State Police Spokesman J. Paul Vance speaks December 16, 2012 following the Sandy Hook massacre. [Image Credit: Getty Images]

The Connecticut State Police is attempting to keep under wraps items it gathered at the residence of Nancy and Adam Lanza during its initial investigation of the incident. On June 26 it appealed a unanimous decision by the Connecticut FOI Commission to release the evidence following a request by The Hartford Courant.

CTNow reports:

State police have appealed a Freedom of Information Commission ruling that the department must make available personal documents seized from Adam Lanza’s home during the course of the investigation into the 2012 killings of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The appeal was filed on June 26. In addition to the FOIC, it names the Hartford Courant and David Altimari, a reporter at the Courant, as defendants.

The appeal asks the court to reverse a May 13 unanimous decision by the commission that state police must make documents seized from Lanza’s home available to the public. The commission made the ruling, in part, because of the state’s expense investigating the Sandy Hook shooting and the worldwide media attention the shooting garnered.

The ruling “failed to conclude that seized property is under the control of the judicial branch and thus is not a public record,” the appeal contends.

The Courant attempted to obtain copies of documents noted in the state police’s investigation into the massacre beginning in January of 2014, but the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, which oversees the state’s police force, has been blocking those efforts.

Previous moves by Newtown and Connecticut authorities closely involved in the Sandy Hook shooting event and aftermath strongly suggest efforts to destroy and withhold evidence that would have enabled journalists and third party investigators to better understand what exactly took place on December 14, 2012.

The Lanza residence–the initial crime scene of the massacre–was demolished in March 2015 following a decision by the Newtown Legislative Council. The secondary crime scene, Sandy Hook Elementary, was leveled in October 2013 after Governor Dannell Malloy provided $50 million grant to destroy and rebuild the facility.

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81 thought on “CT State Police Seek to Bury Lanza Evidence, Appeal FOI Decision”
  1. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:
    We knew this was coming. The same techniques used since Oklahoma City. You can expect by the time the legal wrangling concludes, the evidence will be lost, destroyed or re-created. You can check out anytime you like but never leave. Now we will watch this go into the vortex of 911, like so many others.

    1. I disagree, Pud. All we need is one nice, fat piece of spilt evidence and this baby is gonna go up, up, up. Sooner or later, we’ll crack the defensive formation of the CSP and their sayanim and then the objective will come into view. We’ve seen nothing but obfuscation, lies, corruption, every sort of roadblock known to mankind.
      We’re going to catch a break sooner or later, and then we’ll run the table. Arguably, once we peel the onion back to Obama and his former AG, the headwinds will intensify. Patience, people. Patience. Let the fish take the hook and then we give it a big yank.
      We’ll then see rats jumping off the sinking ship in record amounts. People will be taking the 5th left and right. Selective protection for certain witnesses IF they spill the beans on their accomplices will reap some mighty nice rewards.
      911 is under siege from Jim Fetzer and his coterie of super sleuths. Who would bet against these guys? Do they look like they are about to “give up”? Not in your life, amigo. These are true patriots, we all are, ‘ceptin’ the trolls that infest these pages from time to time, that is.

      It will be interesting to see how Wolfgang Halbig makes out in the FOIA hearing today.

      Patience, people. Patience….

      1. You’ve brilliantly expressed some of the same thoughts I have, Gil. I have a hard time finding ways to condense my views and explain them in such a relatable way.

        For over 2 years now, we’ve worked as numerous teams to identify the crimes committed related to SH. Yet, at no time have we been able to identify the core evidence conclusively. Not even the numerous aspects that we know to be part of the hoax are enough to determine their motive(s). It’s like we’re pressed up against an invisible barrier between the amorphous details we’re able to find and the key aspects they know are joints that would connect them all.

        I agree with you that we’re going to, “…catch a break sooner or later.” Frankly, I’m baffled that it’s taken this long. Some may agree, but not agree with you that from there we’ll be able to, “…run the table.” They may have a point, because even our best examples of suspect evidence haven’t given us the leverage needed or gone viral, so to speak.

        If it’s a question of whether it’s worth the effort, I would ask people consider this. Identifying and exposing the perps and their crimes related to SH is far more serious a scenario than some may think. And, the fallout that ensues will go much further than the people involved and the scope of their SH crimes. There are likely to be shake-ups at the highest levels within various agencies. It may lead immediately to the discovery that some parties are actually serial frauds, probably helping to finally make sense of strange events of the past.

        Most important to consider are two results I strongly suspect will come about. First, the proverbial cat will be out of the bag. People’s suspicions of authority will rise to a more appropriate level, which should put an end to the government’s long-term psy-ops for the foreseeable future. Second, few will be able to resist the temptation to consider past psy-ops in the light of SH, including the Boston marathon, the recent shootings highlighted in the media, the Arizona shooting, the Aurora theater shooting, the OKC bombing, 9/11 and the list goes on.

        So, your recommendation of “patience” is one I agree with. The reward for some of us will be nothing short of a return to lives put on hold. I’ve said many times that I think our civilization has been frozen and unable to progress since 9/11. Resolving SH is one step toward resuming forward progress. But, patience in this matter includes staying focused and not giving up hope. So, I say we need to both be patient and to stay hopeful.

        1. Let me throw in a note of pessimism, although I understand your hopes are praiseworthy. Even when evidence stares people right in the face, and 9/11 is a prime example, along with the years that have passed since the moon landings (which tend to show how primitive our system was then, much like an old movie with obvious bloopers to a modern eye), there is an entire industry devoted to cognitive dissonance erasure, and calming people into acceptance of the truth of their government’s statements. There are hard granite monuments put up to things that did not happen. There are highly placed and admired people repeating the myths.

          You have only to consult history to see how this works. The miracles of the Middle Ages were believed and used as talking points in everything from calls for war to sermons to the faithful to raising money to build a cathedral. Anyone who dared to try and debunk them faced death. We can look back and see that they could not have happened. We can look at the witchcraft delusions and refute them. We can even look at some Biblical statements and see that it would have been impossible for the sun to stand still in the sky. If we look at the parting of the Red Sea, today we would see the effect of a tsunami after a major earthquake somewhere in the Mediterranean or Africa (which to me makes it more interesting).

          The best we can hope to do is to press for our own reasonableness, in some of these situations, rather than to hope to unmask for everyone everywhere the machinations of these characters. Because people seem to want to believe in something, and knowing that, the government has decided to meet that need and hold on to power by so doing, even when (as with 9/11 at first blush) you might have wondered why they failed so miserably after having an unlimited budget. In one sense, I agree with Trevor Aronson’s “just theatre” thesis – but it is theatre that is believed as fervently as religion, which is the problem. It is a new idol. Smash it if you can, and good luck trying.

        2. Things come into sharper focus when we consider just what is at stake subsequent to the list of events you have described, starting from 911 and winding through a number of disastrous farces we are familiar with. We cannot forget that the ultimate goal or prize we are seeking is something called freedom and justice for Americans. We are clearly in suspended animation now, the Feds and state officials have gotten out the heavy artillery and fired it in our direction. We’ve had our rights stripped from us, we’ve been insulted, we’ve been laughed at. If we lose this collection of goals, Poof!, we are then relegated to the trash bin of history, another failed state like the ones we’ve talked about for half a century, notably those in central and south America. We simply cannot let this happen, can we? Our children and their children will grow up under stifling conditions in penury under a restrictive police state. We are talking “living hell” when we mention what can easily happen here. We’ve been sold out by our “representatives”, those a++ clowns who made a million promises to us if we’d vote them in, and then they turn around and lie their way the rest of their terms. Then, thanks to a whorish nightmare of an election system, we get to vote them in again, how nice!
          Life and death, I’d call them high stakes, wouldn’t you? In essence, we are like the growing Nazi party under Hitler. From 1920 onward, Hitler attracted his band of brothers in an exhausting trek toward his chancellorship. We face the loss of virtually everything we hold dear to us, that deserves no less than our blood to protect and defend. It’s all or none, pigs we’ve respected have turned against us and crafted pathetic education systems like Common Core, our disgusting Obamacare system, the list goes on and on. The goal? To destroy America and make plans for our permanent serfdom. We elect them, they turn on us and punch out our eyes, sounds like a fair trade to me. We are being lied to constantly by our politicians, those smooth liars with the law degrees. How long do we tolerate these vermin? Fat, wealthy pigs seek our demise, we simply cannot give them this pleasure. Live free, or die….it’s just that simple.

        3. This comment is in response to musing’s response to my original comment.

          When I wrote the above comments, which agreed with the need to stay patient and adding we needed to be hopeful, I also predicted what would result from our efforts. I remarked that the public may begin to distrust government much more than they do now.

          What I didn’t get into was “how” we would accomplish this. Presumably, you assumed my theory of “how” we’d accomplish these things involved awakening the public, or at minimum convincing large segments that they are being duped in some way and to shed their unwarranted respect for authorities. If that’s true, it’s no surprise and no fault of yours. I make this assumption myself about fellow activists, because it’s almost always true.

          I don’t actually work on possible solutions that rely heavily on public exposure or that would require the public’s involvement. To put it bluntly, they aren’t that reliable. More importantly, we’re dealing with monsters and monsters aren’t likely to respect democratic principles. I’ve said many times that the only way I think we’ll win this is by outsmarting them and catching them by surprise. However, there is an element of some strategies that involves the monsters surrendering or conceding a loss based on the fear of public awareness or outrage. But, I’m not predicting huge crowds in the street, banging away on pots and pans and refusing to pay their taxes. Sadly, I see how good but unaware people can become roadblocks and may even work to uphold their rule by tyrants.

          I guess, in a way this may be an uplifting comment considering you seem to share my views regarding the American populace. What I’m proposing is that it’s possible to end the cycles of tyranny with tactics that take the public’s apathy into account. In other words, we’re on our own. All the more reason that they better have statues dedicated to us, or carve our faces on some precipice if we manage to shut these crooks down!

      2. Musings, your pessimistic and perhaps correct analysis of our current state of awareness is understandable considering you are a prisoner in a current war zone. When they are successful in making me witness another act in the propaganda play, my rage ensues, could not imagine living in the middle of it where it is unavoidable. Being crammed into a stinking subway daily and paying dearly for it, is one of my worst nightmares and millions do it willingly! Why?

        The internet has become our weapon of knowledge. Yes they are working hard to eliminate it and have even focused huge energy to make blogs such as this meaningless with troll filibustering, but here we are. Just recently a movement was suggested to eliminate any article not approved by the comment makers on this blog or our gracious host was a traitor! Wanted to spar with the mechanics of that, but always consider the energy it might suck away as it is always their purpose.

        It is comforting to realize these false idols have been around for a long time, the bible warns of them and we are aware of them, some of us whore our souls to them. Are we more enlightened than our parents? Are we more free?

        My mother worked hard her entire life, had her own house and took much pride in her five children. She would marvel at all the new, shiny vehicles crowded in the driveway at family gatherings. She knew she did better than her parents.

        My grandparents were poor and in a very real sense legal slaves to the coal mine criminals that employed most and owned everything in town. They would scavenge bits of coal dropped on the train tracks for heat in the winter. They knew they were better off than their predecessors who starved and worse in the home land.

        My daughter has much more than I had at her age, there is a chance her family of four could inherit a sizeable nest egg some day. They are caught in the rat race of staying afloat and what they can do for recreation or distraction is not my place to judge. There is a lot she does not know but important principals, such as those grandchildren are the current top priority in life, are ingrained.

        Here’s a glimmer of hope for you. I refused to consider at all that evil fraudsters could be responsible for 9/11 until SHH and then, the floodgates opened.

        Comrades, we need to identify each other in the camps – pull the left earlobe when we meet!

  2. Celebrating steel beams:

    Danbury News Times reported the following (I object to “Quietly, As Usual”)

    By Rob Ryser Published 3:35 pm, Tuesday, June 30, 2015
    Newtown Marks Ceremonial Milestone for Sandy Hook School Construction Quietly, As Usual

    NEWTOWN – There was a small celebration Tuesday behind the tall screened chain-link fence surrounding the construction site for the new Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Town officials attended a late-morning topping off ceremony to mark the placement of the final steel construction beam at new school. And like everything else about the school’s physical construction on Dickinson Drive, the milestone was marked while the media was kept away.

    First Selectman Pat Llodra would not take questions following the event.
    The $50 million school will replace the old Sandy Hook Elementary School which, was torn down following the 2012 shooting of 20 first-graders and six educators.

    1. Anne, what drives me nuts about this sort of thing isn’t so much their arrogance, its the people’s acceptance of it. $50M “grant” and Llordra treats it like its totally up to her whether the taxpayers get to look or not.

      Just more conditioning. It’s like “shelter in place” announced by a faceless voice over a PA system. Why would anybody feel obligated to obey such a thing?

      Regarding release of the drill records, why does anyone continue to believe that, somehow, they’ll come clean? This thing starts with Idi Obongo, flows through Holder, the Governor, and the local tools. No matter what anyone does, the only response will be no. Who you gonna call?

      We have all the goods on them we need. Now what? This is how it works. The best approach, as always, is not to use their system. After all, they control it.

      Many here and elsewhere have done a stunning job of uncovering this hoax. I doubt that many major crimes have as much evidence as has been presented in this matter. More and more people are becoming aware of the evidence collected.

      I believe that there is a sort of “tipping point”. If a large enough percentage came to see what we see and started to ridicule them, all the lies in the world would not restore their credibility. Once they see the unmitigated gaul that went into this one, they will see the others for what they are.

      When “your” government turns on you, you can’t go to them for relief. All they have to do is stonewall and obfuscate. They know that nothing will happen to them. All they have to do is keep the lid on.

      As to the school, they probably had a sacrifice in honor of the new laboratory. I hope someone counted the children.

      1. All true, lophatt. But don’t forget, when you’re Building a Deep Underground Military Base with a school on top for icing, you don’t want any prying eyes to ask any untoward questions. These people have learned that they can do anything they want.

        I suppose it is instructive, Wolf’s attempt to use the system against them. They had to pretend, for a while, to follow the rules. But in the end, they just do what they want, the rules be damned.

        1. Yes, that’s right Patrick, I was simply saying that, for those who think this thing is legit, why the secrecy and secret ceremony. Remember the secret cop awards?

          What makes it all so weird is the idea of a newspaper running a story on it. “Today they held a topping out ceremony, nobody was allowed to see other than your superiors. It’s sort of reminiscent of the Lord Farquat character in “Shrek”. “I, the great Llordra, have decided that none of you shall be allowed to see our project. Run along now peasants, and always remember. Your job is to pray, pay and obey”.

      2. Can’t wait for the ribbon cutting. I’ll be there watching.

        The plan to close the old Hawley School has been postponed till next year when Hawley students too will be educated at the new fortress.

        A tall, screened chain link fence is shielding construction of this so called school. Media kept away, loose lips glued shut. What’s to hide unless it is for national security, cult activities or both?

        1. Joseph, after reading your report from Sandy Hook something tells me that the ribbon cutting ceremony will be by invitation only. I do not expect to get one. Anyways, thanks for taking the initiative to visit SH for a third time. Looking forward to your next report.

    2. Anne, thanks for the link to the Newtown Bee article. It is particularly timely in light of the fact that I have just returned from my third trip to Sandy Hook. I want to record my experiences during this latest trip and send them to James in article form, hoping he will publish it as a guest post. But I want to respond now regarding the new “school,” especially after having interviewed a woman at 14 Crestwood Rd for over an hour.

      Crestwood as I am sure many here are aware is the dead end road that ran along adjacent to the old SHES left side, and the only road from which the old, as well as the new, school could/can be seen.

      Walking up Crestwood the sight of the new structure is formidable and imposing. If I didn’t know I would guess what was being erected at 12 Dickenson Dr. was some sort of industrial complex. I was dumbstruck as I continued to ogle this monstrosity. My first thought was, “An elementary school? What elementary school has that many stories and that many wings?” It is truly enormous, and anyone who believes that this project is going to come in under budget can see the fleas in a flea circus. It will run in the neighborhood of $75 million when the dust settles.

      One of the things that the woman at 14 Crestwood told me that is not in the article Anne linked, which made the hair on my neck stand up is that the new “school” is going to have TWO perimeter fences, WHICH WILL BE PATROLLED BY SECURITY GUARDS.

      Remember folks, we are talking about an affluent, small town community
      elementary school.

      Anne, what stood out for me in the linked article is how hard PBSC Chair Robert Mitchell tried to convince the Bee readers that what was being built was indeed a school. No less than four times he insisted that
      “Oh yea, no, no, it REALLY IS a school, cant you tell?”

      Why would this man feel compelled to convince the readers of the nature of the facility ONCE, let alone four times?

      Well I am going to get to work on this article while it is still fresh in my mind. And while I did not uncover any smoking guns, I have much to share with the readers here.

      What is continuing to this day in Sandy Hook Connecticut is no less fascinating than the alleged events of 12-14-12.

      And Lophatt, I can tell you first hand that you are right; the drill is ongoing.

        1. Does a high security school have 1,2, or 3 layers of electrified concertina wire aroud its periphery? Does it have kapos inside, mostly with Ukrainian names?
          Does anybody in this country feel more secure now that Obongo is in charge? Why is Jeh Johnson so universally hated? He promises security and we give him hate. Does he wear a lapel pin that says “Yeah, it’s Jeh”?

          Let’s face it. Donald Trump will soon be our hero of future hope. His verbiage is not the typical garbage that shows Sheldon Adelson’s check signatures all over the future Republican candidates. Trump is actually running against Adelson and the clan. Do you find yourself rooting for him? Do you feel guilty about that? Are you ashamed that a straight shooter would dare run for high political office on the Truth Party Express? Is he just play acting out his ego drives or is he serious? Are we prepared to accept the truth or are we content with the fact our government is nothing but a doppelganger for Israel?

          Ponder deeply if you can tolerate truth, justice and the American way. If you can’t, speak up. You’ll quickly get your legs sawed off at the knee. If you need one of the other magpies and his collection of lies, bloated promises and Israeli taint, feel free to show us the error of our ways.

          Until we have an America lover in the White House, this country won’t be worth living in. Imagine. Life or death, all or none, totalitarianism or democracy. It’s our choice, will we blow it, or will we do the right thing?

      1. The school has to be huge. They are going to be teaching kids that there are literally hundreds of possible genders. Each gender will need its own restroom. Mystery solved.

        1. We can laugh at this absurd Catelynn Jenner nonsense, but let’s not forget this malarkey is but a subterfuge that hides the fact Obama is destroying the country and our economy will soon crash. Imagine. An economy that crashes that has ZERO unemployment. How can that be? Will Obama go to the blackboard and do a mathematical proof that shows unemployment can actually be in negative numbers? Will Americans believe it?

          Only the wrath of America loving Americans can stop this locomotive of destruction that emanates from the Impostor President. Only a free swinging bowling ball of a alternate Republican presidential aspirant can inspire this deadhead American population to do the right thing. The bought and paid for Israeli stooge candidates must be stopped.

        2. I don’t think Rich is laughing, Gil.

          What you say is of course correct. It’s just that it’s not possible to turn this ship around.

          Rich read my book, How the West Was Lost, and agrees with my premise: around the time of 9/11, the turn of this century, the transition period ushering out Western Civilization, was complete. What we have been witnessing in the 21st century is an entirely new civilization taking form.

          A civilization is characterized by underlying assumptions about reality, shared by the collective people. This is Sam Huntington’s insight, which he describes in The Clash of Civilizations. It explains, for example, why Moslems never blend in and assimilate in European countries–and why, knowing this, the crafters of the New World Order are pouring as many third-world Moslems into advanced, socialistic, formerly ethnically homogenous European countries as fast as possible: at a critical mass, the clash will be unavoidable. It’s a simple case of Islamic civilization having a completely different set of assumptions about reality from Christendom. And as the poet Kipling said, “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”–except in this instance, when social engineers artificially FORCE them to meet, so that the human race will inevitably go BOOM!, and they can remake the world to their liking out of the ashes.

          This new, as yet unnamed, civilization clearly assumes that “gender fluidity” is real. This is terrifying. Rich is laughing because it’s the only healthy way to deal with horror. In the 1920s Antonio Gramsci posited that the West could not be communized until it was de-christianized, and the best way to do that was to destroy the notion of what “the family” means–a defined idea understood without ambiguity throughout the history of the West. Mission accomplished.

          So no, “the wrath of America loving Americans” CANNOT “stop this locomotive of destruction.” Obama was chosen by our masters because he is a life-long, confirmed homosexual whose family history is pretty much completely unknown. The woman they claim is his mother is from a CIA family, his stepfather was CIA, and no one knows who his father was. He was not issued a birth certificate. The whole fraudulent history of his college career is all about CIA sheep-dipping. He was a creation, from birth, of the CIA. Every bit of his astounding ascent politically, and his almost mystically complete protection from harm by the media despite his unprecedented incompetence and the equally unprecedented scandals it has caused, is evidence of artificiality: nothing can touch him, because our masters have chosen that he fulfill a task. If the programmers of the Matrix can get away with THAT, they surely can ensure that “this locomotive of destruction” will accomplish its goal.

          They have been laughing at us all along the way, because of our credulousness in accepting the narrative the media instruct us in, and because those of us who wake up are entirely powerless to do anything about it.

          As I said in another comment recently, they murdered Patton because he was independently wealthy and intended to become a Senator for the sole purpose of telling the American people the truth about the fraud that was WWII. A genuine hero who is also unafraid to say anything at all, even though the rulers of what is acceptable to say won’t like it, will be listened to. I brought that up because that describes Trump, pretty much–so one hopes that The Donald is made aware of the precedent. I also put John Kennedy in that short list.

          In this New Civ, as I call it–we need a term until it acquires its official name–heroes who try to wrest control away from the directors of the unfolding New World Order cannot be tolerated. To see where it’s going, inevitably, read Revelation (and Daniel).

          What can we do? What we do here every day at the indispensable MHB: prepare our minds and hearts. Learn to know when you are being lied to. You can’t stop them lying, but you can learn not to be taken in.

          Another great thing about MHB is that the fantastic comment section helps us to learn to identify the most advanced trolls, and also to anticipate–and be prepared to answer–legitimate arguments people who naively accept official stories about fake events will present. Plenty of such arguments come up here all the time. For instance, the sheer ridiculousness if the idea that white people are massively prone to a feeling of “white-supremacy”: when the media presents that gem of asininity as if “everyone knows it is true,” instead of rolling up like a pill-bug, as most decent white people do in the face of bizarre, irrational intimidation, we can learn to make the accuser feel shame for telling the shameful lie–to pick one random example out of the cornucopia of choices the New Civ has on offer.

      2. Joseph, I can hardly wait to read it. Thanks. They are pushing the envelope to see how far they can get with ridiculous explanations and erect control centers in more or less plain sight.

        While everyone marvels at the buildings they miss the fact that they are being told that “what we do is none of your business”. We are being conditioned to accept.

        You are quite correct on a number of points. Who in their right mind would send their little darlings off to a thing like this? It doesn’t take much of a leap to consider that this is not a school, in any sense that we’re familiar with. But, I rather suspect that neither was the old one.

      3. Joseph:

        “An assailant approaching from outside will be lower than anyone he might wish to harm.”

        How many assailants do they expect? Have the planners considered that drones can be used for harm? We have entered a real twilight zone.

        1. There are areas where I work that are set up this way. They call it a “rabbit run”. Patrols with dogs circulate between concertina wire.

          What about the other schools? Maybe they are expendable. Are the mean streets of Newtown so dangerous that they merit this?

          What do the little darlings do when they leave school? How are they “protected”? What would this do to someone, psychologically?

          We all know this is not what they claim. I have my thoughts. They are gaging the reaction to this. It makes absolutely no sense even if you buy their drill scenario.

          This is “Fort Apache” or “Stalag 13”. If kids enter this thing its for other purposes than simply elementary school.

        2. Those little tykes will need a high security clearance.

          I can’t help thinking of the Montessori school my daughter attended in Newtown. A beautiful, charming red school house built in 1912. It is still there, looks the same and now a Waldorf School. Dodgingtown Volunteer Fire Dept. is across the street. Anyone driving by 40 Dodgingtown Road in Newtown can see this charming school house. Those were kinder days.

      4. I”t’s not just metropolises that are receiving military equipment in their public schools, either. According to the Department of Justice, there are 150 public school police departments across the country, many of which serve small towns with just a few thousands students such as Aledo, Texas (population 2,712) or Granite, Utah (2,092) — both of which regularly experience years without a single murder.

        Many of these kindergarten cops are not quiet about the high-tech weaponry they use, either. The Detroit Public Schools Police Department’s website, for example, brags about their “$5.6 million 23,000-sq ft. state of the art Command Center” and “$41.7 million district-wide security initiative” including metal detectors and ID system where visitors’ names are checked against the sex offender registry. High-tech toys like these undoubtedly make an Orwellian nightmare for any parent trying to become involved in their child’s education by speaking to a teacher or visiting a school event.”

      5. It is so painfully clear that this school is all about adults and their needs/greeds. $50 million dollars would have been WELL spent on two smaller, modestly sized schools (NONE of them on 12 Dickinson), extra teachers, and smaller class sizes. Of course the justification for the double perimeter is to “guard against a fame-seeking attacker,” an attack it seems the town is practically begging someone to make. Not one, single, American citizen has ever been caught trying to take “souvenirs” from the Sandy Hook School site; so Ms. Llodra made sure to create new national headlines not long ago reminding everyone that souvenirs could be sold on Ebay and that’s why 24/7 security–at a staggering cost to the town–had to be hired to guard the school during demolition. (And no, no souvenir hunters came then, either). No one in their right mind would build a new Sandy Hook School on the grounds of the old one. It would have been infinitely wiser from an emotional, security, and educational standpoint to build two small new schools elsewhere. Need we remind everyone what a bad, bad location SHS is in as far as ambulance egress??

        1. It’s a GREAT location for dark deeds done in secret. I suspect that has more to do with it than education.

  3. The live stream tape is utterly amazing, now we all know how Obama and Holder have shunted all requests for truth aside. With a totally corrupt structure fore and aft, an individual or group that has been “instructed” can deny the fact 1 and 1 is 2. And, they can prove it, too.
    Monte Frank has been anointed as the head of the Conn. Bar Assoc., what could be more fitting than that! Now, we all can look with extreme glee at the next time we have to appear before similar legal bacilli. This is the exact same justice American get when up in front trying to sue states and the Feds. Imagine having to ask if you can sue the state, how powerful is that person that says yes or no?
    This is the current face of American jurisprudence. I find it utterly distasteful and disgusting that this group of Conn. commissioners were clearly “told something like this could happen down the road”.

    We know who is in this morass currently, we know Halbig and his courageous attorney will fight on. Losing this case is one thing, if the Conn. public sees this tape, if state media chooses to show it, how will our citizens react? Will the news be doctored, will it take on chameleonic textures? Will there be obvious lies thrown at us?

    I suspect Monte Frank will not be the most popular person in the state, but I’m sure his fellow attorneys will admire the job he did to help destroy democracy in the state.

    Perhaps as is necessary and just, we the people are going to have to grasp the bit and fight this detritic injustice. If you don’t think the governor is ultra-happy now, clearly you are on a different wavelength than most of us. This decision came from a lot higher than this committee of “commissioners”. They know who they are, so do we……the battle is joined.

  4. I think connecticut is going for broke on being the most corrupt state in the union. I watched Monte Frank speech with his money riders… “Monte and the Money Riders” How do they sleep at night riding for a lie???????

    1. I would also wager that the state and Feds, mostly the latter, have sunken a lot of money in this Sandy Hook perversion. They want to win any way they can. They no longer feel they have to do things behind closed doors, they do their magic in broad daylight these days. It’s a measure of how far we have fallen in defense of our liberties.

  5. Can someone check on ballistic forensics from Noahs autopsy report please? In the medical report it describes a bullet jacket recovered with the inscription of “852”. Its very possible that coralates to M852 7.62 NATO. Which mean it was not fired from any of the weapons listed at the school. Bullet casings ( or shells) are always inscribed but bullets are rarely.

    1. Which death of Noah are we talking about? The one in Newtown or the one in Pakistan? I’m confused. That kid never ages, and he dies on whatever set it is convenient to have him die, much like any actor.

  6. Now the Charleston shooting serves as basis for erasing history by banning the Confederate Flag in federal cemeteries:

    All of the Founding Fathers owned slaves. Why not remove them from the history books, and remove their images from the currency? The next phase of cultural Marxism/Bolshevism?

    Of course, the flag ban is an afterthought to build a consensus for the real agenda of draconian gun control:

    1. Well, it’s official. Wolf is NUTS and the Connecticut clan are right?


      What? You think an official Police dash cam should have a time code? Ha Ha. We don’t have that technology.

      What? You want proof these doc’s are Originals?. Your killing me,
      what ‘d you think, this is a REAL court…..Please

      We need some more examples just for Fun…do it

      1. In case some misconstrue my folly. I’m just saying let’s all Laugh at all this, Take a break, a 2min. break, and then get back to work…..

        There’s nothing I can say to you,
        you don”t know, already…..

        1. Anne, in other words “a weeny”. With the Newtown Green gear its like pigs in a blanket.

        2. Not only pigs, we have shrimps involved too. Although this once very popular wiener is hard to find these days, there are a couple of kiosks in Oslo where one can purchase a Monte Frank. Seems a stray one found its way to Newtown.

          The making of a Monte Frank: Slice a baguette in two, heat on hot metal rods, fill with wiener, mustard, ketchup and shrimp salad. Voila, a Monte Frank is born.

          Found this on a site where people were reminiscing about the seventies and Monte Franks.

        3. “Our” Monte Frank looks more frog-like than wurst-like. “Ein Monte Frank, bite, mit pomesfritz”. Best served with Mogan David.

        4. If this west coast Monte lives at the stated address, he’s not exactly in a low rent district. Same occupation at east coast Monte – shyster.

        5. After seeing Monte Frank up close I’m starting to believe David Icke we have Lizard People amongst us…HaHa

        6. Well, the West Coast wiener must be better looking than the Eastern variety as she has him pegged as a gigolo. Sort of hard to imagine “Kermit” as a gigolo. I applied for law school once but they wouldn’t accept because I knew both my parents.

        7. Kissing a frog has been rumored to produce wonders. In the Brothers Grimm original story it told of the frog’s spell being broken when the princess threw it against a wall in disgust. In Kermit der Wiener’s case she would not succeed on the first try, or the second, or the third….

        8. I re-watched the hearing and I think we may have been exposed to the “Full Monty” subliminally…….

          I didn’t believe before that Lizards are running our Govt’ (Icke) and they are hiding in the Infrared light, but this Lizard was in the Full Florescent light spectrum and I saw him…..

          Are they adapting? HAHA

        9. Someone servicing the state for favors is a type of gigolo. Perhaps Monty Python is not slithering on the dance floor, but he sure makes a good cycling partner – even in the coldest of winter.

          “The word gigolo may be traced to a first use as a neologism during the 1920s as a back-formation from a French word, gigolette, a woman hired as a dancing partner.[5]”

    2. “All the Founding Fathers owned slaves. Why not remove them from the history books…” I think that when people approach the issue of slavery, it is with sentiments aroused (as well they should have been) during the 19th century. The 18th century was a different, pre-industrial time with a different economic system. Slavery became something done on an industrial scale just like everything else when cotton was king, and just as with large scale “illegal immigration” today, and the subsequent lack of rights which follows (if the labor is used primarily in agriculture to meet the needs of growers), you really do develop a terrible contradiction when you talk about “rights” of everyone living in the country.

      I have no intention of going into the Donald Trump stuff here, but just to say that those who make the food that goes into our grocery stores today are participating in a system which has many of the harsh features of chattel slavery. The freedom to move about is more for the convenience of the growers, than for the rights of the farm workers. Some wind up leaving that work for the fast food industry, but only because the growers may have more automated means. When you are a rich person, you are invariably caught up in whatever economic system your society is using at the time. That’s who the Founding Fathers were – most of them from the top classes of 18th century America. As such, they participated fully in the system they had inherited, and found they had, as Jefferson put it, “a wolf by the ears.” But so do we.

      1. An excellent, thoughtful comment on how we perhaps may be judged in the future as–hopefully–humanity progresses in its care and concern for the 99.9% of those we share the planet with.

      2. musings, the notion that these people are ‘enslaved’ is absurd. They come here of their own free will, and extort money out of the taxpayers who are the real slaves forced to fund their own displacement and genocide. Over half of hispanic households are on welfare; they enjoy privileges at every turn of the legal system in the form of AA, etc. I personally have worked in that lower working class you feel so superior to, and I can assure you that hispanics are racist, imperialist and anti-white in general. I had numerous hispanic coworkers threaten me after Michele Knight was freed: “The gringa, her men didn’t care about her.” I was supposed to fear her men sexually enslaving me. You only speak from your position of personal privilege but absolutely not for the white middle and working class, who face constant danger in my area from all these predations and from direct violence as well.

  7. Having seen the live feed from the Conn. “FOIA” hearing, I can tell all that “the fix is in”. Oh yes it is, the words uttered by the commissioners were clearly indicative of the fact they were told what to say, what to believe, and that if they deviated from the diktat, “off come their heads”. I would not be discouiraged if I were Halbig or his attorney. They are gamers and will live to fight another day. I do not believe that the bad guys are going to be able to run the table on us. It’s fair to say that Gov. Malloy, the state police and the many other complicits are under heavy scrutiny by the elites who are behind this gun grab-NWO stuff. It is entirely understandable that for every dollar the complicits have received, and I include the town of Newtown, the state police and others who have have benefited from the largesse of those nefarious individuals behind the scenes. Unfortunately, with money comes the dreaded omerta. Wonder why first selectperson Pat Llodra won’t utter a word? She is under enormous stress and a false word or move will be her undoing.
    It’s well known that Major William Podgorski who handled the Western Conn. crime squad investigation was really DHS affiliated and was “reassigned” after the event. I won’t tell if you won’t…..

    We all know a number of things about this event. I don’t think we are going to throw in the towel, either. Sooner or later, they will make a mistake and we’ll be there. We cannot let them take our guns as once they go, we are sitting ducks. As for those dopes who feel loss of guns will make this a better place, buy yourself a ticket to Bulgaria and stay there for a while. See if you like it, maybe it’s your best bet to sell out the US, eh?

  8. The preliminary Infowars video from the FOIA hearing has very bad audio, hope to listen to a better version later. That aside, the outcome in a way was victory for the “little people”. On display we saw the kind of representation to expect from government bureaucrats – as transparent as the look on Monty’s face when he rushed out of the room – pure disgust.

    The men in suits in that little room today gave us front row seat to establishment tools seldom seen by us ordinary people. Connecticut has sold out to the highest bidder, from the statehouse to the town halls. Sold out to whom? The cabal that runs the mafia and that is not news.

    1. Not quite sure how we see victory for “the little people”. Can you elaborate?
      Arguably, the state put its finest in front of Halbig, hahahahaha!

      Proves the state and Feds will do anything, even blatant lies, murder, incrimination, etc so they can pass anti-gun bills, etc.

      We live in a totalitarian nightmare, I just can’t see where the little people won this skirmish.

      1. By victory for the little people I mean that corruption displayed in that little room was so obvious, it can’t be missed. The men in suits had no clothes on and they showed us what they are made of. We no longer need to waste our time and hopes on these bureaucrats. They opened our eyes wide open once and for all.

        1. Excellent comment Anne. All that was missing were the scales and the darting tongues.

  9. I’m surprised no one commented on “the items seized from the Nancy Lanza home” so not just the drill instructions which would means documents. Remember the photos of the home’s interior looking like no one lived there? So, that means a pair of brand new cheap scuff slippers with no wear on the soles probably purchased from a local big box store by someone other than Nancy and other brand new clothes, unworn that were scattered around the photo shoot. Wasn’t there also a stuffed animal – also new looking?

    1. This other FOIA decision, in favor of the Hartford Courant, is amusing. If the appeal doesn’t shut out the Courant, the paper can force the CSP to admit the non-existence of the 8′ by 4′ spreadsheet. It was this “spreadsheet as motive” which was widely covered by international press. This item was not listed in the search warrants, but was described in minute detail by Connecticut State Police officials, and even referenced by Andrew Soloman in his New Yorker piece on Peter Lanza.

      The Lanza home was poorly staged – one set of cheap dishes in the cupboards. One set of matching glasses.Same stuff from one spot re-photographed in a different area.No blanket or bedspread on the bed. One garbage can outside – clean and shiny on the inside.Recently purchased kitty litter(?) Nancy’s open purse was shown with a plastic baggie full of bullets sitting on top of the contents! Nothing of value. All furnishings readily available at your local Goodwill store.

  10. I am new to Sandy Hook research, having watched a lot of videos on the subject and read a number of well-done articles. One question I have, which simply won’t go away, is this: Where are the interviews of Sandy Hook residents who knew the school, knew of the school, but personally lost no one in the alleged tragedy? I can’t think of a single one I’ve seen, where people are confronted with some of the allegations I’ve read: “Do you know anyone who has children who attended school in that building? Have you seen school buses transporting students to that building over the years, on a regular basis? Do you personally know anyone who knows a family who lost someone?” If this tragedy happened, surely this kind of legwork would have produced results, and if the tragedy did not happen, this kind of legwork should produce interview after interview of people who never saw buses, don’t know anyone who ever attended the school, etc. etc. It seems to me a lot could be cleared up by actually talking to a large number of residents of the town. Has anyone done this? Are the results, video or otherwise, posted anywhere?

  11. In November, an additional 5 million was approved for the 50 million dollar elementary school project. How they could possibly be over-budget half-way through construction is baffling.

    The FOIA hearings resulted in very powerful evidence which must conclude that the Sandy Hook event was a DHS drill, and not a massacre. The evidence is now on the record, and actionable.

    Two e-mails between Dawn Hochsprung (Principle) and Kevin Anzellotti (Head Custodial) described receiving a recent announcement whereby teachers would need to pack up and move, yet fortunately keep their paychecks – yet required the strictest of secrecy “mums the word.”

    Leveling charges of Obstruction of Justice against Monte Frank would be appropriate. As opposing council, he sent away three subpoenaed witnesses. Obviously,the testimony of Kevin Anzellotti, Kathleen Gombos (current principle,) and Pat Llodra would be very problematic for him. When Pat volunteered to take the stand anyway – her testimony was explosive. She was of the belief that the huge electric lighted road sign which flashed the mandate “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN,” was placed by the Department of Homeland Security on 12/14. So now we know where to go to get the sign-in roster.

    She also negated the towns involvement in the ordering of the 12 photographed port-a-potties. We can assume now that DHS placed those, and brought in the cases of bottled water at the firehouse, just as their written drill policy requires.

    In a real massacre, there would be documents relating to the company which was brought in to clean and sanitize the two scenes of 27 victims of violent crime – most shot three to eleven times. Absent all traces of such paperwork, one can conclude that no company was in fact actually contracted to do the work – because there were no actual bodies.

    Both Kehoe and Fiella were clearly under extreme stress. Their faces were purple. Sweat poured off both of them as they blanched and had the question, as to whether they had been previously been asked not to talk about Sandy Hook, repeated.

    Kehoe announced his retirement during the hearing period, and Fiella’s obvious scramblings drew laughter. Congratulations to the excellent preparation, tenacity and professionalism of attorney L. Kay Wilson, and the pretty good restraint (until near the end,) of our gutsy and passionate plaintiff – Wolfgang Halbig.

    Frank is a disgrace to the profession.

    1. The average public school costs $7 Million to build. What is Newtown doing with the $500 MILLION sloshing around (payoffs; hush money; contracts; graft)?

    2. Monte Frank was drawn into this drama somehow and despite him looking like a totally bizarre idiot with no scruples whatsoever, he was given a bad hand and had to defend it. That he looked like an idiot was just part of the fact he was trying to defend the indefensible. That’s difficult to do. Of course, should he be prosecuted, he might well show that he broke the law on a number of issues. Connecticut has no laws anymore, I might add, when it comes to FOIA proceedings. It’s plainly clear that state and Feds have cleared the way for participants in these ruses to escape the strictures of the law. Don’t expect to see Frank censured by the Bar association, either.

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