Proposed Policy Jeopardizes Academic Freedom

“I think there’s instances at this university where some faculty should no longer be working at this university [sic].” – FAU Provost Gary Perry

“If you can take tenure away, and this document says that you can, essentially this faculty does not have tenure anymore. There is not another university that has anything close to [this].” – FAU professor

Source: Rachel Liu, Crossmap

A policy promoted by Florida Atlantic University administrators is proving controversial among faculty at the South Florida college. The proposed set of rules, “Post-Tenure/Sustained-Performance Evaluation,” was recently authored by a subcommittee of senior professors, administrators and former administrators under the auspices of the University’s Faculty Senate.

Shortly thereafter, however, the document went through a process of heavy revision overseen by FAU Provost Gary Perry and college deans who want to grant themselves the ability to potentially terminate any tenured faculty member.

At first glance the policy appears to resemble similar post tenure review documents in effect at universities across Florida and the United States, proposing a peer review of tenured faculty members’ teaching, research, and service at periodic intervals after the professor has received tenure. Unlike others policies, however, at FAU the outcome of a “poor” post tenure evaluation can lead to termination of a tenured faculty member for “incompetence.”

What makes FAU’s proposed policy different is that even if a faculty peer review is positive, college deans and the provost are seeking the power to overturn the post tenure committee’s decision with impunity, thereby nullifying the peer review so central to the professoriate’s autonomy over its profession and setting in motion a process that can lead to stripping a faculty member of their tenure protections en route to termination.

The policy can potentially be used to target specific tenured faculty members the University’s Board of Trustees and/or administration cannot presently fire due to protection afforded by tenure.

Provost Perry is also attempting to insert a “dismissal clause” into the post-tenure review document, further streamlining an already draconian anti-tenure policy. At a recent meeting on September 4 Perry informed faculty that the policy would indeed be used to fire certain faculty he deemed undesirable.

Universities began granting tenure to professors in 1915. Such job security has since been recognized as a central tenet of academic freedom because it insulates faculty from the political interests and whims of their institutions’ administrators and trustees. In short, university officials could potentially be pressured into firing faculty who possess unorthodox views, or who may be deemed “controversial” by mass media and the broader public.

The protection of tenure is arguably more necessary today than a century ago because of universities’ increased dependence on donations from powerful interests. Further, even state-funded institutions now have entire “foundations” established to solicit “gifts” they in turn use to play the financial markets for potential returns.

The American Association of University Professors 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure specifically identifies academic freedom with tenure:

Academic freedom is essential to these purposes and applies to both teaching and research. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. Academic freedom in its teaching aspect is fundamental for the protection of the rights of the teacher in teaching and of the student to freedom in learning. It carries with it duties correlative with rights.

Tenure is a means to certain ends; specifically: (1) freedom of teaching and research and of extramural activities, and (2) a sufficient degree of economic security to make the profession attractive to men and women of ability. Freedom and economic security, hence, tenure, are indispensable to the success of an institution in fulfilling its obligations to its students and to society.

Under the policy proposed at FAU if a given faculty member receives a “negative review” the professor will be prescribed a “performance plan” and required to improve over the course of the next year. If her or his department chair or college dean determines that no improvement has taken place the tenured faculty member will be shown the door.

Many FAU faculty are disturbed by the new principles and the way they are being pushed toward implementation. Throughout a September 4 Faculty Senate meeting Perry repeatedly expressed his impatience toward a more deliberative policy process that would allow faculty to make suggestions toward improving the document, stating twice that he eventually needed to “pull the trigger” on the policy that can lead to the termination of tenured faculty.

“I would like to say that this a Provost’s policy,” Perry asserted at one tense moment, “and at some point the trigger has to be pulled on this policy if we are going to move forward in a timely fashion with beginning reviews in the next academic year.”

“If you can take tenure away,” one FAU professor declared shortly thereafter, “essentially this faculty does not have tenure anymore. There is not another university that has anything close to [this].”

When Perry was pressed by another recently tenured professor on his position concerning due process, the Provost responded, “I think there’s instances at this university where some faculty should no longer be working at this university [sic].”

FAU Provost Gary “Pull the Trigger” Perry backs a policy that will make tenure meaningless at the mid-sized Florida university. “I think there’s instances at this university where some faculty should no longer be working at this university,” he snapped when pressed by professors at a September 4 Faculty Senate meeting.

While the most recent collective bargaining agreement calls for establishment of post tenure review, faculty union officials argue that the present document violates the principle of shared governance–another basic tenet of academic freedom alongside tenure.

“The proposal largely ignores existing departmental and college faculty committees and faculty-developed criteria for tenure and promotion in favor of a process dominated by academic managers,” FAU’s faculty union, United Faculty of Florida, wrote in a detailed response issued September 13.

The proposal employs language that is vague, imprecise, contradictory, and out of touch with faculty work and realities. Unlike the Post Tenure Review policies at most other research universities in Florida and elsewhere, this proposal emphasizes the punitive and authoritarian dimensions of post tenure reviews and neglects the possibilities for professional development of senior faculty, one of the most precious resources in the university.

“[Union] leadership has MANY concerns about it, including the fact that it has not been adequately vetted by faculty before going to Senate,” FAU Professor and faculty union president Robert Zoeller pointed out in a September 2 email to faculty.

“Union leadership is extremely concerned about the proposed policy,” former FAU faculty union president and Associate Professor Chris Robé said. “The fact is that the policy deals with tenure and job performance and has not been adequately vetted by faculty before going to the Senate for a vote.”

[LISTEN to the entire September 4, 2015 FAU Faculty Senate Meeting. Discussion of the Provost’s Post-Tenure Review/Sustained Performance policy begins at 1:31:08]

If the post-tenure review process was ratified in its present form it would perhaps be one-of-a-kind, and surely among the most severe in the United States.

Peter Hull, FAU Vice President for Public Affairs. Source: FAU

Discussion of the post-tenure review policy was immediately preceded by a raucous exchange between FAU professors and FAU Faculty Senate President Christopher Beetle concerning what faculty say is an administrative crackdown on faculty speech.

Recently several faculty received letters threatening disciplinary action for having written op-ed pieces for local papers, making remarks to the press, or engaging in other “outside activities.”

Faculty claim the letters were written by Peter Hull, the university’s Vice President for Public Affairs and close personal assistant to FAU President John Kelly. “Please call off your dogs,” remarked one professor, referencing “nasty letters … letters of discipline or letters that threaten discipline to faculty members engaged in outside activity.”

When faculty called for a moratorium on such letters and further pointed to how such intimidation contradicts the administration’s call for university personnel to increase “community engagement” in accordance with its present Strategic Plan, Beetle moved to shut down further debate and refused to refer the matter to the Faculty Senate’s Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee.

In a September 18 email responding to a query by MHB Hull denied writing such letters to faculty.

Since 2013 the Dean of FAU’s College of Arts and Letters and the university’s Office of Student Services has sponsored “The Agora Project,” a program of “supervised free speech” that allows faculty a partial platform for public expression yet often focuses on politically innocuous subject matter.

Lieutenant Governor Frank Brogan and Governor “Jeb” Bush in 2002, Source: Tampa Bay Times

In 2009 then-FAU President Frank Brogan, a former Florida Lieutenant Governor under “Jeb” Bush, attempted to fire five tenured faculty members in the College of Engineering and Computer Science through a dubious departmental reorganization
of that college. FAU faculty union president James Tracy’s complaint to Florida Governor Charlie Crist hastened Brogan’s reluctant move to reinstate the professors’ tenured positions (here and here). The ensuing controversy arising from the faculty terminations contributed to Brogan’s departure from FAU to become chancellor of the entire Florida State University System. In 2013 Brogan was appointed to oversee Pennsylvania’s higher education system.

Political leaders elsewhere in the US have moved to curb faculty tenure protections. For example, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently shifted the ability to define tenure from state law to the Board of Regents whose members serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Since the post-tenure review policy has now become a major facet of conversation among Florida Atlantic faculty, professors throughout the university are voicing their concerns at the extreme and likely unnecessary disciplinary measures encompassed in the document. Provost Perry and Associate Provost Diane Alperin emphasized at the September 4 meeting that they were interested in considering the faculty’s concerns on the proposed policy. Yet as the initial draft of the policy suggests, the administrators also exercise considerable leverage over whether such input will actually be incorporated in to the final document.

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82 thought on “Florida Atlantic University Threatens to End Tenure”
  1. The dummy PROVOST cannot even construct a grammatically correct sentence.

    Someone should tell him plurals require the use of “ARE,” not “IS.”

    Aye Dios Mios.

    1. The provost has somebody’s high level support that allows him to show off his brass cojones. If there were controls over his activities, this would never happen. However, he’s clearly been given the green light from higher levels of this stifling bureaucracy and that means the Destroyer in Charge and his lieutenants. Look at Obama carefully and note that he gets all het up with manufactured crises like Ferguon yet rank and file events are ho-hummed into the dust bin. He’s a well trained commie and he wants to destroy you, perhaps even kill you. His rotten smirk doesn’t lie, “I’m Obama and I want to kill you”.

  2. I would never recommend nor allow my children to go to this University if they are taking on a policy of firing people whose ideas they do not approve of. And I will write a letter saying this to them.

    1. Universities were set up to keep young people under mind control for that much longer; out of circulation, out of raising families, etc. The most mentally damaged people I know are the ones who have the most letters after their name.

  3. Tenured professors present the system with one of the last bastions of effective intellectual resistance to the plutocratic status quo. The case of Ward Churchill is instructive. Anyone familiar with his case is aware that the University of Colorado Boulder had to strain credulity to manufacture a plagiarism charge to remove him. His case is also important because it showed a storm of collaboration that included the major “news networks” and the “pundit” puppets who acted as government mouthpieces in a process of systematic demonization and vilification. The initial investigation into Churchill’s academic “misconduct” began in 2005, and the court cases emanating from it were not fully settled until 2013. Creating a phony tenure system seems like a lot less work in eliminating pesky intellectual dissidents from the professorial class. Except, in that it did not involve a criminal charge against him, it was, perhaps, a miscarriage of justice analogous to the Dreyfus Affair.

    “If you can take tenure away,” one FAU professor declared shortly thereafter, “essentially this faculty does not have tenure anymore. There is not another university that has anything close to [this].”

    Given the importance of the control over information expressed by this government, one would have to seriously wonder whether the situation at FAU regarding effectively ending tenure is being driven by Washington. Perhaps this is a test case?

    1. Monies emanating from the highest echelons of this government have been used to attack and destroy various cultural and legal bulwarks of our nation. Ward Churchill’s case shows the presence and effects of high level tampering with established norms.
      And to think our student’s parents think their children are getting the best possible education from colleges that would practice such skulduggery! The US is in enormous trouble as we speak and this is going to end badly.

    2. it’s driven by the oligarchy that controls Washington, PeaceFrog. It has to be fought, but you know, tenure is not all that great as it is. The current academic system creates a faculty that is almost as critical and incisive as the journalist community; less so insofar as they staff a bureaucracy. There are noble and notable exceptions of course, but that is what they are, exceptions.

      1. Imagine how much worse it will be if the anti-tenure lobbyists win, though. At least there are some protections of free speech as the system stands. From what I can glean, corporations wield an incredible very direct influence on to whom and what funding goes.

    3. I attended University of Colorado… not during the Ward Churchill witch hunt era… but I remember well how they went after the guy. I didn’t get the idea there was any facade of fair dealings. from what I remember it was a railroad job over some comment that he made. I never thought the comment was serious enough to see anything happen to him. I think it’s a trend that anybody that steps out of line gets shown the door. take for example our local government of steamboat springs … there was a big investigation into the police chief for malfeasance. And creating a hostile work environment. it was a complaint from one of the female officers on the squad getting harassed really bad as the only female. it wound up costing the police chief his job and his assistant as well…. plus the city manager lost hercjob over it. So to get back at the female officer for complaining… the district attorney indicts her on some trumped-up charge of influencing a public official. the charge is bogus and they denied her due process of a hearing where they would have had a good chance of getting the charge dismissed. they cancelled the hearing and now the trials going to cost this lady of fortune to go defend herself. She wil get acquitted but in the meantime… she will spend her life savings to make it happen. it’s not right what they’re doing. the message is the same as it always is… complain about mistreatment and it gets even worse for you.

  4. Looks like a real witch hunt.

    That Brogan is a Bush disciple is noted. He pushed one and one half billion dollars of Florida teacher retirement funds into Lehrman brothers just before it went broke. Bush was also involved in some shady funeral home businesses, accused of helping with the rigging of Florida elections etc.

    If I remember right they were digging up ancient grave sites and burying new people in them and cremating several bodies at a time. It is a good business for a skull and boner.

  5. Just one more example of the few well connected ones moving heaven and earth to see there is no unseemly boat rocking while they’re at the helm. Truth? Not important. Intellectual independence? Archaic. Freedom of unhindered inquiry? Fugettaboutit.

    The unprincipled and brutal will always have an unfair advantage over the decent…and they will persist until there is nothing but ruination.

    It has to end somewhere, sometime, and soon. Don’t forget, even Mahatma Gandhi had his limits: “I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence.”

    1. why do you think that the unprincipled have an advantage over the descent? It strikes me historically that the arc is long but it bends toward justice. you just have to take the long view. it’s a matter of lose, lose, lose until you win.

      1. I think the advantage of the unprincipled and brutal is that their bag of tricks includes more than that of the decent. It’s the same reason why debating a disinformation agent tends to always go in their favor. Just their willingness to lie is pretty effective. If society were a board game, the bad guys would cheat their way to victory. Thankfully, the tools they lack like humility, empathy, understanding etc. are the most powerful.

      2. Folk, I think you are both correct and wrong at the same time. The immoral and unethical have advantages as they do not care who they hurt or what they destroy. There “rewards” are virtually instantaneous. The either gain materially or have their outsized egos expanded by the simple act of “winning”.

        On the other hand, leading a moral and ethical life is a reward in itself. If one is not in a contest to see who dies with the most toys, those who live lives full of grace have accomplished much more than those who were focused on “things”.

        Realistically, we all have to eat. When someone decides to alter our working lives for us it places us in competition that we probably didn’t want. Knowing a psychopath is extremely hard. It is much better not to know one.

        We must all strive to not allow the current trends to destroy our personal standards. That would truly be a loss. Those who do these things don’t have any. The worst thing we could do would be to imitate them.

    2. That is the perception in the west concerning Gandhi. I have listened to some very knowledgeable Indians such as Capt Ajit Vadakylil who insists that Gandhi was a Rothschild agent. He had a rainbow relationship with one of Rothschild’s men in South Africa, bisexual body builder Hermann Kallenbach. On orders from Rothschild Gandhi was given an 1100 acre farm by Kallenbach. He schooled Gandhi on the theories of non-violence.

      They lived together while Britain was engaged in the famous Boer war scorched earth policy where 12,000 Boer women and children died in fever ridden camps. Gandhi then moved into India to further his assignment.

      The British wanted occupy India only long enough to establish masonic lodges and set up quislings in business with their own armed gangs to protect them. During withdrawal they did not want to fight their way out of India as at that point the average indian was enraged.

      So walla we have Gandhi the peacemaker, who incidentally slept with little girls.

      Gandhi recruited 1.3 million indian soldiers in the first world war and 1.1 million of them were killed. Peacemaker?

      He recruited 2.5 million in WWII and 2.43 were killed in action.

      Gandhi’s letters were destroy by mistake at the national archives.

      Gandhi managed to pass the Matriculation Examination in 1887 in the third division, scoring a pathetic 247 out of 625. He became more articulate in his old age.

      You can google it if interested. The capt is one of most intelligent men I have ever read.


  6. Every day that passes brings more fascism. As you said, tenure was intended to “insulate” the faculty from the political (read grant) driven attempts to control the minds of the young.

    It also should insulate the institution as they can claim, rightly, that their scholars are professionals with tenure and are experts in their respective fields. What they say is a product of what they think, not a product of institutional policies or beliefs.

    Someone with that degree of inclination to control the words and actions of others has no business in higher education. All must be protected from “The Tribe” or be rendered incapable of honest discussion at times.

    The last thing they want are students with the ability to think and the facts to come to reasonable conclusions. How very sad.

    1. I wonder how many grants at this and similar universities are from the National Institutes of Health. If the influence of the NIH on administrations is proportionate to the amounts they’re puking out, the scientific dictatorship warned of by P.K. Dick and Orwell is our destiny. I’m completely ignorant of whether educational grants are similar or the same as the research grants from the NIH though. I’ve just assumed that, no matter the agency awarding the money it was going to result in too much Federal government influence. But the Trillion+ awarded by NIH each year has to be a major source of influence. Maybe I got lucky and just set some light bulbs off in the minds of some MHB readers.

      1. Money, grant money, alumni money, any money, has a profound influence on universities. We have, and should have, a mental picture of higher education that transcends “business”. The sad truth is that is exactly what they are.

        My believe was, and still is, that college should instill a love for learning, the skills to pursue that, and graduate someone who knows a little about a lot of things and a little more about a particular thing. Employment shouldn’t be part of the mix.

        If being better educated helps one find work, fine. That shouldn’t be the reason for attending. That shouldn’t be the advertising strategy of a university.

        All that said, beyond colleges and universities, anyone with an employment contract should not forget that it is a contract. Allowing someone to unilaterally change a term or condition in a contract places them in breach.

        It is likely that when the faculty was considering employment with the school, tenure was a consideration. By what authority does this administration alter the terms and conditions of employment?

        If they chose to eliminate tenure, the only fair way to do that would be to “grandfather” those who have it or were on a path to it. I’m not suggesting that that would be a good idea. It just would not be a breach of contract as new faculty would know of the policy and have to agree to it.

        More and more I see examples of this type of action. It isn’t based on morals or ethics, it is simply the work of a bully who will push his agenda to see if he gets away with it. It shows a profound lack of regard for civilized and ethical behavior.

    2. It is now being discussed by the “authorities” in North Carolina to remove health benefits for retired teachers and others which to date have been guaranteed. It also includes no well defined retirement benefits which will soon be out of pocket of this is passed. Retirees are of no longer any use to the state. They can simply take a look at Obamacare!

      It all fits comfortably into the population reduction meme. As health care czar Holdren says, we have to reduce the world population by 90% and we don’t have much time. Press on storm troopers.

  7. “I think there’s instances at this university where some faculty should no longer be working at this university [sic].”

    I’m pretty sure of who he had in mind when he made this fascist statement. I hope you got some people to back you up on fighting this thing Prof. Tracey. Good luck.

    1. Is it worth even fighting? Perhaps Prof. Tracey should just start a new school —one without gov’t control, private, that takes NO tax (extortion) money.

  8. “FAU faculty union president James Tracy’s complaint to Florida Governor Charlie Crist hastened Brogan’s reluctant move to reinstate the professors’ tenured positions (here and here). The ensuing controversy arising from the faculty terminations contributed to Brogan’s departure from FAU to become chancellor of the entire Florida State University System. In 2013 Brogan was appointed to oversee Pennsylvania’s higher education system.”

    I’m reminded of that scene in the movie Doubt, where Sister Meryl Streep’s character reports to the younger nun who helped her oust the child molesting priest from their parish. He was chased out only to be promoted in another: “I have such doubts.”

    Where is America is my question, just as she asked where her God was.

  9. Big deal !!! The U.S. public/private education system was “dumb down” years ago thru social engineering & propaganda.
    Parents and educators should be focusing on teaching self reliance, the Ten Commandments and common sense and void themselves of this Nanny State mentality.

    1. Agreed! I think professor Tracy is fleshing out and sharing this story because of what he expects might be coming down the pike whether the change is opposed or not. It may lead to a professorial reorganization where even a majority of tenured professors might be replaced with more compliant educators. This could conceivably be a leap forward in the trend towards turning the US education system into a model student factory. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine granting themselves the option of canning undesirable teachers and not going on a firing spree.

  10. FAU hosted David Halberstam who spoke about how he stopped the Viet Nam war – we attended that lecture which was highly critical of government. FAU also has two important series that explore American history and leadership – so it’s all right to explore the past at FAU.
    Alan B. Larkin Symposium on the American Presidency
    The John O’ Sullivan Memorial Lectureship – also attended some of these.
    Now all of a sudden, Jeb, with his measly AB from the University of Texas, and the power gang at the top of FAU want to can Professor Tracy just for doing his job, investigating contemporary history and the media, which is what the university normally does anyway? It makes no sense.>

  11. Freedom fascism being imposed in US-America is quite different from the classical fascism of world war 2. Instead of mobilizing the population around ruling power, the aim is to DE-MOBILIZE the population to prevent them from uniting effectively against it. In foreign policy is promoted by Washington’s Divide and Ruin policy against Muslim powers, conducted in conjunction with Israel.

    The obvious way to oppose it is to unite teachers, scholars and scientists
    at every level in the schools, universities, and other learned bureaucracies against anti-people power. This is very difficult to do because they are part of the truth Elite that identify, often covertly, with American power. All power systems create such a truth Elite to convey the power ideology that historically legitimates ruling power.

    Therefore it might be more effective to organize the students of the learned bureaucracies against the administration, who have been more radical in all homelands. This is what Soros has done in Ukraine, and in the other Color Revolutions and attempted regime changes in Muslim countries. The alliance of the faculty and students, whose power interests are quite different, might generate a threat to ruling American power to back off, at least for a time.

    A more effective historical strategy would develop a broader ideology that would involve race and class. But this might scare off much of the faculty who, largely unconsciously, Patriotically identify with classism and racism and authorized American power. This academic Patriotism can be fought by internationalizing the movement, since the oligarchy is reluctant to make American power even more unpopular among the earth’s people than it already is.

    This is illustrated in the police murder of non-White people. As a proportion of the population, most killing occurs against American Indians, then African Americans, then Hispanics, and least among Asian-Africans who are not Muslims. So any international influence that teachers and academics can generate would tend to be a threat to the capitalist oligarchy, and serve to blunt their imposition of Freedom fascism.

    1. Wow, Mark. You’re not too bright, and mostly write bizarre, impossible to follow jargon (I suspect the jargon is all of your own fevered crafting), but here is a paragraph of yours that actually makes sense:

      “A more effective historical strategy would develop a broader ideology that would involve race and class. But this might scare off much of the faculty who, largely unconsciously, Patriotically identify with classism and racism and authorized American power. This academic Patriotism can be fought by internationalizing the movement, since the oligarchy is reluctant to make American power even more unpopular among the earth’s people than it already is.”

      Let’s break it down. “A more effective historical strategy would develop a broader ideology that would involve race and class.” YES! The Irish middle class should indeed drive out the non-Irish invaders their upper-class rulers have forced them to compete against! BING BING BING!!!!! A winner!!!

      Same with English and Norwegians and Greeks and Swedes and French and Spaniards and Italians!

      “But this might scare off much of the faculty who, largely unconsciously, Patriotically identify with classism and racism and authorized American [and European] power.” Yes AGAIN! BING! No one in the cloistered classes wants the aliens driven out. Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen are treated by the ruling classes as outré. The “classism,” as you so eloquently state it, of the people who hated Enoch Powell, in his time, Farage and Le Pen today, is sickening. The racists you clearly identify, who desire to eliminate Englishness, Swedishness, etc, by pouring in alien civilizations and destroying their cultures, well, you nailed it! They hate the English race and want to destroy it. Indeed, have endeavored to blot it out. Same with all the rest of the European peoples.

      God you’re good, Mark. I never knew it!

      Let’s continue. “This academic Patriotism can be fought by internationalizing the movement, since the oligarchy is reluctant to make American [and European] power even more unpopular among the earth’s people than it already is.” BING!, AGAIN!

      It is an international scheme to destroy all these cultures, these races. Indeed. We must band together. We must drive the invaders out from our midst. They have home countries, and they have no desire to become one of us. They don’t belong amongst us. I think cargo planes would do the trick. Just fly them all back where they started out.

      Let us reverse the plot your “oligarchy” hatched. Send those invaders right back where they came from! That’ll tell the oligarchs what for.

      Most of what you write in usually nonsensical, Mark, and you obviously don’t want us to understand it–or you’d write understandable prose–but that one paragraph really hit the spot. A stopped clock, as they say, is always right twice a day.

        1. Fascism is the empowerment of corporations to further governmental intentions. How did anything I wrote have anything to do with that?

          Of course, it didn’t.

          What you write is funny to me sometimes. In this instance, part of it could be read to mean just the opposite of what you intended. That’s funny.

          The crafters of the New World Order are the true racists. The imaginary racism you constantly rant about is amusing, because it’s a figment. But the systematic elimination of all Europe’s races is very serious. The expunging of Swedishness, Irishness, Frenchness, from the world. Does that bother you? I’d like to think it does.


        2. Patrick I don’t think you understand, to folker in his tiny world, anyone who disagrees with him is ipso facto, anti-Semitic and a borderline fascist.

          I must have touched on something outlined in his manual to cause such dismay. He could use some refresher training it seems, but then again the manual itself seems out of date as consciousness is now on the rise due to the ability of people who now have access to long buried facts now available on this thing we call the world wide web.

          His mindset seems to be if you are not a Khazar claiming to be Semitic, then you must be anti-Semitic. It is a ruse that has gone on now for about 200 years when the word Jew was first “coined” pun intended.

        3. Patrick I think you see the big picture. I have I have repeatedly said here, Germany has been the focus of two world wars. Right now they are being edged toward supporting the Ukraine in a deadly game.

          The dark lords do not want Germany and German technology to ally with the resources, manpower and military prowess of Russia, the largest country in the world geographically. It would be an invincible match the NWO is afraid it could not overcome.

          That is why we see Germany now pushing policy against it’s own interests, sanctions on Russia when they need Russian gas. Quislings like Merkel have been installed to champion immigration and that is the final solution, genocide. No Germans, no German Technology, no alliance with Russia, no problem anymore forever.

          Don’t think these psychopaths are beyond genociding anyone they see as a problem. They carnage they have instigating world wide stands as a living testimony of evil. DU all over parts of the world, GMO, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, you name it.

          It is self defeating for the various ethnic groups to constantly disparage and be at each others throats. That is just what they want.

          Say it with me now, Goyim pride world wide!!!!!!

        4. I can’t reply to Patrick’s oint directly, so I’ll do it from your post:

          “The expunging of Swedishness, Irishness, Frenchness, from the world. Does that bother you? I’d like to think it does.”

          It bothers me terribly. A lot of what made me ME was the input from just such individuals. My life would have been the poorer for it.

          I’m certain that I’m not alone.

        5. Poorer for the lack of said input.

          The problem here is – FT, you think that you’re in the winner’s circle…but the truth is, you’re just a partially useful tool. You will be discarded at the first opportunity.

    2. Interesting points. I tend to think the involvement of students might be good at every level of the University’s operation.

      My main reason for replying is to suggest that there are likely different demographics between killings committed by cops, killings committed by citizens and VERY different between the killing victims and who’s doing the killing. For example, most African American killings are committed by other African Americans.

      I also remember that the FBI 10 most wanted criminals identify Hispanic people as “White,” only putting “Hispanic” in parenthesis for website readability. In this way statistical analysis shows no Hispanic individuals ever having been most-wanted.

      When you describe faculty as identifying with classism and American power, are you considering their typical left-leaning and promotion of multiculturalism? When I hear quotes these days that are blatantly anti-white, they tend to be academics.

    3. As per usual, a few nuggets of truth adorned with factitiousness. Mark, white people are far more killed by cops out of proportion with their percentage of the population. Studies have been done on this and it’s significant.


    In North Carolina back room discussions are underway to dramatically change retirement for teachers and state employees. It would end health benefits after retirement. It would bring in a contribution plan as opposed to a well defined retirement program.

    PNAC and hunting down those terrorists costs money.

    First seen at welcome to Pottersville.

    If you think the Republican takeover of the North Carolina General Assembly was without some Koch-sponsored, long-term, state-deadening goals, then you’re in line for some pretty big surprises before these boys leave town. (And I do mean boys, although the few girls jumping into the pile with them have no girlish apologies to make. It’s medieval in there.)

  13. Dramatic changes coming to North Carolina teacher and state worker retirement.

    No health benefits after retirement and no well defined plan. It will be out of pocket. Once you retire you are no longer needed.

    The Missing Buzz over the State Retirement System Changes

    Missing from the news stories was any mention of a provision that was part of the budget the Senate passed that would end retiree health benefits for teachers and state employees hired after Jan. 1, 2016.

    That would also be a dramatic change and was never debated in a committee or on the Senate floor. It was only discovered after the Senate had approved its spending plan.

  14. They tried to abolish tenure and tenure track at my place of employ – which is, however, a graduate school and much smaller in terms of faculty and students. What we did was write a short letter indicating that we were not willing to give up tenure/tenure track under any circumstances, and all of us on the faculty signed it. They dropped their efforts (although we now have a ridiculous grievance system, devised and run by the head of the administration, so good luck taking a case to the grievance committee against the administration). You might try to get a large percent of the faculty to sign such a letter – and see if this has the desired effect.

    Good luck, Dr. Tracy. Meanwhile, though, the cards don’t look good for the US university system – and the situation is particularly dire for any faculty members who deviate from the mainstream narratives.

  15. I don’t think that the oligarchy will have much problem at all in controlling the universities in Terror America. Nazi Germany didn’t. They fired a small bunch of famous academics, notably Einstein, Born, etc, which the academy didn’t object to. Indeed, a third of the teachers became Nazis, many wearing their Nazi uniforms to class. The universities, like the legal system and the churches, already identified with political authority whatever they Proclaimed and Pretended, and Nazis and Nazi collaborators, like Heidigger or Jung, were easily taken back into the cultural embrace of the Western academy. Communism, you know, just as Terrorism will be the Enemy in installing American fascism.

    The process has already begun. The head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was made president of the huge and prestigious California university system, where my daughter went to school, and her education was dreadful, although she did well and didn’t realize it. The most politicized university was depoliticized, and here public education cost us a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The tuition was raised every year and there was little public complaint.

    The student body was overwhelmingly White. The academics and provosts that I talked to–there is no other word for it–were dumb. The cops did not club the students, there was no need for the small and insipid protests, and almost no faculty joined them. There was no intellectual ferment at all, merely technical specialization.

    I spent a long weekend a few weeks ago visiting old academic friends, and they were all liberal and Progressive, and all were involved in producing a famous series of Progressive books. They all identified with American imperialism and American militarism. They simply didn’t want to know what was happening to America. They are the ramparts against Freedom fascism in Terror America, and there aren’t any.

    They are the Left in America. The Right are people like Bostonmick, a police careerist who now specializes in anti-Semitism, claiming figures like Hitler, Eisenhower, and Goring were Jews. With no objection from the other commenters. In such an ideological atmosphere, the oligarchy and their minions can do anything they like.

    The have previous sponsored and subsidized Nazis under Project Paperclip and are currently sponsoring a Nazi-oligarch regime in Ukraine, with very little protest. If there is no protest against Nazis, and the Repub party is led by figures like Donald Trump, cleansing the academy is a piece of cake.

    And it will be done unless there is an effective eruption of organized protest.

    1. Folktruther, there is no right and no left for me. I don’t even bother voting anymore. I simply look at the facts. I don’t waste gas with Hegelian Didactics. And I don’t apologize to you are anyone else (especially you) for a career in the Border Patrol. I didn’t feel that half the planet should live in the United States and still do not. However much to my chagrin I realized there was no real effort to seal the border as corporate America wanted the low cost labor. It lowers the standard of living for everyone concerned. The American Corporation is supposed to be a country not a job fair.

      I think we have had the “anti-Semitism” discussion before. As I have stated I have the greatest respect for the Palestinians, people who are actually Semitic. The anti-Semitic canard is always money in the bank and allows one to capitalize on the world wide media campaign exploiting the eternal victim meme.

      Einstein is always a name to drop as it reinforces the intellect angle. Unfortunately he began as a Rothschild clerk in the Swiss patent office in 1902. He had nothing new, it was all in the Vedas 7000 years ago. Olin de Pretto published the equation EE=mcx2 in a scientific magazine, Atte in 1903. His Serbian wife handled the math and he divorced her later on when Grossman took over. He was not asked to work on the Manhattan project as he would not have had the slightest idea what they were talking about. Print the money and buy the media and just about anybody you want can be famous.

      As for Eisenhower being Jewish, they referred to him at West Point as “There terrible Swedish Jew.” Now that is a fact. Ike is on record as stating to his wife that he hated Germans with a passion. He must have because he subjected 3 to 6 million of them to genocide in an open air prison by starvation. A policy so barbaric that Patton protested vigorously against. It was a HOLOCAUST!

      Hitler’s own relatives, Bridgette Hitler and others in Ireland say Hitler was a Jew. She was married to one of Hitler’s relatives Alois. Is she lying? It doesn’t negate these allegations simply because you have never read it in Time Magazine or some trendy bookstore. She actually wrote a book about this called The Memoirs of Bridgette Hitler, It didn’t make the New York Times best seller list and is not discussed in the Huffington Post. In fact Rabbi Marvin Antelman is on record as stating Hitler was Jewish. Henry Makow says the same thing and he is Jewish. I don’t agree with quite a lot of his views, but his research meteoric compared to what I have seen you come up with. I think anyone who does the least amount of research into this area could not help but come to the same conclusion. But as you say, Americans do not really want to know.

      As you say they did bring many nazi scientist to America under operation paperclip. They are backing the Ukrainian regime. It includes Poroshenko, Yatsenuk, Tymoshenko and others who are Khazars and Jewish, a part of the millions of Khazars who converted to Judaism thousands of years ago and are not Semitic in the least. In fact the Hebrew religion was brought to Palestine and other areas by the Falani of India along with their six pointed star which is symbol of Tantrayana. They were Semitic, the millions of Khazars who inhabited the Black Sea area and migrated all over Europe and Japan were not Semitic. You know I could convert to Buddhism but that would not make me Chinese.

      And of course Donald Trump is popular with both the nazis and the zionists. According to his ex-wife Ivana he kept copies of Hitler’s speeches by his bed. Very ironic since his daughters has kept her Jewish religion through her mother. Trump’s paternal grand parents were German immigrants, Friedrich Dumpf.

      He spent much of his life in the heavily populated Jewish area of upper Manhattan. He has endorsed Netanyahu, is all for invading Iran. In 2015, Trump was awarded the ‘Liberty Award’ at the ‘Algemeiner Jewish 100 Gala’ in honor of his positive contributions to Israel–United States relations.

      Ex-convict Felix Sater has introduced himself as Trump’s advisor. He is said to have mafia and Russian criminal ties.

      Straight from Trump’s own mouth:

      “I have a Jewish daughter. Daughter Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism after marrying a Jew. I have been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me. We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” So it appears Folk that you do not know a lot about Donald Trump. You have nothing to worry about, it would seem you are all set. I will add there seems to be a lot of thing you don’t know much about.

      Trump is named in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. Epstein is a zionist who is doing time now for pedophilia. He procured a 17 year old girl for Prince Andrew also. Epstein owned an island where the elite fly in for pedophile parties. So it would seem that nazis and zionists if you will have a lot in common. Why is that?

      Lets take a wild stab, the same situation happened in nazi Germany where it is said that thousands of Jewish officers were part of the Reich. So are we watching the policies of Disraeli the first Jewish British prime minister who called for an alliance between European “royalty” and the khazar bankers of Europe to form a super race in opposition to the hoi poi?

      So as I said, I am not the least bit “anti-Semitic. Many years ago I worked for the state of Florida and one of my peers, a very good friend of mine was Syrian. The supervisor was a Russian Khazar who claimed to be Semitic. Her family was from Russia, she had red hair. She didn’t look the least bit Semitic and the Syrian did. Some of us actually know the difference.

      1. I owe you an apology, Dublin. I thought you were a police agent and you appear to be, on the contrary, a genuine intellectual loony. And I agree that countries at this stage of history do need borders, especially as, as you say, the oligarchy wants to import cheap labor to reduce the wages of the working class. If there are borders there need to be guards, and it’s a worthwhile job like any other. I am not fond of the police but customs is a fact of life, and I didn’t mean to disparage your job.

        How people like you get poisoned by these racist ideas deserves more study than it has gotten. The cultural history is simple enough. Jesus and his disciples were Jews if the biblical story is to be believed, and Christianity emerged from Judaism combined with Greek theology, where the gods were always fighting or mating with each other.

        When Constantine made Christianity the state religion, he wanted it unified to help unify the Roman Empire. Therefore he more or less laid down the rules at the Council of Nicea in +325. A readable. but long account is given by a religious ex-priest, and Boston Globe columnist, John Carroll, in CONSTANTINE’S SWORD. Anti-Semitism, along with anti-paganism and antii other ideologies was institutionalized at that time, although the racial hatreds of people of course preceded it.

        Hitler was apparently a genuine anti-Semite, like you, Vienna being culturally influenced by Jewish intellectuals, as New York is today. However the holocaust was conducted more against Slavs than Jews, most of the European civilians killed being slaves. five million of the 25 million killed, astonishingly, were Poles, Jewish and non-Jewish. The killed included my grandparents in the former Austria-Hungarian Empire.

        Your anti-Semitism is most dangerous now to non-White Americans, since it is part of the ideological glue that binds together a White power consciousness, displayed by Sue. Over half of American Jews now marry non-Jews and the number is increasing, the usual case when peoples live in the same homeland. You appear to be a poisonous relic from the past, which, judging from other commenters comments, still appears to influence the weaker intellectuals. I imagine, therefore it will flare up again as the oligarchy imposes Freedom fascism on the American people.

        1. So we can add furthermore that those who might disagree with you are not only anti-Semitic but intellectual loonies also. From what I have seen of you, I lose more intellect while shaving in the morning than you possess.

          You add nothing to a discussion other than petty propaganda. Your comments are shallow and barely worthy of comment. But you are entertaining.

        2. Well since the science of the Vedas is now considered paganism, I should call my self a victim of anti-paganism. Perhaps the good swami here can enlighten you more on Constantine.

          Jesus was a Palestinian and sprang from the Essene community, a group of semites far removed from the orthodox Hebrew practioners of the day, who for the most part later converted to Islam and became Muslims. This is about the time the Turks converted to the Hebrew religion and were called Edomites. You know the ones the bible anyway claims Jesus called those who call themselves Jews but are not Jews. Only problem here the word Jew was invented about 200 years ago.

          Speaking from the Hindu standpoint, the religion that the churches uphold and preach today, that has been built around the personality of Jesus the Christ, and which is popularly known as Christianity, should be called ‘Churchianity’, in contradistinction to that pure religion of the heart that was taught by Jesus the Christ and practised by his disciples. The religion of Christ or true Christianity had no dogma, no creed, no system, and no theology. It was a religion of the heart, a religion without any ceremonial, without ritual, without priest-craft. It was not based upon any book, but upon the feelings of the heart, upon direct communion of the individual soul with the heavenly Father. On the contrary, the religion of the church is based upon a book, believes in dogmas, professes a creed, has an organized system for preaching it, is backed up by theologies, performs rituals, practises ceremonials, and obeys the commands of a host of priests.

          The popular history of churchianity begins from 325 years after Christ, the 20th year of the reign of Constantine the Great, when the famous Council was convened at the City of Nocea. Those who have read the life of this august Roman Emperor will remember how remarkable was the character of this so called pious supporter of the church dogmas. He put to death his own son and his wife Fausta on groundless suspicion, cut off his brother-in-law Licinius and the unoffending son of Licinius and massacred everyone of his rivals. Nevertheless the Greek Church has canonized him, and adores the memory of St. Constantine.

          It was Constantine the Great who issued a decree in 321 A.D., for the general observance of Sunday, instead of the Jewish Sabbath. He hated the Jews and everything connected with the Jews, and said: “This day shall be regarded as a special occasion of prayer, because it is the Sun’s day, the day of our Lord”. Since that time, the church has accepted that decree, ignoring the fact that this was the day for the worship of the sun among the pagans.

          It was Constantine the great who decided what should be the creed of the church and commanded the assembled bishops to receive the decrees of the Council of Nicea as the dictates of the Holy Spirit. Since that time the church has given authenticity to that creed, which is repeated almost every Sunday in all the orthodox churches in Christendom.

          The horrifying accounts of fraud, political wire pulling, theological jugglery, ecclesiastical scandal-mongering, passions breaking forth into curses and anathemas, bloody massacres and inhuman assassinations in the ecumenical councils, show that these were the principal instruments in the building up of the creed of Churchianity. Readers of ecclesiastical history will remember that in one of the disputes following the great Council of Nicea, maidens were insulted and scourged, the holy temple was profaned, books were thrown into flames, and the church and baptistery were burned and monks were trodden under foot. Such were the deeds of the pious bishops and founders of Churchianity.

          In the Council of Ephesus, which was held in 431 A.D., monks and bishops screamed: “Whoso speaks of two natures is a Nestorius, and let him be cut asunder”. A bishop was kicked to death by another bishop in course of their arguments, and 137 corpses were left in a church to attest the convincing reasons by which the most ruffian side proved its orthodoxy.

          Such were the assemblies of saints who formed the pillars of the structure of Churchianity. We can easily imagine the nature of the guiding spirit of those councils, which established the creed of the church. From the beginning of the history of churches, down to the present day, freedom of thought and freedom of speech, that are the most essential characteristics of true religion, have been suppressed; and fanaticism, bigotry, curses, anathema, religious persecution, tortures of inquisition and diabolical crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Hatred, cruelty and fighting have reigned in the place of love, mercy, kindness, peace and goodwill. The creed of the church would have vanished from the world if swords were not drawn and innocent blood was not shed in the name of religion. The deeds of Churchianity are written indelibly upon the pages of the religious history of the world. Shall we wonder, then, if the humane, kind, gentle, peace-loving hearts of the Hindus, that are ever ready to send forth blessings, good-will, benediction and a current of love toward humanity, nay, toward all living creatures, reject Churchianity? Shall we wonder that the Hindus, who recognize Divinity in the souls of all, should refuse to accept a system that was founded upon the barren soil of dogmas, fertilized with the vital forces squeezed out of the hearts of innocent humanity; and nourished by the blood of martyrs?

        3. No apology necessary, I always find it intellectually fascinating and almost a case study to watch an operative hammer chutpah from Jewish day school into the goyim. It is like magic watching them work. Please do continue to work’em, I might be exposed to a twist I have never heard before.

      2. For any lurkers the Khazar theory on european jews is widely debated. My personal opinion is that it’s bunk or mostly bunk (maybe not 100%). I think DNA has proven that the european jews are half native european and half semitic as a whole. This would account for the red hair seen in some of them.

        1. No Sue is proven that for instance some 6% to 8% Khazar DNA. That would be the Y-DNA haplogroup. By the same token some 6% of Khazars in Europe have Cro-Magon genes. Khazars spring from an early man known as the Neanderthal man.

          In the second part of this book, “The Heritage,” Mr. Koestler speculates about the ultimate faith of the Khazars and their impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry. He produces a large body of meticulously detailed research in support of a theory that sounds all the more convincing for the restraint with which it is advanced. Yet should this theory be confirmed, the term “anti-Semitism” would become void of meaning, since, as Mr. Koestler writes, it is based “on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

          I would recommend Arthur Koester’s the 13th tribe. He is Jewish himself and explains this very well. You can freely down load the book here.

          It is mentioned in wiki

          “In the book, Koestler advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people originating in and populating an empire north of and between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Koestler’s hypothesis is that the Khazars – who converted to Judaism in the 8th century – migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing. At the end of the book’s last chapter, Koestler summarizes its content and his intentions as follows: “In Part One of this book I have attempted to trace the history of the Khazar Empire based on the scant existing sources. In Part Two, Chapters V-VII, I have compiled the historical evidence which indicates that the bulk of Eastern Jewry — and hence of world Jewry — is of Khazar-Turkish, rather than Semitic, origin. In the last chapter I have tried to show that the evidence from anthropology concurs with history in refuting the popular belief in a Jewish race descended from the biblical tribe.”

          So there very little debate or room for doubt on this for anyone who cares delve into it.

          And I have delved into it.

          40% of Japan is also of Khazar origin and practices Shinto Buddhism. They have an ark of the covenant, a sacrifice pole and a temple of solomon or holy of holies. That is what the ancient Samarai wars were all about, the mainline buddhists lost. The royal family of japan has the star of David on the mansion. That is why they are always allied with regimes such as nazi Germany, Hilter was `jewish also.

          That is why Japanese troops appeared at bases in Iraq.

          This information is carefully hidden by the six corporations which own the media.

          Lets hear it straight from a Japanese citizen who indicates he is a Christian.

        2. as good a theory as any. The European Jews are biologically different from the Sfardic Jews in that they are subject to different inherited diseases. But a geo-race is as much culture as biology.

        3. I retract the characterization to the Khazar theory of Dublin and Koestler as loony, and substitute ‘speculative,’ especially with respect to Hungary, where my ancestors lived, largely as rabbis. It’s an interesting theory that I have never considered before. But Dublin conceives a people as largely formed by the genetic ancestry, while I consider a people as largely formed by their culture.

          That I may be descended from Khazar ancestry will tickle my wife who always said that I was peculiar. Khazar in Jewish argot means ‘piggish’ or ‘boorish,’ which supports Dublin’s theory, given the usual hatred among races. If Dublin is right, than that means that I am non-White, possibly inheriting an aversion to White bigotry against non-Whites.

    2. You should watch the entire film The Mortal Storm with James Stewart. A great film that will teach you what academic freedom means. A beloved Jewish is fired by the Nazis and there’s a book burning. A comment from youtube here and a bullying scene in a bar follows. Stewart gets in a fight defending the Jewish patron.
      “The themes and events portrayed in The Mortal Storm were, a bold revelation of the brutality of the Nazi regime that so infuriated propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that he banned all MGM movies in Germany.”

  16. Getting rid of tenure may have very serious and adverse consequences for FAU and the Florida State university system as a whole, which the administrators may not have contemplated.

    The system will not be able to attract and retain the same level of professors, since anyone with a choice will prefer to try to go elsewhere where they will have more security if and when they get tenure. The Florida State system will be essentially be like a glorified community college system, but one that grants 4-year degrees. Morale among the senior professors will probably go down, since the environment becomes political. Everyone will have to watch what they say, look out for snitches, avoid any topic even remotely controversial, in writing or in speaking, and stick only to subjects within their department subjects. Senior profs will not try to work harder, as the administrators may expect (i.e. publish/work more), but rather suppress any achievement that makes them look bad by comparison. Why would you help a colleague on his manuscript or research when it’s every man for himself? And since everyone is subject to firing, which may occur for economic reasons guised as “performance” reasons, each department will potentially be in competition and conflict with the others for limited resources. Academics from other states will not want to have anything to do with FS profs, since they will want to punish Florida introducing a dangerous system that might spread to their state. Profs will try to get better reviews from students by reducing workload and inflating grades, which will result in worse graduates.

    According to Wikipedia, FAU is ranked #541 among American universities, which is probably in the lower tier. After getting rid of tenure, and suffering the consequences outlined above, FAU will likely sink to to the very bottom, next to places like Appalachian State. And as the reputation of the Florida State system, which will no doubt introduce “no tenure” through its other branches — the quality of its faculty and graduates — sinks, so will likely also donations from individuals and research grants. Have the FAU and Florida State administration thought about this?

    Sure, FAU and the Florida State system will survive. Florida has a large population and there will always be enough warm bodies to fill the seats in their public universities. And there is a glut of aspiring academics, so you can always find someone to fill a teaching position. But is it worth it, to become the pariah and laughing stock and object of derision and scorn of the American public university system, all in order to save a few dollars and punish a few “difficult”, recalcitrant individuals?

      1. If you could penetrate the skull of Obama, you’d probably realize that loss of tenure is something a Marxist would LUVV! He loves the thought of a country full of people who have to be careful about what they say and can envision a world of Gestapo tricks to throttle whitey and the rest of the citizenry. If you voted for Obama, go to the corner, put on your dunce cap and whip yourself violently.

        1. It would not surprise me one iota to believe that Obama would gladly pay stoolpigeons in our university system to agitate for the end of tenure. How about, “if you don’t agitate to get rid of tenure, say goodbye to any thoughts of getting a government grant for your university. Come, now, let’s work together to make this a worker’s paradise”.

  17. As usual, the commenters have come up with some really interesting content that’s as compelling if not more so than the original article. Thank you all. This is what makes MHB so worthwile to me. Somebody mentioned Appalachian State as a bottom tier college. I had a roommate that went there and he picked it only because of the high female to male ratio of the student body. People pick colleges for silly reasons and I was one of them. I picked University of Colorado Boulder because it was such a pretty place and because I didn’t want to go to University of Maryland where I’m from because everybody I knew was going there. Looking back… transferring to University of Colorado to finish my engineering degree was a big mistake. I remember a lecture for a continuum mechanics that had to be 250 people or more. what kind of instruction are you going to get with 249 others? You dont get it… and I really needed it. I had to hire a private tutor and it broke me. I struggled mightily to finish that class. I pulled off a miracle A on the last test. I knocked myself out for the final and barely got a C. Looked like I eaked out a B for the final grade … I was so proud. But no dice. When grades were posted I thought there was a mistake. I got a D. I was going to have to repeat the course and it was only offered once a year. my curriculum was going off the rails at that point. That D was a coffin nail to a scholarship i needed to finish. I protested to the Dean of Students to the Dean of the engineering school not a thing was done about it. the stink I raised over this professor…. I had no idea that he would literally teach every course left in my major. My career there was finished and I knew it. I suppose that if I really wanted to be an engineer I would have gone somewhere else and found a way to finish but I was too proud to go back home and admit defeat. when I look back and think there’s 250 people in continuum mechanics 373 class …. I thought about how the university does things; they only offer the course once a year and they cram 250 people in they don’t care about the quality of instruction… they just know it’s a saves 50% compared to offering it every semester. what could people learn from my experience? go to a small college where you can get some decent instruction; especially when you really need it. I wouldn’t try for one of the top schools in any field because when you get there you will be such a small fry in a big ocean that you will feel insignificant. and the brilliance of the people around you will make you feel like a zero. I read an article about this many years after my failures. about how the best and brightest feel the need to go to the best school there is, top rated and all that; then when they get there they feel like just a drop in the ocean like I did. tons of bright people never finish because of this phenomenon. One other piece of advice I could give any prospective college student… don’t pick a major based on what society, friends or family view as a worthwhile profession. Back in 1979… serious people didn’t become artists and musicians, we became engineers, doctors and lawyers. When I think of how outclassed by my peers I was in engineering … never did I consider that I outclassed most of them with my ability and talent in art. I just never considered being an artist or musician. It took me a long time to realize how big a mistake it was to not follow my natural creative talents. I started playing music live about 5 years ago its just such a rush and the first time a fetching woman comes up to you and really digs what you do…that’s maybe all the satisfaction you need on any given day. seeing as how much I enjoy it I think of the decades that have gone by that I could have been developing my real talents being an entertainer. I just read Willie Nelson’s autobiography and it was just an amazing read. it made me wonder … I should hit the road again and just see what I find.

    1. Ha, Derek! I got a chuckle out of the first part of your post. I chose my college (a low-ranking Cal State school) because I could get parking. Worked out fine for me: I had no big career aspirations, as I knew if/when I had kids, my job would be taking care of them and the house.

      I’ve worked steadily since I was 15, except for the first five years of my son’s life. Once he started Kindergarten, I worked part time while he was in school, or around my husband’s schedule (he teaches at a community college). Not a single one of my jobs has required a college degree (which I have).

      My son’s passion is gemology and precious metals. I suspect he will figure out a way to make a living doing that…and it won’t require a traditional college education (though he’d have one if he wanted it). We’ll see!

  18. Not sure where to put this, seems to fit here as academia is being prepped to be purged of dissidents:

    Psikhushka was the slang word for psychiatric hospitals Soviet dissidents were sent to for ‘treatment.’

    As of yesterday, Tim Murphy’s House bill has 125 cosponsors and Scott Murphy’s Senate companion one has 7.

    For any newbies, ‘in need of treatment’ will be the new threshold for imprisonment and forced ‘treatment’ when the Murphy bills become law in total evisceration of due process.

    1. Sue, your concern with this issue is admirable. As the government, through Murphy’s Bill, now moves to “biologize the political,” in your phrase, academics are sure to become mental health targets in the future.

      We can look back on a history of enforced treatment for people out of step with “right” thinking, often dressed in progressive language. Our geography is studded with the abandoned wrecks of public health institutions.

      Are you aware of the story of Genevieve “Gennie” Pilarski? She was institutionalized for over 50 years, committed by her family because at age 25 she wanted to live away from home. She was the subject of an art project that brought her story to public attention.

      Another early account has Gennie questioned by a therapist if life was worth living. Replied Gennie Pilarski, “What I have of it is.” Gennie asserted she felt normal except for the stigma of insanity that comes with being a patient in an “insane asylum.”UNQUOTE

      1. Thank you for your support, Toni. I’d read this right around its posted date but at the time didn’t have the wherewithal to actually read about it. These stories are incredibly upsetting, although vital to convey to the public. I’ll read more about Gennie…I’m feeling a bit less stressed given that some out there are taking note of the looming threat, and with exigencies resolving somewhat. Just recently The Occidental Quarterly published its fall issue and the top article chronicles the campaign undertaken in the 50’s to repress challenges to the communists using the psych system. The ADL and some others were actually devising a psych gulag Siberia in Alaska!

        For awhile it’s seemed as if white men (who are the more putative targets in this crusade) were never going to apprehend this threat. The psych system’s been railroading women since the mid-90’s in this current wave…

        What horrors performed in the name of ‘medicine.’ There isn’t a psychiatrist out there who isn’t psycho. Medicine without science is con artistry and sadism combined.

        1. Hey, Sue
          Thanks for the note. I agree, and everything you said is so true.

          I’d love to read Bolton’s “The Use of Psychiatry against Dissidents in the West.” I don’t have a subscription to Occidental Quarterly though. I’m going to see what I can do about getting the article.

          Are you aware of Patrick Kennedy’s crusade to get at least one in every five people diagnosed with “brain disease?” That guy is scary. I wrote a post about it and put it in the “Doom Porn” thread. Seemed appropriate.

          The post is in moderation right now, but you’ll be able to see it soon at this link:

  19. Wisconsin has been reeling from the elimination of tenure in the entire UW system. The result has been an exodus of professors taking their grant money to other states. Our governor isn’t too bright. Economic development isn’t quite his forte; perhaps if he had finished college himself, he would better understand the downward path he took us on.

  20. Over president’s objections, SCF board ends tenure for faculty
    Board member Carlos Beruff, who introduced the idea last month, replied that change can be scary.

    Carlos Beruff, political “fixer” for Rick Scott and elite development interests:

    Manatee developer Carlos Beruff quits board after approving Pat Neal’s wetland building permit

    Developer, a Scott loyalist, at helm of hospital panel

    Carlos Beruff voted onto Sarasota-Manatee MPO as Moore, Spencer join airport authority
    MANATEE — A month after resigning from one public board and stating his desire to end some of his public responsibilities, homebuilder Carlos Beruff has won an appointment to the organization planning the next 25 years of transportation projects in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

    Why is Carlos “Bully” Beruff a member of the SWFWMD governing board?

    Who is Carlos Beruff?
    The negative attacks are an attempt for a developer to gain control of votes on our County Commission.
    The current appointed SRQ Airport Authority Board includes Medallion Homes developer Carlos Beruff. During his tenure as Chair of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFMD), Beruff advocated for fast-tracking developer permits to destroy wetlands. Beruff also wanted SWFMD to take over federal wetlands permitting as well, citing the need for SWFMD to act as a “service industry” . Beruff is currently suing Manatee County for denying policy changes he needed to develop Long Bart Point, at Cortez fishing village.

  21. […] On November 4, 2014, Palestinian support groups in a letter cautioned FAU president Dr. John Kelly over censoring views of the faculty and students concerning Israel. FAU have several Zionist Jew holding top positions, such as, deans Daniel Gropper, College of Business and David Bjorkman, College of Medicine. Yitshak Kreiss, former surgeon-general Israeli army joined FAU last month. Read more here. […]

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