Takes issue with posting of Urbina/Richman photo

Updated 9/17/15 2:05PM

A Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement claim was filed on September 16 against the owner of the “Sandy Hook Hoax” Facebook page concerning photographic images of Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman. Unsurprisingly, Facebook opted to take the fb-lockclaim at face value without investigation and remove the image, according to Tony Mead, SHH’s administrator.

Facebook does not disclose what party has filed copyright claims against its users. An appeals, or “counter notification” process leaves the door open to potential litigation by the claimant if ownership of the given image can be produced. Under Facebook’s policy the respondent has no other way of appeal other than and cannot determine who it could be facing in court.

As RT reported, earlier this week fair use advocates were encouraged when a US appellate court in San Francisco ruled that a jury should decide in a case brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against Universal Music Group on whether Universal adequately considered fair use prior to filing a DMCA complaint against a parent who posted a thirty second recording of their toddler dancing to Prince’s 1984 hit, “Let’s Go Crazy.”

On September 17 “Sandy Hook Hoax” Fb page owner Tony Mead filed a “counter notification” contesting the unknown party’s alleged ownership of the photos.

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19 thought on “Phantom Party Files Copyright Claim Against Sandy Hook Researcher”
  1. I don’t really do Facebook. I have an account with minimal information and I only use it when someone I know posts something I want to see, which is rarely.

    Nonetheless, what if a bunch of people at MHB, and other people we know that still believe in freedom of speech, posted on our own Facebook page the images/content that was taken down from Tony’s Facebook page? Would all of us get a take-down notice like Tony did?

    1. Probably, if the complainant (ahem, Lenny, ahem) flags them. Most of the YouTube “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” vids got taken down.

      I finally got a Facebook account after years of resistance. Like you, I have very little info available, and only my “friends” can see what I post. I don’t post much of anything personal (no family photos, just a picture of my dog once in a while). I do share info I want people to know about, mostly jabs at schooling and the perils of government.

      I’d be game, though.

    2. Facebook would probably remove them. That’s what Facebook does. They censor, then give a cute “We Took Down Something You Posted” message.

      We need a strategy that ADDS TO the website/Facebook/web-radio strategy.

      Perhaps hosting websites overseas (Russia) on foreign web hosts, so they’re tougher to sabotage?

      1. Recynd and Wayne,

        I am glad to see that Tony is contesting this. Poor Lenny, the petulant little child isn’t used to being told no. So if it is Lenny that is complaining to FB, is he in effect saying he has a copyright on the photos of this girl? Not that FB would care whether he does or not, I’m sure they will side with the big cry baby regardless. My my…it seems like just yesterday when the accused actually had the right to know who their accuser was. 🙁

    1. Why didn’t he think of this before?..Haha

      The tax payer is going to fund this little program.

      “we will teach you how to pass the test” Kinda like taking the Realtors examine or Contractors license?

      “But you MUST vote Demonrat if we Flip the bill” “and game the system”

      Said a person fully possessed by Lucifer and frothing from the mouth, but was not authorized to talk on the record.

      I laugh

  2. Hey, Check this out…

    When Mr. Tracy starts the new “Free Form Friday” thread, I’m going to Deconstruct Mark, aka Folktruther, aka Folkdeceiver( Pat.haha) and my new name….UrbanDevil as he did me.

    It will be epic.

    For those who don’t what this insane creature spewed at me here it is:

    folktruther says:
    September 13, 2015 at 11:04 AM

    you’re not naïve Ric, Trump is your kind of man. He is supported by that cultural lower middle class group that not only can’t think reasonably and abstractly, but don’t want to. People who find reason and cultural truth an affront: “I’m a cretin and I’m proud.” You are the kind of political phenomenon discussed by Frank in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?

    Your political values have been perverted by 1. religion 2. Patriotism 3. anti-government 4. geo-racism So a racist clown like Trump can lead the pack of Repubs before a serious candidate is nominated. He represents you Ric, the evil leading the stupid, and I wonder how many of you there are in the American electorate.

    You will form the populist backbone of the Freedom fascism that is being imposed on the American people, led by the media, which is oriented by the Washington Intelligence and other agencies, which supports the Money oligarchy that manipulates you. A very dangerous condition in a world where there is an increasing spread of nuclear weapons.

    My response:

    Ric says:
    September 14, 2015 at 10:17 AM


    Folk, you have to be joking or just insane.

    I am nothing of what you say.

    But I guess I would eventually get your wrath here sooner or later.

    Everyone else here has..

    I rest my case

  3. It turns out that the “Phantom Party” is Thomas J Bittman, co-founder of the Sandy Hook Promise !!
    Facebook states “the content in
    question is outside the scope of the counter-notification provisions under the
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), 17 U.S.C. § 512(g).”

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