“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society,” Edward Bernays observed almost a century ago. “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Bernays’ insight reflects the view of corporate statists he regularly commissioned with.

Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting, July 20, 2012, [Image Credit: newscom.au]
Intertwined with complex public relations exercises, corporate news media’s role today has far less to do with informing the public than it does with maintaining a perpetual tension and anxiety throughout the body politic. Through such tension the citizenry will further gravitate toward or even consciously advocate for heightened police state measures now peddled a prerequisite for public safety.

Recent quantitative and historically-oriented studies by USA Today and the Congressional Research Service (CRS) on mass murder in the United States provide much food for thought especially since they suggest vast public misperceptions concerning massacre events that call out for further inquiry. More than ever, public opinion has been fueled by a corporate news media disproportionately sensationalizing certain mass murders while overlooking others that are at least as serious.

The CRS looked at an array of academic studies and FBI data to find an annual average of 31 mass murders (defined as four or more victims excluding the perpetrator). Importantly, mass shootings have increased only slightly between 2009 and 2013 versus preceding five year periods dating to 1999. Of these, about two thirds involve firearms. If the year 2012 was excluded from the latest 2009-13timespan that period’s average number of incidents (22.4) and fatalities (116) would have shown a significant decrease versus the previous two five year averages.

Prominent gun rights opponents such as President Obama and Michael Bloomberg have advocated for gun control measures. Their activism has been most vigorous following the 2012 events, in particular the mass shootings at Aurora Colorado and Newtown Connecticut, each of which now appear to have been “false flags” intended to bolster the case for scaling back the Second Amendment (e.g. here, here, here and here).

Despite these poorly understood and vastly propagandized events Aurora and Sandy Hook have been imbued in the pubic mind on a scale comparable to the September 11, 2001 “terror attacks.” This is the case even though there are now far more contradictions and unanswered questions concerning both events than when they initially transpired.

In the case of Newtown local and state authorities have had difficulty responding to numerous public records requests simply querying on the most fundamental documents to confirm whether the event ever took place as reported by major news media. The very news outlets sensationalizing the massacre have long since moved on to solicit the most recent bloodlettings in Charleston, Chattanooga, and Lafayette.

Corporate news outlets indeed know how the public fears being involved in such an event. According to one nationwide survey of adults highlighted in the CRS study,

Americans’ top fears include 1) walking alone at night, 2) becoming the victim of identity theft, 3) various risks of using the Internet, 4) being the victim of a mass shooting, and 5) public speaking.

Most Americans learn of catastrophic events from television news, and overwhelmingly rely on the video display of news to make sense of their world. The corporate media chieftains and their subordinate producers and editors overseeing the modern consciousness industry thus have free reign to manipulate the thoughts, fears, even the dreams of the populace, thereby shaping the psychic basis for what is deemed desirable public policy. They choose specific stories and gauge the extent of their exposure to craft national public opinion and dismiss others not upholding certain agendas, such as race-based social tension and gun control. As the observations below suggest, Time Warner’s CNN is a central agent in bolstering such perspectives.

A cursory examination of recent broadcast news may prove helpful in demonstrating today’s psywar on the American people. Coverage of the July 18, 2015 shooting at a military recruiting station and base in Chattanooga Tennessee, and the July 23, 2015 massacre in a Lafayette Louisiana movie theater are illustrative. Each incident resulted in profuse media attention, making the events impossible to overlook.

Yet equally tragic and alarming mass murders transpired on these exact dates with comparatively little reportage or commentary from corporate media. For example, on July 18 in Northern California one Martin Martinez was charged with the murders of three young children and two women, one of whom was a practicing physician.

On July 23 two teenage boys were taken into custody in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma as suspects in the brutal stabbing deaths of five family members. The scene was so disturbing that even responding police officers were visibly shaken, a rare story by NBC chattanooga-cnnNews noted. “The crime scene has taken a pretty heavy toll on officers who have come out here,” a Broken Arrow policeman remarked. “It hits close to home, especially when the victims are adults and juveniles. Our officers have a lot to take in.”

Comparing the coverage of these four comparable events that transpired on or around the same dates indexed by the LexisNexis database, one finds the privileged stories chose to impress upon the public mind the alleged problem of “love wolves,” their purported ideological predispositions—in these instances Muslim and Nazi-racist fanaticism—and the apparent ease with which they have obtained firearms.

Chattanooga Marine Base Shooting Coverage in Broadcast News, July 16-23, 2015 via LexisNexis

Total Story Transcript Yield: 389

Various Independent and Network Affiliate Broadcasts — 120
CNN — 119
Fox News — 36
CBS News — 21
ABC News — 19
NBC News — 14
MSNBC — 12
Federal News Service — 10
National Public Radio — 8
Channel News Asia — 6
CNN International — 6
Canadian Television Network — 4
Lou Dobbs Tonight — 4
Congressional Quarterly Transcriptions — 3
Euronews English — 3
PBS NewsHour — 3
ABC Australia — 1

Modesto California Mass Murder Broadcast News Coverage, July 18-25, 2015 via LexisNexis

Total Story Transcript Yield: 22

Various Independent and Network Affiliate Broadcasts — 17
CNN — 1
ABC News — 1
CBS News — 1
NBC News — 1
Canadian Television Network — 1

Lafayette Theater Shooting Broadcast News Coverage, July 23-30, 2015 via LexisNexis

Total Story Transcript Yield: 343

Various Independent and Network Affiliate Broadcasts — 161
CNN — 78
Fox News — 9
CBS News — 22
ABC News — 21
NBC News — 13
MSNBC — 12
Federal News Service — 9
Canadian Television Network — 3
National Public Radio — 2
Congressional Quarterly Transcriptions — 3
Channel News Asia — 2
CNN International — 2
Euronews English — 2
PBS NewsHour — 1
Financial Market Regulatory Wire — 1
Lou Dobbs Tonight — 1

On the same day of the Louisiana movie theater shooting, two teenagers were charged in Oklahoma with the stabbing deaths of five family members. The latter story was largely overlooked by major news media.

Broken Arrow Oklahoma Mass Stabbing Broadcast News Coverage, July 23-30, 2015

Total Story Transcript Yield: 7

Various Independent and Network Affiliate Broadcasts — 4
CNN — 1
ABC — 1
NBC — 1

How can one explain such disparate coverage? It may be attributable to the random nature of editorial decision-making at major news outlets. A more critical analysis, however, suggests a coordinated effort to maneuver public opinion behind the “war on terror” and continued public acceptance of America’s police state.

Can this merely be dismissed as “conspiracy theory”? It is well established that CNN and NPR have collaborated with US military psychological warfare experts in recent years. “CNN had hosted a total of five interns from U.S. Army Psyops, two in television, two in radio, and one in satellite operations,” Project Censored noted in the early 2000s, citing coverage of the phenomenon in both alternative and mainstream outlets.

The military/CNN personnel belonged to the airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1,200 soldiers and officers is to spread “selected information.” The propaganda group was involved in the Gulf War, the war in Bosnia, and the crisis in Kosovo.

The military personnel stayed with CNN for at least two weeks “to get to know the company and to broaden their horizons.” Collins maintains that “they didn’t work under the control of the army.” The temporary outplacement of U.S. Army Psyops personnel in various sectors of society began a couple of years ago. Contract periods vary from weeks to one year.

In light of the Sandy Hook and Aurora events, in addition to other sensationalized mass shootings like those referenced above, it is not unreasonable to question whether CNN and other major news outlets are again carrying out such exercises. Given the corporate news media and federal government’s accelerating arrogance and lack of accountability, would the public ever be privy to such a scheme?

With the above comparisons in mind one needs to seriously consider the extent to which CNN and other news outlets are again working with intelligence and/or military psywar personnel to essentially “brainwash the American public” on crucial issues such as gun control, as former Attorney General Eric Holder recommended in 1995.

There is an all too apparent intent behind today’s terrorist and mass shooting events—an insidious and fraudulent effort to rob people of not only their constitutional freedoms but also their peace of mind and ability to exercise basic free association in their communities. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “terrorism,” as well as the real parties actually implicated in the psychic torment of a once free nation.

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56 thought on ““Lone Wolf” Terror and the PsyWar on American Public Opinion”
  1. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:

    Great article Prof. But, even though you are awake and realize what has taken place, and perhaps someone close to you or people you have interacted with, the scary part is that you realize, 99 % of the population does not care,or, is not aware, or goes along to get along having lost the values of what is right or wrong and the consequences of their inaction.

  2. I find it very suspicious that none of the “injured” victims in the Lafayette Louisiana Theater shooting were ever interviewed – or even IDENTIFIED !!
    9 hospitalized – none identified or interviewed !! Why not ?

    1. Why bother identifying vicSIMS when MSM will report another “massacre” anyway?

      Don’t get bogged down with facts. Spreading fear and distracting from Treason (by Congress) is the goal here. Facts just get in the way.

      1. HIPAA has not stopped the press from interviewing injured crime victims in the past. Real journalists pay for this information. Call a private investigator and see what you can find on Accuint.

        1. The post demands IDENTIFICATION. HIPAA law prohibits such identification

          Just another knee jerk posting on here. No surprise. Wake up

  3. The FBI decided to arbitrarily change the definition of “mass murder” in 2012 by limiting the phenomenon to incidents with 4 or more resulting deaths. This would be an interesting topic to explore given the bi-weekly frequency of active shooter incidents. It would seem that the FBI might want to manipulatively lower the amount of incidents by simply changing the definition:


  4. The Lone Wolf Provision of the Patriot Act was an amendment which was added to allow the US intelligence agencies to data mine all electronic communications, at will on innocent American citizens- with zero oversight. The FISA Court rubber stamps everything. Prior to the Lone Wolf provision, the three-letter federal agencies were required to demonstrate a foreign nexxus to terrorism. Now they can read this as I type…

    It was supposed to be a temporary emergency act, and should have been long gone. Instead, intelligence agencies have mushroomed, as have their budgets, but they all hinge on public fear of a lone wolf. Without active shooters gunning down movie theaters, malls and elementary schools, all those federal snoopers and their contractors loose their funding and jobs.

      1. I don’t watch any TV, which makes seeing the coverage (in an airport) look all the more ridiculous and phony. I caught a major network interviewing “Dog the bounty hunter,” as though his opinion is crucial to the matter. After watching a bit of it while waiting to board a plane, I became fascinated with it and intentially followed the case to some degree. Though I found others who also thought it was a contrived event, I’ve yet to hear any ideas on why. Of all weirdo stories to fabricate, I struggle with explaining this one at all.

  5. Senator Murphy (from Connecticut, different from Congressman Murphy from Pennsylvania) and Senator Cassidy of Louisianna have coauthored and introduced a bipartisan ‘mental health’ bill into the Senate. It dropped the most controversial provision of its predecessor in the House, which called for ‘AOT,’ or Assisted Outpatient Treatment. The program would allow for courts to order forced drug and therapy treatments for…I don’t know really. I think it could apply to non-criminal or criminally adjudicated ‘mental illness’ sufferers alike. It also maintains some of the substance abuse treatment modalities, which emphasize voluntary engagement, instead of funneling consumers of them away into ‘serious mental illness’ treatment.

    I am awaiting word on whether the Senate version adopts the House’s radical change in the requirements for involuntary committals as ‘in need of treatment.’

    But this bill is just more of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, and no student of Sandy Hoax should be surprised. Senator Murphy actually admits to a softer core version of ‘brainwashing’ in the form of availing senators of ‘political opportunity’ stemming from these alleged shootings and segueing directly from gun control to ‘mental health:’ I strongly urge people to track the movements of these bills which are the ultimate goal of the governmedia’s psy ops:


    1. Meant to say ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’


      The scariest thing about Chris Murphy’s companion bill so far is its call for the ‘full integration of mental and physical health.’ Real doctors (no psychiatrist practices medicine) are going to be integrating their care of children as young as three with ‘mental health professionals’ to look out for signs of ‘severe mental illness.’ The federal government will set up a national czar of ‘mental health.’

      ‘Severe mental illness’ was a phrase coined by Big Psych that supposedly divides the ‘not severe’ from the ‘severe.’ Along with changing the definition of manic depression and ‘mental illness’ as a whole (most conditions now ‘diagnosed’ as ‘mental illness’ were once merely regarded as emotional or psychological or life problems) ‘experts’ also changed the age of onset for ‘mental illness’ to…whenever. Prior to the takeover by Big Pharma/Psych of the ‘field,’ the two true mental illnesses, manic depression and schizophrenia, were known to be genetic and to manifest in the late teens and early twenties exclusively. Children could not develop or exhibit manic depression, nor I believe schizophrenia.

      This should signal to people just how sinister these bills are for the american people. I’d questioned whether the campaign to over-vaccinate had more than just extra profits as its agenda, and I think I’ve found the answer – the oligarchs want full control over not just kids’ bodies but their developing minds and worldviews as well.

      1. Sue, I think they are convinced they have sufficient technology and will no longer need people with a brain that functions beyond a level of their choosing. Its about slavery. Three year old severely mentally ill children? What kind of monsters think this garbage up? I remember them giving us MMPI testing in school. I hate to think where that information ended up.

        1. They’re certainly convinced they have enough power to control our thinking. Here is a Texas senator ‘availing’ himself of ‘political opportunity’ the Sandra Bland hoax created: http://sentinelrepublic.com/gop-and-nra-back-stricter-federal-background-check/60344/

          Note how law enforcement will be financially rewarded for identifying and preventing ‘mental illness crises’ or whatever, among other Big Brother provisos. The two most personality disordered professions are psychiatrists and cops, yet they will be the official commissars of ‘mental health’ in the NWO. America the Free Republic is swirling the drain at this point.

          The Murphy/Cassidy bill, S. 1945, does not address thresholds for involuntary commitment. I think it’s probable Tim Murphy will push to retain his part of the final version, and that instead of AOT there will just be more ‘commitments’ or imprisonments (and torture) without any due process. Here is the text of an email one of the two senators’ aids sent me on the issue: “The Senator understands the delicate balance between commitment and civil liberties. However, we are also trying to protect communities who fear untreated seriously mentally ill who turn to violence. The Senate is different from the House bill. Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

        2. Not just responding to Sue but to whomever is interested in the current mind-control agenda of children through schools, check out August 9 posting on invisibleserfscollar.com, and be sure to read the comments and follow links. Proof positive, for anyone who cares to look.

        3. So there it is. Any kid who does not eat his veggies will be denied firearms ownership as an adult.. They should have this gun thing all wrapped up in no time. This is why I choked down those brussell sprouts.

        4. Train your kids to eat their veggies in front of lunchroom attendants! Picky eaters are now being flagged for ‘avoidant intake disorder’ as a likely precursor to ‘serious (as opposed to funny) mental illness:’ http://www.healio.com/pediatrics/developmental-behavioral-medicine/news/online/%7B5ec31ff1-c802-44fa-9171-f410f0c0e23f%7D/selective-eating-may-predict-mental-health-issues-in-children?sc_trk=internalsearch

          I joke because it is so grave. Folks should learn about Ted Chabiskinski, who became part of the psychos aka psychiatrists’ experimentation on children with ECT in the 40’s under the notorious Dr. Lauretta Bender of Bellevue Hospital in NYC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Chabasinski

          Bender, part jewish, was the CIA’s go to psychopath for experimenting with electroshock and other ‘treatments from the 30’s through the 60’s. Many think she helped pioneer MKUltra. She wrote that female children had often ‘actively seduced’ their sexual abusers, among other functionally psychotic observations.

          The Murphys want to take America back to an era where Bender was considered a ‘doctor.’ Their bills call for millions to be funneled into ‘research on children’s mental health.’

          For those who say we are helpless – we are NOT. We as americans have the power and responsibility to fight this total evisceration of our Constitution and most basic morality – not just freedom.

        5. More proof that involuntary commitment by whim/diktat is the stealth trojan horse in the Senate version: https://www.rawstory.com/2015/07/louisiana-shooter-was-never-involuntarily-committed-to-mental-health-facility-georgia-authorities/

          For some reason the consumer community did not seem to focus on the new threshold part of Tim Murphy’s bill when I’d checked about a week before the Senate version was introduced. By dropping the contested AOT passage from his bill, Chris Murphy paves the way for an even more draconian violation to become the law of the land. Without any criteria for committal, there won’t be any for discharge. Due process dies completely when this bill passes and there will be no going back.

  6. Every time the threat of gun legislation arises, another ten million weapons fly off the shelf. These weapons are not going to people who will willingly hand them over when the ban comes along. On one hand the libs say they want gun control, on the other they cause more guns to be sold. The average person hasn’t the slightest clue how many firearms roll out of the average shop in a single day, and lets not even talk about a Cabelas, wow! Is this just another example of government getting the exact opposite of what they are trying to accomplish? It almost seems to me like they are arming us up for something.

    1. Rich,

      I believe you have hit the nail on the head here. Just think, how ridiculous of an effort it would take to attempt to disarm the american public… Impossibility. We are nothing like U.K./Britain, Australia, or the rest of the west that has recently (within the past century) been gun-neutered.

      Either the 170+ IQ Army and Central Intelligence generals are too stupid to figure out their plan is back-firing… or… they’re arming us to the teeth for something… and I doubt it is just to make a profit off of the S&W stock price (they own). No matter how many nursing homes, churches, veterans centers, fire departments, Astronaut conventions, baby nurseries, Hospital Burn Wards, etc. they tell us got shot up on CNN and no matter how many fake celebrities they bribe to make commercials crying with victims family members…. WE ARE NOT BUYING THEIR BS! … But we are Buying their guns… in fact…. I would say fear has kept me consuming just fine these days even outside of the firearms dept… I’m an obedient little consumer even though I widely understand the matrix (compared to your average tom, dick and harry). But I haven’t been able to shake my need to consume!

      It has also kept me distracted on 1,000,000 little headlines, scrutinizing each one to attempt to determine which ones are real and which ones are fake… The secret I’ve learned is that fake or real, the news should not have the power to make us fear, change policy, change our minds, riot, or anything else .

      What better things can I use my time on now that I see?

      1. Right. Shut off the cable and ignore most of it like i do. I look at just enough online to keep up on the lies. They are probably hoping we will kill each other off with all the firepower they are selling us. They may be surprised. They may find out we are not as evil as most of the unarmed.

      2. I am thinking that the aim is to increase the fear and hate and division between black and white, between right and left, the biggest arms manufacturers are in CT. Warmongers only want one thing, to sell arms and bullets, event if it’s to our own people, and then to the military to take it away from us. They don’t care where they ” play war” as long as it’s not in the Hamptons or in their own backyard.

        1. Well, if you want to go further down the Rabbit Hole, read some Alice Bailey, especially her “Externalization of the Heirarchy”. Over 70 years ago she wrote that there would be a First NWO, (which would likely result in WWIII) that would leave the world population shattered, lost & finally eager to accept their true NWO, through which they could then have their Occultist, Humanist Utopia forever.

          It seems to me that the US is, actually, constantly pushing those who are opposed to the first NWO to make sure when the pot boils over that it is as violent & chaotic as it can be. The behavior of police forces all over the country is becoming more & more ferocious & terroristic. Is it just a coincidence? I doubt it. They want people angry, frightened & ready to do violence.

          It reminds me somewhat of the French Revolution. An Oppressive Feudal System was in place, that was then torn down by people with legitimate grievances, which then resulted in even more horror than occurred under the previous system, culminating eventually in Napoleon.

          As a Christian, I have no doubt that the New Napoleon who will emerge out of this chaos will gleefully feed many of those who are currently putting this first NWO in place to the starving, angry world population for some good old Mob Justice.

        2. I don’t know if you’re already familiar with his work, but Miles Mathis (mileswmathis.com; look under “Updates”) has done quite a lot of work linking Theosophy, serial killers, 60s icons, modern art, etc. with government/military Intelligence. It’s worth a look.

  7. I really wish I could get my friends to read your essays. Just to acknowledge the fact that what you say might be true if for no other reason. Blissful ignorance is what I call the state of mind most professional Americans live in these days. Combined with the fact that most have no attention span outside the domain of their individual expertise, it really does not bode well for our long term prospects.

  8. Sandy Hookers get hungry, too!


    At the 1:04 to 1:09 point, then at 1:35 to end of video, it reappears. It is a van with Maneeley’s on the side. Going to Maneeley’s website, you find it is a catering operation located on 65 Rye Street, South Windsor, CT.

    “If you choose to plan your business meeting at your own site, our corporate catering services staff can make a tasteful – and tasty – breakfast, lunch or dinner to be delivered right to you; we can cook for a formal gathering, open house, summer outing, picnic, etc.”

    The William B. Meyer moving vans shown at around the 1:13:00 mark in the previously posted video, https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=w-MQUePczdo was a real find (remove spaces). We are starting to see some more people Wolfgang Halbig could subpoena.

    In Lafayette, LA there were portapotties spotted. I pulled them into Photoshop, but someone had blurred the logo and phone number so I was unable to track these.

    1. Don’t you just wince when you see the news videos from that day, knowing they were all lying through their teeth? I sure do! They all seem to have a certain smirk about them. S. Windsor is about an hour’s drive from Newtown, according to the map. Do you think this video was recorded there? If I was better at Google Earth, I would see if I could find the street shown in the video.

    2. The strange part of the video happens on the original video from CBS that I linked below from your site between 1:15 – 1:28.

      A woman with a big fuzzy hat walks past the girl being interviewed and passes out of the shot.
      The camera then quickly pans out while shes still talking and that same woman is behind her and back in the shot.

      It’s strange, I couldn’t say. Perspective?

      But if it is fake ya gotta love all steam. I think they are really outside.


        1. Around the 30 second mark is when the portapotties appear. Area code for Lafayette is 337. I don’t think the area code on the porta potty matches, but it is hard to tell.

        2. When you get to the 34 second point in the video, you can see the last digits in the phone number are 459. The digit before that is possibly a 2. I did a search for Lafayette portapottie rentals, and none listed on the White Pages had 459 as the last digits. The area code looks like either 475 or 472 to me. The area codes in Louisiana are 225, 318, 337, 504 and 985; the number on the video doesn’t really jive with those. 472 area code is for China. However, 475 brings us to Connecticut. According to Wikipedia, Newtown is in area code 475, as are a bunch of other towns. The company is not listed in the white pages in Newtown. Where did Wolfgang find out the portapotties were rented for Sandy Hook? I believe he said they were brought in from a neighboring jurisdiction.

  9. Another sobering and thought-provoking article, thank you. I’ll respectfully add that “the corporate media chieftains and their subordinate producers and editors” could not perform their alleged misdeeds alone. They necessarily rely on the collaboration of the large majority of alternative information providers, such as the mass media in other countries and the myriad organizations that would ostensibly gain from denouncing the alleged information manipulation.

    Accordingly, analysts who wish to seek some root cause for this organized disinformation ought to broaden their investigation to some probable much larger–and presumably much more dangerous–phenomenon.


    1. Trump offered Obama 5 Million dollars to help only Black families if he would release just his College records.No BC or SS or Service or Passport.

      Obama: Screw Black Families in need. You know a Saudi Prince paid for me to be at Harvard with Zero qualifications.

      Yo saw tha Videeo.

      Pathetic. $25k is chump change to these fools.

      5 Million is not enough either to shoot yourself from 5 yards in the back of the head, slit you wrists and jump in the river.

      This Really happened.

    1. “Joseph Flatley” contacted me under the pretense that he was a reporter employed by author Russ Baker, editor of WhoWhatWhy, which was the only reason I spoke with him. I was unaware the interview was for a hit piece. Flatley has in fact written for WhoWhatWhy, but this piece never appeared on Baker’s site. The last article Flatley wrote for WhoWhatWhy appeared in February 2015. It appears he is using Baker’s credentials to get materials for his own articles.

      1. I find it fascinating Ben Thorndike refused any and all interviews to discuss his fantastic pictures that the entire world would see.

        That’s a red flag and then being neck deep in big buck investment firms and former employers include Bain Capital, Boston Bank…….

        How much money did Boston receive from donations and the Federal Government?

        Thank goodness he’s an expert in “investments” wink wink

    2. Too bad Maureen didn’t tell us if she considered this a despicable hit piece, or of she endorses it.

      First, the article Flatley links to is a compilation, which is often what Dr. Tracy presents. This is a media criticism site, above all. The things attributed to him by Flatley are simply not true.

      ” There’s no modern conspiracy theory that’s more counterintuitive or flat-out mean than the belief that the victims of the Tsarnaev brothers (roughly 260 injured and three killed) were merely actors. According to this theory, the dead and wounded are the real criminals, working in league with a secret government to hoodwink the American people.”

      This is ridiculous, but none of it can be attributed to Tracy. Anyone with sense knows that it’s not “counterintuitive” to question the BMB hoax, and it’s in no way “mean” to call the actors actors, hired by the secret government. But Tracy never said so. All he does is point out the press’ failure to do real reporting.

      “What Thorndike found published there [MHB] beggared belief: “proof” that the government had faked the bombing,”

      Call me a skeptic. THAT’S where he found out his pictures were subject to analysis? THIS is where he experienced shock and dismay? Give me a break. This is a hit piece on James Tracy. A weak, flaccid, smear.

      ““You wrote an article about my marathon photos that is filled with inaccuracies,” Thorndike wrote” to Tracy, says Flatley. What article might that be? Not the one Flatley linked to.

      What follows is a bit of implausible, misleading, reconstruction of conversations, but it moves on to some really valuable bonus material, so keep reading, if this kind of hatchet job does not completely turn you off. The cursory jumble of stupid “conspiracy theory” lofty dismissal talk ensues, AND THEN A GIGANTIC LIE BEGINS. He says: You can wallow in this mindset for yourself by looking at Thorndike’s pictures and trying to see in them what James Tracy sees.

      The thing is, everything asserted is from another guy’s analysis (Flatley links to an article, but does not tell us it is not Tracy’s work), but pretends that it’s Tracy talking. Despicable.

      I like this concluding remark:

      “I came away from my conversation with James Tracy, the academic conspiracist and self-styled public intellectual, with the distinct impression that he thinks very highly of himself.”

      We all know how high and toplofty James Tracy regards himself. Cock of the walk. Big shot. Ha! What a maroon, this Flatley cove is.

      And then there’s this:

      “In this light, conspiracy creeps like James Tracy are shown for what they really are: hack filmmakers, working without a crew….there’s nothing worthwhile about James Tracy’s work. Indeed, the only thing that’s truly revelatory about Tracy is the fact that he’s convinced people to believe his rap.”

      Oh, my. He’s a “conspiracy creep,” producing nothing of worth, trying to convince people of bullshit. What a revelation. I didn’t know any of that about the guy–and I’ve only been camped out here for a few years now. Glad to find it out.

      Thanks, Flatley!

      1. Hey Pat,

        Quote from Thorndike per Flata$$,

        The Bomb went off, I grabbed my super sonic perfect picture camera and started snapping pictures….Really?

        Then where are all the pic’s of the “crew” coming on to the scene with their fake bandages and such. It’s documented thru video and phone camera’s.Fact.

        So you waited until they were all in place, Then started taking your pic’s after you got the “Hands Up” sign from the ground?

        What a crock.. That’s why you didn’t do any interviews. It’s called conscience. You couldn’t handle it.

        You are Not CIA material..Your Fired..

        How’s the Investments going?

        1. You bet, Ric. What a crock, indeed! My head spins. They keep throwing crazy, obvious, lies at us, and those who can see the unreality of it get attacked for saying so. Ugh.

  10. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sandy-hook-promise-supports-the-mental-health-reform-act-of-2015-300124607.html

    Another point to note about these ‘reform’ ‘mental health’ bills in Congress is that both seek to erode HIPPA protections for ‘the mentally ill.’ This is so that neurotic, abusive (and usually addictive) families can more successfully scapegoat the ‘identified patient,’ and, so cops can become parties to what was formerly considered confidential. Yet none of the ‘mental health’ records of the shooters have been made public, even after most have allegedly died.

    1. Drawing on this logic there should be an abundance of successful Hollywood feature films probing and dramatizing the mass shooter phenomenon. There are few, if any, in recent years that this author is aware of. On the other hand, the “lunatic” or serial murderer is a recurring and successful Hollywood motif.

      As the article suggests, the CRS and some academic studies contend that mass shootings in public settings are much more unnerving, and that those in domestic settings or related to felonious activities (drug deals gone wrong, etc.) can be more easily rationalized away by the public. This may in fact be due to “ratings wars,” the media’s well-founded role in foreign and domestic psychological operations, or a combination of the two. More study would be necessary, and the post does not purport to be exhaustive in this regard. Its cursory overview combined with other similar posts here suggest how CNN–an entity that has admittedly employed military psyops experts–plays an inordinate role in such reportage.

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