey Oswald, Laurence Harvey and Raymond Lee Harvey all associated with the subject of political assassination in the span of seventeen years.

Okay, fine. So maybe it’s all just a coincidence. They do happen. But Harvey, while not an uncommon name is not that common.

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Tim Kelly is the host of Our Interesting Times, a podcast carried on the UCY network. Mr. Kelly is a graduate of George Mason University. He is married and has been blessed with six children. He currently resides in Northern Virginia.

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19 thought on “The Four Harveys”
  1. I agree this is probably most likely. They do love to play name games.

    I kind of doubt Castro was ever in any danger of being eliminated however. The guy is 90 miles away from Florida has been there for decades. There is no way that island could have not been infiltrated and most anything done intelligence operatives wanted. He was great for playing the game when Russia was still under the Bolshevik rule.

    Now days you will note that suddenly they want to be friends with Fidel and Cuba. Why exactly? Well Russia might want to try and establish a base there for real.

    Scroll to the second section here to read about our boy Castro the gay jesuit trained dictator.

    Communist Dictator Castro shaking hands with his boss, Grandmaster and Prince of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie

    There is a pic there of him shaking hands with the boss. Fidel Castro was born in the village of Brian in Cuba on August 13, 1926 into a rich family, the son of Angel Castro, who was a Spanish immigrant, and his cook Lina Ruz Gonzalez. In his early life Fidel Castro went to Jesuit schools and from there he attended the Jesuit preparatory school Colegio Belen in Havana.

    The life of Fidel Castro has always been bound up with prophesies, some of them strangely accurate. Probably the most known is the one made by [Jesuit] Father Antonio Llorente, Castro’s teacher and spiritual adviser at the [Jesuit] Colegio de Belén. “Fidel Castro is a man of destiny,” prophesied Llorente. “Behind him is the hand of God. He has a mission to fulfill and he will fulfill it against all obstacles.”[1] In this particular case, however, I have the feeling that Father Llorente was slightly confused about whose hand was behind Fidel Castro.

    ) Fidel Castro himself is a graduate of several Jesuit institutions, and is in good standing with the Pope.

    Apparently, Fidel Castro is gay, Jewish, very wealthy and has been an agent of the CIA.

    1. Well said “Dublinsmick” thanks for the links, I truly wish more folks would put the “Jesuit puzzle” together or go down that rabbit hole.

      It is very interesting that the current pope visited the birthplace of the Castro boys, yesterday and today will be in Santiago , the birthplace of my great-grand mother and “Santeria” and if really want some mind blowing history ,research the connection of all Afro- new world/Caribbean religions & the Jesuit schools.

    2. I have to admire your intellectual courage, Dublin, there is simply no truth assertion too preposterous for you to shirk making. I should have guessed that Castro was a Jew, joining Hitler and Eisenhower in your revelations about public figures. And commenters like it, as would appear natural in a highly racist blog. It explains why Donald Trump is now leading the Repub presidential candidates.

        1. Merkel was Hitler’s biological daughter, Dublin? Who would have guessed. And she was made chancellor on the anniversary of the publication of the ORIGIN OF SPECIES? it must be significant! The Origin of Species does not deny a god, but why quibble.

          There was a philosopher, Dublin H. G. Frankfort that wrote a trenchant philosophical thesis called ON BULLSHIT. he maintained that it contained both truth and untruth because the bullshiter didn’t care about truth one way or the other.

          But this omits the important category of IDEOLOGICAL bullshit, which the bullshiter actually believes, at least to some degree. It is the ideological bullshit, the religious, political, economic, and scientific ideology that has deranged the consciousness of the American people.

          And this is done by a truth Elite sponsored and subsidized by the powerful who at least partially believes the bullshit that they teach and tell to the population. Some of what you say is interesting, Dublin, and may well be true, but you will have to stifle yourself in certain ways if you wish to join the truth Elite. Which, to do you credit, you probably don’t.

  2. Lots of Harvey’s, all left manifesto’s, none ever had a clear picture taken of them, lone wolfs, had middle names they used with first name looked creepy…oh and had some sort of connection to the government.

  3. Don’t forget this Harvey:
    Harvey (play), a 1944 play by Mary Chase about a man befriended by an invisible anthropomorphic rabbit

    Harvey (film), a 1950 film adapted from the Mary Chase play, starring James Stewart
    Harvey (Hallmark), a 1972 adaptation of the Mary Chase play for the Hallmark Hall of Fame

    but this is the real fun part:

    The supposed assassin enjoyed an impressive pedigree, if this site it to be believed.

  4. Interesting article, again James. There is some excellent research that was done by Mae Brussels in her radio shows on Lee Harvey Oswald & the CIA and the Jonestown Guyana experiment . The websites are truthtalk news.blogspot & Mae Brussels

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