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45 thought on “Toward a Class Action Lawsuit Against Sandy Hook “Charities””
  1. Wonderful article! I have not contributed to any of these bogus and fraudulent charities, but I would like for my name to be (somehow) added to some of these class action lawsuits.

    I’m an American citizen who has been negatively affected by the proliferation of mass propaganda and the fallout of the dumbing-down of this American society and culture. I have been forced to interact with emotionally damaged family, friends and fellow citizens who have been irreparably affected by all these false reality (deception) events. My human communications (and theirs) have thus been impaired and molested as they (those deceived), have lived under the guise of (contrived) false realities and contorted past history (aka “historical revisionism”).

    I long desire some substantial relief, in form of indictments, trials, prosecutions, convictions, sentencing and severe punishments of those responsible — planners, perpetrators and crisis actors involved in this “Sandy Hook shooting” contrived (false reality) event.

    And, if there is any monetary compensation for “pain and suffering,” I would entertain on my part, that what would be awarded me, would go to a legitimate and honest charity of my choosing.

  2. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

    Compelling evidence that one of the Sandy Hook child victims, Avielle Richman, is a fictitious person and not the daughter of gun-control advocates Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel. The girl is alive, the daughter of Curtis and Michelle Urbina, who have previous ties to gun control activist Monte Frank, the attorney representing the defendants in Wolfgang Halbig’s FOI hearings.

    At the end of this post from Memory Hole blog is contact information for anyone who has donated to the phony Avielle Richman Foundation, to join a class action lawsuit.

  3. If you say obviously dumb things, you only hurt the cause. For instance, the comparison between “L-R: Lenie Urbina, Avielle Richman, Avielle Richman, Lenie Urbina”. Look at the hairline and shape of the foreheads of the kids. They are NOT the same! (yes, I believe that Sandy Hook was a FRAUD for gun control and thus I don’t appreciate folks who only hinder the effort to prove that by making dumb accusations)

  4. It is very difficult and time consuming to begin a 501(c)3. It is a multi-step process with each of several steps requiring state or federal approval.

    Perhaps this may be helpful to someone? I am only throwing it out there as I have experience in the step by step process of getting charities 501c3 status. More information available upon reply if you think it might be worth pursuing – Maybe a puzzle piece? Not sure where it fits.

    For example, a 501c3 organization would have to be registered on the state’s website and that should have a date. Further, even the “Trade name” would have to be registered on a federal website… there would be dates to check. It would be VERY tough to explain a date of 12/14/12 or earlier… even a 12/14/14 (Friday) date would be tough to believe as I can’t imagine starting a charity that soon after the death of my child.

    1. The founders of Avielle used the services of The Corporation Trust Company (CT Corporation) – I’m sure, since that entity is listed as the registered agent in DE. This particular entity (CT) has been around forever and have formed something like 6000+ entities over the years. I’m sure they have the process fairly boilerplated so it goes through very quickly.

      Could’ve been a search engine find or the formers of the nonprofit knew money was coming to them and they wanted this thing set up as quickly as possible. Not something I would think of while being out of my mind with grief, to be sure.

  5. I haven’t had a chance to get through the entire article yet but I wanted to verify the Non-Profit start date first. Because anyone with a critical eye towards your findings is going to verify the facts given first.

    One error is the suggestion that the foundation was started in 2012.We can’t go by Facebook, of course. They decided to use the “event” date.

    Actually, an entity named “THE AVIELLE FOUNDATION, INC.” was formed in the State of Delaware on January 24. 2013.

    Here is the link (State of DE Div. of Corps.):

    The IRS tax form for the foundation confirms the 2013 date, not the 2012 date that is suggested here.

    The authors may wish to correct this.

    I hope this is helpful. Kind regards –

    1. OK, so the date of formation of this 501c3 is 1/24/13, correct?

      When, then, was application made to the proper jurisdictions for said 501c3? Was it around the date of the, sob!sob!, event of Sandy Hook?

      Can we, thus, find the actual application forms for formation of this blessed and beatific/beatitudinous search for justice aka grabbin’ da money?

      1. Hi Gil – anyone can order the forms (for a fee) from the Delaware Corp. Division. That way you can see the application date, etc. (that data isn’t publicly displayed).

        I hear ya — a foundation startup would be the last thing on my mind had my child been killed.

  6. “It’s really frustrating because there is no campus-wide updating from a central command center. Everything we’re getting is just rumors,” Hays said in a phone call from his office in Keithley Hall, across the street from the shooting site.

    The above paragraph is from ABC News online article about today’s shooting of a Mississippi college professor. And supposedly the suspect is this at large… The Shooting Hoax-a-thon continues on strong.
    Please heed the advice of your local news reporter,police department and crisis actor and turn in your registered firearms. Your compliance is appreciated .

    1. I’m not surprised DoubleSpeak Ted…the powers that be seems to be practicing a lot of “shelter in place” and “lock down” events for the public…getting us used to control / compliance and perhaps martial law. Also, with supposed limited information – the sheeple might practically beg for more video surveillance.


    I did quite a bit of Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman research and was the researcher who discovered the Ken Harris pics on Google Plus. Follow link above to see some of the research I also still have many Lenie Urbina/Avielle Richman pics stored safely.

    Feel free to use ANY of my research anytime any place. A grand jury is needed to have them indicted on treason/fraud charges and this particular research/evidence potentially could bring down the whole of cards regarding the Staged Sandy Hook event.

    1. Lurking behind these putative wishful thinking lawsuits is the Obama factor, just waiting to pardon anybody who encounters tough going. DOJ refuses to examine and prosecute Huma Abedin, why not do the same for Monte Frank? Pardons are ready to be used if/when necessary. The brass cojones shown by many of these participants, even the “commissioners” in Halbig’s FOIA appearances, show us that protections are in order and a very large umbrella of said protections were part of the undergirding that was liberally buttered on these intrigues by very high ranking people. If you think you’ll prosecute, say, Gene Rosen, guess again. Ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Answer: None.

      Freddy Gray $6.4 million. Charleston 9, $29 million to spit.

      SHE Crackers $287,000 each

      Let me guess, “your a Racist”. Just the facts, just the fax’s

  8. I’d like to make sure this “Class Action Lawsuit” isn’t CIA suing itself (again). Remember the (fake) Boston Marathon trial, where Judy Clarke (PSYOP lawyer) declared her own client (Tsarnaev) “guilty” in open court? We need 99 lawsuits from 99 different law firms. Otherwise, CIA can herd everyone into ONE (possibly bogus) lawsuit, and sabotage the case…. making the good guys lose, so the Plaintiffs can’t sue again.

    1. I just flipped over from the evening version of the Hartford Courant and noticed that one of the “aggrieved” parents is suing the Newtown Board of Education for negligence in failing to adequately protect a child who, sob!sob!, was killed during the event known as Sandy Hook.
      Advise me if I’m wrong, but is this not a sterling example of the false flag that keeps on giving? Move, countermove. Ultimately, the Connecticut court system will have to resolve some of these issues and then we’ll see exactly how trustworthy they really are. We are fighting a continuously reactive adversary and only things like a bogus FOIA system keeps us from applying the pressure to the rightful and deserving owners. We are up against a living, breathing, and dynamic enemy.
      As I’ve stated prior, how many articles by significant analyst readers end up as court prosecutions? How many banksters have been prosecuted for crimes against people? This is precisely what we are up against.

      1. Gil,
        As I said here somewhere, the SHES crowd are broke. Someone here posted that.(sorry don’t remember who, but thanks).

        The SHES crowd are seeing Freddy Grey get $6.4 million, the Charleston 9 (I call them) split $29 Millions Dollars!!! Serious Bank.

        The SHES crowd started it ALL, and only got $287K and they want some more cash.

        So, follow me here. The left are fine when they are “winning” against us and stealing us blind.. You know, Social Justice and all.

        But if they think for “they” got ripped off all Hell breaks loose between them.

        Divide and Conquer strategy they use on us everyday is now backfiring against themselves.


    1. You my friend are a goof shill to equate this definitive research to Dallas Gold Bug … Lenie Urbina was loaned to be Avielle Richman and that is proven beyond a shadow of doubt. As matter of fact there is more evidence to be released which WILL affirm that Sandy Hook was a staged drill/hoax.

      1. I said “When I first opened this thread I thought Dallas Goldbug took over the joint! That’s what it looked like.”

        I had NOT read the article yet.

        I agree she was loaned out and a couple of others too.

        “goof shill” Really?

        1. Indeed! He is………MODERATION MAN! He’s very good, really, but I have heard that he passes gas indiscriminately and blames the cat.

  9. Who wants to play a drinking game to all the logical fallaciesvin this tripe? This is truly humiliating to have up on mhb. James please read this embarrassing article. It is not on the level in any regard.

    I’m speechless. Ugh

  10. In today’s Danbury News-Times. No comment.


    By Rob Ryser Published 5:28 pm, Monday, September 14, 2015

    NEWTOWN – Town leaders have agreed to spend what little remains of $1 million in donations that poured into Town Hall from well-wishers touched by the Sandy Hook school shooting in December 2012.

    The remaining $17,500 will be awarded to a parent group that supports the high school marching band, subject to approval by the town Board of Finance.

    “It is a small amount of money, and it is a meritorious request,” First Selectman Pat Llodra said on Monday. “Part of our consideration was we are more than 2 1/2 years out now from the tragedy, and we really ought to spend this money down.”

    Deciding how to spend the last of the donated money under town control was not as straightforward as it might seem.

    The process became complicated when members of the Newtown High School Band and Guard Parent Board came to Town Hall to ask if Newtown could maintain and insure a $25,000 box truck the group wanted to buy for the band’s weekly road trips.

  11. Who are these mindless commenters that ignore obvious bs and circle back with a sort of reaffirmation of the poorly constructed analysis? Are they all just the original author’s aliases? Or are they crisis commenters? Treasonous crisis commenters! AND their eyebrows….could they be conspiring to grow in similar shapes??? How the sheep allow such egregious eyebrow conspiring bears testament to the state this country and its populace. Get the word out! Like this on twitter friend it on Facebook, emoji it on Instagram and be sure to check back several times per day preferably from different IP addresses for more info. And be sure to donate and click our sponsors who keep this truth steamrolling through your home! Click here to see how to tell your friends all about why their sky may soon fall too!

  12. A class action suit is unlikely to succeed here. First, the action is unlikely to satisfy the “numerosity” requirement, which usually means having at least a 100 plaintiffs. Sure, there were probably hundreds of persons and businesses who contributed, but I doubt more than a handful would join in, since most were no doubt companies and foundations that don’t want to rock the boat. Second, the purpose of the charity is not really fraudulent, at least not on its face. The charity has claimed that its purpose is “to prevent violence through brain health research and fostering community”. So as long as it does so, more or less, there is no fraud involved, except maybe some “fraud in the inducement” due to the Avielle name, and that would be difficult to prove. The charity was not set up to benefit directly the family of Avielle Richman, and it probably doesn’t. Third, courts give a lot of leeway towards charitable organizations. Generally, a donor is not allowed to question how the money is spent once he has given it. And charities are allowed to spend a lot, up to, say, 80-90%, on overhead and expenses.

    I suspect that the charity was mainly set up as a slush fund to benefit the Congregation Adath Israel (a synagogue in Newport), and its its members/leaders, including Monte Frank and the Richmans. They can spend most of the money of the charity, say 80%, on high salaries for the officers and employees of the charity, and spend a small amount, say 20%, on the purported charity purposes, by making grants to brain researchers and so on, or even on expenses for Monte Frank’s ridiculous bike rides to “raise awareness.”

    Sometimes, as a litigator, you have to realize that you have been beaten, even though you have the truth on your side. This is one of those times. The Sandy Hook Hoax was planned by Homeland Security and the NSA. They had many years to ponder all the eventualities of a terror event (after 9/11) and they realized that if there there were no real victims, only simulated victims — “simvictims”, then there could be no real lawsuits, which is the only way way the fake terror event could be uncovered. In my opinion, the only way for the truth about Sandy Hook could have been discovered in lawsuits, was for someone to get a real, actual plaintiff in the Sandy Hook area, say, an aggrieved taxpayer, within a year of the event and file a complaint against the school board and maybe the coroner’s office. That period is over now. The one year period for waiver of sovereign immunity is very harsh and unforgiving.

    Now, at this very late point, I’m not sure that that there is anything that can be done through lawsuits. The Halbig Affair has shown that the FOIA Act is a useless piece of paper. I wish Halbig the best in in efforts, however.

  13. Crisis actor scott wilson films the Foia for Wolfgang.

    He could use our help just getting his name out there for safety from the authorities.
    The police came to his house in CT and took him to the psych hospital last week to stop him.
    In his video yesterday he outed Julia Wasserman Schultz who is the chairperson for the DNC.
    She must be related to the Julia wasserman who just died around Newtown .She was the ct representative who goes back to the Fairfield Hills property.

                  Lets help scott anyway we can,
  14. Here is a link between sandy hook and 9/11. A corrupt rabbi named Edgar Gluck, in 2000 he was up on corruption charges, in 2001 they were dropped. He was a first responded during 9/11 and loves to tell his story, which is a little more than questionable. He was also brought in to relieve the local rabbi during the open casket funeral of Noah Ponzer.

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