Submitted by Babe Truth
[Dated April 27, 2015, received via US Post]

Dear Dr. Tracy,

I hope this finds you well. I’ve been following your blog for several years and greatly appreciate your insights, perspectives and analysis on the confluence of current events. The MHB community also adds intelligent commentary on your posts, so Sandy_Hook_Lanzait’s always a pleasure to visit the site (especially knowing what you went through to maintain it in the face of challenges by colleagues and administrators).

On the topic of SHES and Newtown, you’ve been at the forefront. MHB’s inclusion of the efforts of Sofia Smallstorm and Wolfgang Halbig (among others) makes it a must-read blog on a regular basis.

But there’s one aspect of SHES that it appears needs to be clarified, especially as Mr. Halbig continues to question the “official story.”

It seems as if there was an actual Sandy Hook Elementary School functioning at the time of the shooting, with real teachers and real kids.

(Whether SHES was in the building near the firehouse or at another location is an entirely different inquiry – addressed briefly below.)

The name of your blog refers to “1984’s” infamous Memory Hole where ingsoc’s mistakes were “corrected” and all previous copies of newspapers destroyed. But copies of Newtown Bee did exist in Connecticut libraries prior to the December 14, 2012 incident, and a visit to the library outside of Danbury was highly instructive. During this visit, a review of the newspapers in the weeks prior to the incident strongly indicated that the elementary school was functioning (perhaps in a different structure, though).

Consider the following tearsheets of which are enclosed for your consideration:

image-5(2)Friday, November 16, 2012. “Students Celebrate Veterans Day.” Column 2, 4th full graf [sic]. References to a SHES breakfast for veterans held in the elementary school’s cafeteria. The activities are covered in three grafs and makes references to 4th grade teacher Kate Anderhhaggen [sic] and music teacher Mary Rose Kristopik. Article includes a photo of SHES student Lauren Ryder with her father, taken in the school cafeteria on November 12.

image-5Friday, November 23, 2012. “Sandy Hook School ‘Book Fairy’ Welcomes Students.” This is a photo of Dawn Hochsprung with students at Sandy Hook School for a day-long event promoting reading.


image-27Friday, November 23, 2012. “Schools Collect Donations for WINs Thanksgiving Baskets.” This article references SHES contributions (grafs 3 and 4) and has a photo of SHES students doing a ‘Turkey Trot’ in the playground outside. image-20Friday, December 7, 2012. “Sandy Hook School’s ‘Appy’ Hour.” Article on a day-long event at SHES on December 4, 2012 — ten days before the Lanza incident —  on technology and learning conducted by librarian Yvonne Cech. Principal Hochsprung is referenced in the article.

What is one to make of this series of offhand articles that were published in the weeks leading up to the Lanza incident? While keeping an open mind on all hypotheses, it’s now difficult for citizen researchers (including Wolfgang) [to maintain] that SHES was not a functioning school on December 14, 2012. That said, it could very well be that the school was moved to the neighboring Chalk Hill Elementary School prior to 2012, and not [on] January 3, 2013 as reported. that would explain subsequent reports from Citizen Journalists visiting the town in the aftermath who believe that the school was slated for demolition.

(Note: During the research, I did come across the blurb about the school board debating whether to tear down the school and build a new one in the months before the Lanza incident, but the cost was deemed too prohibitive for the town. Unfortunately, I cannot find my photocopy of the article.)

I hope you’ll consider scanning these articles and including them as a blog post. They may not add up to much, but they clearly refute Wolfgang’s oft-stated position that SHES was not a functioning school. SHES definitely was functioning, but perhaps not in the building we’ve been led to believe is Sandy Hook itself.

Have a great summer break and keep up the astounding quality of your blog.

Best regards,
Babe Truth

PS – Some names from the papers that may be worth following up on (e.g., “Where Are They Now?”)

*Natalie Hammond – allegedly shot by Lanza and SHES activist *Cathy Dahlmeyer – EMT First Responder
*William Chapman & Scott Smith – cops who “found the bodies, scooped up the girl.” *Whoever installed the new security system in Sandy Hook Elementary School
*Morgan Kaolian – AEROPIX who supposedly took pictures of the incident by helicopter
*EMT Roger Connor Jr. of Redding.

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173 thought on ““Newtown Bee” Coverage Suggests Sandy Hook Was Functioning in 2012”
  1. “They may not add up to much, but they clearly refute Wolfgang’s oft-stated position that SHES was not a functioning school. SHES definitely was functioning, but perhaps not in the building we’ve been led to believe is Sandy Hook itself.”

    When Wolfgang Halbig states that “SHES was not a functioning school” it is reasonable and correct to understand that when Mr. Halbig refers to SHES, he is specifically referring to THE building on THE parcel of land that we have all been given to understand is the site of the “Lanza incident.” Mr. Halbig’s references to the term “functioning school” is exclusively in relation to THAT building on THAT specific parcel of land.


    “What is one to make of this series of offhand articles that were published in the weeks leading up to the Lanza incident?”

    I would suggest the possibility that these newspaper stories about four events at the school and published in the month immediately before the “Lanza event” are NOT a “series of offhand articles.”

    In other words, these stories may well have been “salted” as “ingenious methods were devised to salt barren or uneconomical gold mines.”

    I would further suggest the STRONG possibility that these series of articles / grafs are artificial or contrived, though possibly real events that took place at some school named SHES but separate from what Wolfgang Halbig was referring to as SHES, IF this number of stories about SHES in the Newtown Bee represents a great increase in the rate of published stories about SHES compared to the same approximate month period for 2011 and compared to a one month period of any other month in the SHES school year of 2012 or 2011.

    (There may be other “tests” or indications other than the rate of publication of SHES stories in the Newtown Bee that I have not considered.)

    The purpose of this possibly artificial contrivance is obvious and demonstrated in this new avenue of inquiry suggested to us and for us by this MHB article.

    1. I fully agree with you. Wolfgang is referring to that specific building. And let us not forget that CNN passed off a raid on St. Rose of Lima school (just down the road) as footage from Sandy Hook that day! We discovered this by use of Google Earth and saw that the scenery shown was NOT Sandy Hook school, but in fact, was St. Rose of Lima.

    2. You’d think that if Sandy Hook Elementary School was newsworthy in 2011, 2012, it would have a paper trail going back continuously for years about the same banal stuff.

      The “salting” of course is reminiscent of a detail in the film “Wag the Dog” in which a 78 recording that never existed was produced and stuck into the files of the Library of Congress to appear as though “Old Shoe” was a vaguely remembered hit by a guy who sang like Willie Nelson back in the far reaches of the past. It was a hilarious detail about governments going to crazy lengths to reify their own myths.

      I think it is interesting that the themes discussed in these fish wrappers include observances honoring veterans. That would be something the feds would think of as appropriate for an elementary school.

      But to me the most significant question is how many years of these stories actually exist. Perhaps “Truth Babe” could ask her handlers to make more years’ worth of them. Clearly Halbig and Smallstore are part of an insurgency which must be nipped in the bud and on the cheap. More fish wrappers please, and don’t spare the inkjet printers.

      1. I vaguely recall the story of a fraudster in France, who inserted threads within the historical records held in a reference library connecting himself to the French Aristocracy.

  2. I was thinking that whether the articles actually appeared in some paper or other has little to do with the evidence the ground on that day. More other worldly ideas could include did Robert have Jack assassinated as who benefits could be extended to him etc.
    I call this kind f thinking Talmudic thinking or deceitful thinking. It exists in news papers & gets a retraction somewhere in media without reverence for the facts.
    The ways of Loki or Lucifer while Satan uses a 3 pronged pitch fork.
    Not credible as evidence is an understatement.

  3. Given the Newtown Bee’s connection with this event, any coverage of SHES in the Newtown Bee going back certainly as far as 2011 should be examined in great detail with skepticism and viewed as potentially containing disclosing and possibly incriminating information.

  4. It would be nice if, somewhere in the background of these “articles”, there was actual physical evidence that could demonstrate conclusively that they were in the Sandy Hook “1956” building.
    Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.
    The Truth never needs debunking. Keep that in mind

    1. Who is Eliza Hallabcek? This is who she is:

      Eliza Hallabeck
      Phone:(617) ***-**** HQ Phone
      The Associated Press
      184 High Street
      Boston , Massachusetts 02110
      United States
      Company Description: The Associated Press is the world’s oldest and largest newsgathering organization, providing content to more than 15,000 news outlets with a daily reach of 1… more

      This July 2010 photo provided by …, 12 Jan 2013 [cached]
      This July 2010 photo provided by the Newtown Bee shows Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn. (AP Photo/Eliza Hallabeck) MANDATORY CREDIT: NEWTOWN BEE, Photo: Eliza Hallabeck, Associated Press / Newtown Bee

      This July 2010 photo provided by the Newtown Bee shows Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn. (AP Photo/Eliza Hallabeck) MANDATORY CREDIT: NEWTOWN BEE, Photo: Eliza Hallabeck, Associated Press
      Eliza Hallabeck, …, 24 Oct 2012 [cached]

      Eliza Hallabeck, Associated Press
      This July 2010 file photo provided …, 1 Jan 2012 [cached]
      This July 2010 file photo provided by the Newtown Bee shows Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., who was killed in the shooting rampage there on Dec. 14, 2012. Hochsprung and five other teachers and administrators will be posthumously awarded the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal at a White House ceremony on Feb. 15, 2013. Photo: Eliza Hallabeck, Associated Press / Newtown Bee

      Photo: Eliza Hallabeck, Associated Press

  5. I appreciate all of the comments. My gut reaction to the Newtown Bee stories found. Why would the planners of this drill forget to include – or intentionally leave out – a video or picture of 500 kids leaving the school, why remembering to plant fake stories that establish the school as open and functioning? Can anyone comment on that please?

  6. Have you ever seen the fake newspaper style ads? They look like a real newspaper, the styling, colors and layout. But it’s not a real newspaper, just looks like one. Authentic looking faux newspapers are easy to produce. I could redo the front page on the day after the Hindenburg Blimp disaster and photoshop Waldo into the picture. Then reprint it and speed weather and age it to make it look old. Does that mean Waldo was really there? I wonder how many pack rats in the Newtown area have a copy of the Bee on those days mentioned. My guess is that they got so many things wrong creating this illusion that why would they think to plant newspaper stories while forgetting to include 500 children in the picture of a mass exodus? The missing evacuation of children is a huge hole in the story.

    1. This is exactly what they did in the movie Wag the Dog: after the CIA figured out that the White House had invented a fake war, they announced to the press that the war was diplomatically ended. Robert DiNero accepts defeat: the war is over–I saw it on TV. To this, Dustin Hoffman responds: this is NOTHING! And proceeds to cook up a tale about “Shoe,” a supposed prisoner of war the president is bringing home, and he has musicians create an old-timey song about an “old shoe,” complete with scratchiness, and plants it in the Library of Congress archives, as if it had always been there since the 30s. Then they the radio stations “revive” it, in a burst of patriotism.

      No movie better demonstrates the cynical evil that is politics.

      I don’t know the agenda of this person contacting Dr. Tracy. It is abundantly clear that nothing happened that day, at that location, outside of a drill. Wolf is demonstrating, and trying to force the production of the evidence, that the building itself was not the school we were told it is–which it is abundantly obvious it was not. So why does this person want to besmirch that demonstration in any way? Why?

      That is, if there was a Sandy Hook school somewhere else, who cares? We were told that the decayed, broken down wreck was a fabulous school for yuppies to flock to for helicopter-parent children of an elite suburb.

      That’s the point.

      That’s the lie.

      We were told that “Adam Lanza” murdered children THERE, not somewhere else.

      Now, all can attest to my admiration of the way James Tracy has comported himself in this (and all the other recent) strange media presentation. And here’s just another bit of evidence to add to the pile–I’m glad he’s making us aware of it. But it is our job–not his–to notice the silliness. In his recent cross-interview with Jan Irvin he sort of points that out, when he mentions that the Academics (including a guy who helped him gain a PhD) who attack him can’t produce direct evidence of what he’s falsely accused of. WE can employ this space to speculate on wild theories, but anyone who’s paying attention will notice that James Tracy never does. That’s why the big shots all fall silent when he calmly asks them to present the evidence against them. (That’s also why everyone should listen to that interview at leas t twice.)

      1. PCA – no agenda whatsoever. See my addendum above. Just provided some clips from hard copies of the Newtown Bee before the event occurred. You’ve always been a reasonable voice on MHB, so have I. Be assured this is not a psy op. We all fall apart as citizen journalists when we suspect others as “having an agenda.” Be vigilant, but don’t fall for the paranoia of infiltration. You get what I’m saying, I hope. What websites do you look to for truth?

        1. Who says YOU have been a reasonable voice on MHB anyway? Do you have their names? How do you know it’s not a psyop? Why do we fall apart as citizen journalists when we suspect others as having an “agenda”. I am not falling apart when I question your legitimacy, I can assure you. You must have studied under Seymour Hirsch. I have more concerns about your being legit than ever before. If I had to vote, I’d say you had an axe to grind, you sound more like Shanley every day.
          Naw, soon you’ll vanish with the wind, just like Shanley the Impostor.

        2. I consider the viciousness of the state-controlled media’s coordinated, ad hominem attack on the author of this blog, for expressing the opinion that Sandy Hook “could hypothetically be” a drill, to give both him and this blog serious credentials.
          That being said, whenever dealing with a suspect person or front, do what every good counterintelligence agent does with an adversary or double agent, i.e., fully interact with them, pick their brains for information, and, use them as tool/useful idiot whenever possible to promote your own point and/or agenda. And, always give them ample opportunity to expose themselves.

        3. Touchy touchy, Gil. Such hostility. All I did was do a few hours of research and send some along some hard copies of articles that may or may not be relevant to the MHB discourse. What is your obsession with Shanley anyway? What up with that?


          PAT, LOPHATT, ANYONE. Babe Truth’s name now resolves to Alex Jones NOT Jim Stone.

          We are being played by Tracy and this unknown un-vetted Babe Guy.

          A Joke? I don’t know but I am NOT amused.

        5. Hey Babe? Why does your name NOW go to INFOWARS? Yesterday you claimed you were Jim Stone?

        6. Hey Pat

          You HEARD him…”don’t fall for the paranoia of infiltration” you silly conspiracy nut bag. Babe Knows better.

        7. Ric, the hyperlinks to the name are merely sites I review from time to time NOT my IP. Don’t know why this should generate so much vitriol on your part.

        8. I think people should look a little more skeptically at the notion put forth by Fetzer and Halbig that the school was not functioning in any capacity. There is a lot of contrary evidence, some of which Babe has cited. It does seem, for instance, that the The Education Connection, a private for profit entity, had a branch at 12 Dickinson Drive: There was also a post ( Oct, !8, 2012) on Hochsprung’s twitter feed acknowledging the EC’s presence at SHES. Getting the most vocal Sandy Hook Truthers to unanimously insist that the school was closed would be a good way to discourage actual residents of Sandy Hook, who know otherwise, from contributing to this discussion.

          The question remains: To what extent was the EC actually running the school? Did the principal of EC, Donna Denniston, the former principal of Reed Elementary School until 2009, actually perform most of the duties of “principal Dawn Hochsprung”? Is Donna the person whom John Volket mistook for Dawn on the day of the event? Why did he think that she was the principal of the school?

          Has anyone noticed that all of the most recent principals of SHES have been named Dawn or Donna? First there was Donna Page from ? until 2009. Then there was Dawn H. simultaneously with Donna D. Then there was Donna Page again after the “shooting”. It is easy to see how someone might have gotten confused, especially if Dawn was rarely around, and Donna frequently was.

      2. Which exact link is this to Patrick? I have checked recent headlines here and none seem to fit your description. I would like to hear these accusations. It sounds sad. I feel like the Baby Boomer generation abandoned the ideals of this country, often even the ones they themselves taught us (I’m more of an X’er). It’s just so sad.

      3. It has always struck me that in a long episode like SH and its sequelae, the perps know that there are people who are natural sleuths and these people will keep digging for facts and report on them. However, perps are not mere slugs who rest on their laurels. No, they keep throwing the element of doubt into the discussions as the facts start to undermine their last position of confident certainty. Shills are added and subtracted from the equation. One line of discovery starts to expose the shills and the perps realize that they had better add some more lies to the mix. They are confusing the issues by adding things that take time and effort to uncover.
        I felt Babe Truth had a strange malodor. A person skilled in the English language notes quickly that there are strange usages of words that are meant to confuse us. Phoniness is easily winnowed from conversations. There are many ways to lie, to exaggerate, to lead astray. I also had this same feeling with William Shanley, a person, I guess, who came onboard too fast, too assuredly, too certainly, who wanted to be one of the boys without paying any dues except trying to walk the walk and talk the talk prematurely. Where is he now, anyway? Was his arrest real or bogus?

        1. Let’s not forget that poor, tenured, formerly stellar teacher Adam Heller, declared psycho and fired because of what he thought was private online chats with his psychic who also played online games with him.

          There is nothing real about this hoax except for the millions of dollars made by those staging it.

    2. I just got moderated on last response..But..

      Is it just me or has anyone noticed the many articles from SHE or Boston Act or even the Santa Barbabra rich kids son fake crap where someone leaves a link to an article from a Huge source, NBC, Rueters,CNN what not, but that link link is NOT accessible from Google or search engines?

      AND, When you go to that link there are NO comments even a Year Later?

      It’s a FAKE page and only accessible IF someone gives you the direct link. And these links seem to only exit in the Blogs.

      Call me me crazy. But I have really noticed this and can still access links to stories today that NO one has ever commented on

      1. Ric I’m not exactly sure what you’re describing, but I can tell you a tech expert I know assured me that it is possible to ‘feed’ an individual ISP a news story that isn’t accessible to anyone else. But apparently only the NSA can do it, I think…or maybe it’s that some hackers can do it but if it happens to two devices like a laptop and a phone that’s likely the government. He said he’d heard of it happening to a friend and seen it for himself. My best guess is that it might be a way to make someone look crazy.

        1. Thanks Sue because I know its true. I don’t think it’s just NSA, I think any Web Site can do it easily.

          To explain, you have a real story that’s on all sites. Yahoo News, Google ect.

          Then you have a fake/planted news story that no one can access without a Direct link from a Blog or Blogger that put it there.

          You can’t access that page anywhere directly on the main site of the news agency you just linked to without knowing the bloggers direct link.

          I just just saw this kind of thing a lot back in the day. And what made me suspect was there was/is never ANY comments on such hot topics.
          Yet on the same web site of similar stories on the same topic there was 200 comments.

          Whatever, Just me.

          I don’t know where Babe Truth came from or how they were vetted by Tracy. But I guess I’ve been wrong about JFK to 911.

          It’s possible all those news stories existed. I saw the Christmas Trees article and all but…Really?

          This is very sophisticated and don’t let your guard down for a Bee/Courant Article or anything.

          If I had the money, I could fool all of you everyday.

          They have Billions of your Dollars to do anything they want…..

          Just remember the effort that went into 911. Enough said.

        2. while I still sit in Moderation.

          Let me tell you Sue, Anyone can have as many pages as they want on their web site that No One can access without the direct address.

          It’s very simple. That’s how people talk to each other without the public knowing. Direct access links.

          Have you ever heard of the DarkWeb?

          When I set up web sites in the ’90’s and still to this day, You don’t need a . dot com name. It’s just a number. That’s why this whole Govt. Bull crap about cyber bad guys using the internet is just that, Bull.
          They all know, and the phone spying thing..what a joke. No Spook gets spied on only YOU.

          Every crook knows you can access anyone on the net with just a number. You don’t have to pay for Names like Mylife dot com.

          This is how they talk to each other everyday across the whole world.
          It’s all Just a Number. I hope they don’t get too mad. They can’t catch them so they want FULL control at your expense.

          You only pay ICCAN/NetSolutions/GoDaddy for a website if you want to use a name for Business to resolve into your NUMBER!


        3. I hope I’m not in trouble. Any tech knows this, it’s just not Public information…

  7. The story we were told about new classrooms at Chalk Hill in Monroe made to look completely identical to the SHES classrooms at 12 Dickinson Drive, in record time no less, perhaps those Chalk Hill classrooms were the ones students already knew? They came back to familiar territory.

    1. Anne, I think you got it. This is incredible and hardly believable to someone who has never studied this act called Sandy Hook.

      I guess after 3 years we are all just cooked cooks and should pack our bags and go home….NOT

      Serious damage control is taking place.

  8. It makes no difference if a school called “Sandy Hook” was operating somewhere in the world. The concept is that the school we saw on TV was not an operating school. That is self evident, yet ignored in this letter. These alleged articles prove nothing more than the Dawn Hochsprung twitter account. Show us the articles from 2011. These articles prove nothing. They could easily be created and planted in the library; considering the Newtown Bee was heavily involved in this ruse, from the walking dead principle to Gene Rosen and everything in between.

  9. The Bee is not a real newspaper, they exist only to promote propaganda pieces to spew the lies.

    If the staged ‘evacuation’ photo of a handful of students was not enough, check out what news they do not cover. The train outage going into NYC was a big deal from thousands of CT commuters who dealt with it for weeks – no information here.

    There is coverage of the crazy team 26 cyclists that pretend to bike to DC in March, in the snow, to promote their anti gun propaganda. It is illegal and dangerous to ride bikes on the interstates. There are reasons you do not see 10 speeds in the snow, they do not have snow tires, there is no traction and you cannot stop! How about frostbite?

    Have not seen a single picture that has 26 bicyclists, their face book page is a joke – posting some of last years pictures for this year. Anyone notice that huge scaffolding on the capital this year? Did not see anything for their first annual, but there was a lot of mud riding in Newtown that year.

    You would think the town’s attorney and the leader of the pack team 26, Mr. Frank, might be a wee bit concerned about the safety/liability issues. Wonder why they went to DC when our ‘reps’ were on another two week vacation?

      1. I was able to see this, as well as Monte Frank, consigliere for the town.
        From the blurb I read about this trip (third annual!) to DC, they claim to have ridden 100 miles a day, if not in the dead of winter lately, certainly in some of the worst weather New England and the Northeast has had in a long time. But just like the “runners” present when the Marathon smoke bombs went off, there are ways to simulate real athletics. Just ask Rosie Ruiz. And all the time – laughing up your sleeve, because you know it is a commercial for your views and not something “real” (whatever that is, as those cynics would say, as they collect their checks).

    1. 12 Dickenson Dr. Sandy Hook, CT = obsolete Sandy Hill Elementary school used as a set for the hoax
      Fan Hill Drive, Monroe, CT = Chalk Hill School – the functional Sandy Hill Elementary- proudly proclaimed by the school board as an interior clone of the Dickenson Drive location so adapt the alleged quickly relocated students after the alleged killings.
      Confirmation- a personal phone call to the School Board

  10. I would have given more consideration had the “researcher” of the Bee articles simply presented his evidence without conclusions running along side of the presentations. I also felt this researcher didn’t investigate to any depth at all his discovery of the supposed Bee news articles. While certainly of interest, the questions raised here should have crossed this reaearcher’s mind and sparked further investigation to corroborate the truthfulness of his conclusions and remarks before publishing.

    What I find odd is that no other researcher thought to check out the Bee for stories of a functioning SHE on the site the supposed SHE event took place at until now and this telling?

    1. It was the year prior to these shootings that I went to the school on Dickenson Dr – 2011. My friend’s son then went to Reed middle school. I have not quibbled with anomalies re this incident. And why would I give you names of friends and family members who buy the official story hook line and sinker? I never called SH a slum. I keep reading that Sandy Hook is wealthy and in fact it is not the best section of Newtown. Lots of small dumpy houses there. I did say there were new expensive ones as well Teachers in CT complain all the time about the condition of our schools. Many are run down due to age. SHE was never in the best shape except maybe back in the day. This “the school was closed” thing is a distraction. I can’t imagine you can’t find people who sent their kids to the school on Dickinson in 2012. What about bus drivers. Lots of hostile folks here. Especially Ann B talking about a woman losing a head? Yikes.

      1. “Marlene P Schade says:
        May 27, 2015 at 12:14 PM

        “My sister lives in Sandy Hook as well as my best friend whose 2 sons attended SHE. I have picked her youngest son up for her from SHE. It’s not a fake school and it was operating at the time of alleged incident.”


        “MPS says:
        May 28, 2015 at 9:48 AM

        It was the year prior to these shootings that I went to the school on Dickenson Dr – 2011. My friend’s son then went to Reed middle school. I have not quibbled with anomalies re this incident. ”


        Appears MPS has changed her screen name. That is OK but it further undermines the sincerity of her intentions regarding sending this finding of hers to Dr. Tracy.

        This conversation has gone south as anyone. including blog owner Dr. Tracy who follows this blog would know it was bound to.

        I find one of the best comments was …

        “BRF says:
        May 24, 2015 at 11:14 PM
        I would have given more consideration had the “researcher” of the Bee articles simply presented his evidence without conclusions running along side of the presentations. I also felt this researcher didn’t investigate to any depth at all his discovery of the supposed Bee news articles. While certainly of interest, the questions raised here should have crossed this reaearcher’s mind and sparked further investigation to corroborate the truthfulness of his conclusions and remarks before publishing.”


        Look how much of our time has been taken up in this road to low-quality discussion. We become suspicious of sincerity of intentions. Ad-hominems start being tossed around.

        I am going to again try to get us back on the true course of rectitude.

        This last posting of May 28 seems to contradict or blur your first posting.

        “”MPS says:
        May 28, 2015 at 9:48 AM

        It was the year prior to these shootings that I went to the school on Dickenson Dr – 2011. My friend’s son then went to Reed middle school. I have not quibbled with anomalies re this incident. ”

        What kind of response is that?!!!

        All of a sudden you are referring to “my friend’s SON” as singular when you said she had two sons who attended SHE.

        Then you are now saying this “son” “went to Reed middle School”

        I thought you said both sons went to SHE.

        As far as your statement
        “I have not quibbled with anomalies re this incident. ”

        I really have no idea what that means.

        You have conveyed a contradictory set of statements that have increasingly fogged or blurred or obfuscated whatever the original “incident” was, if there indeed ever was a real actual orginal incident.


        You originally said, if Marlene P. Schade is you, MPS, you said…

        “Marlene P Schade says:
        May 27, 2015 at 12:14 PM

        “…My sister lives in Sandy Hook as well as my best friend whose 2 sons attended SHE. I have picked her youngest son up for her from SHE. It’s not a fake school and it was operating at the time of alleged incident…”

        I noticed that you DO NOT state that you “picked up her youngest son” from the “operating ….school….SHE”. You simply jump to a declarative sentence that ?It’s not a fake school and it was operating at the time of the alleged incident…”

        Lastly, everything I have posted here in my previous postings still hold. You appear to be using words and language in a manner designed to obfuscate and to hook certain posters here into the downward path to discussion perdition.

        Records, cyber records or paper records, can be falsified and planted or salted before the fact or after the fact of the event. There is layer upon layer of deception and fraud, and I am not only talking about Photoshop layers.

        We have to navigate this landmine terrain as wisely as we can and be careful what we step on step in to.

      2. MPS- If you are still on the fence about whether this “shooting” at SHES really occurred, here is a simple list of the most glaring anomalies, along with a piece of smoking gun evidence:

        Most of the victims were not taken to the hospital in spite of the fact that CT state law mandates that all child victims of traumatic injury be taken regardless of whether they are showing any vital signs. There are no exceptions to this rule for children under the age of 18. Everyone should have been taken to the hospital immediately.

        Most of the responding ambulance personnel were not allowed into the building.

        No trauma helicopters were called.

        “Bodies” of the deceased were quickly hidden from view in a temporary morgue, then spirited off in the middle of the night.

        The coroner gave a bizarre press conference where he was seen joking, and stated that he “hoped that this would not come crashing down on the heads” of the people of Newtown.

        Parents were seen laughing and smiling within hours of the violent deaths of their children. None have filed lawsuits for the dereliction of duty on the part of first responders, or for their refusal to follow state law.

        Numerous parents and witnesses changed their accounts of what happened, some several times.

        The houses of many of those involved were sold for $0 on 12/25/2009, an apparent payoff for participants. Several of the victim’s parents won the state lottery, some several times.

        Most of the victims have donation funds set up in their name, with hundreds of thousands of dollars collected. Many victim funds were set up on the day of the shooting. Other websites relating to it seem to have been set up prior to the shooting, showing foreknowledge.

        But for me, here is the inescapable smoking gun:
        All of the rooms in the school were equipped with smoke detectors, which were tested by law every year. Their presence can be verified by looking at videos of the school rooms. There were several in the front hall of the building. It would be impossible to fire 150 rounds from a high powered rifle inside the school, or some portion thereof in any of these rooms, without setting off the smoke detectors. It is established that firing an AR-15 inside a school building will set off its smoke alarms. See this from Police State USA:
        “The action began as three rifle-toting gunmen burst through multiple entrances — dashing past the “no guns” signs — and began using their simulation firearms to gun down anyone who crossed their path.  The loud “pops” of the blank rounds were accompanied by so much gun smoke that they triggered a fire-alarm, adding to the confusion and terror.”

        So how do we know that no smoke alarms were triggered? From this interview with the Sandy Hook fire chief Bill Halstead, who was sitting in his office at the firehouse not 100 yards from the school: He makes no mention of a fire alarm, and says that the fire department responded at 10:AM. He can hear sirens going by, but does not hear the first six rounds fired outside the school, a couple hundred feet away? These guns are very loud. Nor can he even remember whether Natalie Hammond was shot in the leg or the foot, though he claims that he saw her wounds. His account is just not credible. In any case, the smoke alarms would have gone off. So you see MPS, there is a smoking gun here. Its the gun that made no smoke!

      3. “And why would I give you names of friends and family members who buy the official story hook line and sinker?”

        Because you act as if the tale you tell is as natural as the salt air off Long Island Sound. It’s not. Genuine citizens of the place are rare as hens’ teeth. If these people you say you know are real, and actually experienced the event As Seen On TV, one would think they would be anxious to go public, shoving aside the images of all the crisis actors–who have gotten all the laundered dough, incidentally, and scooted out of their temporary stage set soon after the play’s run ended.

        You say “I can’t imagine you can’t find people who sent their kids to the school on Dickinson in 2012. What about bus drivers.” Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? Many people have been trying to do that for more than two years. Wolf is trying to force the local government to cough up solid evidence, and they have closed him down every step of the way. If it is as simple as you say, one would think that you’d be excited to prove it, by providing the witnesses you claim to know intimately.

        But if those people don’t exist, that is, if you are lying, you would say precisely what you said. You have just essentially proven that your story is just the kind of thing that good ole Gene Rosen regained us with repeatedly for days–until he was reassigned to another FEMA op somewhere else. Too bad, he was a real rib-tickler.

        “I never called SH a slum.”

        Well, you came close enough, and certainly the facility would not even be tolerated in a slum–it was a public school, after all.

        “I keep reading that Sandy Hook is wealthy….” So did everyone on Earth.

        “I did say there were new expensive ones as well”

        No, you didn’t.

        “Teachers in CT complain all the time about the condition of our schools. Many are run down due to age.”

        I requested a link to prove that. If there are many such people, or at least a few complaining “all the time,” that’s not too hard a request to meet, I wouldn’t think.

        “SHE was never in the best shape….”

        We maybe. But calling its condition when “Adam Lanza” blasted his way in like Robocop “not the best” is like saying the comatose patient is “having an unpleasant day.”

        If your fantastic story is true, and you really ARE upset that the world has problems with the official story because the only faces of that story are fake, crisis actor parents, and hilarious buffoons like Carver and Rosen, well, I’d think that you would see yourself as the one to rescue the situation. You would be holding the key. There are in fact at least four actual normal people who can put the whole controversy to rest, and YOU KNOW THEM, personally. Ask them to come forward.

        But you won’t, because you just made it all up.

        1. Patrick, the thought had crossed my mind about Mr. McGowan. Do you know anything you can share?

        2. Patrick said:

          “You have just essentially proven that your story is just the kind of thing that good ole Gene Rosen regained us with repeatedly for days–until he was reassigned to another FEMA op somewhere else. Too bad, he was a real rib-tickler.”

          Minor quibble here, but did you mean ‘regaled’? We all know what a meticulous attention to detail you usually have. Just wondering. High emotions and personally attacking people can get in the way sometimes I guess.

        3. You are correct, Jen. That dastardly auto-correct function tripped me up again.

          Now, about that “personally attacking” bit. This person is obviously a liar, so it doesn’t require “high emotion” to call him/her out about it. That is, a shill, a troll, is not strictly speaking a “person” at all, so it’s not really a “personal attack.” I generally wait a long time to call out trolls and liars, until I am absolutely certain, but sometimes they blow their hand right off. Those hired wastes of our time don’t take it personally when they are called out; it’s just part of their job. Either they get fired for being so bad at it, quit the job because they got caught so easily and know they can’t get any better at it, or they take it as a lesson and use it to troll more ingeniously in the future.

          James is pretty good at keeping the vermin at bay, for the most part, but sometimes we must lend a hand.

          You may have noticed that I am always polite to real people, and endeavor to suppress my tendency towards sarcasm–although I’m not perfect at that, to my shame.

      4. I agree that the “school not open” thing is a distraction. Some may have bought into it i.e. their distraction is sincere, but I believe it was drummed up in an attempt to sway people from harder-hitting questions such as why one one, single Newtown Police officer told dispatch of the discovery of 25 additional wounded. Stemming from that failure was dispatch’s late, late realization of the number of ambulances needed (officers had been on scene for half an hour before a volunteer EMT finally transmitted a vague “call for everything.”) I used to be a defender of NPD against CSP accusations; now I understand why CSP has been somewhat aggressive, relatively speaking, at least, within the confines of the brotherhood of the blue. CSP Sgt. Cario risked quite a bit by going to the Courant with the info that children had been transported by police car rather than ambulance. Not only he, but his men (Patrick Dragon et al) named in the article, took that risk. What was NPD doing from the time they entered the school (9:45) to the announcement of “one suspect down” (9:51:31)? By their own admission they immediately proceeded down the north hall upon entry; are we to believe they literally ran back and forth past this suspect who was allegedly lying just inside a wide-open classroom door? The reality of those missing moments (Chapman and Smith’s timeline goes completely silent for that span, incidentally) constitutes the epicenter of the subsequent coverup, imo. NPD and CSP have an uneasy truce over the debacle, likely because it was CSP units responsible for the second biggest problem: They parked their cars in the middle of the road, blocking ambulance travel. We know this happened, because WTNH’s Bob Wilson read live, on air, from the CT Police Chiefs Assoc. review of the NPD response, citing a section on road blockage–a section which is now missing from the public version of the report.

        1. Weirdly, Zephyr, you think the people around here are going to take the fake story as authoritative. Everything you reference is nonsense, obviously so.

          Hey, I’ve got a tip for you: next time, you should quote Gene Rosen. That’s where the truth lay. GENE’S the go-to man, if you want to know what happened that morning. After all, a bus driver dumped a clutch of kids onto his front yard! He comforted them in his living room with stuffed animals! He (pretended to) shed tears, over, and over, and over, on camera!

          Gene is the key man in this story. He is THE primary witness. Zephyr, did you forget that essential fact?

          Oh, and some dude standing around while the pageant was being presented told the cameras that the cops had captured one of the fake killers: he was now sitting in a police car. WHERE IS THAT CULPRIT TODAY?

          Oh, no, I remember another “fact” you neglected to mention, Zephyr: we were presented with chopper footage of policemen chasing down perhaps four guys in the forest adjacent to the “school.” Where are THEY? WHO are they? You need to fill us in.

          You believe (I’m suppressing my mirth) the official story. These are elements of that story. We saw it on TV.

        2. Thank you Zephyr – you are an island of reason in a sea of pseudo intellectuals- you hit it out of the park.

        3. I certainly do not believe the official story (and neither does Sgt. Cario). I believe NPD officer SS nailed one suspect in the chest at 9:46:54, cuffed and yelled at him, and that when his partner WC returned from room 8, WC shot the cuffed kid in the head, twice, with either his own or the suspect’s rifle (if the suspect even had one). Everything snowballed from there. If you read the report–or rather, the shadows cast by the report–with that in mind, and listen to the audio with that in mind, and focus on several key officers’ statements with that in mind, things fall into place pretty easily. Compounding the issue would have been the apparent youth of the suspect–not a man, but what looked like a 12 year old child. At least one officer thought the deceased suspect was a *student in the school* no less. This would have added panic to what was already likely a panic situation. There’s a chance that Seabrook’s weapon was used as the “suspect rifle;” Seabrook is the one who used his muzzle to break-n-rake the safety glass on the side door of the school, and that’s one explanation for the white residue all over the barrel. If indeed the suspect had an AR and it was used to kill him, some fancy dancing would have had to ensue. You’ll notice a tendency on NPD officers’ part to distance themselves rapidly from any rifle use that day (Smith: “Mine was stuck in the trunk.”) CSP Trooper Benecchi was caught on film pantomiming what he saw happen, speaking to some DEEP guys, and he gestures indicating someone picking something long up off of the ground and shooting someone “in the head! Yes, TWICE! F***ing awful, man!!” The shocking execution of an apparent juvenile stopped everyone in their tracks. All of a sudden, the radio goes silent. The timeline goes silent. When Kullgren does speak, it’s to have officers prevent additional personnel from entering, and keep EMS out. Not good.

        4. Zephyr that is a very interesting assessment and very plausible. I have never seen a rifle barrel in that condition and I have alot of experience with M4s, AR-15s. Also why was the front strap holder broken off?

          Lanza was found handcuffed and shot in the back of the head and nobody explains this in the report ? The scenario is much more indicative that he was shot by police (as was initially reported to Hoboken PD and the ATF).

          The formula in the London 7 7 attack was quite possibly used. My guess is they asked Lanza to play a role in a drill and they went live and popped him as a patsy. Did some or all or none of the other victims really die ? Were some of the children victims constructs ? Maybe or maybe not. It doesn’t matter really does it ?

          I live in sandy Hook and I can tell you that Adam was real. People one degree of separation from me knew at least one victim or a victim’s direct family. where did they go ? I don’t know, And again it does not matter.

          The official story is a lie. There is a cover up. Period. Who cares if the school was operating or not.

        5. “I certainly do not believe the official story ”

          Oh, but you DO, Zeph. The official story is that 26 people died that morning. You believe that.

          Well, most of us around here don’t do much more than laugh anymore at the notion. Sure the morons in charge wrote these reports. But to take them as evidence is to either be a shill or a dupe. Or an idiot.

          The most important person in the story, remember, is Gene Rosen. A bus driver dumped a bunch of kids from the school in his front yard. This is the key piece of evidence as to what happened that morning. We should be asking the essential questions about that school: didn’t the kids ever learn about Stranger Danger? Why did he think inviting the tikes into his house to “play with stuffed animals” would be construed as anything but a plot to rape those innocent tots? Was he unaware of the pederasty problem all over the world’s press in recent decades?

          Was Gene ever questioned about that? Supposedly, he contacted the kids’ parents, and they picked them up from his house. Did any of those parents have a sniff of pederasty suspicion?

          Why did the bus driver, incidentally, do that? How did the kids get on the bus to begin with, and since Gene only lives yards away, why drive them there? Is it a Paedophile ring that’s in view, that was inadvertently uncloaked, and now it is being covered up?

          Maybe, bunched of kids were delivered to Gene’s house on a regular basis.

          Or, maybe, everything about this story is entirely made up.

          But if we’re going to wade through your tiresome details about those fictitious police reports, we must do the same in taking seriously Gene Rosen’s child-sheltering story. Get back to me on that, Zeph.

        6. Oh, and Ray. You say “The official story is a lie. There is a cover up. Period. Who cares if the school was operating or not.”

          Of course the official story is a lie. No one died that day. The whole thing is a hoax. We care if the school was operating for the obvious reason that all the evidence indicates it was for the most part defunct. Whatever activities went on there, they were NOT those of a normally functioning grammar school with hundreds of children coming and going each day.

          People care because we are obviously being lied to, and we don’t like it.

          If you live in Sandy Hook, produce some real people, not crisis actors, to prove it wasn’t all a hoax. Use your real name, because hiding behind a pseudonym is evidence of lying. Tell us about the truth about Gene Rosen, and the kids the school delivered to his front yard.

          You might hold the key to solving this mystery, “Ray.” But the first thing you must do is identify yourself.

        7. As researchers and investigators with limited time and resources, most of us anyway, would we be better served to identify the discrepancies in the direct evidence like police statements, direct witnesses, parents with contradicting stories or should we speculate on whether the school was dirty, clean or open or closed ?

          Is it better to focus on Lt Sinko not bothering to show up for a few hours ? Or why multiple sweeps including at least one with the FBI did not find the nurse and secretary ? Or Why Officer Seabrook took the longest route possible to get to the school?

          Who cares whether or not the school was open or if it was dirty or clean? What impact does this have on whether or not there is any evidence that Adam Lanza ever hurt a fly ?

          Who cares if Adam Lanza was real or not ? What impact does this have on whether or not there is any evidence that Adam Lanza ever hurt a fly ?

          Swan made a great point when asked if the deaths were fake. He said “it does not matter” and he was absolutely right.

          So instead of accepting that we already won the argument that there is no evidence or motive Adam Lanza did this, and moving on to culpability, we wallow in the quagmire of irrelevant debates of the school being open or dirty ad nauseum.

          Bottom line is that there is virtually no evidence that Adam Lanza ever shot anyone. No video, no photos, no witnesses, no motive no history of violent outbreaks. Any evidence that Adam ever shot an AR-15 or any guns for that matter is extremely limited and questionable. So if he existed or not does not matter. If the school was operative does not matter.

          So many many more important issues to analyze, like culpability for instance ?, or the numerous contradictions of the police or parents, yet our arm chair Monday morning investigators want to analyze oil stains in the parking lot? Sad sad sad.

          It is encouraging that Wolf is landing some punches – no communication between the State Trooper in the air and Newtown PD ? That torpedo hit the ship. That is what we need more of -, a significant substantive piece of evidence that demonstrates gross incompetence, negligence or fraud and not meaningless debates.

          Two people believe that the shooting was fake, one however believes Adam was real and the other believes that he was not. So which is the shill?

          For years Sandy Hook was always perceived as a dump. It was an embarrassment to admit that you lived there. A farm was developed with vinyl sided McMansions and now suddenly we expect the school to be state of the art ? This is not Greenwich people this the what was known as “the hook”.

          Regarding the free houses ? All I can say is my friend’s house is among those listed on December 25 2009 for $0. He does not know that his house was now given to him for free and he continues to make mortgage payments. I believe Bruce Jenner’s house is among that category as well. I understand the owners want to sell the house but it is not listed – Why not make them an offer ?

          If you stop at the general store order the sandwich called “the flagpole”. It’s awesome

          So Zephyr in conclusion I want to thank you for having a refreshing rational perspective and providing a relief from the utterly meaningless speculation efforts and those that make widely generalized conclusions with no basis or evidence.

          Have a nice day all

        8. To augment my last statement I must say that I do not know directly if SHES was open or not. Several people have told me that they know people with children that were going there.

          Another blatant discrepancy worth considering is Joe Wasik saying that he was directed to the Fire House and found his daughter yet he is clearly seen on helicopter video strolling around the parking lot walking through the building-

          Or we could talk about the police eating snacks in the parking lot while the nurse and secretary were still missing and armed dangerous suspects were on the losse.

          Why would the PTB need a closed school to do a drill-hoax-false flag anyway ? Wouldn’t it be easier to just give the kids the day off ? It does seem like some kids were off that day ?

          It may be that the school was not operational and if that turns out to be the case then fantastic we have another fraudulent piece of information. Wolf is spending alot of time in that area and I do not think it should be a priority.

          We could also talk about how Sgt Cario stated that Newtown PD said that they saw the shooter in the hall and “duck into” room 10 shooting and that they did NOTHING FOR FIVE MINUTES!. So Ben Wheeler and Olivia Engel are clinging to life and the Newtown PD do nothing for at least 5 minutes until after CSP arrives ?

          Volumes of the government’s own documents prove the story is a lie or that there are egregious failures of protocol but if those of you want to continue agonizing over the cleanliness of the school be my guest.

        9. Hmmm. Do CSP cars have medics and all the necessary equipment in them? Sgt. Caroni “risked quite a bit” by going to the Courant with this information? Say what? Tell us all what he risked. Did the CSP cars that “did the transporting” require special treatment and disinfecting due to HIV protocols that demand usage of rubber globes, face masks, etc? Haven’t we already established that some of the Danbury Hospital doctors were, uh, fibbing a bit in their description of the bodies coming to the hospital ER?
          It’s painfully obvious that the local and state coppers demolished every bit of protocol that was ever conceived and actualized in the State of Connecticut. That doesn’t bother you? That doesn’t make a total sham of this incident? We the investigators have to be 100% right on all issues and the State of Connecticut only has to say the incident took place in Connecticut? A memorable photo of 3 of the CSP’s finest was shown to be replete with 3 total phonies and not genuine CSP bluebloods? Still, I do miss Robbie Parker, don’t you all?

  11. Response from Babe Truth:

    Many thanks for everyone’s thoughtful comments. For starters, I had no agenda in going to a local library and spending two hours going through back copies of the Newtown Bee for the sole purpose of contributing to the body of evidence for Citizen Journalists (and Wolf, especially) to consider in formulating hypotheses of what happened that day. I did this because I was within driving distance of the library that had back copies (HARD copies) of the Newtown Bee — many of those interested do not have such access.

    This small town satellite library only had one year of back copies of the Bee — it discards previous copies to save shelf space, understandably so. The trip to this library was 16 months AFTER Lanza, and fortunately they still had the November and December editions.

    I understand that MHB readers would’ve liked to have two years of the Bee before Sandy Hook, but that was not possible. As a researcher, I found it valuable to have the access to the November issues. While some MHB commenters say these articles “add nothing” to the debate, that conclusion is fine by me. You looked at the articles and made an informed judgment based on your previous research on the topic. I respect that you at least considered this additional information.

    For those who say these articles were “salting” the official narrative because “the Bee can’t be trusted,” I respectfully disagree. If this was true disinfo, then the pics of Dawn Hochsprung as The Story Fairy would’ve been hyped up breathlessly by Anderson Cooper (by way of example). It wasn’t. And say what you will, but The Newtown Bee has been a continuously published, functioning newspaper for over a century. As we know from Orwell’s 1984 and Dr. Tracy’s blog, the Internet can be memory-holed. Hard copy publications cannot.

    Another commenter here respectfully suggested that I not provide my commentary on the photos. Fair enough. I provided such commentary so it would be clear what MY takeaway was (for what it’s worth). The intent was to demonstrate that I am a close follower and admirer of MHB, that I have learned a great deal from MHB, and that I wanted to contribute to the discourse. I did not intend to debunk or criticize, but I did want Wolf and others to take this evidence into consideration.

    Three final points, if you’re still with me. Prof Jim Fetzer did an amazing job in demonstrating that the “conga line” photos were staged. A photo of the photographer and the conga line showed it was a drill. More to the point, an October 2012 Twitter feed from Dawn Hochsprung called “safety first,” had a photo of all the kids with long shadows that showed it was an end of day drill. Was the conga line photo extracted from this drill?

    Secondly, maybe many of you missed the PS that identified follow-ups for citizen journalists These were key people who were mentioned in the Bee, the Danbury papers and the Hartford Courant on a real time basis as involved in the situation. They claimed to be first responders. Worth a follow up.

    And finally, I’m grateful to Dr Tracy for this must read blog, his radio show and his E-BOMs. MHB is essential reading, and I also respectfully recommend Dave Hodges and

    Babe Truth

    1. I apologize if I have inadvertently mischaracterized your intentions, and now I realize you researched as much as you could as fully as you could. From what you say, you made the best attempt possible, looking at paper copies of the newspapers as far back as was available, possibly available almost nowhere else. Nevertheless, you need to realize how your reasons for giving us this incomplete, though profoundly interesting and in need of followup, could be taken the wrong way.

      “For those who say these articles were “salting” the official narrative because “the Bee can’t be trusted,” I respectfully disagree. If this was true disinfo, then…”

      I did not say the articles were “salting” the official narrative and I stated no reason or cause for the posting of the articles, though it does happen to be true that the Newtown Bee has an extremely poor record on Sandy Hook event reporting, certainly not upholding the original fine standards of true print journalism.

      I never stated that the posting of these stories was “disinfo.” That is a straw man argument and I only hope it is an innocent error on your part. I even acknowledged that the content of the stories may have been factually true…

      “I would further suggest the STRONG possibility that these series of articles / grafs are artificial or contrived, though possibly real events that took place at some school named SHES…”

      The articles presented the subject school events to be at a location that was not the Sandy Hill Elementary School on Dickinson street, and it was the subtle, matter-of-fact manner of such reporting that made them suspciously ulteriorly motivated in their posting. THAT is what may have been a deliberate “disinfo” attempt, that is, designed and published so as, after the fact, to mislead, or set up new rabbit holes that no one will be able to search to their fullest depths, but that which will leave many with the idea that Wolfgang Halbig is way off-base with his truth finding efforts.

      The posting of the articles appeared to me to be premeditated as though their heaving posting of several articles in the month immediately preceding the event was meant to be discovered and revealed after the “shooting” event and shown to corroborate that the Sandy Hill Elementary School was indeed a functioning, operating school, contrary to Wolfgang Halbig’s position. This deliberate publishing of these articles, the salting, was to make it look like the real truth was there all along to be seen by all.

      I say when you want to evaluate how routine and normal the kind of reporting the Newtown Bee had always done regarding events at the “Sandy Hill Elementary School”, you could not come to any conclusions, such as Wolfgang Halbig could be very wrong in his position that “the school” was not a functioning school at the time and at the place of the shooting event. UNLESS you looked over every paper copy of the newspaper going back to about 2007 and observed every article and everything about every article the Newtown Bee published about the “Sandy Hill Elementary School.” If one could do that, then yes indeed, your fascinating kind of information could very possibly offer us much good new information in our search for the whole truth of the “Lanza event.”

      I used the analogy of a “goldmine” as the thing that was salted, not the “official narrative that was salted. The “goldmine” is the field of evidence, the entire record of the Bee’s reporting on that school. The information that many here at the MHB who have researched the records much more deeply than I have have shown the Newtown Bee’s reporting at least on the post-Sandy-Hook-event in general and on the specific Sandy Hill Elementary School to be “barren or uneconomical”, that is, curiously yielding little to no solid facts, data or evidence and curiously devoid or reporting on shooting event aspects that should have been covered by any legitimate newspaper reporting.

      1. No offense taken, and my response certainly didn’t intend to single you out, dachsielady. I despise strawman arguments and/or ad hominem attacks on anyone involved in an intellectual discussion. My use of the term “disinfo” was innocent in nature, not intended to be offensive. As lophatt says above, we are awash in a sea of lies. It is critical to consider all available evidence, and for me, these articles have some meaning.

        The consensus here from the MHB community is that SHES was likely already located in the Chalk Hill school and that the location by the firehouse was abandoned and ready for a staged event. That is a reasonable conclusion and is not inconsistent with the Bee articles published in HARD COPY form in the weeks prior to the event.

        1. “The consensus here from the MHB community is that SHES was likely already located in the Chalk Hill school and that the location by the firehouse was abandoned and ready for a staged event. That is a reasonable conclusion and is not inconsistent with the Bee articles published in HARD COPY form in the weeks prior to the event”

          The issue of primary, main and monumental importance here is that all of the mainstream media, including the Newtown Bee, lied to the public and told us the Sandy Hook Ct, Lanza shooting event took place at a functioning school with students and teachers and staff at the old school building on Dickinson Street.

          Therefore, the Bee articles you referenced demonstrated or revealed a stark contradiction to what was communicated to the public by the Bee and the entire mainstream media telling us that there were two schools and two physical locations both entities with the same name in the same small community, namely the Sandy Hill Elementary School.

          Again, I say that the four articles, I think it was, published in the relatively short period of time, the month just before the event, cannot be determined to be a non-artificial, non-salting kind of publication record of the Bee. Those articles are a tiny, non-representative, non-random sample of the Bee’s entire record of the past several years of published news stories about the Sandy Hill Elementary School.

          The kind of information that could be gleaned from a careful thorough perusal of all of the Bee’s editions over the past several years, a kind such as suggested by your contribution here, would be very fertile and valuable to the fund of data and evidence we have amassed so far regarding the Sandy Hook Ct. school shooting event. But we are apparently locked out of getting that kind of good information because we have no access to all the paper copies of the Newtown Bee going back several years, I think appropriately going back to 2007. But your contribution here is really of little or no value because it is so incomplete and it would not be wise, no matter how true it looks, to draw any conclusions from it.

          The information we have amassed about the community of Newtown Connecticut is that is appears to be a Potemkin Village, a town in existence historically for several decades but that seemed to take on, or have imposed upon it, a whole new character and “skin” only a few years before the Sandy Hook shooting event.

          My gut feeling about the information you brought to the table and the whole big story of Sandy Hook is the feeling of being in the Twilight Zone.

        2. the Twilight Zone dashsielady refers to is pretty fitting for this whole thing. It gets a little more surreal every day with the encounter with the Governor… “Nope, not me” denying something the whole world saw him say. I wish John B Wells cameraman would tell us about the missing footage that makes the governor look like he jumped backwards in a nanosecond. Last time I drove through Connecticut, I was tempted to go check out Newtown, but something told me it would bring me trouble I didn’t really need starting a cross country trip.

        3. As I just kept driving past the exit for Newtown, I got a strange feeling about the place even though I did not stop there. It was almost the same exact feeling I got when I saw the pictures from someone who did stop there. Something is not quite right about the place. The picture of the affluence area painted by the press was not found there. It was like the Train to Centerville episode of Twilight Zone. Guy tries to leave Centerville on the train and he finds out it’s the only destination. It was a common thread of the series… people finding themselves trapped in a desperate situation, they don’t know how they got there, but they sure can’t figure out how to get out. Wolf’s dealings with the community have a lot in common with the series. Go back to the FOIA hearing. Just look at the tiny room they use and the orientation of the witness not facing the crowd. When the Police Chief is on the hot seat, the crowd can’t see his face as he answers questions. Normally witnesses face the crowd, don’t they? If you watch both videos of the hearing from opposite points of view, you get a completely different feeling of the proceedings. Is the State of Connecticut so cramped for space they use a janitor’s closet for hearings? I have opened sardine cans with more vacant real estate

    2. Babe. you are cloyingly obsequious, your repetitive wonderment at everything Tracy has done, is doing, and will do in the future is quite phantasmagoric. You are gushing to extreme, is this a common emotion for you or are you William Shanley?

      1. Gee, Gil, yeah, I’d say most of the commenters here do have some admiration for Dr. Tracy who has risked his reputation and his career to provide this forum. Glad to see you’re continuing to get some mileage out of your copy of Roget’s thesaurus. Good for you, bro.

      2. The Sandy Hook section of Newtown is not very nice and never has been. It’s the dumpy side of town. Mostly it’s old summer cottages on Lake Zoar that have been made into year round houses. Yes there are some newer houses but not like in Newtown proper. My sister lives in Sandy Hook as well as my best friend whose 2 sons attended SHE. I have picked her youngest son up for her from SHE. It’s not a fake school and it was operating at the time of alleged incident. Not sure what the real story is about the shootings but agreed there is plenty that doesn’t add up. It was an old school like a lot of schools in CT. I’ve taught in schools in the state that have windows that don’t open and old ongoing problems with asbestos etc. In cities and in lovely suburban settings. Shocking maybe but it is true. Saying Sandy Hook is a wealthy community just isn’t true. Newtown proper is. Sandy Hook is not all that nice. That and the Botsford section of town are crummy. It’s where you live in Newtown if you are living from paycheck to paycheck unless you are able to afford a new house on the lake. Stick to the real inconsistent “facts” about this incident because saying the school wasn’t operating at the time just isn’t true and easily verified.

        1. ” Stick to the real inconsistent “facts” about this incident because saying the school wasn’t operating at the time just isn’t true and easily verified.”

          The operative phrase here is “the school.”

          You, like the author of this MHB article, hold a different definition of “the school” than do many of us here, including Wolfgang Halbig. When we refer to “the school” we mean “the school” at a specified location, that is at 12 Dickenson Drive. You and BabeTruth leave open and unspecified the physical location of “the school” in your usage of the term, the school.

          To me, that sets an unstable, moving target, foundation for any quality MHB discussion of the information brought to us in this MHB article.

          “If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” Voltaire

        2. “…and easily verified.”

          That’s a hoot. You’ve not spent much time around here. We’ve all been attempting almost from the start to determine if “the school wasn’t operating” when it was used to stage the drill. Wolf is attempting to pry the physical evidence that the facility was what we are told it was. He’s been blocked at every turn. If it is an easy task, lots of smart people have missed it entirely. Weird.

          Additionally, you assert that Sandy Hook is a slummy district–but that’s not what the world has been systematically led to believe. Certainly the section “Adam Lanza” supposedly lived in was a development of starter castles/McMansions for highly paid executives. And none of the actors hired as “parents” are portrayed as the losers you describe.

          What is your sister’s name? What is your “best friend’s” name? What are the two boys’ names, and what grade were they in? If you are not a liar, these kids were the building at the time. Please email Dr Tracy with contact information for all these people, and ask him to pass it along to me; I will interview them and write the definitive article, putting this all to rest. If you agree, the whole conspiracy question will be put to rest.

          Meanwhile, since you say that Connecticut schools are very frequently moldy wrecks, in absolute, contemptuous defiance of the Americans With Disabilities Act, would you please reply to me, here, with a link to a reputable source verifying that contention? I’d appreciate that, as would countless MHB readers and contributors.

          I can’t wait to hear back from James with the contact info. I’ll write about whether the kids smelled the mold, and whether people like yourself were annoyed by the ultra-security, and complained about it. Did the teachers complain when they had to move around the buckets to catch rainwater in the classrooms, because the roof leaked? Not to mention their descriptions of the evacuation, which was not captured on film–and no other children have as yet been documented to describe.

          I’m sure Tracy will publish my report, right here. Can’t wait.

          Oh, and tell your handlers that if they Breitbarted Dave McGowan, and want to do it to me, bring it on.

        3. Dachsielady, just to clarify, if you re-read this article, you will see that I don’t necessarily have a different view than you, Wolf and others on MHB. And I do understand the distinction between “the school” and “the property.” Here’s what I wrote in the original piece:

          (Whether SHES was in the building near the firehouse or at another location is an entirely different inquiry – addressed briefly below.)

        4. You have just demonstrated my point, exactly. ” And I do understand the distinction between “the school” and “the property.” It looks very much like we are dealing with two or more entities that we are referring to as “the school.” 

          That is not acceptable for discussion purposes. Any definition of “the school” would have to include the property location.  The location cannot be “distinct” and separate from the term. You may want to use the term School A to refer to the school at 12 Dickenson Drive.  You may want to use the term School B to refer to a school at another specific location or to refer to a school at another unspecified location that is other than the Dickenson Drive address. You must have clear and complete definitions and descriptions of each entity because there is obviously a sheme to confuse the identities of the separate entities by giving the entities that same name, that is, Sandy Hill Elementary School. Another term that must be specifically defined is “operating school” or “functioning school” and that term must always be in relation to a verifiable date and time of day. I think the way Wolfgang Halbig is understanding the terms is what most people understand reasonably to be what is meant. But again, the plotters of the Sandy Hook event of 12-14-12 have from the earliest stages of planning of the event programmed misdirections, rabbit trails and dead ends, into the overall play-out of the plan including investigation activities of the event after its execution. Throwing in vague, ill-defined terms is an excellent way to muddy the waters of reasoned discussion and debate, activities which offer the best possibility of finding truth. Sometimes people unintentionally muddy the waters and sometimes intentionally. 

          In either case, we MHB commenters feel a certain annoyance when we are led off the path of true rectitude.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        5. So Newtown was perfectly content having students go to school in a dump, is this what you were saying? Are the tax rates the same for Newtown proper as well as Sandy Hook? Why did SHES violate virtually every state and local law for operational standards? No kids suffered from mold coming from the old walls? No parent made comments about the dumpiness at school meetings? Regardless, where are pictures of the 400+ students that “escaped” from the building during the crisis? The well known photo of the teacher leading a small number of students in a conga line leaving the building is considered to be taken in late afternoon, how can this be so?
          Asbestos is not tolerated even in the smaller towns, it’s going to be tolerated in affluent Newtown? They don’t care if they meet minimum standards for asbestos?? If these things were true, it would seem the SH residents would have every right to sue Newtown for vastly substandard safety considerations for the kids. And, this would have happened well prior to this “event”.
          You are not “sure” about the shootings? Have you done diligence in reading the analyses done by James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, and others? Or, are you not up to snuff regarding what has been deduced and considered as irregularities? Do you lack curiosity? What exactly do you feel confident about regarding this event? I’m not trying to blow your doors off, but it seems like you are nouveau when it comes to knowledge regarding this event. Very nouveau…..

        6. Marlene P. Schade – are you the author of short stories such as women without heads?
          You wrote “I have picked her youngest son up for her from SHE.” Care to elaborate on how long ago that was? Something tells me it was quite some time ago.

    3. I have no opinion about the particular case but as for hard copies being immune to manipulation I disagree. Dmitri Khalezov took the trouble to dig out genuine copies of dictionaries from before around 2003 and proved that after that time new false copies backdated had been distributed apparently worldwide, secondhand shops being monitored to realize the best possible coverup. One of the phrases changed was the explanation of the term ‘ground zero’ which, in the genuine copies only meant ‘the cite above a nuclear explosion’ or similar while the fake copies had this altered by adding other more mundane explanations of the term to make it seem as if the term didn’t have the nuke-only interpretation before 2003.
      As for archive microfilm I know of one case when they changed the content and removed a particular article which I had earlier read. The content was of importance in connection with a case of suspected preparations for terrorism. But that wasnt hardcopy, only they had to change it in every archive.
      I’d suspect this kind of editing out is quite common since I happened to stumble upon it despite having done very little of this kind of research.

  12. Without reading the comments first, I can offer that journalists use the term “graf” instead of “paragraph.” It’s not a mistake; it’s common usage in a news room. So perhaps Babe Truth is now or has been a journalist, and he/she is using those skills in he/she’s research efforts. We have to be open to reasonable research, if our goal is to essentially get at the truth of the matter, one would think.

  13. What’d I say in my last comment. Another direct link to an Article that has NO comments since 2012. Right!
    These links can only be accessed directly and not “Googled” as I stated.

    I have so many “links” that are only found in Blogs,put there by a Blogger.

    Link from Big Tim

    At the Newtown Bee: Reporting, while grieving
    By: Neena Satija | December 21, 2012

    This photo, shot by veteran Newtown Bee photographer Shannon Hicks, has become the most recognizable image associated with the horrific mass homicide at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Email Print


  14. As most of you know, I’ve always been cautious about making statements related to the status of SHES. This is not because I have any doubts of any kind related to it being a drill/hoax.

    As Patrick so clearly explained, their story is that this happened at THAT LOCATION, none other. As “Ceruleanlake” said, they knowingly used other drill footage of a raid at St. Rose of Lima and pawned that off as SHES.

    In addition, can this one library be the only source of SHES articles? And, unless the address were listed it would be of little use. The whole purpose of discovering conclusive proof of closure is that they said that it happened right there, at that location.

    We live in a sea of lies. We have multiple examples of the falsity of this production. My main interest in the status of the SHES location is that it would be so much fun to watch them try to spin their way out of it.

    Everyone provided great insights. It would take much more than a few “puff pieces” authored by someone at AP to either “prove” that SHES was alive and well at the stated address, or that the event happened as described.

    As to the condition of the facility, we’ve discussed many times the likelihood of yuppies from The City settling in Newtown so that their little darlings can be educated at a “quality” school like the purported SHES. Yuppies from Albania would find it depressing.

    How difficult would it be to send a “human interest” story to someone at AP to pen? We know that MSM “journalists” are simply agents of the NWO. They’d run pictures of Idi Amin leading dancing classes with Pol Pot if they were asked. As Patrick said, think “Wag The Dog”.

    1. lophatt, it was the New Fairfield Library: 2 Brush Hill Rd. • New Fairfield, CT 06812. There are only a handful of libraries in the state of Connecticut that carry HARD COPIES of the Bee.

      1. BT,

        “There are only a handful of libraries in the state of Connecticut that carry HARD COPIES of the Bee.”

        Do you know of any of these libraries that carry issues that date back more than a few years?

  15. This cluster of articles, appearing in the weeks prior to the event looks planted to me. They are nothing new, I found them two years ago, via Google, so you don’t have to go to the library to find them. I couldn’t find any articles for an approximately four year preceding gap. After a close examination, I didn’t think they proved that the school was in operation at 12 Dickinson Dr as a Connecticut Public School.

    Wolf has the hoax against the ropes, and they are desperate. The two versions of the dashboard cams are a case in point. CW Wade contends that he had his own FOIA request for the vids. He posted two versions of the same video, both with and without time/date stamps, so one set must be tampered. He also has footage with gaps, and impossible shadows so the timing is either a composite of two days, or he just spliced the thing all to Hell.On a different video, he starts it well after the crucial shooting time, because he says there was music on the radio which violated the You Tube copyright policy, so he had to cut that part.

    With the hearing only days away, we should continue to see a full court shill press. Stay the course Wolf, and ignore the noise.

      1. You become a national hero, your hyperbole, when you accomplish what you set out to do. Has Wolf accomplished what he set out to do? Or, are you just bestowing your special gift of flatulence on us? Accusations are nothing but convictions are the sign of accomplishment. Are you normally this obtuse? Or, do shills usually talk like this?

        1. Don’t Bother Gil.

          Babe Sleuth was vetted and allowed here.

          If you read my comments that weren’t deleted you’d know how Ifeel.

  16. I think the main reason people are unwilling to consider the possibility of a hoax is that it would require a lot of people to keep quiet.

    In my opinion, though, there really aren’t that many people who have direct, firsthand knowledge of what happened. All it takes would be a couple of classrooms filled with false identities (just append them to the normal school roster), a couple of dozen Connecticut State Police, a few photographers/photoshoppers, the medical examiner, and a handful of bureaucrats to run interference and “look the other way”. Everyone else, including the media, is simply passing along what they were told from these sources. If everyone involved profited from the incident, there is an incentive to stay quiet. This seems very plausible to me.

    I don’t think it is very plausible, however, that the school, with several hundred students could be kept closed without someone from the community noticing and reporting it, such as parents who live near the school. This would require a lot more people to be directly involved in the hoax. If the school was in poor condition, I think it is more likely they stopped maintaining it, knowing it would be shut down after the hoax.

    1. I don’t think it is very plausible, however, that the school, with several hundred students could be OPEN without someone from the community noticing and reporting it, such as parents who live near the school.

      1. Yes, and the fact that this is not a slum district. Supposedly, this was a fabulous school, top notch, attracting families to the town. We were told that one very recently a super-duper, captain-fantastic, state-of-the-art security system had been installed (as if this was the West Side of Chicago, or Detroit, where such a thing might conceivably be needed).

        It is true that the place had become a lot like a Potemkin Village, and all the fake “parents” were recent arrivals. So who would be the person to notice, even if the building was being used for some purpose, such as a handful of “special ed” students, as has been mentioned as a possibility many times? And don’t forget, this place was not on a busy street: it was hidden a long way down a winding road, tucked in the woods. Pretty much anything could have been going on there and no one would notice.

        So what it looks like to me is the perfect stage set. The top people were in on it, the majority involved were actors, and the natives had no way of knowing anything about it. If you lived nearby, and were clueless about the drill, your heartstrings were no doubt pulled, and you resent any investigation into the hoax–because you believe it. As lophatt mentioned, more than once, many moons ago, almost no one pays any attention to the activities of local schools, unless their kids go there.

        So who, really, has to keep quiet?

    2. Thank you for again making the critical point Chris, that there is an obvious void of substative data to support an operational Dickenson Drive Elementary school facility. Such abundant data should be multidimensional and accessible from varied public and private archives and sources. But in fact that mountain of data is unobtanium.

  17. In the document below is among other information Newtown Schools building and site improvements for period 2007-2008. $ 4,322 had been budgeted for SHES front entry security.

    1. [DOC]2007-2008 – Newtown Public Schools

    FY 2007 Building & Site Improvements
    Front entry security 4,322

    In the SHES handbook for 2010-2011 Vicki Soto is listed as an office intern, not teaching intern. The next year she is employed as a teacher.

    1. Now that’s interesting. In California, you can look up the status of the teaching credential of any teacher on line at the California Department of Education. Is there a record for when Vicki Soto received her teaching credential? And in what subject? (I have always been curious about the fact that both classrooms involved in the attack had only twenty students, and both teachers were listed as Special Education teachers. Were these Special Ed classes? Special Ed kids? And if so, how is it there were two special ed classes for the same age and grade level in the same school? Just wondering.

  18. Newtown Bee, Hartford Courant, and Newtown Patch are owned/operated by CIA. They print bogus crap every day. You can’t read it without cringing.

    Newtown Bee photographer “took the iconic photos” of kids fleeing Sandy Hook Elementary — except if you zoom on those “evacuation” photos you find they’ve been PhotoShopped. For example, the shoulder of BRIGHT BLUE GIRL is a perfect razor-sharp T-square (top edge and rear edge of shoulder meet, at a perfect “corner”).

    It took approx 2 years to plan Sandy Hoax. That means they were actively planting fake stories for approx 2 years prior to the DEC 2012 fake “school shooting” to support the narrative.

    Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax.

    Newtown (fake) massacre = Treason.

    1. The reason why you will never find an article about Sandy Hook Elementary School closing its doors for good is quite simple. It was never open until 1/03/13 for the first time. The building portrayed in the movie could possibly have been under another name and looks like it was closed for good many decades ago, possibly in conjunction with the Fairfield Hills Hospital which closed in 1995?

      1. Really Karen?

        SHE opened on 1-3-13?

        It just adds to the many diversions. Facts only.

        How come Rick Thorne is not in ANY Police report making a statement to the Police or Feds?

        How come NO one from MSM or even the local newspapers interviewed him?

        Those are good questions based on facts unless that’s not the goal.

        1. How come Rick Thorne is not in ANY Police report making a statement to the Police or Feds?

          How come NO one from MSM or even the local newspapers interviewed him?

          Damn good questions, Ric.

        2. Rick is interviewed by TFC Grandpre in 00104263 on 12/14/12, and by Det. Peters (suspicious character, imo) in 00063270 in March, 2013. We see a familiar problem here: Though Grandpre’s interview was day-of, the file number is way, way too high (late). The same thing happens with Chapman’s “initial” interview; it is the latest file number of all of Chapman’s four interviews, hinting that it was reworked just before the release of the final report. Of course in almost all cases, the “statement” is actually Sedensky’s summary of a statement; the statement proper is blacked out. Rick is a major threat to the official story for a number of reasons, including that he was only feet away from the problematic 9:46:54 shot, and from the WAY more problematic execution+staged-suicide shots. If you play the 911 calls and police audio together–sync everything up, timewise, and hit play–you’ll hear lots of cause and effect that is missing when calls are listened to in isolation. The 9:46:54 shot, for example, audible in Rick’s 911 call, has the effect of making other 911 callers who have been talking steadily to dispatchers suddenly go quiet, whisper, ask frantically why no one is coming, etc. Just before (what I believe are) the later execution/staged suicide shots, you can hear a 911 caller blurt, “He’s screaming–he’s screaming.” In another spot after a shot or two on Rick’s call, you can hear a child on another 911 call start to cry and say “I’m scared.” Just as revealing is what’s NOT there–the moments where all or most of the calls suddenly go silent, in other words where Sedensky’s team has felt the need to remove audio (by falsely dividing single calls into multiple pieces, losing time). I can’t imagine the pressure on Rick post-12/14; certainly many know that HE knows the 9:40 “final shot” is pure bulls***. Cops know it. The feds know it. Rick certainly knows it. Cario remains, imo, the single most important (and blatantly bravest) law enforcement witness of the day, willing to point a not-so-quiet finger at NPD by including timestamp after timestamp to drive the points home. A read of his statement, for example, makes it brutally clear that WC is lying about being the first to enter the conference room–the point being that WC was elsewhere. And that “elsewhere” is the point of the whole coverup, imo. Repeated reading of the statements makes it pretty damn clear where elsewhere is, and “He’s screaming” followed by “suspect down” makes it pretty clear what elsewhere was. In my experience, there remain multiple people (PR firm employees) online whose singular purpose is to sway others away from this line of questioning.

        3. Zephyr you are a Rock Star , I agree that Cario is the focal point of the entire cover up which is why you see the subject change so often when he is brought up.

        4. Also I believe Rick Thorne makes a significant contradiction in his description of the victims in the hall. I believe one report said that Hochsprung was wearing jeans and Thorne said she was wearing an orange dress. (or something to that effect)

        5. Why am I the only one who thinks the key player here is Gene Rosen?

          Why did a bus driver deliver a bunch of Kids in his front yard?

          Why don’t we know those kids’ names?

          Gene told the world that the kids were crying, “we can’t go back! We don’t have a teacher!”, which means they were rescued from the carnage.

          Did the bus driver extract those survivors? If so, why only those few, and how was it done? One can picture Bruce Willis in Die Hard. What is his/her name?

          Was the bus driver just hanging around with the bus ready to go for no good reason, or did the kids have an appointment with Gene pre-arranged (even though he claimed it was just a random event)? Does anyone know the answer?

          If the official story is true, this seems to me to be its Zapruder Film.

          Or, maybe the whole thing is a giant charade, and Gene is the Magic Bullet.

          The Magic Bullet, of course, is proof that the Warren Commission was a coverup. It will be nice if Wolf can force the municipality to prove that the school was not in operation and that there was no police action at that building that morning (if it as admitted at Wolf’s FOIA hearing that there was no coordination between the police on the ground and the chopper, the jig is up). But we don’t even need that to discover the truth or falseness of the official story. We have Gene.

          But he seems to have gone down the memory hole, hasn’t he.

          I’m pretty sure (Miles Mathis’ theory aside) that John Kennedy really did die that morning in Dallas, and that the truth was covered up. And since it seems abundantly obvious that no one died at that defunct school, there was nothing to cover up–so the two situations are not perfectly comparable. What they DO have in common, aside from the fact that everything the public has been told about both of them is a lie, is that the Magic Bullet/Zapruder Film element. Gene Rosen is one or the other.

          I say, let’s find out who that bus driver was. That would be a good job for YOU, Ray, since you claim to live there.

    2. “It took approx 2 years to plan Sandy Hoax. That means they were actively planting fake stories for approx 2 years prior to the DEC 2012 fake “school shooting” to support the narrative.”

      I do not know how long it took to plan what I now prefer to call the SH Event (Sandy Hook Event). Some serious sophisticated pre-planning did take place and when I say it is of sophisticated nature, I am referring to what we call Cass Sunsteinian kind of deceptions. The planners, nay the plotters, of the SH Event obviously were schooled in the valuable information gleaned from the Waco, OKC, Columbine and 9-11 outcomes. We are really going back to England’s Society for Psychical Researchh, Tavistock Institute, etc.

      Anyway, we need to understand what we are considering to be “the official story.” I consider the SH Event “official story” bassically to be …

      Sendensky’s report (run for the Tums time),


      Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

      Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports

      This consists of several files, a file dump if you will.

      All the thousands of mainstream media reports amazingly, according to the law of averages that is, almost never contradicted the “facts” of the official story.

      We in the alternative SH Event “research community” must work off those same two basic set of “official story” documents, just as the mainstream media works off of, or is bound by the parameters of, those two official story components. We work to expose truth. “They” work to cover up truth.

      We unfortunately have not been guided in our research by high quality logical ways to evaluate the validity of data and how to interpret data logically. For example, on this MHB blog, while we do appear to have a higher quality of news reporting about the SH Event and while there are bits and pieces of data points diligently searched out and discovered, all of this valuable information is scattered hither and youn and not compiled into a good report that is continually updated with our latest findings and insights.

      We get in to very non-objective ways of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Let us count the ways.

      Here are a few.

      We use the terms “massacre” and “attack” in referring to the SH Event. Those are bias words and should be avoided. Leave those descriptors to the mainstream media.

      There are, of course, many sub-plots or sub-stories that show up once we really get the SH Event conversation going in the alternative truth seeking venues. We get in to all kinds of energy-sapping arguments and squabbles regarding these very real sub-stories, and that is OK and can be helpful toward truth, to an extent. One example, among many, would be identification of who or what is “the key player” or “the focal point of the entire cover up.”

      The advantage of having a good quality ongoing summary of MHB findings and ensights would be that the importance of the many data points would be prioritized according to rules of logic and not prioritized according to personalities or egos.


      Wolfgang Halbig, based on his extensive relevant career experience in public school safety matters, has asked some very good questions, requested just the right records, of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. The records he is asking for, he knows from experience, would be records that would be in existence and easily producible and are of the public-information type of record. IF the official story of the SH Event is true, then those records he asks for would be very strong support of the truth of the official story. If the response of the CT FOI Commission is nonexistent, weak and legalistic tap dancing, what we have so far, then a major foundational part of the SH Event official story is shown to be a foundation of shifting sand, that is, whether the school was open and fully functioning or fully operational on 12-14-12.

  19. One More thing while I wait in Moderation

    Serious damage control is taking place…me

    “…but don’t fall for the paranoia of infiltration.”
    Not good advice…Pat

    And Gil made a comment too
    You may not photosynthesize, but you are a plant.

    Serious damage control is taking place…

  20. Dr. Tracy, I’ve followed your blog for awhile now in the background. I travel a great deal and have found your blog to be enlightening and educational. I “woke up” several years ago, so it is with great interest I have frequented your blog to see the latest in alternative thought about current events.

    However, I may have to bid your blog goodbye due to the pack of commenters who post every single day, ad infinitum. They have apparently taken over this blog as if it was their own property and they are driving me away. I would venture that I am not the only one.

    The pack mentality is truly distasteful. No one is allowed to express any doubts whatsoever about any incident, or incidents within an incident, without one of the pack members calling them a “plant” or deriding them in other ways. The paranoia is almost out of hand. Yes, we’re justified to be paranoid and wary of false flags and the damage they incur, but not Every. Single. Thing. is a conspiracy and not Every. Single. Person, Who. Doubts what the MemoryHolePack says is CIA or Homeland Security or Dick Cheney. There are those of us who won’t swallow what the government tells us and there are those of us who also won’t swallow all of what your comment pack tells us, especially when they all have a paranoid knee-jerk reaction to any other research not sanctioned by themselves.

    It almost becomes a bullying tactic, their way or the highway, and at this point, I’m rather inclined to take the highway out of here. There appears to be no room for anyone to step back and attempt to hear what others say or have uncovered or done in regard to a topic without the pack ridiculing them in post after post.

    It’s not your blog, Dr. Tracy. It’s the pack’s. If I return here, I will attempt to make it your blog by only reading what you post, and bypassing the comments sections. I suggest others do the same.

    1. JW
      I have followed the blog as well for quite a while and I consider several of the ‘pack-members’ to often make intelligent and insightful remarks. In particular in such a way as to completely obliterate your critique insinuating that they would believe everything to be a conspiracy. Your lame effort to try to downrate all the commenters immediately makes me suspect you to be a cognitive infiltrator. Why otherwise would you cease to read the articles that you appear to like on account of the comments?

  21. Why does it just say “Sandy Hook School” everywhere instead of Sandy Hook Elementary School? In most every reference “Elementary” is left out.

  22. That’s a lot of school coverage in just a few weeks. Are there an equal number of articles about the other elementary schools in the district? How about the middle and high schools? If all of the articles for that period are for that one elementary school, well, that’s interesting.

  23. Unbelievable..Censorship. Look in “trash Bin” “spam” and find my post.
    I ain’t buying it because it hit home on this “Babe” poster, called out the protocols you have always used when people play games with “names” using the same “IP” and questioned the Vetting of Babe Truth.


      1. Charles,
        I pretty much have figured out that every time I “Clean” my computer of cookies and such I go into moderation because my computer is not recognized. It’s that simple.

  24. Curious as to whether or not hard copies of The Newtown Bee exist, I sent an email to Mr. Clark, the editor, on 5-27-15 in which I asked where I would be able to find hard copies of The Bee dating back to 2005. In my morning email I received this response to that inquiry from Sandy Tannone, from The Bee:

    Good Morning Mr. ———-,
    There are no 2005 copies available for purchase, however you can see them at the Newtown Library or at the Newtown Bee, they are in bound volumes, and they are on microfilm which you can see at the Library as well
    If I can be of any other assistance please let me know. Thank you. Sandy

    The Newtown Library, aka The Cyrenius H. Booth Library, is located at 25 Main Street in Newtown, CT.
    The Newtown Bee is located at 5 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT.

    Anyone with the time and persistence should be able to access these issues to examine further the issue raised in this article.

  25. “Babe Truth says:
    May 28, 2015 at 6:55 AM

    Ric, the hyperlinks to the name are merely sites I review from time to time NOT my IP. Don’t know why this should generate so much vitriol on your part.”


    You HAVE to physically type in your Website. My Hyperlinks don’t show up in Blue as my name?

    Nor does anyone else. Weird, just you. Unless you have a website your promoting. You didn’t

    I was just calling a Spade a Spade. Queer as a 3 Dollar Bill, you know.

    It don’t matter.

    So are you Jim Stone or Alex Jones or ? .
    Yes I did get angry and called out Tracy. I was deleted.

    Your bull about about hyperlinks is a joke but your right, Most people don’t understand how it works. You won.

    My detailed comment showing the IP you used that was deleted is telling,and now “In the Memory Hole”

    We may just be an experiment here for a study as Granite once proposed.

    I’m sorry, but this act really P.O.’d me for I saw it as just what it was.

    1. Your ad hominem attacks and strawman arguments are likely why you are getting “moderated,” Ric. Why do you care so much about which URL (not IP address) my MHB handle hyperlinks to?

      I think the MHB community has moved onto Jade Helm, Dave McGowan’s tragic affliction and Don Jeffries’ awesome book, HIDDEN HISTORY (which I highly recommend).

      The news clips from the Newtown Bee have been posted, the MHB community has responded and we all move on. Best wishes to Wolf on his continuing efforts to get answers,and thanks to Dr. Tracy for posting the clips.

      PS – check out the new hyperlink, Ric, I think you’ll like it.

      1. BT Thank you for providing some insightful evidence to assess whether or not the school was functioning. Wolf has expended a great deal of time, effort and resources based on a postulate that the school was not functioning. There is alot of debate on this issue based largely on speculation and no real compelling evidence. Well there is also a real possibility that the school was just plain filthy and dirty and if that was the case then all of that effort was for what ?

        As I stated in my other comments there are numerous examples in government’s own documents that prove the official story is a lie or that there were egregious acts of incompetence and negligence. So why so much effort on the issue of the school being closed based on speculation ? In my opinion yes it is worth looking into but the priority and resources dedicated to that element of the event need to be in perspective.

        If the school was really open then it could have very easily been closed for a day or open for a day to conduct a drill disguised as a tragedy with or without real murders.

        If there is compelling incontrovertible evidence that the school was not operating then we have another piece of evidence that support what we we already know- that the official story is a lie.

        Again I want to thank you for putting forth some meaningful effort and evidence. So many wannabe investigators and others that provide no substantive research or evidence just hover over this blog and spew their drivel criticizing anyone that does not concur with their preconceived theories or agenda.

        1. “Wolf has expended a great deal of time, effort and resources based on a postulate that the school was not functioning.”

          The state of Connecticut has asserted that the school was functioning.

          Wolf is simply saying, prove it.

          Thank you and God be with you, Wolf.

  26. The online Bee has literally thousands of pictures from Newtown places and events spanning the past six years or so. There are many, many pictures of Sandy Hook School (Newtown, not Chalk Hill) children both inside and outside the school, and one can clearly see their age progression. Do a photo search of “Sandy Hook” in the Bee photos and you’ll see one of the oldest examples, a Halloween parade from 2009. Lots of familiar faces of kids who were in the news as survivors in 2012 (Beth Hegarty’s triplets, for example, and believe it or not, someone else’s triplets–the Connors). There are photos elsewhere across the years showing both surviving and now-deceased children. Search and go to the oldest photo. You’ll see a very young Alexis Wasik.

  27. I think my earlier comment vamoosed (my doing). Was going to say in response to Patrickchatsamiably that I believe NPD officers executed a cuffed shooter, and that officers freaked out, especially given that he was so young some officers thought he was a *student in the school.* Vincent Riccio has it from state cops that the shooter had “a gunshot wound to the chest and head,” and indeed there is a bloody area on the right clavicle as well as possible impact marks (I think the kid had a TAC vest over the shirt). The chest shot came at 9:46:54, fired by NPD officer SS’s handgun. SS’s partner, WC, helped cuff the kid, and WC proceeded to room 8, returned in a rage, and executed the suspect with either his (WC’s) own M4, or the suspect’s rifle. Trooper Ed Benecchi was likely a witness, as he is caught later on tape re-enacting what he saw happen: he gestures indicating someone picking something long up off the ground and his lips read, “and he shot him on the head man! Yes, TWICE!” At any rate, the timeline goes very dark and silent at 9:46:54, and you start getting NPD guys giving short transmissions about “securing the building” and keeping people out (including keeping other officers out!) Not one, single man ever transmits the vital information to dispatch that they have found 25+ additional patients. That was NPD’s second most vital task of the day, second only to stopping the shooter(s). But that transmission was never made. Nor was a phone call made, because when Nute hears at 10:03 a.m. that he should “call for everything,” he’s hearing that for the first time. You don’t need anything more than this scenario to justify an epic coverup. I don’t believe the shooter was Adam Lanza, and I don’t believe whoever it was necessarily acted alone. Judging by the disproportionate amount of DNA from teacher LR on the weapons, as well as the bullet holes in her car, it would be foolish to rule out a personal attack.

    1. Sorry just one more thing–Seabrook’s rifle may have been the one swapped out for the suspect’s. If as I suspect WC did use the shooter’s own AR to dispatch him, it of course wouldn’t do to have the rifling match WC’s weapon. The “suspect rifle” shows a white residue on the barrel which some have said looks an awful lot like the result of it being used to break-and-rake glass; Seabrook’s rifle was the one used to do just that on the side door of the school. You’ll notice that officers go out of their way, in their reports, to distance themselves from any rifle use (NPD’s SS: “Mine was stuck in the trunk.”) WC insists on stating that he “put his rifle on safe” before entering room 10 from room 8 (TMI, in my opinion). CSP detectives grilled WC a total of four times (that we know about) – more than any single officer, from any agency, responding that day. WC’s story changes to the point that in the final version, he claims to have never seen room 8 until he brought the room 10 child to the firehouse.

      1. Zephyr-Can you explain why fire chief Bill Halstead did not hear six very loud and rapid shots from an AR15 fired in the open air less than 500 feet away from where he was sitting at his desk in the firehouse?( see my above comment for the link) He said that he could hear sirens going by but not any gunshots. During hunting season, where I live, I can hear a single gunshot over a mile away from inside my house. Also, how is it possible that the fire alarms didn’t get triggered by all that gun smoke? Over 150 rounds were said to have been fired inside the building. It would have been filled with smoke. This would not have been possible without setting off the fire alarms.

        No one shot any guns inside the building Zephyr. They played a tape of gunfire sounds over the intercom which the kids described as sounding like cans falling over. Your analysis of the police report for anomalies is therefore pointless, since the whole thing is contrived.

        1. Great question re Halstead. According to survivor reports, the fire house door was locked when the first kids arrived. He may have thought it was hunters or firecrackers–it’s sometimes hard in my neighborhood, for example, to distinguish between gunshots and the latter, though we experience both frequently (!) Honestly, my first guess for *anyone* on scene saying they “didn’t hear shots” would be that lawyers told them to lie. Sorry to be so blunt. If you read the police officer statements carefully, you can actually tell when some shots were fired (imo) because an officer will insert a sudden “at this point I still didn’t hear any shots.” I think officers resented the lawyer crap, and signs of officer rebellion are rife throughout the statements, particularly in cases such as Cario’s, Benecchi’s, and Vanghele’s. It is my strong belief that the politically-charged and intensely bizarre push to demolish the school was for two purposes: destroying DNA and making acoustic tests impossible. Criminal lawyers have never forgotten the lesson of Dealey Plaza–that even onerous monoliths like the Warren Commission can be thwarted (sort of) with acoustic evidence recreated at the scene. What’s interesting to me is that I feel no compulsion to tell others to abandon their theories, but am consistently told to abandon mine. A genuine search for the truth will involve multiple theories pursued simultaneously and with the vigorous support of the community of researchers; if a theory has no merit, it won’t go anywhere, and there’s no point in worrying that it will, i.e. censoring it in advance. I believe Smith fired his handgun in the north hall at 9:46:54, and that state’s attorney Sedensky feared the recreation of this shot along with those beginning further down the hall at 9:46. At least one major newspaper has pursued the concept that the 9:46:54 shot exists, and has called in multiple police officers to listen to it and comment. Whether a “fake” shot or real, there is no question that this noise is problematic to the spinners of the fake official story–in my mind, it’s worth pursuing for that reason alone.

        2. Great question re Halstead. According to survivor reports, the fire house door was locked when the first kids arrived. He may have thought it was hunters or firecrackers–it’s sometimes hard in my neighborhood, for example, to distinguish between gunshots and the latter, though we experience both frequently (!) Honestly, my first guess for *anyone* on scene saying they “didn’t hear shots” would be that lawyers told them to lie. Sorry to be so blunt. If you read the police officer statements carefully, you can actually tell when some shots were fired (imo) because an officer will insert a sudden “at this point I still didn’t hear any shots.” I think officers resented the lawyer crap, and signs of officer rebellion are rife throughout the statements, particularly in cases such as Cario’s, Benecchi’s, and Vanghele’s. It is my strong belief that the politically-charged and intensely bizarre push to demolish the school was for two purposes: destroying DNA and making acoustic tests impossible. Criminal lawyers have never forgotten the lesson of Dealey Plaza–that even onerous monoliths like the Warren Commission can be thwarted (sort of) with acoustic evidence recreated at the scene. What’s interesting to me is that I feel no compulsion to tell others to abandon their theories, but am consistently told to abandon mine. A genuine search for the truth will involve multiple theories pursued simultaneously and with the vigorous support of the community of researchers; if a theory has no merit, it won’t go anywhere, and there’s no point in worrying that it will, i.e. censoring it in advance. I believe Smith fired his handgun in the north hall at 9:46:54, and that state’s attorney Sedensky feared the recreation of this shot along with those beginning further down the hall at 9:46. At least one major newspaper has pursued the concept that the 9:46:54 shot exists, and has called in multiple police officers to listen to it and comment. Whether a “fake” shot or real, there is no question that this noise is problematic to the spinners of the fake official story–in my mind, it’s worth pursuing for that reason alone.

        3. As for the alleged uselessness of examining the police report, I will have to respectfully but vigorously disagree. The true facts of a case are devoid of emotion–the true facts are simply what happened. Lies, however, are pregnant with emotions such as fear, greed, desperation to keep one’s job, etc., and for that reason (among others) the lie itself can be incredibly revealing of the overall picture. WC’s desperate “When I left room 8, I put my rifle on safety before entering room 10,” for example (followed later by a denial that he’d ever been in room 8). If it weren’t for that (imo) lie–not to mention TMI–the theory of NPD executing the cuffed shooter might never have presented itself, or at least taken longer to find. This theory could be wrong, of course, but it’s nonetheless clear that something is very wrong with WC’s version of events–and that clarity is obtained by looking at his and others’ conflicting statements i.e. the police report.

  28. I hope others find it as interesting and disturbing as I do that so much effort is going into funneling the public into two–and only two–choices: “The official story is true/It was a hoax.” This is the oldest trick in the disinfo book–the false dichotomy. I don’t know if many remember, but in the earliest days of the Sandy Hook aftermath, the most common alternate theory was that the government perpetrated the attack so as to have a believable false flag gun-grab ala Port Arthur. The bait-and-switch team then sent the “government did it” followers further down the track to the final camp (Holocaust imagery intentional): “It was a hoax.” This results in the now-common left-right hook from commenters any time a third theory is proposed: “You hate the children of Newtown!!/You are trying to make people believe children died!!” If you believe the official story, by all means do everything in your power to prove it; likewise, if you believe it was a 100% hoax, work away. There is no good reason not to pursue any and all possible angles. But any time you find the official story and a self-declared “truther” locking arms to block a particular trail–it’s probably worth continuing down that trail.

    1. I agree about the all or nothing agendas flooding the analysis and discussion about what transpired at Sandy Hook. Many people are so committed to one or the other that they refuse to consider any evidence that does not support the theory that they espouse. What can you conclude about such people ? They must be shills or idiots ?

      I make a number of allusions to the 7 7 bombing because I believe that MO is what is utilized by he PTB to execute these false flag psy ops. In essence at the end you have an event that is in fact a mixture of drill and real events. In London a terror drill was planned but there were real explosions and victims. Arab Patsies that were requested to play the role of terrorists were killed and blamed for the attack. One real victim on a bus immediately after he evacuated saw a man on the street already all bandaged up and playing the role as a victim.

      In all likelihood the Sandy Hook event was of a similar composition. Adam Lanza may have been asked to play a role and they made him a a patsy. The children and parents may very likely be constructs – virtually no tears, or emotion of any kind from any parents ? Some of the adults may or may not have been killed.

  29. If I was planning a hoax of this magnitude over a period of a couple of years the most obvious thing to do is create a false history and storyline in a local community newspaper. You would have to be an idiot not to.

  30. @patrickchatsamiably, the kids weren’t on a bus. The bus driver was off duty, had her own two kids with her (allegedly), and saw the kids running down the street. It’s still being sorted out, but looks like Maksel, Tarpey, Ehrens, Rosa, and Posey were likely at Rosen’s, though there’s some chance Maksel kept running. I have some doubts as to whether the “bus driver’s two children” was a cover for the number of survivors at Rosen’s. The most likely source of the problem is that a bunch of Roig’s children from room 12 ran away i.e. were locked out of the bathroom or told to run. We know for certain, for example, that an unaccounted for survivor (Terifay?) was found on a neighboring road and picked up by a man in a vehicle; this boy was not with the police station group (picked up by a mom in a van) nor with the Rosen group. We also know that Roig went to Herculean lengths to account for bizarreties such as her phone suddenly going missing (she said it may have been taken by the shooter), for her classroom door being open (she said she’d closed it), and for her sudden remembering during a followup police interview that after intricately stacking everyone in the bathroom and blockading the door, she took advantage of a lull in shooting to casually exit the bathroom, try to get her phone, and repeat the whole process. Her story is a big problem overall.

      1. You know it’s true, because he keeps choking up, and pretending to cry, for days. “Mrs Soto is dead.” “We can’t go back…. We don’t have a teacher….” “There was blood in her mouth, and she fell down. Somehow they escaped….”


        It was Oscar Wilde who said “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.”

        1. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but Lewis was said, early, to have been the boy who was transported; this was later changed to Mattioli and finally to Wheeler. The most likely reality, imo, is that all three were transported (two by police car, one by ambulance). There are several bits of additional circumstantial evidence shoring this up, to include that parent Michele Gay has stated that only 21 parents remained at the firehouse all day waiting for news (too low a number for 18 children), and that Sgt. Cario has stated that he and Ms. Lewis have become friends.

        2. Zephyr – the two children were Olivia Engel and Ben Wheeler based on being the only death certificates registered in Danbury.

          Based on your comments on the 911 recording I made another listen and read additional analysis. This is what I have noted.

          The 911 call from the conference room appears to be the one you alluded to whereby one person in the background is saying repeatedly that someone is screaming. The time of this statement appears to be 9:46 am which correlates to a shot being reported by an officer on the radio at 9:49 am (“shots fired 3 minutes ago”)

          On the Rick Thorne 911 call there appears to be a shot at 9:46:46 am. At this time the 911 call from room 9 is overheard saying that they opened the door and said “we have somebody injured in here and need help” – However I did not overhear that shot from the conference room caller’s call background.

          The Deb Pisani-Craparo 911 call appears to have the 9:51 shot in a barely audible but noticeable tone.

          Obvious why Sedensky tried to conceal these – as if they would really jeopardize a child abuse case ? Seriously.

          The Gene Rosen analysis is also very compelling.


        3. BTW – Dr Begg contradicted himself when discussing the emergency room response on the children that arrived. In his statement before congress he stated that the parents were in the emergency room and in his interview with a Brenden Hunt affiliate he stated that all the parents were at sandy Hook.

        4. Really appreciate your research and input, Ray. Thanks to the State Patrol’s inclusion of start times in each 911 call’s filename, we’re able to time the exact moment that Beth Hegarty opens the Room 9 door and yells that they have an injured person: 9:46:06. Using that same file as a reference (along with others), we can time the loud gunshot to 9:46:54, quite a bit later. Re the victims transported, I forgot to mention that the Bacon family established Charlotte’s estate the very day of the shootings, the earliest family to do so for their child. The Bacons and Engels are both a match (by length of surname), to the family who asked State Police eight months later whether their child had been transported by ambulance. An individual on Godlike Productions leaked that the family in question lived on a particular street; the only victim family on that street were the Bacons. It might seem unlikely, but I believe–and so does the journalist–that the individual(s) making that comment, among other telling comments, was a Western District state patrol officer who visited GLP in the early days of the investigation. I firmly believe there are those, in the State Patrol in particular, who would prefer that the true story of Sandy Hook be told.

        5. With reference to the clip posted by Anne B. with Scarlett – again, the numbers. Gene Rosen has a visitation of 6 children from Mrs. Soto’ s
          class. And we hear that 9 children from Mrs. Soto’s class have been saved by her late son Jesse’s warning them to run for their lives (as if they wouldn’t have done it on their own). I think the question is begged – how does anyone know it was 9 children who personally owe their lives to Jesse? I guess the same way we know Jesse wrote the title of his mother’s future book on the chalkboard at home, the same way we know he was messing with the controls on her in-flight entertainment. And the same way we know she is a complete liar – because of what she said and how she acted. “This is your grief on Botox” I guess.

        6. @musings, ostensibly it’s 4 from Soto’s (ran to Rosen’s), 5 more from Soto’s (kept running; picked up by mom Gogliettino and taken to police station), 2 from Soto’s (hid in bathroom/closet). So the 6 at Rosen’s allegedly reflects the bus driver’s two children. What is never noted, however, is the boy picked up on his own by a man in a car, as well as the fact that some children–including primary witnesses from the the first three rooms–were not found until almost 8pm that night (one was never found but presumed safe).

      2. Anne, I’m so glad you are still among us, obviously, but, getting that out of the way, I absolutely LOVE this addition to the “little Nell” canon. Everyone took this loon seriously, no matter how obviously insane she was/is. Perhaps she really DID lose a child, which stripped her of her sanity, and inspired her to believe impossibly delusional hallucinations.

        Me, I’m betting it was all about the Benjamins. Call me a heartless cynic.

        Who is that soccer big shot they are raking over the coals right now? Wassisname is vilified for whateverthefuck shenanigans someone decided to use to do whatever they have in mind to reshape a sports cartel. All of us are supposed to acquire an interest in this–the media sez so, based upon the coverage of the story.

        Of course, we are always made to know what’s “important.” (Example: Bruce Jenner’s tragic mental illness is obviously VERY important, so much so that all the world must obsess about it from now until the LORD returns.)

        These “parents” are definitely the secondary sources we need to focus on. The crisis actors. (All right, technically speaking, Gene is one, too–in fact, he might be the only primary source crisis actor.) Their public, supposedly heartfelt, testimony stands at the front of the evidence queue. The fact that it is pretty much all just as hilarious as Scarlett’s is all we need to know, in my opinion, about what REALLY happened that morning.

        Well, to be fair, let’s assess what we do in fact know.

        We know what is contained in Gene Rosen’s abundant testimony; we know the testimony of all the publicly paraded fake “parents,” who are just as incredibly ludicrous as is Gene; we have the testimony of the incomparable Wayne Carver–who could be in close contention with the rest of them to win the ludicrousness prize; we also have all the amazingly disjointed and contradictory testimony of those who supposedly were on the scene that morning, both inside and outside the supposed school building.

        We also know that everything about “Adam Lanza” is so ridiculously impossible that one wonders how the Lab Coats were so audacious in presenting that story arc when writing the pageant. If I listed all of it…well, you get the picture.

        Oh, and we also have the testimony, in a public hearing, extracted by Wolf, of the top cop in charge at the time that all that chopper footage of policemen chasing upwards of four culprits through the woods was completely uncoordinated–the police on the ground were not talking to the police in the air! I’m busting a gut here!

        These are the things we know.

        All right, we know lots of other things that inspire the “little Nell” reaction, but hopefully these will suffice.

        So when the police finally produced their hilarious “reports,” normal people were already doubled over in laughter. Our eyes were so filled with tears of mirth that it was hard to read those documents–but they were such bad parody that no one will ever use them as a template for future hoaxes.

        Unless the movie Idiocracy has already come true.

      3. Towards the middle of the tape when Rosen is trying to channel the children’s reactions, he takes a minimalist approach, as though they are focused on Mrs. Soto and not the carnage they witnessed. All they seemed to see was Mrs. Soto’s mouth with blood running out of it – nothing else. Yet presumably their classmates were also shot, their best friends, and their holiday decorations and presents for parents and classroom pets, might also have perished. By the way, what happened to the classroom pets?

        I listen to this story and what I hear is a man trying to dumb himself down to the level of a simple-minded child, a state of mind he imagines someone in trauma would have. No urgency. He in fact supplies a reason why they don’t urge him to go back and help rescue people. After all, they are fixated on the teacher and since she is dead, there is no longer any reason to return to the school to find others who are dear to them. It’s that simple. The child as a primitive, without reasoning skills, automatically regressed by the event.

        A person who is going to sit in a chair and testify to a jury, to say his piece for evidentiary reasons, must stay on message so his words cannot be misunderstood or objected to. He will be coached to say very little. In spite of Rosen’s seeming extemporaneous and inconsistent utterances, he keeps the furrow pretty straight as he makes his way through the tale, repeatedly. True, the harsh man disappears like a ghost, where the female on the scene morphs into his role as bus-driver, undergoing a transformation from two people to one. I suppose once a female bus-driver signs some kind of paper (talking about 4 kids), then he has to re-shoot some scenes to drop the harsh man, the stupid bus driver who unaccountably has dumped his load of kids on a strange man’s lawn and left them to go into the house (I guess it is better to make such a caretaker a female – perhaps someone objected to the implications or even worried someone would see the driver as a suspect and would-be kidnapper).

        If this had been the story of some kid hit by a car and Gene Rosen had gone out to help, maybe you could see his level of concern. But here he has heard bullets, and somehow in the telling of this tale, he does not seem willing to connect them with the event until the kids have told them in their simple-minded way about Mrs. Soto’s bloody mouth. Why isn’t he on the phone to police? Why does he not seem to hear sirens and feel alarmed that someone might miss their children? Why is he behaving so cooly and like a person doing group therapy in his home? It is baffling if you were to think about it. But the message from Gene Rosen is “I am a nice man dealing with these children non-harshly, very therapeutically and in a child-centered fashion. How am I doing? Do you like me?” And it appears the vast majority of people are taken in, as though they just stopped by for milk and cookies with Mr. Rogers, their inner child gratified to see Mr. Rosen has a handy pile of stuffed toys to take away the pain. I guess the harsh male bus driver decided to look for a place that served alcohol and hoped he wouldn’t have to drive too far to find it.

        1. I always questioned his quote from the children, “Our teacher is gone.” In my experience, this is not the phraseology of a child describing someone who’s been injured. They’d be more likely to say, “Our teacher got hurt.” Very young children, especially, will often not presume death unless they’ve grown up in a war zone. I don’t believe that most adults, even, would witness someone being shot, then race up the road and say only a few moments later “So-and-so is gone.” First off, it’s just odd wording; secondly, in spending only a few seconds looking at the injured party before running, not even an adult would be likely to presume death.

        2. They are all lying from top to bottom. Who writes Miss Scarlett’s material? She herself or some jokers at headquarters? Thankfully vaudevillian Gene Rosen has been retired to the comfort of his home and stuffed animals. Soon chief Kehoe will be spending time at home too. From Danbury News Times:

          “The chief still doesn’t have any plans for life after retirement, but he said he’s looking forward to spending more time with his family and friends.”

          That’s what they all say.

          Perhaps unbeknownst to most, vaudeville entertainers Rosen and Miss Scarlett had a brief encounter on 12/14/12:

          Miss Scarlett:
          “I got there from work right about the time all the kids came out to their parents,” Lewis said. “I’m running around searching and somebody said, ‘Oh, I think they took Jesse to the house next door with six other kids.’ So I ran to the house next door, but he wasn’t there.”

          It wasn’t until later that police told Lewis that Jesse died running toward the shooter, apparently trying to lead his classmates to safety. Jesse was given a commander-in-chief’s funeral for his actions, an honor usually reserved for heads of state and soldiers who have fallen in the act of valor, Lewis said.

          “We were in the limo following the hearse, and there were two motorcycles on each side of us with their sirens on. And there were 10 police cars in front of us and 10 behind,” Lewis said.

          Jesse was something else. From the day he was born he crawled around in his hospital crib tightly wrapped in a swaddle blanket, much to the admiration of the nurses. He went on to save nine lives while bravely lounging at a mad shooter, was killed in action and wrote his name in the sky after messing with airline electronics. No wonder they gave him a heads of state funeral. Miss Scarlett, you had quite a boy there.

          As the other Miss Scarlett was fond of saying: Fiddledeedee

    1. Yikes. Probably has to do, also, with the international drug ring that was just found to have been operating from Newtown Police sergeant Santucci’s desk at Newtown Police headquarters for at least four years. But I don’t doubt a 12/14 connection.

  31. Lewis’ statement after visiting the school one last time: “The front doors and the side glass were completely blown out and gone and covered with plywood, but you knew what was under it. … And then, the first two classrooms were completely gone. The windows were all blown out.” The first two classrooms are Room 12 (Roig’s) and Room 10 (Soto’s). Recall that one of Roig’s student’s, P. Barth, said that “bullets came in the window.” Something is up with Room 12. Its windows were indeed shown boarded up, along with Rooms 10 and 8. Some of us have long suspected that something happened in Room 12 as well, for not the least of which reasons that various law enforcement reports casually referred to people being deceased in the “first three rooms,” and the school secretary was made to print out photos of all children in these three rooms to help “identify the deceased.”

    The Roig story of “safely hiding all her students in the bathroom” is felt by some to be false–most likely floated early to provide balance to the horrific fate of the children in room 8, who also hid in the bathroom. Clearly, it was the decision to place the children in the room 8 bathroom that resulted in the staggering death rate compared to the room 10 children who instead scattered. By claiming that Roig took the exact protective steps that Rousseau did, but with a 100% positive result, the tragedy in Rousseau’s room could be chalked up to fate rather than liability.

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