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Senator and Rev. Pinckney lies in state in the State Capitol, Columbia, SC. [Image Credit: James Keivom, NY Daily News]
The Reverend Clementa Pinckney reportedly called himself the “itinerant pastor,” ministering to his flock in Charleston, traveling to his home in Jasper County, and carrying out his duties as South Carolina State Senator in Columbia.[1] Even in death he is itinerant, with his body (or body double) going on display in four venues before his burial on June 26, 2015. No photographs or videotaping were allowed, but the rite was recorded by the mainstream media, immortalizing the corpse and making it available for viewing on a repeat basis.

Initially, Pinckney lay in state in the rotunda of the South Carolina State Capitol Building in Columbia on June 24, as members of the public filed by. You can watch a clip courtesy of Fox News – 1 hour 6 minutes 58 seconds on Fox 46, just to make sure you believe it.[2] The body lies carefully arranged on a bier, just far enough away from the viewers so they can’t see too much – except for the soles of his very large shoes.

The next day, June 25, the body of the pastor was transported to Ridgeland, SC, for a second viewing at St. John A.M.E. Church. Later that day it was shuttled to Charleston for a third viewing at Emanuel A.M.E. Church, the scene of the alleged shooting. The hapless corpse was then moved to the TD Arena at the College of Charleston for a fourth viewing on June 26. The TD Arena was the site of the funeral on the same day, followed by the burial at St. James A.M.E. Church in Marion, SC.[3] Hundreds upon hundreds participated in this ritual and saw the body. This proves that Pinckney died in the Charleston “massacre.” Or does it?

Serious anomalies have now cropped up, and many questions are left unanswered.[4] The Charleston “massacre” looks like another false-flag staged shooting, as shown by articles on Memory Hole Blog, videos by Redsilverj, and posts elsewhere. Rather than calling this event “the 9/11 of the Black Church,” we should call it the “the Sandy Hook of the Black Church” instead.[5]

Parallels with the Sandy Hook Elementary School “shooting” are indeed striking: a slight, young “shooter” with unlikely marksmanship skills, no photos of the dead or wounded where they fell, fake friends and relatives reciting their scripts without emotion, fake evidence from social media sites and Photoshopped images, a DHS/emergency preparedness drill taking place at the same time and location,[6] and a massive amount of money transferred to the victims’ families – in Charleston, $29 million will be funneled directly to the families from the US Department of Justice.[7]

And let’s not forget the blood. At Sandy Hook no bloody mess was shown, and no one could be found who had cleaned it up according to mandated biohazard waste disposal procedures. Likewise with Charleston. Amazingly, the Emanuel A.M.E. Church opened its doors for its regular Sunday morning service four days after the massacre,[8] with overflow seating “set up in the wood-paneled basement, where the shooting took place, with folding tables and chairs set on linoleum floors that showed no evidence of the events of a few nights earlier.” This despite the prodigious cleaning job resulting from the bodies “left in a bloody pile” in the basement.[9]

But this time they improved on the Sandy Hook scenario. Alongside the highly publicized funerals of the “victims,” we now have a televised viewing – showing the entire body of one of the slain: the Rev. Clementa Pinckney.[10] Clearly, the missing bodies of the Sandy Hook children created a problem for the official story – and a bonanza for internet researchers. At Sandy Hook, none of the bodies was shown to the public in an open casket,[11] but at Charleston we have a complete corpse! They missed a few things, however.[12] First of all, the dead Pinckney doesn’t look exactly like the reverend when he was alive. Second, no sign of a violent shooting death (good undertakers?). Third, no wedding ring (removed by his wife as a keepsake?).[13] A good production, but not quite there yet.[14] Maybe they will get it right next time.


6. “Active Shooter Threat Training Program,” Charleston, SC, June 15-19, 2015.
7. Announced two days after the shooting. charleston-shooting-payout/
9. victims.html
10. According to some news sources, the funeral of Ethel Lance on June 25 featured an open coffin, and several published images show half of the coffin lid raised, with mourners viewing the barely visible head of the deceased. innocent-lives.html. Most images show the coffin closed with flowers on top.
11., Reason #1. In the revised version of the article, which appeared on Veterans Today before being removed, the authors modified the original statement about the Sandy Hook funerals. It should now read, “…the funerals were all ‘closed casket,’ with one exception – that of Noah Pozner, which supposedly included a private viewing before the public ceremony.” The original, unmodified version still appears on several websites.
13 .Pinckney clearly wore a wedding ring.

Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at a US east coast university.

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109 thought on “Charleston Church Shooting: The Roving Body of Rev. Clementa Pinckney”
  1. Wow, I had no idea this had been going on. Is it commonplace in the South for open caskets to actually showcase the entire corpse?! The most I’ve even seen of the deceased was of somewhere around their chest and upwards. I’ve never seen an entire body laid out in open air like that. How utterly bizarre – and transparent. They really did go all out on this one.

        1. Absolutely, that displays their dedication to their beliefs that they have to cross desserts to find burial real estate. Besides, the original has been mouldering since 2001 and may have dried out considerably by now.

          Just imagine that poor guy’s shock when those choppers showed up while he was watching TV and they took him out right there. I have enough trouble with telemarketers.

    1. Sue, I’ve never seen anything like it either. They’re showing him off, like a cheeseburger. I suppose its a little late to ask anything about good taste. I’m surprised they didn’t have a glass-bottomed casket so they could put him on a turntable and spin him.

      There’s probably a factory in China sewing velvet “Clementa” icons as we speak. I suppose subtlety is the first victim when you’re “hyping the propaganda”.

    2. I found that creepy looking…usually everything from right above the waist and lower is covered by the casket. Never mind that his feet do look absolutely enormous! Perhaps that is where the other victims are hiding. Maybe the stagers of this little drama wanted to make sure that everyone could clearly see that there’s really a body this time. Kind of like magicians used to say before they pulled a rabbit out of their hat, “See, nothing up my right sleeve, nothing up my left sleeve…”.

      I have never seen a corpse motored all over the state like that either. Not even a famous corpse that I know of. And since when does the president give the eulogy at a funeral and burst into a rendition of “Amazing Grace”? I guess all the world really is a stage….for Obama!

      1. He should have sang “YMCA” by the Village People. Maybe “I Did It My Way” by Frank Sinatra. If I knew that bunch were coming to my town I’d count the silverware.

      2. I think they may have shown the entire body so that no one could get too close. When a casket is open from the chest above usually people go up to it, sometimes kneel next to it, and pray or say goodbye, etc. But that kind of positioning might have afforded too close a look at the person. What if someone noticed something waxy?! I don’t know, really, I’m just speculating, but it must have served some agenda. Haven’t heard from any southerners on this but I’m assuming it’s not the norm.

        1. Sue,

          I’m a Southerner and it is NOT the norm. It is open casket from the lower chest and up, withhands clasped on lower chest immediately above the lower casket lid. We get close so as to put momentos or perhaps pat the hand/shoulder/cheek/hair etc. Furthermore it is standard to have a viewing as much as 2 days before the funeral, which ith additional viewing taking place at the actually funeral. Casket is not closed until right before transport to the gravesite where there is another service (usually closed casket).
          Kind regards,

  2. I’m posting this here NOT to derail the thread but because it seems to relate to the overall agenda which is now weaponizing (from various angles) black churches:

    This black woman supposedly murdered her son in a ‘psychotic break’ stemming from ‘bipolar disorder’ in Maryland. She claims to have no memory of the episode. I have studied manic depression, ‘bipolar’s’ sci fi horror movie’s evil twin, and have never once encountered a person who didn’t remember their psychotic episode – or who expressed any violence towards anyone during it, even when freaking out on cops trying to contain them.

    Something very funny is going on here. The black community in the northeast is probably being conditioned to accept an eventual internment of many of their increasing homeless.

    1. Also being lobbied here is the notion that parents and mothers can’t be trusted when ‘mentally ill.’ I think there’s also a push to empower the state to take away children from non-compliant parents who will be deemed ‘mentally ill.’

    2. Bipolar can be a devastating diagnosis. Usually diagnosed in between late teens and early twenties, Largely unknown is that this can develop later in life. The hypomanic phase can last for days weeks months or years. The depression state that follows often results in suicide. Please check it out Tx

  3. Only one floating corpse – where are the other so called victims? How come they didn’t make an attempt to send around more in open caskets in a round robin to make the rounds? The organizers of the event have such mediocre brains and this is covered up more than even ever by the media.

  4. Alleged body was also displayed of alleged PA state cop Cpl. Bryon Dickson complete with very bizarre behavior by alleged wife and other attendees. Perhaps they have leaned from Sandy Hook and have decided to produce at least one corpse.

  5. Clementa is a strange name for a man. Variant of Clemente, apparently, but not showing up on “origins of names” sites. A good unisex name, however, and perhaps people will choose to name their babies after this new victim? “Clemente” means merciful; forgiveness is a big theme in the Charleston event. It all ties together so nicely.

    1. Perfect. Isn’t it amazing how “the planets align” for these things? That very well may catch on for a new baby name. Meet little “Ghengis Clementa (e)”. “Storm” is another one. It’s right up there with “Track” and “Tred” and “Thud”.

      Hadn’t considered the ‘unisex” angle. We must be ever so careful not to offend the weird. If you find one gawking at you in a public restroom, remember, you are white and ashamed.

      I like Kelley’s idea. Better yet, why not just mummify him and put “in state”, like Lenin? They could place an eternally burning pile of Confederate flags next to him. It’d be classy.

      I heard they were doing a monument for Michael Brown. I thought that should be a bronze statue of him dangling a little asian guy in front of him. That could provide a focal point for the youth of the neighborhood.

      I had to refill a prescription today. My pharmacist is black and a friend. He said, “I know you don’t watch much TV but have you seen the crap on the news lately?” I answered; “Hey, stupid is color blind”. We both got a laugh out of it.

      1. Your post started my day out right! I love your sardonic wit, my friend.

        I was at the grocery store yesterday. The cashier and I made small talk while he rang up my items. We exchanged our plans for the 4th, after which I gave him a sideways look. “Not much to celebrate,” says I. (I mean, is there?). The guy immediately puckered up like he just caught a whiff of something particularly stinky, and narrowed his eyes at me. “Well, I don’t know about THAT,” says the Patriot. I shut my mouth and hoped he wouldn’t squish my tomatoes out of spite.

        Oh yes, we’re doomed.

        1. Shoulda told him “I can’t wait ’till they have us all hand wiring generators in a mud hut. Then we’ll really have something to celebrate”.

          Of course to your cashier, bagging groceries or passing out MRE’s in the camps is probably all the same. Those are the ones we’ll have to look out for. He was probably the class rat.

  6. Why did they not put him on a gurney, get team 9 to push him around the state eventually ending at the White House where hordes of lobbyists can holler ” gun control, gun control, we must seize them” and Monte Frank could put in his impressive remarks as well to the masses gathered.

    1. Cui Bono:

      Another sensationalized shooting proving the need to disarm the American public, and render the Second Amendment nugatory;

      Another instance of a “lone wolf” anti-social, nutcase shooter. He is young enough to be in college, and prime for political psychiatry and mandatory psychotropic drugging (essentially Communist political rehabilitation/psychiatry of dissidents is the larger aim);

      This proves the need for more and stronger federal laws to protect the civil rights of all Americans. The police need to be federalized and held to national or even international standards of conduct:

      Only one problem, the FBI & Co. have no effective oversight by the Congress or federal judiciary, and, they, along with other intelligence agencies, have historically been the most frequent and flagrant offender of American citizens civil rights!!!

      The cure is worse than the disease. In the Charleston case, that disease seems to be BOGUS.

      1. This “nationalizing” of six police forces is absolutely horrifying. The groundwork has been laid with the full implementation of COPs: Community Oriented Policing nationwide, now it’s time for the Externalization of the Hierarchies.

        Can’t wait.

        Happy Fourth of July, all. ?

        1. Even more horrifying:

          “It will be Third World policing. In fact, the boss of the Third World at the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, called for American police to obey “international standards.”

          I guess we are expected to doublethink, and reflexively reject any notion of a “globalist agenda conspiracy” when it’s being crammed down our throats!

          Does Moon know how policing works in Saudi Arabia, Uganda, China, and 85percent of third-world hell holes-very inspirational!!


    Dear Gallery: The above 20 min video from NBC news is very different than CNN’s coverage and adds more of a legit aire to this “event” by miles over CNN. It’s almost like they learned from CNN’s “Cooperization of the lie” and did a far more polished and believable job on covering the Charleston Church shooting. If I hadn’t already seen the BS meter pegging CNN coverage, I might tend to believe it if all I had to go on was NBC’s long format feature. NBC left out all the crisis actors’ “simply not believable” stories that Cooperized the event with second hand accounts that Anderson had to lead the actors through like a blind man’s dog.

    20 years after her brother’s savage murder by OJ Simpson, Kim Goldman still does not forgive him and talked about fantasizing running over OJ with her car when she saw him in a parking lot. Watch Kim’s reaction to OJ’s not guilty verdict… this is what genuine grief looks like from a murder victim’s family. Contrast Kim’s reaction to her murdered relative, verses the grandchildren of a Charleston Church murder victim… smiling, laughing and wearing T-shirts that say “hate won’t win”. Now they have a heart hand signal that reminds me of the Hunger Games. Obama and his wife got in on the act with Michelle making the hand signal with Barak holding up the shirt “Hate Won’t Win” and smiling big for a double selfie. Michelle’s hand signal looks more like owl’s eyes than a heart. The grandchildren of yet another dead preacherman – promoting T-shirts is so over the top. Try pausing the video below at various places and watch the glee in their eyes. There is not the slightest sign of sadness. Maybe you could act that way after your grandfather died of cancer – after a prolonged battle with the disease – six months later. But after he was savagely gunned down in church? – no way on God’s green earth. If there’s such a thing as God literally striking people dead because they told a gargantuan lie, if I was these children, I’d be careful being outside during a thunderstorm. I submit it as my number one indicator, this shooting never happened. This is Alice and Wonderland…

    1. Yes Derek, Goldman is scarier than O.J.. If you knew that you had a “lie box” in your home and that nothing that came out of it was believable, why would anyone continue to watch it? It’s a poser.

      1. I don’t care if this video proves nothing, however it’s my number one reason for doubting this event happened as reported. Ten years after my uncle Jerry drowned in an accident, my Dad said my grandmother would still cry at the mere mention of his name. Jerry died by accident, these kids’ beloved grandfather was savagely murdered in church and not one kid sheds a tear for the man? My BS meter redlined and melted after this video.

        1. Wherever Barry and Anderson set foot on the ground, we can take for granted that high budget theater is played out.

          Pastor James David Manning (a black man) has spoken about Charleston as only he can. Although he believes the incident happened as presented by the court jesters, he gets it about the participants and their roles. He declares there will be blood in the streets and America is going to hell in a hand basket.

      2. Derek, I didn’t mean it to sound like I was mocking you. I wasn’t. The Goldman remark took me back. He and she did scare me more than O.J..

        Anyway, yes, it might be possible for one, even two, people to have an odd reaction to death. Even among those who make a show of a belief in an afterlife and feel compelled to prove it, the pangs are involuntary.

        I can choke up over someone I didn’t even know in a bad situation. I have friends and relatives who died long ago and still have pangs of emotion when thinking of them.

        What makes it especially weird is that you would think that whoever directs these things would tell the actors to cry. If you believe that they are the real deal, why aren’t they?


    The full speech of Hillary Clinton at the Council of Foreign Relations was withheld using F.O.I.A. exemption (b)5 which reads, in its entirety:

    ” inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency;”

    When did the Council of Foreign Relations become a U.S. agency???

    Having litigated under the F.O.I.A., the complete withholding of any page (commonly referred to as deleted pages) has to have an exemption covering everything on said page. This is a high legal standard. So, even arguendo, assuming that the C.F.R. is an agency pursuant to the F.O.I.A., this seems unlawful under the F.O.I.A. Of course, the head of the agency emails someone else at the agency and the intra-agency exemption conveniently kicks in. This must be very selectively used, since I assume most of her released emails were to other State Dep’t employees.

  10. let me just say this: foosh. Conspiracy theories have the same defect as all empirical theories; some of them are true, some of them are not true. one distinguishes the true from the untrue by the evidence. there is a reasonable suspicion that at least some of the cop shootings, atrocities, and church burnings are possibly be instigated by organs of American power. However, there is no strong evidence that this massacre did not occur at all, that it was a phantom false flag, like Sandy Hook.

    1. Folktruther,There is no strong evidence that this “event” DID take place, as related to us by our ever truthful and accurate “Free Press”. As we say around these parts,”let’s hide and watch”. Stay vigilant.

      1. staged phantom homicidal operations like Sandy Hook are very rare; prof Tracy provided abundant evidence that it was a vast media deception. No such evidence is provided in this case. In addition, there is a tendency among conspiracy truthers to claim that events they consider undesirable did not Really occur. Since the right populist blogs have increasingly degenerated into racist blogs, the denial of the mass murder of African Americans supports the denial of their racism.

        1. FT…”Mass murders of African Americans”…you are referring,of course,to the daily abortions which are removing them in the horrifyingly higher numbers than Hitler was ever able to imagine in his little extermination exercise in the 40’s.. Btw,define “very rare” as we ruminate on the numbers of “operations” that we actually know about. May I repeat,”Contempt prior to Investigation” is a poor method of research. -a proud member of the Truther Movement!

        2. HaHa….Take a break Troll

          “the denial of the mass murder of African Americans supports the denial of their racism.” REALLY?

          F/T whoever you are , YOU ARE a TROLL. This is just SO Over the Top and it’s getting Funny…

    2. Good points! The evidence that the massacre did not take place is certainly not as strong as the evidence that Building 7’s destruction was not due to an office fire. Since teaching a conspiracy as evident as Building 7 is already a very complex endeavor, teaching the Charleston conspiracy is hopeless. So even assuming the massacre did not take place, it is unteachable and activists who want to fix and save the world will put only little emphasis on it.

      I’ll add that if Charleston is another act in Plato’s cave, the major actors are those that the independent analysts–commonly known as conspiracy theorists–do not mention, namely the multitude of leaders and organizations who could set back the gun control agenda by simply teaching the conspiracy to their supporters. But the NRA, the Libertarian Party, the Oathkeepers, the John Birch Society, Ron Paul, etc., can be counted on to recite their well-rehearsed and self-defeating mantra that “some gun owners are indeed crazy and dangerous, but gun control is wrong anyway. If anything, this is the most alarming layer of the Charleston theater.


    3. I say its a “graded scale”. Define “conspiracy theory” or “hoax”. Was there an event? Yes, it was a drill. If they portray a drill as “real”, its a hoax. It doesn’t depend on whether anyone died or not. Those are just details.

      If you had a naturally occurring event (if you can find one), and they used it to spin an agenda, their use of it would be a lie. For example, having an ambassador killed and blaming it on a video.

      If they kill some guy and call him Osama, even though the real Osama has been dead for years, is it “real”? Somebody’s dead.

      If a white kid goes into a black church and kills people, and the media and the administration use it as an opportunity to push their disarmament goals and other issues their bosses want, can you then “believe” anything about it?

      I’m going to keep trying until I find a way to convey this. “Hoaxes” are hoaxes because they are not truthful. McVeigh did not blow up the Murrah building as a lone nut for personal reasons. Sure, the building was blown up, people died, but its still a hoax.

      I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say categorically that anything the MSM points to and insists that we “believe” is a lie. That’s not a theory, its a fact. “News” providers are supposed to report, not convince. When did “belief” become a condition of citizenship?

      We don’t need to prove that anything “didn’t occur”. The burden is entirely on them. The question should be, “why do you insist that I believe this? What’s it to you?”.

      1. lophatt, your last sentence is one of the best questions I have ever heard about this phenomenon.

        Just because they have gone to great expense to showcase some event, why must we absorb and accept it? And pay no attention to that man in the booth.

        We’re receiving something we can stipulate to as an illusion anyway. It’s not just filtered reality, it is highly distorted stuff masquerading as reality as though they are in our living room as guests, telling us honorably the straight dope. What pledge have they ever signed to do that? Have they taken an oath to tell us the truth?

        When they cut to a commercial does that have to be real too? Maybe the selling of commercial objects is more regulated than the “news” itself – maybe it’s the commercial which at least has to point to a real object. Who says the news ever does?

        They “insist that I believe this” because without my belief, they are ridiculous clowns instead of high priests in touch with the power centers of society, a direct link with America’s power in the world. If people stop going to the church of the mainstream media, its temples will crumble or a least be perceived as hostile to the nation, perceived as what they are in fact. But no, one is called on to vote and to enlist in the military, and everything to do with serving power and money, even to our detriment.

        1. Thank you Musings, and PRECISELY what I’m trying to say. If we accept that “reality” comes from TV, and we have an obligation to believe, we are just observers in life, not participants.

          They will not “give” us our freedom to ignore their nonsense. We must assume it and take it. They should be the objects of ridicule.

          I’ve said many times that it is not illegal for them to lie to us. You’ve expanded on that a bit. You are quite correct: “What pledge have they ever signed to do that? Have they taken an oath to tell us the truth?, indeed!

          I wish I could remember the name of the court case that established this fact. Basically, there is more truth in advertising. There are laws about those.

          If they weren’t working for someone (and I don’t mean us), why would they care whether we believed their stories or not. Why would they have stories in the first place?

        2. Musings,Beautifully,if not plainly put…my wife and I have long since excommunicated ourselves from the “church of the main stream media”,with their attendant “ridiculous clowns” of the Grand Church of Illusion. There is good reason that God hates a Liar! Thank you,Sir.

      2. Alana Renee Simmons of Newport News, Virginia, granddaughter of Reverend Daniel Simmons, has received much more than 15 minutes of fame after the Charleston incident. She is no stranger to the limelight having been crowned Miss Food Lion in 2011:

        One Alana Simmons from Newport News, Virginia won the Miss Essence 2009-2010 title. Not sure if she is the same Alana as Miss Food Lion:

        This 10 minute video ties up some loose ends and involves Miss Alana – very interesting:

        1. Anne, yes. It appears that “Food King” presented a scholarship to her.

          “Food Lion crowned Miss Elizabeth City State University, Alana Renee’ Simmons, as Miss CIAA 2011 during an awards ceremony today at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C.”

          Nonetheless, she is a realtor with one of Obongo’s gay campaign “bundlers”. It must be good to give taxpayer money away to your friends.

          See any similarity to SHES? Eric Holder knows these folks as well. What if someone met with the local movers and shakers and made an offer? “We can stage a little event in your neighborhood. There’s lots of taxpayer money available for “recovery”. What do ya’ say?”.

          Connections are always a good thing to explore. These guys always work their connections. If something happens somewhere, and little Barry or his capos show up, you can rest assured that there’s a connection.

          It looks like Alana is on the fast track. That’s how it works. Their bosses want to advance their plan. The tools get to run their scams. That’s their reward.

      3. I like your point Lo. I have reached the point I automatically doubt almost any major news story. It’s like the parable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. When the wolf finally showed up for real, no one believed the boy. Maybe the next mass shooting will be real, but I will automatically doubt it after Sandy Hook. There is a big difference between doubting the Charleston Church shooting was accurate and believing it was a staged event that did not happen. I am pretty close to the latter after watching the families of the dead odd reactions and hearing millions of dollars were coming to them. It was like a cosmic echo from Newtown. Ever wonder why only first graders were (supposedly) targeted at Sandy Hook? Why not second graders? What about 4th graders? I think it’s a bit too convenient it was all first graders. Here’s why the story was concocted that way… what is likely to emotionally affect you more? A box of puppies thrown in front of a speeding bus or a kennel of old stray dogs that was burned down by an arsonist? Using only first graders hurts way more than high schoolers for people that don’t personally know the victims. Killing people at church sparks way more outrage than say a hardware store. A black guy killing 9 white people at a church would be a terrible thing for sure, but it just would not elicit the same level of outrage as the other way around… after Baltimore and Saint Louis. It’s like the PTB are riding a wave, stoking a fire that’s already pretty big.

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    Bandwagon appeals play upon the TA’s need to belong or conform to group standards. The two main types of bandwagon appeal are an appeal to companionship and an appeal to conformity. Peer pressure is an example of the conformity type of bandwagon appeal.

    Nostalgia appeals refer to how things were done in the past. This appeal can be used to encourage or discourage a particular behavior. In a positive light, it refers to the “good old days” and encourages the TA to behave in a manner that will return to those times. In the negative, it points out how things were bad in the past and how a change in behavior will avoid a repeat of those times.

    Self-interest appeals are those that play directly to the wants and desires of the individuals that make up a TA. This type of appeal can play upon the TA’s vulnerability for acquisition, success, or status. A self-interest appeal can be presented in the form of a gain or loss. An appeal to loss would be exploiting the fact that if the TA does not engage in the desired behavior, PSYOP cannot satisfy a want. An appeal to gain would inform the TA that to satisfy a want, the TA must engage in a desired behavior.


    For the purposes of TAA, techniques refer to the specific methods used to present information to the TA. Effective persuasion techniques are based on the conditions affecting the TA and the type of information being presented. Determining the most effective technique or combination of techniques to persuade the TA is only accomplished through a cultivated understanding of the TA and its behavior.

    Persuasion and influence are the primary tools of PSYOP. As such, PSYOP Soldiers must strive to become familiar with, and ultimately develop, tactical and technical proficiency in the use of persuasion techniques. The following are some specific techniques used to present supporting arguments to the TA:

    • Glittering generalities. These are intense, emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that the appeals are convincing without being supported
    by fact or reason. The appeals are directed toward such emotions as love of country and home, and desire for peace, freedom, glory, and honor.
    • Transference. This technique projects positive or negative qualities of a person, entity, object, or value to another. It is generally used to transfer blame from one party in a conflict to another.
    • Least of evils. This technique acknowledges that the (Coarse Of Action) being taken is perhaps undesirable, but emphasizes that any other COA would result in a worse outcome.
    • Name-calling. Name-calling seeks to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda as something the TA fears, loathes, or finds undesirable.
    • Plain folks or common man. This approach attempts to convince the audience that the position noted in the PSYOP argument is actually the same as that of the TA. This technique is designed to win the confidence of the audience by communicating in the usual manner and style of the audience. Communicators use ordinary or common language, mannerisms, and clothes in face-to-face and other audiovisual communications when they attempt to identify their point of view with that of the average person.
    • Testimonials. Testimonials are quotations (in and out of context) that are cited to support or reject a given policy, action, program, or personality. The reputation or the role of the individual giving the statement is exploited. There can be different types of testimonial authority. Official testimonials use endorsements or the approval of people in authority or well known in a particular field. Personal sources of testimonials may include hostile leaders, fellow soldiers, opposing leaders, famous scholars, writers, popular heroes, and other personalities.
    • Insinuation. Insinuation is used to create or increase TA suspicions of ideas, groups, or individuals as a means of dividing the adversary. The PSYOP Soldier hints, suggests, and implies, but lets the TA draw its own conclusions.
    • Presenting the other side. Some people in a TA believe that neither of the belligerents is entirely virtuous. To them, messages that express concepts solely in terms of right and wrong may not be credible. Agreement with minor aspects of the enemy’s point of view may overcome this cynicism.
    • Simplification. In this technique, facts are reduced to either right, wrong, good, or evil. The technique provides simple solutions for complex problems and offers simplified interpretations of events, ideas, concepts, or personalities.
    • Compare and contrast. Two or more ideas, issues, or choices are compared and differences between them are explained. This technique is effective if the TA has a needs conflict that must be resolved.
    • Compare for similarities. Two or more ideas, issues, or objects are compared to try and liken one to the other. This technique tries to show that the desired behavior or attitude (SPO) is
    similar to one that has already been accepted by the TA.
    • Illustrations and narratives. An illustration is a detailed example of the idea that is being presented. It is an example that makes abstract or general ideas easier to comprehend. If it is in a story form, it is a narrative.
    • Specific instances. These are a list of examples that help prove the point.
    • Statistics. Statistics have a certain authority, but they must be clear enough to show the TA why they are relevant. In most cases, it is best to keep the statistical evidence simple and short so the TA can easily absorb it.
    • Explanations. These are used when a term or idea is unfamiliar to the TA.

    Primary Influence Tactics

    These primary influence tactics are widely applicable to many situations, cultures, and TAs. By using the appropriate influence tactics in products and actions, the persuasiveness of PSYOP will be magnified. The following are examples of primary influence tactics:

    • Rewards and punishments: “If you do X, you will get Y,” or “if you do not do X, Y will happen to you.”
    • Expertise: “Speaking as an authority on the subject, I can tell you that rewards/punishments will occur if you do or do not do X.”
    • Gifts: Giving something as a gift before requesting compliance. The idea is that the target will feel the need to reciprocate later.
    • Debt: Calling in past favors. We need your help in stopping these groups by reporting any information you and your people may discover.”
    • Aversive stimulation: Continuous punishment, and the cessation of punishment, is contingent on compliance.
    • Moral appeal: Entails finding moral common ground, and then using the moral commitments of a person to obtain compliance.
    • Positive and negative self-feeling: “You will feel better/bad if you do X.”
    • Positive and negative altercasting: “Good people do X / Bad people do Y.”
    • Positive and negative esteem of others: “Other people will think highly/less of you if you do X.”
    • Fear: “Bad things will happen to you if you do X.”

  12. Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:
    What I Still Do not understand : Let’s say, 340 million Americans, who have viewed, 9/11, Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing, and several other conspiracy theories that have arose out of these events, no, one person or group has made any significant progress to prove beyond a debt with any impact on these events. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that, No, One, individual with money and resources that can see the Destruction of the USA and the complete fascist take over of. Their society has not hired the best lawyers, detectives, and research staff to bring justice to the criminals and traitors involved. Why is that?

    1. good question, Fromaway. Basically it’s because the reality based truth may be easy to intellectually understand, but very difficult to emotional accept.

      1. That’s a VERY good answer. People are willfully ignorant. They prefer their conditioning to reality. It’s scary to have to figure things out.

    2. fromaway…that is easy. Its because if people question and find out these events were faked and staged it will open up a rabbit hole so deep that their whole existence they identify with will be s\shattered..They simply have too much to lose.They have kids indoctrinated in the system in public schools or colleges and are paying huge tuition bills…they have jobs that require status quo and mortgages with corrupt banks.They go to churches where the hierarchy has been manipulated and bought and paid for..Simply put to investigate and find the truth would mean the crumbling of their world and their reality-they have too much invested.
      Myself..I dont own a home..i have an older can i paid cash for..I kids..not married…no college that i wasted my money on…..i have NOTHING to lose…I know the truth and welcome it.

      1. I wasn’t gonna comment on this but Bush Jr told the MSM in 2004 shut it or be punished. Even tho the Dem’s got full control of Congress in 2006, Bush got his way on everything even to PDD 51 and it’s sister law with DHS.

        King O just doubled down on the threat Bush gave to MSM. They are all one and the same.

        Now, EVERY newspaper, and TEE VEE station is now run or under the control of the Cee Eye AHH. Most ALL fear for their lives and Family, That’s how they have pulled this off for 15 years.

        It’s Germany 1932 again and only 2% of us can see.

        We have NO say in anything and can only “watch” them do their deeds.

        It’s that simple

  13. I lived in a university city a couple of decades ago where a series of killings took place. It was a fearful time, and students left the city in droves. A bevy of TV reporters with satellite trucks descended upon the area (lined up, one by one, by the side of a busy highway in town), and a national talk show host brought his show to the main square, to be broadcast LIVE. Mind you, no one had been caught for these serial murders at that point.

    I worked for an agency in local government at the time. The day the broadcaster came to town with his traveling talk show circus, my esteemed co-workers asked for time off during the broadcast, got their hair done, applied extra make-up “just in case” they got on camera, and walked over to the town square.

    As they walked out our office door, I recall sitting back in my chair and thinking the world had gone mad. These women were in their 40s, and were all giggly and excited, acting as if this was a rock star’s concert and they were 13 year old fans.

    Here we had several horrific murders of young people, a serial killer on the loose, people afraid to go out at night, or come home to their empty homes and apartments, and my friends and co-workers, indeed a hell of a lot of locals, had forgotten all of that because national media came calling and they “might” be interviewed or be caught on camera.

    I was aghast at the spectacle. As an aside, my boss had a TV in his office and asked us to come in and see the show. I went in for a few minutes to not only look at what was being broadcast, but also, to look at the remaining coworkers who had gathered there. Did I see stardust in their eyes? You bet I did. At one point, on the TV, a woman asked a question of this popular TV host. My boss said, “That’s my wife,” and smiled.

    I walked out of the room and returned to my desk. I felt nauseous.

    When I see the freeze frame shot above of the three young “happy” granddaughters with heavy TV make up applied to their pretty faces (sorry, I won’t view the entire video; at this point, why bother), I think of that time in the 90s when I witnessed the power of TV media and TV celebrity, and how both can minimize truly tragic and horrific (and dangerous) events to give the aura of legitimate “concern,” all the while capitalizing on tragedy in order to sell ratings and advertisements.

    OJ was over the horizon. I witnessed its predecessor.

    Whether today these events are actual tragic murders or false flags, we can’t forget how powerful the draw is to be on TV, no matter the circumstance. We have, in essence, traded our soul for 15 minutes of fame, and Andy Warhol was right.

    1. Cool story, Hansel.

      But why not cite the actual location/instance of the killings?

      The power of TV to make people do strange things for a chance at feeling “celebrity” is indeed a symptom of a sick public. However, in the cases of Sandy Hook and Charleston, I can’t believe that ‘relatives’ would be so eager to 1) get in front of a TV camera 2) speak at a press conference 3) act calm or appear to evoke disingenuous emotional responses 4) deliver similar ‘lines/responses’ to multiple camera appearances.

      1. A central problem I see with the analogy is that the coworkers/community members enamored by a media presence will behave in like fashion with individuals immediately impacted by such a tragedy. Anyone who has experienced a tragedy firsthand understands the trauma involved in losing someone unexpectedly, and if the episode transpires under such violent circumstances that trauma is only compounded. If the interviewees are genuine, my view is that these people are exhibiting superhuman powers of concealing tremendous trauma and grief.

        1. I agree, Dr. Tracy – the ones directly affected by these recent “tragedies” appear the most “unaffected” of all, and thus, suspicious. I still say the draw of any media face time, especially now, is immense, and apt to turn thoughtless people into media glam whores, crisis actors nothwithstanding. I think the younger the person being interviewed, the better chance they will be in awe and flattered by the media attention, no matter the circumstance. I can’t imagine that I would then or now, but if I was in my teens with a Facebook and Instagram account, who knows.

          However, and yes, it was Gainesville, Florida, I can look back on the TV face time of some of the families interviewed at the time (and indeed, I knew professionally and casually one of the family members; in our presence, he held in his obvious grief; he was stoic) and some kept their composure on camera but were quite obviously distraught. One family member was angry (justifiably), and members of his family were besides themselves with grief. None of them, if I recall, displayed any smiles, or “happiness,” or even forgiveness when the serial killer was caught (I refuse to write his name). They all wanted him to fry, and he did, many years later.

          I was appalled, then and still now, by the behavior of my co workers and those who attended the live program (Phil Donahue), who treated the vast media attention to these killings, as if it was a rock star event. It doesn’t seemed to have improved over the years – it was just the beginning.

      1. Killer of 5 Florida Students Is Executed – New York Times

        “GAINESVILLE, Fla., Oct. 25 — The serial killer who gruesomely murdered five college students here in 1990 was put to death on Wednesday by lethal injection, and relatives of his victims said afterward that they could finally feel the beginnings of relief.
        John Moran/The Gainesville Sun

        Danny H. Rolling, 52, was pronounced dead at 6:13 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke, about 30 miles northeast of Gainesville. Witnesses said he stared toward them and sang a hymn-type song just before the drugs were administered.”

        1. Hey, the Florida State Prison in Starke was Ted Bundy’s old stompin’ grounds. He got the electric chair in January 1989 and then Danny Rolling sort of picked up where he left off in August 1990. Their victims were mostly college girls. I remember hearing a report on the morning that Bundy was executed, that one of the popular morning radio programs in that area played the sound of bacon frying. People are sick!

  14. Get ready.

    The Eff Bee Eye have opened 59 new field office across the US( that will remain) because head traitor Peter King. the head of the Motherland(Russia)/and Fatherland(Nazi) security has said ISIS has a dirty boom boom for us on the 4th of July.

    Forget about Al Ciada, old news.

    So we get Jade 15, 59 new fusion centers And we get boom boomed.

    I can’t take much more of this.

    1. In Mod, again. I’m starting to wonder if being in Mod, is a prestigious thing?

      Someone is listening, I don’t know. I’m no threat. None of us are or can ever be. They do what they want and control everything from Congress to the media so whats the problem?

      I have to laugh to myself…..

  15. This is a new level of circus.

    No bodies at Sandy Hoax, so this roving corpse is supposed to be solid proof that the Charleston shooting actually occurred, huh?

    I’m thinking there must be a resort at Diego Garcia or somewhere that these shooting victims retire to.

  16. Here is all the proof we need that no one died in Charleston or Sandy Hook.

    The church is literally 5 minutes away from the world renowned Medical University of Charleston State TRANSPLANT Center.

    We have witnessed how they like to trump up the propaganda with ridiculous schemes such as Monty Frank and his phantom team of 26 bikers pedaling hundreds of miles through winter storms to DC even though the lawmakers were on holiday.

    How about some real miracles the families could brag about for years to come, their love lives on in 35 times potentially hundreds of other lives?

    Where are the protests that these organs were wasted by not being transported to the proper facilities posthaste? If there were actual wounded bodies, who ever declared no ambulances or medical care was needed would be subject to lawsuits and murder charges.

      1. If that was MY Daughter they “touched” there would be a Hell to Pay that would make Fire and Brim Stone seem like a simple drizzle….

      1. Recynd,
        6th Grade Virgins who have NO clue without the Parents Guidance.

        I didn’t want to go here, but they stole their Virginity too.

        JAIL is the only thing that will stop these sick sick I would say people but there “things” are lower than Pond Scum to me.

        As you said, Father help us. When does this stop?

        1. Ric: What’s going on in our schools is utterly shameful, not to mention reckless and downright dangerous. And it’s not just the birth control…no, that’s just another symptom of the larger problem.

          As soon as I woke up to the real situation, I got my kid out. I haven’t regretted my decision for a single minute. I wonder, though, just how bad things need to get before most parents do the same thing? Everybody seems to know this is happening, but they all say, “Not at my school.” Oh, but it is.

          I’m totally with you.

        2. That’s why “they” want to punish Parents who want to Home School or Private school their Children.

          I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go ’round and ’round…Lennon

        3. It is all over the west.

          Swedish daycare forces toddlers to take part in a gay parade

          The children were told to repeat the slogan “Who are you allowed to love – whoever you want”. When asked about why the daycare children were made to attend the event, the daycare teacher Sara Ghazi said:

          “We talk every day about human equality and that it doesn’t matter what sexuality or skin color one has…”

          While we are at it, the British Royals were always into cannibalism.

          Then there is the brotherhood of the bell.

        4. Shameful. We all know about the scum, but when the Parents have become the “predators” it’s time for an Alien Invasion to put us out of our misery like the last world age.

          If Children can’t count on the Adults to protect them we deserve everything we get….

        5. Wow, I’ve had my 1st comment just “vanish” like so many have said.

          Haha. No Mod. just Gone..Puff. And it was nice. I was praising the NWO, Bankers and Corporations…NOT..Haha

        6. Ric, it went to the spam folder. This is an entirely random phenomenon. Sometimes I go for months without it happening, then, like this last week, it happened twice. I email James about it and he digs it out and he posts it. It’s a WordPress thing.

  17. Jade Helm PSYOPS?:

    Okay, an active military, Iraq war veteran, walks into a mall Fayetteville, North Carolina, of all places (right after Charleston), fully armed with a machine gun and body armor. This also corresponds with the July 4th holiday, bogus FBI threat announcement. This led to the second lockdown of the day, the first being shots allegedly heard at the
    Washington Navy Yard (Site of the Aaron Alexis event). Interesting:

  18. Lophatt,
    WAY O/T, but do you have anything to do with Lophatt Bass Heads?
    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but just been wondering for a long time..Haha.

  19. I have reviewed the coverage of this incident. I have concluded a very sick young man pulled out a powerful weapon and murdered a group of mostly elderly people.

    The family and friends interviewed appeared to be devout Christens, believers in the tenants of their religion of love and forgiveness.

    Hard to comprehend, but such folks exist and represented their faith well during the onslaught of interviews by the media and press.

    Politicians and vultures of every kind may use the murders for pushing an agenda. However, the reaction of the congregation should be commended not demonized. .

    1. Don’t be ridiculous! Christians still have the same emotions and stages of grief as the non-christians. Just like the Sandy Hookers, these people bypass all 6 stages of grief and go right into the last stage of Acceptance and Hope! Give me a break! You’re either a dope or gullable moron, if you believe that ALL of those people looked like a person that just lost a dear loved one in a violent manner! Not a single tear shed! Not a single person cracked their voice, or had to ask the interviewer to stop in order to collect themselves! Not a single person was angry or mad! On top of all that, these liars find the time to do an interview with MSM puppets to do an interview before the bodies even turn cold?? Give me a break! Maybe 1 out of 9 could be that cold and emotionless after learning their loved one died, but ALLL of them?? Don’t pisss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!

  20. Has anyone followed the story of Islamic militants killing tourists in Tunisia? Just caught something on BBC – a memorial service on the beach, with roses and British tourists in bathing suits. What surprised me was the odd story so many gave that though dozens had died, the terrorists would win if they stopped their vacation and returned home. No, not only did they party on, but they showed up for the memorial service in the sand (with dignitaries wearing suits, and soldiers with automatic weapons) wearing very little but their many tattoos and some overly tight bathing suits. One man looked like a skid row type. Crisis actors or random people hired as extras? Surely not people who really witnessed a massacre, which may have missed them by seconds, and which might recur (as the newsreader noted). What we see mirrored back on tv does not look like normal human nature to me, where you would at least move several beaches away from such an event rather than stay there like a bunch sea lions whose colony has just lost a few members to a great white shark, and may soon be culled again before it is all over.

      1. Maybe not Gladio if no one was actually killed. I note the high production value banner “We are Isousse” – another branding like “Boston Strong” (which also had a plethora of high production value posters coming out immediately after the event, by corporations like Fidelity Investments).

        1. Well, in this case, I think it is an example of somebody died (the alleged shooter), or more likely a substitute, but its still a hoax. Note the color and consistency of the blood. That is not actor’s blood.

          Whoever that is, he’s dead. Now, the rest of the story is impossibly strange. Why would the cops allow tourists to be open game? Why would the tourists be caught on camera laughing after such a thing?

          One little discussed element of these things is that we are told we must sacrifice our freedoms to allow these watch dogs to know what’s going on. It doesn’t appear that they do a very good job, even when they are warned.

          So, despite the huge expenditures and global surveillance, a few guys in boats, (or jet skies or planes, you decide), can just invade anywhere they like and start shooting? Doesn’t seem like much of a return on our investment. Why would we want to spend more money and freedom on more of the same?

          So the Gladio reference remains. That was the purpose of those and continues to be the purpose of the recent ones. Fear. Fearful people are irrational people.

    1. There’s a video where a security guy is filming and running all over the place. You hear gun shots, but the entire beach is empty and there are no bodies. 38 dead and not 1 body?

      It is very strange and if the Brits lost 38 people I don;t think they’d just go “What Ever Dude”

      It is very strange.

      1. I agree about that video in Tunisia. The commentary about it has it that the camera was so brave, risking his life – but there are just empty chairs and nothing going on, and the camera angles dipping back and forth unnecessarily. So we are to believe the commentary and not our lying eyes (they could not even be bothered this time with the cheesy special effects).

      2. It’s a dead giveaway. They did the same in Paris and Australia. Guns blazing, cameraman angling for shots. There’s an esoteric term to describe this. Bullshit.

  21. The commenters here always cheer me up. You don’t have to explain things to them.

    Lophatt as a deep philosophical bent that is admirable.

    Someone mentioned Gainesville, Florida. I know who you mean. It was Danny Rolling the ripper. I was there. I had transferred to Gainesville. I left home for the weekend and my wife and two daughters were at home that night at the condo. My 6 year old daughter told my wife someone is trying to pry open the the glass door, you need to go get dad’s gun. She did and there was a big guy outside. She was pointing the gun at him through the glass and he ran away. That was about 1976.

    Years later when they caught him, my wife said that is the guy who was at the door.

    I always seem to be in the middle of some of this. I was detailed once to Harlingen Texas after the Rancho Santa Maria devil cult murders. American Students had been abducted in Mexico and killed in a satanic ritual. They later dug up something like 59 bodies at that ranch. We were positioned across the Rio Grande from it. We all drew mini 14s and bullet proof vests. While leaving for the night shift I joked around with some of the guys, saying nobody had better pop up out of that river with glowing red eyes! That area was also a major drug trafficking point.

    And yes I was a student at Florida State when Bundy killed the coeds. We all went back home and got our 22 rifles and brought them back to the house we were renting and put them under the bed.

    I also happened to be living in Jacdsonville, Florida when the symbionese liberation army was on the loose.

    1. I remember the cult murders of those students in the early 1980s. I think they were all students at a school in Plano, Texas, and I worked at a bank in Plano at that time. I remember there was a panic when those teens never came back home…and again when their bodies were found, of course. In the years leading up to that incident, Plano had a rash of teenagers committing suicide….not sure what that was all about.

      Does anyone else remember a totally bizarre axe murder that happened in a teeny tiny Texas town in the blazing hot summer of 1980? Friday, June 13, 1980, to be exact…….

    2. Mick, interesting. You’ve led a charmed life. Did you know that the perpetrator of the Ranch Santa Maria murders is the only one pardoned by Sparky Bush? Things that make ya’ go hmmmmm?

      1. I had forgotten Bush pardoned Henry Lee Lucas. Bush was also somehow connected to that horrible Matamoros/Brownville Santeria cult. Oy, what a web. Weaving spiders, anyone?

        Happy Fourth of July, all. At our house, we’re protesting and staying in. I can’t face the celebrating mobs. Woo hoo.

    3. I remember reading a true-crime book about the Matamoros murders; got me on a several-years’ long research jag on Santeria and Vodoun (Voodoo). Until then, I really had no idea that this stuff went on. Funny that we don’t hear more about this…until you consider who might be involved with it.

      There really is more to everything than meets the eye. Funny how modern Christians, for all our professed belief in God and the Spirit, don’t seem to truly believe in the spiritual. Like atheists, many of us seem to hang our hats on the material world. However, there’s a spiritual world just beyond our line of direct sight; it’s at least as impactful upon us as our material world is, acknowledged or not. The bad guys seem to know this…and it might behoove the good guys to realize it, too.

      Isn’t this what the dual pillars/eye of Horus symbolism is all about?

      1. You sure hit the nail on the head when you said there is more to everything than meets the eye. I’m very often reminded of the Apostle Paul’s warning that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, against the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. He also says that the things we can see are only temporal, but things we cannot see are eternal. There is most surely a spiritual world and dimension going on all around us, there’s an unseen war going on between good and evil, light and dark.

        Yes, the bad guys know all about this. I like the way author Mark Flynn describes their devotion to their god, Lucifer: ~~
        “There is a religious institution whose members are the most devout and serious of any faith on earth. Those who are a part of this institution unquestionably believe in a god that directs their activities, and they look to this deity with the ultimate hope of gaining his favor. They, unlike many of the people who ascribe to the popular religions of today, have no doubt that their god lives and interacts with them. They see the favor their god bestows upon them. The riches and power gained through their piety actively demonstrate the reality of their god’s existence.”

        Mark also describes in his book his belief that the WTC twin towers were symbolic of the pillars that separate heaven and earth; therefore, their destruction was symbolic of the reunification of heaven and earth.

        One more thing, the Bush family masquerades as conservative and even Christians, but they lie just like their daddy, the father of lies. Check out the highly possible connection of the Bush family with satanist Aleister Crowley.

        1. I haven’t heard of Mark Flynn; I’ll check him out. (BTW: I love book/topic recommendations; I just bought a couple of books about the Irish enslavement because of the discussion here)

          I have heard about the possibility that Barbara Bush is the granddaughter of Crowley. Although I don’t doubt such a thing could be possible, it’s so speculative. All the research in that area seems to be based on a single person’s work, and no real source documents (or even witness testimony).

          I try

        2. Whoops! Stupid phone…I have the worst time with these things.

          I was saying, I try not to get too religious on here, but everything just seems to spiral back around.

          Cheers 🙂

      2. Recynd, you are absolutely correct. There is tremendous pressure to ignore the spiritual. A good example is that TV series they put out about “Ancient Aliens”. It is direct propaganda to convince “the scientific minded”, that “Gods” were really creatures from outer space.

        Because of the rift in Christianity it is hare do discuss these matters without being misunderstood. We can certainly talk about what we see, but underlying all that is the basic choice we all must make.

        Those who expect their “rewards” immediately get them. Those who are humble and wish to walk with the Lord, are grateful for what material things they have. For them, serving others is not a burden, it is a privilege.

        Anything that seeks to control is not of God. You do not please God by giving up your free will. If God was desirous of that He/She would simply eliminate free will and we would simply be forced to obey.

        There is much (probably more) to the world and existence than we see. For those of us who are chagrined at what we see there is hope. For those who blindly accept or actively participate in evil they will have to content themselves with what they accumulate in the here and now.

        For their rulers, control is what they are about. That is their master’s will. That is one of the great mysteries. Just as for God willing voluntary assent. Satan is under the same constraint. Those who choose that path do so of their own free will.

        Well, enough preaching. Have a happy 4th. We deserve it.

      1. Folk, He could tell you..but then he’d have to kill you…Somethings you just can’t ask.

        Just Kiddin’ my friend. It’s a boring Sat. Afternoon.

  22. In my opinion, the notion that this atrocity was a fantasy homicide like that of Sandy Hook is preposterous. there are too many differences. There is a confessed killer, a real gun which presumably did the killing, real corpses, and presumably real death certificates, all different from Sandy Hook. Also no crisis actors or excessive bullshit by the cops or officials. And South Carolina is a highly racist state, where killing African Americans and attacking their churches has been common historically.

    However, it is unlikely that Roof did it alone. He was probably indoctrinated in his racism by one or more of his parents, and was photographed sitting on his parents car with the Confederate license plate. So he was undoubtedly racist, as are probably most
    White people of the state.

    But in looking over his biography, it is impossible to avoid the impression that this boy was as dumb as a bag of hammers. He actually flunked a grade in highschool, and repeated it before dropping out. He had no job, or driver’s license, or future, staying in his room and playing video games. He did not relate to members of his family, and went around telling people he was going kill.

    This behavior is incompatible with the racist Manfesto he is supposed to have written, which is rather sophisticated politically as these things go. It is unlikely he could write it by himself. And who took the pictures of him in his racist poses. And on his cell phone there were numbers of other White racists. And there were links to a Nazi blog, Stormfront, and to the White Citizens council, now called the CCC. And prof Tracy found the African insignias suspicious, as if they were shop photoed.

    It is likely, I would guess, that this poor kid was manipulated. This might, or might not, support the notion that this massacre was staged by an organ of American power, but not that it did not occur.

  23. I looked up several photos of the funeral of Ethel Lance; every open casket picture showed mourners conveniently blocking any clear view of the supposed dead woman, yet we get several full body views of the dear departed reverend.

  24. I partially changed my mind. The massacre really occurred, as did the White cops shooting unarmed Blacks, and the church burnings. But this kid Root was manipulated. The Manifesto was far too sophisticated for the kind of kid he was according to his friends, and his schooling career.

    He not only failed the ninth grade, but repeated it, evidence that he was intellectually challenged. His friends did not take him seriously on his racial rants. He was shy, isolated socially, unemployed, used drugs. Months previous to the atrocity there was evidence that he was associated with the Nazi blog, Stormfront, and the White Citizen’s Council, now the CCC. And there are questions about his family.

    This boy’s acts and Manifesto are one thing, the boy another. I would guess that this atrocity was staged.

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