Uncensored Interview with Gary Null, Ph.D. on Vaccines and SB277 – Part One

Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter

Two weeks ago, Guns and Butter was censored when trying to have Gary Null, Ph. D. on air live to discuss the issue of vaccines and specifically SB277. This is the California State Senate bill that will remove all religious and philosophical gandbexemptions from parents of children attending public or private school. It will essentially mandate vaccinations for all children under the current California schedule and force parents to choose between vaccinating their kids, homeschooling or moving out of state.

Unfortunately, KPFA listeners were denied the opportunity to hear the facts and information about vaccines including safety, efficacy, legal issues and the corruption and collusion of the pharmaceutical industry, politicians, government officials and the media. Guns and Butter cannot and will not be censored by KPFA or anyone else.  The interview was recently conducted by Bonnie Faulkner and Gary shares with us his incredible knowledge of this subject that is not to be missed.

Vaccines: What You Are Not Being Told – Part One is the first hour of this two-hour interview and is now available for listening or download.  Be sure to also read Gary’s response to Laura Prives, Program Director at KPFA regarding the censorship of Guns and Butter.

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14 thoughts on “Uncensored Interview with Gary Null, Ph.D. on Vaccines and SB277 – Part One”

  1. Some people in the media seem to be boldly confident that their perception of the ignorance of the masses is correct and can be relied upon. They must feel that they can censor open political (or even scientific or religious) discussion without consequences. Incidents such as this one are a test of that assUmption. I can only hope that the blowback burns some careers.

  2. Mayflower moving and storage in California better get ready for beaucoup business. If I had kids and I lived in California, I would move to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe to get away from the tyranny of forced injections with God knows what. I wonder what a mass spec analysis would reveal from the average shot. Maybe that’s what we will need to go grocery shopping in the future… a portable mass spec analyzer and a Geiger Counter.

  3. I reject the whole concept of vaccines and told my sister to think twice before shooting up he sons with God Know what. My overeducated sister said I should check out Snopes.com When I said 911 was an inside job, she said to check out Snopes.com as well. Maybe they should call it SOMA.com

    1. I feel you, brother.

      Remember, the more “educated”, the more indoctrinated. I see it in my family, too. It’s a rare bird who can be subjected to 20+ years of “education” and still be able to fly at the end.

      1. How do you justify staying ignorant? Is this some noble pursuit? It’s really sophomoric to think that learning and education are bad because they require discipline and effort. Theoretically, if you could flunk all your school exams from Grade 1 onward, you’d be perfectly well adjusted to make your way in this world.
        Learning and indoctrination are NOT the same thing. Perhaps if you learned, you, too, could be able to discern the difference between these two concepts.

        1. If you read the book Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schmidt you’ll understand the assertion of a link between degree of education and propensity to accept the status quo. You don’t have to agree with it, but at least then you would understand the claim. Myself, I don’t think it is entirely wrong.

  4. it’s depressing to think about how the general population is so easily fooled. Figuratively speaking, the Spanish Inquisition is alive today in the form of the AMA. I feel we should be focusing on pointing out the power of social phenomenon such as cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias. We also need to come up with scientific terminology for labeling those that blindly follow big pharma (or maybe a counter term to “conspiracy theorist”). The public seem to understand simple classification deemed undesirable like the “nerd”, “GMO”, or “conspiracy nut” labels, so that seems like a reasonable strategy to use to manipulate them into blindly going along with what is good for them.

  5. Thank you for this. I can see it represents a lifetime of research and I learned a great deal from it. The silver lining of SBBT 277 is that I have met so many amazing Women, who see it for what it is,medical tyranny, and are fighting tooth and nail. thanks for continuing my education James Tracy. What happens next, who knows, we continue to oppose, we educate. We acknowledge that old platitude, the children are our future, and continue to fight corporate influence in their lives.

  6. You should see my Facebook news feed (I have around 500 or so friends from around the world, most are highly educated, most work in professional jobs). The antipathy towards Jenny McCarthy was constant – and a bit sickening. Any time vaccinations or “outbreaks” are in the news, my FB friends go wild. The general name-calling of those who oppose vaccinations is downright nasty. They refuse to see beyond what has been indoctrinated into them by corporate owned media and Big Pharma owned doctors. My news feed has become a study in sociology. I can count on the feed catching fire when a major news story hits corporate owned media, where my FB friends buy into it hook, line and sinker, no questions asked. Sad, amusing, and disheartening…

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