This week’s Real Politik consists of a pre-recorded conversation with RT correspondent and commentator Patrick Henningsen henningsenwith James Tracy that originally aired on the July 26 edition of Henningsen’s weekly radio broadcast, Sunday Wire.

Mr. Henningsen is also the founder of the exciting alternative news and analysis website 21st Century Wire.

Henningsen and Tracy discuss the mass shooting phenomenon in America, the Sandy Hook massacre, the recent string of almost daily shootings throughout the US south, including Charleston, Chattanooga, and Lafayette, and how such events are sensationalized by corporate media to elicit public support for certain political agendas such as gun control and mandatory mental health protocols being rolled out at public schools nationwide.


This is an edited version of a two hour conversation that may be listened to or downloaded in its entirety here.

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9 thought on “Manufactured Terror in the Homeland”
  1. Mainstream Media is the biggest reason we’re in this mess to be sure. Bringing them down would have to involve popular, hip, trendy, ideas and videos. Viral videos that exposes the msm lies, i think would be a great start. Cnn is constantly being attacked and banned as criminal in some other countries. Exposing Msm is the key to making truth the law of the land, obviously without their complicity in these ff, the oligarchs would be powerless. How indeed can this be accomplished, to bring back real honest reporting, ms kelly went on vacay because it was exposed that she is a parrot, Williams after shown to be a liar has all but disappeared,. Getting the goods on particular mouth pieces apparently does work to at least get rid of their minions, example Mr Morgan from the land of queens and princes, basically Morgan has been silenced at least on the Boob toob,. Perhaps getting one of the retired liars to spill some beans, Danny rather, come shout some truth dan, he surely would feel human again. Or not

  2. Also rt obviously is neck deep in the climate scam, a little bit of truth mixed into their programming, rt is almost worse than Cnn, posers, shame on rt for posing to tell the whole truth, climate change is the most important lie for the ptb, rt is doing their job making sure to spread the lies, everything on the tv is lies, yes even the two posers ventura’s son and the directors son, total posers, unfortunately

    1. RT is as owned as all the rest. Please, “Russia Today”? Hello? Sure, there might be as much as 70% truth spoken at RT, but the other 30% is pure, unadulterated BS. Disinformation at its finest!

      If a government subsidizes the news, it OWNS the news.

  3. I listened to the 2 hour version of the show, which I recommend. JT comes on at the top of hour 2, through end of hour 3. At JT’s link for the full version:
    the show begins auto-playing when you open the page. Player console is 2-3 PGDNs, where you can pause it and download the MP3 if you’d prefer.

    At approx 2h 25m, the subject of Nick Kollerstrom & his Holocaust™ “denial” came up. JT noted that discourse has been strongly “policed” in the US since (at least) the founding of the ADL in 1913 (same year as the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the predecessor of the FBI).

    Jim Fetzer’s latest show interviews John DeNugent re the murder case which sparked the founding of the ADL: “The Real Deal Ep # 90 Mary Phagan and Leo Frank: Justice with Ironies”

    Separately, JT hasn’t made a blog entry for it here, but don’t miss his 8/12 Guns & Butter interview:

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