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An open-access website called allows visitors to analyze digital images and detect potential alteration. One of the techniques offered at the site is Error Level Analysis. According to the site’s tutorial on ELA:

Error Level Analysis (ELA) permits identifying areas within an image that are at different compression levels. With JPEG images, the entire picture should be at roughly the same level. If a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it likely indicates a digital modification …

ELA highlights differences in the JPEG compression rate. Regions with uniform coloring, like a solid blue sky or a white wall, will likely have a lower ELA result (darker color) than high-contrast edges. The things to look for:

Edges. Similar edges should have similar brightness in the ELA result. All high-contrast edges should look similar to each other, and all low-contrast edges should look similar. With an original photo, low-contrast edges should be almost as bright as high-contrast edges.

Textures. Similar textures should have similar coloring under ELA. Areas with more surface detail, such as a close-up of a basketball, will likely have a higher ELA result than a smooth surface.

Surfaces. Regardless of the actual color of the surface, all flat surfaces should have about the same coloring under ELA.

Look around [a] picture and identify the different high-contrast edges, low-contrast edges, surfaces, and textures. Compare those areas with the ELA results. If there are significant differences, then it identifies suspicious areas that may have been digitally altered. (emphases added)

As the author emphasizes, “[s]imilar textures should have similar coloring under ELA,” and “all flat surfaces should have about the same coloring under ELA.” The webmaster further explains on his blog The Hacker Factor:

With ELA, you want to compare similar attributes with similar attributes. Each of these areas (surfaces, edges, and textures) may compress at different rates. But in general, all similar surfaces should compress at the same rate. Edges should compress at the same rate as similar edges, and textures should compress at the same rate as similar textures. When a picture is edited, the modified areas are likely at a different compression level than the rest of the picture.

The following is a forensic image that resulted when employing ELA to the widely-circulated photo of South Carolina Church massacre gunman Dylann Storm Roof wearing his jacket with the historic patches denoting Africa’s colonial past:

Image Credit: Facebook


ELA reveals areas where the patches appear that suggest a differing compression speed and thus possible manipulation. In other words, the Apartheid-era patches attributed to Roof may have been digitally inserted into the above image to accentuate the narrative of Roof’s racist motivations in the tragic slayings.

In an era of mass illusion where digital representations can be so easily and convincingly altered to accommodate or bolster a specific story line, the importance of such analysis cannot be understated. Like the Sandy Hook School shootings, the Charleston Church massacre represents an emotionally potent and divisive powder keg, especially because it is positioned to draw on conflicting sets of socio-cultural experience, identity, and history.

Yet through individual images such as the above perhaps a larger picture can be discerned. As with Sandy Hook, the June 17 event will be used as a rationale for a raft of government agendas long sought after with the express purpose of “keeping the public safe.” Such programs can be judiciously considered only after the tremendous government and media-fueled wave of fear and alarm has passed–indeed, only after the American public knows what really happened.

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67 thought on “South Carolina Church Shooting: Were Dylann Roof Photos Digitally Altered?”
  1. Yes, great find by Tony. I have little expertise here but many commenters on various sites noticed immediately how photoshopped the patches look on Roof’s jacket.

        1. Dyalan storm roof seems to have a good grasp on history and historical landmarks at such a young age. But I’m not from the south maybe they teach more in school about racism. Maybe he reads alone and doesn’t blab to his black friends?

          Posing at confederate cemetary, on a beach which was key entry to slave trade , and knowsthe history of South Africa, nazi party, and how to Photoshop flags on his old pictures.

          Just when u think u will never see a more amazing story they step their game up

        1. I’ve heard from a tech person that there is a zip file on that website. It contains a bunch of photos, mostly of southern landscapes. One is of Roof in the church, before he shot it up (haven’t seen them). The time stamps on them are consistent with him having uploaded them (and I think the manifesto, not totally sure) right after the shooting, although I haven’t got an absolute time on when it happened. Roof was on a russian hosting provider and had registered his domain name with a russian company.

          I don’t know what to make of this, except that it could be a way to somehow ‘stamp’ it with authenticity in the minds of the fencesitters. Also, there are a number of tech savvy people in the pro-white movement.

          The manifesto itself screams fake and 100% designed to ‘answer’ and pervert most main points the pro-white movement makes. It’s suspiciously easy on the jews, whose only crime according to Roof is ‘having an identity,’ without being either non-white or anti-white in biology or ethics.

      1. I attempted to read through the manifesto from the site. I had 3 tabs open in Google. I made it about 1/3 of the way when suddenly that Google tab closed. I didn’t have my hands on the keyboard and my other two tabs were fine. Never had that happen before.

        I got back into the site – finished up the text – then went to click on the pictures link for the page and it tried to download a zip file, which I stopped. Anyone else experience issues?

    1. The Regime made sure to distribute photos of (Crisis Actor) Dylann Roof entering the building — since that was a big gaping hole in their Sandy Hoax scam.

    2. He’s like an echoe of Adam Lanza. What’s up the sullen 120 pound weaklings with bad hair cuts and black hondas going on murderous rampages? Maybe it’s the black hondas that drive them to it. I almost think a better haircut and nice pretty yellow car could turn these kids around

  2. Interesting article and thank you for the resource (site). The supposed patches on Roof’s jacket jumped out at me instantly in terms of appearing “jiggered”. I think when one is “awake”, their eye is naturally drawn to things that don’t seem “right”.

  3. I usually try to avoid most politics on facebook and keep it sunny and upbeat. But I could not help but weigh in on the latest mass shooting du jour. I said you can’t trust the news to accurately report on anything but the latest sports highlights and scores. The attack from one of the shills was so plain to see… the person called me a conspiracy theorist… oh ouch, that really hurt! The he said “I repeat, you are a conspiracy theorist”. All I said is I automatically doubted the news. Just like when Osama Bin Laden was reported killed on TV at a bar. Everyone stopped what they were doing and cheered. I was the only one that jumped out of my seat and yelled “don’t believe it, it’s a lie!”… people looked at me like I was Mr. Buzzkill and had just farted loudly in church during a sermon. One man was so upset I said Sandy Hook never happened, the “F#$% you conspiracy theorist” could not come out fast enough. It was the closet to a fist fight I have come in decades. I must have struck a nerve, Sandy Hook was almost a religion to this man. He said “I bet you don’t have any children you conspiracy f%*k! I will never forget the exchange on a ski lift. At the top I was ready to be attacked, but he skied away. The things this man said to me would get your ass kicked in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

    1. Derek, we do strike a nerve. These are the type of people that accept anything their gubbermint feeds them….religiously. It is damn frightening how easily it is to control the masses (except for those of us who are awake).

    2. They are programmed to call anything they are incapable of understanding, a conspiracy. It is a fall back one liner for the room temperature I.Q. types.

      Like you I am amazed at what many will believe and how readily they will believe it.

      There is also a cyber army of software and shills to keep every subject at the lowest possibly level of discussion. I think it is to demoralize those of us with an I.Q. over room temperature and convey the impression that everyone is intellectually challenged.

  4. Hat tip to the good Professor for explicating digital image alteration so well.

    I’m reminded of the Zapruder film and the clumsy techniques that were employed to make it fit the official narrative.
    It was bound to be exposed in time because the hoaxers will never be smarter than the crowd. The very technology they use to deceive us, we will use to unmask them.

    And now we have the internet. I’m very encouraged that so many people here are spotting the patterns of deception more quickly with each new event. Thank God and the Professor for this locus of the like-minded.

  5. Okay, so are we to believe that he created the web page on the 19th? The media is putting out it was created in Feb 2015. I’m a bit new at this but how does the wayback work exactly. Will it show a footprint for feb, if it’s been altered recently? I just want to get a handle on how much bs this whole narrative is.

    1. I read the manifesto. I do not believe it ‘mentally matches’ the guy who supposedly wrote it. This screams fake. First thing I did was go to his prop FB page before they took it down. That was ridiculous enough to cast me down the false narrative path alone.

  6. There are 4 pictures from that zip file that show the patches on the jacket as well. They don’t look to be added later. He took a pic in a pub bathroom mirror with two cameras in his possession >To prove he took all the pics so no one else could be considered helping him? Convenient? Still don’t buy this as a true event, but I think that the patches are real.

    1. The shorter, female looking guard to his rear looks remarkably like the original patsy arrested when the story originally broke. He/she was seen being escorted by two policemen in handcuffs from the church, while wearing a backpack.

      1. Did a Google image search for “Dyalnn Roof arrested” could not find the photo of him in a backpack. Funny that every cop in other photos looks like the bald or military hairstyle, big, burly cop similar to the cops in the custody photo below:

        Seems like his feminine looking twin is also the only one staring at him in a photo (CIA PSYOP?).

        If you have that backpack photo please post it. Seems like the arrest was 245 miles from the church:

        1. It’s the picture/film taken Wed night of the orginal shooter, wearing a backpack and being escorted from the Charleston Church at night. I cant seem to link for some reason, but it is the Wed night coverage. It looks identical to guard no. 2 in the court room pic.

      2. Clearly the guy in the video was erroneously arrested. He looks nothing like Roof. If this was a drill most of the cops would not know, it would probably be on a need to know basis.

      3. Aside from shorter hair that is parted on the opposite side (can be changed via a wig), that cop is a doppelganger for the suspect first arrested. I also agree with the other poster that the cop has a bazaar similar appearance to the shooter (brother-like). Weird.

  7. These events seem designed to go viral, so that every news station covers them and there are things like (in my town) a vigil in support of the AME victims. It would be understandable if they didn’t keep coming like popcorn, but they have created a sense of constant crisis and false engagement. Who wouldn’t want to support Bible study people who were mindlessly gunned down – why it’s as bad as those anti-religious Charlie Hebdo people being gunned down too (making so many say “Je suis Charlie”) – now it is “I am a (fill-in the blank)” — because of course, I would never do something like attack helpless people in a church either.

    I find it quite strange that the vigil in the Boston suburb, being conducted by a Catholic mayor, makes no mention of a Catholic church trashed lately on the Sea of Galilee by haters of the persecuted persuasion. Oh dear. Confusing stuff.

  8. If you look at this story, there are so many pictures published of this kid in various semi-pornographic poses. In a real news story, there would no need to publicize this kid and make him into a sort of celebrity. Nobody even seems to object that he will be turned into a perverse kind of antihero. No, they just keep churning out the garbage about him, to a really indecent degree. Bad theater.

    1. They put together a very carefully crafted narrative that TPTB want you to believe really bad. Ever watch Naomi Wolf’s short video about the Boston hoax where she discusses the decapitated water skier that is just too fantastic? Real life doesn’t work this way.

      But they want you to believe really, really bad.

      “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe”
      — George Orwell

  9. This was a hate crime. It was carefully planned, like many of these mass shootings. No excuses for psychoactive drugs, which do not post carefully worded manifestos, as is done in too many of these mass shootings.

    Church should be a safe place to go. Schools should be a safe place place to receive an education. Movie theaters should be a safe place to wallow in fantasy.


    While they pick up guns, I hope that they make sure to pick up books as well, particularly to learn the ins and outs of Image modification, and whether or not an altered JPEG will bring a loved one back to life or not.

    1. John,
      In order for this to be a “Hate Crime”, a crime would have needed to occur. Nobody was injured or killed in this hoax, just like the last 50 to 60 fake school/mall/naval yard/airport/wal-mart shootings they’e pushed with the help of the MSM. We don’t have independent and free press any more.

      The evidence is all there to prove this thing was staged, and nobody died. Just like Sandy Hook, Santa Barbara, Araphoe, Houston, LAX, Las Angeles, and other national shooting stories. That’s all they are, STORIES. The recent FOIA hearing this month and last month with Wolfgang Halbig VS. Newtown/Sandy Hook Schools, they admitted that the MSM pushed lies and that everything that the media printed (including a letter that allegedly Dawn Hochsprung wrote to parents about the new security system) was a total lie and that the media’s information is just “hearsay”

      How to tell that nobody died:
      1. Not a single tear or red eye among the alleged family members!
      2. Do you think you would be doing interview with Anderson Pooper within hours of your mother being gunned down because of her skin color, much less doing the interview without a crack in your voice, a moment to collect yourself, or without a single tear? How can you believe these liars is beyond me!
      3. Go watch Sylvia Johnson’s interview with Anderson Pooper! She is SMILING with Duping Delight during the entire interview, but even more freaking telling is Anderson Pooper needing to tell her the story during the freaking interview! Heck! Anderson Pooper knew her script better than she did! When she forgot her lines, good ol CIA Pooperpants would be right there to correct her and give her the information that she was supposed to say. Seriously! Go watch the video on YouTube!
      Then, as you imagine yourself doing a stupid interview like this, and doing it in front of a green screen and say you Forgive the shooter and push “love out of hate” mantra! As Pooper tells the story about her Forgiving the shooter, and how most people can’t understand how she could forgive the shooter so soon, the lady is about ready to bust into laughter! She knows full well how stupid that sounds. So, why do they say that, even though it’s all an act? Because they don’t want someone out in the public to seek revenge! If they can push this love, and forgiveness BS, then they hope they can stave off someone attacking the so-called murderer or their “family”
      4. Then, go watch the other interviews that other so-called victim’s family members gave on the YouTube Channel “TeamWakeEmUp”
      This black guy is not only hillarious to listen to as he breaks down the obvious, and shows you how these liars can’t keep their stories straight, but he also shows you the agendas. This hoax has multiple agendas.
      5. COMMON SENSE! I will bet you $1000 they will all have Closed Casket Funerals! Just like Sandy Hoax! Funerals should be televised, like all major events like this. However, if they aren’t televised, they will usually show pictures or small clips of the family only funerals. Just like the funeral for the Cassidy Stay Hoax shooting, they will have 9 closed caskets, and next to the casket they will have GIANT, Larger-than-life Pictures of the “victim” next to the Casket. If they do a public memorial, you can bet the only thing they will have is that blown up photo of the so-called victim!

    1. This is the obligatory MK Ultra – butterfly symbolism to keep the “conspiracy theorists” satisfied that it’s another deep, government sponsored, mind control executed “false flag”. In reality, it’s a hoax.

  10. You need FotoForensics to tell that picture is Photochopped? ROFLAO!
    Although, I’m sure there are millions out there that can’t see the obvious! It looks like a 7 yr old cut the guy out and pasted on the background picture with paste glue and then took a picture of the pasted masterpiece!

  11. Mr.Tracy, the answer is No. The rhodesian patches were not photoshopped. Someone has uploaded the photos that were on his website at

    There’s 4 or 5 photos of Dylann Roof with that jacket and you can clearly see the rhodesian patches in multiples places/angles.

    Now, the story of how these pictures were discovered by two far-left activists is interesting (one of them has been interviewed by The Daily Beast) but what’s clear is that the patches on his jacket were not photoshopped unless you’re ready to believe that the same people who photoshopped that famous picture also photoshopped all the others as well and did a perfect job too. I don’t think so.

    You should post an update with a link to the photo album on Imgur. I’m not a Photoshop expert but now I doubt is as good as they claim it to be.

    You and your readers should be more cautious because almost all of the comments on this page agree that the photo was digitally altered – but it turns out it was not, it’s the one with the Obama patch that was the fake. This is an indication of a strong confirmation bias. Investigating and trying to do the job the reporters won’t do is fine but jumping to conclusions immediately? It seems a lot of your readers like to get carried away by the moment and try to find a conspiracy/hoax in every event. Yes, the government exploits some sensational violent events to push their agenda but that doesn’t mean every sensational violent event exploited by the government is a psy-op.

    1. Even if Dylann Roof was some kind of MK-Ultra subject who was pushed into shooting these people at the church those rhodesian patches on his jacket were real. That was my point. (I haven’t followed all the trails or read all the other articles in the ‘Charleston shooting’ category, I don’t have the time for that)

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