Historical events, Jade Helm, TPP, Sandy Hook, the South Carolina Church shooting, “Jihad John” … Initial “Free Form Friday” open threads in June have been overwhelmingly successful, providing opportunities for MHB readers and commenters to chime in on topics as they see fit.

Thus here is another opportunity to discuss “???” Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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    1. I’m deeply grateful, Comrade, for this link. Having read through it, I have some advice–or at least a suggestion–for James: if the school won’t let you teach the classes you propose, why not create an on-line college of your own? Does tenure come with a non-compete clause?

      I have more than a few times called active participation in this conversation the equivalent of a graduate seminar course. Well, it really can be done. Unless it can’t.

      1. I feel the exact same way as you do. I highly encourage James to consider starting an open enrollment course which everyone can participate in. Even if it has nothing to do with the current university which he teaches at, I’m positive that James could get quite a few people, including myself, to enroll in the class.

        Especially as tyranny accelerates, there will be a large market for people searching for the truth.

        I too would like to thank Dr. Tracy for stopping by Reddit and doing the AMA. It was so insightful and inspiring to me, and to all free thinkers.

        1. Jim mentioned an interest for such but insisted he prefers face-to-face instruction.

          In any case, any type of instruction offered by Jim interests me greatly.

          When Jim starts his “truth college,” I hope to teach a few classes–Straussian theory, revisionist history, what-you-don’t-know-about-your-presidents, etc. etc. etc.

      2. If he does embark on a private, distance-based teaching platform I strongly suggest he do it as a component of a private group set on becoming a restorative home for modern journalism, free of corporate or NGO control. It makes sense that a collective of that type have a current understanding of the media industry, as free from recent tradition as possible.

        I humbly suggest that the logical group to establish roots of this kind with is Independent Media Solidarity (IMS).

    2. I’m shocked at the extent of the harassment suffered by Professor Tracy and I’m anxious to read his thoughts about it in the forthcoming book “Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them,” edited by Prof. Joe Uscinski.

      Also, I didn’t know he had been censored from Project Censored. (!)

      I wish I could have participated in this AMA live. I’ve always loved reddit, in spite of or maybe because of, the juvenility. Here’s my favorite comment to Professor Tracy; it’s from redditor Radium_Coyote:

      I don’t know who you are, but you seem like a decent dude.

      Hear, hear!

      1. On a website called “reddit,” it is a comment thread not too much different than this where people are interviewed; AMA stands for “ask me anything.” People type in questions and the person being interviewed answers thoughtfully to many of the good questions.

        Jim’s went awesome.

        I would recommend looking at “Rev” Jesse Jackson’s AMA. It backfired. It was awesome. Let me find it and I’ll post a link as a reply here.

        1. Here ya go Sue:

          From Jesse Jackson’s AMA–

          Mr. Jackson,
          You are an immoral, hate-filled race baiter that has figured out how to manipulate the political system for your own gain. You’ve personally set back race relations year after year and continue to do more harm than good. Extorting money from companies to line your pockets and threatening to bus in protestors and create a fake racial controversy if they don’t agree to pay you off is NOT civil rights activism. My question is simple; how is your relationship with the illegitimate child you fathered in 1998 while cheating on your wife? Bonus question: How much money have you extorted from various people and companies over the years of practicing your shakedown scheme? Do you think Al Capone would be jealous of your business model if he were still alive?

          link to AMA (interview):

          They shut it down quickly. It was the BEST!

  1. Is anyone going to board the Chattanooga Choo Choo today? Where’s Glen Miller when you need him? 🙂

    Was yesterday’s massacre another made-for-tv-movie and/or part of the Jade Helm invasion? I noticed a couple of videos on Wednesday, about military equipment and lots of white buses congregating in Plano, Texas. To me, the buses scream jail or prison inmates. Anyway, I noticed that one of the commenters on that video said they live in Tennessee, and that it was crawling with Jade Helm participants. Not that there’s ever any reason to be suspicious……..

  2. Here’s how crook-ed Connecticut is. Wolf’s last FOIA hearing was a prison for truth; not it’s agent. Monte Frank is a weasel masquerading as a lawyer. Need to weasel your way out of trouble?, call Monte Frank Esq. what a smarmy little f#*k. I have never used the word smarmy before, but you can see how well the description fits… of low sleazy taste or quality; marked by a smug, ingratiating false earnestness. That describes this person to a T. And they elected him to lead the state bar association? Perfect. I don’t know if Connecticut is the most corrupt state in the union, but that is my perception formed from the top down… from Gov. Malloy’s denial of the his early warning, The prison they built for Freedom of Information, State Police Lt Paul Vance’s threats to iron fist people that don’t buy his lies, The Police Chief that grew a nose longer than Pinocchio at the FOIA hearing, then conveniently quit. I know there’s some corruption in most governments. It’s just so in your face with the Sandy Hook hoax. They picked Connecticut for a good reason. I don’t know if it’s true that Obama has used a dead Connecticut man’s social security number on a tax return, but after what we have seen, I wouldn’t be the first one to refute it.


  3. I have been waiting to see if anyone would make connections that might reveal a false flag event in TN.

    I certainly don’t want to start a “conspiracy theory,” but I found it quite the coincidence that the 2 Chattanooga, TN recruiting offices were targeted right around the time that Senator Corker of TN, (who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) has been speaking out against the Iran deal.***

    Recall this:

    With the deadline for an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program just two weeks away, Bob Corker of Tennessee, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent a letter to President Obama Monday accusing the administration of retreating from its original goals in negotiating the pact:

    It is breathtaking to see how far from your original goals and statements the P5+1 have come during negotiations with Iran. Under your leadership, six of the world’s most important nations have allowed an isolated country with roguish policies to move from having its nuclear program dismantled to having its nuclear proliferation managed. Negotiators have moved from a 20-year agreement to what is in essence a 10-year agreement that allows Iran to simultaneously continue development of an advanced ballistic missile program and research and development of advanced centrifuges. […]I am alarmed by recent reports that your team may be considering allowing the deal to erode even further. Only you and those at the table know whether there is any truth to these allegations, and I hope reports indicating potential concessions on inspections and on the full disclosure of Iran’s possible military dimensions (PMDs) are inaccurate.

    “Regarding inspections, surely your administration and those involved in the negotiations will adhere to an “anytime, anywhere” standard. No bureaucratic committees. No moving the ball. No sites off limits.

    Corker concluded the five-paragraph letter [Note: PDF link] saying that if Iran crosses what he called the remaining red lines, the agreement should be axed. “Walking away from a bad deal at this point would take courage, but it would be the best thing for the United States, the region and the world.”

    Perhaps it must be just a coincidence…

    1. “I have been waiting to see if anyone would make connections that might reveal a false flag event in TN.”

      No, Christine, you’re the only one who caught that.

      1. I have been waiting for somebody to offer solid proof that it is indeed a real event. I accept nothing without on the media’s word that it is proof.

        As I said before, I am sure shishkabobalulu is behind this 🙂

        1. My comment to Christine was completely sarcastic because you had, of course, already fingered shishkabobalulu. 🙂

  4. Sharing this great interview of Hugh Akins who wrote

    Synagogue Rising Paperback – 2012
    by Hugh Akins (Author)

    Free and downloadable audio for next 30 days and then Part II of interview will become available.


    Hugh Akins

    AMERICA BURNING! Race Hatred, Bloody Riots,
    An Emerging Police State —
    All According to Plan – Part I

    Listen to the inverview using the player below, or download it*!

      1. Dublinsmick,
        After you posted this, I watched “The Brotherhood of the Bell” on YouTube as I had never heard of it. Pretty good dramatization of the way secret societies would work in the real world. I think tv movies must have been better back then.

        But what the heck is that other link, the one to Bradley Loves? More of your particular humor? I get that you were probably referencing the part about the bell imagery, but I had to pretty much laugh at his conjecture.

    1. dachsielady, I listened to the Hugh Akins interview – very educational. Packed with observations due to his great interviewee skills.

      I particularly liked his emphasis on the objective of the race war as state repression of all citizens, and that white and black are both victims of the same conspiracy. As Akins puts it, “The blame does not fall on the guilty.”

      So thanks for posting the link. Maybe you can remind us when the second half of the interview comes up.

    1. Every Child Achieves Act (who are the stakeholders?)


      The bill requires school districts to consult stakeholders in planning and implementing programs to improve student safety, health, well-being, and academic achievement.


      Charlotte Iserbyt:

      1. Seig heil.

        “The bill requires school districts to consult stakeholders in planning and implementing programs to improve student safety, health, well-being, and academic achievement.”

        “…improve student safety, health, well-being, and academic achievement.” Well, that certainly seems to cover it, don’t cha think? Stick a fork in us; we’re done.

        I give thanks that my only child is nearly the age of majority, and we were able to homeschool freely. However, he finds it difficult to meet kids he actually relates to (he complains that many kids are like zombies, or cookie-cutter imitations of each other). He spends most of his time working or studying to get his gemologist certification (he’s in a program at a local college); one of the things he likes about the field is that it’s relatively unregulated…but for how long?

        My sister has three little ones: two in kindergarten and one in second grade. I’ve tried telling her, but she won’t listen…

      2. The legal definition of a “stakeholder”, as it pertains to contracts is: “A third person, chosen by two or more persons, to keep in deposit property, the right or possession of which is contested between them and to be delivered to the one who shall establish his right to it. Thus each of them is considered as depositing the whole thing. This distinguishes this contract from that which takes place when two or more tenants in common deposit a thing with a bailee.”

        I couldn’t find how the bill defines the term. I KNOW it’s not parents. Char Iserbyt says that “stakeholders” are the corporations that are benefitting from these educational “reforms” (testing/data gathering on both teachers and students, software, budgeting, curriculum, etc, etc, ad infinitum), but I couldn’t find the source for that conclusion. Anyone?

        1. It seems Charlotte Iserbyt’s predictions are being finalized. I suspect the fortress being built in Sandy Hook is where Every Child Achieves Act goes full steam ahead. The new building may even be named for one exceptionally gifted and psychic child. Real stakeholders here are the faceless and nameless ones.

          Here is a UNICEF approach to analyze stakeholders:

          With stakeholders there is one more thick layer of bureaucracy to dig through. Another site breaks stakeholders into three categories: primary stakeholders, secondary stakeholders and key stakeholders. Will basic education even be a factor?

          A very short review of Charlotte Iserbyt’s book:


          “Charlotte Iserbyt documents how our children are being turned into undiscerning, unquestioning worker bees for the coming global dictatorship.”

        2. Recynd, yes, I think it is a term that is commonly misused. Most think of it as someone who has a “stake” in someting, i.e., an interest. The reference to bailment is trickier. This usually relates to something of value that is in another’s possession. This could be in the form of a loan, or could simply be something under the temporary control of an other.

          In the present case I think the use of the term relates to having an interest in the success of our children. Educational choices cause our children’s future to be placed “at stake”.

    2. At Senator Blumenthal’s site (http://tinyurl.com/otdek3q) there’s this about the educational designs of the deceptive duo:

      “My personal commitment to this vital initiative grew from the horrific, painful days after Sandy Hook, when I sat in Scarlett Lewis’ living room and heard and saw Jesse’s awe-inspiring courage and caring through his words and photos. Jesse had emotional intelligence way beyond his years– gifts of empathy, resilience, self-awareness, confidence and compassion, love and hope– which we can instill in students nationwide if teachers are given the right tools and training.”

      Jesse must have been quite a six-year-old, inspiring legislation that we can instill in students nationwide and all.

      1. After I finish gagging, I’m sure I will be totally inspired by Jesse; what an amazing 6 year old! “Early mental-health intervention” sums up what this is all about.

      2. Intervention should be necessary for those who actually believe this garbage. We expect Senate bloviators to have the temerity to say things like this with a straight face. Somebody should have hurled on his shoes.

        Did he shout “let’s roll”? It’s the legend of “Ole Shoe”. I’m looking for my Tums.

      1. They passed it back in 2012, along with Alabama, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona was looking at passing an anti-UN Agenda 21 resolution. Tennessee Senator Andy Berke voted against the resolution, in favor of Agenda 21. I am sure he is involved in this false flag up to his eyeballs.

  5. Remember when Michoo Obumer was caught on camera saying to Bozo “All this over a damn Flag” when the Marines where folding up the American Flag?

    I’m amazed no one has made the comparison to this fanatical frenzy over the Confederate Flag, Destroying statues, digging up Generals and their wives….Insanity. Left gone amok.

    So I say to leftie loonies….

    All this over a damn flag?

  6. David Rockefeller wrote a positively held treatise of socialism in around 1936. He was a member of Fabian society. That society was designed for full control of the whole political spectrum since marxism in its original form was deemed unsuited for capturing broader audiences.
    The word socialism is therefore tainted by the globalists because world government under the british-dominated oligarchy was the sole reason for pretending to be aligned with those who genuinely sought improvements for the common people.
    The south american type of leftism is really a different matter. There people with european roots dominate people who have local ethnic roots. ‘Indians’ as we misname them. This has forced an egalitarian striving which really shouldnt be mixed up with the other elitist variant.
    Most those who have a genuine attraction to socialism have only a dim awareness of these seemingly paradoxical connection. And the critics therefore appear to them to be reactionaries not worth listening to.
    This confusion weakens the resistance against the globalists which otherwise has great potential to unify the opposition.

    1. I should explain that I was influenced by the mentioning of agenda21 as one possible motive for a false flag in the discussed case.

        1. All right but like I said I will let you have the last word no matter what I think.

        2. Toni, are you saying it was justified? That organizing to fight back against organized oppression logically dictates genocide? Because the boycott was in response to systematic oppression.

          The Transfer Agreement is a big topic of Barry Chamish. He’s the go-to guy on the subject.

          Who is the “we” in this sentence? It’s the “Royal We,” meaning everyone who acknowledges it happened.

          As for And why? Why the lies? I don’t know. Paranoia? Centuries of systematic persecution, being driven out of countries, this time on a potentially global scale?

          The thing is, the leadership, as I’ve said, is evil. Propagandists. What they did since the war is quite unpleasant to think about. Read Barry’s books, and weep with him.

        3. Patrick,
          Who said anything about “justified?” You wanted to know “why? why?”

          You said, “Better still, let’s focus on the fact that Holocaust deniers are completely unwilling (so far as I can determine) to acknowledge that the Germans attempted to identify and remove every single Jew from any place they could gain access to.”

          So I wrote:
          “In 1933, there was a global Jewish boycott of Germany that threatened the Reich. Therefore, they were under attack by “World Jewry” and wanted to be judenfrei and free of enemy agents. This boycott also inspired the Transfer Agreement made between Zionist organizations and Nazi Germany to transfer Jews and their assets to Palestine. So, that’s the why.”

          That’s why there was a policy to transfer Jews. Try to read it without an emotional reaction.

          See, I think “the “Royal We,” meaning everyone who acknowledges it happened” is rapidly fading. It’s fading because of the lies.

          Extermination by gas chamber, and even the gas chambers themselves, were lies disseminated after the war. So your answer to my question of why the lies, “Paranoia? Centuries of systematic persecution, being driven out of countries, this time on a potentially global scale?” would seem not to apply. In fact, the Royal We must ask ourselves, when did the lies even start?

          Fraud vitiates everything.

          Instead of fulminating about the mysteries of German guilt, I suggest you first strip away the lies. And then ask yourself, cui bono?

        4. Patrick Rabbi Mark Antelman is on record as stating that Hitler was Jewish.

          He further states that many camps were under the control of jews where they were trained to live on a kibbutz in Palestine. The red cross (shield of Rothschild) was at all of these camps we know that. They were not bombed. This is a fact.

          I would say a fairly well known Rabbi is a pretty good source.

          Now Henry Ford who wrote all of those books backing nazis was a 32 degree mason. Here is the latest on his daughter.

          A favorite twist of the modern day nazi is well Henry Ford backed Hitler (He wrote those 4 books about the Jews). Yes he did as the memo had gone out they were to go to Palestine. In fact he did all this, the same Henry Ford who was a 32 degree mason whose daughter married Stavros Niarchos-Aristotle’s brother-in-law. Stavros also frequents an old Medici family Palace/estate near Turin where the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild like to go and shoot birds. The estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day. Stavros is an important leader of the Bilderbergs and a billionaire. He married Henry Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller. And there is much much more. Many of Ford’s descendants have married into jewish families.

          Hitler attended several of these courses organized by Education and Propaganda Department (Dept Ib/P) of the Bavarian Reichswehr Group, Headquarters 4 under Captain Karl Mayr. It was here that he was singled out as a talented organizer and orator. It is also how he came to the attention of Archbishop Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII).

          After being received personally by Archbishop Pacelli, Hitler became one of his protege from mid 1919 onwards, encouraging his promotion within the ranks of the Intelligence Unit of the Bavarian Reichswehr and his mission to infiltrate and report on the activities of the German Workers’ Party (DAP).

          That at the death of Fr. Joseph Stalin S. J. the leader of the Soviet Union in 1953, there was sufficient evidence both that Fr. Stalin was Catholic and had ordered some of the greatest atrocities of human history including reputedly the death of over 60,000,000 innocent people. That at no time since the end of Word War II until the present day has any Pope ever sought to excommunicate Fr. Stalin S. J. That such inaction, and deliberate concealement of his status even until his death of being a fully empowered Catholic priest and of even being Catholic by itself implies the tacit support of Stalin’s actions, regardless of any public statement by the Vatican to the contrary.”

          Stalin bumped off about 90 million. There have been lots of “holocausts”.

          Rothschild starved 5 million Bengalis in India

          5 million of the Irish were genocided by the red king.

        5. Toni, I was trying to avoid moderation, do my verbiage was less exact than I’d normally use. So this time, I will not try.

          You implied, I thought, that the systematic identification and abduction of each and every Jew, in each and every corner of Europe, was the reasonable reaction of an innocent Germany, which was unfairly targeted by an international cabal of Jews, who for some unknown reason had launched a boycott of German goods. Well, the only reason that boycott was organized was because Hitler’s goons were destroying Jewish life in Germany. I got the impression that you thought that the international removal of the Jews, in retaliation for that boycott, was somehow thus justified. Jews being systematically oppressed in Germany because of Hitler’s ideology inspire Jews outside Germany to bring economic pressure to bear upon Hitler’s regime, and so Hitler, logically, decides to hoover up every Jew who lives–and almost all of them are never heard from again.

          I thought you were saying that that makes sense. I find such logic pretty much impossible to understand, so perhaps I got it wrong.

          If I, for instance, find a minority I am a part of is being persecuted in a distant land, and wish to put economic pressure on the persecutor, I do not think it is reasonable to expect all of my people, everywhere in the world, to be systematically abducted, and “disappeared,” in retaliation for the boycott. I think the disappearances, in fact, would look like a continuation of the persecution that started the sequence of events. Especially, in the case of the Jews, if I had read Mein Kampf. He told the world exactly what he intended to do.

          “a policy to transfer Jews”. That is, to abduct them. All of them.

          “Try to read it without an emotional reaction.” Sorry. Can’t do it.

          “See, I think “the “Royal We,” meaning everyone who acknowledges it happened” is rapidly fading.”

          Well, I can’t do anything about that, obviously. They WERE in fact abducted, and never found their way home. If people cease to believe it, I can’t stop that, any more than I can stop people from forgetting that America was 90% white people just 50 years ago, and we had almost no Moslems back then.

          I don’t know how those abductees were murdered. Sue me. I don’t know why a story was concocted to explain it. Sue me. I just know that everyone knows that they WERE IN FACT ABDUCTED, and WERE NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN.

          Am I shouting? Well, I suppose shouting is in order in a situation like that. I want all those families, in all those tens of thousands of hamlets, to have their people back. Don’t you?

        6. I’ll add that Patrick’s view that the jews were abducted has no basis, in terms of a moral characterization. The jews had absolutely no right whatsoever to be in Europe. It is the homeland of the indigenous european peoples – not of semites, who went into Europe with the sole intention of colonizing the masses. How odd that the jews could dispossess and even genocide the palestinians under the claim of ‘homeland,’ even though they abandoned it totally voluntarily while decrying the europeans’ right to simply free themselves from the yoke of jewish colonization. The european people never invited the jews in nor abandoned their homelands. Hitler’s sense that he could make such a decision for other europeans was faulty, but the principle of the liberation of europeans from semitism wasn’t.

        7. Patrick,
          First, thank you for participating with me in this seminar. 🙂 I know you’ve said that you think of MHB as the equivalent of a graduate seminar course. Many here agree with you. In the wake of his successful reddit AMA, there have been comments posted calling for Professor Tracy to create an “open enrollment course which everyone can participate in,” suggesting that he use a “distance-based teaching platform” and put it somewhere “online.”

          Lector, si monumentum requiris, circumspice

          Now, in response to your last comment, Patrick, I get that you think I’m saying that Germany’s actions were reasonable, and furthermore, that they were justified. But you’re projecting this impression on me. Because I don’t denounce Germany, you think I defend it. That’s what I meant by your emotional reaction, not your passion for the subject.

          It’s fine with me if you shout, by the way. Let me join you:


          Since the gas chambers, the center piece of decades of propaganda, have been shown to be a lie, the entire WWII narrative, not just the Holocaust, is thrown into question. Considering the downplay managed by the Allies of their conniving and deadly disregard for civilian populations, I marvel at the deep blanket of lies it must have taken to cover it, don’t you? I want all those families to have their people back.

          So, appeals to emotion done with, I urge you to consider the following:

          The gas chambers are the Building 7 of this issue.

          The non-existent gas chambers will be the way in for a lot of people to start questioning what they’ve been told, because the lie is so outrageous. The gas chamber lie is a big key, to the Holocaust, to the entire official history of the 20th Century, and on to the precarious place we stand today.

          This is why I don’t denounce Germany. I don’t know the truth about Germany. I can’t be sure that any criticism I might make didn’t come straight out of some think-tank.

          If this were (almost) any other subject, you would agree with me.

          But you don’t agree. In fact, you refuse to demand proof of the truth of the plights of the very people you loudly defend, and I quote:
          “How many of those abductees were murdered? Who cares? How were they dispatched? Who cares? What was done to the bodies? Who cares? Not me.”

          When I asked you if the gas chamber lie is irrelevant, you answered:
          “I don’t know how those abductees were murdered. Sue me. I don’t know why a story was concocted to explain it. Sue me. I just know that everyone knows that they WERE IN FACT ABDUCTED, and WERE NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN.”

          Two things. Ok, three.

          First, and this is a little parenthetical note, it’s a rhetorical fallacy to appeal to “everyone knows” as your authority when making an argument.

          Second, voicing your outrage that people were in fact abducted and never heard from again, while at the same time evincing indifference to the circumstances of the thing you insist happened, is to argue inconsistently.

          Third, though I know you were being cavalier when you invited me to sue you for not being interested in the subject, it struck me in its irony, because, as you know, you will never face opprobrium for agreeing with the party line.

          And I will not, at least legally and for now, face opprobrium for denouncing the gas chamber lie. I’m lucky and I know it. Other people are in jail for saying the things I’m writing. I feel an obligation to people who have been targeted for speaking their own thoughts. This is why I engage on the subject.

        8. Hey, Patrick, I just posted my response to your previous post. Look for it when it passes out purgatory- I mean, moderation.

        9. First, MHB is the most fun I’ve ever had. I don’t know why people ever drift away from it. People like you, Toni, make it what it is. Intellectually challenging and amiable.

          You say: “Since the gas chambers, the center piece of decades of propaganda, have been shown to be a lie, the entire WWII narrative, not just the Holocaust, is thrown into question.” Fine with me. I agree with the book Target Patton. You say ” Considering the downplay managed by the Allies of their conniving and deadly disregard for civilian populations, I marvel at the deep blanket of lies it must have taken to cover it, don’t you? I want all those families to have their people back.” Patton couldn’t have said it better. That’s why they murdered him: because he was going to.

          I pretty much agree with everything in your comment, so I’ll address this bit:

          “First, and this is a little parenthetical note, it’s a rhetorical fallacy to appeal to “everyone knows” as your authority when making an argument.

          Second, voicing your outrage that people were in fact abducted and never heard from again, while at the same time evincing indifference to the circumstances of the thing you insist happened, is to argue inconsistently.”

          What I mean by “everyone knows” is that survivors wen home, and they found that none of their relatives were there. You, yourself, can go to those remote villages and check it out, and see with your own eyes. “Everyone” knows this, by proxy. But it’s not in doubt. The people were carted away, and never came back. If this is rhetorical fallacy, I can’t see how.

          Since this is, in my view, the central fact that must be focussed on when discussing the Holocaust (it’s kind of like establishing that there are apple trees in the orchard before talking about making cider), it is in no way inconsistent for me to set aside the tripwires the deniers set up when they ask you to enter the discussion. I think it, in fact, is remarkably consistent: stick to what we know is not in dispute before addressing the stuff we don’t know for sure.

          That is, it’s not that I don’t actually care how those abductees died, or how their corpses were disposed of. It’s that I refuse to talk about it until the deniers acknowledge the abductions even happened. It is a logical approach to an obvious trap.

        10. One of my comments on this topic was approved, the other not. When the subject is so controversial selective moderating distorts the meaning too much. Couldn’t both my posts have just been ignored?

        11. If some of your responses weren’t 1,500+ words and more succinct I would not need the additional time to moderate them for potentially inflammatory content. If you are compelled to repeatedly write such lengthy comments why not start your own blog?

        12. Deniers? What is it that I deny, Patrick? You just said you agreed with my post except for my criticism of your argument. What tripwires have I set, Patrick? What trap? Please be specific.

          I have to say, I’m a little insulted. I’ve gone out of my way to answer your questions, reply to your points, highlight weaknesses in your arguments. In return, I’ve posed questions to you that you don’t address. I’ve asked you to consider particular points, and you ignore them. And now you call me a denier who won’t “acknowledge the abductions even happened.”

          Didn’t I sketch out the reasons for deportation of the Jews? Doesn’t that presume I ACKNOWLEDGED such deportations as real? Did I offer any opinions like, “Yeah, there was a transfer policy for Jews, but I don’t believe for a minute that any Jews were displaced.”

          It’s a moving target. You ask why did Germany deport the Jews. I tell you and you accuse me of considering the policy “reasonable” and of “justifying” Germany. I talk about denouncing Germany, but you’ve moved on to “you deny the abductions ever happened.”

          I don’t believe that any such acknowledgment would satisfy you. I think you’d insist on the next article of faith, and the next, till I finally swore out a whole catechism of whatever facts you’re insisting be taken a priori.

          Now, after I’ve been as clear and transparent, and nice, as I can be, you declare an ultimatum that will “set aside the tripwires” that I have deliberately laid in my “obvious trap,” by refusing to engage in the debate.

          Not sure what your fears are here, but holding the debate hostage is a pretty sad way to control the conversation.

          And finally this. You write:
          ““Everyone” knows this, by proxy. But it’s not in doubt. The people were carted away, and never came back. If this is rhetorical fallacy, I can’t see how.”

          This is how. Your argument is that because “everyone” thinks something, that it must be true. This is a fallacious because “everyone” could be wrong. It’s an actual fallacy, not my opinion. Look it up.

        13. Splendid unpacking, Toni!

          “Your argument is that because “everyone” thinks something, that it must be true. This is a fallacious because “everyone” could be wrong. It’s an actual fallacy, not my opinion.”

          argument from omniscience: (e.g., All people believe in something. Everyone knows that.) An arguer would need omniscience to know about everyone’s beliefs or disbeliefs or about their knowledge. Beware of words like “all,” “everyone,” “everything,” “absolute.”  “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        14. Thank you, dachsielady.

          And thank you for bringing the argument from omniscience to light.

        15. Please forgive me, Toni. All I can say is I was speaking generally, not specifically of you, and was unintentionally insulting. I was referring to full-time Holocaust deniers, and the tripwires I was thinking of are the number murdered, how they were killed, and what was done with the bodies. As we have gone back and forth on it, I thought we did not have to restate this. I have no doubt that the official story has massive problems, but I also am confident that, per Mein Kampf, Hitler, when he got the chance, attempted to identify and extract each and every Jew in Europe. “Deniers” deny that. As I said, if we’re going to talk about making cider, we had better agree that the orchard has apples. What’s the point of talking about motives of the victims in assigning a number to how many were murdered or how they died, if the debate is not based on the fact that the event actually happened? The “trap” I was referencing is the one Dr. Fetzer kept setting here a few weeks ago (in my interpretation), in forcing the definition of the Holocaust to be the questions of how many were killed and how, never allowing the central question to even be approached: that the Jews WERE all abducted, and for a very concrete reason. The “trap” is getting the conversation side-tracked, so the central issue is never addressed. The trip-wires are the technique by which the trap is made.

          So it was not tripwires YOU were setting, in my mind, and I never felt like you were setting a trap. Again, I apologize for hurting you. I did not mean to accuse you of that. It’s all about how I deal with this particular question, and the people who disingenuously discuss it. I’ve developed a system to ward off the disingenuousness.

          You say: “I have to say, I’m a little insulted. I’ve gone out of my way to answer your questions, reply to your points, highlight weaknesses in your arguments. In return, I’ve posed questions to you that you don’t address. I’ve asked you to consider particular points, and you ignore them. And now you call me a denier who won’t “acknowledge the abductions even happened.””

          I an not certain what I have side-stepped. In fact, I thought we were getting on swimmingly, so I’m a little surprised by this. (And again, I was’t making those accusations about YOU.)

          “Didn’t I sketch out the reasons for deportation of the Jews? Doesn’t that presume I ACKNOWLEDGED such deportations as real?”

          Yes, of course. I thought that was understood.

          “Did I offer any opinions like, “Yeah, there was a transfer policy for Jews, but I don’t believe for a minute that any Jews were displaced.””

          Of course not. I’m truly sorry I came off as insulting (and I always endeavor to be polite at MHB, if I can manage to hold my natural bent toward sarcasm in check) but a few comments back in our exchange you made it clear that you acknowledged the systematic abduction and extraction; you seemed, in my view, to think the international boycott justified it. I replied that I can’t comprehend how anyone could hold that view. So that’s established ground: we both agree it happened. So why did you think I forgot that? I am mystified.

          Your next three paragraphs, I think, are answered by what I just said. I didn’t mean what you think I meant, and I’m sorry I did not make myself understood. Perhaps it has something to do with my ongoing (some will laugh at this) effort to keep these missives brief.

          “Not sure what your fears are here….” No fears. I thought we were having fun. I like you. I like talking about stuff like this.

          And finally this. You write:
          ““Everyone” knows this, by proxy. But it’s not in doubt. The people were carted away, and never came back. If this is rhetorical fallacy, I can’t see how.”

          This is how. Your argument is that because “everyone” thinks something, that it must be true. This is a fallacious because “everyone” could be wrong. It’s an actual fallacy, not my opinion. Look it up.

          No. My argument is that “everyone” can know the abductees were abducted, and thus everyone must be assumed to know it. This is because of the abundance of testimony of physical witnesses (survivors who went back and found everyone missing), and because the villages’ Jews really WERE missing. It wasn’t a repeat, massive, collective hallucination. This has nothing at all in common with situations where “everyone” believes a lie because the media have told us so. This is a case of physical proof. It would be a fallacy for me to say the Apollo program was real because “everyone” thinks so. It would not be a fallacy to say that Montezuma murdered and ate hundreds of thousands of Indians, and “everyone knows it to be true–even if hardly anyone actually knows it. Ignorance of true history makes “everyone” responsible to know it, just like they say in court: “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

        16. I apologize for my short reply yesterday to your post to me. I should have added that of course I enjoy our camaraderie, but I cannot continue the debate if you won’t address my arguments.

        17. My reply to Toni is (naturally) in moderation.

          Here’s what I said about the part you quote, dachsie:

          No. My argument is that “everyone” can know the abductees were abducted, and thus everyone must be assumed to know it. This is because of the abundance of testimony of physical witnesses (survivors who went back and found everyone missing), and because the villages’ Jews really WERE missing. It wasn’t a repeat, massive, collective hallucination. This has nothing at all in common with situations where “everyone” believes a lie because the media have told us so. This is a case of physical proof. It would be a fallacy for me to say the Apollo program was real because “everyone” thinks so. It would not be a fallacy to say that Montezuma murdered and ate hundreds of thousands of Indians, and “everyone knows it to be true–even if hardly anyone actually knows it. Ignorance of true history makes “everyone” responsible to know it, just like they say in court: “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

          Oh, and I loved the two interviews you linked to (especially the second one) somewhat related to this topic, dachsie.

        18. ” …but I cannot continue the debate if you won’t address my arguments.”

          Forgive me again, Toni, but I don’t know what you have said that I have refused to address. You will have to point it out (if you wish). I am always game for going into the deep woods (although I really do try to avoid the current topic, as a general principle, for obvious reasons).

          Oh, and I would request that you start fresh at the top, if you choose to tell me what I have avoided answering (I must say, I am curious). This endless “reply” queue at the right hand column gets tedious.

  7. NJ Governor Christie has been shamed by Kevin Sutherland’s parents and former congressman boss for criticizing ‘liberal policies’ which let Jasper Spires go the day before after being arrested for assaulting cops and a citizen in DC. This is right around the time that Jasper Spires appears in court, acting ‘bizarrely,’ right on cue: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/suspect-in-july-4-fatal-metro-stabbing-is-due-in-dc-superior-court-friday/2015/07/16/a720008a-2c09-11e5-a5ea-cf74396e59ec_story.html

    Yesterday Christie also called for drug treatment courts for non-violent offenders. Even when it’s not all theater, it’s all theater.

      1. I should add that Asa Robert, the alleged perp in this case, ostentatiously expresses both his contrition for having broken into the old lady’s house but also his innocence and that he ‘did not rape her.’ What 82 year old lady sweeps her front step at 1:30 am (how he allegedly snuck into the apartment)?

        He’s described by this jewish saint (who supposedly swore on her ‘jewish’ bible to not tell the cops and then fulfilled her promise by only telling her son) to have been implied as ‘mentally ill.’ How odd that rape was argued by jewish feminists to be a ‘crime of power’ and even one expressing ‘white supremacy’ by some (Susan Brownmiller), yet suddenly it’s categorized as a function of ‘mental illness’ when it’s come to light how much black on white anglo women there is – and how ethnic/racial the moitvation is. Anna Charle’s supposed rape and murder also accomplished the goal of proving blacks aren’t merely raping/murdering white ‘anglo’ women but also mediterranean ones, and that her assailant’s violence was a symptom of his ‘mental illness.’


        Blonde anglo Brittney Watts’ black murderer claimed to have acted out of a ‘bipolar manic episode’ when he shot her in Atlanta a couple of years ago. In Pennsylvania recently black Anthony Heath was offered a plea deal for reduced sentence for murdering blonde ‘anglo’ Angela Steigerwalt but rejected it and defended himself, arguing not guilty by reason of ‘bipolar.’ Both men were found guilty, but it’s safe to say the notion of responsibility for crimes against white women is regarded as some sort of KKK terrorism by the government.

  8. Hello to the commentariat! Live from southern Arizona, hotspot for the Judas-at-the-Helm exercises and rectal-academic inversion syndrome…

    Wish we could all meet up. But then that would be to draw bulls eyes on ourselves. So I’ll have to imagine a churning milieu, Patrick and Marilyn shining up each other’s glasses at the info kiosk, etc…

    Want to recommend to all a look at Dane Wigington’s unparalleled website geoengineeringwatch.org as a resource for studying the biggest elephant in the planetary room. Now I’m also known as an artist, whose work during the early 80’s focused on clouds. I am painfully aware how much they’ve changed. Used to roil. Read old landscape painting manuals like Carlson’s tome from the ’30’s and you’ll find an entire chapter dedicated to teaching artists a little science on cloud formation. Because, as Carlson notes, they move much too fast to ever sketch live. You must grasp science about them if you wish to render them.

    Not any more. They are static. We’ve made three trips cross-country from the Mexican border to Montana following approximately the spine of the continental divide, that bristling escarpment which should churn air masses moving over North America. And: clouds are a bore. They are so static and unchanging not only could you sketch them to death, you could name them, assign them personalities and write plays about them before they move very far. Clouds used to emanate pearlescent refractions, playing off local colors of the ground beneath. No more. In fact all these killer storms of late have been found by independent researchers to be concentric to those bizarre NexRad towers bearing peculiar curvilinear apparatus perhaps having nothing to do with cell phones.

    Wigington is a superb presenter on the subject of geoengineering. No hand-wringing, no histrionics, no invective, no psychedelic backdrops. The show is about grasping modern science (modern militarism’s core nightmare toy is the “weaponization of weather”). The presentations are not about Wigington but bringing understanding to this subject via appropriate terminology. Chemtrails is a specious term no doubt initiated by team Spook to ghettoize and pillory all discussion of those bizarre trails across the heavens.

    I’d better limit myself, I could go on for days. I beg of all readers to consider this ultimately informative presentation by Wigington. It lasts barely over an hour, but even a partial viewing will get you up to speed on the science and the vernacular of geoengineering: . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c34U0Pwz4_c

    OK, feel free to ask me questions. Only that we don’t have internet at home and it may be a day or so before I can get back online.

    Thanks again to Dr. Tracy for this excellent forum!

    1. It’s curious you would bring this up today, horsegirl. You see, Anne B brought this to our attention several days ago and we were all sincerely excited. See the exchange here: http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/07/13/the-triumph-of-mtvs-white-people/comment-page-1/#comment-92732

      I draw your attention to my final post in that sub-thread:

      And this is what piques my curiosity: this morning I copied and pasted that very comment to Dane Wigington in the comments section of his article on his Geoengineering Event, mentioning that it was comment I made at MHB.
      http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/major-northern-california-event-will-expose-global-climate-engineering/#comment-95401 You won’t find it there, nor any of my other posts urging him to live-stream the event to reach a wider audience.

      I knew Dane Wigington wouldn’t post it publicly, but I was counting on him reading it.

      And now here you are.

      At his request?

        1. DW is one of the most sabotaged people online. In attempting to submit articles it is amazing how hard it is to get email across. My guess is that his reservations about live streaming events has nothing to do with strictly technical problems but censorship a la 2015. Many people wonder how he stays alive, as the geoengineering nightmare is fraught with cowardice and compromise on every side. Just a guess though. For awhile his website had this cursed spell check that savaged every word beyond comprehension. Just for example.

        2. horsegirl,
          Thank you for wading through and answering my long post with the many links.

          Live-streaming, one would think, would be the best way to circumvent censorship.

          What do you say about the coincidence of my privately sending him my MHB post criticizing him and you posting here how great he is on the same day?

          Also, what do you think of my charge that his real reason for blocking a live-stream of the event is for monetary reasons?

  9. Pardon me for not having yet read the other comments. I’m working on assessing whether it’s worth the time to travel to TN and investigate the Chattanooga shooting personally. FYI, I’m in central KY (about 4 1/2 hrs. drive north of Chattanooga). My concern is that the time it takes to build a cheat-sheet and get there might put me there over 48 hrs post event, which may be too late to get the goods. My bigger concern is that the story will die hard very quickly after today’s barrage.

    Is anyone in the TN or KY area that might be able to assist in a meaningful way beginning tomorrow and at least through early Sunday? That’s a very narrow band, so I’m not expecting anyone will be or it may be too rich for some blood. Check out the following preliminary plans and if you think you’re up to it, contact me at staff@tyrannynews.com

    I hope to depart before noon EST Saturday (7/18), and return sometime Sunday (7/19). I possess valid press credentials as a Field Reporter for Independent Media Solidarity. I have 2 very small HD video cameras, 1 new Canon HD camcorder (Vixia HF R500) and 1 Fujifilm 12MP still camera. I’ve got a boom mic and portable lighting as well as a monopod and compact tripod if needed. I’ve got a Nexus tablet I intend to load with the relevant sites and a cellphone, but Internet access will be limited to WiFi, so no GPS capability.

    I’m working on an event cheat-sheet, focusing on names, addresses, emails and tel numbers. I plan to shoot footage at the 2 crime scenes and other relevant sites, interview witnesses and acquaintances of suspect and make ongoing attempts to communicate via email and tel with parties on the fly. I have some, limited support from other members of our IMS group. I do not as yet have a magic bullet lead and expect most leads will develop once on site.

    Still not certain of going, and the caveat is that the trip may not be that fruitful. But, it may also pay off big time. You never know.

  10. From 2009:

    “Johnny Person has warrants in Walker County, Ga. and Chattanooga. Investigators say Person ran from narcotics officers from a home on Straight Gut Road in Rock Spring. Person was living with Gina Mule, who was also charged. Officers say during the search they seized a large amount of pot under a baby’s mattress.”

    Gina Mule has also lived in Chattanooga according to Intelius.

    Fast forward to July 2015:
    1 day ago – Gina Mule, a witness to the tragic shooting in Chattanooga,
    Tennessee, speaks with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the shocking event.


    Same Gina, same face as in the crime stoppers link. So this is how they get their witnesses.

    1. The whole first story sounds like a bit with those names.

      “Didja hear about ole Johnny Person out on Straight Gut Road in Rock Spring? Him and Gina Mule had a bunch of boo up under the baby’s crib.”

      I think you nailed it, though, with how they get their witnesses.

      1. Well, it could also be Al Kabong of the Orient and Tartary. Can you imagine being paid to do this? I’m all agape, I can tell ya’.

        The wisdom in that old Yiddish saying “the cattle are stupid” rings truer with each passing day. Another couple of these and I’m gonna wet myself.

    2. “Why I remember that Person boy. Had a goiter about THIS big. Everybody thought he’d be a ner’do-well ’till he up and married his first cousin, that Mule woman”.

      Sounds like a typical Souther story to me. You can hear things like this when making dinner reservations.

      1. I think you can hear those stories anywhere nowadays.

        You ever hear this song, Fire On The Pontchartrain? Common theme of hiding drugs in the baby’s bed (!), only it gets a little more tragic than Johnny and Gina Mule. It’s a murder song.

        I came across this song around Hurricane Katrina, and so I conflated the two and figured he got away with it before the storm.


        1. Toni, that’s an interesting song. I’ve never heard it before. Sort of a “Hey Joe” thing.

          I suppose people can relate. There are some people who would have done us all a favor to not have been born.

  11. Excellent commentary, including some on Chatanooga, by Jack Larson on last night’s MBN Real Deal show of Dr. James Fetzer.

    (Show was “attack hacked” from outside sources and live stream was unable to continue so had to listen to show on YouTube this morning.)

    Start listening at about 48:29

    Not sure if Jack Larson has a website or blog but this young man did a wonderful expose on how these false event work.

    Some of his insights were quite advanced and unique. He explained everything in clearly in an easy-to-understand manner.

    The Real Deal Ep # 79

    The Real Deal Ep # 79
    Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel
    Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel
    Published on Jul 17, 2015

    People & Blogs
    Standard YouTube License


    The Real Deal Ep # 79
    View on http://www.youtube.com

    Preview by Yahoo

    [It is clear that hacks like this about Jade Helm coverage and other key subjects are going to escalate. Having YouTube as the way to get the recording out quickly will not be around much longer for that purpose. There needs to be a way to circumvent YouTube, Google, and PayPal and Gates’ Internet Explorer.

    Would gladly donate to support a site that had good videos but need to donate directly with credit card and top 4 major credit cards need to be accepted.]

    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”

    John 1:5

  12. So, Essex County, NJ, and Washington and Oregon State have been busy trying desperately to create a cover for Ali Brown’s racially and ethnically motivated murder of anglocelt Brendan Tevlin: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/11/04/murder-suspect-on-personal-jihad-may-have-been-groomed-in-seattle-barber-shop/

    All reports that came out directly after Essex County’s revelations about Brown’s alleged confession last summer cited a lack of any connections between Brown and ‘islamic jihad’ in any of his past crimes.

  13. Does anyone else see a resemblance between the latest alleged shooter and James Holmes, the Dark Knight shooter? Their facial features look very similar to me if you take all the hair out of the pictures. They also have the same smirk on their face…and both of them have hair that is just……wrong….like it was added to the pictures???

    I also noticed that the alleged Tennessee shooting occurred on July 16th, which is the same day James Holmes was found guilty in Colorado. The Tennessee shooter was 24 and Holmes (now 27) was 24 three years ago when he allegedly shot up that theater.

    When the alleged theater shooting occurred, and that same wild picture of James Holmes was shown, I remember thinking how much he resembled the alleged Tucson shooter, Jared Laughner. Is this by design?

    1. Maryaha, yes, I was immediately hit by the similarity between the two; it’s the expression on their faces, I think. That beatific smile and the wide eyes.

      To me, it was as striking as the similarity in looks between Adam Lanza and Dylann Roof.

  14. “Limitless Ulysses/Hypnotized by sirens”

    ‘Gargi Datta recounted how [James] Holmes sent a haunting chat message: “You take away life, and your human capital is limitless.”’


    “I think [I am this] therefore I am .”

    Such dangerous solipsism is inherent in the Western-Cartesian intellectual tradition. “I am. I am, I exist, I think, therefore I am; I am because I think, why do I think? I don’t want to think any more, I am because I think that I don’t want to be…” (Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘Nausea’). And the fascistic terminality of its course is inherent in its atheistic unbelief (faithlessness). When identity is straightjacketed into “self-identity” the former becomes necessarily the identity of the solipsist, an axiomatically solipsistic identity, equatable with nothing else, for whom the possibility that nothing exists outside the self becomes the inevitable siren call that may neither be resisted nor unheard. If this siren call says to a physiologically normal man “You are a woman, have always been one, but were mis-sexed at birth” then that call must at least be considered, for according to the times it is in itself not a sign of mental illness, quite the contrary, it may very likely be a portal to a fuller consciousness, a fuller life, perhaps even an alchemical conductor and catalyst to the divine. But then if that same solipsistic (empirically untethered, a-natural, and disembodied) siren call says “You take away life, and your human capital is limitless [i.e. it will deliver you to apotheosis and make you as a god, capable not only of self-determining gender, but everything else about apparent reality as well, with the ease of a master player in an infinitely mutable and self-extending video game]”, who is to say it isn’t true, who is to say the solipsistic video game player, the fearless seeker of the mental ultralimital should be discouraged to do so, who is literally to say this, when the solipsist’s rules do not admit of the existence of anyone else outside of his/her mind, and where the challenge is precisely to not listen to the holographic voices and emotions saying “You’re a boy, you were born a boy, you will always be a boy,” when they know better because their own solipsistic emotions tell them so; or when the “holographic” voices, emotions, and bodies are saying “Please don’t shoot, please, I am as real as you and as deserving of life as you.” And yet the ethos of the age echoes otherwise: sexual identity is a hologram, the fetus is only a hologram (the pregnancy scan however is “realer than real,” more real than the baby, because the fetus is, after all, only a hologram, at most a metaphor), the people being shot by a spree killer are nothing but holograms and their hologrammaticity must be finally revealed so that the game player (i.e the “hologram” killer) may surpass the limits of the present level or they are real but through their deaths a greater reality will be shorn through and finally shown to the only real player.

    1. I can hear them now,(New World Odor Stinky’s) Send an arsenal of Unmarked aerosol tankers to stop the rain! We are buying all the farms for pennies on the dollar! Our communist plan can’t fail now!

      I know..just a dream

      1. Wonder how Dallas Raines is spinning this one. Supposedly we can thank tropical storm Dolores today for rain, lightning, thunder and people who can’t drive on wet roads. Yesterday people on the way to Vegas were trapped on I-15 during a major wild fire with cars burning on the freeway. This is SoCal – from one extreme to another.


        ~Raines is popular for his moves during his forecast, such as the “Dallas dip”, the swirl, the fist pump and the golf swing.~

        What, no mention of the Dallas tan!

        1. Oh, Dallas,

          I can’t trash the boy and his fake Tan. I grew up with him and he seems like quite an caricature and Character.

          Anne, you seem to may have been here awhile as I.

          Do you remember when ALL the weather dudes(CBS,NBC,ABC) decided they were “Hip” and got hair cuts and makeovers like 20 years ago?

          Dallas is the only one who survives today..! Tan and All.

        2. Ric, I sold my TV 22 years ago when moving away from Nashville. Only recently acquired one when my daughter offered an extra flat screen she had. I use it for DVDs and Amazon Prime Movies. When visiting people with cable I get the pleasure of seeing Dallas again. Dallas is likable, Fritz Coleman is not.

          Chemtrail activists in Los Angeles attempted a few years ago to contact Fritz Coleman, but he would not respond.


          I have lived on and off in SoCal for a few years now. In between when I yearn for open spaces, no crowds and traffic, I move to other states, but keep coming back here mainly because my daughter lives here. Heading back east next year, don’t know for how long. I am glad I was able to take all the road trips I did over the years, been to all lower 48, but who knows how long that luxury will be available to us ordinary people.

          Alaska does not beacon because I grew up in a place like that 300 miles north of the arctic circle in Norway. I know what the arctic looks like. Hawaii has no interest either because long ago a cruise line representative mentioned the state was a tourist trap. I can only imagine what it’s like now, besides I refuse to fly thanks to TSA.

          I don’t know if USA can still be called a country, but the land, lakes, rivers, deserts, mountains, oceans and beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. I feel no need to cram into a plane these days and travel to far away touristy places when what’s here is just as good, even better. It is worth keeping and fighting for as long as we possibly can. Fighting can also be done through peaceful resistance and non compliance. And don’t forget humor.

        3. Back in the 90s, there was a quite popular lady meteorologist here IN Dallas. At least she was popular with the guys, that is, due to her being rather buxom. She was always on like the 10:00 p.m. broadcast, and the next morning’s radio guys always had to comment by thanking her for “keeping them abreast of all the news”, and any other such comments they could make. 🙂

        4. Maryaha, I know what you mean. I lived in Palm Springs in the 70’s and there was a “buxom” weather “girl” there, named Patty Beebe. The male go-to line was, “I’d like to patty her bee-bees!”

          Ah, but euphemism is a lost art.

          Listen for this quote, “There’s nothing like masturbating to the weathercast, huh? Isn’t that hot?” in this clip from TMZ, the non-cable tv show, about a woman they call the “Hottest Weather Girl EVER!”


        5. Toni, $10.00 says Patty doesn’t know a raindrop from a snow flake! 🙂 A couple of those pictures of her remind me of Miley Cyrus…like back when she still looked and acted human.

        6. To Anne B., (Weird there’s no reply link to your comment)

          Thank you for such a great comment. I really wonder where this country would be if everyone was like yourself and didn’t have a TV, or more invasive over the last decade, smart phones.

          You truly can’t enjoy the beauty of this earth around you if you staring at a screen your entire life. We all need to get back in touch with earth, and it’s beauty, and I think we’ll refind our humanity in the process.

          Thank you for such a lovely, articulated comment.

        1. Yep, That’s the “chipped” tooth Paul who REALLY had a car accident and chipped his tooth and now has become the infamous “Faul”. William Campbell……

          I walk away about here……

        2. Ric, is it raining where you are? It’s getting ready to send the water from Zion again around here.

          I had to watch that Beatles video again. Their image is still so seductive to me, even after all that’s, shall we say, gone down.

          Interesting bit at the end there, at 2:23 when John says, “That’s the first record with backwards music on it,” and proceeds to sing it. “Scheriss now ifiss nerrifer neeeero.”

          Guy was pretty funny.

        3. So Awesome Toni. That was George at the end. Yes it’s raining off and on but it’s raining everyday on our people and I mean all races here who want Peace.

          Don’t want to go in the weeds.

          Peace and Love was the best message of the sixties. As childish as that was, I was a little lad and got it.

  15. Noticed about a week ago — the embedded video for “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK”, which had previously been hosted in the far right-hand column here on MHB (under the yellow Donate button), seems to have gone down the memory hole, leaving just the (linkless) title remaining. (Ditto for the RADIATION NETWORK link.) (a WordPress glitch?)

  16. While everyone is transfixed by ‘race riots’ in Charleston, Trump v. The Party and Chattanooga rubbernecking, Obama sneaks more gun control in, adding now the elderly and various disabled (including veterans) to the ever expanding list:


    This particular exercise is probably designed to condition americans to accept ultimate disarmament eventually.

    1. The linked article mentions the Va Tech shooter and how he had been declared ‘mentally unfit’ or whatever by a court prior to what was probably a real shooting. What got deliberately lost in that story was the shooter’s repeated attacks on female students, which had been reported to the administration. One of his female professors has even stated that she knew exactly who the perp was upon hearing of the shootings. The notion that such an act comes out of no established pattern of violence conflicts with the truth in real incidents like in Va Tech or Columbine, where the perpetrators had engaged in numerous acts of violence or threats. It’s also a testament to how disrespectful of women those who want to grab guns are. I guess snapping elicit pictures of women classmates’ undergarments from beneath their desks in the middle of class doesn’t warrant punishment or even concern.

    2. Sue, this is so disturbing, especially for vets. Mental defectives, indeed. Let’s see how that turns out. And don’t tread on us old people, either.

      The article references the Virginia Tech shooter, and inadvertently provides a clue as to the choice of that particular patsy.

      “…the (background check database) system has been hampered by loopholes and inconsistent reporting since its launch.

      “The shortcomings became clear in the wake of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, in which Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people. Cho had been declared mentally ill by a court and ordered to undergo outpatient treatment, but at the time the law did not require that he be added to the databases.”

  17. Oh such sadness, Anthony Hervey, black confederate and anti-marxist activist, appears to have been murdered after leaving a Confederate flag rally: http://conservative-headlines.com/2015/07/black-confederates-chased-ran-off-the-road-car-rolled-in-mississippi-anthony-hervey-dead/

    I have been reading about some of these black southerners protesting against the purge of Confederate history and literally wondered just as this story was about to break about their reception among other blacks. I’m not particularly psychic, it was just common sense. People think I rail against black on white crime but my point is that to ignore it is the true racism, and that the targeting of ‘anglos’ reveals the truer culprits behind the epidemic. Hervey’s most memorable sign, “White Guilt = Black Genocide”

    This is literally the saddest I’ve been in all the horrors that have befallen this country these last few years. Will there be a Justice for Hervey movement?

    1. I didn’t know about Mr. Hervey previously, but this makes me heart-sick.

      We are clearly on the wrong side, safety-wise. See https://youtu.be/ZLcsZe0vRZ8

      Funny, you never heard about the Tea Party killing or threatening its opponents, even in self-defense. We here in California got an eyeful after the passage of Prop. 8; things certainly haven’t settle down. The Left/the Status Quo is showing its true colors, and we are clearly naive if we expect mercy in the future. As a student of the history of Red China, I am impressed by the similarities in rhetoric (to put it delicately).

      1. Those are disturbing news indeed from Mississippi. I just came across a story of a car rollover of a black man in Connecticut. He lived in Redding not far from Newtown – Mark Twain territory and a very affluent area. He had a gunshot to his head when he was found in the car wreck two miles from his home.

        His family is not satisfied with the local police investigation (police that came to Sandy Hook on 12/14/12 by the way) and have enlisted Connecticut NAACP to investigate further. Some believe this is not a good move. The victim was a 35 year old attorney and well liked and respected. He also strongly believed in the second amendment.



        1. That was typo “Hand Separately” “Hang” was correct but while we’re making Fun of me, how about:

          God Bless American! Dude…haha

          I’ve been laughing for 3 days at your comments Toni. Just getting around to respond.

          Yankee Doodle Brandy..haha

  18. Dublinsmick – regarding Doc Holliday. Looking for a radio station in Globe, AZ I came across this interesting piece of information. Apparently Big Nose Kate Holliday ran a brothel here. I so love the southwest and its past. Its present too – never boring.


    ~“We have always believed it was built in the late 1800’s because in photos from that time period you can see a two story structure behind the post office,” says Holly. “We also believe the property may have been where Big Nose Kate had her boarding house after she split from Doc Holliday.” Although the history books are not clear on the details, Holly says several people stopped by during the eight years they worked on the place to talk about its history. One older man said his mother used to manage it and that it definitely belonged to Big Nose Kate. And another historian pointed out a document which states her place was “off Broad”, (not on Broad Street as some have suggested), lending credence to the possibility that this was home to the famous madame.~

  19. In reference to the discussion about the Jewish holocaust, below is a short story of a Jewish family in Connecticut that escaped from Germany.

    I knew Rolf Wallach, his wife Violet and his sister Annelise. Niece Catherine Hanf Noren created the book “Camera On My Family” with family photographs. The link to the 18 minute video below is about this book. Fascinating insight into a prosperous Jewish family that lived in Germany and recreated their prosperity after coming to USA.

    Published: October 22, 1998 in The New York Times
    WALLACH-Rolf. 89, of Sherman, CT. Loyal husband of Violet, devoted brother of Lotte Hanf, Annelise Rosenberg, and Fred Wallace, affectionate uncle of six nieces and nephews, benign and generous friend of Pixie, Ursula, Lillian, Tony and scores of others. His life was rich in unassuming heroism. Because of his foresight and clear thinking, he was able to rescue parents, siblings, aunts and uncles who were trapped in Munich on the eve of the Holocaust. Thank you, Rolf, and rest in peace. Donations in his name may be made to the New Milford Visiting Nurse Hospice, 68 Park Lane Road New Milford, Ct. 06776.


    ~Here is the heavy, wooden camera used by her grandfather, Moritz Wallach, to record the daily life of his prosperous, culturally assimilated German-Jewish family in its native land. Ms. Noren, whose first published book was 1977’s “Camera of My Family,” an evocative collection of family photographs that explored the history of her family’s experience in Germany…………~


  20. Too important not to post entire article. I always thought General Clark was a good guy. Maybe he still is and is just telling it like it is.


    Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for “Radicalized” Americans
    Murtaza Hussain

    July 20 2015, 9:12 a.m.

    Retired general and former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Friday called for World War II-style internment camps to be revived for “disloyal Americans.” In an interview with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts in the wake of the mass shooting in Chatanooga, Tennessee, Clark said that during World War II, “if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war.”

    He called for a revival of internment camps to help combat Muslim extremism, saying, “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine. It’s their right and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”

    embedded video


    Wesley Clark reveals on MSNBC : TPTB want to put you in a KZ internment camp

    The comments were shockingly out of character for Clark, who after serving as supreme allied commander of NATO made a name for himself in progressive political circles. In 2004, his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was highly critical of the Bush administration’s excessive response to the 9/11 terror attacks. Since then, he has been a critic of policies that violate the Geneva Convention, saying in 2006 that policies such as torture violate “the very values that [we] espouse.”

    In a memoir written the following year, he also famously alleged that the White House under Bush had developed a massively imperialistic plan for the Middle East, which would see the administration attempt to “take out seven countries in five years,” beginning with the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Earlier this year I spoke with Clark at the annual Lewis and Clark University Symposium on International Affairs in Portland, Oregon. The subject of our discussion was how to deal with the potential threat of foreign fighters returning from armed conflicts abroad. At the time, Clark spoke out strongly against “the politics of fear” and eroding democratic institutions and norms, while reiterating his criticism of the excesses committed by Bush-era neoconservatives under the banner of fighting terrorism.

    But on Friday, he was advocating the revival of a policy widely considered to be among the most shameful chapters in American history: World War II domestic internment camps. Aside from the inherent problems in criminalizing people for their beliefs, Clark’s proposal (which his MSNBC interlocutor did not challenge him on) also appears to be based on the concept of targeting people for government scrutiny who are not even “radicalized,” but who the government decides may be subject to radicalization in the future. That radicalization itself is a highly amorphous and politically malleable concept only makes this proposal more troubling.

    “We have got to identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized. We’ve got to cut this off at the beginning,” Clark said. “I do think on a national policy level we need to look at what self-radicalization means because we are at war with this group of terrorists.” And he added that “not only the United States but our allied nations like Britain, Germany and France are going to have to look at their domestic law procedures.”

    Despite an outcry about his comments on social media, Clark has not responded publicly. As of Monday morning, his latest tweet was from Friday, encouraging his followers to watch his interview.

    Wes Clark


    Tune in now to @msnbc @ThomasARoberts to hear my thoughts on today’s pressing issues.
    11:44 AM – 17 Jul 2015

    5 5 Retweets

    1. Clark is an incredibly arrogant man, particularly towards women – I know this from personal experience of dealings with him. I knew a family member of his somewhat. I don’t find it surprising The guy’s hollow and a shill.

    2. Wesley knows you have to dip your foot in the pool to check the temperature of the water before you jump in. But then again, he may just be courting Hillary for a Secretary of State job. How bad could it be, Kerry has already given the west its last rights. Not much left to do.

      1. The angle that has been of interest to me lately is that apparently governments such as the USA’s considers it appropriate policy to set up internment camps for people they think are working against the war they may be in or the country’s general defense policies. Remember the internment camps for U.S. citizens of Japanese descent during WWII.

        I was wondering under what ostensible rationale did Hitler start putting people – Jews, gypsies, Catholics in the NAZI work camps. I can find very little on that subject but maybe Hitler thought those people were against his war efforts, rather than just Hitler rounding up all the Jews because they were Jews.

        1. As I look back on my reply I realize that It may appear I took Clarks statement lightly. I do not. It is an abominable idea that stinks of the usual “we will only do it to the bad people” schtick.

          As for Hitler interning Jews; all I can offer is oversimplifications of the history I was taught. After reading this blog for a few years, and knowing the massive volume of work done on the subject, It often occurs to me how little I really know about a lot of subjects, hence I try to limit my comments to opinion and gut feeling, rather than facts I have been taught that could be wrong.

          As for the Japanese internees, I don’t recall hearing of them being systematically murdered. I doubt if any interned population would be so lucky in the future, so that is not a justification that it “could work” again. There only crime was being Japanese, and we are lucky they did not come out with a chip on their shoulder. I believe it is anyone’s right to resist being locked up with all their might, if they did not do anything wrong.

        2. “As for the Japanese internees, I don’t recall hearing of them being systematically murdered.”

          Regardless of what is done to the prisoners after they are locked up, it is the principle regarding what is right or wrong in regard to locking up people who have broken no law that is at issue here.

          As I have said, I can find little written on this subject. The US internment of the Japanese and what Hitler did are subjects that fall under this issue.

          Here is one bit I found about Hitler’s actions in this regard.


          The function of the German concentration camps
          Here is an excerpt from that article.

          “From 1933 to 1939, the German concentration camps did not serve any economic purposes. They were used to isolate both inveterate criminals and political opponents deemed to constitute a menace to the National Socialist government. The peace-time figure of prisoners was usually quite low.
          For example, there were no more than 7500 concentration camp inmates in summer 1937 (6), the majority of them being ordinary criminals and so-called “anti-social elements” (prostitutes, tramps, beggars etc.).
          After the outbreak of the war, numerous new concentration camps were set up, and the number of their inmates dramatically rose. In addition to anti-Nazi resistance fighters from the occupied countries, many prisoners of war were sent to the camps. The mass deportation of Jews started in the end of 1941.
          As the war dragged on, the lack of manpower became an ever-increasing problem for the German war industry so that the concentration camps gradually assumed an important economic function. On April 30 1942, SS-Obergruppenführer Oswald Pohl, director of the SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt, wrote to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler : “

  21. Here’s a story to think about. I’ve been following the flood of third world into Europe of late, primarily via the Daily mail. Look at what we find there today, under the title “Haunting images show desperate plight of thousands.” Seems believable enough. But look at the pictures: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3169352/Waiting-midnight-train-Macedonia-Haunting-images-desperate-plight-thousands-trying-start-new-life-EU-Western-Europe-turns-migrant-crisis.html.

    Do these people look like they needed to flee someplace? These people all have had their hair done. They all are dressed like anyone at the local shopping mall in America, wearing the most up-to-date “fashions” we see the people around us clad in (that is, as Theodore Dalrymple described it, hilariously, as always, the garb of “Slobs and Slatterns”(“http://takimag.com/article/slobs_and_slatterns_theodore_dalrymple/print#axzz3gFOtVzfc”). Yet, however you feel about the fact that everyone today dresses like the People of Walmart (http://www.peopleofwalmart.com), all that these third world refuse are sporting is brand new, and perfectly clean, as if they are all really rich people who are on holiday. They don’t look a bit like refugees. Where, I wonder, are the flies crawling across the little kids’ eyeballs? None of them look haggard, even.

    We see no evidence of stress on any of their countenances. They look, to me, like actors.

    I have noticed, for a long time that all the countries that used to be the West are being flooded with aliens from alien civilizations in this new century. But this article indicates that the people who are intentionally doing that to us are laughing as they do it. The Daily Mail, while reporting on it, is also rubbing our faces in it. The clues I detected in these pictures indicate that the invasion of Europe, while real, is entirely artificial.

    Our world is being remade, before our eyes, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    1. Patrick, I saw the same images in the commie rag “Aftenposten” accompanied by the requisite sob story. The photos looked to me like a movie shoot.

      1. Here is another, also from the DM: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3169178/Greek-islands-Lesbos-Kos-host-thousands-migrants-shocking-conditions.html

        Many questions arise from these pictures.

        First, the first picture. Who choked the latrine with all that trash? It looks fake to me. Don’t these people need toilets? Even if they arrived there with it all messed up, wouldn’t they take a few minutes to sweep the junk out of the stalls? Related: the refugee are shown “bathing” from a sort of hose apparatus, wearing clothes (presumably because they are out in public at the time), in later pictures. Are there no showers near to the enclosed toilets?

        The second picture, too, is perfectly staged. The baby is in perfectly clean, sparklingly white, clothes, laying on perfectly new looking bedding, with a just-out-of-the-store teething chew. All the people circled around are dressed in the latest fashions–all perfectly clean–and shod with cool footwear. One of them is sporting an iPhone in his (her?) leg. It’s like a fashion shoot.

        Moving on, where did this “wretched refuse” acquire dozens of modern camping tents? On their hundreds of miles trek, they kept them looking so brand new? They could afford them to begin with? So many of them?

        The next has an unshaven guy with a lovely piece of cake in his hand. He’s wearing a watch, and a lovely belt. His shirt came right out of the washer, apparently. All the guys behind him look like college students on the quad–except they’ve all had hair cuts in recent days.

        Next picture: someone has emptied a loaded garbage can onto the ground. Oh, the horror!

        All the pictures look fake.

        About half way down we come to an attractive young woman in a blazingly white baseball cap, perfectly clean, holding her lovely daughter–hair just now washed, adorable pink outfit in just-off-the-rack condition. Next to that one is a picture displaying the ingenuity of the refugees in stealing electricity to recharge their cell phones. On wonders how so many decided to flee, in their desperation, with the recharging cords. And how are they paying their phone bill? Perhaps the cell phone service providers over there really don’t care if you pay–if you haven’t provided them with a forwarding address.

        I suspect this is all propaganda, heartstrings stuff to stop the people of Europe resisting the engineered invasion of an alien civilization. If they looked disgusting, as if these invaders had barely made it after enduring a nightmare, they might react with the utter disgust Patton felt when he saw the almost non-human beings Hitler’s camps had turned the Jews into, when he arrived and opened the gates.

        Can’t have that.

        No, they have to look cute, unfortunate-but-decent people forced to endure trash and fetid water while camping out in the Greek countryside. People we can relate to. (It was probably a mistake include that snap of the guy with a delicious-looking piece of cake in his hand, though.)

        1. Apparently, refugees don’t know/are too weak to crush plastic water bottles to make them about 1/5th of their original size. Poor, poor refugees. And that cellphone charging station is dismal…for heaven’s sake, somebody DO something!

          They do a nice job on the laundry, though, considering.

          One thing’s that’s missing is the dogs; where are the mangy canines?

        2. The point of these two articles is that these people are not economic refugees but refugees from war. They don’t look poor because they are not poor, and wouldn’t be “flooding into Europe” if they weren’t fleeing war. Our war. Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq. The conditions created by their sudden numbers on the islands are what’s horrible, not their wardrobe.

          One wonders what you, Patrick, would have said if they were Jewish refugees? Like in WWII? One population is worthy of derision, the other is sacrosanct.

          The same lying oligarchy that drove the Jews from their homes in WWII and told lies about gas chambers, drives these refugees now.

          I don’t know what you don’t get about that.

        3. Toni, all countries in the West, until something like 50 years ago, were ethnically homogenous. France was french people, Sweden was swedes. England english. All these countries are now systematically being flooded with people from alien, incompatible civilizations–people who have no cultural affinity for the places they are being exported to, and have no intention of attempting to assimilate. The native populations are starting to complain about it, as, in this horrible century, the project has kicked into high gear.

          The numbers are staggering. This video could be about any European country:

          [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7IaCcAJQwY&w=560&h=315%5D

          I don’t buy the “war refugee” line, because the crafters of the New World Order have been doing this stealthily without respect to war for decades–and wars are endemic to the third world, always have been, but Europe was never the destination of the Arabs and Africans displaced by them. Until right now. This year. Something is different this time.

          What we are seeing now is a sense of urgency, that is entirely new. Europe is being told to get used to it, these waves of invaders are inevitable–and they are never going to leave. I suspect the staged pictures, and my interpretation of them, are a pay-op, designed to demoralize populations that are fed up with the demographic obliteration of their ancient cultures by Eurocrats who are intent on destroying what remains of Western civilization, and replacing it with something new.

          See, new political parties are arising all across Europe, parties built around the identification of this intentional destruction–and they are gaining strength with each election. They have to be counteracted on a psychological level, to make the people of Europe feel guilty for resenting the ruination of their cultures.

          Here is a slightly misleading Daily Mail article, from 2010, about Muammar Gaddafi’s warning to Europe that there is a vast tide of desperate, penniless, people building up in Africa: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1307704/Colonel-Gaddafi-demands-4bn-EU-prevent-immigration-Libya.html

          He offered to block their passage through Libya (the closest sea rout to Europe) for a stipend. And he was as good as his word. Then, we killed him, Libya descended into chaos, and the people-smuggling business ramped up. It’s not reported much here, but Italy is in crisis because of it.

          I suspect the NWO killed Gaddafi, in part, to stop him blocking the invasion. Humanitarian catastrophes are good techniques to create crisis and chaos–especially when you physically flood an innocent country with the wretched refuse of humanity.

          War refugees tend to be desperate, fleeing ruin, leaving behind all their possessions. They don’t look like upscale campers on holiday. And people that look like upscale campers on holiday don’t fill latrines with trash, and dump garbage next to their new tents.

          War refugees are pathetic, and desperately needy, often close to death. And they look it.

          No, something very artificial is going on here.

        4. Regarding the immigrants.
          One albeit phaps not the primary motive for this mixing is the conservative move to remove socialistic parts of the european setting such as healthcare for all as they have had in Brittain for long and at least by europeans considered a splendid idea. When the indigeneous middle class must share taxpayers money with immigrants they become less willing it is assumed. So although it isnt the main reason it may be used to promote neoliberal policies.
          In that light some previously considered right wing politicians backing of massive immigration makes sense in a cynical manner. In particular since the same people also push neoliberal privatization of education and healthcare. The longterm plan is to make nothing available for free.
          In the short perspective they let private entrepreneurs be payed by tax money. As things dont improve since neoliberal policies make sure to underfund everything next step is to put a new price tag on the previously free services. I suppose libertarians think thats the way to go. Ethnic cleansing of oil countries, possibly instigating perpetual war everywhere, achieving geopolitical aims with respect to BRICS and simultaneously destroying democratic socialism in Europe. Several flies in one swat.

        5. I think the near future will be what Orwell described in 1984: totalitarian socialism. Any “privatization” will be enslavement no less agonizing than life in Soviet Russia, where everyone was supposedly equalized. In the USSR, the joke went, “they pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work.” Everyone was equally miserable, in a pretend marketplace where you couldn’t afford anything, but since there was nothing in the shops to buy (except vodka), you might as well relax and drink yourself into an early grave.

          The socialism dreamed up in Europe after WWII produced the “freedom” of a modern zoo, where all the animals’ needs are taken care of by the zookeepers. The people can pretend that they are free, and enjoy life in the artificial landscape, and visitors can remark about how “real” are the fake landscapes the specimens spend their lives within. But that was always only intended to be a temporary phase; once socialism drained away the spirit of fierce loyalty to a cherished, shared, tradition, and all semblance of personal responsibility was finally abdicated (Europeans aren’t even allowed to defend themselves with firearms any more, and most have been so brainwashed that they are actually PROUD of their emasculation, for example), Europeans became ripe for the hellish form of enslavement we are witnessing unfolding, where the zoo is gradually transformed into a hellish prison. (Henrik’s remarks about the horrible buildings our masters build for us to live in in this era give an idea of what they think of our true needs.)

          In 1984 the “revolution” was far enough in the past that few could remember what it was like before the trap was sprung. I suppose it’s like that now. How many French really remember life before socialism? How many supporters of Enoch Powell are still alive? Americans held off some of the worst of socialism’s depredations for long enough that plenty can remember what freedom looked and felt like–which is why Europe’s devotion to the zoos they live in so mystifies many of us.

          Say one thing about the internal enemies of the West, they are patient. John D. Rockefeller Jr. knew he would not live to see the fulfillment of his dream, and David, who was handed the torch and carried it lo these many decades, knows he won’t see it completed, either. It is an intergenerational conspiracy, and they are content to observe the gradual progress they are implementing. They are the true “progressives.”

          Funny. The West used to be that way, when it still existed: the great cathedrals took more than a century to build. Everyone who started the project, and most of the people who worked on it, knew they would not live to see it completed–but they were building a civilization, and were proud of the wonderful thing they were participating in, adding their small part.

          The devil is a great counterfeiter.

          I’d trade life in the year 1200 (in Europe) for this one any day of the week. And I dread the prison the monsters of the New World Order have planned for us, when all memories of Western civilization are finally erased. This demographic social engineering terrifies me.

        6. Did not read entire post because I do not need to. The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

          |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | The Great Thanksgiving HoaxEach year at this time, schoolchildren all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story, and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of … | | | | View on mises.org | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

           “Socialism” began long before Marx It has its origins in the world revolution against Logos and that began in the Garden of Eden. New World Order with death and slavery system for all. JEWISH-CAPITALISM

          |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | JEWISH-CAPITALISM | | | | View on http://www.youtube.com | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

           “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        7. The libertarians overlook the circumstances making the west look so much different. Lets assume the angloamerican elites failed to drag Russia and Germany into war and those two had formed a stable alliance. Consider the Bagdad railway and the industriousness of the germans and assuming Russias very rapid industrialisation had continued for a couple of decades there would never have been a period when angloamerica could enjoy the kind of abundance they had for a while. It was the abundance of a parasitic monstrosity.
          When libertarians like Gary North mention examples of when capitalism worked he points to one decade in the 1800s in Britain I think 1830-40 or close to that. The state had deregulated so much that there was no purpose in bribing the politicians. Something like that.
          But he failes to put in context with what was going on overseas.
          I am not one to deny some aspects of libertarianism. The strongest part is the reliance on the achievements of individuals and the craving for individual freedom. It is a sound instinct and collectivism has often led to a lack of responsibility. Those aspects have to be wisely balanced but in the US it wasnt good for the middle class that the unions were outmanoevred using divide and conquer tactiscs playing ethnic groups against each other which is part of the reason why jobs could later be outsourced so easily.
          I certainly consider lefties to be economically unrealistic. But in a world without imperialism and with real competition you would have seen much stronger action from the working class no matter whether Marx had ever existed.

        8. Doctrinaire libertarians, and people like Gary North, Peter, suffer from what I call the “foolish consistency” syndrome. They can’t acknowledge that the world is a damn mess, and we can’t fix it. GN is is post-millennialist, which means he firmly believes we WILL fix it. Most libertarians believe we don’t have to fix it: just get rid of the state, and everything will work out fine. (To oversimplify.)

          Me, I’m a pre-millenialist. Matthew 24:22. Hang on to your hats. Or as Bette Davis said,

          [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKHUGvde7KU&w=420&h=315%5D

          One thing is certain, though, when the state claims to have the answers to human troubles, it is certain to turn really evil. Socialism breeds bureaucrats, and bureaucracy breeds evils no one can conceive–until the bureaucrats, as is their nature, conceive them.

        9. Norway has something Sweden does not – the arctic archipelago of Svalbard with the seed vault and all. Why not send refugees from hot climates there to integrate among polar bears, arctic foxes and such? This is what a Norwegian politician suggests. So while Sweden is tearing down landmark churches to be replaced with high rise concrete gulags for the newcomers, Norway can do one better – newcomers get to live in igloos close to the North Pole. Voila, problem solved. Or not.


          “Christian Eikeland is aware of the challenges related to the harsh weather and social conditions in Svalbard, but still believes it is possible.”

        10. I agree about your characterization of North. To me the most striking aspect is the reformed theological aspect as I understand is about making usury ok. Thats what the british Suez Canal company realized by influencing islamic freemasonry~MB long ago. Patrick I am at one with you about the weakness of bureaucracies and empirical evidence proves you right. Still the alternative is smarter individuals manipulating behind the scenes. Causing all the wars and mayhem. I think one improvement about the state would be to make sure incompetent people wont be rewarded just because they are loyal but simply kicked out.
          The swedish socialdemocratic leader recently seemed to be borrowing from JFK in spirit: pledging that parents and pupils lay down more serious action to make sure the schools operate well. (Instead of not giving a damn and just blaming the system as I interpret it.) Of course the usual ridicule came from political opposition. But albeit just talking at least it shows a little bit more of emphasis on individual responsibility and to come from a socialdemocrat it looks like a move in the right direction.
          It would be interesting to hear from you Patrick, sometime about some concrete model of what kind of society you envisage. I think von mises is controlled opposition and I have no pet ideology. I understand how the Russians are looking for something more suitable for their needs than western neoliberalism and its a time when new ideas are much wanted.

        11. My ideal society looks a lot like Gary North’s: God spells it out in the Law he gave at Mt. Sinai, plus the insights He gave the prophets–and, of course, what He preached and the way He modeled perfection when He became a man and lived among us for 33 years.

          The problem with North is that he’s an ultra-calvinist, which means forcing everyone to follow Biblical Law, even if (in the calvinist view) they will spend the afterlife in Hell. And as a postmillennialist, he believes Jesus can only return AFTER the Christians create the millennial kingdom the ultra-calvinists envision.

          I, of course, think this is malarky. I am a premillennialist, and take Matthew 24:22 at face value. It is going to get unendurably worse, until we are on the edge of “all life” being destroyed. The New World Order decrees it.

          When Jesus returns, and sets up His Earthly kingdom, it will be modeled on the Law He gave Moses at Mt. Sinai. There is no state in that system, in the sense we are used to it. No prisons, either–death or restitution (for the most part) are the two ways of dealing with guilty criminals (jails are only holding places where the accused awaits judgement).

          Obviously, this can only work in a world where everyone is on the same page, when it comes to opinions about morality, and that’s not going to be remotely possible prior to the Lawmaker Himself being present in human form–which will only happen after those who pierced Him repent, and ask for Him to return. There won’t be much opposition, either, considering the complete destruction man-doing-it-his-own-way caused, necessitating His rescue mission. People will eagerly get with the new program.

          As a practical matter, then, what is the best we can do in the here and now? Holiness can’t be legislated, but all legislation is a pronouncement of morality. And to end the corruption, the best approach is to adopt the shame-based technique of the Japanese: ritual suicide. If the corrupt businessman or government official refuses, swift execution.

          The great thing about the swiftly-applied death penalty is the chilling effect it has on the mind. If pederasty, for instance, is punished by certain, swift, execution if you’re caught, it doesn’t take may examples carried out to make a pervert think it’s not worth the risk. As Gordon Liddy likes to say, of COURSE crime pays–or there’d be no crime.

          Likewise with corruption: if you know that getting caught means no substantial punishment (why on Earth are Jon Corzine and Eric Holder walking the streets?), there’s no incentive to NOT act corruptly. But if you know for a certainty that you will be hanged in the public square within a few days of conviction–to universal cheers–you simply won’t do it.

          The Romans forced the architects of bridges and aqueducts to stand beneath the structures when they were completed, while the scaffolding was removed. Call it the death penalty for corrupt engineering work. This expression of moral judgement by Roman society might explain why so many of those structures endured for thousands of years.

          In the mean time, since it’s a sure bet that my prescription will not be implemented, the best we can do is listen to Thomas Jefferson: the government is best which governs least, and the best size for it is a mile square. That is, libertarianism. Radical decentralization. Secession. Break up the biggest political entities, and the monopolistic corporations will have no one to turn to for political protection and sweetheart arrangements. The only way Monsanto and Big Pharma can get away with what they’re doing is because there is an Department of Agriculture and an FDA, and mandatory medical licensing, and an AMA. Government causes these problems; shrink government by breaking it up and eliminating the bureaucracies, and those corporations lose their power. The only reason economics is so corrupt, for instance, is the government-sanctioned cartel of the biggest banks. That cartel operates via a central bank (the Fed), which enables it to completely control all aspects of the economy. Take away that government-created monopoly, the Fed goes bankrupt, as do its owners (the largest banks), and the world of money returns to something like normalcy.

          America, in other words, should be allowed to devolve into at least a dozen small countries. At the least, states like California should be broken up into three or more smaller entities. When it comes to political entities, small is good, and relentlessly starving them of tax money (to keep the bureaucracies from being formed and growing) is best. Whatever we can do to wrest control away from them over education and medicine and food, we should do. Strip government of any powers we can, and let free people figure out the best way to do these things, through the marketplace.

          Of course, none of what I advocate is going to be done: we are going to get a world government, and be stripped of all freedom. The Bible tells me so, and I can witness it all around me, every day, and read about the march to slavery in its various forms, right here, at MHB.

          Oh, and one question, Peter: what do you mean when you say “usury”? Are you implying that there should be no recognition of the time value of money? If so, do you think anyone would lend their savings to strangers, ever, thus relinquishing the ability to use it for the life of the loan, without compensation? Jesus Himself, after all, the guy who created the moral fabric of the universe, in the parable of the talents, insisted, in the strongest terms, that money that is lent be returned with a profit.

        12. Thanks for taking your time. Your question should be directed to North, I dont have a fresh memory of where he wrote it. He didnt use the term usury but I used it since I was comparing with the Suez Canal Company’s funding of the Grand Mufti to negotiate away the islamic prohibition for usury.
          Presumably North meant the biblical corresponding rule of conduct but like I said I dont remember details. What struck me was that someone who like you say want orthodoxy of one form on the other hand wants to alter its content to suit the needs of business. Orthodoxy and pragmatism strike me as somewhat paradoxical but I’m not moralizing and I guess North might wrong me on my review.
          You are blessed to have this rich inner garden Patrick. It makes me feel like a dull cynic always on the hunt for weak spots to undo any thought construct.
          What regards my own views about usury, of course interest is needed.
          The problem is who has the priviledge to issue money and all that jazz.

        13. Cake? How Marie Antoinette. There’s no bread, let them eat cake! We have left behind the boring bread of the old world, for the delicious cake of the new.

          As for the comment below about tearing down the beautiful cities, and cultures; why travel when all will be the same?

          I was catching up on some MHB reading and found Patrick and Peters exchange. Dat’s a spicy a meatball! Free Form Friday!

        14. That’s not cake, it’s bread. That’s the daily ration for his entire family, with whom he is fleeing Syria where we are currently fomenting war.

          But people like to take facts and fit them to their preconceptions, instead of thinking critically.

          They’ve made up their minds and they’re sticking to it!

        15. Ration from who Toni? The broke Greek government? If someone wanted to flee war, why go some place worse than where they came from? Why flee at all? It may be my revolutionary blood, but I would stay and fight if I gave a toss about my homeland. Some of those folks lying in the tent looked pretty well fed to me. Its a propaganda piece if you ask me.

          What the comment was getting at, I believe, is the purposeful force migration of people into countries that can’t handle the influx in the first place. Cloward and Piven strategy. Overwhelm the infrastructure to the point of collapse. Of course this time around it isn’t to usher in socialism, because that has already failed in those southern european countries. Something much worse will come in its place; universal poverty. A sanitized version of poverty, where everyone gets a shiny new box to live in. Global Slavery, and that is all these refugees are, future slaves. At least no one is giving them a blue coat, musket, and a ballot… yet.

          I wonder who will take me in when America burns? Will they print all my assimilation pamphlets into English. No thanks, I will stay here and go down with the ship, and do my best to right the wrongs, even though I will lose.

          Look, I’m pro-diversity all the way. I think Sweden should be Sweden, Italy should be Italy, Heck, I even think Canada should stay Canada, as long as they don’t send any more movie and TV stars(my how Hollywood loves them-already fully indoctrinated).

        16. Rich, I believe that the citizens of sovereign nations should control immigration into their own countries, too. Of course, they should.

          My criticism is that people who are made refugees should not be ridiculed because they are not part of some approved group.

          My criticism is that the part played by our foreign policy in driving people from their homes should not be ignored.

          My criticism is that in locating the guilt for these circumstances in the refugees themselves, personal responsibility, and certainly compassion, are abdicated.

          Refugees are not party to Cloward/Piven strategies. They don’t sign up to gleefully “overwhelm the infrastructure to the point of collapse.” They do not profit by their status. They are pawns in a game.

          You say you have revolutionary blood and that you will do your best to right the wrongs. I wish you Godspeed in that.

          But first, please, study up.

        17. Refugees should not be ridiculed. Yes, real refugees shouldn’t. Did you actually speak to these refugees? If they really are refugees; who bought their ticket. They sure as hell did not swim.

          I’m well aware of our foreign policy. I was boots on the ground 24 years ago(please don’t thank me, I didn’t do it for anyone but myself). Our government’s foreign policy is not dictated from Washington D.C. It is dictated by whoever pays our elected the most money. Maybe if we the taxpayers pooled our money and made them an offer, we could change our course.

          No one is, or was blaming the refugees, real or fake.

          I agree, refugees do not sign up for Cloward – Piven strategies, it takes real voters to do that.

          Refugees do not profit by their status. No kidding?!! Someone IS profiting from the destruction of European culture. Short term, it looks like the Moslems. Too bad politically correct morons are financing it with banker money. Why would bankers finance so much discord? More war. They think decades down the road. Too bad they probably don’t have decades.

          Who is the article aimed at? Bankers?, Senators?
          No, it was aimed at regular people like you and me, because we do have a heart. The people who caused the problem do not. They aim this kind of propaganda at us so we will feel bad, like its our fault. Maybe it is our fault, for allowing all of our revolutionary blood to be cooled by a few bucks and an easy life.

          Yes, I’m always studying.

        18. Rich, as usual, gets it. Right on target.

          Toni, I want to like you, really I do, but I get the feeling you don’t want to like me.

          “My criticism is that the part played by our foreign policy in driving people from their homes should not be ignored.”

          Well, no one can cause me of disagreeing with THAT.

          “My criticism is that in locating the guilt for these circumstances in the refugees themselves…”

          I have a suspicion–call me paranoid–that you are accusing me (completely falsely, if that’s what you’re doing) of that. Please tell me I’m wrong. That you know that I’m saying these people are actors, and the whole thing is a stage set. That the guy is lofting a piece of cake, and none of those layabouts are sleeping in the middle of the day. It’s all fake. None of the people pictured are “refugees.” It’s a way to make Europeans, whose leadership is intentionally stripping their cultures from them, feel guilty when they recognize what is being done to their patrimony.

          “…personal responsibility, and certainly compassion, are abdicated.”

          I’m not sure what that means, but, in my paranoia, I suspect it has something to do with what you think of ME. Whatever.

          “Refugees are not party to Cloward/Piven strategies. They don’t sign up to gleefully “overwhelm the infrastructure to the point of collapse.” They do not profit by their status.”

          Just so. And because this group of actors are not refugees, just hired onto a paying gig for the day, they don’t apply to the point you’re making.

          The point I’VE been making is that, throughout time, wars in those benighted lands created refugees–but they never made their way to Europe. (And if they did try to enter Europe, they were driven back, because they were of an alien, incompatible, civilization.) Arabs and Africans had to deal with their own refugees, just as Europeans absorbed internally their own war refugees, throughout the centuries. European war refugees never expected the Moslems of the horrid lands south of the Mediterranean to absorb them. Why, then, do those people expect US to absorb THEM?

          I’ll tell you the answer: there are no refugees. It is a population transfer, pure and simple. The goal is to eliminate any vestige of the West. Christian civilization can not be allowed to have any vestiges remain. Alien peoples must replace the peoples of Europe. And European newspapers are being used to convince Europeans not to complain about it.

          That. Is. It.

        19. Patrick, let me take your post point by point.

          You write, quoting me:

          ““My criticism is that the part played by our foreign policy in driving people from their homes should not be ignored.”

          Well, no one can cause me of disagreeing with THAT.” unquote

          You do. You yourself deny that these Syrian refugees are driven from their home by our war. You deny that they ARE refugees.

          You write, again quoting me:

          ““My criticism is that in locating the guilt for these circumstances in the refugees themselves…”

          I have a suspicion–call me paranoid–that you are accusing me (completely falsely, if that’s what you’re doing) of that. Please tell me I’m wrong.” unquote

          No, you are not wrong. I can confirm your suspicion that I am saying that you are locating the responsibility for their circumstances in the refugees themselves.

          You continue:
          “That you know that I’m saying these people are actors, and the whole thing is a stage set. That the guy is lofting a piece of cake, and none of those layabouts are sleeping in the middle of the day. It’s all fake. None of the people pictured are “refugees.” “ unquote

          Yes, I know that’s what you are saying. Please prove your speculations, if you’re going to persist in them.

          To continue, you write, quoting me,
          “ “…personal responsibility, and certainly compassion, are abdicated.”

          I’m not sure what that means, but, in my paranoia, I suspect it has something to do with what you think of ME. Whatever.” unquote

          Locating the responsibility in the refugees themselves abdicates personal responsibility and compassion because it denies their status, and doesn’t recognize the we and the refugees are twinned in our subjugation to oligarchic control.

          Both you and Mark can outline this oligarchic control admirably. But neither of you appear able to extend your conclusions to what you, Patrick, call “the refuse of the third world.”

          Of course Western Civilization is being erased. But what do you think is happening to traditional societies in the rest of the world?

          You may experience “paranoia” because I originally made the same argument before when I noticed the discrepancy between your derision of the refugees in these articles and your defense of the Jewish refugees in WWII. I asked you to address the subject then, but you avoided it.

          This is not about me liking or disliking you, Patrick. This about argument befitting a seminar. I just want you to argue better.

        20. “Please prove your speculations, if you’re going to persist in them.”

          Speculations can’t, by definition, be proven. I built a very good case. You are not required to be persuaded by my reasoning, Toni, but you do me an injustice when you say “Locating the responsibility in the refugees themselves abdicates personal responsibility and compassion because it denies their status,”–because that’s not what I’m doing. I’m saying that the Daily Mail is presenting a fake refugee camp in these stories, for propaganda, to bend the mind of the true victims of the invasion: the people of Europe. Certainly, I deny the collection of actors pretending to sleep in brand new tents in the middle of the day, on a stage set, the status of “refugees.” Because they are not. That’s my whole point, after all.

          I’m not saying there are no displaced persons in the Middle East. And I’m not saying hundreds of thousands of them are not being dumped in European countries where they do not belong, and will never assimilate but only cause terrible trouble. That’s the reason I embedded the Henrik video, after all. What I AM saying is that we are not seeing such people when we look at the pictures in the DM.

          “Of course Western Civilization is being erased. But what do you think is happening to traditional societies in the rest of the world?”

          I think China and Mexico and India and most of Africa, and almost all non-Western countries for that matter, are not being subject to a relentless invasion of white people (or any civilization alien to the native one), to dilute their traditional society out of existence. I see them being encouraged to strengthen their traditional homogeneity, pretty much across the board.

          As for Moslem hell-holes, Islam is a toxic ideology that ruins any country infected by it (the only time these places experience stability is when a cruel dictator forces stability by active suppression of the natural tendencies of jihad). Sure, the New World Order crafters are exploiting that reality, but that does not mean it is natural for the Moslems thus displaced to be ushered into Sweden, or Wales. Swedes and Welshmen are starting to notice that their leaders are intentionally importing Moslems, and giving them preferential status, as a way of destroying the Swedish and Welsh way of life. So the Daily Mail is employed to make Swedes and Welshmen feel guilty about feeling outraged at what their leaders are doing.

          If you want to help Moslems, print a billion Bibles and send an army of missionaries to all those horrible countries, and convert them all to Christianity. But of course, the New World Order guys want those places to be even more horrible than they already are, so there’s no chance of that. It’s going to get worse, not better, in those benighted lands, and the ruined lives of the wretched refuse will be used to completely eliminate what remains of what once was Western civilization.

          You say: “You may experience “paranoia” because I originally made the same argument before when I noticed the discrepancy between your derision of the refugees in these articles and your defense of the Jewish refugees in WWII. I asked you to address the subject then, but you avoided it.”

          I’m not deriding them. As I say, I ADMIRE the people in the pictures: they have acting jobs. That’s great. I’ve heard that 90% of actors are out of work.

          And I don’t recall ever defending Jewish refugees in WWII in these pages, but I certainly WOULD, if the topic ever came up. I believe what we were discussing was the systematic identification of each and every Jew in every corner of whatever lands the Germans invaded, and their abduction and removal. These people, of course, were not “refugees” when they were abducted–they were abductees. And after the war, since the vast majority of them were no longer alive, their bodies having been deposed of, they did not become displaced persons, either. Those who did by some miracle survive Hitler’s death camps cannot be called “refugees,” either, in my opinion, because they could have been allowed to go back to that remote hamlet in Belorussia, or Greece, our any of the countries the Germans conquered, and reinstalled in to the houses they were kidnapped from, for the sole crime of being Jewish.

          So these abductees, stolen very selectively from their homes because Hitler’s Thule Society had a maniacal obsession with race (kind of like our folkiefriend, Mark, although he himself is a Jew), and an ideological/spiritual imperative to “cleanse” the world of Jews,” cannot be compared to the wretches that war normally drives before it indiscriminately. The identification and removal of each and every Jew was a theological imperative for the Nazis. It was VERY discriminating. Nazism was, after all, largely a spiritual philosophy. ‘Arianism” was an obsession with them. It was to do with the source of ultimate spiritual power. This is why, after all, the Nazis sought the Spear of Longinus, and why their top occultists were dispatched to Tibet, seeking the secrets to be found there, where the roots of the Arian race lay. An excellent book, if you are interested in understanding this strange corner of history, is The Occult and the Third Reich, by Jean-Michel Angebert. (A blurb on the back cover calls it “the first work to demonstrate that the Nazi cosmology was an intricate synthesis of the…occult, nurtured by an ancient neo-Paganism… The ability of neo-Paganism to militantly reaffirm itself and contest with Christianity for men’s minds and bodies tells us that the Nazi nightmare is only the last, but not the final act in a larger human tragedy still being played out.)

          So yes, I “avoided” discussing your false equivalency between the mass of hapless victims of the New World Order’s machinations in the Middle East and an occult society’s very selective culling of a bloodline that it identified as an impediment to gaining ultimate spiritual power. The two things are so different they cannot be compared. Now that I have told you why, I hope you will consider the subject satisfactorily addressed.

        21. Regarding the above post, Patrick, I don’t know where to begin with the weaknesses in your argument.

          You don’t seem to realize that to consider a point made by another, one must reflect on one’s OWN position with relation to the issue, rather than acting insulted and throwing an even bigger flurry of the same sentences you used originally. As I’ve mentioned, many times you argue from an emotional reaction, and then from the imperious height to which you have worked yourself up, dismiss the argument from your further consideration.

          You have made mention that you believe that MHB is a graduate seminar course. Hardly graduate, my friend. The level of rhetoric rarely rises above that of the sophomore.

          Take that last sentence. Did you think, “Oh, Toni thinks our heartfelt ruminations are just foolish words on level with that of every other idiot!” Or what it really means, sans emotional reaction, which is, “The level of effective or persuasive writing, rarely rises above that of a person in the second year of learning the art of argument.”

          All my questions and comments are not attacks; I address your suppositions in an attempt to help you make your arguments better. Any weasel words on my part meant to spare your feelings, only arouses an emotional response from you that, albeit a positive one, muddles the conversation further. Thus, it does you a disservice. I’m sorry it is uncomfortable and feels like an attack. But I think it is the quickest, and thus the kindest, way.

          I have two modest ambitions that I keep in my heart here at MHB. One, is that I would like to see the camaraderie of the commenters here elevated. Who do we really have that gets it, living as we do under the oligarchic juggernaut and cognizant of the huge lies, if not each other? Even through disagreements, we must recognize this.

          Second, I’m dedicated to raising the level of argument in these pages. We need to refine our thinking, through debate and self-reflection. This is essential to our survival, and everyone is capable of doing it. I know I’ve gotten better in these few weeks, just from the constant writing.

          I do not think these two objectives are incompatible. Our identification as a community can be strength enough to support us through the difficulties of clarifying our arguments.

          In addition to your response to this post, Patrick, I’m receptive to the thoughts of anyone else here who’d like to express them.

        22. I applaud your goals for the quality of discussion and wish I could live up to them.  I try but I only have a B.A. and the last any only logic class I had was by a precious little old nun half a century ago. I try not to read Patrick’s comments as they seem to set me off, or put me in the near occasion of sin.  However he is a valuable asset to this forum, especially his relating of literature and theater to issues we discuss. Both of you write well, but I, in my pitiful state of not really being qualified to judge any of this, see that you, Toni, have set a fine new standard for our discussions, one that Dr. James Fetzer would also probably admire.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        23. Your kind words mean so much, dachsielady. Especially concerning Dr. Fetzer. Thank you.

          I’ve noticed your comments always contribute to a high quality of discussion. It’s your honesty and the deliberate way you make your points that I admire. That, and the self-reflection that you are not afraid to write about.

          Looks like the nuns have again accomplished their goal of successfully educating the young. You can really tell the difference in someone educated in Catholic schools and someone with a public school education.

        24. “feelings”? “emotional responses”? “it is uncomfortable and feels like an attack”?

          Moi? THAT’S a hot one.

          No. I dealt with your screed in an orderly fashion, and put it to bed conclusively. Completely unemotionally. You lost. Face it.

        25. You may proclaim your “win” but that doesn’t make it so. Refusing to engage in debate, proves you are falling behind in this seminar.

          Anybody else agree that, as Mark Gobell’s “instinct” tells him, I am “an irksome time waster” who “proclaims (a false) authority over other posters” in my “screeds” as Patrick calls my posts?

          Please tell me if this is how I am perceived, or is the characterization just the detritus of an ad hominem response.

        26. No that is not how I perceive you. No, the characterization IS NOT just the detritus of an ad hominem response. Discussion in any forum is only fruitful if it has the possibility of bringing to light new and good insights and information whereby we can change our minds in light of that information so presented. There are many ways to issue “ad hominems” so that they do not meet the strict definition of an ad hominem.

            “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        27. dachsielady, thank you.

          If I may ask, please advise me if you think I am straying over the ad hominem line myself, or to use your phrase, putting myself in the near occasion of sin.

          You seem finely attuned to these things.

        28. No, I do not think you have gone too far in that regard. Just beware because Free Form Friday discussions can of so easily get on the subject of religion. That seems inevitable and natural to me if the thread is truly free and open. But Dr. Tracy does not want us to touch the “Holocaust” and Jews issue with a ten foot pole. So when things start heading in that direction, a dispute with Patrick will happen.

          He is quite a wordsmith and it is easy to see where he’s coming from regarding his Dispensationalist views, and that is why he always hints that “our elder brothers” can do no harm. I can see it coming and I know we will be cut off by moderation if we get in to that subject fully freely.

          On top of all of this, I believe the USA is fully in the grasp of the neocons and our foreign policy makes no sense at all to me. I am ashamed of my country and what it has done around the world. It has lied to us for centuries. And the Novus Order Catholic Church has gone down the wrong road too because of Judeo-Masonic infiltration that has been going on for about two hundred years.

          I basically believe that there is a giant conspiracy that has been around for millennia. Dr. Stan Monteith used to call it the Brotherhood of Darkness. He got that so right. The bible calls it the mystery of iniquity.

        29. I am glad you spelled that out and that was my instinctive reaction too and the reason I pulled out in a previous phase. mhb is precious

        30. Dachsie says:
          -But Dr. Tracy does not want us to touch the “Holocaust” and Jews issue with a ten foot pole. So when things start heading in that direction, a dispute with Patrick will happen.-

          Are you insinuating that Dr. Tracy employs Patrick as a troll to curb debate on Israel, the Holocaust, and Jews in general?

        31. No. It amazing that such a thing would occur to you. It certainly has no place in my thinking. I feel a bit insulted but perhaps that is not your intention at all.

          I am just trying to keep Free Fridays as free as possible. I do not think Patrick is a troll and I am not a troll. I do not know who is or who is not a troll, and I have searched for the definition of a troll and really have never found a satisfactory one. I have observed over the years that the accusation is thrown out frequently.

          My program is just being as honest as I can be to and continue to search for truth.

        32. Well Dachsie, I don’t recall Dr. Tracy shutting down any Holocaust discussions. Maybe Troll was the wrong word, but it sure seemed like you were calling him a gatekeeper of sorts. No insult intended, its not allowed here anyway. As far as I know, no one here has the power to put an argument to bed except the commenters themselves, or when Dr. Tracy ends comments, but he always leaves them open for as long as it takes as far as I can see.

        33. “But Dr. Tracy does not want us to touch the “Holocaust” and Jews issue with a ten foot pole… I can see it coming and I know we will be cut off by moderation if we get in to that subject fully freely.”

          Hey, dachsielady
          I wanted to comment on this part of your post. I think you may have a mistaken impression. Tell me what you think.

          I don’t find Professor Tracy to be averse to the subject of Jews in general, or the Holocaust specifically. He’s the one, I would suppose, that posted the “10 Hard Facts about the Holocaust” video, that I only reposted in the Free Form thread from his Scoop Feed site.

          Also, he hosted Dr. Fetzer, where they discussed the Gas Chamber lies and such. Dr. Fetzer then appeared to be free to post in the MHB comments section as he saw fit.

          I think you may have gotten an impression opposite mine because of the moderation process, which is a blunt instrument and obviously cannot assess content on its own. It can only recognize keywords, of which Jews, Holocaust, “white,” racist, etc are examples. So any comments containing these keywords are caught in moderation.

          There are other parameters that can be applied. Replies to certain comments can all be caught, I’ve noticed.

          Here’s a weird one: the “10 Hard Facts about the Holocaust” video from Professor Tracy’s own Scoop Feed site was held in moderation when I posted it in the thread. I’ve never had a video held in moderation other than that one, and it was his.

          This tells me that, though Professor Tracy sets all the parameters in the software and is concerned with inflammatory language, as he says, it is more like invective that he trying to weed out, not argument itself.

          It seems to me that any argument may be made here and include any or all of the keywords and violate any or all of the rest of the known and unknown parameters that lead to moderation, and eventually still be published.

          All my comments have always been published. I have more posts than not end up in Moderation, for which I apologize to the Professor, although he is primarily responsible. He’s in a catch 22. It ends up being a lot of extra work for him, I imagine.

          I used to chafe at moderation. Now I pretend-chafe. I hope he can tell the difference, if he ever sees it.

          I don’t know if my comments seem correct to you; you may have information that I do not.

        34. Thank you, Toni. I stand corrected about my Holocaust comment. However, I do recall a religion discussion involving Jews or Judaism and Dr. Tracy, I believe, actually posted and, as I recall, expressed some displeasure with the discussion. I suppose I should look that up but I will not. I think my basis for believing that he does not want arguments or discussions about religion, and that religion usually means religion of Judaism and Jews, is correct and well founded.

          I have never had much of a problem with moderation. I also understand that this is Dr. Tracy’s blog. He owns it and he has a right to set whatever limits he wishes. If he does not like the way a discussion is playing out, even if it does not specifically break any rules, it is his prerogative to end the discussion in whatever way he feels is best.

          The whole subject of Talmudism, the Kabal, Cabbalism, Judaism, and Jews is deep-state, Sunstein-type of layers of deception and manipulation and I really kind of think it best, at least for me personally, to stay away from it when I can. I am not smart enough to deal with it properly and am often just too naive. I know many Jewish people that I admire and respect and I know that some of them as a group are being used and manipulated just as certain groups of other ethnic or religious groups. Here is how this phenomenon is expressed in the book by E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Sprit…

          “The triumph of Bolshevism in the revolution of 1917 increased the fear and
          the animus against the Jews once again. And once again it was the most
          visible Jews, which is to say the ethnic, religious Jews who bore the brunt of
          that animus when the reaction came. “The Trotskys make the revolution, but
          the Bronsteins pay for it,” is how one Jew formulated the phenomenon.”

          Yet, I find it difficult to completely avoid the subject. There is something artificial about that when open and free discussion or study is desired. I think the whole phenomena of “control of the dialog” and what is politically correct to say and not say is a huge problem.

          There was an interesting discussion on Dr. Fetzer’s show last night with someone named Major William Fox who has a site, I think, called AmericaFirstBooks.com regarding Michael Collins Piper’s books and Gordon Duff’s comments about MCP being taken out versus Mark Glenn’s comments that MCP died of “natural causes” related to his many medical maladies. It alluded to the fact that there are actually “Jews” who appear to be Jew bashers and “anti-semites” who are actually working for the side they seem to be promoting animus against.

        35. Hey, dachsielady,

          I was curious about what you described so I looked for Dr. Tracy comments in threads, but I’m not sure I found anything. Trying to search MHB comments is not the easiest! There are no tools to do so.

          There’s the time he asked Marilyn J to not post here anymore. And then one other time he said he was glad someone took the thread back to the topic after there was some religious discussion. That’s all I could find as far Tracy’s concerned.

          But, boy, how deeply depressing some of those threads are to re-read, especially after my experience here lately. Same people. Same flawed arguments. Years of it! Sobering.

          Anyway, I totally take your word for it that there is a “chill” around religious discussion. I’m sure you would be sensitive to something like that, and pick up on it. And, yes, it’s too bad.

          Dr. Fetzer’s site, the Real Deal, is down since Tuesday, it says, so I couldn’t find the show you mentioned with Major William Fox. Although I did go to his America First Books site and looked around. Interesting stuff. I’d like to hear the conversation about Michael Collins Piper. I’ll keep checking Real Deal for the interview.

          Thank you once again, dachsielady, for your honest remarks.

          ps I’m glad you quoted from The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. I have read it. Very insightful.

        36. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcHqkYsy7nA

          YouTube Channel

          Media Broadcasting Center usually has the video of show posted within 24 hours and is the best place to look.

          I cannot post comments at YouTube and I stopped posting comments at RadioFetzer.blogspot.com as it seemed to fizzle out. I do occasionally post comments at JamesFetzer.blogspot.com and I used to post quite a lot years ago when his first 9-11 site opened…


          Made quite a few friends there. One of them, Dean Hartwell, will be the guest on the Real Deal Media Broadcasting Center show of August 17 at 7: pm Central.

          My study of Sandy Hook has given a me new insights on 9-11 and I now think some of the same deception strategies were employed on 9-11 that were used at Sandy Hook. Also, Dr. Fetzer’s study of the JFK assassination shows the lengths “they” will go to to try effectuate a failsafe cover-up. Something that seems more understandable to me now is how so many people can be kept quiet about such big false events. It seems now that there is some sort of major breakthrough in the public’s now coming to understand and see all the lies and falsehoods.

        37. dachsie, I just wanted to add this quote from Jefferson, apropos our conversation:

          “There is not a truth which I fear or would wish unknown to the world.”

        38. Dachsielady
          Its not about anybody’s opinion here, it’s about intimidation from without. Isnt it?

        39. Toni, you said “Regarding the above post, Patrick, I don’t know where to begin with the weaknesses in your argument.” And then you didn’t even bother. That is called “throwing in the towel,” AKA admitting you can’t counter what just was said.

          I can’t state my case more clearly, and you can’t counter it. You just fell back to analyzing ME, which is an unwitting acknowledgement that you can’t carry on on the level of logic.

          You asked me to address a false equivalency, and I did so, by pointing out its falseness. It was concise. As you did not even mention my argument, I took that as an acknowledgement that I am correct (and as it would be nigh on impossible to refute, I can’t blame you). Hence, your ignoring all my points is a declaration of defeat. That’s what I said. For some reason, in your most recent reply, you don’t indicate you understood the dynamic, at all. And your saying “You may proclaim your “win” but that doesn’t make it so. Refusing to engage in debate,” makes the situation almost ridiculous. It is YOU, in the refusal to address my specific points, who demonstrated a refusal to engage in debate.


        40. Ok, Patrick. Not that I expect that you will do anything constructive with my criticism.

          You’re SAYING that the photographs are staged; you’re not proving it.

          You write:
          “…all that these third world refuse are sporting is brand new, and perfectly clean, as if they are all really rich people who are on holiday. They don’t look a bit like refugees. Where, I wonder, are the flies crawling across the little kids’ eyeballs? None of them look haggard, even.”

          This is not proof. These are pictures in your mind to which you are comparing the photos. Thus, they cannot be considered a “source” supporting your case. This is why I purposely called them speculations.

          You have not made a credible case that these photos are anything other than what they purport to be: refugees with money, fleeing war, who came with their middle class lives and were unprepared for the horrible conditions resulting from the flood of people overrunning the infrastructure.

          I won’t belabor the issue by going through all your impressions of the photos. The point is, your speculation about what “real” refugees look like in your mind, is not proof that the photos were staged. All your subsequent arguments proceed from this faulty beginning.

          You have done nothing to refute the news articles, but you have parlayed them into a massive fountain from which you’ve spouted near all of your favorite theories. It was a mighty filibuster all right, though built on your flimsy imaginings.

          And now you see fit to congratulate yourself for it.

        41. “… he always hints that “our elder brothers” can do no harm.”

          dachsie, that’s not entirely true, although I can understand why you read my remarks that way. Catholics who are theologically astute, in my experience, tend not to tease out the subtle differences among nondenominational protestants. In a way, that’s understandable, this painting with a broad brush, as they often dismiss all protestantism as error–so why bother learn the ins and outs of the subtle theological reasoning of heretics?

          I am always very careful, when the subject of Jews comes up, because the conspiracy-examining world is painfully prone to open, over-the-top, enthusiastic Jew hatred. I can’t abide that. It’s unbiblical, for one thing, but it’s factually wrong, for another.

          If you want to know (and no, I’m not going into a dissertation about the subtle differences about how evangelicals debate the topic of the role of the Jews in the end times), I’ll tell you why the statement of yours I quote is wrong. In my opinion there are four categories of Jews: (1) the wonderful people who one meets and has a friend for life; (2) the unpleasant people who are not plotting anything, but are just unlikable; (3) the very powerful leaders of corporations and governments, whose plots and actions are destroying all that is good, out of avarice and the joy of conquest; and (4) spiritualists who are Talmudists and Kabbalists, who are literally in league with the devil, in a concerted plot to eliminate Christianity.

          I believe Hosea (particularly 5:15-6:3–15 I will go away and return to My place Until they acknowledge their guilt and seek My face; In their affliction they will earnestly seek Me. 1 “Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. 2 “He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him. 3 “So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain watering the earth.”

          It is category (4) that is holding the world hostage, and it will only take the events of Matthew 24:22 for them to look upon Him whom they pierced (Zechariah 12:10), and ask Him to return, and rescue the world. Their willfulness, and concord with Satan, must be broken. They will resist until the point that “all life would be destroyed.”

          Most Jews know nothing of these matters.

          This is not the only reason I might seem like I feel that “they can do no harm.” I could go into greater depth. But for now, it’s just that the subject is subtle, and so many conspiracy-observers refuse to recognize that reality. There isn’t a singe “they.”

        42. Patrick, you wrote:
          “In my opinion there are four categories of Jews: (1) the wonderful people who one meets and has a friend for life; (2) the unpleasant people who are not plotting anything, but are just unlikable; (3) the very powerful leaders of corporations and governments, whose plots and actions are destroying all that is good, out of avarice and the joy of conquest; and (4) spiritualists who are Talmudists and Kabbalists, who are literally in league with the devil, in a concerted plot to eliminate Christianity.”

          This is the best description I have read so far. Most of us have met Jews in categories 1 and 2. The ones in category 3 we usually meet in msm, seldom in person, although I know one. To meet up with category 4 my guess is we have to belong to that group.

          I have a friend in category 1. She is one of the most prolific anti geoengineering activists in Los Angeles. Her family came to this country in the late 1930s from Hungary. On June 6, 1968 her dad as usual was working in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and witnessed the shooting of Robert Kennedy. My friend says her dad was never the same after that day.

  22. Hey its free form. I can say what I what. TMric

    Ric, I’m glad you trademarked your phrase with the “what I what” in place. I love the way you type, man! So independent of the tyranny of typos.

    So I wanted to ask, when lophatt comments, does anyone else read his moniker as Lop Hatt, instead of the cool, ironic blend-word Lo Phatt, that he probably meant?

    I do. It’s involuntary.

    One time someone addressed him as the Hatt, and I was so stoked. “Someone else reads it as Lop Hatt!”

    1. I didn’t even notice the “what I what”…Haha

      I’m installing one of those “blowing devices” on my computer that shuts off my keyboard when I get past the legal limit of 0.08.

      Be Nice……It’s only me it’s not my mind, that’s a confusing thing.-Harrison

  23. Dr. Nick Gonzalez, M.D., well known alternative cancer doctor, dies of heart attack.

    Here are two articles about him with great embedded videos.


    “Dr. Nick graduated from Brown University, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude with a degree in English Literature. He subsequently worked as a journalist at Time Inc. before pursuing premedical studies at Columbia University, and then later receiving his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983.

    During a postgraduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered by many to be the father of modern immunology, Dr.Nick completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer.

    Since 1987, he had been in private practice in New York City, treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses, with nutrition, enzymes, and detoxification.”
    whole article here…

    Prominent Alternative Cancer Doctor Dies of Apparent Heart Attack

    has embedded YouTube hour long interview of Dr. Gonzalez that is very interesting about how his career evolved in to treating cancer patients with alternative methods.



    here is an article about several alternative doctors have met untimely deaths very recently…

    5th Doctor (age 33) Died in Florida Making 5 Dead, 5 More Missing



    Here is another article about Dr. Gonzalez with an interesting embedded video about his friendship with Dr. Robert Atkins and the renewed interest in the ketogenic diet. Dr. Gonzalez says there is no good proof k. diet can help cancer patients.


    1. The recent and untimely deaths of several doctors practicing alternative medicine may be part of Obama(s)care signed into law to reform the health care industry. Sarcasm.

    1. Yeah, I remember when you went to a bad movie you simply walked out. Now they come and make you part of it.

      Someone should check the drill schedule. A statistician could have a field day with this. What are the odds? Are there numbers that big?

      We’ll see if they have the promotional materials in the can. The plots are all the same. They just push particular memes. We already know the 10 round clip will come up. Probably “extremism” (homegrown of course).

      Yawn! I’m going to bed now. We’ll see if anymore crop up when I get up. They’ve got an agenda to ram down our throats and they won’t be dissuaded.

  24. I direct your attention to the new musical interlude under “No Comment” on the right side column of this blog:
    Carl Klang – The Federal Reserve Isn’t Federal At All

    1. Don’t get me wrong, When I say NO witnesses, I don’t mean there is None. They are in the “Green Room” getting “Prepped” for their Big Interview.

      We in the New World Odor,
      have heard your complaints about our , should we say..Mini Dramas?

      We promise this time.

      A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All….
      (they other 98% don’t care anyways, Enjoy!)

      1. It was probably that “Person boy” and that “Mule woman”. Do I have the right drill? Oh….., there are so many. I get confused.

        You realize, of course, that the odds of this naturally occurring are about the same as having two suns come up tomorrow.

        I’ll bet A.C. left so quickly he left his nose in NYC. I get a more honest break from carnies at the circus. “Step right up and watch Bobby Jindall whore for the Obongonoids. But of course its all in the script.

        These “lone nut shooters” need a union. I wonder what the Actor’s Guild thinks of this?

    2. There have been several people interviewed, one from in the same show and another in a neighboring show . . . at the least; maybe there was one more. And I’ve yet to hear any DHS comments or interviews though I’ve been keeping close tabs on it. Do you have any links?

  25. I live there and that’s “my” theatre. Someone very close almost went tonight, but didn’t because I wasn’t with them. (Though, we would’ve seen another movie than Trainwreck had we went). My first reaction when I heard was inwardly thinking ‘false flag,’ but so far, at least, I can’t say that’s what it appears to be. There are a couple interviewed witnesses, and I think they seem credible (at present). Also, there has yet to surface a prescripted sounding narrative. It looks and seems organic. The number of dead has shifted, but I don’t find that cause for alarm. At any rate, if it does turn out sounding fishy, this would be very unique, living right where it took place. I could literally walk there in 20 minutes.

  26. Anyways, It’s Free Friday so I can say “What I What”

    I just received a “Cease and Desist” order from the New World Odor signed by some clown named Lucifer?

    I will refer to “them” from now on as The New World Order.

    Just Joking…It’s Form Friday Free

  27. Well so far we have a mentally ill lone gunman again. We also have two young female teachers as heroes acting on their “training” to preserve others lives by shielding them with their own bodies. That’s some “training”! When the authorities last had contact with the shooter has not been released as yet but no doubt will be eventually. Etcetera…

    1. Oh My, it gets worse.

      This clown shooters is the best. He fits every profile they’re looking for that fits their agenda.

      What a checklist to date and growing.

      They added violent anti-abortionist (he called into a talk show and threatened them..right)

      How do they know all this?

      Why does every “Crazed Shooter” have a pre-written manifesto in his back pocket which includes every web site he’s ever visited and as a bonus his log in and passwords. really?

      Well, I guess it’s time to roll out another Black Shooter out of fairness.

      Look Out Navy Yard!

      1. It’s funny, isn’t it, how they can dig up information “just like that” on certain people, yet we’re completely in the dark about others?

        And, yeah, about those manifestos that happen to pop up out of nowhere…what’s up with that?

        1. Yep, that’s one of the classic “tells”. Ten minutes after the event they know his first grade teacher’s name and his entire psychological history.

          Of course the picture painted resembles exactly what they have been warning about. Prescient or complicit, you decide.

      2. “he called into a talk show – How do they know all this?”

        They know because the ghost of Adam Lanza also called in to a radio show. By now we can replace their scriptwriters blindfolded and nonunionized.

    1. “Found dead”? This must be the new euphemism for executed by cop. Tell me how this differs from those old films where Comrade Schnitzel has an encounter with the Stasi?

      I remember when Agent 007 having a “license to kill” was considered unusual. Now they pass them out with the badge.

  28. As I watch the Aussie’s Sandy Hook slideshow on the Real Deal, I can’t help but wonder if there were any donation sites set up for the church shooting victims, or if the survivors/victims’ families will get big bucks from the Feds or some foundation or another, like we saw in Sandy Hook. How about the theater shooting? Surely that should be worth a ducat or two?

      1. Oh yes, Dachie, I remember. That happened fast, too, as I recall.

        But I wonder if little crosses and stuffed animals are piling up in a post office somewhere, like in SH. Or maybe the public only does that for kids?

        To whom do I write the check?

        I’m halfway through the interview. I had never seen some of the photos shown so far…

        1. Hey, CIA,

          I will stage a gruesome False Flag for you for just a measly 26 Million + Local and Federal Taxes (we have to be real here, business is business)

          I will even write such a great Passion Play with NO holes in it, down too REAL upcoming actors that even the Folks at MHB will be fooled….


          I’m just trying to help. Your people are so amateur
          Call Me. The NSA has my number.

        2. Haha, Good old entrepreneurial spirit!

          I thought the demagogues outlawed that in 2009!

          Anyways, I could use your help and we will split the profits.

          Pat will bethe local Clergy
          Lophatt will be the main spokesman to keep our “little” flag rolling.
          Anne will supply the “Facts” to the media.
          Muse will run diversions and confuse them.
          Gil Favor will be the Hardened one they can’t break and keep them inline.
          Folktruther will call all of them Racists and throw them off their game.

          How am I doing so far?


        3. I’m in moderation but this will make sense latter..

          Toni will destroy them…haha

          We divvy up the Bank and move to the next assignment.

          We will save our Govt. hundreds of millions just on incompetency alone.

          Thats a good thing right? More money for Kenya?

          We are true Patriots

        4. You guys are hilarious. You forgot to ask for space in the Witness Protection Program. You don’t want to be flogging your particular false flag forever, do you? Better to disappear with all that money.

        5. James, I know its a Saturday and you should have this day off, but really?

          Let my comment out of mod. lest a plague frogs descends on your household. Haha

          I need some help here staging this and who are going to be the players.

          We have 26 million on the line here

          Just got cleared by the Odor….

        6. Oh, don’t bother him, lol, we’ll wait.

          They’ve got plenty of frogs in Florida anyway.

        7. Ok, Ric, you’re right.

          Get ready. It’s 10 pm blogtime now.

          I say, release the posts or we send the frogs in one hour.

        8. 10 pm? It’s 7 here.

          We need to cast dachsielady as the the groups “lawyer”

          I need help. casting this false flag.
          we are talking 26$ mil + endorsements, Superbowls, CNN you name it.

          Haha. Obama care doesn’t cover my illness..Sarcasm

        9. Well, Ric, what are you going to be doing? Oh, that’s right you’ll be trolling for money. Fishing for the big bucks. Rolling around in the pile of naked cash when it arrives in the cube van.

          You did order a cube van, didn’t you?

        10. You have to think of something for Patrick. He’d be totally useful. Dublinsmick, too. Between the two of them…

        11. Pat’s heading the “Clergy”. You know the Nuns in the Purple Van gig.. He was already cast 1st post. Re-read comment.

          We have Daniel (Peace and love) and Peacefrog, Skirt, Sue, Derrick. so many more we still need need to cast.

          Just kidding. we can let this go now. I just love humor.

          We could do it better than they can……………………

        12. Ric, take the money and run but be sure to stay clear of Interstate10 in the California desert. Could be a good while before that major thoroughfare is up and running normally again. Two months they say. And to think the bridge collapse happened smack in the middle of Jade Helm country.

          Yuma over in Arizona is happy due to thousands of unexpected travelers coming through, again smack in the middle of Jade Helm country, and buying more than a sack of potatoes.The potato purchases were promised by Jade Helm front runners.

          I have not decided what to do with my share, but whatever it is it will be darned good with what’s left after involuntary contributions to federal, state, county and city bureaucracies. No contributions to fake charities, sorry Lenny.

        13. Ok, but one question about your little remark “Toni will destroy them.”

          Should I be worried?

        14. Anne, Unbelievable.

          Yuma is my escape and we have property there.

          Funny how the “universe” works. We are ALL one. I won’t go into the weeds, but you all know what I mean…………….

        15. Thanks for the laughs, folks. I am glad we can find a little humor in this. I thank God I am grounded in my faith in Jesus and am able to detach from all of this and laugh sometimes.

          There are times when the true overwhelming Satanic evil of all of this breaks through in my mind and almost wipes me out.

          And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
          2 Thessalonians 2:10

          Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,
          Ephesians 4:15

          Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness
          Ephesians 6:14

          And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free
          John 8:32

        1. Hey lophatt, that was great too. I stuck around for “part 2”. America’s got talent in all the right places.

        2. Toni, if you just let it play after “Part 1” it will automatically go to “Part 2”. It’s the same song, just Victor Wooten’s bass solo. He’s amazing.

          Here’s another. What the heck, its Sunday:

          joe bonamassa and beth hart

    1. Thank you for interesting video, Toni. It’s a saver for me.

      I think you argue very intelligently. I guess I am not going to read your latest to Patrick because I know he is a Protestant of one of the Dispensationalist varieties and it is through that lens that from whenceth he cometh.

      I do not believe in the gas chambers murders nor the six million number but I do believe about three hundred thousand people were killed in the camps, many or most of them starved and/or worked to death and a few simply executed / shot.

      What I find not so good about all the “holocaust” information is that so many groups have turned it into White supremacy or “anti-semitism”, and yes, there is such a thing as true antisemitism and that is what my religious training tells me is a mortal sin, judging against, even hatting, a human being because of their DNA or skin color, which is biological determinism. Jesus doesn’t care a bit about DNA. Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God and has an eternal soul. The Incarnation amped up the intrinsic dignity and value of every human life exponentially.

      Hitler was not a nice guy. The camps were NOT nice ClubMed resorts. Hitler killed at least 60,000 “lives unworthy of life” via his many eugenics programs, which he learned about via a USA import – Margaret Sanger and her “defective weeds” ideology, and ideology which also murdered tens of thousands of innocents in the USA as well.. I also think Hitler was a Satanist and there is concrete evidence of that. Unfortunately many of the people telling us facts about the “Holocaust” get off on these White supremacy and “anti-semitism” tangents and curiously, or maybe not so, never will mention anything about Hitler’s systematic eugenics/genocide programs.

      When you look at what started making European Whites fight with each other, you cannot overlook the Protestant Revolt. Religious beliefs trump cultural and / or DNA any day, and they are great for creating order ab chao.

      1. dachsielady,
        Thank you. I wanted to post this short note telling you that I am composing a longer reply to your thoughtful comment.

        In the meantime, please do read my response to Patrick. In it I try to defend my intentions and my “way of operating.”

        It’s actually meant for everyone; Patrick has stopped listening altogether.

      2. dachsielady, thank you for engaging me in this issue.

        When I consider the enormous edifice called the Holocaust, I am in awe. Now that it’s known that lies compose its foundation, the very size of the edifice hovering over us reveals its ominous intent. It blocks our view of the past, and with its shadow dims our vision of the present.

        It must be torn down. Only then can we assess the new prospect, and begin to take steps in a direction of our choosing, unclouded by fraud.

        Fraud being the case, I find it impossible to criticize or support Germany without a new history of the 20th century. Hitler may well have been a “bad guy” as you say, but I can’t take the word of liars for it. We demonize every one of our “enemies” before we depose them, and we are very convincing.

        You mention the subject of eugenics. You are correct in saying it was an “import” from the US. As you know, it was a theory propounded in books, an experiment carried out in government laboratories, a practice underwritten by “philanthropic” foundations, and the basis for legislation (see the Carrie Buck tragedy). We constructed the whole system, and like many, (and many whom we do not revile), Hitler admired it. He took it lock, stock and barrel and set it up in Germany. It was disaster.

        But we invented it, made it real in the world. So why do we excoriate Hitler for it? To hide our own guilt?

        In psychology this is called projection.

        The question of Hitler’s dark heart is a small one compared to the ongoing manipulations of a lying elite that once played all sides of WWII against each other, and still works to achieve their Machiavellian ends even now. What darkness stains their hearts?

        You caution about how this new Holocaust information will be used against Jews. I would argue that the greater cause for concern is how the Holocaust lies have been used against everyone one of us, including Jews. Especially Jews. If there is a class of victims that can be named first in this vast fraud called the Holocaust, it is most certainly the Jews.

        It is my hope, maybe naive, that in time it will be Jews making this argument.

        dachsielady, I did not address any of your points about religion, of which you are so well-spoken. Allow me to ponder them further.

  29. The immigration/refugee comments became numerous, so I’m doing this one separately.

    The Guardian printed an article last November describing global immigration. It affects more than just Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. One thing that becomes evident from the photos here is that no one lacks clothing and good shoes. Nor do they look starved to death. The photos we have seen from the dustbowl in this country depicts people in much worse conditions.

    There is also a large number of Scandinavians moving within the Scandinavian countries. Swedes have been coming to Norway for work and Finns move to Sweden for the same reason.

    Being an immigrant myself to three different countries, all legally done, I certainly can relate to this topic. However, I did not leave ghetto and crime in my wake and I did not rely on handouts from the respective countries. I myself have benefitted greatly from the cultures I found. Cultures now being decimated.

    Norway claims to deport more so called immigrants these days, but fail to mention that the ones staying have children in much larger numbers that those referred to as Ethnic Norwegians. In the end the newcomers will outnumber the old timers regardless of deportations.

    I have read articles and seen photos of how government officials from Norway set up instruction facilities in the middle east, very nice facilities, to teach and prepare would be immigrants of their new homeland. The “students” are all nice looking people. They were not refugees at all, but part of the global agenda of a multicultural society.

    On the other hand, we have countries in the middle east and Africa destroyed deliberately by the global cabal, with the help of their minions, and people there are in dire straits. The ones who survive that is. During WW2 many places were bombed to smithereens. What happened to the survivors? From the history I have read and experienced they stayed and rebuilt.

    In the far northern part of Norway where I grew up every house and barn were burnt during WW2’s scorched earth policy. All lifestock were slaughtered. Everyone, 50,000 is the estimate, had to evacuate. They got a 24 hour notice and fled with the clothes on their backs. My family too. The rebuilding after WW2 took place via the Marshall Plan. That is not on the agenda for the 21st century. Now they have a different goal – Agenda 21.



    1. I agree generally with your comments about “multiculturism” and the “global cabal.”

      One has to be careful, and I know you are, about judging a person by their clothes or their apparent “healthiness” or how they got a paid ticket to some place.

      The illegal immigrants from points south to the USA often have a vast support network of their countrymen and other cultural and religious support entities, one they get across the border, and that includes the poorest of the poor who swam across Rio Bravo. In the case of this particular group of illegal immigrants, some are being forced to leave their country of origin because of geopolitical maneuverings of the “global cabal” and a few look for all the world like destitute and desperate individuals with no other chance of survival. Many of these people are Christians who live by Christian morals and some are dangerous criminals. Thievery is something one can be forced into by one’s circumstances but, as we all see so clearly now, is not a vice limited to the poor and illegal immigrant.

      Suggest cathing the YouTubes by E. Michael Jones where he talks about his book, The Slaughter of Cities, where Blacks from the US south were moved up into the major northeaster U S cities and the neighborhoods and cultural solidarity were destroyed by this onslaught. Whenever you take one group of people of one culture and dump or move them into another completely different cultural environment, you WILL HAVE very high crime and general socio-economic degradation. I am writing here strictly from my sociology study. These truths do not contradict what I said about the way Christians are to treat every human being made in the image and likeness of God with an eternal soul.

      1. dachsielady, good one! Love this song but I hadn’t seen that video before with the war footage. Makes a sorrowful song even more evocative.

  30. For all the boisterous acrimony I started when I grew suspicious of the pictures the Daily Mail has been publishing, I consider the exchange, on the whole, healthy.

    I’m glad James Tracy has been blessed with a draw of such high caliber. And, truth be told, people who agree with us all the time end up being boring to talk to.

    I lament the fun folk who have drifted away, in the years since James was drawn into the public light, and created this forum; they are missing out. If I have harmed anyone in my style of conversation, I wish it were not so. Did not mean harm. I hope, by the time I leave this world, I’m making no such mistakes anymore.

    1. Why risk your lives migrating from one safe EU country to another? This question was posed to people waiting for illegal passage from Calais in France to UK. The female journalist risked her life (according to the article from Brussels) by visiting the Calais Jungle as the area has been named. The answer from men in the soup kitchen line, the clothing line and the closed factory where they sleep was “work, a language they understand, freedom, education and family”. UK is the final destination for such goals said the men from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Syria. They had already made the trek across the Mediterranean and further to France through Italy or Spain.

      According to the article, not only are people fleeing from wars and other mayhem, but vast numbers hop on the gravy train to Europe – just for the gravy.

      Today, among the requisite sob stories told over and over again, we learn about how a young man is taking care of his family – newfound family that is. No mention of taxpayers (including me) who actually pick up the tab. This young man came to Norway with his parents some years ago. The father went back to Pakistan while he and the mother stayed behind. The mother died and the young man grew up without a family. Now he has one.

      The man, in his late twenties, learns that his father who went back to Pakistan has died and left behind a widow and six young mouths to feed in that country. Our hero quits government subsidized nursing school, travels to Pakistan to find his new relatives, brings the flock to Norway and they are now one big happy family living in a government provided large duplex. That is not enough, the man and his new relatives are about to be given a large single family home and generous living expenses as well since our hero can’t possibly work while taking care of his widowed step mother and six half siblings. The photo shows the eight of them smiling from ear to ear and looking very happy and healthy. Funny, but my Kleenex is dry.

        1. Thanks Patrick. Nigel Farage is a lonely voice in a sea of jellymen, such as the green Belgian variety who looked more than pathetic.

          The current massive migration to North America, Europe and Australia is manufactured chaos. Politicians talk nonsense till they run out of steam, so called western civilizations will crumble and who’s left will be
          living in the land of Babel.

          I’ve been wondering how many “newcomers” try to make it across the English Channel by boat, or makeshift seafaring vessels. Some actually do, probably more than reported here.


        2. I’ve said this before and will say it again.

          The reason why all these immigrants are allowed to destroy only white countries is because the scum at the top know they can only control us through pure destruction of our way of life through Balkanization at every level from the country to the state to the city.

          Remember our ancestors fought for everything we have today. They feel they don’t need us any longer and want slave labor from Asia, Africa and South America.

          It’s not a Racist statement. It’s the truth. That’s what the White privilege and multiculturalism and all that crap is all about

          Do see any of this going on in Africa? The Middle Eastern Countries? Latin America?

          Of course you don’t.

          Enter the trolls starting with Folk American power troll.

          In Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”.

          Mr. Franklin replied, “A republic, madam – if you can keep it.”

          We are giving it away for FREE.

          I’m sure to go to mod on this one

        3. I’m wondering where the so called elite plan to live amongst the ruins. They can only hide for so long behind gated enclaves. Is that what the ultimate use of underground cities are for? Hideaways from the Babel perhaps.

          I once knew a very nice elderly lady. Her only daughter had married a wealthy Venezuelan and they set up housekeeping in a hillside mansion overlooking Caracas. This lady told me that after visits to her daughter and family there, she thanked the Lord when she came back to her own tranquil home in the country.

          The mansion in Caracas was walled in with guards posted at intervals carrying weapons around the clock for the family’s safety. The staff for the huge property was constantly monitored for thievery and the employees were always frisked before leaving for the day. Apparently the staff, according to the elderly lady, felt that stealing from the rich who had possessions in abundance was no big deal.

          Being rich and famous (even in Caracas) came with a price. Signs of the future.

        4. Anne, there’s been plenty of examples of them buying land in Paraguay and surrounds. For us non-psychotic types it is a poser. Maybe when you’re wired for control and destruction the obvious consequences aren’t as important as the thrill of success.

          I’ve noticed that power junkies are often the types that spent their youth stuffed in lockers or duct taped to trees. It’s the same mentality that causes some to pull the pin on grenades in a crowd and take themselves out right along with their targets.

          I think its lost on most that those who have everything materially don’t do what they do because they want more. They do what they do because they can’t abide the thought of others having anything. If you have some resources you may become somewhat independent. If you are independent you are not easily controlled.

          If you could lock these predators up together you would come back at a later date to find on enormously fat rat picking his teeth with the rib bone of one of the others. The word “enough” is not in their vocabulary.

        5. lophatt, Patagonia in South America is also a favored destination and it’s easy to see why. Some Enron types may already be lurking around in Paraguay, courtesy of the arbusto crime family. Sigh – not only were the posers stuffed in lockers and duct taped to trees, they were also cavorting around in coffins.

          I would not mind a trip to Patagonia myself, sleuthing around this property which no doubt has been sold again:


          The closest I’ll ever come to a place called Patagonia is in Arizona. Not a bad second choice and my kind of town, just keep it a secret. I believe the current population is around 900.


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