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The following is a letter originally sent to the editor of Vail Daily concerning the unusual coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre. It never quite saw the light of day. Located in Avon Colorado, the Vail Daily is a small town paper with a staggering amount of every day hard copy readers and an online version read internationally.

I was once a columnist and frequent Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School-400x254letter to the editor contributor. I wanted to respond to a piece that mentioned Sandy Hook and argued the event was a good reason not to over turn Colorado’s new bullet clip size limitation law. I was censored by the editor who had always published my letters. He thought it was ridiculous I didn’t buy the Sandy Hook Hoax. In his view, everybody knows it happened because it was “on the news!” and TV news would never be part of a hoax.-DL

There are many reasons to question what happened at the Sandy Hook school massacre. Why should the average person take interest in this inquiry? It’s wildly entertaining in places; even comical at times. You will be shocked by the inappropriate speech and baffled by the odd behavior of many people involved. Before you kill the messenger, ask yourself how much time you spent critically examining the news coverage?

Simply watching and believing what the network news told you does not count. Think back to the weapons of mass destruction story that led us to war and a million people killed. Did you fall for it? Did you feel betrayed by the network news and your government for lying to you on such a massive scale? Did you accept the official story of Sandy Hook just like you did with the weapons of mass deception whopper of a lie? Don’t make the same mistake with Sandy Hook. All I ask is that you look up and watch the 15 minute press conference by the Medical Examiner on youtube. It will stun and baffle you.

Let’s talk about general impressions first. During his press conference, I got the feeling Dr. Wayne Carver was no where near two dozen autopsies. Like claiming you were at Woodstock and then having to back that up with personal experiences that never happened. When people make things up as they go, there are often “speech errors”. Things like halted grasping for your next word in a semi-stutter cadence. There’s quite a bit of this “hemming and hawing” with word fragments like “uh,uh,uh” by Carver The labored manner in which Carver speaks is sometimes more noteworthy than what he actually says.

One of the more outlandish things Dr. Carver implied was that no one saw two dozen dead people hauled away because his vehicles are so stealthily nondescript. That would have been more plausible if the school was located at a busy intersection and there was four directions to possibly drive away unmarked vehicles without being noticed, yet… there’s only one small road to the school. Reporters were camped out on it around the clock. Dr. Carver did not seem to actually believe the stealth vehicle story – himself. He joked about them in an almost playful manner with the press.

Dr. Carver indicated he was responsible for building the ‘camouflaged hearses’ just to thwart reporters’ best attempts to identify them at any given crime scene. He seemed to get a real kick out of tricking reporters with his ‘stealth corpse haulers’ and then rubbing their faces in it… Carver teased reporters for falling for his cunning subterfuge. I can’t believe no one laughed – it was so outrageously inappropriate. It sounded like Wayne had a deep down desire to become a stand up comic and he was polishing up his act before he toured the Poconos night club circuit.

How did no reporter see two dozen bodies wheeled out to the nearly invisible coroner’s vehicles? Even with Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, you could still see her rocking body entering it.

Dr. Carver said that the victims were brought to a mobile morgue set up at the scene which he described as “this magnificent thing!” For starters, how does anyone even think of the word “magnificent” at the scene of a mass murder? He sounded like he was high on nitrous when he said it… amused to the threshold of laughter. Why would the rough equivalent of a MASH mobile hospital unit be better than conducting sensitive scientific work in a pristine laboratory environment? Imagine taking the time to set up a morgue at the scene, when they could just drive to the real one. I have yet to see any photos or video that show the MASH unit morgue and there’s an army of reporters camped out?

Why did the authorities find it necessary to flank Wayne Carver at the press conference with four cops? They were just props to validate Carver’s authenticity as someone officially in the know, when it became abundantly obvious he held a tenuous grip on the facts. One reporter asked Dr. Carver how many victims were boys and how many were girls? Dr. Carver’s answer stunned me. He said “I have no idea” after conducting autopsies? Maybe he slept through Human Anatomy 101. Carver was asked what caliber gun was used? Instead of saying M-16 rounds, 40 caliber bullets or cannon balls for that matter… he said “I probably know more about ballistics than most Medical Examiers” then trailed off into non-sensical gibberish. He never answered this very basic question. Carver gave the classic non-sequitur response when it became obvious he had no clue about gun caliber. After cutting slugs out of victims and weighing them, there is no way he would not know gun caliber. It only makes sense if you consider that Wayne Carver never conducted any autopsies.

The next thing you might try is looking up the CT Governor’s press address where he recalled being warned about an attack. Not one reporter jumped up to ask “who warned you Governor and what did you do to stop the attacks?” How does that happen in the real world?

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51 thought on “My Censored ‘Letter to the Editor’”
  1. I’ve been living in and out of Colorado for 45 years. Colorado ain’t Colorado any more, it is a veritable hotbed of political correctness.

    Of course your piece didn’t get published. That’s what we have The Memory Hole for.

    The last creative thing I remember coming out of Colorado was in 1968 when the students at CU named their snack bar/cafeteria after Alfred Packer.

    Colorado is also ground zero for people who complain about things. Looks like you fit right in, huh.

    1. Thought I recognized the name Alfred Packer – famously ate his hiking companions and was imprisoned for cannibalism back in the 19th century. Perfect name for a college cafeteria in Colorado (or just about anywhere). However it is quite possible that Packer did not murder the people he was accused of eating. It was a Donner Party sort of event.

      1. That was out by Lake City I think, about 20 mies from Blue Mesa Reservoir near Gunnison. There was an annual raw meat eating contest celebrating him at the Alfee Packer Grill on campus

        1. Yes it was. I spend a lot of time in the mountains between Blue Mesa reservoir and Lake City. Its about 45 miles south of the reservoir. Packer did admit to killing one of his party, in self defense.

  2. All you have to do is to refer the editor to the security camera video which shows no one exiting the school and the police standing around casually near their cars, QED.

  3. “Located in Avon Colorado, the Vail Daily is a small town paper”

    I would say the Vail Daily is owned by a large, corrupt conglomerate call Swift Communications, and such entities are in the business of buying up small independent newspapers but making them continue to masquerade as “small town papers.”

    If I had a deeper knowledge of how the newspaper business works, I would probably conclude that the newspaper racket is not unlike BigPharma or Monsanto rackets.

    1. Yeah, you’r right about Swift Empire taking over the Vail Daily. I was kind of shocked they printed my last L.T.E. just a couple weeks ago. It was about how all stories printed on Iran are negative. Has anyone ever heard Iran being portrayed in any positive light? I had not until I saw Rick Steve’s documentary on Tourist Travel to Iran. His story was almost 100% positive and quite interesting.

      1. Perhaps not too surprising your letter was printed. TPTB are actively engaged in an ambitious psy op to create a scapegoat situation for the rise of a global currency under the transitional SDR basket, another stepping stone to their totalitarian model of global governance. As such, they are strongly encouraging the faux east vs. west rivalry meme despite that fact that there are no longer any nation state holdouts to the NWO mafia, including Iran, Syria, Russia, China. Neither is Saudi Arabia in a position to thumb its nose at its handlers. The worlds’ oligarchs know well what swift retaliation looks like. Unfortunately, co-opted and blinded elements of the alt media are propagating this massive smoke blowing operation, overlooking what we learned from Sutton’s research and other ample evidence confirming the n-dimensional chess game and the literary warnings of Orwell’s faux rival superstates meme, cooperating one minute, threatening war the next – endless cycles.

        1. first time I’ve heard someone say that besides myself. I realized Russia was on our side during bmb but snowden sealed it for me. in all reality they never attempted to debunk the moon landings so this could have been going on for a while. it didn’t take long to notice that every nation played along with our bs – the French being the worst as of late.

        2. Thank you for mentioning Anthony Sutton; his video lectures are a national treasure. Glad you reminded me. Go look up his vidoes, he was on “this” back in the 70s. It hits you so hard, like George Foreman’s magic punch on Michael Moorer for K.O. I was revetted from start to finish. They way he lays it out is just mind blowing. The documentation he has is second to none.

      2. I saw the Steves show too. I think it was great. Then there was Anthony Bourdain in Israel visiting with Palestinians in a similar spirit.

        It would be nice if common sense could ward off dehumanization of people we have been told by the powerful are our enemies (“they hate us for our freedom” so we should chow down on Freedom Fries rather than break bread with them).

        Since we know a lot about how we are led by lies, it gives us space to speculate on what might be if we weren’t constantly being pushed into war. I’ve noticed lately a lot of young politicians playing on the fact that they are Iraq War veterans and treating it as something that makes them superior to other candidates. Yet when they enlisted, a lot of people had already sussed out the whole thing was based on a lie. So those candidates are doubling down on our amnesia as a country, and hoping we will be dazzled by their imagined heroics in casting aside doubts and making themselves useful to the liars at the time. This is how the power game is played. Will it really give them an advantage over other candidates?

        1. Yeah, that’s right on with the security blanket “support out troops” mantra. I ask Why????? Because you went off to war based on enormous lies and beat up on someone that can’t defend themselves in the same military realm. I don’t support the troops, because a million people died because of them. How can I support that?

      3. Derek… I saw the same Iran documentary a few years ago and was amazed at how cosmopolitan the large cities are along with the well educated young people. I remember thinking huh? the US and their lap dogs want to go and start bombing. It would be like Iran wanting to bomb Chicago. I totally question the reality of ANY public shock event we are presented with now.

        I just saw some You Tube vids where the researchers were questioning the recent Nepal earthquakes and what they showed certainly makes one think. The same with Fukashima earthquake and Tsunami. If the earthquake was so devastating why were so many structures.bridges,etc left standing untouched? So what caused the tsunami but not the destruction of buildings?? Check it out as it is certainly food for thought. I feel that I’m living in a parallel universe and most people do not see what I’m seeing.

        1. RT did an article about a month ago on what was really happening in Syria.

          You wouldn’t even know there was war going on the side Assad controls.
          People at the beach, visiting cafes on the promenade, driving their cars, holding hands.

          Take your first paragraph and change Iran documentary to Syrian documentary.

          The RT article was questioning how American MSM is a complete lie.

          Assad and all the Syrian people are just trying to live their lives and pray the west just leaves them alone now that “they” control half of “their” country.

          I just don’t get it. Why are we doing this to Syria?

          The only thing Libya and Syria have in common is they both refused to have a central bank run by you know who, and look at Libya today

        2. The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

          Isaiah 17:1

        3. Libya and Syria also have in common being on “the list.” The plan, according to General Wesley Clark, was to take out seven countries in five years —

          Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

        4. good food for thought on Fukashima. Most people don’t really want to know how bad things really are. I have to include myself. It’s like looking at the depleted uranium deformed baby pictures, they could make a stone cry rivers.

        5. Rich,
          Didn’t God promise Egypt it would stand until the the end and that’s why “O” ( watch key words) couldn’t take it down with the Arab Spring?
          I can’t believe MY Government ( The Savior of Islam) did this to Egypt,Libya,Tunisia and Syria and ALL the troubles from Africa to Ukraine to China and the Left don’t care. The Neocons love it.

          I think the “left” have NO say so as neither does the Right: and they just do it in “our” name.

          The Left and the Right really need to talk and realize the people at the top aren’t Left or Right or on either of our sides.

          Simplistic but true. We are all getting played against each other.

        6. I don’t know about Egypt Ric. That is, if you are referring to the scripture regarding Damascus being destroyed.

          As for the left and right, the left’s ideology is strictly a reversal of the natural order of all things. To them, right is wrong, and wrong is right, Gay is normal, straight is deviant. The right has been dragged so far left, it is no longer right. Simply put, all things political are just different shades of the left now. Voting will only get you a left-left, or right-left .

          Like I said, the goal of all you see today is the upending of all that is good, and decent. The destruction of the human soul. The entire system today is nothing but middlemen trying to get between you, and the things you need to survive, both physically and spiritually. Left and right were created to keep us in the dark. You are right about the central banks, they don’t care who runs a country, as long as both sides are in debt to them. It amazes me how a few guys with a ledger full of debts can get so many people to kill each other, while they live in virtual castles, and yachts that would make Captain Steubing jealous.

        7. Anne, your Syrian explanation is probably partly correct. Syria is one of the countries, along with Iran and Iraq targeted by the Zionists for destruction. The PNAC documents bear this out. So far, they are right on target with their plans.

          The general idea is to sow chaos in the region and eliminate any roadblocks to Israeli desires in the future. Along the way the weapons mongers, and others clean up.

          The other gorilla in the room is the central banking system. The Middle East is largely a hold out. They cannot abide that. They want to get a debt economy going there as well. It’s all about control.

          As to Fukashima, I’ve read several pieces on the Stuxnet software being used to “adjust” the plant. Actually, the more interesting part is the reaction. This is a continuing disaster and the media are playing it like it didn’t exist.

          From what I can determine, this thing isn’t going to “scab over” anytime soon. It is poisoning the ocean as well as their ground water. Between the insane wars and selective “regime change”, and gross irresponsibility such as this, the current crop are truly shown to be utterly evil.

        8. If the reason why America is destroying Syria is over a “Pipeline” then I will just puke. Unbelievable.

          I heard they same over Afghanistan and Iraq.

          I shouldn’t be surprised.

          When I saw that video where George Bush Jr. was at an event where all the Elites were rattling their jewelry while Georgy was laughing saying “No WMD’s Here” “No WMDS There” and they were ALL laughing,

          I just wanted to Puke knowing how many Iraqis died for NO reason but MONEY.

          I said this before, I quit the Republican Party over Iraq.

          I am super Independent and the Game is rigged so NO Independent can ever win the Presidency. It’s just there so you Think you have a 3rd choice, Yet the secret Progressive Party is really the Third Party, and, of course No One Cares.

          People think the “Progressive Party” is just advanced thinking Hollywood Liberals who want to promote all things out of the norm.(yes, I hold back). No Clue. They laugh at the Liberals who call themselves “Progressive”. as useful Idiots.

          The Progressive Party is more Powerful than either The Dem’s or Repub’s and Dictate all Policy from War to Welfare.

          All Neocon’s and RINO’s are Progressives just for starters on the “right” side. On the Left…Most of them.

          It don’t matter. No One Cares

  4. Anyone paying any attention at all, or asking even the most basic questions about this hoax know for a fact it never took place. The clincher for me was when the corrupt Statie Lt. Vance answered the question ” Who cleaned up all the bio hazard blood at the scene?” with “What blood?” Yeah.

  5. The more I watch Carver’s “standup routine”,the more convinced I am that he actually was incredulous that the drill was actually being taken seriously by the local/ national media,as he had been led to believe that it was only that: a drill. Evidently his pay grade did not allow him into the inner,INN$ER circle.

    1. I think that Carver, used to being the boss, was feeling sarcastic about his instructions to imply that all wounds were caused by .223. He knuckles under just enough to give a sardonic, “Well, I can’t say what caliber,” followed by “the bullets were designed to deposit energy in the tissue” (which .223 are not designed to do). You can see by the grimaces on the cops’ faces around him that his handlers are not pleased with his not-so-subtle rebellion. The scene photos are full of evidence of 9mm hollow points, and in fact 9mm hollow points are even listed in the evidence tally–it’s just that everyone avoided talking about their use (as well as outright lying that “all but one–er two–shots were fired from the long gun.”) But you can see obviously-spent hollows in multiple shots in the hallway and classrooms. See and, for example.

      1. Surreal is great way to describe Carver’s antics. I got the same feeling… Carver went along with the hoax with serious trepidation, such that he felt obligated to plant doubts with idiotic claims that would later be assailed for their implausibility and incompatibility with logic. That’s how he was able to square this with his conscience. By saying things like ‘I hope it doesn’t come crashing on their heads’. I showed Carver’s press appearance to a friend, and his BS meter didn’t peg at all. Go figure, he’s a smart guy too.

        1. That’s where it gets crazy Dereklancer. That quote of “crashing down” comes when he was praising his staff. He was trying to distract from the lie, which made him uncomfortable, to how wonderful his staff performed. Basically, “I hope these fake autopsies don’t get called out.”

          He just lingers and hangs upon his “To a man” and how they performed “strongly.” By examining that quote in its entire context, it’s all about talking about how amazing his team performed, which he can easily embellish without being called out, versus the uncomfortable weaving of his elaborate lie.

        2. The “crashing down” statement has been taken out of context. Carver was describing how his personnel were holding up mentally, under circumstances that were “probably the worst I’ve seen.” He said they were holding up “professionally and strongly, to a man,” and added that he hoped they and the people of Newtown didn’t have “it”–clearly referring to emotional trauma–come crashing down on their heads later.

        3. Interesting Anne. At the end of the piece is a story of how she got to the coroner’s office in the first place. Sounds like she was a Republican when Malloy took office. She was forced out of a $100k/yr job to a $54K job.

          She apparently had a suit going. Because of the dismissal she now has two. I don’t recall anyone interviewing her or any further discussion of this. Has she “gone missing” too?

          I wonder if this little excursion had more to do with curiosity about the drill than idle morbidness. After all, she more than most, knew they were crooked. Having her there must have made them a little nervous.

          She certainly would be a prime subject for an interview.

  6. Postscript submitted by Derek Lancer:

    Another interesting side to my experience with the Vail Daily Newspaper happened back in 2008, when I finally got them to do a story on chemtrails which I think is more accurately described as synthetic cloud creation that is not to be confused with cloud seeding (for the purpose of enhancing rain in clouds already formed). I presented incredibly sharp images of the operation and provided some deeper background on it; things like the patents issued to make it happen. The US Patent Office does not just hand those out like dog biscuits when you go the bank. The reporter suckered me into letting them take my picture outside the office. Then they memory holed my 11 megapixel Nikon images that clearly show the operation. Then they photoshopped an aircraft free sky behind my picture, with me looking up at nothing. The implication was that I am hallucinating; seeing something that does not exist. I gave them the basis of a serious news story, I wanted no personal role in other than providing the photo evidence to substantiate the story. They made the story about me and made me look like I was on the fringe of reality. The person who character assassinated me by photoshop at the paper, there’s a newsroom in hell waiting for you. After my initial shock of the hatchet job started to wane and the embarrassment subsided a bit, something really surprising happened. The comments section of the online story erupted, I would say 60% of them mentioned the paper marginalization’s of an important story. The comments were better than the actual story. Their hatchet job backfired in a major way that had a permanent effect on the paper’s online edition. They didn’t just disable the comments for their hatchet job, they 86ed the comments section entirely for good. And after they did that, my interest in reading their content waned big time because the comments section was the great equalizer to the slant of the reporter, or the editorial bent. Without the comments section, this blog would be a shadow of it’s former self. It just wouldn’t be fun anymore. It takes guts to let your opponents dispute your claims for the whole world to see. The Vail Daily is happy to cover an Easter egg hunt as news worthy and then mock something like the Synthetic Cloud Project. Don’t forget this phrase: “It’s nothing to be too concerned about”. I heard the same words said the same way from two different men who worked on it during different eras. What are the chances of that? It was like an echo, eerily chilling when I heard it the second time. The second guy was pleasantly plowed on Vodka when he said it and added “We are working on things far more interesting than that”. The conversation started with him seeing one of my photos. He said “I am part of that” without hesitation. The way he said it left no doubt he was being genuine. When I asked him the true purpose of the project he said “I don’t know -(slight pause)- I am not high up enough to know”. Then it seemed to dawn on him that he had already said too much and he changed the subject.

    1. can’t help but lol to the mockery – u set yourself up there.

      “It takes guts to let your opponents dispute your claims for the whole world to see”
      two words: mode ration

      as to the reason for chemtrails: radar over the horizon. everything else save maybe weather engineering is total bunk. aerosol spraying is the keyword phrase that pulls legit results

  7. I am really amazed that more people do not question any of these planned false-flag psy-op events. I recently spoke to a very savvy high level individual whom I have not seen in some time. I brought up the blatant discrepancies and anomalies about Sandy Hook and asked if he had and suspicions about the real story. He was clueless on the matter and had no suspicions about the official story. I was amazed and disappointed. I know most of the masses are fooled by the media but when someone that I respect for being so perspicacious raises no questions I really begin to worry.

    Anyway – this dashcam video was posted recently. Even taken at face value you never see any kids being evacuated and the response really doesn’t convey any sense of urgency.

    The video appears to show Chris Manfredonia being brought out in cuffs 15:03 mark -9:48 am on clock -from around the east side of the school (which I found interesting- I always thought he was nabbed on the west side running toward Crestwood- I don’t know why he thought his daughter would be on Crestwood)-

    Later the apparently wounded teacher Deb Pisani- Craparo appears to be assisted along by an officer. Her sweater and watch are consistent with the gurney video leading me to believe that was Pisani and not Hammond- 33:00 mark on the video 10:06:55 on the time stamp.

    Other points – the officer takes the longest possible route to the school. At the 3:00 mark the officer is on Meadowbrook and could go straight across the street to Botsford Hill and it would have taken him straight to the school. Instead he goes left on rte 25. He has two more opportunities to make a right turn and take a shorter route but he does not. At the 6:00 mark he could turn onto Wasserman Way and he does not. At 6:37 he could turn right onto Glover and does not.

    1. Thanks for posting the image. Imagine setting up a tent to do sensitive scientific work outside, at night, in New England with less than a week until winter. What a crock.

      1. Why set up a tent for the fake autopsies when the pretend bodies could just be hauled to the hospital?

        Again, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 ( makes it legal to propagandize domestically but fraudulently collecting funds through this manufactured event is highly illegal.

        Does anyone know if Lenny Pozner collected any funds through GoFundMe? We can go after those who collected monies.

        That’s how we can prosecute these criminals.

  8. […] Submitted by Derek Lancer The following is a letter originally sent to the editor of Vail Daily concerning the unusual coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre. It never quite saw the light of day. Located in Avon Colorado, the Vail Daily is a small town paper with a staggering amount of every day hard copy readers and an online version read internationally. I was once a columnist and frequent letter to the editor contributor. I wanted to respond to a piece that mentioned Sandy Hook and argued the event was a good reason not to More… […]

  9. Breaking out of the far-right column limitation we are forced to endure, I reply to Rich, concerning Left/Right politics.

    I agree with your whole approach. If there were a true “left/right” model, the left would be prison and the right would be total freedom. In modern politics, everything is tending toward prison. Almost no one wants to fire 95% of government employees (i.e. freedom), which tells us everything we need to know to prove your point. In our world, we LOVE our chains, and, for instance, believe we are free even when our jailers tell us we mustn’t drive a high performance car on an empty, perfect, highway at the car’s safe boundaries. I say this because otherwise we’d refuse to allow the tyrants to dictate that we can’t do it, and punish us severely for breaking the prison’s rules. We’d stop them. We’d eliminate their asinine jobs, and force them to find something valuable to do in this life.

    That is, we LIKE bureaucrats telling us how to act in every detail of day to day living–even those who protest about it. There is no constituency for freedom.

    Expounding on the illustration, I once sat through an excruciating sermon about how it is sinful to drive above the “speed limit.” If that fool had been teachable, I’d have approached him afterwards and asked him if it would be a sin to drive faster than 5 mile an hour if THAT was the rule our masters decreed we must obey on a rural highway. Why bother challenging people who love their chains, I say. The guys Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption referred to as “institution men” just accept the insanity the jailers decree. We are all Winston Smith, for the most part.

    No one wants to actually be free. We have come to psychologically need out imprisonment.

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