2 Fatalities, Including Gunman, Victim Conditions Range From “Non-life Threatening to Critical”

“FBI on the Scene”



From RT:

Three people have been killed and seven others injured after a man opened fire at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. One of the deceased is the suspect, who turned the gun on himself.

According to witnesses the man opened fire some 20 minutes into the movie Train Wreck, which was being screened at the Grand Theatre in in Lafayette.

“He wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t hear anybody screaming either,” a witness told The Advertiser, describing the shooter as “an older white man.”

According to reports the shooter eventually turned the gun on himself, before authorities were able to approach him.

Lafayette police initially received the call about the shooting, which involved “multiple victims,” at around 7:30pm local time. Multiple police teams were deployed to the scene, surrounded and swept the movie theater.

After police entered the building to “engage the shooter” they were able to confirm that he was unresponsive and likely dead, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft told reporters. The situation at the theater was “contained,” he added.

The identity of the shooter, who was acting alone, has not officially been revealed thus far, but Craft confirmed that the shooter was a white man in his 50s.

Meanwhile an ambulance official confirmed to AP that in total eight people with gun wounds had been taken to hospital, two of whom were proclaimed dead on arrival – the gunman and one other person.

Another victim – one of the three in a critical condition – later died in hospital.

“Troopers are working closely with the Lafayette Police Department as well as numerous other agencies to provide assistance and investigate the shooting,” Louisiana State Police said in a statement.

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145 thought on “Lafayette Louisiana Theatre Shooting”
  1. Somebody better check the drill schedule. They have the Governor, the State Police Colonel, and the FBI there already. They travel fast in LA.

    While its too early to tell, it has all the signs. Under the circumstances I would expect they’d need the biohazard people there soon. I’m not sure why they needed to block streets using cops with automatic rifles.

    It’s pretty obvious where this is going. Disarmament, “extremism”, and mental screening. We’ll see if he’s Muslim. This plot is getting very old.

    1. All the signs and shades of SHES too. In this latest psyop we once again have a teacher bravely throwing herself in front of the shooter.
      Speaking of brave teachers, the widower Hochsprung recently bought a home in Pennsylvania in the area of the Penn State scandal.

      1. Does this mean “Dawn” was a “marriage of convenience”? He was a bit long in the tooth for the brave Dawn. Maybe not for Don?

        What happened to their “dream home”? Remember that? They were going to retire there with the giggle sisters. Nobody moves TO Pennsylvania unless its for work.

        1. I did some recent research on the Hochsprung clan. George and his alleged mother-in-law (both same age) now share the same home in upstate NY. Their street address has a 666 number. Good ol’ George also recently purchased himself a home in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Interesting choice of place. Perhaps a vacation home?

          It’s been 10 years since Centre County’s D. A. Ray Gricar went missing on April 15, 2005.

          In 1998, Gricar declined to press charges against longtime Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky following allegations of sexual abuse;.[7]

        2. Anne, oh yeah, I remember that. They found his rusty laptop. I believe they later found him (rather what was left of him). The story was that he did a “Hoagland”. Never touched any of his money (it was substantial). Just…., disappeared.

          I’m sure that somebody is having quite a laugh. If you were casting something like this would you pick this unlikely cast of characters? This is an object lesson in just how persuasive television can be. Despite the fact that no one has ever known anyone like these characters, its on TEE VEE and must be “real”.

        3. With all these so called news outlets going 24/7 globally on TEE VEE, there simply is not enough real news to keep the audience interested to sit through endless mind numbing commercials in between the infotainment. So they manufacture the news and Hollywood botoxed types do not fit the roles they make up. They have to look like our neighbors, more or less. This is how we get the likes of George and his family.

          On the manufactured war front we have another cast of characters from presidents to generals to Jihadi Johns. And the likes of Jens Stoltenberg who just called a crisis meeting in NATO. Seems Turkey is in danger of being decimated by IS. Now it is IS. What was it yesterday?

        4. Hmmm! I must have dreamed it. I could have sworn that they found Gricar’s body. I guess not.

          Its always fascinated me that with all of the hype about forensics, and surveillance, etc., most of the crimes that they “solve” are because someone turns someone in.

          The actual percentage of murders that are solved, especially if they are not done by relatives or friends is quite low. Of course, once they have a suspect, they use the forensics to get a conviction.

          With all of the electronic banking and multiple databases you would think it would be hard to disappear. I wonder why they didn’t check out the mineshaft?

  2. I call dibs on the mental health aspect!

    We already have the white shooter, so racism = check.
    No radicalized muslim on this one, but I do expect the mental health aspect to be part of the problem-reaction-solution.

    These are getting to be more than once a week now.

    Obama is turning up the heat.

    1. It’s getting late into the development of the Psyop at this point… but I’ll take long Odds on the following:

      “Conspiracy Theorist”
      Some whacky angle to subtly promote internet censorship
      “Family says he was Quiet”
      Victim Families/friends appearing on CNN within the next 24 hours.
      a fund-raising effort

      This is an “Out-of-the-box” pre-packaged hoax… they can add on infinite BS to shift the narrative to promote their agendas.

      1. Nice!

        Okay, I’ll see you on the internet censorship–he was radicalized by the interweb!–and raise you that it will be detected he was “anti-government.”

        Federal making-it-rain-dolla-bills-ya’all in 3,….. 2,…………

      2. Yep! Right out of the play book. You can visualize Joe Sixpack, eyelids half closed, nodding in-perceptively, drool sliding down his fat jowls, “yeah Martha, its that dang innernet. Don’t these people have TV’s?”.


    Here we go… another motiveless white male shooter. Qui Bono? Qui Bono?

    Statistically, there is no possible way that this many shootings are in the news since SHES shooting AND ARE AUTHENTIC,


    When the Bureaucrats are up “getting briefed” at 3:30AM in the morning… you can rest assured it is a PSYOP and get back to whatever you were doing. I’m sure Bobby Jindal and Barrack Obama really care about their constituents enough to lose a night’s sleep over a couple of popcorn munching morons getting popped at AMY SCHUMER’s TRAINWRECK.

    Don’t worry, Schumer is already commenting on the tragedy within hours on ABC. Good thing she’s had a strange meteoric rise in pop-culture stardom over the past ten days.

    Free idea for a website/business if you have spare capital – AUDIT THE NEWS AND MAKE IT PUBLIC.

    People would be drawn to it.

  4. Jade Helm 15: Controversial military exercise starts Wednesday

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded by publicly assigning the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on Jade Helm. Abbott’s office later downplayed the move, saying it fit in with the guard’s advisory role in the state. Abbott also reaffirmed the state’s history of support for the military — a reason the Army cited for choosing the state to conduct the exercise. The training will occur in six other states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.


    1. Well, that fits! “Bomb scare” across the street, thugs with autos guarding the intersections, and, as “luck would have it”…….this.

      Remember, on “journalists” who are in bed, er, imbedded, will be supplied with copy. Governors, and Colonels and FBI, oh my, figure the odds.

      They probably use the FBI method. “Hey Sparky, pull up that patsy file would ya’? We need a chump for an operation”. They get the address and he gets a visit from the “men in black”. A little Scopolamine, an implant, whatever and instant lone-nut shooter.

      One minute he’s scratching his hairy belly in front of the TEE VEE and, hours later he wakes up in a police station (or he doesn’t wake up at all). “Wha’ happened?”, can’t remember a thing.

      What’s the point of compiling all those lists if you aren’t gonna use ’em? Why do you think Holmes was sleeping in his car? Whether they have them suicide or prosecute is simply a matter of what’s in the script.

      After all, if they don’t have a speaking part what’s the point of using actors? If they’re pushing mental screening they pick their patsy from the nutter list. I’m sure “Central Casting” has ample stocks of any meme needed.

      Everybody’s scratching their head going “why do these things keep happening? It doesn’t make sense”. They’re right. They just don’t know they’re being chumped.

      1. I think you paint an accurate picture of picking the patsy, lophatt.

        I feel so sorry for all the patsies. There but for fortune, go any one of us.

        1. Toni, yeah, that is my point. Some of us know that “ISIS/ISIL/IS/CIA-duh” is a completely manufactured patsy designed and funded by the U.S. and its owner, Israel.

          Drop down a notch and we know that the FBI snatches people with “challenges” and turns them into “terrists” to justify their continued program.

          One more click down and we have these. It’s a pattern. The drills, the psyops are all manufactured to garner support for particular phases of their plan.

          You are correct that it could be anyone. They can simply pick at random and sheep dip them, or they can go to one of their lists and profile somebody.

          They don’t really like natural events. They are messy and difficult to control. Besides, they don’t happen that often and certainly not on cue.

        2. Lophatt,

          The Head of the CIA,NSA,DOD have all said ISIL is now more powerful now than the 35 year program we’ve had with AL-Ciada?

          You need to be scared. Get with the program….It’s the new normal and 98% could care less….

          They will only wake up, when its too late. When it affects them personally, and then, and only then, will they learn the truth.

          Then the Odor will thank them for their service as useful idiots. (As History has shown. All useful idiots get rolled up too.)

          Then the Hollywood Elites will be screaming, “We helped you”….Door slams shut to prison cell. Thankx

          ALL Tyrants historically have killed and hate traders to their own People and Country who have “helped them”. That’s about the only thing I agree with them on.

        3. I don’t know if it helps, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to understand how things work. In any society there are only a relative few who are total control freaks. There are those who will willingly cooperate with evil for rewards.

          When a group comes to power they are always wildly outnumbered. They depend on “snitches” and shills to remain in control. To me that is the most offensive aspect of the police is that they exist to support those in power, not those subject to it. For that service they get praise, money, “perks”, etc..

          What controllers do, above everything else, is manipulate. The vast majority are willfully ignorant. If they acknowledge that something is wrong they will be obligated to do something. They live in hope that they can keep their heads down and remain unnoticed.

          When someone raises an alarm, these people become fearful. They are afraid that other’s attention to events will cause the controllers to notice them.

          For most it will not be those in power who will be the enforcers. It will be your neighbors. If everyone refused to be manipulated it would stop. Realistically we are pretty much along for the ride.

          It is good to be able to discuss these things. There is no salvation from “out there”. You will not vote this away. What’s needed are concrete strategies for survival. Any group will be infiltrated. Any “leader” will be dealt with. People must develop personal principals and live by them. This is likely to be a very rough ride.

        4. There’s nothing you can organize that they can’t infiltrate.

          I’ve read you make this point before, and I so agree.

          Concrete strategies for survival. Let’s build them.

      2. What’s the point of compiling all those lists if you aren’t gonna use ’em? Why do you think Holmes was sleeping in his car?

        Nobody seems too know. Holmes was crazed out of his mind, staggering around his car when they found him. He just waited there!

        He had NO clue what had just happened. He was to just get a cell phone instruction,open the back door and then go to his car and be arrested. I’m sure he was gang stalked by these criminals.
        That’s all his programming told him, like a rat in a maze. The ATF took care of the rest and boned out leaving an extra Gas Mask around the corner of the building.

        Same act, Different Crime.

  5. Activist Post: Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported Dead Years Before Shooting

    The establishment media is running dramatic stories of Lance Corporal Skip Wells’ last words to his girlfriend, but perhaps those last words were spoken in 2004.

    A strikingly similar looking Marine Lance Corporal Larry L. Wells was reported to have been killed in Iraq in 2004, according to Washington Post’s Faces of the Fallen. Screenshot saved below in case they remove the page.


    1. Wow…you weren’t kidding when you said “strikingly similar looking”! I would go so far as to say they are identical. 🙂 How in the world did you find that? I just wonder…how many other people in these never-ending hoaxes have died more than once?

      The family and friends of Lance Corporal Larry Wells has to know about this fraud. Even the other marines in his unit would know that he couldn’t possibly have been killed in Chattanooga. Why would his family and friends allow this without saying something?

  6. Aren’t oblique references already being made to the shooter’s alleged ‘mental illness?’ Last summer around this time the crazed white gunman shootings were happening almost bi-weekly, but most were more ‘minor’ incidents. This summer’s lineup is more dramatic and varied. Sandra Bland’s story is full of logical fallacies and detail inconsistencies and is clearly promoting Murphy’s bill: https://www.texastribune.org/2015/07/24/sandra-bland-case-shows-deficiencies-jail-oversigh/

    Contrast the bail set for Sandra’s non-assault of the officer with that set for Jasper Spires’ attack on two cops and one pedestrian (he allegedly killed Kevin Sutherland).

    If americans don’t start to question the probability and authenticity of these constant shootings with this new one, they never will.

  7. The mainstream media this morning is lamenting that, “unfortunately these things will happen in a CONCEALED CARRY state like Louisiana.”

    Another clue.

    1. Also interesting that shooter’s criminal record was ‘long’ but that he’d had no brushes with the law in 15 years. I think arson was his most serious, but that could describe a whole range of things, including disorderly person.

    1. Marzi, nice catch. I hadn’t seen that video.

      How obvious can Obama be with this anti-gun agenda?!? Does he ever worry that people will wake up and say, “Hey, you masterminded all these shootings to pass these gun restrictions!”

      Could happen that people wake up. As lophatt pointed out, the odds of all these shootings coming one after another is astronomical. Bound to be noticed by someone.

      1. Toni, yes, I think its safe to say that to get timing like that one needs to either hoax ’em or create ’em. Remember, whether anyone dies is not the definition of a hoax. These mutts have no respect for life. Whether they take out someone, or a hundred, is just a matter of expedience.

        That’s the way this bunch rolls. They are going to do whatever they want. These are done to ease the process. Whether its finding patsies for the FBI to wag the “terrists”, or staging events for disarmament, the odds of these naturally occurring are impossible.

  8. Looks like Lafayette is hotbed of military organizations, especially ones with expertise in policing civilian populations, which may signal the presence of Jade Helm in this newest shooting incident.

    Lafayette, Louisiana is home to the National Guard headquarters of the 256th Infantry Brigade, a military unit of more than 3,000 soldiers, which served in Iraq.

    After Hurricane Katrina, the 256th Infantry Brigade was part of the a joint task force that was created to help combat the rise of looting and other crimes resulting from the loss of law enforcement officers in the New Orleans area.

    Lafayette is also home to the United States Marine Corps Reserve Unit, F. Co. Anti-Terrorism Battalion commanded by Captain Cole Clements.

    In 2010, the Unit, under Capt. Clements, conducted Marine Corps Martial Arts training together with Moroccan counterparts. A comment from one participant gives insight to the purpose of the training:

    “Besides the OC (pepper) spray, it’s been pretty cool,” joked Private first class Christopher Cosby, an infantryman from Leesville, Louisiana, referring to the portion of the non-lethal training where some of the Marines were hit with pepper spray to familiarize them with the experience in case it were to happen during a real-world contingency situation, such as QUELLING A RIOT.”

    1. Got a comment in moderation which says, in more detail, that Lafayette, Louisiana, apropos of Jade Helm, is home to a National Guard infantry brigade, as well as a Marine Corps unit, which both have direct experience in controlling civilian populations.

      1. The article I cite mentions that in training “the Marines were hit with pepper spray to familiarize them with the experience in case it were to happen during a real-world contingency situation, such as QUELLING A RIOT.”

        Ha. “Real-world contingency situation.” Yeah, that they provoke.

  9. And the ‘theater’ of the absurd continues unabated. Pun intended.

    Theater chain prohibited all firearms including concealed permits;
    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/23/lafayette-theater-is-a-gun-free-zone-bans-firearms-for-customers-with-permits/ – Another ‘Gun-Free Zone’ shooting.

    The movie was ‘Trainwreck’… no coincidence.

    The false-flags are happening so frequently now it is almost impossible to keep up… which is not by accident.

  10. “In 1994, Rusty Houser joined opponents who helped defeat a proposed bond issue for the school district. He accused the school district of punishing his wife, a school teacher, for his role in that effort. Years later he ran as a Republican for tax commission, but was charged for stealing an opponent’s yard signs and withdrew.

    After a subsequent sales tax passed, Rusty Houser filed papers trying to get the Muscogee Superior Court to invalidate the election. He had been admitted to practice law in Alabama after attending an unaccredited night law school.

    Superior Court Judge and former Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters remembered Houser’s combative attitude: “He came to many city council meetings and he was in tune with a lot of issues that were going on in the community. He was very outspoken, highly intelligent, really didn’t trust government and anything about government. He always thought something was going on behind the scenes. He came across with a very conservative agenda.” Houser had his own problems to deal with: “He had some legal issues. He was always looking for his niche. The thing he enjoyed the most, and he would tell you, is that he would like to almost cross-examine elected officials on talk shows and in council meetings,” Peters said.

    Among Houser’s legal issues was his trying in the 1980s to hire a man to set fire the law office of Johns Swearingen, then an attorney representing the owners of pornographic theaters, which Houser detested.”

    Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2015/07/24/3827356_sheriff-man-police-say-killed.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

    Interesting background of shooter. Hard to believe that he wasn’t on a threat assessment or other watch list.

    1. Most telling sentence:

      “He was very outspoken, highly intelligent, really didn’t trust government and anything about government. He always thought something was going on behind the scenes.”

    1. Many incidents are ginned up not only for policy reasons, but also to run exercise drills for fusion centers. They have to have some way to test their personnel and equipment. What better way than to stage a “live” event?

      Here’s Louisiana’s version:

      “The Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) promotes collaboration in an all-crimes/all-hazards environment, supporting federal, state, local and private sectors by working together to provide timely information for use in promoting public safety and national security against terrorist and other criminal threats.”

      Lafayette, of course, along with it’s other military options, has a fusion center office.

      1. These violent events, whether real, or, in some cases drills, have only grown with a growing use of fusion centers, threat assessment lists/teams, watch lists, etc. These tools are purportedly there to decrease violence, and, yet, violence grows exponentially in a country that increasingly surveills its citizens, subjects them to arbitrary and onerous administrative rules and laws, and, outright provokes them through conspicuous surveillance.

  11. There is a largely unreported and widespread use of threat assessment teams. These teams begin by profiling children as young as preschool age. Threat assessment involves intrusive surveillance ,and, reporting by the relevant community, including by non-professionals such as fellow students or workers. This is a dangerous business that can actually drive people to violent behavior even though it purportedly seeks to prevent violence:





    The widespread system and practice of Threat Assessment Teams goes unreported by MSM, and, given its hidden danger, coupled with a lack of public awareness, it would make an excellent topic for this blog.

  12. My first suspect in these cases is not “the lone gunman” who is conveniently dead… again! I automatically suspect the government is behind most mass shootings until proven otherwise. Just look at the last one in Charleston. A dead pastor’s grandchildren are grinning from ear to ear with their cute little campaign before the body is cold from a savage murder in church? Not a single tear or sad moment of reflection among five kids? We are just as content as a litter of golden retriever puppies after Grand Dad is savagely gunned down in church. How does that happen in the real world? Charleston was an even more in your face hoax than Sandy Hook was. I predict these “events” will keep coming just as the last news cycle coverage of the last shooting wanes. No one will be able to recognize real from hoaxed any more. Most of the masses will digest the news sound bite and file it under “too unpleasant to dig for the deeper meaning of it” place in their minds. The commutative effect is to make the average person on the street think… ‘something needs to be done about gun violence’ because you aren’t safe anywhere… a high school, an elementary school, a temple, a church, Jet Aircraft… not even the Pentagon is safe from attack! That’s why the anthrax attack was such a perfect follow-up to the 911 attacks. After the initial shock of the attacks wore off, most people in rural America weren’t worried about more attacks because they don’t live near high value targets. But everyone opens mail! The Anthrax attacks brought the 911 attacks straight to downtown Mayberry, USA. It was the exclamation point at the end of the sentence.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kP41rruwMM

    While trying to understand the latest mass shooting, watch this video of the last supposed victims’ relatives reactions to mass shootings. They are grinning from ear to ear and so happy with their “hate won’t win” T-shirts… it is designed to distort our perception of tragedy into being something positive. This video exposes Charleston for the Hoax that it is. If the shooting in Charleston is any harbinger of future events, don’t believe the news unless it’s the sports scores.

    1. These three girls take the cake. I guess they had the tee-shirts made before the shooting in order to avoid the rush.

      I wonder if the message from Charleston’s “Hate Won’t Win” and Sandy Hook’s “We Choose Love”, etal. is apathy? Like, our five year child was mercilessly shot to death at school today, but…..aw heck, life goes on. Pastor Grandaddy was mowed down in his own church tonight, but hey, the Lord giveth and He taketh away, right? Maybe this is another means of crowd control, like: don’t panic, everything’s fine, the sun will come out tomorrow, yada yada. Oh look hon…a SWAT team just pulled up next door in an MRAP, and totally destroyed our neighbors. Oh well, who cares….what would you like for dinner?

      1. They actually think they’re going to condition people to go along with everything and not question or contemplate the issues they use. It’s part of the psy op. Anyone who questions the status quo, like a white person sick of anti-white racism and violence, is a racist maniac. The ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ sing happy togetherness songs. What I wonder is whether it actually works. I’m an innate skeptic and most commenting here are, so who amongst us could even answer that? When do the ‘believers’ start to pause and question? If it ever happens it’s sure not going fast enough.

      2. I like your comment about these sunshine-y surviving family members, and that it is designed to be some kind of a conditioning device where you can become indifferent to the suffering of others – which indeed it is. You know, I can’t mourn someone because it would harsh my mellow. It is a call to narcissism like many other advertisements in our culture.

        What I see in the T-shirts is some kind of a training, too, for the general public. Contrary to what some think, hoax shootings are not in my view an attempt to set off a race war. Instead, it can be seen (and this is only my opinion) as a lame attempt to have a “teachable moment” where you see that even those most severely affected by an event do not follow the usual rioting in response, but lead some kind of “reconciliation” –

        From history, I recall being shocked as a young child that Jackie Kennedy actually sent Marina Oswald a kind letter and her picture after the assassination. That she would reach out to this woman and offer her kind condolences was just — well, a teachable moment. But Kennedy really was killed. Still, the principle could be the same in these psyops opportunities.

        It is possible that even in that time, Jackie was asked to do what she did by someone else, and was not prompted by her own impulses. But maybe she was. Who knows?

        For the most part, I see these psyops where they occur as coming from a mentality about the public that is not respectful of our best traditions of honesty and fair play. They are shoved on the public with contempt and the need to create policy without discussion or consent, just by panic. It’s how the wars in the Mideast were started, but domestic agenda items are also envisioned (disarming citizens, increasing the reach of the national security state into every aspect of life, etc.)

        Worst of all, the whole thing is in execrable taste.

        1. Jaclie Kennedy knew Oswald was a patsy, and didn’t kill Kennedy, and Ms Oswald had two children she was trying to protect. Jackie described this time for her as “trying not to go insane.” When Bobbie Kennedy was assassinated, she said that they are killing Kennedy’s, and married Onnasis, perhaps partly for the sake of her children.

  14. Astonishing comments. This guy Houser was a White power adherent, who identified with fascism. He was especially attracted to Golden Dawn, the fascist Greek party. He advocated his views on tv, apparently ran for Republican office, apparently associated with the Republican Tea Party.

    All this is largely covered up in the media, which describes him as ‘extremely conservative.’ What I find astonishing is that in 24 comments on this blog, no mentions or even alludes to his White racism or his inclination to fascism. Apparently the tendency to White power and fascist violence has gotten so thick in the White groupthink, that no one outside myself will oppose it on MHB.

    Commenters are essentially sanitizing racist murder.

    1. Mark/folktruther, could you bother to cite sources for these assertions? I consider them relevant and further evidence of a psy op. Such affiliations would serve to discredit nationalist parties like the Golden Dawn or ‘patriot’ ones like the Tea Party, so how do you figure that the media would ‘cover them up?’ You’re being very illogical, it seems to me. You’re also being inconsistent and hypocritical again, choosing only to see psy ops when white people are ‘murdered by crazed white gunmen’ but then seeing any mere association with any type (there are many) of pro-white group as irrefutable fact of a real event.

    2. Readers, for reference please find below the entire post made by Houser, upon which folkdeceiver bases his personality profile of the Lafayette shooter as a racist murderer with a tendency toward fascism. Tell me if you think Houser sounds driven to ideological murder.

      “The WSJ had an article about a group named Golden Dawn. They believe that Greeks should rule greece, including deciding if any other type of person should also live there. I found their website. The videos told me that this is a legitimate effort to solve problems.The leaders of the group are in fact leaders. Intelligent, well spoken,and exercising good faith. The straight forward approach of the group is a result [I learned reading on their webpage] of Greece being in exactly the same political and economic situation as the US. Put another way, the US needs a Golden Dawn organization. That was the basis of the WSJ article. GD has opened an office in New York.

      The financial failings of the US, and the bleak outlook, are known to the world. The average person in the US has not however figured out that the US is employing censorship of the internet. If you type in NEWSPAPERS PUBLISHED IN IRAN, you will see about thirty such publications, none of which are published in their entirety, and none which your computer will translate. It might be permissible to put some political remark at the top of each page claiming bias, but to blackout all is nothing short of base censorship.

      Type in any key words indicating the US practices censorship, and you will get magazine articles about the claims of censorship in Iran, North Korea, etc. You will not be able to find one scintilla of evidence the US would dream of it.

      Type in WHITE POWER GROUPS and you get mag articles about their never ending claims of racism, and no information of how to find White power groups you might want to join.

      I could go on for months. My point? Censorship coupled with brainwashing, is always present before the fall of a significant political entity. Put this together with our newly found financial reality, and you’ve got notice of things to come.”

      1. Amen! Can’t add much to that. The one group that continually makes them nervous are Constitutionalists or self-reliant individuals. Those are currently being rebranded as “White Power Groups”, or ‘Extremists”.

        If you don’t want to get on their bus they have a name for you. If they call you a name they have a “legal” right to do things to you. They must keep the others “safe” for their enslavement.

        These folks are not racing to the Borg and they’re afraid they’ll have to root them out one by one. Scares the hell out of them.

        1. What does ‘strong admirer’ mean, Mark/folktaler? I admire much about the Golden Dawn, and happen to think Hitler’s attempt to separate the jewish nation from the german one wasn’t some evil genocide. I don’t admire much about Hitler personally, though. respect main tenets of his version of national socialism (there were several in the rise of ‘nazism’). Hitler was neither ‘god’ nor ‘devil’ in lots of people’s view who may sympathize with some Tea Party and Golden Dawn positions.

          So spare us your distortions.

        2. Oh, folktruther, you finally addressed me by name, and with Hitler in the sentence, too.

          You’re even passive/aggressive when you play Reductio ad Hitlerum.

    3. Unastonishing comment, folktruther, that you find racism to be the foundation of this incident.

      “Apparently the tendency to White power and fascist violence has gotten so thick in the White groupthink, that no one outside myself will oppose it on MHB.”

      He’s all alone, folks, while the rest of us are “essentially sanitizing racist murder.”

      Yep, he sees right through us.

    4. I would say that the principle cause of his final violent derangement is relational, specifically matrimonial, per this: “Police also say he was “estranged” from his family. His wife filed for divorce in March in part because of erratic, sometimes violent, behavior, according to AP.” He was, in short, an individual with a serious psychiatric condition which affected his perception of the world, ruined his professional competence, and ultimately his familial and matrimonial relationships; this last failure caused him to develop suicidal and homicidal ideations which he consummated through his attack on a theater during the showing of a romantic comedy and his killing of two young women, as well the injuring of many others. So, madness following a now well-trodden American pattern, potentiated, if not indeed made possible, by facile access to firearms, with a possible ingredient of misogyny thrown in as well.

      Terrible, needless to say.

      1. The gun ownership per family in the U.S. has dropped from 50 percent in 1970 to 33 percent currently. Mental illness and family troubles, career troubles have always been around. The whole world is on psychotropics, yet the U.S. and Canada seem to be mass shooting happy.

        Look elsewhere for an explanation: gang stalking, mobbing, threat assessment teams/lists, watch lists, etc.

      2. PeaceFrog, thank you for explicating the gun ownership issue.

        Macronius, your narrative about Houser is in remarkable concordance with the Official Story. In fact, you express it even more eloquently than do the Officials.

        I’m curious, having not been aware of any previous post of yours, why you chose last night at 1:30 am blogtime to spin your scenario for us. In fact, there being few of us on MHB at the time, I noticed your post came exactly between folktruther’s two emotional comments, in which he derided people for not accepting the Official Story.

        As someone once asked, “what probability does this highlight?”

        If you are supporting folktruther, why not do so openly?

  15. after the 11SEP01 false-flag we had no ‘terror’ events in schools, malls, nor movies for all those years mysteriously … but now we are fed a manufactured event every week … the public is waking up

    1. Sheriff reports he’d been treated for an ‘undisclosed illness’ in 2009. Besides Murphy and the growing list of converts to his cult (the bill picks up cosponsors daily), there is another guru of ‘mental healing’ named Dr. Torrey in Virginia, who heads http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/index.php which is a main lobbying center for Murphy’s bill. Read around that site and see where every one of the mental health angle of these psy ops comes from and is going to. Torrey is hated passionately by the few consumer (users of mental health services) advocates I’ve encountered who fight all extremes of bill.

  16. Black men have been the protagonists in crazedknifeman hoaxes, but now maybe white men have broadened their repertoire in Tulsa: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/23/us-usa-crime-oklahoma-idUSKCN0PX28N20150723

    Five family members stabbed to death. Meth could be the cause, or it could be part of the psy op’s narrative. The South seems to get more of the psy ops than the North, with the exception of BMB and micro psy ops. Southerners seem to be more accepting of them and less skeptical, overall.

  17. John (Rusty) Houser, the shooter in the Louisiana theater, was a racist fascist. This was largely covered up in the media, diverting attention to drugs, mental illness and the like. It was also sanitized by the commenters on this blog, who objected to his being revealed as such.

    When his bar closed in 2005, he flew a flag with swastika on it for several weeks. He enrolled in a program with the ex-Klan leader David Duke. He supported the Greek Nazi organ Golden Dawn. He made anti-Black comments on websites, as well as his admiration of Hitler. On the website A SEPARATE STATE OF MIND, he commented:

    “Hitler was loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question that he was the most successful who ever lived.”

    We are not talking here merely about White racism, but about White power. Not one commenter here, other than myself, has opposed it, and it is supported at Infowars as well. It appears that the martial law being prepared by the Boston Marathon shutdown of Boston, and Jade Helm, will be supported by most of the White American population, especially those in the Republican and Patriotic Right.

    Previously a White power advocate “Sue,” openly commented on this blog for months. Now apparently former police are commenters as well as others, leading the ‘Conspiracy’ blogs not only to rracism, but to fascism.

    The martial law imposed will therefore most likely be racist law, targeting Muslims and other non-Whites, as a general and former Supreme commander in Europe advocated publically in the mass media, without any opposition in the mass media. With White cops killing Black unarmed victims, with opposition to it being stigmatized, with the church massacre by Dylann Root, another racist fascist, being sanitized as a staged fantasy, we are well on our way to Freedom fascism.

    1. We are not talking here merely about White racism, but about White power. Not one commenter here, other than myself, has opposed it, and it is supported at Infowars as well. It appears that the martial law being prepared by the Boston Marathon shutdown of Boston, and Jade Helm, will be supported by most of the White American population, especially those in the Republican and Patriotic Right.

      Previously a White power advocate “Sue,” openly commented on this blog for months.

      Not exactly sure on how you arrive at this conclusion Mark. The intent and mission of MHB has always been to provide a platform for information and discussion on a variety of controversial issues and events. However, you routinely come in with heavy-handed (and often unsubstantiated) condemnations of anyone that doesn’t share your views.

    2. It is quite obvious now that volkie-mark believes the official narratives of all these mass shootings. It is also obvious that he has once again diverted the true intention of MHB from its mission of questioning “MSM truth” to his ridiculous theories of racism. Get over it Mark, whites are hog-tied by political correctness, and you love it.

  18. The platform you provide, professor Tracy, equates the legitimacy of racism, anti-semtism, and fascism, with the legitimacy to the opposition to those values. Indeed, you pander to those values, as does Infowars. You require a respect for individuals, while allowing groups and minorities to routinely be stigmatized and insulted by commenters who are racist, anti-Semitic or fascist. This has chased off or inhibited any opposition to the White racism which is supporting the despotism that is being imposed in the United States.

    This form of racist liberalism is inherited from previous generations. Jefferson and Jackson, who are celebrated as the founders of the Dem party have both been ardent racists, Jefferson especially against African Americans and Jackson against Indian Americans. The racism has been sanitized in the mainstream American truth consensus, making the
    American media truth a White truth consensus.

    The commenters, those who are not intellectual infiltrators, have inherited their racism from previous generations, as you have. Academic truth is a mixture of specialized truth and specific information intermixed with ideological untruth inherited in the American truth tradition. Your intervening on the side of the commenters on a question of John Houser being a racist fascist, of which overwhelming evidence that he was exists, and in effect justifying the media’s sanitizing the reason he was a mass shooter, like Dylann Root and the other individual fascist shooters before him, this is an American tradition, intensifying to support the current political crisis of the American power system.

    Your current position is that it is justified to allow the media to attack non-White groups, and the truthers that support them, allowing them to sanitize homicidal attacks on them, and it is not justified to be “heavy-handed” in calling them on it.

    1. Santa Claus would be racist, if he existed – but he doesn’t. And let’s not forget his horrid anti-semitism, or that the Easter bunny is guilty too. Or would his worse crime be speciesism?

      You say “The platform you provide, professor Tracy, equates the legitimacy of racism, anti-semtism, and fascism, with the legitimacy to the opposition to those values. Indeed, you pander to those values, as does Infowars.”

      Which side of ‘those values’ does Tracy pander to? Racism, anti-semitism and fascism, or the opposition to them?

      I find you incredibly anti-white and ‘racist’ and fascist, yet I don’t call to have you banned or try to distort what you write. I see psy ops when white victims are ‘murdered’ and psy ops when black ones are. I see black men being framed in some psy ops no one’s even paying attention to. You’re the one holding different standards for different groups. Whites are now a minority in California and near to it in NJ, depending on who you consider ‘white.’ There are more hispanics in California than whites in 48 other states. Do whites in states like California now achieve minority status? Why should whites accept becoming minorities in the countries they built? How about in nations in Europe? Why should the indigenous peoples there be genocided? Why don’t you take your defense of so-called minorities to Israel, where Palestinians live under ‘racist’ tyranny?

      1. Wasting your time. Herr Volkie doesn’t believe his own word vomit. He is merely taking a long shot gamble on getting an invitation to join the inner party after America craters. Oh yeah, and an invite to the number 6 dance.

    2. folktruther,
      In the past when you’ve posted, I would make my comments to you directly. You never answered. After awhile I gave up and began directing my observations to others, speaking about you in the third person. Perhaps you found this unkind. I apologize.

      Mostly my comments concerned the dogma through which you react to the kinds of matters discussed here. Now, your emotional reaction, underlying the dogma, seems the greater subject. I say this because of the push-button labels you indiscriminately throw around that now impugn this site.

      I suppose you are hoping that the emotional response those epithets are meant to provoke will make you seem “right.” But name-calling is not only the quickest way to disparage others, it is the lowest form of argument. It implies you have no logical support for your position.

      To try to answer your charge that at MHB we “sanitize racist murder,” let me say that the reason I don’t buy the official story about Houser’s motives, is because official stories have been known to lie. See your own comments about the Boston bombing. Once a lie has been exposed, subsequent (and previous) narratives are necessarily suspect. This is because fraud vitiates everything.

      To further clarify, a scenario could have been constructed to show Houser in the worse possible light. Houser’s online activity and the representations of his very life could have been edited, augmented, and misapplied to make him look “racist, fascist and anti-semitic” and therefore repugnant, especially to those with a negatively conditioned response to those labels.

      Is it not plausible that a person making comments and gestures critical of government would be taken up by said government and parlayed into some kind of white supremacist, dangerous to all? Houser then becomes an evil figure, one that fits neatly and conveniently into your pre-built white-power groupthink model. Will you consider that you have been played?

      I conclude by speculating on just one of the instances in your litany of Houser’s “racist, fascist” behavior: perhaps the statement he was making by flying a swastika flag over his bar was that the local government was “Nazi” for closing him down. We don’t know, and you don’t say.

      As others have noted, your sources are lacking.

      I urge you to continue to engage on any subject here in which you are interested. A more honest and unemotional rhetoric would be especially welcome.

    3. Are you saying all racism is bad? Would you feel more comfy calling it something else? Is all racism unjustified? Should we hate for other, more noble reasons? If not racism, what? What if we threw the word “racism” from our vocabulary? What could we substitute for it? It appears that racism is a very handy term that we use excessively. Why can’t we hate a person for the reasons we wish? Isn’t hatred legal? Or, should we use the word “hypocrisy” more? Would that be better or less descriptive?

      Racism may not be the worst thing on this planet. It’s used so casually and is used where it’s patently overkill. Murderous intent, now there’s a hot potato far worse than the mere racism context. Or, should racism be used and considered as the ultimate hallmark of hatred? Should race be the ultimate target of directed rage?

    4. That’s Enough Folk. Really.

      Your either a Troll or have a very serious mental illness.

      I’ve never seen anyone hate as much as you.

      Do you have “cuts” we need to talk about.?

      I say this because your only hurting yourself if you wake up and feel like this everyday.

      Now if your just a troll you might get a raise..who knows

  19. Lafayette Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actor and Coaching on CNN – Movie Theater shooting
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF3iYr8u9w0&feature=youtu.be (at 3:!5 she flashes a big smile that doesn’t seem to fit with being a witness at a shooting)

    Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting Hoax CRISIS ACTOR Emily Mann EXPOSED! 1
    This is the same witness as in the previous video. This time she evidences a strange speech pattern as she recounts what she supposedly experienced at the theater.

  20. The attack by John Hauser at the Lafayette theater and Dylann Roof at the church were attacks previously characterized by White racist fascists as “lone wolf attacks.” These are suicide terrorist attacks like those of Muslim Terrorists, but conducted without organizational assistance. There have been over 60 of them in the USA in past few years according to Wikipedia, and a few in other Western countries as well.

    The lone wolf attacks discussed previously on this blog was an old Nazi who wanted to kill someone before he died so went to Jewish museum and killed an African American security guard, giving a Nazi salute when the police showed up. The other one discussed here killed three non-Jews in front of a Jewish community center. Anti-Semitism forms an ideological thread from Nazi ideology, but the people killed are usually not Jews, but both Whites and, especially, non-Whites.

    At the present time the rise of racism includes cops killing unarmed Blacks, now beginning to hang the women as prisoners, this occurring both with Sandy Bland and a prisoner the next day in Birmingham. African American churches are being burned, and non-Whites and Whites are mobilizing on different sides of the racial conflict, which professor Tracy has suspected, rightly, of being staged by American power. I previously though that Roof was stupid, but a biography in the NY Times indicated that he was intelligent, and probably wrote his own manifesto. Hauser was also Educated in a law school, and appears intelligent from his racist and fascist comments.

    This lone wolf attacks are sanitized in the media, the racist-fascist attackers being stigmatized as drug addicts, crazy, ‘a drifter,’ etc. The institutions are fomenting White racism, Trump stigmatizing Hispanics as rapists, drug dealers, and carrying infectious diseases to contaminate the purity of White people. He is currently at the top of the Republican opinion polls for president, Repubs being more racist than Dems. I

    Infowars has written a number of articles puffing Trump, and Alex Jones has written an article saying all Muslims should be deported. Even Paul Craig Roberts, who I greatly admired for his intellectual courage
    and use to argue with, wrote a racist article arguing that racism was not a historically objective reason for slavery, the civil war, etc., but these were entirely economic and power reasons. Of course this is partially true,, but racism was the glue that defended them ideologically.

    It appears that racism will be the operative justification for putting Americans in concentration camps, as occurred with the west coast Japanese during world war 2. A hundred and twenty thousand people were imprisoned, the majority of them citizens, their homes and business sold at a fraction of their value.

    General Wesley Clark, a former presidential candidate, advocated another general incarceration on national television, to the general silence of the media. He is currently supporting Clinton who, if Elected, will appoint him to an office where he would be able to carry out his threat. Jade Helm is currently practicing the full spectrum domination of the American people.

    Just as the White racism against the Japanese on the west coast facilitated their imprisonment, carried out without Congressional approval, so White racism is being fostered in what appears to be the future transformation of the American power system.

        1. In the mean time, folktruther, let me point out that the stories you cite in this post, and that you choose to believe are true, consistently and conveniently fit into your white power groupthink model.

          It’s not a coincidence that Critical Race Theory and the “rise of racism” came at the same time. Manipulators are happy to have acolytes that put the two together.

          This not about real racism, about which I believe you are sincerely concerned. This is about manipulating emotional reaction in order to cement together an “Official Story.”

          Won’t you consider that racism is made a part of official stories in order to elicit the sort of conditioned response that stops critical thought?

        2. Interesting similarities. “Lone gunmen” from out of state entering Jewish community centers and shoot people at two separate locations in both instances.



          In the Los Angeles case, the gunman drives all the way from Washington state and just knows where this nondescript Jewish community center is located in Granada Hills, a distance north of downtown Los Angeles. Then he takes off for Chatsworth which is in the north western part of San Fernando Valley and kills a mail carrier on his route. The Daily News posted a number of photos from that event:


          I drive by the Granada Hills Jewish community center quite often. It was not bulldozed, instead they fenced it in.

        3. Anne, yes, I remember that incident. I lived in that part of the Valley at the time.

          I believe it only became a “Jewish Community Center” in the aftermath of this “shooting.” It was actually a Protestant church which had a general day-care, as well as accommodating a segregated Jewish day-care.

          Notice in the photos you link to, how the Star of David on the windows is made out of masking tape.

          Anne, thank you so much for bringing this up. I’ve been researching this a little since I started this comment and I’m getting a total blackout of the fact that this event occurred at the Episcopal Church Of Saint Andrew And Saint Charles on RINALDI, not at the North Valley Jewish Community Center which has since been established on Chatsworth St.

          I guess the non-jewish kids were never in any danger at all. That’s how perniciously specific anti-semites are.

          Just when I think I can’t get any more flabbergasted…

        4. I found a .pdf of The Los Angeles Police Department Annual Report 1999 which includes a four-page spread on the event known as the “North Valley Jewish Community Center Shooting.” It confirms that the event occurred on Rinaldi St., and describes the crime scene as “next to” The Episcopal church. http://assets.lapdonline.org/assets/pdf/99_annual_report.pdf

          To cut to the chase, my point, which supports yours, Anne, about the “non-descript” center, is that the shooter headed to a landmark Episcopal Church in search of a Jewish Community Center.

          Interesting addendum: the property, traditional home to the Episcopal Church of St. Andrew and St. Charles, is now the address of the Temple Beth Torah synagogue.

          The story outlined in the LAPD Annual Report article is nauseating in its familiarity. Get this:

          “Witnesses were coming forward with information about
          the suspect, and other crimes related to the suspect were
          reported. Word arrived that the suspect stole a car from a
          female at gunpoint on Roscoe Boulevard.

          “Next came word that a van full of explosive materials
          had been discovered abandoned near the scene of the
          car jacking. The Bomb Squad immediately responded
          to investigate, as it was becoming apparent that the
          killing, the explosives in the van and the car jacking
          were related to the shooting at the center.”

          And this:

          “Whether it was luck or divine intervention, the majority
          of the children normally at the center were not there
          that day due to a field trip.”

        5. Toni, I lived in Connecticut when this shooting happened in Granada Hills. The local Danbury rag had plenty on the story. In retrospect, when examining these photos, we see similar scenes on a weekly basis these days. Alleged mass shootings, the hugs, the flowers, the press conferences, the VIPs marching down the road – in this case the LAPD chief, the mayor, city supervisor and entourage.

          And the gunman, from an engineer working on B-2 stealth bombers to a crazed lone gunman. He even had the requisite material in the van.
          I’m just wondering if this shooting on August 10, 1999 was the formal American launch of what we now hear about on a weekly basis. California always leads the way. None of us commenting here have, as far as I can tell, actually witnessed these alleged mass shootings. All we know is what tptb serve up on the Telescreen – for the ones who own one, two or three of these contraptions.

          The group of little children led away by police show some with blond hair, others have red and yet others dark. For sure a daycare center not just for Jewish children. Now they are all grown up. I’ll be driving by that building on Rinaldi tomorrow again and will stop to take a closer look.


          Furrow was also an engineer who worked for several years on the B-2 stealth bomber project for Northrop Grumman.

          Police found Furrow’s abandoned van, where they discovered a cache of ammunition, assault rifle magazines, bulletproof vests, a Ranger Handbook, and freeze-dried food. Two books by Richard Kelly Hoskins, a Lynchburg, Virginia, leader of the Christian Identity movement were also found; a copy of the book War Cycles, Peace Cycles, and Vigilantes of Christendom: The Story of Phineas Priesthood, a book which according to the ADL justifies anti-Semitic and racist acts of violence.

          Furrow fled 275-miles in an $800 taxi ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, ending the manhunt by walking into an FBI office to confess, saying “You’re looking for me, I killed the kids in Los Angeles.” Furrow also stated that he wanted his shooting to be “a wakeup call to America to kill Jews.”

          Site of shooting to reopen
          Officials at the North Valley Jewish Community Center told CNN the facility would reopen as soon as police investigators allow it.
          Meantime, a summer program for youngsters was to resume Wednesday at an Episcopal church next door.

        6. I’m still in Mod. Really?
          I’ll try again. Nothing Bad here.

          I lived about 2 miles from where that whole Jewish school shooting occurred on Rinaldi street in Granada Hills.

          I drove by and something was wrong with the whole feel and look of the scene.

          I wasn’t “fully” awake back then either but something was amiss.

          I never met anyone who knew anyone involved and I worked in finance…

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        7. Ric, your comment didn’t come down with the others just now. Bizarre.

          Boy, weird Granada Hills story, huh? And the two of us so close to it. I’m with you that it didn’t seem right. If only we had been aware at the time. We could have broken it open!

        8. It is truly amazing my simple comment saying I was there and saw 1st hand that “thing” there and even drove by is not allowed is so weird ..what ever. someone don’t like it.
          What can I say.

          Wear your Love like Heaven

          I cheated and read the back of the book….

          .We Win…all of us
          All Races…God Loves us more than Demo-rats and the Neocons/Rino’s… I can’t wait to see them cower behind the rocks thinking they are hiding… sorry. I went rouge and avoid this stuff.

          No Drama and NO 10 page responses.. Life is short.

          If you believe what you believe now, I can’t convince you, so lets have fun and enjoy that we at least enjoy being here with each other.

          Simple? Yes. Fresh Air? Yes. That’s why I am what I am. I make a funny. Put me in a FEMA camp. I will still laugh

        9. Is this addressed to me? lol

          I think it is, because of the phrases you use that refer to the fracases I’ve have been in today.

          Ric, I think clarity of argument is extremely important to intellectual discourse, especially in these times of threat. I think its what will save us, if anything can.

          Intellectual strength is attained through exercise. We should test each other, to become stronger.

          I try to argue nicely, with amusing turns of phrase and such, but my arguments are ignored. So I become more blunt.

          Besides, it was Patrick who claimed to me, “You lose. Face it.” I just called him on it. I know its not win/lose to argue.

          “Put me in a FEMA camp. I will still laugh.” This is why we love you, Ric.

        10. I correct myself for I error/

          I can’t rejoice in someones demise when I spoke of hiding in the rocks.

          I can’t judge any man…

        11. I know, but that argument should have never happened.

          How about one liner”s at a time, so each concept can be argued one one one?It’s hard when a full page rant with so different arguments are going on to even address a single subject.

          Hey. I’m not dogging on you, your only one talking to me to so I’m saying….

          I love this site and is the only one I even consider. Have ya been out there? Nut Bags…………..

          I’m nobody but I’d like to suggest.we keep our arguments or “questions” to a simple 2 fold/paragraph reply so others can at least throw a quarter at it.

          Like I said, I’m not singeing you out , your responding is good.

          These 10 page rants…..I don’t dig. I’d love to join in if I could>>>

          But….And I’m the Dumbest Person Here. I write Songs!

        12. Sorry. Toni, I error again,

          My rant sounds like I’m on you.
          I’m not.

          I love Pat, don’t get him going. He’s a good man.

          I”m lost for words. I think you all know what I’m saying. If not:

          Lophatt will Handle it from here…HaHa

          He’s gonna kill me………..

        13. Ric, no, I didn’t think you were ranting on me at all. Don’t think that.

          I totally get what you are saying. The comments are too dense, too long. I like your idea of the two-paragraph reply. Easier to assimilate.

          I think you cut to the core. So don’t think you’re not up to this.

        14. Toni, driving down Rinaldi Street today I passed by St. Andrews & St. Charles Episcopal Church. It has a most unusual architecture, very attractive. By the red front double doors is a small sign in beige and white with the name of the church. The front lawn has a bigger sign with the name of the church and at the bottom it says Temple Beth Torah Synagogue. They either share the same facility or the synagogue is in the back, not visible from the street.

          Where the Jewish Community Center was (still is?) next door east of the church there is the same nondescript building, now with more fencing, gate and a guard house. No sign. Right next door on the east side is a more elaborate building, seems to share the driveway with the guard house. No sign that I could see. Some research showed this is a Jewish Educational Trade School. And next door, again to the east, is Rinaldi Convalescent Hospital, neighbor of Granada Hills Masonic Lodge.

          The North Valley Jewish Community Center has three addresses on Chatsworth St. in Granada Hills, two are UPS stores and the third belongs to Veterans of Foreign Wars. Apparently the physical location is now a secret or the same old one. The West Valley Jewish CC in West Hills closed down in 2012.

          Looking back to 1999, there were several events to report on within a short time frame. April 20th gave us Columbine, July 16th JFK Jr. was assassinated, along with his wife and her sister, and on August 10th we had the Jewish CC shooting.

          Perhaps it was the first of its kind in this country when a “crazed, lone wolf” suddenly appears from nowhere and starts shooting at random for no apparent reason. Columbine was different, the shooters knew the targets. I wonder how this particular CC shooter was able to get a taxi to take him to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and then locate the FBI office there. Did he call information from a phone booth?

          I just found this on Nodisinfo. Dr. K wrote last year about the Jewish CC shooting in 1999. Dr. K, who runs the site, has been called every name in the book and sometimes he does seem over the top. However, lately he’s had some very good exposures on the multitude of msm hoaxes.

          Before posting this link with Dr. K’s opinion, I have to say that one of my best friends is Jewish. And some of the most miserable people I’ve come across are my own kind. It is what you stand for that matters.


        15. Wow, Anne, great work! You are quite the researcher, I must say.

          Thanks for the warning about clicking the nodisinfo link. Boy, it was a little frothy around the mouth over there. I thought his breakdown of the photoshopping of the mailman was compelling, though, once you wade through the invective.

          I found a site that outlines the history of Temple Beth Torah. Did you realize the Temple Beth Torah is an unaffiliated Reform congregation? I didn’t. Here’s what I found:

          “Since August of 1989, we have been located in St. Andrew-St. Charles Episcopal Church’s facility.”

          And then this, which must be when the day care building was built:
          “An addition was completed in 1992 providing shared classrooms, a temple office, and a social hall.”

          I don’t see anything about a Jewish Community Center.

          So interesting what you discovered about the slippery addresses of the JCC. It fits right in with the fact that the JCC “took over” the shooting story, most expressly by becoming the “location” of the incident.

          What a story. So easy to deconstruct with our subsequent experience. I wonder, with you, if it was the first “lone-wolf” incidents. Of course, there was Texas Clock Tower sniper, Charles Whitman, in 1966. He was a Marine from the uber-polluted Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

        16. Thanks Toni for the link to the LAPD annual report for year 1999. Interesting and informative information. The shooter was not of marksman Adam Lanza’s caliber. The report does not say how many children were away on a field trip that day. SH scriptwriters may very well have used this California event for ideas. It looks that way, this being the forerunner of things to come. The family of the USPS employee who was killed with 9 bullets (we are told) took off on a countrywide tour preaching against guns.

          The report states that a 16 year old female was found on the sidewalk with a trail of blood leading to the front lobby. My question to that is how did she manage to get down to the sidewalk from the lobby with several gunshots to the legs. There is quite a distance from the building to the sidewalk.

          Excerpts from the LAPD 1999 annual report:

          August 10, 1999, began just like any other summer day in the San Fernando Valley – sunny, warm and peaceful. A radio call changed all that in the Devonshire Area. What began as a typical day unfolded into one of the most unthinkable events in recent history for the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department. Children – the most innocent of victims – were being terrorized at the North Valley Jewish Community Center on Rinaldi Street in Granada Hills. A frantic call by an employee relayed that a heavily armed suspect was firing a possible Uzi-type weapon at women and children.

          The prevailing feeling was that this type of incident could not be happening.

          A 16-year-old female was found on the sidewalk with several gunshot wounds to her legs and a blood trail leading to the front lobby area.

          As soon as the small building was secured, officers led the children, hand-in-hand, to a nearby convalescent hospital, guiding the children in a calm and reassuring way. A photograph of this scene appeared on the front pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide.

          LAPD officers safely escorted approximately 36 children, ages four to seven, and 12 adults from the center to a protected area.

          Devonshire Area Homicide detectives began the first phase of what was to become one of the most challenging crime scenes since the Nicole Brown-Simpson case. A church next to the crime scene became the Command Post. Reverend Greg Frost of the Episcopal Church of Saint
          Andrew and Saint Charles allowed the LAPD to turn his office and the church sanctuary into a temporary LAPD facility, enabling the exchange of important information with the Fire Department’s Command Post. The church sanctuary ultimately became just that, a sanctuary for the family members of the children at the center and others, as the effects of this unbelievable act began to surface.

    1. You make some nice points here. Let’s face it, we are all influenced by certain writers and various feelings at a particular time. When we think about all the books written that extol the magnificence of Abe Lincoln, we have to realize that countervailing books have also been written that excoriate Lincoln as one of our bigger racists and federal power afficionadoes. He was a lout in many regards.
      I tend to take PCR’s viewpoint on the economic origins of wars and various and sundry dustups that occur. People insist Germany started both wars, WW1 and 2, but deeper study shows this not to be true. Is racism a component of every decision at that level? Beats me, have at it with your reasoning. You could be right.

  21. Furrow, the shooter at the community center in 1999, described by Anne B. was a member of Arian Nation and other racist groups. the postman he shot was non-White.

    1. The postman he “shot” was a Federal employee, convenient to the intervention of the Federal Government.

      All these parallels between events point to their common provenance.

    2. folktruther, have you considered answering my several posts addressed to you?

      I promise doing so will help you make your arguments more clearly.

  22. nterestingly the “shooting” happened at the “Grand 16″ movie theatre. Grand = 1000. 1000 + 16 = 1016 or 9/11 inversed. Remember, the “James Holmes” Aurora “shooting” happened at the “Century 16″ movie theatre. Century = 100. 100 + 16 = 116, or 9/11 inversed.

    How odd, coincidental, and…convenient? Does 9/11 happen to be a psychological “trigger” for the general population? Does the mere mention of that number rehash fear and terror in most folks? Were the theatres chosen for this particular response mechanism? An invocation of the 9/11 terror event on a subliminal level.

    Notice too, both “shooters” names also seem to be conveniently selected as both contain references to where one lives. James “Holmes” contains the word “home” if we remove the L and S. John “Houser” contains the word “house” if we remove the R. 9/11 and House and Home. Interesting.

    Also, both “shooter’s” initials are “J.H.”. As in Jade Helm. Very interesting.


  23. The US military is being trained in Ukraine by the Nazi National Guard for possible use in the United States. General Ray Odiema was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying, “This training is shared training….it is American forces training Ukrainian forces, and it is Ukrainian forces training American forces.”

    The US engineered coup in Ukraine bought to power an oligarch-Nazi regime largely controlled by Washington. The Nazi group Right Sector has thousands of armed fighters which is currently threatening to create a second coup. It is largely based in the National Guard, a separate section of Ukraine military, with which it has had occasional firefights.

    The Nazis call themselves White Nationalists and serve as death squads in Ukraine, assassinating dissenting political leaders and murdering and brutalizing the population. This is the group training American troops. Soldiers in Afghanistan have been photographed wearing Hitler’s SS symbols, so this fascist indoctrination process began previously.

    The US military has traditionally not been as racist as the police system, including the district attorneys and judges. But apparently soldiers and officers are being selected now on their willingness to shoot Americans. Jade Helm is a huge military operation currently directed (illegally) against Americans, and more troops are being trained to supplement them.

    The White racism apparently will be the ideological glue that unites them against Americans, including of course White Americans. General Wesley Clark has publically proclaimed the need to imprison for life “disloyal” Americans, probably beginning with Muslims, as the Japanese were imprisoned during world war 2. These preparations allow American power to introduce the same kind of austerity in the US as occurs in Ukraine and Greece. This may be implemented when the world goes off the dollar standard, which will dislocate the American economy.

      1. Don;t fall for it. The Man above is a paid operator and takes his job very seriously.
        If 95% of News is Fake then 95% of Blogs are Fake.
        I’m seeing a pattern here.
        No real Topic’s get addressed.
        The real steam is always a crisis and then our thoughts are displayed through blogs to be observed.
        I always never get too deep and joke, and when I do display my inner thoughts, silence falls.
        It’s just what I have observed.
        As I said, 95% of reality is fake.

        I could go on and on but I’ll leave there and quiet down.

        1. I was commenting to folktruther, “nicely done” because he had really tightened up his argument this time. I wasn’t commenting on the content of his post.

        2. Yes, ric, silence may fall, but that does not mean the comment was not heard. Inner thoughts that go beyond normal fact, or opinion can get a bit close for some in a forum like this. The fact is, none of us truly knows who the person on the other end is here. We could all be taking our first step toward a fema camp just being here. I think that says volumes for those who come here and let it hang out.

        3. Unfortunately, Ric, I am not paid–worse luck– but you are quite right as you astutely observed, I take my job very seriously. My job is to create a holistic conceptual background structure to replace the one of the dying Western tradition which is currently in terminal decay. Unfortunately the holistic conceptions convey subversive truths that conflict with the American ideology of Freedom&Democracy. They conflict with American White racist ideology. Therefore I have to test how to convey them with audiences, the academy traditionally having a horror of artistic, intellectual, or ideological originality, as well as the reality-based truth offending poor boobs like yourself.

          I do not think, incidentally, that you are the dumbest truther on this blog as you previously maintained, although you are right, you are pretty dumb. But there are bloggers way dumber than you. In any case intellectual intelligence is not the issue; it doesn’t matter if your IQ is 60 or whether it is 70, the important point is emotional intelligence. Not what you think but what you feel. Clearly you are so greatly offended by the reality-based truth, that you are almost in complete denial. This is too bad. I’m afraid that it is not the case that 95% of reality is fake.

          The problem is, Ric, that your views and intellectual capacities are the norm in much of America, those Americans, as Mencken said, having an intelligence below the civilized average. That is partially why I don’t think a truth revolution is possible first in the USA, Americans are too defensive, and too much in intellectual denial.

        4. -My job is to create a holistic conceptual background structure to replace the one of the dying Western tradition which is currently in terminal decay. –

        5. -My job is to create a holistic conceptual background structure to replace the one of the dying Western tradition which is currently in terminal decay.-

          In other words, an interior decorator.

    1. And to think our esteemed president is badmouthing us while in Africa. Notably, he’s been stabbing us in the back for over 6 years now, yet if we can believe it, his support has not wavered among the idiots who put him there in the first place. Some writers claim that the voting machines were jury rigged, things don’t add up with a normal vote count.
      He’s the Destroyer, plain and simple. He’s getting ready to knife us in the back, hardly a day goes by when he fails to steal more of our freedoms and Constitutional protections.
      I guess it’s fashionable to be a traitor these days.

    2. There was a piece recently of 2500 Ukrainian privy sektor types flown to Colorado. There is no doubt Poland is training them and will probably send along some volunteers. Some Poles can’t seem to get the vision of the Prussian empire out of their heads.

      It all started with Disraeli who called for an alliance between the English royal families and jewish elite to form a master race to rule the world. Well the elites are banking the gold but the middle classes are doing the fighting and dying. The battering ram for this NWO are the armies of the west under the vatican jesuits which was long ago infiltrated by zionists in fact Ignatius Loyola himself who founded the jesuits was jewish. And many popes have been jewish including the last one who croaked, John Paul.

      It is a war still ongoing against the Byzantine empire, (Russia) and their orthodox prelate, which some consider to be the other Rome and countless wars have been fought along these battle lines.

      The vatican sent emissaries to Russia when Ivan The Terrible was on the throne and he told them promptly to get back to Rome, he was the emissary of Christ on earth. So it is not really a new battle but has been going on for a long time.

      The Ukrainians espouse neo nazism and yet porky, yats and the leadership are all jewish. Kind of reminds of WWII as Hitler himself was a Rothschild. So was Kolomoisky but he had to get out of town.

      1. thank you, Dublinmick, for reporting the possible transport of Ukrainian Nazis to Colorado as American soldiers for use against the American people. I investigated the truth of this report briefly, sloshing through the intellectual sewers of the blogs, which are often as anti-Semitic and politically loony as you are. It is conceivable that it is true in some form, but there was no evidence to support it. It is very important, however, because Washington may not possess enough American soldiers willing to shoot Americans.

        Should you run across any evidence supporting this claim, it would be a public service to provide it, because Americans, who support violence, tend to respect the military. They should know that it may not be Americans who are shooting them.

        1. Cointelpro:

          “I investigated the truth of this report briefly, sloshing through the intellectual sewers of the blogs, which are often as anti-Semitic and politically loony as you are.”

          These are not the thoughts a simple man blogging….


  24. I commented on this in the Open Forum once, but then haven’t commented here yet. I mainly want to comment just for the record.

    As I said in the other thread, I live in Lafayette. The theatre is ‘my’ theatre; it’s the one we visit. My wife looked up show times for the night of the shooting but didn’t go. Granted, her and my son would’ve seen Minions instead of Trainwreck, but obviously we’re glad she didn’t go whatsoever.

    What I have to say is simple and quick and one can make of it what they will: the girls died. I know this for certain. My wife had met Jillian. I knew of the band she was in, The Figs; I’m a musician as well and we knew/know a lot of people in common. She played The Blue Moon the weekend before she was killed; I played there about three months back. While I had never met Jillian to my knowledge (I’ve only lived here three years), I’ve talked to her husband on two different occasions. Once was in NOLA at their Red Arrow shop on Magazine street, and the other time was just three months ago in their shop here. Both times we talked a good bit. I liked him. I asked about the music playing at the shop; it was The War On Drugs. I bought the album.

    Perhaps one says that the things above don’t necessarily prove she died. But what it means is that one would have to posit that she sold out her family – husband and daughter and extended family, and gave up her whole life here she’d built, which is a bit more considerable than others. It would mean she could never been seen here again. I find this ridiculous.

    Secondly, there is a fund to help the victims; I’m not sure if you can help everyone shot or only the family’s of those killed. But to put this in perspective, this is nothing on the level of SH “donations.” Will the government “contribute to the community?” I doubt it. I tend to think this is a sign of a payoff of some sort, and so to me, believing this story (Lafayette shooting) is for the most part true, this makes sense. While some may criticize even being able to contribute at all as citizens, I’d mention cases like this:


    This is to help cover the costs of a boy here in Lafayette who was killed by an auto recently. We of course don’t think that there’s fakery going on here just because there’s a way to contribute to the funeral costs.

    At present, I’m not sure where I stand on the other aspects: Emily Mann doesn’t seem to be acting – if she is acting – even remotely as poorly as other crisis actors. I, at present, believe her. Though I will say that I can’t find her profile on Facebook; I might ask around and see who knows (or doesn’t know) her. Free Radio Revolution seems to have an extreme problem with the fact that she keeps saying “you,” as in, “you turn around to see him [the shooter].” I don’t find this suspect at all. In fact, this is the exact opposite of what we’d expect a crisis actor to say. We’d expect them to not use language like so; they’d cartoon-ize the story as to drive it home, leaving as little open to interpretation as possible. For instance, we have Richard Martinez acting like a bafoon to drive home the grief and gun story. We don’t have that with Emily Mann, in my opinion.

    There’s this site here:

    If this stuff is indeed true about Media Marketing, then I certainly find that weird. But where he’s so wrong as to be absurd is the idea that people falsely hang things up to show grief. I believe people are really doing this. I hear people talking about the shooting still. I see it in my facebook feed from friends in Lafayette. I see signs up in my neighborhood. I think he has no grounding with the falsely hung signs at all. In fact, it makes him lose credibility with me.

    Going back to the main Emily Mann video on ABC, I also have little problem with the small smiles she flashes. Bear in mind that I find SH smiles absurd; Emily Mann’s are nothing of the sort. That said, it does seem a bit fishy that they have a photo of Houser with a swastika behind him. Seems a strange photo to have.

    At any rate, though I’m open, at least possibly, to the idea that Houser’s story is fabricated or augmented or even totally invented, I am fully convinced that people died.

    Perhaps some will find this nearby perspective useful, perhaps not.

    1. Thank you, clreus, for introducing an element of realism in this lone wolf attack. The tendency on this and other blogs is to deny this and the Dylann Roof attacks occurred because it subverts the White racist consensus that has developed so rapidly recently. the commenters, and not only the commenters, cannot accept that White cops are killing unarmed Blacks, Black churches are being burned, and lone wolf attacks by racist fascists are increasing.

      These are copycat murders, one crime inducing similar crimes, a well known criminal tendency. They have always occurred, but have been covered up by the media. The difference now is that they can be easily photographed, so the media can no longer cover them up. But it takes longer for people to adjust to the new social and technical conditions, so denial tends to be the norm.

    2. A few questions arise when examining this event.
      1) How is it that a woman who was shot in the leg managed to find her way to the fire alarm?
      2) How were 20 officers able to storm the theater within minutes?
      3) How is it that despite there being a fire alarm pulled, not a single fire engine responded?
      4) Witness Emily Mann sat in the same row as the shooter and saw him firing the gun. She is the daughter of Randall Mann, the public relations officer of Acadian Ambulance (who provided 8 ambulances to transport patients). Acadian is a National Ambulance company who also provides Security and engages in coordinating Active Shooter Drills !!
      Coincidence ?

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