Man charged in 2012 for telephoning Connecticut coroner H. Wayne Carver claims unlawful treatment

“I was singled out because I am located out of state and a researcher of public corruption.”

Paid $37,000 in attorney fees and prevented from creating legal defense fund

Court Date postponed 12 times!

From HartfordCommunityCourt.comReich

The following letter was obtained from several national newspapers currently investigating this story:

To all parties receiving this letter,

This is being sent to you in regards to a follow-up of compliance within the Judicial System of the State of Connecticut, and to be sure that the right eyes are seeing and responding to this letter. There has been an issue of respondence of multiple parties
in the past of which FOIA requests and E-mails have not been answered promptly and/or adequately. This letter is to reinforce the structure and chain of command to which the people have a right to speak and be heard.

This letter is addressed to:

August 24, 2015

Gail P. Hardy, State’s Attorney

101 Lafayette Street

Hartford, CT 06106

(860) 566-3190

Dear Ms. Hardy

For the following reasons, I am writing to you regarding the unethical and illegal practices of one of your employees, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas J. O’Brien. I am seeking an immediate dismissal of my case, and reparations for the time frame of July 2014 – August 2015, during which Mr. O’Brien illegally directed my attorney to remove my legal defense fund. This took place during the court proceedings of Judge Raymond R. Norko at the Hartford Community Court.

Mr. O’Brien has recently indicated to my attorney that he is considering prosecuting charges against me for several Connecticut FOIA requests, which were sent requesting public record information.

Mr. O’Brien also denies ordering the legal defense fund’s removal, despite notations of that fact in O’Brien’s own handwriting on court documents. A Federal Civil Rights complaint has already been filed with the U.S. Department of Justice. Mr. O’Brien engaged in cruel and unusual punishment that caused daily suffering based on illegal orders and violations of defendant’s civil rights at the Hartford Community Court.

A letter from my former attorney indicates that there was an agreement “to take down your Newtown website, which included defense fund information”. There are many other violations of court procedures and the Connecticut Practice Book.

Most Hartford Community Court cases are handled within 3 months, and with few court dates, the defendant speaks to the State’s Attorney and one to two days of community service are mandated, after community service is completed the defendant’s case is dismissed 30 days later.

I am requesting an investigation into these complaints against Thomas J. O’Brien, Assistant State’s Attorney, for obstruction of justice, judicial misconduct and conspiracy; witness intimidation and witness tampering; also, unlawful prohibition and violation of U.S. Federal Civil Rights that I should not be permitted to do any legal fundraising.

From March until May 2013 excessive phone calls from the Avon CT Police Dept. are placed to my home phone, mobile phone, and family members mobile phones. NYPD personnel are dispatched to my home on several occasions, on behalf of the Avon CT Police Dept. I was repeatedly called over 100 times and finally I was told that I was being arrested and had a $250,000 bail unless I drove to CT and would receive a $50,000 reduced bail. I am requesting a full investigation of the corruption in the Hartford Community Court and conspiracy between the Avon CT Police and NYPD.

On 5/17/13, Pullman & Comley, LLC was retained to provide legal representation for an alleged Class C misdemeanor charge that was assigned to Hartford Community Court. A Pullman & Comley employee, Sheathelm, spoke with a Detective in the Avon CT Police Department to schedule a police intake for surrender/arrest. The same day, Alan J. Sobol of Pullman & Comley, spoke with Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Gilbert to discuss extradition. Due to intimidation, I complied. Due to the fact, that I agreed to voluntarily travel from NY to CT, another licensed attorney in CT told me that no bail should have been required.

On 5/20/13, Pullman & Comley failed to instruct an attorney to appear at an authorized appointment for Arrest/Surrender, scheduled by Pullman & Comley, for 5/20/15 at the Avon Police Department. Sergeant Jeffrey Gilbert & Detective Jason Reid of the Avon CT Police Department, who had previously arranged the appointment, were able to intimidate and further threaten the defendant without legal counsel present.

Both Sergeant Jeffrey Gilbert and Detective Jason Reid of Avon CT Police Department threatened to jail me for several days at the intake due to Alan J. Sobol’s failure to appear and the absence of any lawyer from the retained law firm of Pullman & Comley, who had scheduled the appointment. Reid and Gilbert had previously called my home phone, harassing my family members with over 100 calls. Someone in the Avon CT Police Department was able to obtain phone records without a warrant or ex-parte served prior, in violation of Avon CT Police, as well as Metro PCS corporate policy. The Avon CT detectives dispatched NYPD officers to my home in violation of procedure as a means of intimidation, they had inquired and stated that I was not in any trouble and had not done anything wrong. The Avon CT Detective Jason Reid did not even serve a warrant upon the defendant at intake, as required by Connecticut Practice Book, Sec. 36-5. Also, when the Connecticut State Police examined the one of the same items from the police report in March 2013, they had determined that no violation occurred.

The maximum financial penalty for a conviction of the alleged charge is $500. I was informed that many people who are alleged to have committed minor infractions (misdemeanors) has to complete several days of community service. I was singled out because I am located out of state and a researcher of public corruption. Even after submitting paperwork that several days of community service had been performed, the case was still not dismissed.

Previously, on 3/10/13, the Connecticut State Police (TFC Michael Downes) filed in their report that they had investigated the elements of this case and found that “no violation occurred.” All of the calls would have been investigated by March 10th as they were obtained from the phone company in February.

Pullman & Comley failed to conduct a Conflict of Interest Check. This conflict of interest check is critical as the legal firm Pullman & Comley also represented at least one of the fundraiser charities related to Sandy Hook, an organizer of one of the Sandy Hook charities was listed as an alternate victim in this case.

I later discovered that the complainant in Avon CT who had filed a police report against me in February 2013 is now under investigation by authorities, including by the District Attorney’s office in southern New York State. The complainant lied under oath in the murder trial involving a young woman who was a home health care worker and whose remains were found in December 2009 near Foxwoods Casino. The complainant has been publicly posting his social security number, home address and family members’ addresses, which have been viewed by thousands of people (despite having told Avon CT Police that he was “in fear for his life”).

It is still unclear whether the reported complainant, Harold Wayne Carver, ever filed an official written complaint form, since the written complaint is in multiple handwritings.

The Avon Police Report is missing several supplemental reports such as the Connecticut State Police Report (Case # 201300000766), including a written complaint from the “Family in Durham, CT”. This family is responsible for illegally repurposing photos of a minor in order to solicit donations from the public. Photos of a minor stolen from a private Flickr account (family photography account), with information disseminated throughout mainstream and social media, starting December 2012, were repurposed and used to collect millions of dollars in donations. The girl’s real identity is Lily Gaubert, however TransAct Technologies of Hamden, CT willfully disseminated the photo and claimed that her legal name was Allison Wyatt. The biological mother of the minor victim had posted on many social media sites that her daughter’s image was stolen from her account and illegally repurposed for use in a fraudulent non-profit scheme based in CT. Due to the theft and subsequent inter-state illegal transmission of a minor’s photograph (private intellectual property), this may qualify for a federal prosecution and financial reparations to the victim and her family in Louisiana.

Lastly, which employee or contingent worker of the Hartford Court System provided information from my file, before arraignment, to Jessica Sawyer of (owned by DMEP Corp. d/b/a Hale Global), as well as to Fox CT (owned by News Corp.)?

As a result of the unlawful, patently false, and malicious statements of the press, I was the victim of several horrific attacks against me, including Religious Persecution, Defamation, Libel, and Threats. At the time of my arrest, I was innocent until proven guilty. The reports illegally given to the press, before they were publicly available or even placed into the clerk’s file, and subsequent refusal to provide the defendant with those very same reports, for over 2 years, constitute illegal activity on the part of the Hartford Community Court.

If you are a part of this E-mail/letter, I expect a response within 5 business days of receipt of this letter as to your involvement and/or explanation.

This letter has been sent to the following recipients via E-mail & Certified Mail:

State’s Attorney Gail P. Hardy –

Carl Ajello –

Lori Gayle –

Governor Dannel P. Malloy –

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman –

Attorney General George Jepsen –

Jessica Sawyer –


Jonathan Reich

  1. The Hartford Community Court according to guidelines is required to arraign defendants within 48 hours however Reich was arraigned 15 days later in violation of court procedures.
  2. Several conversations between the State’s Attorney and Defense Counsel were not with the defendant present as required by guidelines.
  3. Refusal to provide photocopies of Law Enforcement Reports, Affidavits and Statements in the possession of Pullman & Comley and the State’s Attorney (Police Report, and Written Complaint Form). The Connecticut Judicial Branch Practice Book states that a prosecutor should provide photocopies of Law Enforcement Reports, Affidavits and Statements within forty-five days. Sec. 40-13A. of the Connecticut Rules of Practice.
  4. Court Dates were postponed 12 times (between the dates of 6/5/13, 7/13/13, 9/18/13, 11/21/13, 1/29/14, 3/26/14, 5/20/14, 6/10/14, 7/22/14, 9/30/14, 11/4/14) with the excuse that the Judge was absent due to “sick days”, however there was at the time, documented foreknowledge of these absences.
  5. Obvious tampering with the content of the docket information, adding characters in non-cursive handwriting to change the narrative.
  6. The Arrest Warrant Affidavit is incomplete given that neither box of type of Affidavit is selected. This item is obligatory for a valid police report.
  7. Over 100 incoming phone calls to my family’s home phone, cell phones, and work phones to accomplish extradition from the State of NY to CT, bypassing any NY Judge’s jurisdiction.
  8. To date, approximately 15 trips to Hartford CT have been sustained costing lost work time of my family. Approx. 3390 miles has been traveled to these illegal and inappropriate court proceedings. Over a period of 18 months I have to travel to Stamford every 2 weeks affecting my ability obtain a daily work schedule. Over the past 6 months, 1056 miles have been traveled to Probation meetings.
  9. To date, approximately $37,000 in legal defense costs has accumulated through the law firm of Pullman & Comley, it was later found out that there was a conflict of interest due to financial distributions of funds to certain complainants in this case, such as the “Family from Durham, CT”, Pullman & Comley’s fund the My Sandy Hook Family Fund has made distributions to the same individuals that have filed a complaint in this case.
  10. Pullman & Comley, LLC was retained on 5/17/13, to provide legal defense for an alleged Class C misdemeanor charge that was assigned to Hartford Community Court. Arrest Date– 5/20/13: Pullman & Comley, LLC failed to instruct an attorney to appear at an authorized appointment for Arrest/Surrender, scheduled by on Pullman & Comley, LLC, on 5/20/15 at the Avon Police Department. Sergeant Jeffrey Gilbert & Detective Jason Reid of the Avon Police Department, who had previously arranged the appointment, were able to intimidate and further threaten the defendant without legal counsel present.
  11. Illegal leak of the police report to the Press, for means of Libel & Religious Persecution, before defendant’s arraignment, at a time when this report was not considered available to the public. This report was never provided to the defendant, only the press.
  12. Thomas J. O’Brien and Pullman & Comley withheld the Police Report from the defendant for over 2 years.
  13. A copy of the Arrest Warrant Affidavit was not served to the defendant as required by Connecticut Practice Book, Sec. 36-5.
  14. Refusal of Pullman & Comley to turn over any documents to my new attorney, that were provided by the Assistant State’s Attorney to Pullman & Comley, in violation of Rule 1.16 of the Connecticut Rules of Practice.
  15. Illegal violation of a defendant’s civil rights to operate a Legal Defense Fund by the Assistant State’s Attorney. Denial of use of Crowd-funding platforms or social media to raise awareness about the case or to raise legal funds.
  16. A member of the bail commissioner’s office never conducted the required defendant screening for arraignment
  17. No assistance offered by Pullman & Comley from misconduct within the Hartford Community Court which doesn’t even have an adult probation program, upon discussion with a probation officer who has been working there for many years who said that no one was ever sent to her office at the Superior Court from the Community Court.Rules of the Connecticut Practice Book violated by Thomas O’Brien:

Rule 3.4. Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel

A lawyer shall not: (1) Unlawfully obstruct another party’s access to evidence or unlawfully alter, destroy or conceal a document or other material having potential evidentiary value. A lawyer shall not counsel or assist another person to do any such act; (2) Falsify evidence, counsel or assist a witness to testify falsely, or offer an inducement to a witness that is prohibited by law;

Connecticut Practice Book, Rule 3.8. Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor

The prosecutor in a criminal case shall: (1) Refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause; (2) Make reasonable efforts to assure that the accused has been advised of the right to, and the procedure for obtaining, counsel and has been given reasonable opportunity to obtain counsel; (3) Not seek to obtain from an unrepresented accused a waiver of important pretrial rights, such as the right to a preliminary hearing;

Connecticut Practice Book, Sec. 37-12. Defendant in Custody; Determination of Probable Cause

(d) Unless the judicial authority entered an order limiting disclosure of the affidavits submitted to the judicial authority in support of a finding of probable cause, whether or not probable cause has been found, all such affidavits, including any police reports, shall be made part of the court file and be open to public inspection and copying, and the clerk shall provide copies to any person upon receipt of any applicable fee.

Connecticut Practice Book, Sec. 36-7. Summons; Form of Summons and Complaint

A summons and complaint issued by a prosecuting authority or law enforcement officer shall: (1) Be in writing; (2) Be signed by the person issuing it with the title of such person’s office; (3) State the date of issuance and the municipality where issued; (4) Specify the name of the accused person; (5) Designate a time for appearance not more than fourteen days after issuance; (6) State the offense charged against the accused person; (7) State that if the accused does not appear at a specified time and place, an application may be made for the issuance of a warrant for arrest; (8) Inform the accused that he or she is entitled to be represented by an attorney; (9) Inform any accused charged with an offense punishable by incarceration who is unable to afford an attorney that he or she may be entitled to the services of a public defender.

Connecticut Practice Book, Sec. 36-5. Execution and Return of Warrant

The officer executing an arrest warrant may do so anywhere within the state upon apprehension

of the accused. The officer shall take the accused into custody, serve a copy of the warrant upon him or her and follow the procedure specified in Sections 38-1 or 38-2, whichever is applicable.

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19 thought on “Jonathan Reich Files Court Corruption Complaint Against CT Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas J. O’Brien”
  1. CIA suing itself (again).

    Reminds me of the Newtown “parents” (actually Crisis Actors) “suing” the Nancy Lanza Estate — but not minding when they bulldozed her house (biggest asset contained in that Estate).

    These miniseries serve as a warning to bystanders: “Don’t investigate Sandy Hoax or else you’ll get (i) Charged with crimes, and (ii) Rack up huge legal fees.”

    Same deal with LT VANCE threatening the public on Live TV with prosecution for talking about Sandy Hoax. The Regime is trying to discourage folks asking questions and uncovering Gun Grab Hoaxes.

    The Regime wants us silent and stupid while they strip away our guns.

  2. What ever happened to Allison Wyatt? Did the girl and her name just “disappear”? Was there an autopsy? Parents in CT? School record? Funeral? What was the date the real person, Lily Gaubert of La. appeared? Along with the lack of grief, 600 students, school buses, a fire lane, Lanza kid, his mother, and any consistency in all the stories – the appearance of Lily seems a huge hole in this theater event.

  3. I emailed the CT ACLU months , maybe over a year ago, asking why they were not getting involved in this miscarriage of justice. Most of them no doubt support the purpose of the hoax and may have been even involved.

  4. This is becoming increasingly the norm rather than the exception, for people who would dare to challenge the authorities. There is a pastor down in Florida named Kent Hovind, who was charged with”structuring” in 2006; he got out of prison just last month. The evil judge that presided in his case wanted him to spend the rest of his life in prison and actively pursued it like a person possessed. At his sentencing, she declared that his crime was “worse than rape”. When she later decided that she probably shouldn’t have said it, she had the trial transcript changed and the statement was taken out. Pastor Hovind was never allowed to present anything in the way of defense. He was moved to 30 different prisons during those nine years, and spent the last month before his release in solitary confinement, without so much as a word of why. Look him up and see what is going on in our court system. He has tons of videos on YouTube.

  5. Wow. This is an example of how they mess with people who ask questions.

    It is understandable and well-written. I’m not sure I understand what relief is sought. I don’t know who the appropriate authority would be for a complaint in this case. It looks like you’ve addressed several legal and procedural violations.

    You may have to break this down into parts in order to get a response. It’s a good thing you are publicizing it, however.

  6. FOIA rules and regulations sound great on paper but are not adhered. I commend the efforts of those that continue the effort.

    MSM Journalism is dead. War correspondents are a dying breed. Literally. Whistleblowers’ tend to end up bankrupt, blackballed and sent to prison.

    We are left with the appropriately named WEB. I never envisioned an era where RT and Press TV would be less censored than what passes for news in the US.

    I am left to ask what happened?

  7. Watching Alison Parker father ‘s no tear interview . Watching the bf being interviewed like he is speaking about a favorite burger joint . Here we go again .

    1. I agree,I just watched the interview and thought the same thing.No way did this father and boyfriend just go threw the loss of a loved one.How come there are never any tears? This is just another false flag.

        1. The “shooter’s” hand is Caucasian, while the “perp” was supposed to be black (and not light-skinned, either). The “newswoman” ran away after being shot multiple times, there’s no evidence she was wounded at all!

  8. I hate the comments that detract from the subject. His situation cannot be compared to others who were breaking some stupid or unfair laws. This is something much worse. We are not allowed to question events? I listened to the tape of him calling the coroner’s office and he did nothing wrong and broke no laws. We have a right to question things!

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