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27 thought on “Dissecting the Strange Anomalies in the Sandy Hook Shooting”
  1. Using your real name is not a mistake and not using your real name does not protect you. Preston James, former VerteransToday writer and social psychologist from Minneapolis area has always used a nom de plume but he is leaving the blogosphere and alternative media audio and video venues indefinitely. God knows what has happened to this poor man.

    I personally pay much more attention to people who are “man enough” to use their real names.

    1. Where did you get the information that Preston James is going radio silent? There’s a lot of weird stuff going on at VT and he was a strikingly important voice before Jame Helm 15 blew up that terrific website.

      1. Dr. Fetzer said it on his radio show Monday night. The story is that he has been ill. The story is also that there is much elecromagnetic activity in the Minneapolis area.

        It is good to shine the light on Jade Helm. It may play a role in making a full blown event take place.

        The trust of our government is gone. We see where all this is going.

        1. Change

          It may play a role in making a full blown event take place.


          It may play a role in making a full blown event NOT take place.

      2. Not quite sure how Jade Helm blew up VT. Can you elaborate, please? GD has turned in a peculiar direction, the lies have been voluminous, to say the least.

  2. Great interview. I only listened to half of it the other day, but it’s always good to touch-back on the topics of the lies and falsehoods over the years passed that were responsible for bringing a lot of to where we are today. It’s a crazy world when we delve into the deception and agendas of events like these.

  3. Looking at some of the disgusting ingredients in the vaccines today(dog kidney cells for instance), I often wonder who is making them; scientists in white lab coats, or witches sprinkling things into a bubbling cauldron. I wonder if they speak incantations over the pot?

    1. ” I often wonder who is making them; scientists in white lab coats, or witches sprinkling things into a bubbling cauldron. I wonder if they speak incantations over the pot?”

      That kind of wondering is not far off.

      Dr. Stan Monteith had a guest on his show twice in the early 2000s named Suzanne Rini. Hee one book…

      Beyond abortion: A chronicle of fetal experimentation

      on the subject of harvesting fetal organs from living children after they are aborted. Uncovers the network of medical researchers, hidden from public view, whose work seems to be preparing us for a Nazi-like eugenics program, featuring mandatory elimination of the handicapped, before and after birth. The barbarity of this activity beggars description or condemnation.”

      I remember vividly something Rini said on one of those radio shows.
      She said that the Alexis Carrel Institute in New York City was said to have researchers in laboratories there dressed in long cloaks and hoods, the implication being that the experiments were very secret and dark.

      “And according to Arthur Caplan’s edited 1992 volume on bioethics: “It was Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute and a Nobel Prize winner, who so loudly applauded the actions of the Germans and blatantly advocated mass murder of mental patients and prisoners.”

      No one can tell me these hideous vaccines are not on a straight eugenics trajectory.

  4. Sorry if this isn’t on exact topic, but I thought I’d give an update:


    When someone mentions a political dissident disappearing ceasing their advocacy I start to wonder if they’re being railroaded somehow. I’ve been warning people since right after Sandy Hook about how the Soviet methods of repressing resistance will be our ultimate oppressor. Anyone who doubts this should google Erika Menendez, the ‘mentally ill’ NYC woman who allegedly shoved a person into a subway train in 2013, right after Adam Lanza’s supposed freakout.

    While Adam’s persona was drawn vaguely, Erika’s was festooned with every psych system contradiction and propaganda meme about so-called ‘mental illness.’ The main one was that she was psychotic but also racist and that that motivated the killing of the victim.

  5. After that surreal moment that Wolf had with the Governor, I am wondering what act of God will it take to finally have this “crash on their heads” as Carver put it. How do these people live with themselves perpetrating this colossal lie? Maybe there is a black hole where their soul normally goes. How will this not haunt them the rest of their lives?

    1. “How do these people live with themselves perpetrating this colossal lie? Maybe there is a black hole where their soul normally goes. How will this not haunt them the rest of their lives?”

      I usually object to the overuse and misuse of the terms “sociopath” and “psychopath”, both “personality disorders” characterized by a total lack of a conscience and untreatable by psychotropic medicines. However in the case of Sandy Hook producers and players, those diagnoses seem the best fit.


      Sandy Hook Unhooked

      the movie

      The characters and events depicted in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  6. There is metacontext on this site, and everywhere else if attention is given to it. But, only speaking in relevance to the concerns here, if this context were limited to the Sandy Hook false flag/farce, the discussion would be forced into meaninglessness if it could even occur at all.

    Metacontext is extensively comprehensive, universal, and uniting in a way that resists deification as a singular personified entity. It allows us to connect the dots from one reference to another while the metacontext supplies what can’t be drawn out explicitly. In some instances it could be interchangeable with culture, if, a particular culture was comprehensive enough to include reality in it’s shared and agreeable form. However, it’s our everyday reality that is quickly being relegated exclusively to a social construction, where it’s empirical perception and it’s ubiquitous simulacrums set upon us with confusion. The instincts are devalued or denied by the monotheists who are predisposed by their dogmas to conform to power structures devoid of the love that informs the members of a tribe. But I don’t mean to suggest that we return to some form of tribalism.

    It is in the nature of high tech tyranny to engineer the cultures to appear as incontestable, solid, and well established. This contrived culture production has the overthrow of instinctually evolved culture in mind. We hear much pejorative animistic attribution and disdainful valuation of the primitivity of the instincts. But why shouldn’t a mother’s love for her kid be a product of the combination of her personalty and the instinctual drive within her. No, that would disturb those who credit everything to God.

    Liberty is the context that surrounds the subject of Sandy Hook especially when we infer the purpose of it, and consider the relevance of motives toward public disarmament, or the purpose of Institutional Psychiatry. In the latter concern, if anyone can be locked up for abnormal behavior while bypassing the due process of justice, then what do we have?

    It isn’t a quantum leap to go from the history of the cruel persecutions of the Inquisition to the inquisitions of Institutional Psychiatry. Professing love of the “Lord” in the first instance was no guarantee of being overlooked anymore then insisting on being perfectly sane is a guarantee against involuntary commitment or the tortures in an insane asylum.

    Of all the classes we were forced to attend, none of them were named liberty. That’s because liberty cannot be taught through imprisonment. Those who care about liberty will want to provide every facility for everyone’s natural curiosity and need to perform knowledgeably. Someone once said that the self educating have a fool for a teacher. But self directed education does not preclude an even contractual relationship between students and teachers. Without the freedom to resign from the arrangement, the arrangement becomes permanent over time. The physical classroom beneath a fragment of culture and overbearing authorities becomes the mold, that by habit and resignation become the confinement of their lives. Except for the brilliant students who are sorted out for recruitment by cosmopolitan elites who lack any sense of place or history, the rest live in the classroom long after their release. They never learned that authority in a libertarian context requires recognition on their part. Minus that recognition they fail to see the true nature of posers who confuse their official status with true authority.

    If there is no get-out clause in the contract; if the student is perpetually surrounded by authorities whose job is not to transmit a common culture or traditions of liberty, but instead is there to merely exercise authority over them, then we have abject conditioning instead of education. This is the condition of the so called public education system. The only way I know to abolish this unliberal system is by erecting non-mandatory facilities of attraction. The public library is a good though truncated metaphor for this sort of displacement. The library is a take it or leave it institution, but the objective of it’s creators is to make the whole of it interesting; from the hub of where books, films, and archives are kept, to the many possible spokes of auditoriums, concert halls, computer rooms, teaching rooms; whatever people of any age may want or need; above all, interesting.

  7. It is interesting to compare real shootings such as Columbine with this hoax. There are volumes of news reports on real victims surviving injuries, first responders with heroic efforts, investigative reports with actual facts, the killers’ troubled lives that included legally prescribed mind altering drugs and coroners who do not hold news conferences, especially when no information of value is forthcoming.

    The 12-14 scary movie was made to generate money until the end of time, craziness was built into the script to keep it in the news for a long time. How many have gone to jail as the chief law enforcer promised on that day for questioning the story? Who is this Pozner character posing as a picked on parent and shutting down free speech? Why would 11 families of this hoax announce that do not support the Sandy Hook Promise as they are not getting any money from it, three years later? http://foxct.com/2015/04/22/11-families-affected-by-newtown-tragedy-we-are-not-associated-with-sandy-hook-promise/

    They have always wanted us to know this was a hoax, to keep the story in the news with lawsuits and such, and to declare all doubters crazy, in need of drugs and surely not stable enough to possess firearms. Speaking of crazy, the Sandy Hook Commission suggested among other farfetched items, that all bullets and their casings should have traceable serial numbers engraved on them. For that the leader of the pack, the former mayor of Hamden, CT was awarded a cushy state job distributing money to those poor folks in need. They have collected more money than they can spend, it is a pity the state keeps reducing funding on mental healthcare.

    Nothing could possibly be as unbelievable as the annual 400 mile bike ride by team26, lead by Monty Frank from CT to DC. They left in the snow, with their fancy matching outfits and ten speeds and arrived in the snow 4 days later, not a smidgeon of dirt or a strained muscle was evident. Their map indicates they traveled the interstates, wonder who paid all their tolls and how they managed to change the laws that allow bicycle travel on major highways? Their map does not indicate it, but it was in the news so it must be true – they even took a slight detour and made a stop in Harlem, NY!


    1. I wish I could be as confident as you that Columbine wasn’t contrived. SHES was the first for me to be aware of these things being thoroughly analyzed skeptically, and from there I look back to Columbine through that same skeptical frame. I never questioned that incident until now while looking back with the knowledge gained, from one angle, the flagrantly phoney event of SHES, and from another, in it’s thinly veiled form; where both forms are probably deliberate; with just enough plausibly deniable aspects to alert the watchful, and help facilitate de-credible-ization of those who question it, with the use of the popular diagnosis of mental illness, perhaps in tandem with clinical versions. But, though we have as many birds with one stone as can be fit in, the main thrust is full spectrum dominance, where the salient secretive purpose of Institutional Psychiatry is to revert all blame and potential exposure back to the individual in their milieu of the social-cultural under siege and disintegration, which then is treated as a personal problem. Therefore I completely disagree that “it is a pity the state keeps reducing funding on mental healthcare”. I think that a very different sort of care is called for.

      I can think of no better resource to support my opinion than Dr. Thomas S. Szasz who is a psychiatrist. I recommend his book, “The Manufacture of Madness”.

    2. So finally someone posits a theory I can grasp about why the entire Sandy Hook production was so incredibly amateur. Not sure whether I believe it or not, but at least someone has one. I was going with that they’re just too cocky to care, and that they’ve learned their lesson due to the outcry as successive hoaxes went off better, but you may be right that the transparent problems were *intentional.*

  8. State-of-the-art mental health care may be coming Newtown way.


    “On May 18, Richard Kresch, MD, appeared before the Board of Selectmen to pitch an idea for opening Connecticut’s first US HealthVest behavioral health care venture in the area of Norwalk Hall. Dr Kresch, who is CEO of the growing hospital syndicate, said the strategically located facility would help fill a significant need for mental health recovery services, including support and programs for youth and veterans here in western Connecticut.”


  9. Unfortunately HR5736 The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 makes it perfectly legal for the government to propagandize its citizens. Not many people know about this act but their lies are legal. However, fraudulently collecting money from the fake tragedy is illegal.

    1. Mr._Smith
      I would appreciate if you would indicate which part of the bill legalizes the government to propagandize the citizens of the US. I ask this in all sincerity as I have read the bill and can’t seem to locate this aspect you mention. Thank you in advance.

      1. Absolutely, my friend. Please go to: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.5736

        any you will see at

        sec. 501. (a) includes that they may propagandize us “through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.” It is insane! Please take note that this was passed just before Sandy Hook. It was passed May 10th while the Sandy Hook hoax took place Dec. 13th and 14th.

      2. The original Act made it legal to propagandize foreign audiences while

        the “modernization” of the Act merely changed it to include domestic audiences.

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