Imagery allegedly circulated via social media of Vester Flanagan confronting WDBJ TV’s Alison Parker.

Video and photographic evidence suggests assailant in video is white, yet so-called shooter Vester Flanagan is black.

There appears to be a major contradiction in what has been presented as the official storyline of what has come to be known as the “TV Reporter, Cameraman Murdered Live on Air” story being pushed by mainstream and even some alternative news outlets.

Earlier today MHB‘s companion website Scoopfeed posted a video depicting the scene at left and analyzing the reported on-air shooting of a journalist and photographer. This video has since been deleted by YouTube staffers because of “shocking and disgusting [sic] content.”

MHB maintains that this video document is significant because it provides evidence contradicting the official narrative of the incident–specifically that the shooter was an African American male.

Here is Mr. Vester Flanagan at a sporting shop holding a handgun. Authorities have concluded that Flanagan carried out the murder of fellow broadcasters Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Yet is this the same right hand exhibited in the above screen shots or accompanying video purportedly trumpeted via social media by Flanagan?

The video below shows a key excerpt from the above referenced video where at about :38-:40 and :46 the clearly edited video evidences a caucasian hand and wrist of the would be assailant wielding the pistol before firing at reporter Alison Parker.

As SGT Report points out, “since the US government ended the ban on ‘domestic propaganda’, absolutely every “event” must be thoroughly examined and questioned.” Indeed, the fraudulent nature of what passes for journalism today is on par with that of major financial markets, healthcare, even our food supply, where caveat emptor should be the rule of all concerned citizens.

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188 thought on “VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy”
      1. Is this video being presented as a road rage incident? What’s notable is the lack of any rage at all. Neither man seems mad (a little irritated, maybe), and it’s not clear what the beef even is about. And what does “Talk to the mirror” mean?

        1. I agree. The years of sexual and racial harassment of which he complained, and the total denial of any such thing by his employers and co-workers did it for me. These issues are not usually black and white.

        2. Bryce comments about the other guy being overweight and the guy then says, “talk to the mirror”, in other words you, Bryce, are the one who is overweight….

  1. This overly melo-dramatic scenario is loaded with false-flag red-flags. What struck me first was the seemingly deliberate attempt to associate this shooting with several other sensationalized massacres, in order to work them back into the headlines and public consciousness.

    Sandy Hook

    The names of the victims are Alison Parker and Adam Ward

    Alison – Allison Wyatt
    Parker – Emelie Parker
    Adam – Adam Lanza

    2, Virginia Tech

    Adam Ward is described a a graduate of Virginia Tech and is shown on CNN wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt.
    Adam posted a black arm band memorial to Virginia Tech on social media
    The shooting took place in Virginia.

    Charleston Shooting

    Perp with two made up sounding names (Bryce Williams and Vector Flanagan II) sends out a manifesto in which he lashes out against another shooter with a made u sounding name (Dylan Roof.)

    Columbine Shooting

    Poor black, gay, bi-racial Vector Flanagan suicides, but was briefly resurrected in order that his Twitter, Facebook and manifesto could be placed for public consumption. He pauses during the massive manhunt to post these, then once again conveniently expires. In his manifesto, he expresses admiration for the Columbine shooters.

    His black on white retaliation might have made him a social justice martyr, except the he never worked with Alison. Her Linkdin profile has her employed at the station for 1 year and 4 months. Flanagan was fired over two years ago.

    1. According to boyfriend, Allison met the shooter once during her internship at the station.

      Neither she nor her boyfriend look like anchor material to me; plus, they’re both quite young (he’s 2 years older than she, I believe). But an on-air position at 22 is pretty choice.

  2. Why was the photographer aiming his camera over the balcony AWAY from interviewer and interviewee? How can none of these people hear or see him, he clomps all over the deck?

    1. I don’t know what the two women ( no offense) were discussing at the time, but their plausible explanation could be that he was filming the lake and marina showing what a nice place it was. He turned back to film them about three seconds before the first shot, or whatever. I wonder if they had him facing out to give more credence to their claim that nobody saw or heard him.

      1. It was a puff tourism piece and she was from the Chambers of Commerce.
        Better question to ask – why was this piece done “live” – these stories are usually taped pieces

        1. The “official” story (script) claimed it was airing “live”. Obviously if they were saying it was taped they never would have aired the video.
          My point was that this is not the type of stories TV typically brings you “live”. They usually tape these in advance.

    2. Because he knows, and is expecting the gunman.

      Notice he puts his gun down after he had already brandished it once and then waits until the cameraman swings over to Allison for the “Money Shot”. Pun Intended

      He botched his own 15-min of fame.

  3. The shooters shirt has white checks running through… another still photo of the ‘photographers camera {that was dropped tot the floor } shows a plain dk blue shirt.. the time of the live broadcast was stated on tv as 6.45 am…. the time on the shooters picture was 6.00…. if these anomalies persist, something is amiss.. My thoughts about the skin colour on the hand is not something I question… the light and photo of him looks like he is more olive brown than that of a at dark skin colour..

    1. I posted a video about the dad on Free Form.
      He’s also an actor and give lessons.
      He also got very angry when Kelly mentioned the still shot of shooter.

      Pure BS

    2. High strangeness.

      Notice that she drops the paper, but not the mike as she runs, with mortal wounds.

      The father and boyfriend’s manners are oddly unemotional, and the father is phoning the governor on the very day his daughter was shot on public television. (!)

      The boyfriend tweeting that they were officially a couple (taking time to upload a photo) within minutes of the time he got the news she was dead. ( because everyone does that.) and, BTW, is already soliciting donations on Twitter.

    3. Yes, he sounds SO distraught. Not even defiant. Like he loses a daughter about once a week, just because of that pesky 2nd Amendment. Does it take heartlessness to see through these pain-free parents? Or do we have to wait until his daughter is later beheaded by ISIS to call foul? How ’bout if she is shot teaching schoolgirls in Afghanistan? She could have more lives than a cat.

    1. Thanks. Whoever put this up may be incorrect when they say “not a glance”. At :52 she, the reporter, turns her head to her right to look. At this time I am guessing he did not shoot when he first raised his gun is because the camera man had not yet turned to record the women. They had to wait and perhaps tell him to turn and the gunman had to wait before getting the OK.

      1. Big Tim, thanks, you are right at 17 seconds into AJs footage she glances partially in frame and backs the prep back to the starting blocks to get his “act together” … but even more damning then haha, she saw this guy looming, gun had to have been out, and she does nothing???!! Hysterical!

    1. I’m not on twitter, so I don’t understand how the time stamp works, or if it is ever off. Here is the link to the early tweet: I also saw another page where it appeared it was sent out at 3:30 am and everyone that responded was around that time as well: One thing I do know, is that if my loved one was just shot, I wouldn’t be mustering the time or energy to send out tweets. What a farce.

      The video with FOX was pretty terrible, and wholly unbelievable. Pushing an agenda immediately following the tragedy, just like the others. Here is RedSilverJ

  4. YT video by peekay22 was also axed due to disgusting whatever etc.
    The section of the above posted video showing the “shooters” video is a bit poor quality compared to other versions, but you can still barely make out at 0:37 the reporter turning her head to her right to look toward the “gunman”. See YT channel “The Black Child”

  5. Does anyone really believe they would use a white hand? If you are doing a false flag you would use the right color hand! Look at other pics he’s not that dark.

    The REAL issues are:
    1. Why was he allowed on “set” near the live broadcast? An ex-employee who was escorted out, fired, etc. is allowed to walk up on a live broadcast. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a reporter and a cameraman out there. It isn’t.

    How did he know where they were broadcasting? He was fired in 2013.

      1. And why would they be shooting this particular story at 6:00 AM? Is it even light at that particular place at that time of day? The shooters camera said 6:00 AM, the reaction from the blonde news actor (oops…did I mean anchor?)….was at 6:45 am? Apparently sunrise is around 6:30 AM. Really?

        1. Didn’t the shooting ostensibly happen on “live” TV? Wouldn’t that mean that countless viewers across VA watched this unfold?

  6. In the Infowars footage (that shill/jew AJ says Williams did it, LMFAO) Williams walks down narrow deck right at the women, esp. the old bat liar, and neither even looks at him!

    He’s 6’3 250 black dude at 6:45 AM–no one else is around…

    But I gets better, folks!

    Then the BIG GUY backs away for a second & then moves in within 5′ of the women and points gun; then he backs away again to ‘summon courage,’ and comes back at them app. 10 seconds later, shoots about 5 times amidst bad theater screaming (Adam Lanza doesn’t try to tackle the Big Guy)!

    –and even better still, for a deranged psycho bent on recording his act, he stops filming, battery problem? (or least of course we aren’t allowed to see the downing) and we are left to surmise he shot the daughter of a acting coach who works for a big time entertainment Jew, Rick Zhan!!

    yep, “only in America” as Don King used to cackle!!

    1. “that shill/jew AJ says Williams did it”

      Don’t talk like that. Regardless if your one of those the “Jews” did it clueless people.

      It is so much more complicated than that. Study who these people are and you will lose the one sided, whatever I’m done

  7. Regardless of the obvious fakery in this event, I’m not convinced that the shooter’s hand is not black.

    Here’s a video of news story footage that Vester Flanagan as “Bryce” made with the Roanoke television station.

    At 20 seconds in you can see his hand holding the mike, pretty much like the shooter with the gun. It doesn’t look black.

    I don’t think this means the event was real, just that I wouldn’t stake the case on it.

    1. The point of this excercise is to see how many people will swallow the racial theme and also to see how many people’s opinions are swayed to believe this a conspiracy based on some basic trickery. The first shot appears to be white. It is probably photoshopped or even a real caucasian. The rest is clearly a dark skinned males hand. The trickery lies in the initial presentation, where people spend less time evaluating the first frame than the rest. First impression may conclude the hand is white throughout the shots, then once this so called fallacy is believed, the reader will almost always be more suggestible to any theory that contradicts the official (now interpreted as false) narrative.

      I believe excercises like this at mhb (as well as many other sites) are the primary focus of concern, as well as probable funding.

    2. Here is what Dr. Stuart Bramhall, who was one of the first professional writers to examine the “going postal” phenomenon, had to say about it in a comment on her blog:

      “The media coverage here is extremely misleading. There is no way that a high functioning TV reporter “gradually descends into madness” – true mental illness presents quite differently. This seems to have been a classic case of work place harassment, despite the court findings. It appears that co-workers were warned not to sympathize or affiliate with Flanagan – which is classic in all the cases of workplace harassment I worked with. And there is no question he would have been black listed after leaving his job at the news station.”

      1. Looks like this station also has other ethical problems.

        “Earlier this year WDBJ-7 journalist Orlando Salinas was let go from his position with Channel 7 news. According to the Roanoke Times, WDBJ7 offered no information about that decision at the time.

        Salinas is now going public with the details. In a public statement, Salinas described his investigation into allegations made about well-known local lawyer Daniel L. Crandall and WDBJ’s attempt to stop his investigation. Salinas says he was told “Orly, you will NOT contact Mr. Crandall. You will NOT contact the prosecutor. You will NOT contact the police.” by his former bosses.

        wdbj7 bIt is widely known in local media that Crandall and his law firm is a huge advertising account to have. Salinas explained the business relationship large advertisers like Crandall have with media like WDBJ Saying, “A ‘pillar account’ is a tag given to an advertiser that spends a large amount of money on ‘media buys’ at various local ‪news‬ agencies including my former employer. Pillar accounts routinely spend large amounts of cash on advertising, benefiting the receiving agencies. That’s how business works. ‘Big money’ buys big commercial air time over and over and over again. Critics say those ‘big dog’ accounts have been known at times to sway or delay appropriate news coverage that might otherwise thrust the advertiser into a public relations tailspin. As a result, that advertiser may choose to end their relationship with the reporting news agency and adversely affect that news outlets bottom line.”

        On Wednesday, August 26th, we will carry an exclusive live interview with Salinas on Fox Radio 910 at 8:am. Salinas is expected to detail the events surrounding his departure from WDBJ7, the alleged cover-up and the evidence he says alleges ” years of sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse” of at least two females by Crandall.”

        1. Thanks for the link MM59. This should be a major story as it goes to the heart of the integrity and trustworthiness of the employer. This should be being reported by all the major news stations and blogs covering this event.

        2. true, but all major news stations do the same thing – bow to advertisers over the truth.
          We entered the twilight zone decades ago, sad to say.

        3. they do not “bow to advertisers” , ALL MEDIA OUTLETS ( literally the entire media- news papers- television ) ARE OWNED BY THE CFR -counsel of foreign relations / united nations/NWO – all TV is scripted / it is called ‘programming’ for a reason, every single “news” station is SCRIPTED , those are NOT “news journalists” they are actors , this is the narcissistic generation, those people dont care what they read to the public from their telepromter as long as their hair,make up and finger nails look perfect . the CFR OWNS ALL MEDIA OUTLETS & everything is scripted on TV – they are paid to read telepromters

  8. I’m starting a Class Action Lawsuit against the federal Government for force feeding us cheap, poorly produced, ridiculously terribly scripted low budget Snuff Movies.

    We have spent almost a Trillion dollars funding these false flags.

  9. No blood , not knocked down by the 45 caliber, runs away in her heels,,,the tv station video shows the cameraman shot first,,, the father and boyfriend have no tear duct swelling in interviews hours after,,,the gun has no recoil as if he had mason forearms,,,no shells……boyfriend posted on twitter 15 minutes earlier about his loss than the time stamp on tv station broadcast,,,,

    And Paris hoax quickie

  10. I want to know about this only what all good Americans would want to/seek to know. If I were a cool kid what would I think? If only I were on Facebook/Twitter, what would I think? If only I truly existed, what would I think? If only…

  11. Let’s think this through. He walks up, the camera man is looking over the balcony. She is sticking the mike at the woman’s face so, presumably she’s doing the interview but he isn’t filming. If not, who is?

    He walks right up next the camera guy and he doesn’t even glance in his direction. Neither do the reporter or the interviewee.

    He shoots five times. No blood, no sign of exit wounds. She doesn’t even flinch. She runs off.

    What is camera guy doing while this is happening? Is he just standing there? Is he running away? What?

    Supposedly he shot both of them as well. Did they sort of stand there and wait their turns?

    How did he leave? Did he walk? Did he run? Did no one try to stop him?

    These things fall into different categories. There is the “real” event that gets spun by the MSM for government-supplied agendas.

    There are the “engineered ones” that can be fully or partially scripted. They are spun the same way.

    Then there are the drills.

    There are subsets of each of these. What they all share in common is that they are not truthful depictions of actual events. Just like when a “madman” shoots someone they don’t ask “who supplied the madman?”.

    Just based on the surface of this, these must have been the most relaxed unaware people ever. A pterodactyl could have swooped down and carried them away and they wouldn’t have batted an eye.

    So, he films this whole thing and he never looks around to see if anyone’s coming to stop him? I would imagine that someone doing this would have fired a couple of those rounds at the camera guy and the other woman just to make sure they didn’t try to interfere.

    If he had such a grudge against her wouldn’t she recognize him? Does anyone really think that you wouldn’t glance at someone in your peripheral field who was making motions like he did?

    How would he know that she was going to be in Southwestern Virginia doing this interview if he no longer worked at the station?

    Who knows? It sure looks suspicious to me.

    1. These considerations of shaky evidence are very important. If you were a (good) fiction writer you would have to flesh them out for your astute readers who would drop the book if you did not satisfy some basic credible criteria.

      But the medium of “news” is different, isn’t it? Everyone listening to the news these days seems to suspend disbelief even more readily than they do when they experience what they know from the start is fiction. News is like the new religion. You just don’t start asking too many questions. You trust and believe – you trust and do not verify. Any sort of work you might want to add to the situation must accept the premise that what was told to you was true. Then you may critique it, but only to get more clarity on the basic story, to learn about for instance the psychological background of the perp, and to help the authorities to flesh it out. Never to reject out of hand what you have been told.

      Already this news is very big at BBC, I notice. Solemn voices intone their disgust at yet another shooting in the former colonies. When oh when will America become civilized and stop presenting the world with such a display of barbarism? How long until they fall into line with the rest of the Commonwealth/E.U.?

      But as we can see, the official news has a very low threshold to meet before it is parroted everywhere, and the lies pass as easy counterfeit currency, referred to even in updated fashion.

      Today I heard the Tsarnaev family compared on public radio in Boston with some real disgruntled family after the real Armenian genocide by the Turks. Imagine if you will a nonfiction writer on the radio in Boston whose family experienced this major event, documented in countless sources, being asked to compare his own family with the Tsarnaev’s — because it is true that the Armenians have historically taken revenge against the Turks from time to time, even in Boston. I don’t know what he made of this. Not only is the lie used to get some policy change, it is also injected into the historical record like false papers put into a file in the hopes of being incorporated into the historical record – think the song “Old Shoe” slipped into the Library of Congress in the film “Wag the Dog.” One is to associate disgruntled Chechens with local disgruntled Armenians (and perhaps try to “understand” them, now that the Russians are becoming our enemies again).

      Of course, perhaps there is a story there – a hint that some quid pro quo happened because the shoot-out sequence with the Tsarnaev’s actually was filmed in a heavily Armenian refugee community (or at least it was after the century ago genocide), which is Watertown, over the Cambridge line. Kind of a coincidence of comparisons, and really in very bad taste. I have no idea what sort of history is being sculpted by this or for what reason.

      1. Musings, yes, IF you were “good”. I think a major component is the modeling aspect. We are “expected” to “believe” the MSM. Those who do not are “crazy”.

        Your point about the BBC is interesting. Without prior planning it isn’t easy to coordinate memes. It can be done, but it takes time.

        It also takes time to find facts on alleged perpetrators and to locate stray footage in support of the story. I could have gone on for quite some time pointing out the other anomalies. They are rife.

        When we compare this with real events and how those played out it becomes even more suspicious. As usual, they are not interested in facts, they are interested in “characters” or representations of fearful events that are useful to them.

        As you said, when writing a story we strive to be believable. We think it through and try to fill any holes in the logic. We want characters to behave normally and believably.

        Without any elaboration the sheer volume of these episodes would be suspicious. We know they are pushing both the gun confiscation and mental health agendas. They have shown no reticence to date to hype their goals in the most alarming ways.

        These “news” stories are designed to leave vague impressions, not detailed information. The act of asking questions clearly disturbs them.

        The logical conclusion here is that two camps will form. One will totally disbelieve anything they say. The other will pat their collective selves on the back for their “loyalty”. These are total appeals to emotion and reptilian level thinking.

        I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of them.

      2. Thats funny you mention that , did you know that Watertown is one of the only towns to throw out the ADL, they have a large Armenian community and the ADL was pressuring them to stop recognizing the
        Armenian genocide by the young turks, domneh jews
        here is a video of a Watertown town meeting discussing severing ties with the ADL prior to the “bombing” and subsequent “police raid” in Watertown

  12. No blood , not knocked down by the 45 caliber, runs away in her heels,,,the tv station video shows the cameraman shot first,,, the father and boyfriend have no tear duct swelling in interviews hours after,,,the gun has no recoil as if he had mason forearms,,,no shells……boyfriend posted on twitter 15 minutes earlier than the time stamp on tv station broadcast of his loss,,,,,

    And Paris hoax quickie

    1. The lack of blood is beyond telling. I’ve seen real footage of people being shot and our blood pumps, it isn’t still, so blood spurting is almost immediate from a gunshot wound. It’s also odd that the woman being interviewed actually turns her body towards the shooter and then seems to stand there or maybe fall. She doesn’t just look, she goes towards him bodily.

      What do people think the purpose of a wig and shawl found in the shooter’s car is?

      1. I wondered about the French train event. Every one of these false flag scenarios has a big hero or two.

        I love the dancing ladies clip…I wish I had their energy! 🙂

  13. Please scroll down to the last paragraph from the NYPD:

    He claims that the shooter was a ‘rational planner’ but simultaneously hid the signs of ‘mental illness’ that ‘some others could see.’ The police and inquisitors aka psychiatrists have super human powers, apparently; they can ‘see what others can’t.’ Again, they push this theme of rational concrete and organized thinking that is at the same time ‘mentally ill.’ No such animal exists. The state would have us believe ‘irregular behavior’ and ‘hostility’ and ‘multiple firings’ are all signs of some organic disease only the anointed commissars can divine.

    1. Rational planning and mental illness can coexist. I’ve had a lot of experience with BI-Polar individuals and they can rationally explain, in detail, any delusion they cling too. To a point where they may even convince people of them.

      1. Sorry, but there simply isn’t a biological disease ‘bipolar.’ There is an organic (meaning genetic) disease called manic depression. The two have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. So when you say a ‘bipolar’ person can rationally explain some ‘delusion,’ that’s because their ‘delusion’ isn’t a function of a mental illness. It isn’t true psychosis, which, like manic depression, was redefined in the 90’s to mean something different from its real character. True psychosis involves material delusions and sometimes hallucinations, usually auditory as opposed to visual. Thinking you’re god or a prophet or some famous dead person would be psychosis; thinking you have a right to something or someone that you don’t can be called a delusion but it’s not the psychotic kind. It’s just plain life. In extremes, it’s a function of character and power, not of biology.

        So when you call someone bipolar that means absolutely nothing. True manic depressives will evince true psychosis when manic, and it’s completely separate from their life issues and power struggles with people – that’s why it’s called a brain disease instead of a power trip.

        1. And, the minute true mania begins the person undergoing it loses rationality. They do things without any reason or rationale whatsoever. They experience heightened energy and elatedness (NOT anger), and are usually having psychosis within a couple days or sooner, most often material delusions.

          No one can rationalize their psychosis, precisely because it’s psychotic and inherently inexplicable. No one can explain how they’re actually Thomas Jefferson, or god.

          Pat wants to somehow conflate power dynamics with psychosis. As a rule, if someone has power issues with specific people or group, it is absolutely NOT going to be a function of psychosis. They may be wrong or somehow unjustified but that’s a character and emotional issue.

          It’s pathetic that americans aren’t ashamed and embarrassed to try to conflate power issues with psychosis. You may not like someone’s assertions, but that doesn’t make them ‘mentally ill.’

  14. Some guy “PK” (jungle surfer youtuber?) caught something interesting. First you see the white looking hand of the shooter wearing a blue plaid shirt, then they show us a shot supposedly from the dead camera man looking up at the shooter, but now he’s dressed in black–did he have time to change his clothes???

    1. they , the TV producers of this garbage – seem to being doing more & more obvious BS just to see what they can get away with, like the X’s in the sky & flying 5 jets side by side while they are spraying the crap out of us with toxic chemicals , it all seems to be a sick joke on us while the 97% percentile of TV brain washed idiots they are making complete FOOLS out of with this blatant nonsense , i mean the people who make this shit up and do the producing & acting must be rolling on the floor at the extent of human stupid that actually believes it .

    1. The time on the black suit frame is 6:00 am. This frame does not even appear in the footage of the cameraman. It is extracted from some other source….

        1. I couldn’t help but notice that in virtually every picture in the DM article, Parker’s wearing red. Doesn’t red symbolize initiation in the occult?

      1. I just can’t believe how “In your face” it is the exact camera that “fell” to the ground has a time stamp of 6 am and 2 sec before while on Parker that same camera has a time stamp of 6:am.

        It’s on display in every MSM article or tv show and no one questions it.

        Also re-watch the interview with Parker’s dad and fiance.

        one, when the dad tries to fake cry the fiance laughs in his face on nation television. crickets

        two, when anchor Kelly brings up the still shot of shooter (with fake time stamp) they both flip out as to say shut up and don’t bring attention to that picture.

        third, the father says his daughter is a “Fox” girl when she in fact works for an CBS affiliate.

  15. During an interview with Megyn Kelly (only hours after the shooting), her father tells Kelly that the shooter used “hollow point” bullets and the coroner assured him she “did not suffer.” Really, she must have felt something because she allegedly ran away screaming after being shot a few times. My interpretation of not suffering would mean that she dropped like a sack of potatoes and was instantly motionless.Once again, is this just bad script writing? Because what the father said doesn’t add up with what’s on the video.

  16. I’ve never been good with math and so I’m still struggling with the numbers. Here goes:

    People at the bottom are the more than 99 percent. Meanwhile, a small part of that less than 1 percent don’t fully believe what the media is telling them to believe. So you have, say, a tenth of that aforementioned less than 1 percent that continue to act like what our ancestors used to call willful children.

    We’re talking about a small part of the population, a portion of a percent. Whoever they are or think they are, they’re a pretty tiny and irrelevant little group, i.e., “people who argue with what the screens tell them.” They would be a good group to diagnose and provide mediation for, but, again, they’re such a small group that it might not be worth the research and marketing.

    Meanwhile 99 point something percent believe what they’re supposed to believe. They believe what a hundredth of a hundredth of a hundredth of a percent of the world tell them to believe. And guess what, the new form of willful children still have to learn to live within the same world thus created. They might moan and/or groan about how things used to be or might become but that’s about all they can do. But of course if anybody here finds what I just typed true or even interesting, then you’re just intent on making yourself miserable. When you stop and think about it, it’s all just a kind of mental masochism.

  17. Aurora survivor joins the campaign for Murphys’ bills:

    I still maintain that Alex Teves was a real person who was killed, but that Aurora’s victim list is probably partially embellished. But even the day the story broke, I found the story about the 20-something redhead female blogger victim suspect. She’d supposedly survived another mass shooting attempt some months before, and her brother took to the morning news shows to mourn immediately.

        1. The other driver who is filming is NOT using a cell phone camera, but a more sophisticated POV camera like a GoPro or Looxcie. Why does he happen to have this equipment unless he’s a gang stalking perp who got it from police handlers? It looks like he’s playing Game of War is what one commenter on this thread stated. I agree, this is probably a popular game with police/firefighters and civilian gang stalkers when they are not busy gangstalking.

  18. Sometimes these hoaxers, the writers behind the pageants, add details they don’t understand, but imagine will punch up the narrative.

    In this case, the cartridges supposedly used included “hollow point” bullets. The bad guy even modified the bullets, by carving letters into them.

    What is a hollow point bullet designed to do? What is it for?

    Maximum, explosive, damage.

    I don’t see that.

      1. Sure. I’ll bet a 100 pound girl can absorb that kind of blast a few times and still run away just like we see. Makes sense to me. Of course, I’m no expert; maybe, it would drop her like a rag doll after the very first hit. I’d bet money, though, come to think of it, two or three blasts with one of those babies and the Gentle Giant himself couldn’t run like that girl did. Am I wrong? Beats me.

        As for the exit wound, which I understand is quite large, with hollow point bullets, it seems to me, it would result in a lot of cherrie pie splattered on the boardwalk–even if the lithe young slip of a girl was able to run away. I don’t see evidence of that. Maybe a forensics expert is reading, and can clear that up.

        1. Patrick, I always look forward to your comments on this site.
          You look like you would be fun to chat amiably with.
          Keep up the fun conversations!

        2. There is no video of what was behind her, or where she fell or how. I hope that there was surveillance there that may help answer those questions. Only on TV do people drop where they stand and instantly die. It doesn’t happen that way.. According to the shooters perspective, she does fall back and to the cameras left after being shot. That is consistent, people don’t go flying in the air and doing summersaults like they do in the Lethal Weapon movies.

          If you have an alternative source of information I’d love for you to share it with us.

        3. Bullshit. People often do drop dead in their tracks when shot as do even larger animals on occasion. There is simply no visual proof that she was ever shot and there is visual proof that she was definitely not shot by the first shot, real bullet or not.

        4. To my utter astonishment (wink) it appears that all the video evidence has been scrubbed from YouTube. So you will have to resort to memory, Pat. It’s only been a day or so, so that’s not too tall an order, I hope.

          She runs away. We can see she’s wearing high heels (how a person that’s had a few explosive bullets discharged into her can manage that is already a mystery for the ages, from my point of view–but that’s another story). Since we can see her feet, we can see (well, since all the videos have been removed, I should say “we used to be able to see”) the boards she was running on. Clean as a whistle. No cherrie pie.

          I’m guessing she’s right now bunking in Barbara Olson’s spare bedroom in Paris, until her next assignment is set up.

        5. Patrick,

          I can’t disagree with you other than to say, that there is no video showing her “running away” more than a couple of steps, or where she fell. .I mention further down that there was a ‘third gunshot victim’, and there is Vicki Gardner, who is not known to be shot and the only surviving witness.

          Ah, just found it here-

          Gardner was the third victim.

          Flanagan was allegedly armed with two 9mm Glocks.

          I found this video on ballistics with SIMILAR ammo and gun, I allow you to draw your own conclusions. Keep in mind that the jugs in this video are 1 gallon, filled with wet newspaper, I’d guess 5 pounds each. You’ll note, hopefully, that they didn’t fly off the table..

        6. When commenter Pat says we don’t know what was behind her, the reporter, I’m not sure what she means by “behind her” as the video clearly shows the wooden walkway leading to an open door with two vertical windows on each side. Pat also says we don’t know where and how she fell. We don’t know she fell at all don’t we? Why does Pat assume she fell? Slo mo “shooter” video shows she still held the mic after the 2nd shot and didn’t drop it until after she had turned away to run.

        7. BigTim, I can only comment on what is observable, not make assumptions to come to conclusions. Maybe I’m a Zionist plant or work for the NSA? I’ve been posting on this forum for 3 years. I’ve sent emails to James a few times.

          When I say YOU DON’T SEE WHAT’S BEHIND HER, I don’t mean the scenery, and you know it. When I say YOU DON’T SEE WHERE SHE FELL (OR IF, IF YOU WILL) its because it’s not on the video. Its not evident.

          For me, I think its safe to assume she was shot since it was recorded on two cameras, one on live feed, and if so did fall and did die as per the official narrative. Proving negatives is a fruitless venture. She shoulda this, I didn’t see that……..

          You guys wanna see people flying through the air and exploding gore like in the movies. That’s not what happens. Since I cannot comment fact on unobservable information, I can’t speculate things like ‘she danced away gracefully’ and ‘walked into a nearby white panel van to be whisked off to never never land to smoke stogies with Ken Lay and Michael Jackson’. Unless you were there, you couldn’t either.

          There is tons of video showing people fatally injured that run long distances, get in cars and/or bleed out long after they are shot.

          Just to be clear, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything but to look at things through objective eyes.

          I’ve posted everything I could find online, because that’s my, and your, only source of information on this incident.

          I think the unedited recording of the live feed would be helpful, but I doubt it will ever be public.

        8. Commenter Pat seems to continue to speak of where she fell as if it is fact, that the reporter was really shot, really fell and really died, when there is no proof that any of this is true, in fact the contrary. The walkway where she ran down and the doorway at the end of that walkway is hardly “scenery”. By the later images showing an area of boards replaced just outside of and to the left of that doorway, it seems to suggest that this is where they claim she fell and died.

        9. I like the video Pat embedded, BigTim, especially the end, where you get to see what those slugs look like when they unfold like a pretty little daisy.

          The experiment is unlikely to replicate a human being’s innards, of course. A hundred pound chick, pumped with a few of those suckers, well, they’d chop her insides up pretty good. Bullets spin, and those daisies would be working like cuisinart blades, as they made their way through her and opened up holes on the other side of her body. And then, boy, the blood would flow. She’d be dropped.

          In fact, I think that’s why the polizei use hollow points. They call it “stopping power.”

          No blood on the girl, her ability to run away, no blood on the boards. She’s just an actor.

          I like that video. It’s exactly what I suspected those slugs behave like.

          Too bad, though, about the girl. Jesus offers freedom from her guilt, in helping to perpetrate this hoax. We should all be praying for her. She needs to repent, come clean, and ask for His work on the Cross to free her from that guilt.

        10. Big, this is my final comment on this thread.

          My belief that she was shot(according to two independent videos) is just as valid as your belief that the whole thing was contrived and she got up and walked away after it.

          Patrick, I want to make sure you know that the ammo in that video was not standard hollow point. It was designed to expand that way. Standard hollow point expands randomly.

          You aren’t going to see blood in videos that show the split second someone is shot.

          Other fatal shootings (of course, you’d have to believe that there are videos of real ones, I suppose, you decide.)

          No blood, no dropping to the ground. These videos contain (real supposedly) violent shootings.

          Compilation of defensive shootings.

          These video’s popped the top when I did a youtube search for-

          self defense shooting
          fatal shooting video

          so you can find others if it suits you, or not. That’s not my concern.

        11. How Pat can regard the videos he/she selected to present as evidence as having some bearing on the issue at hand I find somewhat mysterious.

          There is no indication the storeowners actually struck most of these people with bullets; those who seem to have been shot (they were, after all, dropped), have on heavy layers of clothes, so blood would presumably take some time to reach the outer surface of the clothing; and we can have no idea if the cartridges sported hollow point bullets–maybe there were no exit wounds.

          Also, these were all large men, and the footage was not close and clear.

          What we have with the Roanoke hoax is a girl that might not weigh 100 pounds, wearing one very thin garment, filmed very close up, sharp.

          Just like those hulking bruisers (the ones not dropped) in their layers of sweatshirts, she easily runs away, after (supposedly) being shot multiple times, at point blank range, with hollow points. And shows no traces of blood.

          If you’re not laughing, you’re not serious.

          Call back if you start to laugh.

    1. I do not think a HP bullet would necessarily cause any more observable damage than a FMJ bullet. It would make a small entrance wound and is designed to expand or “mushroom” in the internal organs/tissue expending its energy there rather than passing through and out of the body. It might make a larger exit wound or none at all.

  19. Another actor in this play is the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, long-time Clinton moneyman and ebullient Democrat party operative, whose particular interest is in the “continuity of government” for which he signed executive orders immediately after his swearing in.

    One of McAuliffe’s specialties is bribery. As Governor, in order to push through healthcare reform, he tried to bribe an Assemblyman with a top state job for his daughter. Five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader alleged that, during the 2004 presidential election, McAuliffe offered him cash to withdraw from certain pivotal states.

    Now the Governor, “clearly frustrated” and citing the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, and Adam Parker, the father of “victim” Allison Parker, have hooked up, apparently within hours, following the Roanoke shooting in a pact to restrict gun ownership.

    McAuliffe is also a major NASA supporter and the cousin of Syracuse law professor Sharon McAuliffe, who some suspect is school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe who allegedly died in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.

    One wonders how many false events McAuliffe has been involved with in the past. What did he know about 9/11? In his memoir he recalls how the terrible events of that day had restricted him from talking.

    He chafes, “I was one of our party’s most visible spokesmen, and I had to keep a low profile after the attacks. I was like a caged rat. I couldn’t travel. I couldn’t make political calls. I couldn’t make money calls.”

    How awful for him. And now this.

    1. Unconfirmed from the BIN website, comments section (GOLOC):

      Last week the Governor was at the exact spot where the shooting took
      place, Well check the Weather, Cause His Security secured the Scene, and that’s when they Filmed the False Flag, that’s why no one was Around at a Major fishing and tourist spot.

  20. Joe Biggs from Infowars flew to Virgina and said the shooting was real. He saw the Blood dripping through the wooden floor boards that had to be replaced.

    He shows a pic on his twitter of where Alison died and the New boards replaced but Not where the camera man Adam died. Wouldn’t those boards need to be replaced also and worth a pic?

    He was vague when he made these statements.

    I don’t know what to make of it. I would have been very matter of fact and spent sometime describing all I saw and learned.

    He just said it all in passing it was all real and they replaced the boards, pass me the catsup.


    1. This is a joke? A guy from infowars (Texas?) flies to VA, drives to the scene by the lake, gets access to the crime scene, and claims that blood was still dripping through the boards? He tested it for blood type and DNA? He used his infowars press pass to poke around a murder scene?

      1. and the “crime scene” was all cleaned up by the next morning and had “reporters” walking all over it saying ” this is the exact spot where the ‘shooting’ happened” – YAE RIGHT !!!!!! this fakery is AMAZING the brain dead zombies who watch TV are mind boggling , we are living in an ever retarded society of brain dead zombies who have absolutely NO thought process

        1. Reminiscent of Sandy Hook in which the clean-up is a bit dodgy and unconvincing (e.g. bodies of children left overnight, then some unconvincing temporary morgue set up). This sounds about as stage-set.

    2. He(Joe biggs) has to be lying because he didn’t even get there until at least 30 hours after the production was wrapped up.

      If this can be proven Infowars will be discredited with irrefutable evidence.

      If I saw guys ripping up blood soaked wood where the shooting occurred I think I just might lift my shiny IPhone up and take a couple of snapshots, don’t cha think?

  21. For what it’s worth, which may be nothing, here is an answer from the FCC to my email to them regarding WDBJ license:

    Thanks for contacting the FCC. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    The expiration date is correct, and the station’s license renewal application is pending. Pursuant to FCC rules, the station may continue to operate while the application is pending.

    I hope that this information is helpful.

    Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 1:06 PM
    To: MBINFO
    Subject: FCC License information

    My email:

    Unless I am interpreting this incorrectly, which is possible, the FCC website shows that the license for WDBJ in Roanoke, VA expired on Oct 1, 2012. Can this information be perhaps out of date or is there another explanation?

                                                                         Best regards,  XXXX
      1. Tim, you may have hit the nail on the head. I believe it is more than possible that the station would agree to play this game and be rewarded with their license being renewed and fines waived. Not to mention that I am constantly reminded just how little it takes to buy people off nowadays; they will truly do anything for a buck.

        1. Whatever may be going on with the government and WDBJ it is probably.with Schurz Communications and not local management

    1. BigTim,

      Despite the FCC’s response to you regarding your question about WDBJ’s license expiring three years ago, my interest was piqued enough to do a little searching. Evidently, WDBJ was hit with what is a considered a mammoth $325K fine in March of 2015 for airing “graphically and sexually explicit material over the station….” back in July, 2012.

      1. Yes, I know. I don’t know if the fine still stands, was rescinded, or is still being challenged. I was just wondering if possibly pressure was being put on WDBJ/Schurz Communications. They own several other channels and media outlets. It is a far-fetched thought, but could they have even been set up for the indency offense? I have wondered how the hospitals and doctors in Boston, NEJM included, were induced to participate in that gigantic scam. Was it carrots in the way of grants and Medicare money etc., or the sticks, threats and governmental difficulties? Maybe just slick talking?

  22. regarding the wardrobe malfunction-

    This one shows the shooter up the elbow. My initial belief was that this guy was wearing a black business suit over a checkered shirt… The evidence suggests otherwise. Also, according to some early reports there was a third gunshot victim. SURELY that wasn’t Flanagan himself, as officers said he shot himself somewhere else. The video and still is in the first link. The second link is where they say there is a third victim.

    I suppose it’s normal for a crew of two to do a news cover. I would think three is more likely, a guy in the van checking the newsfeed?

    I can understand why he, nor Adam had time to intervene in the shooting. But the wardrobe change is inexplicable.

    1. I think the direct news feed would be more helpful, the picture of the broadcast is too grainy to be SURE it’s not the same shirt. Just like the lighting. With the brightness turned up, like the flash on an iPhone, colors get washed out.

  23. I haven’t read all the comments and if this has been covered, please excuse me but…

    Am I the only one who see this video and wonders where the women’s peripheral vision went as well as the cameraman’s auditory senses? Do you think a black male walking straight up behind a cameraman would not be noticed with a glance, especially since he was a known troublemaker? Does anyone think that an arm extended and holding a rather large handgun would not be seen? It was withdrawn then extended again…many seconds elapsed, this was not a draw and shoot. The interviewee did not catch that out of the corner of her eye? The cameraman did not hear the rustle of a sleeve, or feel the presence so close to his ear?

    This was the first thing I noticed. I do not believe there were people in close quarters with a black male they knew to be a troublemaker who would see, hear and sense absolutely nothing until the first shot. This is not an ambush from behind a tree. He walked up like he was the production manager.

    Looks totally unbelievable to me unless all three were on Helen Keller’s softball team.

    1. Look at the gunman’s POV video.. .the reporter turns to look at the gunman at 18 seconds for just but a glance… after he has lowered the gun (probably hid it behind him). He raises it again at 19 seconds…. then carries out his sick actions. It’s possible the threat didn’t register with her given the time lapse of him working with them and she is a trained reporter focusing on her interview. The whole thing is unnerving… I would have assumed ALL news outlets would have had more compassion in not printing stills of the video on their front pages considering they are all colleagues of sorts. We don’t publish names of rape victims .. so not sure how it’s OK to exploit this horrific event in print. Social media is a whole other vessel for information, but printing the screen grabs in a newspaper….? Truly uncalled for and insensitive to the families and loved ones.

      1. “I would have assumed ALL news outlets would have had more compassion in not printing stills of the video on their front pages considering they are all colleagues of sorts.”

        You miss the point. The visuals were the whole of the exercise. The play was put on to traumatize the public, another drip in the water torture strategy to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment. It’s not rude at all to publish pictures of actors playing a part in a pageant; what’s rude is a newspaper trying to horrify people by telling them the play acting was a real live killing.

        1. They’ll pretend to censor the visuals – ineffectively, wink wink. Then they allude to a manifesto that won’t be seen by the public, as it would become a study for skeptics. Already, Williams’ mindset is being debated and ‘the experts’ inform us that it can’t be a hate crime since he was ‘delusional:’

          No such profile of schizophrenic exists, however, and enough experienced, non-government people know this so the manifesto can’t be aired. The hoaxers want to evoke sympathy for their cause with pro gun rights people by making the antihero black and gay and unjustly disgruntled, but the larger goal is to convince everyone his attitude is really a ‘mental illness’ that doesn’t have to be defined and can only be detected by their anointed commissars.

      2. “The whole thing is unnerving”……yep, you’re right! It’s very unnerving to know there are actually people like you that would swallow this ridiculous fairy tale.

    2. I’m with you, Maude. It looks totally unbelievable because it IS totally unbelievable. It would have been less suspect without the convenient incriminating video.

      It looks like an episode of “The Invisible Man”. Apparently the others just stand their waiting for their turn. Who was filming the interview?

      The whole thing’s ridiculous. Black, “gay”, disgruntled shooter? “The gun made me do it”. Twenty-one-year-old “bureau chief”.

      Heh, great comment about the softball team. They are all blind or he’s invisible.

  24. Interesting Linked In profile.

    I thought journalist majors were struggling to get jobs these days.
    She lands the Bureau Chief Job in Jacksonville, VA in Dec 2012 only 6 month after school after finishing her internship at WDBJ 7. She apparently graduated James Madison in 2012.
    Is that common, 21 yr old being bureau chief?
    Photo memorial at her old station, but not much outpouring of stories and grief for their old colleague

  25. I respectfully submit the following: might there be a measurable “distraction quotient,” a way to quantify how successfully a high concept news story distracts us from “what’s really happening” as well as an “agenda quotient” a way to quantify how well and speedily an event advances a particular agenda. Again, I’m not mathematically inclined, but such a system could greatly aid in predicting the style and theme of future media events.

    Just pondering, of course, but there might be something useful here. As a starting point, you might look at the style of the events that garner the most attention on MHB.

  26. In a very recent ABC news release we are told that the deceased in this Va. shooting were both shot in the head. The YT video of this incident nullifies that report. However, understanding that the masses will accept this we can then assume that there will be no open casket viewing.

    At the range portrayed in the video, missing the initial target (the female) would have been virtually impossible. A hit at that short of a distance would have produced blood and flesh splatter, which would have been witnessed in the video.

    With regards to the YT video, the material itself is said to have come from the alleged shooters cell phone, recovered by law enforcement post suicide. May I ask; how would this have made its way into the hands of someone who would then promptly post it on YT? Is it not at this point in the possession of law enforcement and therefore, “evidence?”

    We have been thrust into unprecedented murky and foul waters with these most recent national “murder” events. We were presented a few months ago with the heroine flower girl, Debbie Dills, in the capture of Charleston bad guy Dylann Roof. Debbie was able to miraculously identify Roofs vehicle, get off of an interstate highway, call her boss for guidance, who himself called law enforcement with Debbie on hold, then getting back to Debbie, who got back on the interstate to catch up with Mr. Roof, contacting the appropriate authorities to snag him.

    Yea, I am sure that this is protocol in South Carolina. Why have law enforcement pursue when you can dispatch a florist?

    And now in Virginia, we have a live shooting, captured by the assailant himself, with no blood, and no other evidence other than law enforcement/media propaganda.

    Pushing the envelope does not even begin to describe what is happening.

    In the aforementioned ABC article, we are told that Virginias governor visited the directly affected news station to offer condolences. Predictably, conversation regarding mental health issues were also core to the governors visit.

    What should be inherently alarming in these events is the IMMEDIATE jump from A to Z. MSM outlets report an incident…we are told there have been deaths…the shooter is dead…it’s suicide…DONE. What follows is patently absurd. The rehearsed responses from the “locals,” the manifesto, the utter lack of real evidence, the hue and cry for more gun laws and mental health screenings.

    Its laughable in its predictability to anyone paying ANY attention.

    But it should also be extremely alarming.

    1. Joseph, these things are designed to leave an “impression”. Most will merely remember that two died due to a lone nut shooter.

      The self-video is actually one of the more suspicious parts. Isn’t that “handy” for establishing blame? They knew all about him, instantly.

      He kills himself and they get the video from his phone. Somehow, it ends up on the internet. Hmmmm?

      If I put myself in that scene, what is the camera man doing while all the shooting is taking place? Why is he not interested in his surroundings?

      How did he know they would be shooting this at that place and time? Who would do a “live” interview for a puff piece?

      Times change but some things don’t. Unless he’s invisible, most would not utterly ignore a guy walking right into a camera shoot.

      These things are becoming so commonplace that they hardly merit notice. Idiots are having to work to believe these.

      1. Look at the shooters legs and feet at the end of the video. I believe his feet are facing the opposite direction of his head. And what is this image on his waist, well, it is a convenient way cover some serious editing.

  27. Every lawyer I know says ‘it can never happen – it would eviscerate due process.’ Yet here we are:

    America’s Christmas present will be some final version of Murphy bills. It will call for the integration of the police and psych states. It will enable the government to imprison and chemically lobotomize citizens at will, without any transparency or accountability. In some cases, they’ll simply be deprived of their 2nd Amendment rights. But all of the rights theoretically guaranteed americans will effectively vaporize.

    On some blogs, certain people are speaking up and questioning this NWO agenda, reminding readers of the Soviet Union’s exploitation of ‘mental illness’ as a means of repressing dissent against communism. They’re accused of making unfounded leaps, however. Americans truly cannot fathom what’s about to come down. The freest people in the world walk willingly into their own enslavement.

    1. Having spent too much time in psychiatrists’ offices, I get it. But what to do? Even if we are lucky enough to have people in our lives who will discuss current events openly with us, how do we go about even broaching this overwhelming subject? Most of us on this forum are awake on this issue, and clearly we don’t know what to say (judging by lack of response)…what’s to say to someone who’s not awake?

      I, for one, am staying as far away from shrinks as I can from now on, and have counseled loved ones to do the same. Same goes for courts, if possible. But what about those pesky neighbors or well-meaning acquaintances who don’t like that we homeschool or that we’re not friendly enough or that we’re too friendly?

      Heaven help us.

      1. What bugs me the most is how obvious the scam is. Everything has to be suspended (meaning due process and HIPPA) because it’s a ‘medical’ necessity. Yet there is not one shred of medical science to back up the ‘medicine.’ Not one shred. If a group of concerned citizens got together and framed the absurdity of what’s being foisted on us the right way, we could reach many americans. For starters, if HIPPA needs to go, why not start with revealing exactly what ‘diseases’ these various shooters suffer from? I’d take an ‘educated’ assessment based on media reports. If we demanded the ‘scientists’ and ‘doctors’ proffered some ‘medical’ proofs of their ‘diagnoses,’ they would call us nuts – but they’d lose in that, as most americans won’t deny how fake it all is (and just try telling everyone that cops are now diagnosing us). From there point out that the process through which these claims are made is totally without any fact-checking, add on the enormous profits of Big Pharma and concrete examples of political targets of the psych system, and we could wake enough people up to at least stave off the imminent extreme repression.

        But no one wants to. And last, it won’t be your history alone which will damn you. These psy ops are conditioning the american (and european) people to believe that organic brain disorders can descend from out of the blue at whatever age, and that even best friends couldn’t have detected them. Somehow a person can suffer ‘psychosis’ but hide it from everyone! People who develop schizophrenia might learn to not share certain delusions (some are capable of this) with everyone, but they only figure that out after numerous people, usually intimates, tell them they’re schizophrenic. It’s simply ridiculous to believe that someone ‘hides’ a ‘psychosis’ without leaving any trail, or that they come out of nowhere, or integrate with political views. They don’t, and this is also a common sense that most americans would recognize if confronted. The NWO will curb free speech, on the internet particularly, by using it as the basis for ‘diagnoses.’

  28. Happy Saturday, crime sleuths.

    There’s an aspect of these scenarios that most don’t notice. If you work from the premise that an event is staged, then the participants are guided by certain motives. The motive might be noble, serving the common good by stopping all those mentally ill people from getting guns (and refusing medication). For some the motive might be to make money. Some might question the nobility of that motive but the attaining of wealth, with all due respect to spirituality and higher needs, is what we all need some of and ultimately want lots of.

    But what about the way good citizens (who aren’t even in the game) respond to these events? Whenever possible they help in any way they can to apprehend the evil doer(s). It reminds me of how Bradbury’s Montag, who was once a fireman who burned books, ends up a criminal on the run, and 1984, in which the citizens, including children, quickly and enthusiastically report all suspicious behavior.

    So we have civilians, who used to be citizens, helping in the apprehension of people that screens told them were perpetrators of a terrible crime. In the event that the latter were in on it, well they did their patriotic duty and made a few coins besides. But what about the poor souls that simply got scripted in?

    As everyone knows, there are several definitions for the word apprehend: 1. to take into custody; capture or arrest. 2. to take hold of mentally; perceive; understand 3. to anticipate with anxiety; dread.

    Have a nice day.

    1. giovannidellaporta….how bout a shorter handle? Or can we just refer to you as “G?”

      You raise an intriguing point. Those drawn in to MCEs unawares. Its gonna happen. This culture has been conditioned to “watch.” A local radio station here in Pa. constantly runs a spot (whose catch phrase eludes me at the moment) for citizens to report “suspicious” activity, whenever and wherever.

      I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough. Conditioning. Good citizens want to help in the fight against terror. It makes them feel good to participate. It is simply human nature.

      Remember, one of the fundamental arguments of the reality theorists is; how can SO many people be involved? The answer is; not all ARE.

      I am a carpenter. I can write a script, get a few friends to act it out live, film it, and I guarantee there will be unwitting participants drawn in and captured for record. I repeat, I am a CARPENTER.

      Keep watch, good friends.

  29. Two minor, speculative points.

    1) The alleged boyfriend, Chris Hurst, is wearing pink pants in one of his interviews. What kind of a straight white man wears pink pants? They were likely not lovers based on this and on some of the odd things he says in his interviews.

    Pink pant images found here:
    Daily Mail Headline: “I made her breakfast and sent her on her way’: Alison Parker’s TV anchor boyfriend describes their final moments together before she was shot dead at work”

    2) The father, Andy Parker, is considerably older than Allison Parker. He could easily pass for her grandfather. Now, having a 24-year old daughter as a 70? year old man is not impossible. But, considering that many of the Sandy Hook parents also looked more like grandparents than as parents raises suspicions.

    1. Not only that, but “Alison Parker” looks older than 24. Correct me if I’m wrong but few 24 year olds, if any, are already developing crow’s feet wrinkles around their eyes.

      Her eyes, skin, and style of grooming are not consistent with a young woman of only 24. Maybe late 20s but I would guess more like early to mid 30s.

  30. Somebody posted pics of the crime scene aftermath, showing the cameraman’s body, and if you look closely, and compare the two videos of the shooting, there is no way that it was filmed where his body is. Reexamine the footage, then look at those pictures, the deck, the intersection of the wooden decking where it was filmed, and where the cameraman is panning out for a shot, in no way matches the pictures. Something smells like Osama getting buried at sea…….

  31. I noticed the color of his skin tone on his hand right away. He is light skinned for an African American if he is African American but the color still looks to light compared to his face which seems darker unless this guy was always playing pocket pool.

  32. Lots of great info here, a real fellowship of the minds going on!

    As a long time shooter and owner of a Glock handgun, to me the smoking gun is the gun that is not smoking. You can clearly see the ejection port of the gun (on the stills and slow motion copies), but this semi-auto pistol which looks to be a 9mm Glock, does not eject any spent casings.

    Just on that alone, case closed. Many others on gun and prepped forums have noted that the slide does not appear to move either.

      1. Nope. It was Tee Vee Blanks for show. Thats why she didn’t fall after 3 shots. The MSM is admitting they think he “Missed” now because of us.
        He “missed” 4 times before the camera goes black.

        No One was Shot!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Triuwida above as well as others claim there were no ejected cartridges. How do you account for this or do you disagree that there were no ejections?

    1. Also: NON-GUNS replicas for Movie / TV

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    2. Also ( I’m still not sure what a “non-gun” is and how it works):

      Is a Non-Gun a firearm that is subject to permits and/or regulations?

      No. Non-Guns are treated exactly like replica weapons. Non-guns do not chamber bullets or cartridges, do not have moving parts (other than the trigger) and do not eject casings.

  33. Two unrelated points: Allison’s choice of wardrobe colors seemed odd, but I think the rust and black were picked to prevent viewers from wondering when/where the blood spurts began.

    Second, notice how only white victims’ family members lobby for taking ‘guns from crazy people.’ Black survivors only guide everyone to forgive. Whites are far more pro-2nd Amendment, and many would hear lectures from blacks, even victims, as threatening. I also wonder if more black people might sense the evisceration of due process via the integration of police and psych state as a threat than whites.

  34. This shooting happened 20 years ago it was big news in July of 1995 but only was aired on the east coast I remember when this story first aired back in 1995 tag readers where cutting edge technology then and most police department’s didn’t have them Virginia was testing them in state patrol car’s in 1995 now tag readers are common place in patrol car’s and meter maids vehicles

    1. That’s a very good question, Tim. Why would someone do that?

      Boy, if he brought that gun to the hoax it would have created a lot more drama. Some guns don’t work well with blanks, however.

      I can see him heading out; “manifesto – check, video in the camera? – check, self-addressed envelopes? – check…”. It’s a wonder there isn’t a flight manual in Arabic.

  35. Some observations from the latest staged news:

    Anderson Cooper finally has trouble keeping a straight face while interviewing Andy Parker, father of the year.

    During an interview with a national talking head, can’t recall which one, dad and fiancé appear to be sitting next to each other. Dad refers to Chris as “this guy” in a casual tone. It was uttered in a strange way, as if he forgot the name of his almost son-in-law.

    I just read that both Alison Parker and Adam Ward died from gunshot wounds to the head. The survivor was shot in the back. Vester’s “shooting skills” improved considerably when off camera.

    1. I believe that head shots would drop a person immediately. Anyway, what we need is for one of these actors to “defect”. That would start a chain reaction and bring down this whole house of cards….

      1. They may have been shot in the head out of view when we heard all the additional bang-bangs. They could not all miss – or could they?

        And how do we really know that this Vester Lee Flanagan was the “shooter”. As always, all we know is what we are told. It would not be the first time a name was borrowed for publicity purposes in these hoaxes. A Sylvester Lee Flanagan died in West Virginia in the early sixties.

    2. Your aim does tend to improve when your target is laying prone and immobile. I think he watched too many episodes of the walking dead. Of course, we all know this was an elaborate hat trick meant to steal all our guns. People don’t really shoot people….. you’d think for as many as ‘these people’ have fooled us with they’d be doing it with better technology in more controlled environments.

      1. it apparently doesnt matter how sloppily these productions are done, plus i think it is half way done intentionally to see what they can keep getting away with, the stupidity of the human race is exactly what they ( CFR-counsel of foreign relations/ NWO ) counted on , as they call people “useless eaters” & unfortunately they where right about the majority of the population, they cant put simple puzzle pieces together that a small child could if given the information nor do they have the research skills of a 2nd grader.

  36. I see on NY Daily News that the other woman, Vicki Gardner, lost a kidney and part of her colon. Amazing that she could walk to an ambulance after such an injury, and down all those stairs too.

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