SC_ShootingOn the late afternoon of Friday June 19 the Obama Justice Department led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced it will “fast track” $29 million to victim families of the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, Reuters reports. The exorbitant payout amounts to over $3.2 million per family.

As widely reported in corporate news media, a prominent victim of the tragic shooting was career South Carolina political leader and Democratic Party operative Senator Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney was also pastor of the AME Church, and alongside Pickney four of the slain–Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, and Daniel Simmons Sr,–were AME reverends and officers.

“The massive Gothic structure” housing Charleston’s AME Church “suffers from severe structural deterioration resulting primarily from termite infestation” Church administrators were thus in dire need of funds for such repairs, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History observed in 2014.

Veteran 19-Year South Carolina Legislator Senator Clementa Pinckney [Image Credit: CNN]
DOJ spokesman Kevin Lewis stated that the funds are intended to “help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston.”

An unknown portion of the money will be sent under the US national Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant program, and may be used to provide services to the shooting victims’  families, the DOJ’s Lewis said.

The tragic church shooting took place on the same day Lynch was officially sworn in to office as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

Between June 15 and 19, 2015 the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston was conducting The Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program, “designed to provide a field training agent or officer with high quality training and instill the analytical knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for the highest proficiency in this specialized field,” the course description reads. “The course takes Active Shooter Threat Tactics Training to the next level by emphasizing leadership, teach backs, and adult learning as well as the traditional technical skills needed by field training officers and special agents.”

President Obama meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the Oval Office, April 27, 2015. [Image Credit: Official White House Photo]
In the wake of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre event overseen by the Department of Homeland Security Eric Holder’s DOJ funneled at least 9 million in federal money via the DOJ to the Newtown community for alleged services to victims’ families and the “trauma” experienced by first responders (e.g. here, here and here).

Such funding bolstered an unprecedented $50 million allocated by Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy for the construction of a new Sandy Hook Elementary School contingent upon the leveling of the then-existing structure. Further, tens of millions were generated through a “Sandy Hook Charity Industry“–a vast array of independent charities purportedly soliciting funds on behalf of the families. The population of Newtown is 1,977, according to 2013 statistics.


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56 thought on “Obama DOJ in $29 Million Charleston Shooting Payout”
    1. Wow, that was very interesting and thoughtful. Of course – the Wild West in which restrictions are going to be applied to prevent “radicalization” – almost like a zombification process (like what they are saying about ISIS) – so the people who slip out of the brainwashing process can actually be a threat to the brainwashers – who knew? Well, the spectacles are there to provide us the teachable moment about the dangers of free thought.

      1. “P.S. I had read that Spinoza was excommunicated from his Sephardic Jewish community by such a rite (bell book and candle), but apparently such an official process was instituted by a Pope…”

        I believe the anomaly of Spinoza’s expulsion was that is was for life. Similar expulsions occurred in the Jewish Dutch community, but were for a set time, usually in years. Another testament to the power of contrarian ideas. In the context of social control mechanisms, the social marginalization of those who investigate government conspiracy is often akin to a shunning. This has been a common practice for centuries within cults and religious organizations alike. It is a milder form of group aggression against dissenters than is mobbing (more like a passive aggressive group response than an anti-social one).

  1. Naomi Wolf on False Flags/Fake News/Government Conspiracy and Marginalization of Conspiracy Researchers:

    “I’m skeptical of certain news events that seem more theatrical than the norm.” at 6:38-6:42.

    “My feeling about [the BMB and other theatrical events] is that we need to get all the footage ourselves…we need to interview doctors…we need to interview victims…we need to train citizens to be journalists so we are not leaving it to the gatekeepers.”

    Wolf is a true American Patriot. She is very tuned into the current and historical role of official lies, and deceit of the public by intelligence agencies, to destroy the public’s knowledge of key events, and, ruin any semblance of an informed citizenry.

    1. What a great presentation by Naomi Wolf of the central problem of our time in which the American public is targeted for manufactured consent. She creates an excellent historic foundation and the refutation of the idea “it can’t happen here.” I will say that in Boston, there are faux interviews with “victims” and doctors, there is the need to build up the facade convincingly enough, because the city has so many opinion-makers, and no expense can be spared to produce verisimilitude. Wolf argues for rational processes of verification of any of these stories, while showing at the same time the actual history of bogus ones (like the decapitated water skier that nobody ever heard of in the region where it was said to have happened). I know she is on to what is happening, though. She simply wants people to adopt more sales resistance and skepticism, but is not sanguine about breaking down the “theatrical spectacle” any time soon. She’s totally hip though, and will not flatter power by conceding too much. I am glad to see her career have survived thus far, and that, unlike many entertainers who also can see through theatricality and know things are hoaxes, she is very good at stepping around those who would crown her with a tinfoil hat and make jokes about her talking points. She avoids giving them sound bites. Smart.

    2. PeaceFrog, thanks for posting this; I hadn’t seen it. Also great comment, musings. Beautiful “precis” of the video. Smart. 🙂

      I was struck by her demeanor when she’s first asked the question. She knows how profound an effect her speaking on this will have; she keeps taking deep breaths and saying, “Let me step back.” And then she does step back in history and deliver a contextualized, measured brief on why we’d be, in her word, “crazy” not to question these theatrics. Kind of a breakthrough.

      Oh, also loved her thought on the law allowing the use of propaganda on US citizens, to the effect that, “They passed it, didn’t you think they would use it?”

      1. “I was struck by her demeanor when she’s first asked the question. She knows how profound an effect her speaking on this will have; she keeps taking deep breaths and saying, “Let me step back.”

        I’ve communicated with several academics in which the issue of conspiracy was touched upon. My sincere belief is that Wolf is being very brave here. Most academics who write mainstream articles, publish peer-reviewed journal papers, etc., are much more meek when confronted with anything in the realm of “conspiracy theory”. In my opinion, Wolf is taking a deep breath and contemplating that the truth may not set her free, but rather, stigmatize her with the crowning of a tin-foil hat. She already has a “conspiracy theory” subsection on Wikipedia:

        Let’s hope that her bravery persists in fighting the good fight!

        1. Yes, let’s.

          I urge everyone to visit the link in PeaceFrog’s comment,and read about the pressure put on Naomi Wolf for daring to request a second source in news stories.

        2. Just read the entry about her in Wikipedia and wonder if it as carefully sourced as it should be – after all that is what her critics always claim about her own statements. Is it really true that she “believes” there is an imminent coup d’etat in the works – or is she warning that laws are in place that might allow it, while false events are being set forth to push us towards policies desired by the powerful? I for one am glad that not everyone is happy in the boiling frog treatment process.

          There is a world of difference between a fixed belief that some event is nigh, and the stance that we must question everything.

          One line in the Wikipedia article expresses the criticism that she does not take official history at face value. It quotes Mark Nuckols in the Atlantic over her “recurring disregard for the historic record.” (Garbage in, Garbage out?)

          Wikipedia also quotes her as questioning whether a former NSA employee (Snowden) might have ties to his former organization while he lives in exile in Russia. Well, duh. Double agents happen.

          It’s basically an extremely biased entry, on the subject of her supposed recent (menopausal?) forays into “conspiracy theory.” But in fact she has been talking about human liberty all along, hasn’t she? Women’s liberty and comfort in her own skin, and the liberty not to be bothered by an intrusive government. I consider this a long term concern for her. If anything, she has not sold out like the cowards who make up the intellectual classes. And unlike them, she has not entirely abandoned all hope in exchange for fame and privilege as long as one licks a sufficient quantity of spittle.

          Perhaps one of her greatest sins is in trying to understand the Muslim world and not necessarily believing we are there to “liberate” Muslim women. Has she been excommunicated like Spinoza, by bell, book and candle? Do some regard her as an apostate? Well, I think we remember Spinoza (some of us), but do we remember the religious authorities to expelled him? I think not. And so it is, ultimately, for truth-tellers without worldly power, at least once in awhile.

        3. P.S. I had read that Spinoza was excommunicated from his Sephardic Jewish community by such a rite (bell book and candle), but apparently such an official process was instituted by a Pope – although perhaps it was done in imitation of earlier such expulsions by Jewish community leaders when one of their number refused to accept dogmas and practices or made some “scandal” – the 17th century didn’t only hold witch trials, but they had lots of turmoil over belief. I have often thought of that phenomenon when the tinfoil hat is applied – much like other symbols of exclusion on the basis of differing beliefs or denial of dogmas.

        4. I think, and have thought for a while now, that she is an honest and thoughtful woman. She dislikes being misunderstood. I can relate to that. She is knowledgable and, with knowledgable people it is often difficult to know where to begin an explanation.

          If you over-explain, you insult your audience. If they don’t have the background that you do, they may not understand your points. She is not afraid to have her own opinions. She has suffered much criticism from the cookie-cutter variety of polemicists.

          I think that with Naomi you get what she believes is the truth. She is not selling someone else’s ideas. I admire that. She has been fearless in the past. She knows what is likely to happen with anything she says.

          It is one thing to disagree with her, quite another to try to shut her up. She has learned that there is no point in arguing with someone like that. If the audience wants to here her thoughts, she’ll provide them. If some want to ridicule, they should do that on their own, not at her appearances.

          I think she provides a service for those with open minds. If someone goes to her presentations expecting to hear Amy Goodwin, they will be disappointed. I say good.

        5. I saw that video long ago.
          Naomi Wolf didn’t want to go “there” but she did.
          I was amazed.
          She handled it like the Pro she is.
          I was worried for her but respected here for every word.
          I’ve never heard about the backlash but I knew it was coming.
          That piece should be shown in every college teaching journalism in the nation but it won’t.

          That’s the Wrong message

  2. so every time there’s a mass slaughter, money flows like wine? If they wanted to cover the funeral and travel expenses, that would be one thing. But 29 million is obscene!

    1. @derek: No, only at selected “mass slaughters”. The mass slaughters that occur in Chicago every week don’t even get comments from Obama.

      Organizing these events & getting ppl to keep quiet/act costs a lot of $$.

      Also, this redistribution of wealth will have other purposes, undoubtedly, and help finance/create support for very specific agendas.

    2. Do the blacks at the church and the black victims’ families take this Obama money readily as some sort of retribution or some justified payment to them due to the horror of the “event” or are they complicit in this baloney event? Are they being “had”? Are they so unsophisticated that they take the money gladly in lieu of losing their family members? Or, are they just complicit and are they merely exercising their newfound abilities as chaos actors?
      When you entertain thoughts that Obama is spectacularly evil, remember that the famous Bob Foote aka Gordon Duff can’t get enough of Obama. He thinks Obama is a wonderful guy even thought Foote/Duff is a spectacular shill of NWO and is an impostor of little accomplishment unlike his bloviated verbiage that praises him as immensely accomplished and magnificent.
      Even the alternative channels of communication are being saturated with lies and propaganda. As others state so clearly, “until Americans see the devastation just around the corner, there is little or no hope” for this nation. We are tottering on the edge of destruction as we speak, are we down for the count?

      1. Of course! They just think they DESERVE that mo-ney!
        They’ve been taught to be the victim from the moment they enter Pubic School Prisons. The duping of the sheeple begins in Pubic schools (not public). The federally approved Dept of Education books piece out certain facts of our history, then leave out the most important truth, blend in lies, and voilà! You have a Rothschild Empire imprisonment indoctrination robotic sheeple, that will repeat the propaganda and believe the govt does not lie to their offspring. The cycle just keeps repeating!

        1. Foote is more than a legend in his own time. He’s patently an operative of the US government, he’s on some payrolls down in DirtyTown. As such, for quite some time I’ve had huge doubts about him and his detritic diatribes. He rants on and on about his limitless influences all over the world. This man has to be watched very carefully, he’s not to be trusted.

  3. this payout stinks to high heaven like Sandy Hook did. This event is not being covered by the press, it is being leveraged to the hilt.

  4. What on earth would we do without you Dr. Tracy?
    Thank heavens I can turn from this media theater production and the “shock” of everyone around me and know I can find the research, links and comments I need to fell less alone.
    And thank you to all the commenters for the great links and shared real outrage. I love you all.
    Poor kid, I bet he thought he was just doing a crisis acting job and now is a real live patsy. He made some great mean faces for the cameras didn’t he?
    His will be the only real murder in this scenario.

  5. Church where 9 people allegedly slaughtered is fully investigated, cleared & “cleaned” in less than three (3) days so mass can be allowed this past weekend, as reported by MSM… How amazing is that… Well add this to the list of Capstone events I assume…& if U get ur family member killed by a nut ball alone anywhere else but a church or school, well, you’ll get ALL the bills…if they are killed with several other people by said nut ball in a church or school you get PAID… Big time…wink, wink!

    1. Sandy Hook victims families did not get money. It went to the Community and City. Boston Marathon victims and families did not get $$$ it went to the communities that were assisting in the care and rehab of those victims. This is the first one I heard where that money is going to victims family.

      1. Dear Beatrice,

        “Sandy Hook victims families did not get money.”

        Families of each of the 26 students killed in the December shooting rampage will receive $281,000, a committee tasked with distributing the money announced at a town meeting on Thursday, according to Hartford (Conn.) Courant.

        “Boston Marathon victims and families did not get $$$….”

        The charity fund established after the Boston Marathon bombings awarded $60.9 million Friday to victims of the attacks, including maximum payments of nearly $2.2 million each to two double amputees and the families of the four people slain.

        Fourteen other people who lost single limbs will receive nearly $1.2 million each. In all, 232 victims will receive payments, said Camille Biros, deputy administrator of the One Fund Boston, which has been collecting public donations for the victims.

        The statistics that accompany the payments provide the best accounting to date of the human impact of the April 15 attack, though some injured people might not have applied for compensation. Authorities have said that more than 260 people were hurt in the blasts.

        Sixty-nine people who were hospitalized for at least one night will receive six-figure payouts that range from $125,000 for the 18 people who spent one or two nights in a medical facility to $948,000 for the 10 victims who spent 32 nights or more. Some members of that group are still in rehab hospitals.

        An additional 143 people who were treated at hospitals but did not require admission will receive $8,000 each, Biros said. The Washington Post.

      2. Bea: are you saying that Sandy Hook “victims” got NO money or no GOVERNMENT money? I remember a whole bunch of FundMe type sites set up by “friends” and “family” to directly benefit the families. Plus, several parents (Lenny Pozner, for one) bragged about having an open-door policy at the WH. I’m sure money changed hands at those meetings; otherwise, what’d be the point? A drink with the Prez after a couple hours of testifying for gun control? How fun!

  6. Some good insight on here, Yes,they want to control the internet… there is to much freedom on it.! .it is out of their control.. but for how long?.. Their agenda, people can’t have different opinions, No questions asked.. every one must think the same… just like the government says… eh.. No thank you.. I would love to know what percentage of people really believe all their events…

  7. Who are these two people seen heading up this thread?

    For an issue of nine dead in one fell swoop, they seem to be happily chatting with nary a tear nor sign of grief or angst.

    Strange indeed. Are they talking payout distribution?

    Just wondering….

    1. Hey, Marilyn
      So I looked up wordpress moderation and here’s the deal…

      “How Moderation Works
      WordPress runs a number of tests on each new comment before posting it to your blog. If a comment fails one of these tests, it is not displayed immediately on the site but is placed in a queue for moderation, the process of manual approval or deletion by the blog’s administrator.

      Controlling Moderation
      You can control which comments get held for moderation on your Settings Discussion SubPanel page, which is located under Settings → Discussion.

      If you would like every comment to be held for moderation, check the An administrator must approve the comment option, listed under Before a comment appears.

      If you would like to send suspicious comments to the moderation queue, while letting innocent comments through, you will need to specify a set of rules for determining which comments are suspicious. These rules are specified in on the Settings → Discussion > Comment Moderation.

      The first option is to hold comments for moderation if they contain an unusually large number of hyperlinks. Most normal comments contain at most one or two links while spam comments often have a large number. Look at your own comments and set this to a value that makes sense for your audience. (Note: In version 1.5.2, and possibly others, if you do not put a number in the comment moderation links box, in other words, if this box is completely blank, all anonymous comments (and possibly others) are sent to the Manage Comments SubPanel for moderation, even if the Discussion Options Subpanel has no restrictions set.)

      The second option is to specify a set of moderation keys which, if present in any part of the comment, will cause it to be held for moderation. These keys are specified one per line in the large text area, which is blank by default. Moderation keys can include Spam Words, swear words, IP addresses, and Regular Expressions.

      When you add a new moderation key, it’s a good idea to test its validity by checking previous comments. Simply use the link entitled Check past comments against moderation list, which is located underneath the text box containing moderation keys. This asks WordPress to check previous comments and tell you which ones would be flagged for moderation under your new set of keys.”

      There’s more at the codex.wordpress site, but basically there you have it.

      Actually, it seems like a pretty blunt instrument, which is probably why moderation doesn’t appear to make any sense to the comment writer.

      Now let’s see if this get puts in moderation.

      1. Thank you Toni for that in-depth discussion on Word Press/moderation. Something to think about.

        Good to find a heads-up compatriot.

        Marilyn Jay

  8. Oh, please! I wish some of the millions showered on staged events to quell leaks would trickle down to families deprived of paychecks by off-shoring jobs or competition by illegals.

    These hollow gestures by our leftist government with a global agenda are easily unmasked.

    Is it too much to ask our paid reps in D.C. to mind their vows to the US Constitution? The preamble starts with “We the People,” not we the gov or we the congress or (currently the case) we the UN…

    What happened to the new open Fridays’ posts? My piece on the UN was erased. It was a review of the bogus social engineering scam called “sustainability”–aka the equally renamed ruse now called, “smart growth.”

    The UN meets in secret to adopt these unproven programs and no one seems interested in calling them out.
    I want to know why. Am I being unreasonable?

  9. Seems that some places more than others requires a whole bunch of ‘federal money’ to aide in the .’grieving’ process…….disgusting politicians , may they all rot in hell…

  10. Toni wrote:
    “Oh, also loved her thought on the law allowing the use of propaganda on US citizens, to the effect that, ‘They passed it, didn’t you think they would use it?’ ”
    I remember hearing/reading about this law, but in my brief search I’ve been unable to pin it down. Can someone on this excellent blog please provide credible links to the specific legislation that authorized domestic use of propaganda against the US public? (Obviously, we are getting obliterated by it now.)
    Thank you!

    1. Hey, Eric Blair
      It’s actually an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act called the Thornberry-Smith Amendment. Here’s the text in a pdf:

      It’s meant to “modernize” the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which prohibits domestic access to government information intended for foreign audiences (e.g. Voice of America.) Supporters of the amendment call it a “cold war relic,” because, with the internet, Americans can now easily read information originating outside the U.S. The government is concerned that because American citizens are now part of the international audience, they will be forced to abridge their “information” to accord with Smith-Mundt regulations.

      Instead, they’d like to just make all government information, foreign and domestic, indistinguishable. The gist of their argument is that propaganda will not be produced FOR the American public; the American public will now simply be able to peruse the propaganda our government unleashes on the rest of the world. It’s a move toward greater transparency, don’t you see?

      It takes a fine cynicism to characterize exposure to more propaganda as the way to greater transparency.

    When I first heard Midnight Oil, the words didn’t sink in on first listen, I just loved their sound. But there was something so different it struck a psychic chord in the sub-conscience that took 17 more years to fully register and make sense like the line “Out-talked by the mass media
    to pay the bills it lies, And the lies we eat for breakfast ” That’s heavy duty imagery of people eating their Wheaties and swallowing a lie with every bight as they watch the morning news. It didn’t make sense until 2007 when I went hell bent for leather to disprove 911 was an inside job; synthetic terror… a self inflicted wound that sounded so implausible I rejected it outright. But then the cold chill went down my spine after re-watching old press conference by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

    ‘Brave Faces’ from album “Place without a Post Card”
    I’ve seen faces in the window
    I’ve seen faces in the street
    They walk and talk of nothing
    I’ve known many restless summers
    The sand dunes I imagine
    A place without a postcard
    Flower people were so beautiful
    But straight and loud’s the way
    Good luck the beatnik spirit
    The talk of politicians
    The sentences of cynics
    Are the sentences of childhood
    They’re all talking shit to me

    Out-talked by the mass media
    to pay the bills it lies
    And the lies we eat for breakfast
    Brave faces face the boardroom
    the oak stained walls fall silent
    They leave lined with defeat
    And they got those tears in their eyes
    Well it makes no sense to me

    Why don’t they understand
    We’re so ordinary too
    I saw the exits closing now
    Pain and passion’s my point of view
    Well there’s nothing like the truth

    I’ve seen men that have been marked out
    Ruled out by grim assassins
    They fell hard on instant replay
    And I’m never going there Well the place I see so much better
    Cos it makes no sense to me
    I saw the exits closing now
    Burning mountains, burning paper
    Burning all around and later

  12. $29 million divided by 9 = $3.22 million per family.

    322 is the number of Skull & Bones.

    Not my discovery. Someone posted that little tidbit in the comments section of a video on youtube, probably one by Redsilverj, who has done tremendous work exposing this hoax, btw.

  13. ThESE ppl ought to DONATE TO ALL churches, Christians helping Christians! !!! Save our churches!!! Obimbo giving American taxpayer money away, we all need our churches,after all he IS trying to take them out.I would love to see these ppl spread that money to every church they could reach.

  14. What would be so wrong with reparations? It is uncanny and unsurprisingly common when whites hide behind their supremacy, greed, fear, and insecurity when presented with anything that even remotely resembles slavery reparations. Why not face reality and admit that your ancestors were likely terrorists and robbers who bombed Black Wall Street and used violence, sharecropping, redlining, housing discrimination, lynchings, separate but equal, fha discrimination, black tax, and more. Sounds like someone is afraid of tipping the scales.

  15. The picture halfway through the article is not Clementa Pickney. It’s Ben Carson. Having said that I think this is all BS. I still say they’re covering something up.

  16. He is going to make sure that we pay all the debts he runs up for many many years to come but has millions of his own money safe and sound,,, If he wants them paid so bad, Why doesn’t pay them…

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