wdbj-reportYouTube video presents “real bullet shots and fake shots in Virginia WDBJ TV News Live Broadcast Shooting.”

The video below shows footage of shooting an actual handgun, complete with recoil/muzzle flip, spent casings exiting the weapon, and bullet impact versus the footage of the August 26 reported shooting of broadcast journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward which suggests the potential use of blanks or the equivalent during the event.


Such comparisons deserve the utmost scrutiny. Yet so too does the overall Western corporate news coverage (or exhibition?) of such tragic events. This is particularly the case in the wake of such sensationalized events as Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, Charleston, Chattanooga, and many others in between.

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153 thought on “Video Comparison: Visual Features of “Real” Shooting vs. Parker/Ward Shooting Footage”
    1. “If you are someone who has been recently awakened by these more recent and ridiculously botched hoaxes, be aware of two things: The truth is far worse than you could ever imagine, and there is a lot of misdirection out there. Even dependable and honest sources can unintentionally misdirect you. It’s easy to get caught up debating some detail that’s not really important and overlook the truth that’s in plain view. It is not such an easy task. On my pages, I try as best I can to focus on high-impact, low-hanging fruit and patterns.”


    2. “But also realize that there is a huge amount of severe cognitive dissonance out there, so be patient. Some are hopeless and severely brainwashed, others take time to be awakened or can only be partially awoken, while others are easy and just need the opportunity to be shown. Remember, it is not a requirement that you fully solve these crimes. Our mission is only to awaken others and ourselves that crimes against us are being committed. My philosophy is that everyone at least needs that opportunity to find the truth for themselves.”


      1. One approach I’ve tried, THX, is beginning with a background context that is ‘Non-Conspiratorial.’ For example, that the military conducts drills and uses crisis actors. And now, under the Terror War, the police are conducting drills and using crisis actors. People are willing to consider this as reasonable, which sets the stage for discussing the use of crisis actors on staged operations.

        I don’t know how successful this approach is, because it takes weeks and months for the truthee to digest. It works on me but, God knows, I’m not typical. I would guess that the best approach is to have an authority figure endorse the truth, but this is unlikely in the media in Terror America.

        1. My approach is to send them the link to Operations Northwoods and ask them to read it. (I also use this for trolls who say – “these posts are disgusting”).

          With something like this event I point out that one of the made up events our highest ranking military was suggesting is that they sink one of our ships and then put on a “mock-funeral”.
          I tell them since it was written in 1962, they have even better ideas and methods today. I also suggest that there is a big difference between Kennedy and the leaders today, in terms of ethics, and point them to his speech made a few weeks before his assassination about “secret” societies.

          It usually works for friends and trolls.

  1. Watching at this angle and speed, it looks like the shooter would have missed (to the left of target) on at least the first two shots. There is no sign whatsoever that a bullet struck the reporter who continues to run away at full speed.

    These script writers are Hollywood amateurs who have little to no real world experience, otherwise, they would have made the shooter take a tactical two-handed stance when firing for purposes of accuracy and recoil.

    But the powers that be learn from us after each of these phony incidents and use our critiques to improve on their next performance. The 90% who are asleep, they could care less about because they understand that these people question nothing they “see on the news.”

    Great coverage on this phony play, as usual, Prof. Tracy.

    1. Seems more likely she would have ran away since he missed the first two shots (as per the initial report of him shooting and missing).

      Firing a pistol is pretty easy. Hitting something, even at point blank range isn’t.

    2. For the record, I fully believe this is a false flag event.
      But you have to remember most people do not have training or any knowledge in whatever field you are referring to at the time.
      Just because the proper way to handle a gun is a “tactical two-handed stance” doesn’t mean the holder of the gun knows that. Especially if the sheep are claiming the shooter is unstable mentally.
      The less assumptions you make, the more your argument can hold water and we as truthers really need that, otherwise even the dumbest of people can make your argument look crazy as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

        1. Message for us? Who knows?

          I googled this Daniel and came up with Wanda Wulz. Wulz is a weird name, no?

          Well she is known as “catwoman”. An artist from the early 1900’s in a weird town in Italy known as “Treiste”. http://thebluelantern.blogspot.com/2011/11/wanda-wulz-and-trieste.html

          Then you get into weird you tube videos (fairly recent) posted on her like “Venus – Wanda Wulz” with music called “Its not me” with very strange pictures. And “Wanda Wulz – Il tempo del silenzio ” with cult like music and astronauts and what looks like post WWII wall building. Wish I knew Italian.

          Her art could be labeled “deception”.
          Is this a message? Are they related? Was she an early “crisis actress”?

          Time for me to move on – back to my usual research and fight – the smart grid and the “transformation of our electric energy sector”. Our control grid.

        2. There is only one Daniel Wulz on Facebook, and it isn’t him – it looks like a German fellow’s. It appears he was “the smoking gun”. Expect that he goes missing or drowns, like Sandy Hook, or he is rewarded with a lucrative recording or acting career. Here is his music channel.


        3. Funny how these same themes run through these operations.

          He, Dan wultz did the batman thing, then you find a Wanda Wulz and she’s Catwoman, He starts singing us songs about the law winning, there is some Denin guy on facebook they are saying is really this Wultz guy (after he took his facebook down) and he has pictures of Alison Parker on his Facebook. Weird.

          One giant Rabbit hole they created on purpose. I think they are having a blast with one.

    1. The second image shown on this video, at 0.05, purporting to show text messages between Alison Parker and her former boyfriend Daniel Wulz — notice anything strange? The woman reporter spells her name “Alison Parker”. In the texted image he spells it “Allison Parker”.

  2. And there is no question that the hand doing the shooting is White, as James previously pointed out. I find it very disturbing that the entire American mainstream media can avert their gaze from the obvious reality, and the implications that flow from it. It has gotten to be an Orwellian untruth consensus.

    1. I haven’t gotten how everyone sees a white hand. It looks like a light but still at least part african one to me. It doesn’t appear to match a still of Williams’ hands clasped in front of him, but it doesn’t look so obviously white to me either.

      1. I agree, that’s not a white hand. He’s a light-skinned black guy, that’s all. This footage is a slam-dunk for me. I kinda feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Our whole world, except for what’s right in front of us is a huge question mark.

      2. The “hand” isn’t the giveaway. Look at “the hand” as it fires right next to Camera Guy. He doesn’t even flinch. It’s as if he isn’t there. That’s because he isn’t.

        1. Who doesn’t flinch? The Camera Guy or The Shooter? A cameraman is probably trained to not jump easily, and this one is out of the frame after the first or second shot. How would the shooter be somehow added into the footage? I don’t know if that’s technically possible.

      3. In the video, the camera guy is inches from his gun. You see the “burst” (indicating that he shot). Look at the guy’s face, especially his left eye.

        Nobody could have a pistol go off that close and not flinch. I couldn’t do it if I knew it was coming. He was dubbed into the pre-recorded scene.

        1. Don’t let the shirt and distract you from what really occurred. They have both been explained. No wardrobe change and mixed race light skinned hand holding gun.

          That simple.

      4. I don’t know why this is so hard. I don’t know if the “silly” comment was directed at me but, I don’t care if the hand is purple with pink spots.

        That clip was edited in, period. You can’t stand next to a gun being fired and not react in any way. They don’t flash like that and you would see shells being ejected.

        The comments about how he appears “invisible” are halfway there. All they had to do was film the interview scene, complete with the “oh my gawd” shot and the run away. Then they overlaid the shooter’s perspective onto it.

        That’s why there is no interaction between the shooter and the others in the scene.

        Believe it or not, I know black people too. Some are dark, some are not. I can’t say for certain on this one but it could be a white hand. That isn’t the point.

        Look at the comparison video. That’s a real gun firing real bullets. See the dust fly? Imagine that being your derriere. Would it make you do the “Hokey-Pokey”. I think it would.

    2. I beg to differ. The alleged shooter is very light skinned. In fact he has freckles & I’d say is as lightskinned as most Spanish or Greek. With a name like Flanagan, I’d guess he has an Irish parent. The hand looks to be the tone of a light skinned mixed race IMO. That said, we still have no proof the shooter is even Flanagan. From the look of the vid still, it’s debatable. For all we know Flanagan was set up if he really did die in the so called “car accident”

    3. “a cameraman is probably trained not to jump too easily”

      Sue, that’s quite a stretch of reasoning. I have never considered that line of work but I can assume that this does NOT occur in training;

       "Ok son, now hold onto this camera tightly, and don't move a muscle while I fire this pistol next to your ear."
  3. The the only thing you can believe on the news is the sports scores. it’s hard to understand why more people don’t see it. its just like the movie “they live” . we have the special glasses to wear and they don’t. the memory hole blog is like the special glasses in the movie.

    1. You’re correct on the sports analogies. To go one step further, have you noticed US media no longer does any sort of real investigative journalism anymore? All the ’60 Minutes’ type shows now focus solely on sports scandals. i.e. steroids, NFL abused wives, etc.

  4. One thing is indisputable: a pistol designed to have the cartridges fed through the handle has to expel each cartridge after the bullet has been fired, to make room for the next one in the chamber.

    The brass has to be seen leaving the gun. What’s more, the brass has to be seen on the floor, after the shooting.

    We don’t see these things here, just as we don’t see the 100 pound girl being wounded, or bleeding, much less falling down; instead, we see her pretending to be “shocked” and running away.

    This has to be the most ridiculous of all the fake events yet (all right, Cassidy Stay might still take the prize).

    In a recent comment, someone mentioned that the guns used in movies are just like this one. They don’t even use blanks. That’s what we’re seeing here.

    1. That’s why I keep harping that “this is the one”.

      Any LE or gunsmith who shes this know it is pure Hollywood. Then through in the CIA TV station, Pink pants and Daddy actor.

      We just a hand shoot a gun. The camera falls to perfectly show the gun man, yet we never see the gunman ever. We are just told he’s dead, shows over, no ambulance, no on the ground coverage of either location from local or national reporters.

      and just for the record the whole dispute about his checked shirt then wardrobe change. There is plenty of pic’s showing he is wearing the blue checkered shirt over a dark blue shirt.

      The bigger problem is in the Still Shot of the Gunman, the cameras ticker shows 6:00a on the left side and in the Live Shot, the cameras ticker shows 6:46 on the right side with no am/pm characters being generated.
      It’s the same camera right?…wink

      1. I have several pistols. I have rarely seen a flash like that on the video. If I have it is only when it is getting dark and then, very brief and very small.

        As Patrick said, the spent cartridges are ejected and it is VERY noticeable. You saw the impact. Does anyone believe she could be shot in the torso or butt with that impact and not move?

        In the video he fires twice before she even looks at him. The camera guy doesn’t even flinch when he fires. Then you see the spotlight, presumably from camera guy, sort of slowly sweep. Don’t you think he’d be getting out of there?

        I’ll tell you what it looks like to me. It looks like the scene was acted out without the shooter and the shooter was imposed into the scene later. The timing of the action is all wrong.

        There isn’t enough kick, I don’t see any spent cartridges and nobody acts like they know he’s there. I think there’s a reason for that. He wasn’t.

    2. Patrick, look at the slide. Compare that to a normal semi-automatic. I have several, different makes. Because I’m right-handed, the ejection port slot is on the right side of all of my pistols. They make them for “southpaws”, that are cutout on the left. His is cut out on both sides.

      I’ve never seen that before. Maybe someone makes one, I don’t know, but its weird. It looks like a toy gun or a BB pistol. As you said, there is no way that we would not see shells being ejected. If they weren’t, he could not have chambered another round and, hence, fired another shot.

      Modern smokeless powder does not produce a flash like that. You might see a very small one in certain light conditions. You see stuff like that in movies. They use it to increase the drama.

      Go to the range, or in the woods, and fire your pistol. Tell me if it shakes all around in your hand. In point of fact, the slide is moving backward before the round leaves the barrel. That creates a certain amount of recoil. In fact, the recoil is marginally less than with a revolver because the spring in the slide absorbs some of it.

      You would clearly see the slide move backward and then forward as it rakes another round into the chamber. His hand would be forced up and back by the recoil, not side-to-side. He is simulating recoil because there isn’t any.

      Now picture yourself an aspiring actor. You’ve just been hired by DHS to participate in a drill shoot. You sign all your nondisclosure agreements and they hand you your check. The director says; “I’m going to play a clip for you. I want you to walk up, raise your weapon, lower your weapon, raise it again, and simulate shooting the woman in the red dress. Keep firing as she runs away”.

      They get this on the first take (or the tenth, who knows), and he says “its a wrap”. They ship this to the cutting room and they add the flashes and zooms. Before you leave they have a couple of goons remind you of your agreement.

      They’ve already got the interviews with “dad” and “Pink Pants”. If I were a betting man I’d say that the reason the military types are in the scene is that it was filmed during a drill at another time. The “video game” insert came later.

      So, we in “television land” are sitting there munching Cheetos when we see “this just in…….”, and we marvel at the fact that they just happen to have a piece of video shot by the shooter himself. How do you top that? Well, there it is, right in front of you. How could anyone argue with that?

      1. I looked at this again, and I disagree that the cutout for the ejection port is on both sides. The left side looks smooth to me. However, note the smoothness of the rear portion of the slide. Nothing denoting a hammer or striker mechanism that would be present on the Glock 19 that it is supposed to be(I think it operates with a striker, someone please chime in here if you are a Glock 19 owner). I can’t see the slide rack itself.

        The muzzle flash is not entirely impossible, but seems a little comic bookish. Different powders have different burn rates, and someone could have loaded a completely wrong powder for effect(certainly not the patsy though). I have seen cheap stuff throw some pretty good flame once in a while. The shooter seems more concerned with filming than with accuracy. He would have been lucky to even hit her with such lousy technique, even at that distance. His limp wristed technique usually causes a jams, and poor accuracy. I would say it was a cell phone in his other hand. I see no spent casings being ejected.

        I can’t say I have ever seen someone get shot, but I would bet a person would react quite a bit differently. A lot of energy is involved. I think she would have hit the deck pretty quick if a bullet hit in a spot good enough to kill her. Its too clean. Hard to say though. I have seen animals sometimes run 50 yards and collapse, others get knocked flat immediately, of course a rifle round is an entirely different story. Regardless, humans aren’t as tough as animals, and her reaction seems late. Remember the secret service agent at the Reagan assassination attempt? He took a .22 round and was two feet in the air(assuming it was real).

        The camera man should have jumped three fee in the air went the weapon went off right next to his head. If something really went “bang”, he had ear plugs in, and was expecting it, but still probably should have flinched.


      2. Of course I could be wrong about everything. It seems I have underestimated the wounding power of the common pillow, as 30 west point cadets were just injured in a pillow fight. This could change warfare as we know it. Perhaps nuclear weapons are passe’, Iran could be brought to heel with a massive pillow fight, or maybe a visit from the Tickle Monster himself.


  5. Sue up above forget the hand colour why did the alledged shooter change his shirt from blue plaid to black within 2 to 3 seconds then after he shot at the females ….. why would he not take out the main threat to stop him first being the male camera man

    1. He’s wearing the blue checkered shirt over a dark blue shirt. The checkered shirt is unbuttoned to reveal the darker shirt. It’s that simple. No wardrobe change occurred.

  6. The number of absurdities in the Parker/Ward video is astounding. First, no one sees this huge African-American man with a gun pointed at them. Then Alison Parker -any relation to Robbie?- sprints away after getting shot several times? Yeah, right. The shots would most likely have knocked her to the ground. Or, at the very least, it would take her a moment or two to realize what just happened to her. She would be very disoriented and shocked.

  7. The best explanation for the White Hand that I can think of is that they didn’t want to involve someone else, who would be a Black person, in the scenario. They just assumed that the media would work around it, and they were right. And apparently they didn’t much care what Conspiracy Theorists thought.

    This involves an amount of contempt that is disturbing. If this is the general attitude in staging fantasy homicides, what do they have in mind for those who object to them.

    1. Well Mark, we seem to be at either constant odds or on the same wavelength on rare occasion. You’re one of few who ‘gets’ what I’ve been trying to communicate. What they have in store for objectors is dark, and the depraved indifference they exhibit towards a common objective reality is even darker.

      1. maybe they feel that all these fantasy homicidal operations have loose ends, and they can cover them up by intimidation and the usual mindlessness. They certainly seem insouciant about the details. On the other hand, if it weren’t for James, I would never know about it, or care enough to examine it. If most people feel the same way, then, indeed, they can get away with it as far as the American public goes. at least for a while, and then it will be buried in the news cycle.

  8. Looks like a fake white-on-white killing to me. Our lives green screened with fictional reality. How have the ratings been for that station since that “shooting”? How are the replacement news actors doing for MSM (Main Stream Mendacity)?

    1. A popular reporter with WDBJ-TV, Orlando Salinas, parted ways with the station in April this year. Salinas had this to say:

      “We’ve parted ways,” Salinas said in a telephone interview. He said that he and the station’s management “have a difference of opinion as far as what news should be.”


      Many commenters to this article write they enjoyed his reports and will no longer watch the channel. Apparently he was not your typical TV mannequin. This latest event may have brought back the former viewers and many more. A ratings bonanza.

  9. I hate to say this but after Joe Biggs from Infowars lectured us and told us it was all real.

    And then showed a picture of the replaced boards where “she” died” on his twitter acct.(to separate Infowars?) but no picture of the boards replaced where he, Adam Ward, died and also the boards underneath him in the stair well, for he said they were also replaced,

    Alex got a Cable deal to go National on his Show..Yea!

    One more Very important thing. I may be wrong. Not!

    If you look at the video provided here in slow motion. You can See the place Joe Biggs said she died and the boards were replaced.

    Look down the breeze way by the door to your upper left around 1:34 in video and those boards look differently already than the rest of the deck.

    They were already replaced.

    1. Recynd, Have you checked your subscription options? I was having a thing where my comment subscription was not being “activated” through Firefox, and I had to try it in a different browser. It activated in my microsoft browser, but it was driving me crazy!

      You can get to your subscription options through a link in one of the emails WordPressive has sent you in the past.

      1. Toni–thanks, been there, done that 😉

        Everything looks fine, but it’s hard to tell…I do most of my posting on a mobile device anymore (damn the hateful thing!). It’s hard to type and it’s hard to really navigate, but I can do it from the couch, or bed, or the car. First-World problems, eh?

        I wondered why my inbox was so quiet today…

      2. Ps I can walk you through it with more detail if you need me to. Tip: you have to change your default setting to the new browser in “App Settings” if you’re on windows.

      3. Okay, Toni, I’m on my computer now (hoping I could resolve the WordPress problem from here). Alas, no luck. Here’s what I’m doing: I click the link at the bottom of a previous comment-email on “Subscription Options”. When I get to that page, however, my ONLY option is to “unsubscribe” or “unfollow”; it seems like this page (and related pages accessible by the menu options on this page) is more of an informational page than a settings/control page (if that makes sense).

        My normal WordPress settings for memoryholeblog is to immediately receive notification by email all posts AND comments (without having to first comment myself).

        A couple of months ago this same thing happened (where I stopped receiving any email notifications, out of the blue); my WordPress settings for a few of my subscriptions had gone wonky for no apparent reason. I fixed it, and things worked just fine.

        I’m going to keep playing around to see if I can find the right place to get this sorted out, but in the meantime, if you (or anybody) has any advice, I’d love to hear it. I feel very out of the loop!

        Cheers, all.

  10. Things went down as reported.

    A terminated employee murdered coworkers before killing himself. This would not be national news but for happening live and involving the press.

    Semi Auto weapons eject a cartridge with each shot. There was no shooting if absent. However, I suspect the casings are part of the crime scene.

    Unless it is a head shot, human’s adrenaline allows people to run away. But not far. They go into shock or drop dead.

    There has been over 11,000 homicides and over 26,000 suicides in 2015. And football season is just getting started.

      1. Because she is skeptical it was a conspiracy? Is that how flimsy the people here are? Just saying.

        We are talking about the merits of a $100 camera. I can easily believe it missed the shell casings. The reason you don’t see them on the ground? They eject far to the right and rearward.

        I checked the Go-Pro- The best FPS it can get is 120. How fast do you think a bullet ejects?

        I’ve tried searching for this answer, but so far, no ballistic research seems available for SHELL CASING EJECTION SPEED. Lets say, for grins, it’s 20 miles an hour. That’s 29.33’/second. Assume that this cretin (or patsy or whatever) had the Go Pro on the highest frame rate. Theoretically that means 75% of the casings would fly by before the camera caught them. The video encoding may reduce that number further. Remember, he uploaded the video to facebook on the fly. Perhaps if the camera had a wider field of vision, we might see them. It is highly possible the ejected cartridges not being visible to the right side of the video (which if you look carefully cannot be very far from the barrel of the gun.

        I believe in conspiracies. I just don’t blindly believe in them.

      2. Oh and one more thing. It took me several viewings of that video to discern a shockwave hitting her blouse as the first muzzle flash went off, it the muzzle flash was fake, and the gun a fake, explain that. Again, you have to slowly step through the video to see there is a shockwave from the pistol.

        1. Pat,
          I studied that same “Flash”. It was combination of the Flash from his blank he just fired, her hair and arm.

          The camera blooms right at moment too.

          I looked at that a 100 times because I thought the same thing.

        2. I found this video of a newer go pro. It does show most of the shell ejections. I will point out 2 things.

          The field of view is much wider
          The resolution on this video is incredibly better than the one our supposed patsy uploaded.

          I am still unconvinced, and will research further. Such as finding out what resolution was encoded in the video uploaded. That should be doable.


        3. iPhone 5, 30 frames per second, that 4x slower. Assuming iPhone 5, it would be well over 90% likely a particular shell casing is missed by the camera. If some mathematician wants to chime in I’ll happily concede.

    1. M: On the first video posted above,one has been slow mo’d by 30 times. There is no shell casing ejected,no evidence of an errant projectile hitting the boardwalk. I agree with you,”There was no shooting if absent.” There was no shooting.

  11. The “news” story posted at 7:27am (less than an hour after the “incident” says he shot himself, and yet he didn’t shoot himself until 11am. Sure there can be confusion with time zones in a global internet.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItApAtpMuQc&w=560&h=315%5D

    More importantly, here’s my viewpoint on this whole series of soap operas posted for the puzzlers to unravel (crosswords have become too easy to solve).

    Plato … Plátōn “broad” (because he was fat) … (428/427 or 424/423 – 348/347 BC) was a philosopher and mathematician in Classical Greece, and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. He is widely considered the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition. Unlike nearly all of his philosophical contemporaries, Plato’s entire oeuvre is believed to have survived intact for over 2500 years, and he is arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, writer in the entire Western canon.

    Plato’s allegory of the cave is now quite widespread and well known.

    Plato, “The Allegory of the Cave”

    “The son of a wealthy and noble family, Plato (427-347 B.C.) was preparing for a career in politics when the trial and eventual execution of Socrates (399 B.C.) changed the course of his life. He abandoned his political career and turned to philosophy, opening a school on the outskirts of Athens dedicated to the Socratic search for wisdom. Plato’s school, then known as the Academy, was the first university in western history and operated from 387 B.C. until A.D. 529, when it was closed by Justinian.”


    Do you think they just forgot about this means of maintaining, containing and controlling the minds of their captives since 400BC?

    People are just being entertained here. Some think the drama is real and leave the theater in tears, or quite shaken, some know it is “only a movie” or “only a play” and judge that the quality of the production was quite good or quite bad, but are not emotionally touched, and some come away, even to return again and again to solve the mystery presented on the stage. We belong to the latter group of people.

    Apparently we have forgotten or just never realized just what Greek Tragedy was designed to accomplish… i.e. exactly what it is accomplishing today!

    Three well-known Greek tragedy playwrights of the fifth century are Sophocles, and Euripedes. Aeschylus , who was a competitor at the City Dionysia around 499 B.C., wrote some of the oldest tragedies in the world.

    These tragedies were aimed at breaking down the resistance to political and religious ideas by means of emotional appeal. And it worked! Most of the masses succumbed to the ideas promoted in the theater. Nothing is fundamentally different here, nothing has fundamentally changed, only the medium and methods have changed through the use of technology. (By the way watch how internet browsers and devices are becoming dumbed down, so that the internet will become nothing more than an interactive TV soon.)

    We (or most of us) have become quite adept at “suspending disbelief” whenever we go into a movie theater, or watch the “news”, which is nothing more , nor less than an entertainment exploit, used to achieve political and religious goals and agendae. The whole thing is nothing more than a “Passion Play”, and some small number of us are immune to it, they know that, and it doesn’t interfere with their agenda one iota, and they simply don’t care about us at all. We may be an annoyance, like a bothersome flea, but we never change their agenda whatsoever. We were born with the ability to see who “They Live” are, and we don’t need glasses. There have always been people like us, and we have never been able to change the course of events in our lifetimes. Only in retrospect do people resurrect our perspectives and say to themselves, “hey wait a minute, those people made sense”. Antoine Bechamp comes to mind and his battle with Luis Pasteur. By that time the oligarch predators have changed their tactics and technology and still nothing is fundamentally changed. The masses are maintained in such a manner that they exactly fill the needs of the predators.

    If you remember, the very first people killed by every communist regime are the so-called “intellectuals”, college professors, healers, anybody onto their game. The sequel film should be “They Know”.

    We are just catching up with what we have been ignoring all our lives so that we could go along to get along.

  12. As to how they did it, I do agree that gaming technology could have been used for this overlayed on an actual live video, albeit a “rehearsal” of a shooting. Think of “first person shooter”. That would be a good explanation for the cameraman’s non-reaction, because he never heard that very loud bang, even from a hollyweird gun.

  13. Is the comparison gun in the video the same model gun that was used to execute the reporters if it is then this shooting is 100% horse shoes. How can one gun eject shell casings and the other not??

    1. Any semi-automatic is going to eject shells. Most of the time it is on the right side to keep them away from the shooter. Some are “left-handed” guns and eject on the left, for “southpaws”.

      I don’t know about “another kind”. My belief is that the flashes were animated. Someone who could slow it down could tell for sure.

      You can’t shoot someone twice, with absolutely no movement from the victim, and then have them turn to notice you. Look at the real gun and what happens when the round hits dirt.

      Granted, it might take a while to register, but you can’t ignore it involuntarily. It might not knock you down, but it would hurt like hell.

      The short answer to your question is, it couldn’t.

    1. What we need to is Shame any Politician who goes along with ruse and tries to introduce any kind of gun control.

      This guy let the cat out when he said “we” thought the AZ shooing would do it, then “We” thought the Colorado and SHE shootings would do it.

      We Who?

      I think it’s time to just throw eggs, cokes whatever you have at time if you run into any of these jokes and Shame them!

        1. “You can’t shame a psychopath” LMAO.
          Are you trying to kill me?
          I really didn’t consider that once you reach “psychopath” your pretty much cooked…Ha

          I was hoping we we had a Real DOJ to do something but I guess that ended on November 22, 1963.

          I would have rebelled but I was still peeing my pants in ’63. Haha

  14. If people wake up, it will be when their favorite talking head gives them the proper information. If that happens, hold on to your socks. Blind folk shown the light too quickly, would most likely not understand the purpose of the lie in the first place, or even care. The problem-reaction-solution may not go where we would like it to.

    1. That is why “they” can Never let even one of these events be exposed. It would cause a chain reaction for the last 7 years and God only knows what the weak minded sheeple would do when confronted with the truth.

      Their whole world would fall apart.

      1. Their whole world would fall apart.

        Precisely what I was getting at. Mass demoralization. People would find out they have been believing in a lie their whole life. This kind of trauma could lead in any of a thousand directions. Unless of course, someone was steering the shock and awe onto a specific course. Look what the mass trauma of 911 has done to the world thus far. Everything flows from it, that is why it was called ground zero. What happens when people find out the truth, and credit themselves with some kind consciousness awakening.

        1. Funny you should mention the Illuminati card game, Ric. My kid collects ’em. It’s crazy how much truth is hidden in them. They’ve been out of print for some time, but you can still get your hands on them.

  15. In best Gomer Pyle imitation, “Surprise. Surprise.” Cameraman took part in a drill on August 14.


    This is only a test. WDBJ7 photographer Adam Ward is capturing “an active shooter” during a lockdown exercise at Dabney Lancaster CC in Clifton Forge. See Nadia Singh WDBJ7’s report tonight!
    Aug 14 · Public · in Timeline Photos

  16. If that video is from a go pro, its the worst video ever from a go pro. Perhaps he could of been using literally the first model to ever come out, but these camera are designed for action, and can record in high fidelity and frame rates that show clear images when paused even while recording fast motion. Also, theres a moment where the camera goes upside down, i highly doubt it could of been strapped to his body. He could of been using newer go pro with a touchscreen screen attachment which would explain his zooming before the shooting, but i just cant imagine using the newer go pros and purposely shooting at such a horrible resolution and frame rate. I think this video is not from a go pro, but from a phone.

  17. Im all for the truth…newtown brought me here. This doesn’t mean every tragedy is staged. My issue with this one is that she was a reporter..kind of hard to be a somewhat known figure and then have to pretend to be dead. Many people have seen her in past morning reports. Im just not buying this one as being staged. Are there inconsistencies? Absolutely. Nothing is ever black and white. I don’t think the few inconsistencies here make a case. Sorry but as strong as I feel about getting the truth, I am also strong in my objectivity.

    1. “I don’t think the few inconsistencies here make a case.”
      Cate M, if you think there are just a “few inconsistencies here…” you are either not doing your due diligence on the subject. Your conclusion is based solely on the fact that she’s a TV reporter… or, if you have taken the time to scrutinize the numerous pictures and videos of her “reporting,” the Parker woman is simply another pretty talking head…. a local one, mind you, not a national reporter.

      And, what exactly do you mean that Newtown brought you here?

        1. Ric,
          She’s saying, “I’m not buying this one as being staged.” So, no, I’m not kidding. For me, the hoax factor in this Viriginia event spins the needle past the “100% FAKE” line on the chart.

    2. I think she has a pretty non descript look . I have seen local news people in person when not in full makeup and you can barely recognize them . If she moved to another part of the country , I doubt anyone would recognize her . Hair color change , hair style change ..

  18. James Holmes psychiatrist,Dr. Lynne Fenton, has some interesting background that’s gone largely unreported:

    “Dr. Fenton had been disciplined in 2004 for writing prescriptions for herself, her husband, and an employee with a headache, events that occurred in 1997-1999 (Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners Stipulation and Final Agency Order, case no. 5101021920, Sept. 23, 2004). Apparently, her prescribing practices came to the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration when she reported a former employee who was forging her prescriptions to get large quantities of narcotics.”


    Her background includes being an investigator for Veterans Affairs and received an Air Force Medal:


    Quite coincidental that Holmes physician had both government ties, and was, at one point, compromised by the DEA.

    1. Indeed, compromised individuals can be useful. There’s much about this one that bears scrutiny. Here again, all we know of Holmes is what we’ve been told.

      It would be interesting to know what sort of research contracts they were working on. He would have been a perfect specimen.

  19. After JFK was assassinated in in 1963 and people started questioning the story that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, the term Conspiracy Theorist was coined by the CIA to demonize and ridicule anyone who questioned the official story.
    Today’s events are so blatantly obvious that they are INTENDED to invite our investigation and outrage at the ridiculousness of their claims.
    Unfortunately, the greater portion of society is so CONDITIONED through decades of trusting authorities and Television News that they just cannot break through the barrier of their own cognitive dissonance.
    Relying on this fact of human nature, the powers that be are dividing the herd.
    Those of us that observe these events with a critical mind are going to be cast in the same light as the Conspiracy Theorist of the 1960’s, but in today’s world it is a different label that is applied. The term used in the new Millennium is “Mentally Ill”, and with that label comes the opportunity for psychiatrists to step in and make that diagnosis and order psychotropic drugs to be distributed.
    The Mental Health Agenda is upon us. Each and every mass killing cites a mentally ill culprit who, at one time or another, has refused to take his treatment. Obviously, the “shooter” could not accept responsibility for his own treatment. You will see that most times it is also pointed out that the family neglected to step in and insure that the subject was medicated.
    Obviously, the Government needs to step in and insure that these mentally ill people receive the treatment that they need !
    It all ties together nicely- Obamacare, forced Health Insurance, forced Mental Health Care, and Big Pharma are intimately intertwined.
    These Hoaxes are not being done “sloppily”. They are being performed with exact precision to bring about specific responses from the general population and us- the Critical Thinkers. It is US who will be diagnosed as mentally ill. Conform, or be condemned!
    God help us all – Tony Mead

    1. Good points. I am also incredibly curious about the mental health agenda being pushed, as all of the recent shootings are perpetrated by a “mentally ill” person. Well, that’s what they tell us anyway.

  20. I figured it out!


    This whole act was filed at 4:59 pm New York time via CBS 2 news and it was 82 degrees outside, so it must have been a satellite feed the Day before we were shown the footage.

    That would explain all comments coming in around what appeared to be 5 am but it really was 5 pm.

    The ticker was changed to CBS 7 6:45 am out of Virgina.

    The still shot was prepared before the video was shown and they erred and “dubbed in 6:00a which could of worked had CBS 7 in Virgina. showed it at 6:00am their time but they didn’t and screwed up.

    Have I lost you yet?

    I have the exact same video with different banners and times from CBS N.Y and CBS 7 where they were.

    Now, don’t forget. No matter the time zone the Min. Always Have to stay the same!

    So, was the shooting 4:59 or 6:46?

    New York and Virgina are in the same time zone!

    Was 82 degrees in New York at 4:59 am on that day? Of course not.

    Now to end any doubt.

    The “tickers” on the bottom are showing a guy that drowned as the latest news and match up identically but with different times and even min.’s exactly when the shooting occurred and “still” shot was created.

    That is impossible.

    Still digesting this, but there is No other explanation.

    I wish I could show you my still shots.

    1. The only other explanation would be CBS 2 NY rebroadcasted the entire shooting at 4:59 later that day and super imposed their Ticker over the original Ticker from CBS 7.

      Thats more likely I think.

      1. No matter how you shake it, there are at least 5 major problems that they can Not over come no matter what.

        One. The “Still Shot” of the gunman has a different time than the shot from the falling camera. Done

        Two. The time format on the “Still Shot” is on the opposite side of the same Ticker as the live camera yet the Tickers News matched identically. The Ticker Had to have been willfully manipulated so we would see the time for the real time stamp because it was out of view on the the Still Shot and they wanted “us” to see the time. Whoever did it got the time wrong. Willfully? Who knows.

        Three. How were people calling in Before 5:00am with condolences? It was local time and live at 6:46 am.

        Four. Chris (the boyfriend) Tweeted his shock at 6:34 am. There is NO way out of this one period. You can’t explain time zones for the minutes are even wrong. ( I think this was supposed to go down at 6am)

        Five. The whole fake shooting with blanks or who cares how they did it, it’s Fake.

        You can go on and on with the little details like She looked right at him when he had the gun the first time pointing at her then looked away again..Really? It’s very obvious Flanagan was a little early to his shooting.

        Bozo camera boy. Pink Pants with his Photo Album and Beady Eyed Daddy.

        I think this one has me madder than all the ones combined because there was NO effort made here at all.

        This may be their best test today on the sheeple.

        1. And They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
          They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
          to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
          and they’re coming to take me away ha ha

        2. Let me try a scenario out on you. You obviously don’t have to agree. I think we need to use what we’ve learned to date to analyze these things.

          The scene of the interview could have been videotaped any day. We know that they are actors. It could have been filmed on location, or it could have been green-screened.

          If you study it dispassionately I think you’ll notice, like I have, that there is something “wrong” with it. The camera guy is looking all around in the other direction while the interview is taking place, among other things.

          The actors are just staged in their positions and acting like an interview is being done. At the appropriate cue, nose looks where she is supposed to look, does her look of horror, and runs.

          I have to get ahead of myself a bit here. With the inserted “shooter perspective” added, it puts him right to Camera Guy’s left ear. I’d estimate less than a foot.

          Notice that the gun “fires” (there’s a phony flash), point blank at nose and she keeps talking. The timing is off.

          Now, to back up, they could have filmed the over the shoulder shot at any time as well. They probably animated the flashes. That’s easy these days. They may have animated more.

          They “placed” that bit over the playback of the interview. The biggest mistake is that the timing was wrong. No flinch. No indication of being “shot”.

          The effect is reminiscent of a video game. You know, where you’re the shooter? Where would he have attached his camera to get this angle?

          Let’s say I’m wrong. Would he have strolled up there with some sort of head rig dangling from his pate, raised his gun, lowered it, raised it again and moved right next to Camera Guy with no one noticing? I suppose it COULD happen. It would be more likely on Uranus.

          Then what do we get? A guy lying on the walk. Can’t tell much from that. Oh, and we get soldiers of some kind. Must have been in town for a convention.

          No, I think that’s how they did this one, or something very close. So you’re right about the broadcast times, the actual filming times may vary in your area.

        3. “At the appropriate cue, nose looks where she is supposed to look, does her look of horror, and runs.”

          Yes, but looks at him before and ignores him because hes early​?

          “Notice that the gun “fires” (there’s a phony flash), point blank at nose and she keeps talking. The timing is off.”


          So a composite of different videos?
          That could explain why the camera man didn’t lose an ear or even notice a guy with a gun standing next to him.

          I think they all expected Flanagan but I can’t explain the gun next to his ear. Your saying there was NO gun next to his ear. He certainly didn’t react to 4 shots. My ears would have bled.

          Being we know they for sure manipulated the the “still Shot”, that means anythings on the table. If you know what I mean.
          Can you be half a fraud in the show but honest on the other part when 26 people died?

          I think Not.

        4. If I knew someone was going to fire a weapon one foot from my ear, I would definitely have some earplugs jammed in. Nonetheless, a small concussion wave, and hot powder residue would probably still cause a flinch.

        5. Lophatt – No ejected cartridges et al only prove the glaring physical evidence that this play was poorly staged. As you pointed out twice, the absence of any “flinching” during the “gunshots” is concrete proof. For anyone still supporting the MSM fable, go to a shooting range. Don’t wear any soundproofing over your ears. Experience the truth.

          My youngest just graduated college in June. Still no job. These days, I spend a lot of quiet time trying to best prevent her assimilation into the system that we regularly discuss here. I agree with others that a defining moment is very near term (this month), or we are loons and should just shut up and let them do what they are committed to doing. Cuz it cannot be stopped.

          Over the years, I haven’t found any other blogs that have maintained the consistency I value in regards to the truth we witness. I have read everyone’s comments. So thanks.

        6. Oldman,
          I hear you.

          I think one of the next major events will have serious destruction. It will be a 100% false Flag but there will be hurt and passed people. I’m trying to be nice.

          This will confuse the ones almost on board who can’t believe, and let them call all who say this is “foul Play” as nut bags who need to be taken off the streets via Mental Heath Laws.

          It ain’t pretty.

        7. Thanks Ric and “Old Man”. I obviously can’t know what I can’t prove but physical evidence is right in front of us.

          The “gun” doesn’t even look right. It MUST eject shells to shoot. It doesn’t. Look at the crazy hand action. He sort of shakes it around to simulate recoil.

          Dubbing the over the shoulder shots would explain the lack of recognition and physical reaction. If you pull him out of the scene and imagine its just the three of them doing the acting. Then you play it on a screen (for example) and place the footage of him in front and film the whole thing.

          You CAN’T fire a weapon that close to somebody’s ear and not see a reaction, even if they know its coming.

          I can relate to what “Old Man” says. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. They are proceeding at an accelerated rate. The ones who buy this B.S., will continue to buy it. Those of us who don’t, won’t.

          Don’t make them more powerful than they are. Sure, they can cause problems and do physical harm. But they can’t control your thoughts unless you allow it.

          Even if we die with dignity we “win”. This is about whether to become cattle or remain human. I don’t support their agenda or their methods. Those who agree have nothing to be ashamed of.

          I think there is value in becoming proficient in spotting this manipulation. The Government has announced that they are going to use propaganda to influence public opinion. That’s exactly what they are doing.

          This type of manipulation should be utterly rejected. It should be ridiculed and laughed at to the point where it becomes ineffective.

        8. You CAN’T fire a weapon that close to somebody’s ear and not see a reaction, even if they know its coming.


        9. Sue, I don’t know “why” they did it this way, but it seems to me that they did. They COULD have filmed it straight through, but the recognition and reactions would be more consistent than they are.

          I think one of the toughest things to realize is that seeing is NOT believing. It may look like a continuous video, for example, but we can’t be certain that it is.

          There are several other problems with the video. For one thing, how does he “zoom” in from his hat, or whatever? It is one thing to frame a shot when you’re looking through a viewfinder, quite another when you’re “blind”.

          The frame of reference is just like a kid’s video game. The hand movements are all wrong. The slide on the gun is strange. There is generally a cutaway on one side or the other for the ejection port, not on both.

          The “muzzle flash” is nonsense. I could go on.

          They could have green screened this or they could have inserted the shooter perspective against a running copy of the interview. I don’t know “why”. This could have been done at any time. They could have shot the interview scene months earlier for that matter.

          We found a lot of that in SHES. The mind wants to place the events that are shown at the same time, as advertised. That is natural. “Movie magic” can have dinosaurs dancing with elves if they want to. If its done well it’s hard to spot. They aren’t particularly good at it.

          To me, if this is one continuous video, how do you explain him firing and her having no apparent reaction. Or the camera guy? Why don’t they look at him?

          I’ll tell you why. It wasn’t in the script.

  21. Perhaps the staged productions are purposely getting worse to awaken the masses into civil war.

    Here we have Breitbart.com mildly complaining that abc won’t release the phantom manifesto and yet the nytimes and others are reporting on it as if they have the script. Of course his parents hated him and he just recently let his father know he wanted to be cremated.


    There is just so much digging to be done with all the fake ‘news’ on the career newscaster that never was. Not surprisingly the story has petered out for the most part. Here the ukdaily has some sexy underwear pictures, but was that head just pasted on that body?
    His sex life was over at 40, funny that was not the case for me or my circle of friends, by a long shot! LOL


  22. The British BBC has reported that because of the Virginia shooting, they are going to censor ‘Extremist’ posts on the social media. So this is not only an anti-gun operation, but also a censorship operation for the media. I haven’t seen this anywhere on the American media, but perhaps others have.

  23. on aug 27, a day after the alleged shooting, a story appeared in something called FOOD WORLD NEWS (google food world news, Vester Flanagan.) It was much more racial than the later story. The hand in the picture they showed was much more brownish. Also it was closer to the victim Parker, who was reacting with an open mouthed astonishment and horror that would not pass muster in a B horror film.

    Flanagan/ Williams, it was emphasized, left a 23 page suicide ‘Manifesto’
    that likened his action to Dylann Roof’s race war manifesto, Flanagan not only being Black but gay. There is clearly racial theme in the story that was not emphasized in other stories, and the Manifesto has not been released.

    Apparently the initial intention was to emphasize that Blacks, and perhaps gays, were attacking the White media. This was following the theme that James previously suggested, that this race war was staged to some extent. Apparently the media veered away from this theme.

    I don’t know what to think, other than this homicidal scenario was obviously staged. Is it possible that American Whites did not like unarmed Blacks being shot, tortured, and hung by thugs in police uniforms that required them to change the narrative? This occurred in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s when Americans were disgusted by police setting dogs on Black demonstrators. Or was something else involved.

    Beats the hell out of me.

    1. I would not worry about the readers of Daily Star which is owned by one Richard Desmond. Nor would I worry about the viewers of Mr. Desmond’s pornographic TV channels.


      Red Hot is the brand name used by RHF Productions Limited for their portfolio of British pornographic pay-per-view television channels.

      Television X is the name of a series of adult television channels in the UK, produced by Portland TV, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell owned by Richard Desmond, the proprietor of the Daily Express.[1] In 2009, a new logo was placed on all TVX channels; TVX, TVX amateur and TVX Brits replacing the old logo from 2003. in 2014 Television X announced that they had acquired the exclusive television rights to Down on Abby a porn parody of Downton Abbey and would be airing one episode a week from April 5, 2014.[

  24. Dr. Daniel Tranel stated “DO NOT offer admission under any circumstances” regarding James Holmes’ application to the graduate program at the University of Iowa; one of his colleagues on the admissions committee concurred:


    Why so serious?

    Dr. Tranel is a neuroscience professor who in 2010, published a fear study in which a woman did not experience fear because her amygdala was damaged.

    The number one reason for shrinkage of the amygdala is extreme stress. It is most common in cases of PTSD.

    Since James was not a war veteran, nor from an inner city or prison environment-why PTSD?

    One explanation could be gang stalking starting way before graduate school (he is from California which is one of the big 4 gang stalking states).

  25. It appears that the media background ideology of the Virginia tv story has veered from a racial narrative–Blacks killing Whites– to a class narrative–aggrieved employees killing the employed. The suicide Manifesto, which emphasized a racial theme has not been released, and the grievances of the putative patsy emphasized. the intention may have been to conflate race and class issues. In that case, the egregious Error of a White hand holding the gun, when Flangan’s hands were photographed as being quite brown, conceivably could have been INTENSIONAL.

    This is not as farfetched as might appear, since the American public pay little attention to the details and evidence of the fantasy homicidal operations.

    The class approach plays better in Britain, which is not as racist as America in its media and other truth organs. The Conservative prime minister Cameron has emphasized Extremism as a crucial part of Terrorism. In his UN speech last year, he likened those who questioned the official story of 9/11 to violent terrorists, being just as bad.

    And he currently is promoting British legislation to incorporate this legal opposition to Extremism, i.e. telling the reality-based truth about staged homicidal operations. This War against Extremism works better with a class narrative then a race narrative, since Conspiracy truthers are largely White.

    Obama is uncomfortable with the Terror War narrative as well, since it is drawing increasing opposition and its ideological fraud being continually exposed. He has publically supported a mind numbing alternative branding, which, however, has not caught on. Traditionally the patsy in these Conspiracy operations has been White, but perhaps the tv shootings is and effort to conflate class and race, and perhaps gender as well.

    MHB has done a great job of analyzing this media scenario, which is a step on the way to full scale American despotism, and perhaps European despotism as well.

  26. I’ve got a question no one is asking.

    Exactly Who was the person that created/extracted the famous “Still Shot” of the shooter from Adam Wards Camera or live camera footage?

    This person is most definitely involved for he had to have been the one who Modified the Banner and changed the Time display to 6:00a on the Left side so we would see it. It’s the wrong time and impossible but prove it even more he is a Govt. perp.

    Find him and you have one of them. Waterboard ride?

  27. There is something seriously wrong with this Wulz dude and his “story”

    These links did not come up the other day when I was searching.


    From: AR, United States

    Genre: Rock, Songwriter, Acoustic

    As a guitarist, Daniel Wulz has been preforming in public venues since the age of 15 years old. He studied classical piano and music theory in a variety of Arkansas music schools between the ages of 8 and 19. After the breakup of The Sequel, Daniel joined the Marine Corps, taking a hiatus from music in 2009. He continues to write and record music, contributing to upcoming albums and repertoire of original music.”

    Who studies classical music, make violent weird movies (Backyard Entertainment – you tube page), joins the marines, has a band or two, expert in videos and becomes a marine reporter ( https://www.dvidshub.net/search/?filter%5Bmember_id_credit%5D=1088723&filter%5Btype%5D=news&sort=date#.VetWrnsu5pN , https://www.dvidshub.net/audio/31343/cpl-daniel-wulz#.VetWy3su5pN) and now is in Colorado bulking up and helping a new girlfriend “Ashley” dye her hair?

    And I still can’t get over this instagram profile photo from pink pants



  28. Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech game playing up this shooting in a big way. Why is this important? Because this big “kickoff” to the college football season was planned at least months in advance. Game is in Blacksburg, VA. Players from both teams have stickers on helmets in memory of the shooting “victims”. ESPN (Disney) reporter also mentioned a 30 second moment of silence for the same two actors in question. Ohio State is the defending NCAA national champion and #1 ranked team in U.S. college football. Virginia Tech is unranked, yet they were the only team to beat Ohio State last year. Narrative is that cameraman Ward was huge Hokies (VT) fan. Game sponsored by Capital One bank of Tysons Corner/McLean (military-industrial/CIA) Virginia. Wonder if Condoleezza Rice (or her pal Philip Zelikow) had anything to do with this “scheduling” in her capacity on the inaugural College Football Playoff Selection Committee? –Paul

    1. Is there any chance that the VA Tech shooting from years ago was also a hoax?? Back then, I kind of believed what the MSM told me and never questioned anything, but in light of all of the hoax shootings, it kind of makes you think we should go back and take another look at some of the shootings from the past.

        1. Let me clarify,

          The shooter was a patsy. The AFT did the shooting as in Colorado and others.

          My Govt. wouldn’t do that.
          It must have been Real for Anderson Cooper said so…

          I’m not directing my sarcasm at you Amanda.

        2. That landed me in Mod, Time to whip out my Sock Puppet “Moderation
          Man” to the rescue!

          Haha. No

        3. No apology necessary–I’ve been wondering about that one for a while. Okay, so real shooting, with real dead people, but Cho was just a patsy. Pretty sure I heard his sister worked for the State Dept. Nothing surprises me anymore

        4. Witnesses say there were Two people in the room when he committed suicide.

          The AFT agent and him. Guess who shot who.

          They let Holmes live to take the rap. Holmes didn’t shoot anybody.

      1. The video of a duplicate gun (same model) which is contrasted in the video on this article with the cell phone footage purportedly shot by this most recent shooter leads me to believe that something is awry regarding the veracity of the story we all heard recently. I read about it in the Wall Street Journal and didn’t think much of it other than sympathy for the young reporter. But tonight’s football game shows a pattern of publicity which I find very suspicious. In fact, I never would have revisited this article on Memory Hole had I not sensed something disingenuous in ESPN’s references to the victims of this most recent shooting. Therefore, I have decided to refer to them as “victims.” The cell phone footage by itself is highly suspect in that there is no blood (not even on the pristine white jacket of the lady being interviewed) and also in that the reporter seems to have been “shot” multiple times yet she does not fall to the ground but rather runs away in full stride (and wearing heels?). Whether or not the supposed victims were actors is not conclusive in my mind. I called them actors, but that may be premature. What is certain is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have felt confident in their ability to stage false flag terror with fake victims embodying “carefully prepared aliases” (to quote the Northwoods report) since at least the time of Lyman L. Lemnitzer. I have no doubt that 9/11 was something far different from that as which it was represented. My extensive personal research confirms that within my own mind. Same goes for Sandy Hook (to which I felt drawn for investigation because it occurred on my birthday). This Roanoke shooting would be relatively small potatoes in comparison if it was indeed a black op. 9/11 taught me to question everything. As Mr. Tracy or one of his writers makes clear in another piece regarding Roanoke (to paraphrase) nothing can be taken for granted in such an obviously propagandistic post-democracy as America.

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