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Truth and Shadows
(May 23, 2015)

This post features the full text of an article Dave McGowan wrote on Sept. 12, 2001, questioning the official story of the “terrorist attacks” of 9/11. This is preceded by introductions from me and Truth and Shadows contributor Sheila Casey.(CM)

Craig McKee: We received some terrible news yesterday that Dave McGowan, one of the most important and engaging researchers in the conspiracy field, is seriously ill. He has a very aggressive and advanced form of cancer – affecting his lungs, liver, and bones – and has a very small chance of recovery.

McGowan: insight and courage.

I thought it appropriate to honor Dave and his continuing contribution to truth seeking and to let people know just how valuable a writer he is, by reprinting a piece below that he wrote just a day after 9/11. He knew right away that the official story we were being fed about the so-called “terrorist attacks” did not add up. It doesn’t have all the answers, but it makes an excellent start on asking the right questions.

The first thing I read from McGowan was his series on the Apollo Moon missions called “Wagging the Moondoggie.” This amazing 14-part series is what finally convinced me that the Moon landings never took place. What struck me was not only his insight but his wit. Very dry, which is the best kind.

In addition to what became a whole series on 9/11, I was also blown away by series on the Boston Marathon “bombing” and dark side of the music scene in Laurel Canyon in the 1960s (which became a book). Other books he has written include Programmed to Kill, Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion, and Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See.

Sheila Casey: One of my heroes has received a devastating diagnosis and I’m heartbroken. I had assumed we would have many more years of wit, insight, and terrific investigative journalism from dissident writer Dave McGowan.

Like Craig, the first thing I read by Dave was “Wagging the Moondoggie.” I distinctly recall my feeling of dismay when I saw the length of it: 14 chapters in a none-too-friendly page layout. But a few pages in, and I was immersed, and steadily coming to the inescapable conclusion that those wacky conspiracy theorists I’d heard about all my life, the ones who believe we didn’t go to the moon, were right.

But Dave doesn’t just do great research and display impeccable logic. He writes with so much wit that he can make the most incredible deceptions (such as the faked moon landings) seem downright hilarious. For example:

“There was much about the Apollo flights that was truly miraculous, but arguably the greatest technological achievement was the design of the lunar modules. Has anyone, by the way, ever really taken a good look at one of those contraptions? I mean a detailed, up-close look? I’m guessing that the vast majority of people have not, but luckily we can quickly remedy that situation because I happen to have some really good, high-resolution images that come directly from the good people at NASA.

While what is depicted in the images may initially appear, to the untrained eye, to be some kind of mock-up that someone cobbled together in their backyard to make fun of NASA, I can assure you that it is actually an extremely high-tech manned spacecraft capable of landing on the surface of the Moon. And incredibly enough, it was also capable of blasting off from the Moon and flying 69 miles back up into lunar orbit! Though not immediately apparent, it is actually a two-stage craft, the lower half (the part that looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper) being the descent stage, and the upper half (the part that looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape) being the ascent stage.

The upper half, of course, is the more sophisticated portion, being capable of lifting off and flying with enough power to break free of the Moon’s gravity and reach lunar orbit. It also, of course, possessed sophisticated enough navigational capabilities for it to locate, literally out in the middle of fucking nowhere, the command module that it had to dock with in order to get the astronauts safely back to Earth. It also had to catch that command module, which was orbiting the Moon at a leisurely 4,000 miles per hour.

But we’ll get to all that a little later. I think we can all agree for now that such a sleek, stylish, well-designed craft would have no problem flying with that kind of power, precision and stability.”

Yes, this is a real lunar module - courtesy of NASA.

Dave was incredibly prescient and published his first piece criticizing the official story about 9/11 on the following day, 9/12 (reproduced below). Again, he displays his trademark wit. Here he is on the claim that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by planes:

“Who would have ever thought that the best weapon with which to reduce an entire tower to rubble was the plane itself…Someone obviously should have followed up on the early work done in this area by the Japanese during World War II.”

There are many dissident writers whom I admire, but to my mind, Dave McGowan stands alone.  The world would be a sadder, more confused and lost place without him. I’m praying for a miracle and hoping he can beat this cancer.



By David McGowan (Reprinted from The Center for an Informed America)

“We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and ‘predictions’ that have already been planned to come true.”
– ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Mae Brussell, 1974

SEPTEMBER 12, 2001 – I have a friend with whom I frequently disagree on matters of politics. He thinks that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist, and I think that he is a reactionary fascist. There was one thing that we agreed on though.

A few weeks ago, I told him that our fearless leaders seemed to be veering dangerously close to unleashing ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons upon the world. Although he seriously doubted that that was in fact the case, he readily agreed that such an action would be reckless and unconscionable. He stated that he couldn’t envision any scenario under which such a strike would be justified and that we should avoid, at all costs, crossing that threshold. Opening that door, he believed, could only serve to escalate tensions and make this a much more dangerous world in which to live.

He was one of several people who called me yesterday to discuss the alleged terrorist attacks upon America. During the course of that call, he stated flatly that when the perpetrators were identified, they and their backers should be nuked. When I reminded him of our conversation of just a few weeks before, he said that things have changed now. I asked him if he had considered whether that wasn’t perhaps precisely the point of the attacks. Unfazed, he reiterated his belief that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist.

Excuse my cynicism here, but have we Americans completely lost our ability to think?

Planes could not have brought down towers.

Are we now so thoroughly braindead that we are completely reliant on our media outlets, with their endless supply of ‘experts,’ to make sense of events in the world? Are we really that stupid – or do our leaders just think that we are?

The actions taken on the morning of September 11 were crimes – horrendous crimes against humanity, to be sure, but in the final analysis, not so very different from any other crimes. And the first step in solving any crime is to look at who had a motive and who had the means and opportunity to commit said crime.

As for motive, we are being asked to believe that a band of Islamic terrorists are the most likely suspects. But is that really the case? Was it a state-sponsored terrorist group that had the most to gain by launching such an assault? Or was it our own political, corporate and military leaders?

While the people of the Palestinian territories may well be dancing in the streets today in celebration of the blow struck against the United States, they certainly won’t emerge as the winners in this national tragedy. When the bombs begin to rain down upon them, as they certainly will, the loss of life, property and hope will be far more profound for them than it will be for the people of New York. Their short-term ‘victory’ will be a hollow one indeed.

This is certainly not to suggest that there are no governments, groups, or organizations around the world – or within these borders – that have legitimate grudges against the United States government. The numbers of such entities are legion. Two hundred years of imperialistic covert and overt military ventures have created a lot of enemies of the American ship of state, and a tremendous amount of residual bitterness. Yet none of these groups stood to gain by launching such an attack.

The United States, on the other hand, has much to gain in the aftermath of this chapter of American history. I am not talking here, of course, about thepeople of this country, who will pay a steep price for the carnage of September 11. Big Brother has assured us that we will be protected from future acts of this sort, and we will welcome with open arms the repressive, overtly fascistic ‘reforms’ that will be enacted.

The people of this country, and of the world, are always the ones to pick up the tab for acts of gross governmental malfeasance. The people of some hapless country (or countries) that is identified as the culprit will pay with their lives and the lives of their children. The people of America, and much of the Western world, will pay with the wholesale stripping away of their remaining human, civil and privacy rights.

Such a scenario only serves to benefit those who sit at the top of the food chain. Our elected leaders – who are elected only in the sense that every couple of years we are given a choice between two interchangeable candidates – will revel in the free reign they will be given to ram through legislation so appallingly reactionary that it would have been unthinkable just days ago. Military spending and the militarization of the country will escalate to a fever pitch.

Welcome, my friends, to the new and improved police state – the largest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced police state the world has ever seen. With the much-lauded U.S. economy tanking, and unemployment figures hitting their highest levels in years, this will come in very handy for the ‘powers that be.’

The ugly truth is that all ‘anti-terrorist’ measures are designed not to protect the American people from attack or to protect our ‘freedoms,’ but to protect wealth and power – specifically the unprecedented levels of wealth currently held by corporate America – and to restrict those very freedoms that threaten their hold on that wealth. This American tragedy, in other words, plays directly into the hands of the corporate and military elite of this nation, who have for years been propagandizing for a more belligerent and imperialistic foreign policy and for more repressive legislation here on the homefront. Having been presented with a pretext to enact such measures, it is our leaders – elected or otherwise – who stand to gain the most from yesterday’s bloodshed.

As for the question of who had the means and opportunity to commit these crimes, the official story holds that they were the work of a well-organized foreign terrorist organization. Officials have acknowledged that the operation was an exceptionally well-planned and well-coordinated series of attacks that required months of planning and a large network of co-conspirators to pull off. So well-organized was the operation that government spokesmen and television talking-heads (which are really the same thing) have been at a loss to explain some of the day’s events. Many questions have been left unanswered and some haven’t been asked at all. Some of the answers that have been offered have strained credibility far past the breaking point.

One question that has gone unanswered is how a plane was able to penetrate so deeply into the Pentagon’s airspace – even after two other planes had already plowed into the World Trade Center towers. Despite the ridiculous current claims, the airspace surrounding the Pentagon is perhaps the most tightly controlled, militarily secure airspace in the world. This would be all the more true in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale ‘terrorist’ attack on New York City.

Claims have been made that even if the approach of the aircraft had sounded an alarm, it would not have been targeted due to the fact that it was a commercial aircraft with many innocent lives aboard. Nonsense. Anyone who thinks that U.S. military/intelligence personnel would hesitate to target a commercial airliner, particularly in light of the fact that two such aircraft had already been used in suicide attacks, is living in a media-induced fantasy world. The question then of how this plane was able to ‘elude’ the Pentagon’s formidable defenses is one that should receive close scrutiny from America’s ‘free’ and ‘independent’ press. There is virtually no chance that that will happen.

Another question that begs for an answer is how teams of presumably armed hijackers were able to breach the security measures of no less than three major airports and successfully hijack four separate flights. Contrary to the claims now being made, security precautions currently in place in U.S. airports are anything but “lax.” That fact was being implicitly acknowledged by this morning, as reports began to come in claiming that the hijackers had improvised weapons from razor blades and other items carried in their shaving kits. The network and cable news broadcasters reporting this story actually did so with straight faces.

This scenario would be laughable were this story not such a tragic one. According to the latest official accounts, three to five terrorists boarded each of the hijacked aircraft (all of these terrorists, of course, were such religious fanatics that they had agreed to give their lives for the cause they believed in, and none of them presumably had second thoughts about that decision once the operation was underway). Does anyone really believe that a few guys wielding toothbrush handles embedded with razor blades could quickly and efficiently gain control of a commercial airliner? I would think that such a group would have their hands full trying to hold-up a liquor store.

How could, as has been reported, such a ‘terrorist cell’ possibly simultaneously overpower the flight crews and corral all of the flights’ passengers into the rear of the planes? I don’t consider myself to be a particularly brave or heroic sort of guy, but I would not hesitate for a second to take on a couple of guys wielding toothbrushes, particularly if my life, or the life of my family, was on the line and if I knew that I had some sixty people (the average number of passengers on the flights) behind me who would back me up. Maybe that’s just me, but somehow I think most Americans would rise to the occasion.

Nevertheless, these terrorist teams reportedly succeeded where so many other, better-armed terrorists have failed. The majority of hijacking attempts, as officials have acknowledged, end in failure. There hasn’t been one to succeed in this country for a decade. And yet these teams succeeded, and on a spectacular scale, in four-out-of-four attempts and with only the most primitive of weapons. To what are we to attribute that fact? Don’t look to the media for answers.

Perhaps the most obvious question raised by the attacks, and one that officials have feebly attempted to answer, is how the planning for such an operation could have escaped the attention of the country’s intelligence services. Whenever such an event occurs, the intelligence agencies rather predictably hang their heads, slump their shoulders and sheepishly grin as they explain their powerlessness to predict such things: “We did the best we could,” they explain, “but our resources are limited, our adversaries formidable, and our sources not infallible.”

That’s a real nice story, but the reality is that the CIA – along with the FBI, ONI, DIA, NSC, NSA, DEA, and virtually every other three-letter acronym you could think of – constitutes the largest and most insidious intelligence network the world has ever seen. Its agents have fully infiltrated every foreign government on the planet, as well as every significant ‘terrorist’ group and every domestic resistance movement that has ever posed even a remote threat to the goals of those who helm the American ship of state. It is simply inconceivable that such an ambitious attack could have been planned, coordinated and launched without the knowledge of numerous members of the national security state.

That is the inescapable reality that no amount of media and government spin can erase, though politicians and their media puppets will work overtime to do exactly that. One need only to turn their television set off and their brain on though to see how preposterous is the claim that these attacks took the intelligence community by surprise.

Perhaps the most disturbing question raised by the attacks is what exactly caused the twin towers of the WTC to collapse? The impact of the planes affected only the upper floors of the towers; their foundations were unaffected. The UK’s Guardian acknowledged that the initial impact of the aircraft would result in less stress on the building than is normally caused by high winds. The buildings were specifically designed to handle such horizontal movement.

The Guardian and its expert consultants conclude that the collapse of the buildings was the result of secondary explosions, attributed to the delayed release of the large supply of jet fuel carried by the aircraft. How though could the ignition of the jet fuel have occurred as a delayed, secondary explosion? As the endlessly played videotapes of the attacks graphically illustrate, the initial impacts resulted in enormous fireballs and the immediate engulfing of a portion of the buildings in flames.

It is inconceivable that the aircraft’s fuel tanks would not have burst upon impact, with their contents then immediately ignited. Indeed, if that wasn’t in fact the case, then how are we to explain the initial explosions and fireballs that were witnessed by the world? What exactly was it that created the spectacular initial blasts if it wasn’t the jet fuel? But if that was the case, what was it then that created the secondary explosions that appear to have occurred? These secondary blasts were acknowledged early in the day by an NBC newsman. The correspondent stated on the air that he had just talked with the fire department’s public safety commissioner who verified that large secondary explosions precipitated the collapse of the towers.

A radio broadcaster on WLS in Chicago (according to a correspondent), whose former colleague* is a CBS journalist who was on the scene at the towers, said on the air that this colleague had witnessed an enormous fireball emanating from beneath one of the towers immediately before it came crashing down. What are we to make of these scattered reports, none of which received any follow-up coverage amidst the non-stop blizzard of media attention?

To be sure, the collapse of the towers, captured on tape for all the world to see, had the decided appearance of controlled implosions, facilitated by the precise placement of technologically advanced explosives. The world has never before witnessed such complete destruction of a targeted building by an act of war or a ‘terrorist’ assault. We have seen the United States target many a building for destruction. In the most recent military venture, we saw an embassy building and a television studio, among many others, take direct and multiple hits from state-of-the-art bombs and guided missiles. The buildings were devastated, to be sure, but the damage didn’t come close to matching the pile of rubble that the Twin Towers were reduced to.

We also saw a highrise Israeli apartment building take a direct hit from an Iraqi Scud missile during the Gulf war (actually, most of us probably didn’t see that, except for those who happened to be tuned in to CNN for the brief few moments when the footage was aired; as it turns out, that Scud missile was actually safely intercepted by a trusty Patriot missile, or so it was claimed, just as if the footage had never aired). The point though is that the building was hit and did suffer extensive damage, and undoubtedly at the cost of many lives. But again, the building – though sheared nearly in half – was in considerably better shape than the WTC towers.

It occurs to me then that perhaps America has invested entirely too much time and money in pursuit of creating ever more powerful and efficient weapons systems. Who would have ever thought that the best weapon with which to reduce an entire tower to rubble was the plane itself. It doesn’t even have to be a military plane – any old commercial aircraft will do. Someone obviously should have followed up on the early work done in this area by the Japanese during World War II.

In the final analysis, we must ask ourselves the following questions: Who had the means to get highly-trained commando teams onto four commercial aircraft flying out of three separate airports? Who had the ability to violate the Pentagon’s airspace, completely unmolested and unchallenged? What weapons were really used to commandeer those aircraft and who had the means to get them on the planes? Who had the ability to plan and execute such an ambitious, multi-pronged attack without the interference of the U.S. intelligence services? Who had the means to staff each of the four teams with at least one well-trained, and suicidal, pilot? Who had the means and opportunity to plant secondary explosive charges, if in fact these were used?

Finally, perhaps the most important question to be asked is: who stands to gain the most in the bleak aftermath? It is certainly not the American people, or any resistance movement within these borders. It’s definitely not the still-to-be identified target(s) of the nation’s wrath (which will likely include Iraq). That would seem to limit the remaining choices.
It is quite possible, indeed quite likely, that members of some ‘extremist’ group served as the foot soldiers of these attacks. But it is just as likely that they were used as pawns in the global chess game that serves as our collective reality. It is also likely that these ‘terrorists’ were motivated by legitimately perceived grievances with the U.S. government. Those motivations weren’t likely shared by their puppeteers, however, who cynically manipulated those belief systems to serve their own ends. Most of the participants probably did not know that they were embarking on suicide missions. Quite likely only the pilots knew that, and they may very well have received a little more ‘training’ than your average pilot.

All of this is, by necessity, just speculation at this point. The true facts of the case will emerge over time in bits and pieces, mixed in with a healthy dose of disinformation. It matters little though in which direction those facts point. The official story has already been written.


Cards and flowers can be sent to Dave at: Glendale Adventist Medical Center, 1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206, Room 1215.

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25 thought on “Dave McGowan Battling Aggressive Cancer”
  1. From the Suspicious Deaths blog:

    Whilst in the midst of a far-reaching investigation into the Presidio molestation case Mae was hit with a fast-onset cancer and died on October 3, 1988; she was 66 years old.

    You should know and remember that there are many different compounds and viruses that can cause cancer and can be most effectively modified to aggressively attack the body with very high resistance to treatment. As a tool of covert assassination it is exceptional as it is easily written off in medical forensic examinations. Cancer introduced through viral means is called an Oncovirus and it was estimated in 2002 cancer research that 17.8% of human cancers were caused by infections. If one needs further illustration they need only to examine AIDS and HIV infections. It is a relatively simple matter to isolate particular compounds and viruses and introduce them into a target by covert means. It can be done through food, drink, sex, doctor’s visit or even by using DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) as a transfer agent spread on a automobile steering wheel. In Bob Marley’s case it was vectored through a sharp copper piece of metal in a pair of boots given to him as a gift by Carl Colby, the son of William E. Colby Director of the CIA.

  2. Dave’s FB page has more details:

    For those who want to scurry him into alternative care, he has written this:

    First of all, I can’t thank everyone enough for the generous outpouring of support and concern. Some of the advice though, while undoubtedly offered with good intent, would almost certainly cost me my life. Small-cell lung cancer, a relatively rare form of lung cancer, is seriously aggressive in that it multiplies much faster and spreads much quicker than other forms. In my case, it had spread to my liver and throughout my bones before I experienced any significant symptoms. Once discovered, if not treated immediately and aggressively, it will kill you. Very quickly.

    A couple other factors to consider in my particular case: I have a tumor in my lung the size of a fist that is putting tremendous pressure on the Superior Vena Cava, which gathers blood from the veins of the head and upper body and deposits it into the heart, to be circulated once again. Due to that, I have been experiencing a large amount of swelling in my face, neck and arms. My throat has at times swollen so much during the night that breathing becomes extremely difficult. Before being admitted to the hospital, I was rolling the dice every night that I wouldn’t wake up in the dead of night completely unable to breathe. That is not the type of medical condition that allows you the luxury of researching all the alternative cures that have been proposed.

    Another thing to consider: cancer in the bones is excruciatingly painful. And I am no stranger to physical pain. I have passed about a dozen kidney stones over the last fifteen years, and all but one of them have been passed at home with no assistance and with just over-the-counter pain meds. I have also experienced severely abscessed teeth that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. So I think I speak with some authority when I say that anyone who thinks they could navigate through this level of pain without professional pain management isn’t looking at the situation very realistically. I have been getting pumped full of Dilaudid every two hours for the last five days and have still experienced periods of extreme, incapacitating pain.

    While small-cell cancer is quite aggressive, it is also highly responsive to chemotherapy. My oncologist emphasized that it is the only type of cancer for which he would recommend such an aggressive and immediate response. In my case, I honestly believe that pursuing any other option would have resulted only in mind-numbing pain followed by a quick death. There is a very rough road still ahead, but I believe that I am on the right course. And I sincerely thank you all once again for all the support.

    1. Sofia’s link is important, for those who wish to track what’s going on with Dave. What she didn’t mention is the comments. As is the case here, you have to read the comments (in fact this article James posted appeared as a link in one of the comments).

      Lily has just linked, here, to a cannabis oil story I have not had time to review, but if you read through the comments in Dave’s postings since he revealed his situation, many people posted excellent materials on that subject–as well as other proven alternatives.

      It is painful, and tedious, to work through all the heartfelt sorrow and unsolicited advice those comments constitute, but if you do read them you will find that many of these people only found out about him recently, and love him. Some of the advice seems a little wacky. Some absolutely worth remembering.

      This struck him, Dave, all at once. He feels urgency.

      Could he have been Breitbarted, as James speculates? What a nightmare our masters have us living inside of.

      1. Just to add one more avenue of treatment regard the sad illness of Mr. McGowan…

        Dr. Sherri Tennpenny, in addition to her fight agaisnt pharmaceutical incursions into human health, helped to found and maintain an alternative clinic near Cleveland Ohio. I have heard her state that even cancer can be cured with a diet and treatment that allow the body to heal itself.

        Having lost one of my beloved sons to lung cancer in
        2008, I relive that angony daily. He was in a hospice. If you are familiar with their mandates and protocols, you know they step outside the original purpose to hasten the loved ones departure from this dimension.

        Abuse of medical ethics is so prevelent, a Hospice Patients Alliance has been formed to scrutinize hospice activities.

        That is as far as I want to go. Look it up: Ron Panzer at Hospice Patients Alliance. (Can you say euthenasia?)

        Dr. Tenpenny can be found at her site with all information needed to make an informed and alternative decision to “normal” medical intervention for cancer treatment. I post this with great reluctance knowing the power of the medical/pharma cartel.

        You can’t mess around with a power structure based on profit–big profit. Say a prayer for me and for all those who suffer and perish in the name of profit.

        God bless and keep us one and all.

  3. I’m sorry to hear of Dave’s plight. But rather than resign oneself to the fate prescribed by those who kill more people in ten years than some wars, let’s hope he can fight this aggressive killer with an equally aggressive healing compound. Coupled with extreme detox, eating healthy and some exercise, Dave may increase his odds and surpass his ‘expiry’ date.

    See this fabulous recent interview with the godfather of natural healing solutions, Rick Simpson: – as anything is worth a try. All the best…

  4. I have enjoyed his wit. It is the sort of swordsmanship once valued in places where royal authority could do as it pleased, but where humor could stop it in its tracks, slashing down the false report and tyrannous edict.

    “True wit is nature to advantage dressed – what oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed; Something whose truth convinced at sight we find, That gives us back the image of our mind.” Alexander Pope

    First impressions are not to be sneezed at, but remembered and not replaced by false memory.

    “Truth” is not a bad word to either Dave McGowan nor his predecessor of centuries back. And as Pope’s allusion to the power of wit testifies – our own thoughts can move out of the shadows as we greet with applause such apt descriptions of reality.

  5. My brother-in-law, who was one of the most non-controversial people on the planet, just died of lung cancer which like Dave’s was stage 4. Because his first symptom was back pain (and it was discovered in his spine), pain management was to be very significant. He achieved some management through laser treatments which shrank tumors to nothing, but there were plenty of metastases waiting in the wing. He also received chemo. It may be that small cell is more manageable than his more garden variety lung cancer (adenocarcinoma). Whatever the case, he got some respite so that he could play a little golf and drive around. He even was made comfortable enough for a long car trip to his dad (who was in a nursing home). His goal was not to die before his dad, but he did not make it.

    I can only hope that Dave gets some respite, and I think that he knows what is best at the moment – dealing with pain and being able to sleep. These are simple things that make a difference to quality of life for as long as one can last.

    For him to be targeted, he would have to have upset TPTB by making it harder to do their nefarious work. Sadly, I see no let-up to their schemes. They do not care that 10% of the people might have woken up and see the world differently. They still hoodwink the vast majority and continually recruit more henchmen. Bothering with the people who shout that the emperor is naked is not yet a priority with them I would guess, because the brazen parade moves on. Unfortunately, the causes of these diseases are probably to be found in the befouled environment in which we live.

  6. The absolute first notion that came to me the moment I saw this post was that Dave must have stepped on some vengeful toes. I listened to an interview of Dave on Caravan to Midnight just a few weeks ago, yet I don’t remember anything so serious as this cancer being mentioned. It surely seems like some very intelligent people, especially those who have gained an audience, become extremely ill almost over-night, with devastating results. If anyone here is familiar with David Flynn, author of “Temple at the Center of Time”, his sudden illness and subsequent death was very similar to what Dave has experienced; and there are more.

    I believe in a God that can do miracles. Not only can He heal, He can bring the dead back to life, and has done so. I have already and will continue to pray for a miracle for Dave. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

    1. That is true.

      Yet, He lets the bad guys eliminate the good guys.

      Andrew Breitbart.

      This is not an eschatological, much less theological, website. But clearly, you and I could talk. The pieces are falling into place, and God is allowing it for His purposes.

      I read Temple at the Center of Time, years ago. I appreciate how Tom Horn has kept Flynn’s memory alive. But you know, I never put 2 and 2 together about his unbelievably early death. Certainly, the Raiders people never broach the subject. I’m normally very keen to be suspicious about such things, too. Whaddayaknow.

  7. Oh thos is so very heartbreaking! I’ve read many of Dave’s writings and have learned so much from him. I am praying for him and will continue. I ordered his book on Laurel Canyon after reading it online a couple yrs ago. I will cherish my autographed copy!

  8. Published on April 20, 2015
    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 269 David McGowan Talks Boston Marathon
    Almost four hours, but worth every minute. No one can walk away from this and still believe the BMB was real. Thank you Dave McGowan.

    By the way, the lady in the pink vest and her husband have since been identified, including their “wounded” granddaughter.

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    Case Dismissed! Texas Ends 15-Year Fight Against Cancer Doctor Burzynski

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  11. So sorry to hear this, and wishing recovery to Dave McGowan. I just started reading his Wagging the Moondoggie series and can’t put it down.

  12. I am So Saddened to this. Dave is such a Great writer.
    I confused him once with Miles Mathis talking to Pat one day here, and then I went to the link Pat provided and realized I was wrong. Dave’s work is so Good and well thought out and very easy to understand.(I think that what makes a good journalist)

    I’m like 20 min away from where he is in the Glendale Hospital, CA.

    I wish Pat and the people here that loved his work was as close as I am. I’m sure they would go there to shake his hand.

    God Bless
    Dave McGowan

  13. Thank you for taking the time to apprise us of Dave’s illness,James Tracy…he is an important voice crying in the actual wilderness,as are you,Sir. Our daily prayers are being sent for Dave,as well as one of my closest cousins who is also suffering with cancer(along with his mother)…and I just found out that a very close friend here in Knoxville also has just learned of his cancer. . We are all in His hands…whether we like it or not.

  14. Good luck and love to Mr. McGowan.

    Just finished reading ‘Wagging…’ and as others have stated, it’s brilliantly funny and destructive of the manned-landing myth. His 9/11 piece is equally illuminating and lays out the areas for further research.

    What a journalist!

  15. Have run into my perennial nemisis. the little man in the computer who likes to control content. I can chat and cut all day long but research links will no longer paste to text.

    After a while, my protests take on the character of sour grapes and fall among dismissed ideas.

    But isn’t that the purpose of psyops??? To discredit unworthy thoughts and “nudge” you—a la Cass Sunstein–into his orbit of speculation, which becomes skepticism
    over time. So be it…I have chosen this trajectory and I am circling around, running out of fuel. Houston, we have a problem.

    To those more attuned, I sense you can interpret my garbled message intuitively.

    Thank you.

  16. I share the sense of sorrow over this assault on this author on my must read list. To think that it’s possibly an attempted assassination is not at all farfetched. Now, D.M Murdock, the author of “The Christ Conspiracy”, has been diagnosed with a “fast acting inflammatory breast cancer”. Immunity is everything when it comes to health, and then to think that some natural co-factors of immune destruction are being engineered as weapons presents a truly perilous threat to us all.

    I know that Dave Mcgowan didn’t commit to discover the veracity of the Reuters/CNN report, that dancing Palestinians celebrated the demise of the WTC. Nor did he allude to a Zionist/Mossad frame up of these viciously scapegoated people. But, did I trace all of this to another possible cover-up lie that an email from a Brazilian named Marcio Carvalho started the “rumor” by claiming CNN allegedly falsified the dancing Palestinians display; that CNN showed a clip from the time of Saddam’s invasion of Iraq and attributed it to the time soon after 9/11/01. Knowing that Mr. Anderson Greenscreen Bleed is a liar, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have lied about this too. The email sounds sincere and can be read here: The problem is the evidence was never forthcoming and Marcio and the University he spoke from recanted and denied the thing, under duress?, we can only guess. I know, thanks for sharing the dead end.

    There are many instances of honest investigation into suspected Psychological Operations that contain critical anomalies which can be used to discredit the valid evidence. Dallas Goldbug stands as the most excellent example of either prosopagnosia, the lack of ability to recognize faces, or the victim of a part true honey-pot. We get the part true that Gabriel Giffords was a phoney in a false-flag-farce, and then we learn that Alice Cooper is actually Steve Carrel. Who knew?

    In the interest of effective dissemination, there needs to be some method of firstly deciding what shall be grouped as salient episodes of radical mass deception, and secondly, subjecting the discreet episodes to a process of verification. But what do you do when every ointment has a fly in it?

    Because evidence of greenscreens at SH is evidence of acting at SH, I propose that this is a salient that belongs on one of the four vertexes of a tetrahedron as a mnemonic device? WTF? a?….Huey ‘n Duey? It’s just a starting point. A “crazy” dancer dances alone until another and another get it, and imitate it, and often the whole concert place is doing a “crazy” dance. Too bad crazy won’t deliver from the two-jawed vise that is the dichotomy of sanity/insanity. There’s no medium ground between these jaws. The two-team-sport conditioned mind cannot see it’s liberty arresting nature. So much for easy fun and useless reactions to one leg of the greatest of transmonarchial tyrannies.

    I used to think that 26 Christmas trees was a candidate on the tetrahedral mass deception salients hanger, which we can expect to stay within the range of 60deg. vectoring but expand in evolvement to more complex polygons of mnemonic carriage. Primarily however, the the tetrahedron which is the most fundamental system that divides universe into inside and outside; is the unit of measure and structure of the isotropic vector matrix, and should prove that polarities do not hang freely in space, but instead exist in the context of multifaceted systems; may serve, when mnemonically loaded on all four vertexes, as an overturning tool of the conditioned mindset of two team sports. Fortunately, this does not need to be fully understood beyond the idea that systems are what we are dealing with, and mere polarities become issue polarizations when all other alternate axises of spin occurring within the metacontext of whole polygonic ideational systems are ignored. (p.i.s., It’s metaphorical and not an exact science.) It takes a two-team-sport conditioned mind to see all complex issues reduced to an absurd contest between two disconnected concerns.

    The trees on one of the pictures taken on the 14th was fairly countable as 26 and the suspicion of foreknowledge was predicated on a high statistical probability if 26 was true. But it only takes one picture of more than 26 trees to render the suspicion null and therefore ineligible for a vertex position.

    I tried to post the picture but I guess I don’t know how since it isn’t showing in the q.

    picture marker:
    (crop more than 26 Christmas trees on incident day)

    In the interest of sounding our alarm, the octopi of evidence that needs correction has more tentacles than Davy Jones. The overwhelming evidence that green screen technology was used in SH is not self evidently of any importance to many we assume should know better. I’m searching for the psychology that explains the “Vancome Lady” response to what is initially experienced as “unheard of”, but I also want to see the space for what must be a protracted and no doubt tedious inquest. So if I make a list of what I think are the most salient elements, they may not be agreed upon. Infighting is probably inevitable. Needed is some sort of uniting process beyond the mere agreement that SH was a psy-op. That and opening the forum to the debunkers who can only sharpen the presentation when some of their malicious work turns out to be true.

    Up to a point I thought this video, was good evidence of greenscreen with it’s implication of acting, as if Robbie Parker wasn’t enough. That sticking point is the flower box which the vid maker said was the same, but obviously isn’t, between the Google land map and the one at SH. So it was changed since the map was made. It just seemed like the logical thing to point out, instead of saying it’s the same. The rest of it screams greenscreen that hasn’t been turned off yet as Mr and Mrs. Fatal Grief walk off the set with “Miller time” smiles on there faces.

    (compare flower box beginning 1:20 and changed flower box beginning at 2:27)

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