On June 22 notable black scholar Cornel West remarked that President Obama’s inability to label the Charleston shooting an act of “white supremacism” effectively “Niggerized” the Commander in Chief. “I would say the first black president has become the first ‘Niggerized’ black president” West told CNN.

Why? A Niggarized black person is a person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy.

As West observes, the uncanny verb “Niggerize” suggests the psychic and cultural compulsion to assume the role of slave, with all of the connotations suggested for the subjugation of individual and collective history bound up in the complexity of African American identity and experience.

West’s allegiance to “democratic socialism” prevents him from critiquing the welfare state that has decimated black families and communities since the late 1960s. One must further question West’s assertion in light of Obama’s own privileged background at elite preparatory and Ivy League institutions. Indeed, much of Obama’s experience with US segregation and racism was learned through his intellectual-political mentors, including US Communist Frank Marshall Davis and leftist agitator-terrorist Bill Ayers.

As early as 2002 West used the inflammatory “Niggerize’ term in a similarly divisive context. In an address at Harvard Law School he drew on the “blowback thesis” prevalent in progressive-left circles to assert that the United States population was forced to take the position of victim through the events of September 11, 2001, intimating the attacks sprang from decades of violence meted out by the US military around the world. The “white supremacist” response, he suggests, was characterized by “revenge, retaliation, where the big folk on the block gonna hunt you down and crush you like a cockroach.”

Setting aside the craven logic of blowback committed to by the academic and pedestrian left alike, one might further question why West, whose father was a US Department of Defense contractor and who is presently a fellow at the historically Rockefeller-funded Union Theological Seminary (where he assumed his first academic post in the 1980s) would not take the opportunity to transcend the moment and point to the broader “Niggerization” of all American people by Obama and the US Congress via the fast-tracking and inevitable ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership crafted by the international corporate cartels. Indeed, it is no secret that “Obamacare” and such “free trade” deals are among the foremost goals of Obama before his departure from office.

Dr. West and President Obama Onstage

The slavemaster corporate elite who control the global cartels–Soros, Gates, Buffett and their cohorts at Davos, Bilderberg and other fora–are Obama’s true overseers. So too are they the real “Niggerizers” of the world population, as evidenced in what is known thus far concerning such pending “trade agreements” and the feudalistic system their authors intend to implement.

Alongside Obamacare America’s first black president has placed every American citizen on the auction block, selling them at bargain-basement prices to the transnational corporate supremacists who will strip them of their last Constitutional protection of due process whereby they might meagerly contest the undermining of environmental and workplace rights at home and the misuse of their nation’s military abroad.

In the broader context of so-called “free markets” thoroughly ignored by West’s promotion of racial antagonism, Obama’s shameless advocacy of transnational corporate economic hegemony signals the twilight of humanity and its manifold experience of struggle for freedom and dignity.

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74 thought on “The Transnational Corporate “N—–ization” of America”
  1. Just so. He was placed to destroy the country and he’s doing his job. What better tool for this purpose than the son of Marshal Davis and a CIA operative? The tale of how an adopted son of a senior military officer in Indonesia managed to “rise” from cruising the beaches of Waikiki to the White House should say volumes about the nature of our political system.

    It appears that the antidote for “racism” is reverse racism. Or, perhaps more accurately, “racism” does not include white hatred. It is difficult to imagine a more divisive personality in a leadership position.

    Fascism has been defined as “corporatism”. I’d say our current rulers certain qualify for that label. But, of course, it is all a show. The current crop of parasites are there to ensure that things progress according to plan. They are certainly doing that.

    When you add the racial tension, police brutality, loss of jobs, illegal immigration and financial ruin together you have about as ugly a mix as could be imagined. No one would allow these elements to converge unless it was by design.

    So their hope is most certainly that while we are engaged in battles on the streets of cities and towns we won’t notice that they have collapsed the economy and stolen the loot. Of course, there is also the possibility that they will have triggered WWIII and the result will provide more than adequate cover for them.

    None of this would have been possible were it not for the controlled media. The sheer audacity of our current situation, when taken as a whole, is impossible to hide, even by an collectivized press. It is in our faces day and night with nary a word of objection.

    All is done in secret. Whistleblowers are harshly punished and reviled. “Trade Agreements” that effectively strip democratic policy from elected officials are freely handed to the new emperor.

    Dr. West is a distraction. A noisy gong. Instead of “hands up, don’t shoot”. How about “this is my back, now go away”?

    1. Lophatt my Friend,

      You really went all out here.
      It takes Guts.
      But I agree and stand with you.
      We can all hang together or All Hang Separately.

      Let me tell you a story.

      I just meet a guy in the Music Business from friends. We just got together the last month putting together a studio.

      He works at a studio and runs a small radio station.

      I really didn’t know here he’s coming from but we both hit off and shared the same goals.

      He seemed like your typical Liberal in the Biz.

      Today, after we half way wired up a new set up we out to my pool and had a beer to chill..

      He looked at me and said “you know Sandy Hook was Fake” and “911 was a plan to take our rights away”.

      I fell off my chair. He’s 29 years old….There is Hope People

      Of course we talked all night.

        1. While I’m in moderation I want to say something more,

          Don’t underestimate the “30’s” Generation.

          They were the kids in between this mess. They understand and have seen the changes. Of course some haven’t but you know what I’m I trying to say. They’re not all Brain Dead.

          My Eldest Daughter is 33, My Son is 29 and my Baby Girl is 27.

          They “GET IT” no thanks to Daddy..Haha

          Every young person I know gets it who weren’t indoctrinated from the state when Billy Boy Federalized all the schools.

          There IS Hope…..Ok my rant is done

        2. My son is 17 and “gets it”; I don’t think that’ll change as he gets older. I’d love to take credit, but I don’t think it’s mine to take; his B.S. meter has been finely honed since he was about 5. He’s patient with me and my rantings, but I have the feeling he got there before me…I’m still often shocked and outraged, and he’s beyond like the Buddah.

          There is hope (though not a lot).

        3. Ric, I don’t underestimate them. I do a lousy job of explaining myself. Whether one “gets it” or not, they can’t do anything about it. Put more accurately, they can’t “vote” it away or lobby it away. That is because the mechanism for that is a sham.

          Believe it or not there is a bright side to that. You cannot be responsible for something you have no control of. Never let them guilt trip you. We have not “put up with” or “tolerated” or “failed to act”, whatever, and are now responsible for the Controller’s evil plan.

          You cannot organize against this. If you do it will be infiltrated and destroyed. We can’t ask the cause of the problem to fix it. Well we can, but its a waste of time.

          What we can do is ignore them. Better, we can ridicule them. They should illicit raucous laughter wherever they show their scaly little heads. You can be made to do things at the point of a gun, but eventually, that gets pretty hard to maintain.

          You can be made to do things but you can’t be made to do things well. Sometimes to resist an evil it requires stealth. It isn’t confidence inspiring for them to know that millions are waiting for them to have their attention diverted just long enough for something to go wrong.

          They can make a big mess of things, and will. They will not ultimately succeed, however. The best thing you can teach your offspring is, when the crowd goes one way, pick another.

        4. “…see which way the crowd is moving, and go the other.” Thank you, Lopp, if I taught my kidlet anything, it’s that. Exactly that, as a matter of fact.

        5. Sadly enough. My Friend said and I agree, the brain dead out number “us” so bad there’s nothing we can do.

          I agree. This isn’t our fault in the sense that “we” who are aware have any power to change anything. I get that.

          I can whimper and whine and dream, but if we could just get the power of the American People to boycott, Vote, Protest, we could win.

          But only the Left can organize and fund that kind of movement and as you know…they work for the powers we are fighting.

          I think the left on the ground with their heads in clouds and the left at top are two different creatures.

          If the Shiny Happy People on the ground Knew what their Masters really wanted they would crap their pants.


        6. Ric, good to hear about your friend. I hope that goes in a positive direction.

          I like the word “hope”. As long as we breathe we have hope. I may not sound like it, but I’m not eternally pessimistic.

          What is frustrating about labels is that it makes it easy to be misunderstood. “Left” and “Right”, “Liberal” and “Conservative”, etc., are all primarily devices to lock people into a box. You get to choose from Column A or Column B, no substitutions.

          Apparently it is effective as most people consider themselves to be one or the other and don’t think about it much past that. The truth is that there are infinite possibilities and each decision must be made by analyzing the elements involved, not reciting rhetoric.

          In my younger years I considered myself a leftie. That was because i hadn’t analyzed it sufficiently and I had a notion of what “The Right” signified and I didn’t want to be that ignorant or cruel.

          It was later in life that I came to look at what “The Left” really meant. I also learned that “The Right” was not the cure for it. I’m out of that box and intend to stay out.

          Regardless of what any psychopath does, we can still make our own decisions. If we realize that we do not need permission to do that and no one has the authority to take that away, we are free.

          I have no desire to manipulate anyone and I won’t be manipulated. In order to have self respect one must decide their course and stay it. Make honest assessments of your span of control. If you can right a wrong you should do so. If you can’t, you can’t. Do what you can.

          There is only despair when one gives one’s self over to other’s control. We need to take our pleasures where we find them. Your friend sounds like others I’ve talked to. Many are more aware than we generally think. They may be afraid to say anything.

          After all, when you know what they are capable of, it isn’t too surprising that many are afraid. We know that we would never do the things they seem to delight in. We may not be able to stop them, but we don’t have to carry their burden either.

          Enjoy your studio. What you create there is much more important that all the mischief these mutts inflict on others. They are the antithesis of creativity. They are destruction.

        7. Recynd77,
          Take more credit. He heard you and listened and chose his own path which is in line with you,
          Thats what I was trying to say…..

  2. Why I find the white/black paradigm specious…

    From 1984-85 I enjoyed the curious privilege of living in Kenya with African nationals. Specifically, mostly Kikuyu schoolgirls – primarily Catholic – on the 99% Islamic island of Lamu. There’s much more to how I got there – an intended video documentary magnificently scuttled before my plane even landed, after which I needed something to do. So I journaled and drew and puttered away at Swahili bouncing between Kenya’s capital of Nairobi and Lamu where I shared rent with the English-speaking one percentile who also happened to be Christian.

    FWIW I look white but have a black Irish forebear. I didn’t know it at the time.

    I came over with a heart bleeding for black suffrage. I soon learned that my Kenyan friends (who learned English during British occupation) had more interest in tribal quibbles than race paradigms. Everything I thought I knew about the world was jettisoned. But one thing I took home: the tribalism.

    Another observation made long after the fact is that while I shared the same roof as black persons nearly every night I spent in Kenya in various situations, a few years later it struck me that not once in the US had I ever been invited into the home of anyone who was black. There is a mind control barrier firmly in place to the effect of polarizing the public around race issues. It works wonderfully for the scheming cabal to take the public eye off the reptile wizard behind the curtain.

    The African American US public languishes in a gross misprision thinking our African/not-African president – wherever he came from – holds to the false race paradigm. Who am I to listen to, but I guarantee the African American public that he would sell them right smack down the river along with people of every other race. In fact when I lived in NYC and finally had mastered Swahili enough to join conversational groups (in Boston, previously) I could tell Africans from Americans from a block away by the way they comported themselves. Africans expressed radically unsympathetic feelings towards their putative US brethren. I’ll spare specifics but any commenter here acquainted with Africans very likely knows exactly what I mean.

    What the black/white paradigm masks – white supremacy as the charming professor states – is that we are controlled by a villainous cabal who are at war with their entire constituency. Weather warfare now, but remember Gary Webb and his foray into CIA black ops crack pushing in the cities. This was warfare too. Sending all black America’s best and brightest to Viet Nam was a colossal blow to black US community, a routing coupled with state-sponsored mass marketing of illegal drugs to first stone everyone then criminalize and incarcerate them.

    This is the enemy. Only they fight against us ALL. This kind of epidermal gray scale rhetoric obfuscates the deleterious effects of the vicious little cabal busy destroying the nation.

    Thanks to the prevaricating public figure himself for setting me up with an occasion to finally write some observations on the subject. I could go on but now being in the mood to roast most pedants I hardly ought to emulate them.

    Gratitude to Dr. Tracy again for this excellent forum and his fortitude at examining core issues.

    1. The problems with the black white paradigm multiply. For one thing, most US blacks are not entirely of African descent. Yet next to no one asks about the other side. As if it didn’t matter. In the 1600’s in particular an estimated million white European women – primarily Irish – were kidnapped as slaves to interbreed with Africans. Point being to breed a more efficient slave with the presumed intellect of Europeans and the heft and physique of Africans. In researching my distant maternal black Irish forebear I learned of this. Most US Africans indeed are of Irish descent. Which is why when confronted with attitude by dark skinned blacks I enjoy confounding them with the notion that I might be their cousin… on either side.

      1. It’s true. Lighter skinned Black People have attitude toward and look down at their “Darker” brothers as inferior. It’s True.
        And also I find it fascinating that 99% of Black women wear straight haired wigs..Why? Who are they trying to emulate?

        No Folk, I’m not a Racist

      2. I always thought the ‘dark’ or ‘black’ irish people were actually descendants of the spanish immigrants who went into Ireland over what was probably a long span of time. Is there another definition of ‘black irish?’ Because I don’t think part african, at least not sub-Saharan african, was what the term was created to describe. The irish feature a number of black haired people who resemble in some ways the mediterraneans, but I haven’t met many who look like they’re part sub-Saharan african. Recently I asked my mostly irish mother about a childhood friend’s mother who married a WASP. I said, “I thought she was a WASP.” My mother replied, “No! Mrs. So and So was a catholic! Where do you think she got that black hair?”

        1. Sue has it partially right. The “black Irish” are called that because they have dark hair. They got that hair from Spaniards, true enough, but definitely NOT from “immigration, and certainly not over “long span of time.” They swam ashore when the British sunk the Spanish Armada–a “one off” event.

          Where did Spaniards get that black hair? Well, they were under occupation by the Moors, for eight centuries. Moslems rape infidels at will, when they are dhimmis.

          horsegirl’s fantasy aside, that’s the only way Irish women got a touch of African blood in their line, however distant: dark-haired castaways from Spain, whose ancestors were raped by their Moslem overlords.

          Normally, I enjoy phantasmagorical delusions in lieu of history–it’s part of the fun–but in this case it is a little too phantasmagorical. Black Africans invaded Ireland, with their presumably vast armadas, while Britain was ruling the seas! Wow! (Bring me another tab of acid! This trip is too great to allow to wear off!).

          Or is it that their English overlords “kidnapped” those lasses and carried them off to share with the Moslem tribes, in a sort of eugenics program in West Africa? That would take some time. Funny, it’s a part of history I’ve never encountered before. We should probably get some archeologists out there, looking for the breeding camps. Also, whatever you call people who search through old records, we need to get THEM on the case, because the Brits kept scrupulous records.

          No, horsegirl’s story is a light joke. The “black Irish” are what happens when lots of aliens wash up on shore when their naval war is lost, and fair lasses get frisky.

        2. My error was using the term “black Irish” but the history stands. In the 1600’s many scholars write that there were more white slaves than black in the “new world.” Patrick, I wouldn’t try telling people in Ireland that none were dragged away for slavery. While academia has not plumbed this story much – bleary, putrescent whore academia has mostly become, fleering at its Rockefeller benefactors et al – it certainly happened. There is white blood in most US “African Americans” and it matters from whence it came. If you start googling white slavery in the US you’ll find a ton of work on it. And I know quite well that the forebear was black-skinned. It didn’t go well with my Norwegian grandmother when she found out. Not a hazy account, it cut the family fabric to shreds.

        3. In 1625, an offical Proclaimination ordered for Irish prisoners to get rounded up and sold as slaves to English Planters. Between 1629 and 1632 a large numbers of Irish, men and women, were sent to Guiana, Antiqua and Montserrat. By 1637 approx 69% of the population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.Negro slaves had to be purchased, 20 to 50 pound sterling, Irish slaves were captured and sold for 900 pounds of cotton. The Irish became the largest source of slaves for English slave traders.


        4. From the same link:

          The planters began breeding the Irish women, because it was profitable. Children of slaves were themselves slaves. Planters then began to breed Irish women with African men to produce more slaves who had lighter skin and brought a higher price. In 1681, legislation was passed “forbidding the practice of mating Irish slave women to African slave men for the purpose of producing slaves for sale.” Not out of moral consideration, but because slave traders saw it as competation .


        5. I hope you can forgive my ignorance, horsegirl. Thank you for the article. It is something I know nothing about.

          I like finding out stuff I am wholly ignorant of.

        6. horsegirl, I just started reading your second link. This is history I have no knowledge of–yet I have spent countless hours reading books on all the subjects surrounding it. This is truly horrifying–not just the facts themselves, but the complete blackout.

          We all want to forgive the perfidious English for the depredations of their imperial behavior…because Ascott, Wimbledon, Henry Higgins. As if the culture the vast wealth the Empire produced made the nightmare behind it all worth it. There’s a great movie of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, which depicts a dawning self-awareness about the dichotomy of the hideous source of the money that runs an estate and the lovely manners of the people living the lives it finances.

          Still, watching the movie (I’ve never read the book), one wants to side with the Empire–because the world Jane Austen depicts seems so worth it.

          I’ve watched all of Downton Abbey, too. We moderns are suckers for that stuff. I wonder how many seasons a show about what you are talking about would run.

        7. Good morning, Patrick, no sweat. I’ve had spates of foot-in-mouth disease myself, who hasn’t?

          I am considering penning a smash-the-paradigms essay for Dr. Tracy. Because the race bit is pure red herring. Works, it’s very ingrained, cleaves our society apart (e.g. white supremacy…) but doesn’t portray the problem.

          Must say we were somewhat disappointed by the tenor of comments in general. We’ve got Mr. Judas-at-the-Helm weeping alligator tears at phony funerals. The country has more trouble than money can buy.

          Again, top of the morning to you. You are Irish, yes?

        8. “I am considering penning a smash-the-paradigms essay for Dr. Tracy.”

          By all means, do so. Can’t wait.

          “You are Irish, yes?”

          Patrick Michael Murphy, a fantastically Irish name, is 3/4 Irish, by blood, but all that blood got to Chicago before the Yankees invaded and crushed the South. I’ve been to Ireland once, and loved it. Like John Wayne, in The Quiet Man, I’d retire there (if that “there” still existed).

    2. “Sending all black America’s best and brightest to Viet Nam was a colossal blow to black US community…”

      There was a colorblind draft exemption for college students during Vietnam, making it a better argument for class-based, rather than race-based, discrimination. It is poetic justice that the children of the white middle and upper classes got sucked into the heroin/cocaine pit (blowback is a bitch!).

      Race as well as ethnicity and religion (e.g., Jews, WASPs) can be considered as a type of cartel or union in a sense. A federal court case , from a few years back, (although the judge is a known FBI shill) gave injunctive relief for black firefighter candidates who had the qualification, but were being denied entry. There are other cartels as well, many NYC local government jobs (e.g., Sanitation) give preference to members of the Five Families.

  3. I’ve written here many times about James’ restraint, so this comes as a bit of a surprise. Of course, I agree with it, entirely. I particularly like this bit:

    “Alongside Obamacare America’s first black president has placed every American citizen on the auction block, selling them at bargain-basement prices to the transnational corporate supremacists who will strip them of their last Constitutional protection of due process whereby they might meagerly contest the undermining of environmental and workplace rights at home and the misuse of their nation’s military abroad.”

    I could have written it.

    I suppose that even the cautious academic reaches his breaking point eventually (as happened, to the viewer’s astonishment, late in the movie Goodbye Mister Chips).

    And if ever we as a people were at the breaking point, it has to be now.

    My book How the West was Lost, written 11 years ago, posited that Western Civilization had already come to an end by then, and that we were now on the trail, like a sniffing dog, picking up the scent of what the replacement civilization was going to look like. Well, boy howdy, do we ever know now. Every day reveals another facet of the jewel that is the new world we occupy. In the book, I said not only can’t we put the toothpaste back in the tube, the toothpaste has already been used and spit down the sink’s drain. We can’t resurrect Western Civilization; we just have to figure out what the new one is going to be.

    My daughter, 19, having grown up surrounded by evangelicals, recently told me that for millennials the most important issue is gay “marriage.” It did not surprise me; I wrote a book that predicted it.

    So, I can be disgusted with the likes of Cornel West, and laugh at his inanities, but I can’t laugh at where we are going as a culture, that he is taken seriously. We are at a tipping point.

    I’ve always found it odd that Obama is considered by black people “African American” (an appellation I absolutely despise, incidentally–if any people have the right to be considered altogether American, it’s them). If one is to believe his fake history, after all, he has no slave blood. But even if Frank Marshal Davis (or Malcolm X) is his real father, he grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. He knows nothing of the life black people in America have shared. Yet, the likes of West participate in the charade. Why? Because of hatred for what used to be the West.

    Is Cornel West stupid? Obviously not. He knows what Obama is not. Obama is precisely as “African American” as I am, and West knows it. But there power has been set in motion, a triumphalism, and these folk are thrilled by it. It doesn’t matter how many lies that motion accompanies. They’re loving it.

  4. “Setting aside the craven logic of blowback […]?” This kind of assumption can only be followed by fiction, with all due respect to our host.

    Of course West is a distraction. His failure to teach 9/11 for the transparently covered false flag that it is is more than sufficient to prove it. Once humanity has passed over this silly 9/11 hump, PhD theses will be written on how West supported the 9/11 censorship.

    In the meantime, intelligent and discerning people will patiently promote mistrust of West and his fellow 9/11 censors, one neuron at a time.


    1. That rabbit hole is like a mine shaft! Once we have gotten over that “hump” we have revealed so many myths that we must build a new civilisation. But it is inevitable that it will happen. It is however a multi generational project…that is underway.

  5. We are NOT experiencing the ‘twilight of humanity;’ we are experiencing the twilight of the Western tradition of the White Man. China is currently replacing US power as the leading world power historically, and the decline of White power, and the transformation of the US into a non-White country, has elicited the vast ignorance, vulgarity, and delusion of the White Man.

    It is not the American government that is the primary historical problem, but the White capitalist oligarchy that controls the government and the corporations that institutionally rule us. In their media, schools, universities, churches and other truth institutions, they have promoted a White truth tradition historically that has deranged the consciousness of the White American population, and American non-Whites as well.

    The current racism of White cops shooting Blacks, and other Whites, political and non-political, shooting unarmed African Americans, which may be staged by American power to increase racial conflict for power purposes, is driven culturally by the fear of losing White power. Whites are mostly against de-legitimating racist symbols like the Confederate Flag, although it not only supports racism, but in both the USA and in Europe is widely regarded as a fascist symbol by the other fascist and right wing organs and parties.

    Cornel West was also attacked by the Boston police when the lock on his door jammed and he tried to unjam it. He was induced to leave his home and was arrested on his front porch for ‘disorderly conduct.’ The policeman who arrested him was wildly cheered by the other police at a following convention in Long Beach, California. This rant against West and Obama is the academic equivalent of the police attack.

  6. This type rhetoric doesn’t quite have the push it used to. Today everybody is a slave as we move toward the UN global plantation. I always enjoyed Russell Means.


    Russell Means, Welcome To The Reservation! (note I am no fan of Alex Jones)

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LA-S64QY3o&w=560&h=315%5D

    Slavery was indeed practiced by many blacks also, a fact well hidden by American dictators of history.

    According to federal census reports, on June 1, 1860 there were nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United States, with fewer than four million of them living in the southern slaveholding states.

    Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves. Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. Black Duke University professor John Hope Franklin recorded that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.

    In 1860 there were at least six Negroes in Louisiana who owned 65 or more slaves. The largest number, 152 slaves, were owned by the widow C. Richards and her son P.C. Richards, who owned a large sugar cane plantation.

    Another Negro slave magnate in Louisiana, with over 100 slaves, was Antoine Dubuclet, a sugar planter whose estate was valued at (in 1860 dollars) $264,000.

    In Charleston, South Carolina in 1860, 125 free Negroes owned slaves; six of them owning 10 or more. Of the $1.5 million in taxable property owned by free Negroes in Charleston, more than $300,000 represented slave holdings. In North Carolina 69 free Negroes were slave owners.

    1. Very good post. This little poem sums everything up and is very clear. I always post a sign like this on my lawn at election time:

      Left vs. Right = Fake!
      Liberal vs. Conservative = Fake!
      Democrat vs. Republican = Fake!
      The State vs. You = Real!

  7. I have read this post 6 times today, and my mouth still hangs open. It is not the longest piece I have ever read here, but it is the best I have ever read here. No Comment.

  8. Just another promise Barack Obama promised he would not do broken:
    Play the Race card.

    Oh well. I’ve more important issues to tend to. My sock drawer needs to be organized…..

    1. That Americans still fail to realize Obama is the Destroyer remains the ultimate proxy for our upcoming destruction and marginalization in the world. One can only gasp at the horrors of our political cesspool and realize that unless we wake up, we are dead. I’ve been around a long time and never, ever would imagine this nation could self destruct thanks to Americans that can’t spell the word “America”. The obviousness of Obama and his hidden cabal are far from abstruse, yet the majority of Americans still think this bacillus is harmless. Americans won the nation, Americans are losing the nation in horrible fashion. What do we use as excuses now?

  9. you are quite right, professor Tracy, I was confusing West with Gates, one of whose books I liked very much. I’m unfamiliar with West’s work. But apparently West has been attacking Obama for selling out the people. I don’t understand how you can attack both West and Obama when they apparently have different, indeed opposite, political positions.

    1. Their positions are alternately the same and different. Remember that these are both professional troublemakers, instigators, activists. Being happy with a position and sitting on it is less desirable to them than the constant agitation that empowers them both. If they get stagnant, they lose all their power, thusly they keep up with the aggrieved mien so they can stay relevant.

  10. When I think back to my education on American History in public schools, I am angered by how much was left out, especially on people like Columbus and Lincoln. Columbus from his own writings recorded the butchery visited on the people of Esponola, chopping off people’s hands? That’s a pretty big crime against humanity that was never mentioned in history class. Lincoln is another historical figure, his evil deeds never mentioned are a sin of omission… Suspending the writ of habeas corpus and defied the supreme court’s declaration of his actions as unconstitutional. He should have been impeached for that and the public school history books never mentioned it. Just like they did not mention we started the war with Mexico and every other war we were suckered into by the war profiteers. I wonder what lies the current public school children are being fed about 911 today? The lies we ate with breakfast on that fateful day.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQvl7Lfr5y8

    another interview were immediate family relatives show no signs of shock and inconsolable sorrow, no tears and where the interviewer looks more grief stricken than the family of the dead. It reminds me of “Broadcast News” where the camera goes on the interviewer to show his pain (William Hurt) and tears to shamelessly illicit a emotional response from the audience. In this case the dead girl’s family does not appear grief stricken, so the interviewer fills in the blank spot in the story

    1. black dude reporter laughs, then says “you can understand why people are upset”… why would that need to be said? It just does not fit. It’s like a throw away line. They forgot the director’s chairs.

  12. Russia was ruled by the same psychopaths. It became common knowledge of the people that something was wrong, they stopped working as hard and derided the authorities. In some places in east Germany those who ran the restaurants told customers to make their own food!

    Russia is going in a new direction now but only after a total bread down of the system. Of course the wall fell and the oligarchs were ravaging the country buying industry for pennies on the dollar, most fronts for Rothschild. But then something happened. They are not out of the woods yet but this is the best explanation as to what is going on in Russia I have seen.


    Related posts


  13. The most fascinating thing concerning this post was the “hermetically sealed KGB, or a KGB within the KGB that knew others were plants. This infers that Putin was playing the role of a triple agent. He was first in his class.

    It infers Putin was involved in enough shady deals to earn the trust of oligarchs who were looting Russia.

    So what (Sun Tzu) he’s saying is that the Ends Justify the Means. And this the thought, this is Putin’s mind.

    “And the thing is he (Putin) is a person with his own clear sense of person-hood. This has been written about, there was a book written ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’, by John Perkins, and he wrote that there are certain types of personalities, a psychological profile, there are certain personality types of world leaders who cannot be corrupted. They what are called incorruptible. They are incorruptible men. They are people of purpose, they might have a profound spiritual component, or they might just have a profound sense of justice or purpose. And they cannot be bought off, and they are not afraid of death so they cannot be threatened with death. ”

    So there appears to be a difference between the Byzantine mind and others of the west. It looks 15 to 20 moves ahead. America is in deep trouble. To have a working knowledge of how bad it is, one must realize that that American alphabet agencies draw their checks from the IMF, American social security numbers are set in the City of London and the law books refer to America as a bankrupt corporation. We owe 18 trillion dollars.

  14. SIX Southern black churches were attacked by arsonists since the Charleston event:


    I recommend everyone read Dr. Perloff’s MHB wire-linked article on 15 Questions on the Charleston shooting.

    The FBI & Co. have done this before. 20 percent of the KKK were PAID FBI INFORMANTS at the height of the civil rights era. These included the recruitment of known killers including Gary Thomas Rowe who was the trigger man in the Schwemer, Goodman, and Chaney murders, as well as the murderer of Viola Liuzzo. There is a history of sociopathy amongst American criminalized intelligence agencies, and, none of these false flags/drills are beyond their perfidy. It has been over half a century since JFK refused the declassified false flag called Operation Northwoods, and, was accordingly murdered along the plot line of Seven Days in May (a book he was given by the author before his assassination).

  15. The police state being installed in the USA under the War on Terror has been referred to by John Pilger and others as ‘Democratic fascism.’ War and repression are imposed by an unaccountable power system under the guise of an historical Election system, drained of people power, legitimated as Freedom&Democracy. Although racism is a crucial part of this imposition, including the current incipient race war, I don’t think this is the best way to characterize it.

    The difference is television. Al Gore, in THE ASSAULT ON REASON, argued that the prevalence of delusion in the current American truth consensus was a consequence of the substitution of tv for print. This substituted the image for the idea, previously argued by Mary McCarthy the novelist, and the vivid and compelling images of tv allowed American power to manipulate the American people to believe absurdities. By excluding truths offensive to power, it also acted as a truth police ideologically repressing simple obvious truths that clashed with the official truth.

    Therefore the mass rallies of the Nazis and the other fascists were not necessary, the American consciousness could be deranged in their homes. Instead of mobilizing the people behind power, American power DEMOBILIZED the people, allowing power to divide and rule. This allowed them to impose an Orwellian untruth on the population, where the Proclaimed truth was precisely contrary to the reality-based truth. For example, American power justified the Terror War as fighting terrorism while itself being the major source of violence and terror in the world.

    Under Orwellian terror, the oligarchy and their corporations dominated the government, rather than the state dominating the economy. This is referred to ideologically as Free Enterprise. It included the corporate media, or Free Press.

    I think a better characterization of the American despotism being imposed on the American people is an Orwellian terror state. The terror makes people afraid to resist the violence, subjugation and inequality, which is justified by the Orwellian untruth which people are afraid to defy. The current increase in White racist violence diverts attention from the imposition of despotism on all peoples, including Whites of course. This political distraction was formerly achieved by low intensity war which a weakened American imperialism can no longer engage in with land armies. Now the atrocities of foreign affairs are produced by bombing, death squads, and proxies, as well as mass spying.

    This is a different form of terror than traditional fascism, a Freedom fascism. Although it may be that the traditional form will be installed as well, should the current demobilized terror prove insufficient.

  16. The production in SC did not quite go as planned, this is not a racist state and while we do have our share of poor, minorities are the majority and have earned many positions of power. SC has the first black republican Senator, an Indian governor and the Bible belt leaders have their congregations in control.

    This funeral was a sickening propaganda piece shown on practically every channel. I was held captive in the hospital but did manage to find a golf channel. Had to look up the over the top advertised singing of my all time favorite gospel song “Amazing Grace.” Not only was it butchered, but he was once foam but now found! That might explain it all!


    We have many subsets of slaves today that they hope to keep distracted long enough not to notice. We are chained by our jobs, excessive taxes, drugs prescribed or not, poverty pushers, legal infanticide and propaganda bombarding us from every angle.
    How many voters believe the government will magically forgive their student loans that many have no hope of ever paying back?


    1. http://www.npr.org/2015/06/29/418490411/arsonists-hit-6-black-churches-in-5-southern-states

      Here we go:

      You shoud read the comments from these NPR readers…They have NO clue whats happening.

      Then…. SPLC steps in with this rubbish:
      Richard Cohen is the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he says the recent burnings of black churches throughout the South are “very, very suspicious.” DUH

      “Black churches have long been the focus of civil rights activity,” Cohen told NPR. “And for this reason they’ve been targeted historically.”

      Hey NPR readers: it’s an Alphabet Agency burning your churches down dummies…wake up.

      I’m sure there’s some insurance fraud to….

      1. “Hey NPR readers: it’s an Alphabet Agency burning your churches down dummies…wake up.

        I’m sure there’s some insurance fraud to….”

        Absolutely. The FBI has a longstanding 20 percent informant target recruitment for groups on its radar ranging from the Klan to mafia, eco-terrorists, etc. The “steering” of the groups, led by their inside criminal informants, toward prosecutable offenses, is where the action’s at. Whether its lynchings, arson, police shootings, etc., the invisible hand of the feds, greasing the wheels, is always in the background. They know their assets and their targets can only guess who the assets are. Because of this informational advantage they can steer criminal activities, through minority control, and, make these groups implode (the old adage that you can tell who the FBI informant is because they will volunteer to provide the bomb). The whole intelligence community is based on the big lie, zero accountability/oversight not even the most rudimentary sense of scruples.

      2. My First suspect to question would be
        Richard Cohen the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
        He says the recent burnings of black churches throughout the South are “very, very suspicious.” Oh yes they are SPLC Boy Wonder.

        I bet you know what organization(s) and agenda is behind it all.

        Case Closed

      3. I said the American Flag would be next.

        They were gonna just burn the Southern Flag and then said, “what the heck, let’s Just just move on to what they told us they really wanted”.

        “The event originally was aimed at burning the Confederate flag, but later changed to focus on the stars and stripes.”

        “For they know Not what they do”

    2. I read an article today that seemed to lay the cards on Obama’s Muslim origins quite well. He’s not an African slave black, but was a child deriving back from the Arab slave owners he springs from. People just love to shower him with epithets denouncing his “African American” roots, but apparently some feel he is largely or mostly Arab.
      Some years ago, perhaps 50 or so, Gunnar Myrdahl wrote a book called “The American Dilemma”, a book about the black issues that pervade our society. It is more relevant today than ever before.
      I just never realized there were so many people who fervently sought the end of the US and the world. It’s a totally insane world, what will be left for our children/grandchildren? Total serfdom?

  17. Way O/T but did anyone hear tonight in the western sky Jupiter and Venus will align until the fourth of of July and form a huge star in the sky?

    NASA is saying it may be the “Star of Bethlehem” for this hasn’t occurred since 2 or 3 AD…..

    Lots of Celestial Events going this summer…..

    1. I am disappointed to say it, but, West is just another New World Order communist agitator. If he has any real beefs with Obama, it is because Obama has not been far enough to the left in giving free handouts to the “poor”, ie, mostly lazy gutter snipes who cannot compete in the free market capitalist system due to their lack of motivation, drug and alcohol addiction and other irresponsible behavior. To hell with Cornell West.

  18. I see what it is. The racist violence endorsed by Pendantic, Ric, and the other commenters, under the aegis of professor Tracy, is done in defense of a heritage identify. The identity of White Americans include an identification with violent racism, which is why the majority of Americans, as polls have shown, favor torture, capital punishment, a high respect for the military, a majority favoring police, while congress, the presidency, and the other institutions of government are disrespected, justifiably in my opinion because they are so corrupt. But so are the military, police, and the law.

    The heritage identity of an American is formed largely in youth by their family; the schools, universities, and other learned bureaucracies; the churches; and the corporate media, or Free Press. Americans are incessantly told and taught that American power is Good, while implicitly being conditioned to conceive the people, and especially non-Whites as bad. Since America has been ruled historically by a White oligarchy, and indoctrinated ideologically by a White professional class, The American truth tradition historically has been a White truth tradition.

    Therefore an identity as a Patriotic American is conflated with being a White racist American. In the South, especially in an historically racist state like South Carolina–the first state to secede from the union in the civil war–the identity of being a Southern American more explicitly involves anti-Black bigotry, the current incipient race war triggering deep identity feelings. The racism directed against dark-skinned Muslims is being successfully diverted to the traditional anti-Black bigotry. The White cops shooting unarmed Blacks, the racial atrocities, and the burning of Black churches possibly being staged by American power in an coordinated way.

    This race war supports the Freedom fascism that is being imposed on the American people by American power. To resist it, it is necessary to somehow transform the heritage identity of Americans, rather than the racist drivel that this identify produces. But how does one do that, when the American truth institutions are incessantly supporting it? Especially when the religious racism largely opposes reason and the reality-based truth.
    It is necessary to transform American political culture, and we are living at a time in history when this is both ideologically, politically, and conceptually feasible. It is first necessary to integrate the fragmented conceptual language with holistic conceptual structures to enable the population to connect the historical truths. The conceptual language is restricted and fragmented precisely to prevent this.

    Since Americans have been indoctrinated to be so pathologically irrational–polls over the last three decades have shown nearly a majority of Americans reject evolution, believing God created people within the last ten thousand years–a cultural movement must be transnational, including people from less ideologically irrational societies.
    I think such an historical movement is feasible in the 21st century as America decays culturally, and the non-White societies gain power historically.

    1. I am Truly offended Folk-Mark.

      I am NOT a Racist. Everyone on the Left, Blacks included are the Racists. And all the Dumb self-hating whites and Jews who claim they are NOT white (what a joke) are the true Racists.

      We have done everything possible, Look at the last 25 years after the Los Angeles Riots. I was HERE. I lived it

      Hollywood decided every TEE VEE commercial from diapers( the black baby boy with the white baby girl) to the Drama shows would feature the Black as the smart one.

      The chief of police, the mayor. the scientist who figured it out, all the way to the President were presented as “the smart ones”.

      Even Music. We all sat back and watched this everyday and NEVER said a word. We Knew, We hoped for the best.

      In 2008 when the people decided “let’s do this”, we can end all this.
      AND, He promised never to “go there” as he’s doing now we felt a sigh of relief. Short lived.

      Not a month later the race Baiters (knowing their racist money days were over) moved in and were saying ” you think you’re off the hook?”
      Terrible , Just terrible. You should of been in my shoes.

      King O held out for a while and now all this? He never says a word of all the bad stuff that is Really happening in the inner cities.

      We are NOT stupid, and I wish my Brothers( not allowed, must call Cousin” ) would wake up and realize they are being used by very Rich and Evil People. They will get NOTHING out of this but MORE pain.

      Race Relations were the BEST they had ever been before HIM. (trying to stay of moderation but I will be)

      All this Nonsense, Violence, Socking old ladies in the head, Raiding stores and stealing everything and just plain Violence has destroyed 45 years of progress. Thats what the so called “Progressives” want.

      If you can’t see this you are truly blind. This whole Racist up rising ignores every fact and this Racist agenda benefits Blacks ZERO, but moves the left agenda where we can all be slaves together.

      We can all hang together against is ploy or hang together in the Gallows. We are all heading to the NWO Orders Plantation.

      Wake Up.

      Your all being used by very Wealthy people who care less about your plight.

      Folk, I truly say this from my Heart. I’m NOT a Racist and I want Freedom and the Best for everyone. But Whites have been the Most discriminated people in America since the sixties. There’s nothing More we can do. Now ALL this..Really?

      I am Truly Offended for I have NEVER called you a Racist and you have said so many things that I would expect from only from a Racist.


      If Farrakhan has 2 milliomn followers and he is a know Racist does that make his followers Racist?

      Answer: No. Only White People can be Racists……what a joke

      If this comments see the light of day, I’ll have some faith in Humanity

      1. Congratulations Ric, you have joined the ranks of us “racists” according to Mark(Folkliar). Arguing with him is a complete waste of time. He has already gotten from you what he wants. He is an accomplished self loather, and slanderer(libel, now that its in print). When he is bored and wants to stir up some action, he strikes out at anyone who doesn’t display the proper self hate for being white. Responding only nourishes his demons.

      2. I appreciate your response, Ric. I write here to clarify my ideas before presenting them more formally (both folktruther and Mark are pseudo-names) and the non-intellectual responses are sometimes most enlightening. I did not understand, in the present example, that you did not know that you were racist and did not think of yourself in that way. Indeed, were opposed to it and rejected the notion, while simultaneously making racist comments.

        This occurs because the Proclaimed truth of Power, in Orwellian truth institutions is often precisely contrary historical reality-based truth seen from a people’s perspective. As an obvious example, the War on Terror is justified by American power as a fight against Terrorism, while American power itself is the greatest state source of violence and terrorism on our planet. American power claims to support Freedom and Human Rights while imprisoning the largest number and proportion of people of any country.

        People internalize both the Proclaimed truth and the operative reality-based truth. As you do. Our consciousness reflects the doubletruth of the Proclaimed and operative in the American mainstream truth tradition. This creates Orwell’s famous concept of DOUBLETHINK, the ability to hold two incompatible ideas in our heads at the same, and to believe both of them. Your ability to think of yourself as not being racist while espousing racist truths and values is an example of the doublethink.

        But this is by no means limited to American White people, but racism, or what I will refer to as geo-racism, is common throughout history in every country. Indeed, politics can be thought of as the conflict of geo-races, including nations. Class conflict occurs only within a geo-race or, in imperialism, against the people of another country or geo-race.

        White racism is currently crucial because it occurs in the USA, the major world power of the 20th century. Washington is currently sponsoring it in the Ukraine by training and supporting Ukrainian Nazis against the Russian speaking population. A White people. In the USA, the traditional racist violence against dark skinned Muslims is currently being extended to African Americans. The White cops shooting unarmed Blacks, the racist massacre in the church, the burning of Black churches, are all part of this intensified racism.

        In my opinion, I don’t think it is sufficient to impose a despotism of Freedom fascism in the USA, because it does not have a sufficient economic basis. it reminds me of the Know Nothing movement of the pre-civil war directed against Irish and German Catholic immigrants, although it is not driven so much by ignorance as stupidity. Including academic stupidity, since the American schools and universities have always taught and told a racist narrative. And the chief exponents of American Democratic liberalism, notably Jefferson and Jackson, were ardent racists. Consequently American liberalism has been a racist liberalism.

        I’m glad you are offended, Ric, but being called a racist, but, as you see, I am conceiving it in historical perspective. The historical truth is easy to intellectually understand if presented by from a people’s perspective, but emotionally very difficult to accept. But not wanting to be racist is a beginning to not being one.

        1. I just want to Thank You Folk/Mark(pseudo-names) for the FREE Therapy.

          I didn’t know I was born a Racist.
          Like Born gay?
          Are Black People Born racists too?
          How about Asians and Indians?

          Could you direct me to the nearest “White Privilege Center” so I can get my “special” EBT card (minorities don’t know about) and all the “Goodies” I get for being a Racist?

          Unbelievable.. You People really believe this ?

          This is whats wrong……………..

        2. Ric, occasionally Mark finds himself capable of saying outrageous stupidity that is not Damon Wayans gibberish, just plain-talking asininity. In those instances, I’m reminded of Eddie Murphy’s Mr White: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/james-brown-celebrity-hot-tub-party/n9133

          Mark wants us to believe that skit is really true. Of course, just like any black race hustler, Mark doesn’t honestly believe there is such a thing as “white supremacy” embedded in the hearts of all white people. He knows as well as Al Sharpton that the only real racism is in the hearts of black people, and that the best way to get whitey to give them free stuff is to turn the tables, and lie, making good heated white people question themselves, feel ashamed of the “racism” they feel but can’t detect in themselves (because it’s imaginary), and hand over the goods.

          Mark, being white, is what is known in the trade as a traitor of his class. He gets a kick out of destroying his own social sector–which means us, too. It’s a pathology with only one possible cure: really getting to know the Bible. With God, all things are possible.

        3. Pat, are you kidding me?

          Folk’s a lefty Self-Hating White Man?..HaHa

          UN-curable Mental Disorder

  19. Before I lay into you in the areas where we disagree, let me first identify a key point where we are very much in agreement. Here is a paragraph of yours which I can fully endorse:

    “The slavemaster corporate elite who control the global cartels–Soros, Gates, Buffett and their cohorts at Davos, Bilderberg and other fora–are Obama’s true overseers. So too are they the real “Niggerizers” of the world population, as evidenced in what is known thus far concerning such pending “trade agreements” and the feudalistic system their authors intend to implement.”

    Bravo. Right on the money.

    Now let me see if I can surmise a few further points on which we presumably agree, judging by some of the excellent posts and links that I have read on your site: We agree that the transnational slave masters, O’Bumma’s true overseers, have been manipulating and staging racialy charged events around the Travon Martin case, Ferguson, Baltimore, and now Charelston, correct? We concur that the powers that be are intent upon fomenting racial strife and inflaming racial hostility among both blacks AND whites, a fact that can be easily deduced from their staged psyop media events, correct?

    Assuming we are on the same page thus far, holding that crucial insight foremost in mind – that the transnational slave masters are doing their utmost to fan the flames of racial strife and discord, that they are no doubt doing so as a means to divide, distract, decieve, and conquer the credulous masses – black and white, liberal, conservative, and libertarian, I have to ask you one simple question. Why on earth do you keep posting these pieces on COMPARATIVELY trivial side issues that are guaranteed to fan the flames of racial strife and discord? In effect, why are you acting in a way that clearly aids the obvious agenda of the deep state in this crucial respect?

    Don’t you think that, perhaps, now is not an opportune moment in history in which to indulge your personal venom on matters that are of much lesser consequence than exposing the deep state’s psyops/propaganda campaign?

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