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CyberBerkut (Google Translation):

We CyberBerkut received at the disposal of the file whose value can not be overstated!

Dear Senator McCain! We recommend you next time in foreign travel, and especially on the territory of Ukraine, not to take confidential documents.

On one of the devices of your colleagues, we found a lot of interesting things. Something we decided to put: this video should become the property of the international community!

LEAKED! ISIS Beheading Video Caught Filming In Studio!

The Cyber Berkut hacked video matches the James Foley proven fake killing to an extraordinary degree.

This almost seemed too good to be true but I found the above photo at Leak Source and the video of the IS studio filmed fake beheading scene matches in many ways and appears to be a film of the making of the fake James Foley execution video as the moving photograph above brilliantly demonstrates.

Many other small details from the James Foley video appear to match. These include the way the “Jihad John” character tucks his pants into his boots, along with the foreground landscape which differs between the fake execution videos. The Cyber Berkut hacking group claim they found the footage on the phone of a staffer of John McCain, a politician with extensive historical links to jihadist fighters and terror groups as this photograph and many others indicate.

US Senator John MCCain meets with takfiri jihadists fighters in Syria.circa 2012.

The man in the background next to McCain’s (as we see it) left shoulder. is alleged to be the Caliph of the IS Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who it is widely claimed is actually an Israeli agent real name Simon Elliot. Although all hard evidence of the supposed Caliph’s identity is cloaked in layers of misinformation.

The fake Caliph, the intensely pious man with a taste for the finer things!

The whole leader thing did not seem to work with the fake Caliph, he made only one personal appearance was widely mocked and might as well never have existed.

It was claimed that the Caliph was badly wounded in an air strike and was receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital. It was also claimed that he had died.

It is known that Israel provides medical and other assistance to both the IS group and the al Nusra front, it is in the UN reports, it is in the Jerusalem Post:

New UN report reveals collaboration between Israel and Syrian rebels – Middle East – Jerusalem Post.html

“Now, a report from the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) reveals that Israel has been working closely with Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights and have kept close contact over the past 18 months. The report was submitted to the UN Security Council at the beginning of the month.”

“The documents show that Israel has been doing more than simply treating wounded Syrian civilians in hospitals. This and a few past reports have described transfer of unspecified supplies from Israel to the Syrian rebels, and sightings of IDF soldiers meeting with the Syrian opposition east of the green zone, as well as incidents when Israeli soldiers opened up the fence to allow Syrians through who did not appear to be injured.”

“The report said UNDOF “observed at least 10 wounded persons being transferred by armed members of the opposition from the Bravo side across the cease-fire line.”

The story about Baghdadi in Israel wounded or dead may well be true but there is a distinct lack of evidence in any direction.

The beheadings, the Jihad John videos on the other hand were an obvious psyop and fraud proven within days of the Foley release and the Cyber Berkut video only adds to an overwhelming body of evidence of fraud and deception.

The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.

Oops! They Hoaxed it Again!

6 REASONS Jihadi John/Emwazi is CIA/Illuminati – The Fakery is IRREFUTABLE


WOW! Media Damage Control On James Foley Video: “Experts Now Conclude Video Is Fake”


This Xendrius video has not been removed but Youtube seems to cause it to crash before it begins every time. Our beloved overlords at Google would NEVER seek to suppress the truth so the reason for this is a mystery. (It works embedded but still not on Youtube)

All Jihadi John Videos are 100% FAKE – HERE’S WHY


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10 thought on “ISIS Fraud Exposed! Leaked Video Appears to Show Staged Killing of James Foley”
  1. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:
    As we travel around the sun, we seem to be regressing further back in the advancement of mankind, organized, herded, conned, schooled beyond the point of no return. So many traitors to the advancement of all people.

    1. no, just the White West. China is leading a movement of most of the earth’s people that is replacing Western White power with those of non-White people, nearly 90% of the earth’s people.

  2. Damn, watched the video but wasn’t able to concentrate enough to digest the info in the article, how it ties to McCain, Ukraine, etc. Will have to look back and see when the MSM began saying the original video was fake and why they finally said so.

  3. I just cannot fathom how John McCain looks so darn relaxed hanging out with those ISIS figures when we are told what brutal murderers they are. Shouldn’t he be scared?

  4. I started questioning these vids as soon as they emerged. Every aspect of them seems fishy. How does one “independent” firm continuously find the videos in the first place? Why do all the victims go along with the production allowing them to be successful? Do you see any evidence that the victim has gone through a process of resistance in any way whatsoever? Does the quality and production appear to be greater than your own home movies? Does it appear that any prearranged choreography is taking place?

  5. These videos always seemed terribly “off”. For certain Mr. Foley’s character did not match the real-life pics and video – we noticed this straight away.

  6. As soon as I saw the Foley video (and other beheadings) when leaked, I literally laughed out loud…that’s how obviously fake they are. It reminded me of a terrible video some teenager would make with their friends. Seriously??? They want us to believe that?
    And then I was insulted…reminding me of how dumb our government thinks we are, and sadly they are right considering the majority of the population who always believed them without question. Absolutely disgusting what we as citizens are put through.

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