whatcottOn this episode James speaks with Minnesota-based author and homeopathic physician Dr. Cilla Whatcott on the contemporary wide scale acceptance of homeopathy throughout the world in countries including the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and Cuba.

The two also discuss the research and practice of homeoprophylaxis, a safe and natural alternative to conventional vaccination, the dominance of US healthcare by insurance companies and the pharmaceutical cartel, and how people can seize control of their health through alternative medicine.

Whatcott further discusses the forthcoming conference she is co-organizing that examines homeoprophylaxis, HP: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention, taking place in Dallas Texas October 2-4, 2015, featuring appearances by Drs. Andrew Wakefield and Isaac Golden.



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12 thought on “Global Movement for Health and Wellness”
  1. I always keep this one handy, let someone borrow the book once and never saw it again. This woman claims to have been given up for dead with stomach cancer and went on a grape cure, nothing but grapes for two months. The doctors in South Africa were amazed when the cancer was completely gone.

    I mad it for three weeks on one. I lost 60 pounds. Of course I played basketball in a sweat suit during the process. It is rough at first as all of the free radicals are breaking loose but you feel 100 percent better afterwards. This diet is really ancient however.


  2. There is also an old book you might be able to find called “Back To Eden” by a physician called Jethro Kloss from the 1800s. It lists herbs for a wide variety of illness.

    I always gave my daughters horehound herb for colds and flu. I don’t know how it does it but the flu always began breaking up in 24 hours. I put a little lemon and honey in it also as it taste terrible. I ran into that in the Kloss book.

    Of course in the old covered wagon days they took horehound candy with them. The herb was used in rock candy for colds.

  3. I’m sincere. I really want to know about this Iodine Gig.

    There’s some too strong, some useless.

    Smallstorm said it’s makes you want to get up and participate in life (at our age) and I want that. When you get older feeling good is everything.

    Recynd said it made her sick.

    I’ve heard you can break out and get sick before from too high doses..

    Tell me!

    Where is a good starting point?

    I really want to know. I know there is no cure all.

    1. I went to a Dr. Greenberg dental clinic about 2 years ago. They stuck me under a cone beam xray. It takes a shot of the entire head brain and all. I came to find out it is 10,000 more dangerous than a regular bitewing. Now the right side of my thyroid is swelled. When I went back a second time the nurse tried to get me under it again. I told her there is no way I am getting back under that. She said we can’t treat you then. I said fine but I want to talk to the dentist first, I have already been xrayed. She finally got the dentist and he agreed to fill the tooth without an xray. The nurses act like they are getting a stipend for everyone they put under it.

      These things are a killer and some dentist are putting everyone under them now days.

      I was looking to have a crown and this one dentist sent me to a named Trevisana. Well the cost to pull a tooth was $400 dollars. I said WTF the last one cost me 150 dollars. He said where was that Mississippi?

      He wanted to take xrays and I handed him a packet from the other doctor and said these are from last week, no need for xrays.

      Then he says you have a couple of white spots, it is best to take a biopsy. I said hey I don’t care what the biopsy says, I want be going under chemo, I would take grape seed extract or graviola for about 30 days which do once in awhile anyway. It is ten times more powerful than chemo and it doesn’t kill 97% of all who undergo that procedure like chemo does. I said what say we just pull the tooth and I get the hell out of here. He said o.k.

      These boys are amazing. I was talking to a friend of mine from out of state. He said they told him he had throat cancer and put him under chemo. Said he thinks Jesus saved him, he didn’t even know he had cancer until the doctor told him, he was feeling fine.

      I said he maybe you didn’t have cancer, maybe the doc needed some vacation money. You should have seen the look on his face.

      I have a friend out state who called me and said he was on chemo, they took out half of his pancreas. Said he didn’t even know it, felt fine before all of that. Yeah and he might have been just fine. Now he is dying.

      My 88 year uncle years ago went to the doctor and he said you need a blood transfusion, your blood is a little low. He got one and died 6 months later.

      My mother was in a nursing home, they said she needs a blood transfusion her blood is low. I said fine take it right out of my arm and put it hers, we are the same type. She said oh no, we have to send it off and use one from the red cross. I said well doesn’t sound like she needs one all that bad, we just forget this one.

      The later this doctor Rubenberg says your mother has a lump in breast, it is probably cancer, we need to cut off her breast. I said lots of older women get lumps it doesn’t mean a thing. He said do you know what a horrible death breast cancer is? I said well lets take a biopsy and see what it says. I never heard from him again and my mother lived 8 more years without a bit of pain.

      Another cousin had his gall bladder taken out. I told you should have checked with me. I do the Hulda Clark liver cleanse periodically. You should see the gallstones that are expelled, you were cut on for nothing fella.

    2. I’ve used nascent iodine for about five years now and consider it an essential part of my regimen. Consult your healthcare practitioner on building up daily dosage from a few drops to eight-to-ten or more over the course of a few weeks.

  4. A bit off-topic, but since the thought that spurred my request came to my mind while listening to this interview, here it shall be posed. I have a request for Dr. Tracy: Would you do an interview with a subject that you disagree with going in?

    As it stands, I’m never sure of Dr. Tracy’s stance on any given subject matter (comes with the territory, eh Teach?), and I like that. However, it might be enlightening to see the difference in questions, tone, interview style, etc. It could be helpful for me, personally, to hear an oppositional interview discussion done civilly (that’s a rarity anymore).

    Dr. Tracy is a lovely interviewer. He never sounds put out, distracted, or bored; his questions are relevant and probing; and he does a notable job keeping the discussion on track.

    Thanks, James, for all you do here, and for putting up with all our nonsense in the “forums”! ❤️

  5. Aw, here we go again with the Homeopathy, where the “medicine” is diluted to a concentration that it isn’t even there anymore, even far beyond Avogadro’s number. Can we get some balanced opinions of health here? I suggest you contact Dr. Jennifer Daniels by emailing her secretary at shalee@drjenniferdaniels.com and ask for an interview, at least you will be getting a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania educated medical doctor, who let go of all mainstream drugs and therapies, and transformed her 5,000 patient practice from 4 deaths per year to a big fat zero, by diet changes alone, and curing many illnesses along the way.

    Of you’re unsure, you can sample, or listen to all of her past radio shows at Truth Files | http://vitalitycapsules.com/truth-files and discover how the medical “profession” has been killing people in America to the tune of 860,000 people per year (according to their own statistics as of 2012) via properly prescribed and executed “medical” practices. They have since stopped publishing these figures.

    … and no, I do not work for her, and no, I do not work for the naturopathic medicine community.

  6. FWIW, I’ve actually found homeopathy amazingly helpful, though it sometimes takes time to find the right remedy. My family has used Mag Phos for leg cramps, Nux Vomica, for all sorts of digestive problems, Belladonna for tooth abscess, Rhus Tox for rashes and burning skin. My sister used a nutritional protocol to get better from CFS, and what finally got her back to normal was a multi-homeopathic remedy combo from The Relief Products Chronic Fatigue Therapy. I also used to listen to Dr. Carley on RBN (she was a trauma surgeon until they went after her for speaking out against vaccines) and she said that Symphytum Officianale healed her broken toe and that arnica is good for all kinds of trauma. I live in a state where homeopathy is not allowed, so there is nobody to go to. I just research remedies online (read lots of reviews on amazon and iherb) to see what people have successfully used certain homeopathic remedies for. After my father getting neuropathy from Lipotor, and my sister getting severely ill after Tamiful, my family and I have pretty much sworn off allopathic medicine.

    1. It is amazing how many articles that are Pro-Vaccine have been popping up today especially on left leaning publications.

      One thing they seem to have in common is No comments are allowed.

      This is a trend I warned about almost 2 years ago.

      They spew their crap but don’t want anyone to see the comments people read/hear what people to state.

      From the Daily Beast:

      “A Note to Our Readers
      As of today, we will be removing the commenting function off our site.

      Like many of our fellow publications, we have noticed that the conversation around our articles is increasingly happening on social networks, not in the commenting section. More and more of you are reaching out directly to our authors to engage in lively and considered back-and-forth on Twitter, Facebook and other channels. We are hoping this decision will encourage and amplify more of this conversation.

      Now, this doesn’t mean that commenting is gone forever: We are looking at multiple ways to bring you an upgraded commenting experience and would value your feedback at tech@thedailybeast.com.

      The Daily Beast Team”

      The Atlantic and NYT’s have done the same.

      “Quotation” marks for Toni where ever she went…..Ha

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