Veteran Alternative Health Advocate and Media Producer Gary Null Responds to KPFA’s Censorship

By Gary Null

On May 8 MHB carried news of Pacifica Network station KPFA’s decision to censor an interview of alternative health advocate, broadcaster, and independent media producer Gary Null conducted by Bonnie Faulkner and scheduled to air on May 6. The discussion centered on the vaccines and California’s SB277 legislation targeting families that question or choose to have truthkpfatheir children opt out of the federally recommended vaccine schedule. Shortly thereafter KPFA program director Laura Prives issued a statement seeking to justify KPFA’s decision by attacking Null through a number of unfounded and inflammatory statements. Below is Null’s recent response to Prives.-JFT  

Dear Ms. Prives:

I had a chance to read your recent public statements about me, as well as Steve Brown’s reply to you, both of which were forwarded to me. I concur with Mr Brown’s assessment, and with his warning that your statements constitute libel, and that a lawsuit against you and the foundation would almost certainly be successful. My attorneys agree.

Lewis Hill would have been appalled at the blatant censorship imposed upon Bonnie Faulkner and myself, especially in light of the California senate’s recent passage of a bill that destroys Californians’ freedom of health choices for their children. Had I been allowed the opportunity to present the independent science opposing Big Pharma’s spurious claims for vaccine efficacy and safety, there might have been enough support from KPFA listeners to have delayed or thwarted the bill’s sponsors from passing it.

For someone who evidently has no accurate knowledge of either me or my work, I am deeply disappointed that you did not reach out to me privately to address your concerns, but instead accepted as true the slanderous and libelous accusations of individuals with their own political and ideological — and possibly financial — agendas. As a result, your public statements about me were remarkably naïve and immature. They were also, according to my attorneys, libelous — because I have on numerous occasions sent compelling evidence to all Pacifica stations that the attacks against me, fabricated by a small group of Act Up members for reasons unrelated to their stated mission, are without merit. Therefore, I can only assume that your unfounded public statements against me represent malice (in the legal meaning of the term), which exposes you, Margie Wilkinson, KPFA, and the Pacifica Foundation to punitive damages.

It is curious that you would quote a Wikipedia article almost verbatim for information to discredit me. There are many trusted, objective and quality resources that expose Wikipedia’s biases, lack of objectivity, and infiltration by editors who have been paid to create preferential statements for some and denigrating statements for others. So severe and widespread is Wikipedia’s lack of credibility that universities, including Harvard, advise students not to use it. As the program director of KPFA, I would have expected you to be aware of this.

Regarding my credentials that you disparage, let me set the record straight.

Over the past 40 years I have published over 600 articles on science, medicine and the environment, including over 300 investigative reports. Dozens of these became cover stories for national magazines. I have won numerous awards for investigative reporting, journalism and radio broadcasting on these matters. You can review my articles yourself because many are posted on my website in the archives.

I have also been a leader for many social and healthcare movements and was among the first journalists to publish national articles exposing the unsavory financial and political agendas behind cancer, heart disease, AIDS, psychiatry, and the AMA, FDA and CDC. My work has been used by 60 Minutes, and 20-20 earned two Emmys using my work. I have been invited as a keynote speaker at numerous national and world conferences on anti-aging medicine and alternative health to present insights into the health impacts of lifestyle and behavior. My reputation is solely the result of the work I do. I do not promote myself, nor do I have a marketing person, because I spend seven days a week, every day of the year, engaged in social issues.

For those who state I am a so-called “AIDS denier,” that is a blatant lie (as well as being a term slyly fabricated by pharmaceutical industry PR consultants to stigmatize those with alternative viewpoints by subliminally linking them to Holocaust deniers). I have worked with one of America’s leading gay physicians, Dr. Steven Caiasa, for many years. Together we counseled more than 1200 persons with full blown AIDS, many of whom — instead of dying as predicted — are still alive today.

While serving as the director of the Tri-State Healing Center, I arranged for over a 1,000 persons with AIDS to be treated — at no charge — by physicians using holistic protocols. I published a series of articles about natural non-toxic therapeutic protocols for helping AIDS patients. All of this work led eventually to a national press conference in New York City. The conference featured 100 AIDS victims who were in full recovery or had completely reversed their conditions, as demonstrated by their physicians and medical records. New York’s future governor and an eminent panel of scientists reviewed the records of these patients and concluded that the results were both astonishing and significant, and deserved a public hearing.

During this 6-hour event, each person told his story. Eighty-eight AIDS survivors explained how their physicians used detoxification modalities, Louise Hay’s method, and other metabolic therapies. The remaining 12 reversed all their illnesses and their diagnosis reversed to HIV-negative under my care. However, not a single AIDS group, medical doctor or major media member attended the conference — it was a complete and deliberate media blackout even though thousands of invitations had been sent out. The public relations firm that handled the event reported back that they never saw anything like that before.

During my journalist career, my stories have always been vetted by either a scientist or an attorney to assure accuracy and proper scientific citation. Throughout the entire period of the height of the AIDS epidemic I was lecturing within the gay community on lifestyle and behavior modification. I also worked closely with Charles Ortleib, the editor of the nation’s number one gay publication, New York Native.

It was the opinion of the Native’s award winning journalist, Nina Ostrom, that AIDS was due to multiple causes including the Herpes-6 virus. Charles, Nina and others appeared on my radio programs frequently to present their first hand experiences and investigations that differed from those of the emerging gay faction that became aligned with, and to a great extent financed by, the medical industry. Burroughs Wellcome, the manufacturer of AZT, was one of the largest funders of individuals in the AIDS movement, such as Act Up, who targeted myself and other journalists and activists who questioned the belief that AIDS could ONLY be treated with anti-viral drugs, such as they manufactured and sold at predatory markups as high as (literally) 2,000 percent and more.

As the death toll rose parallel to higher AZT doses, the pharmaceutical industry and Act Up continued to promote the pharmaceutical approach to treat AIDS — even though it was not curing, but instead killing off thouusands of the afflicted. As a result, we witnessed a tragic mass-die off of those using high doses of retrovirals. In order to silence those of us — physicians, scientists, journalists and activists, straight or gay — who spent thousands of hours trying to bring this deadly mis-application of drugs to public attention, a smear campaign was launched to call us “AIDS denialists.” This was intended to produce an effect similar to calling someone a holocaust denier, and it destroyed people’s careers. Today, there are over 3000 scientists, researchers and multiple Nobel laureates who challenge the existing AIDS paradigm. None of them deny AIDS as an illness. Instead, what they request is an open debate about other methods of diagnosis and treatment that have proven both effective and safe — but do not rely on dangerous drugs. And that is why the pharmaceutical industry works so hard to stigmatize those such as myself, who are a threat to their huge profit machine, since research into HIV and AIDS today is larger than that for cancer and cardiovascular disease combined.

Regrettably, censorship such as yours help shut off public and open debate on the dangers of unsafe vaccines, as well as on alternative treatments for AIDS. And your statements attacking me as an AIDS denialist by listening to disturbed propagandists flies in the face of simple fact-checking. I have repeatedly invited my attackers on my KPFK and WBAI programs in the past to debate me, but they refuse. However, on my program I did debate the two most prominent people in the field of AIDS: Drs. Robert Gallo and Luc Montaigner (who won the Nobel prize for first identifying HIV).

My first documentary film on health was released in 1986. Since then I have received approximately 300 film awards and official festival entries. I have directed three award-winning documentaries focusing on vaccines, including the one you censored.

During the 2010 faux swine flu scare my producer and I submitted a 100 page white paper to the New York State Governor and Health Commissioner, as well as testifying under oath to the NY health commission, scientific arguments opposing the state’s bill to mandate the H1N1 flu vaccine. I did this on behalf of nurses and healthcare workers whose health would have been threatened by a vaccine that was fast-tracked and improperly reviewed for its safety and efficacy.

If you had taken a moment to listen to any of my broadcasts on WBAI or the Progressive Radio Network, you would quickly realize that the health news I report and comment upon is based on the most recent peer-reviewed medical findings from universities and medical institutions throughout the world, and that there is a huge body of sound science supporting alternative health prevention and treatment for physical and mental illnesses. I present such vital information daily on my programs.

Your personal attack on my motives — by accusing me of profiting from the use of my products and supplements as Pacifica premiums — is grossly unfounded, and one of the typical lies that prevails among the ideologues and enemies of free speech at KPFA. I have instructed my publishers, such as Seven Story press, to offer books to WBAI at such a low cost that my royalties were reduced so the station could earn more money.

The great irony is that for almost 35 years I refused to promote any of my products on WBAI or Pacifica. Only in recent years did that change, when WBAI’s then-Program Director Tony Bates and General Manager Berthold Reimers pleaded with me to do so, and I acceded to their wishes. My personal preference is to not pitch any of my own products as premiums, as former and current station managers of WBAI, KPFK and WPFW can verify.

Your assumption that I am in some kind of “racket,” and that I work only for financial gain, is delusional and an outright lie. During the past 45 years I have privately counseled tens of thousands of individuals without ever charging a penny. Rarely do I accept money for public lectures and appearances. For 31 years I hosted a weekly 6-hour program on KPFK, for 30 years a daily program on WPFW and every weekday for 39 years a program on WBAI. Although I was offered a producer’s salary, I did not accept it, because I was more committed to Pacifica’s mission of free speech than to personal financial gain. But had I chosen to accept producer’s salaries for all those years, Pacifica would have owed me approximately $2.7 million. In addition, I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of free premiums over the years to Pacifica stations. Even in 2014, I donated engineering equipment for WBAI’s studio as well as office furnishings.

Unfortunately, you have been taken in by the medical industry’s highly paid dissimulators, such as the Quackbusters, who wrote the Wikipedia entry about me, as well as by those who unthinkingly accept such disinformation as true, and then go on to thoughtlessly repeat it, without making the slightest effort to verify its accuracy. My degree in human nutrition and public health science is from a fully accredited university. My thesis and laboratory research was performed through the highly respected Institute of Applied Biology, a non-profit cancer research institution that dates back to the 1940s.

Therefore, I ask you: If you yourself are not personally knowledgeable about medical and scientific matters, and if you yourself have not performed any first-hand medical or scientific research of your own — what basic humanistic values can possibly justify your mean-spirited attack on someone like myself, who has 45 years worth of scientific and medical experience, and whose findings are supported by (literally) thousands of eminent doctors and scientists? Moreover, if you then refuse to offer a person an opportunity to respond — how then should your moral integrity be viewed?

In conclusion, the number of vaccines that people will legally be forced to allow into their bodies and into the bodies of their even more vulnerable children will soon escalate significantly. Even as you read this, over 270 new vaccines are being developed in the pharmaceutical industry’s pipeline. It is becoming ever more likely that the state of California will pass one of the most draconian and dangerous state vaccine laws in America, and that Governor Brown will sign it into law. Parents who refuse vaccination will be demonized. We can only imagine the holocaust of vaccine-induced injuries these bills will cause in the future.

Your anti-feminist stance, aside from censoring critical information to your KPFA listeners, is an attack on all mothers whose children have been damaged by vaccines. You have further disempowered them. That is your legacy. That is the legacy of KPFA. Your censorship has been a gift to the pharmaceutical industry and the pro-vaccine cartel that Pacifica’s founder Lewis Hill would have denounced.

So before you challenge my credibility, understand I have been leading major social causes for over 45 years. My research and testimony will withstand time. Will yours?

Since you have already had the chance to express your contempt for me through your libelous public statements, I now invite you to substantiate those statements — to transform them from mere unfounded assertions into solid verified fact — by coming on my program to debate me. Refusal to do so will destroy your personal and professional credibility, and further tarnish the institutional credibility of KPFA and the Pacifica network.


Gary Null

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26 thought on ““My Research and Testimony Will Withstand Time. Will Yours?””
  1. No words sufficient to express my gratitude to Mr. Null for his response to Ms. Prives’s censorship. I raised three children in California. I stopped vaccinating after my son was severely injured at age four. I wonder if the politicians who voted for this bill will vaccinate their children.

  2. There has to be a huge back lash coming on California taking away health care decisions from parents. I would not be surprised if a bunch more of them don’t move to Nevada or Oregon. I lived in the Eastern Sierras briefly. I came across a man who owned a property near Carson Pass. He was a secondary road snow plow contractor for the state. In 2009, for his last check, the State gave him an IOU ! This is an area that gets 600 to 700 inches of snow a year. Imagine the nerve of handing out an IOU to someone this essential. I guess nothing surprises me about the California state house.

    1. When AIDS first exploded on the scene, all at once young, healthy, homosexual men in New York and San Francisco suddenly became catastrophically sick. Simultaneously, the same thing was happening to Haitians and hemophiliacs. I remember this very well.

      A young boy in nearby Kokomo Indiana, a hemophiliac who developed AIDS from a blood transfusion, was driven from his school by the fear of the Gay Plague, in fact, and became famous all over the world. Elton John, in fact, befriended him and his family. It was big news.

      These people were self-contained demographic groups. No other groups suddenly started dying from a collapsed immune system at that time.

      Why does your article not address this, the origin of AIDS, and the reality of what happened to those people?

      1. I remember well. In my very small town in Mississippi (1200 people), a man came down with AIDs and died. EVERYONE accused him of being a closet homosexual. It wasn’t until after his memory was smeared did the news come that he had been given a blood transfusion for some illness.

        1. Ryan White, and his mother, became celebrities, locally, because of the irrational persecution the poor boy was subjected to. But somehow, the Rock Star heard about it, and descended from Olympus into Nowheresville, Indiana, and little Ryan became a household name around the world. I’m guessing that your Mississippi man took comfort in that, even if no celebrities swooped down to take up his own individual cause. Certainly, countless blood transfusion victims, everywhere, felt Elton John’s gift to Ryan as their own, vicariously.

          Those of us who like to investigate and understand conspiracies always hope that people who claim to have gotten to the bottom of them have got it right. But they must of course explain the incontrovertible facts, if we are to accept their explanation. I said recently, elsewhere at MHB, what one needs to do when investigating conspiracies is focus on the elements of an official story that are impossible–because the authors of the charade write into the pageant fake stuff to distract us. Contrariwise, in this case, a “debunker” needs to face, and explain, the facts, not the impossibilities. If the things that really happened contradict the debunker’s model, the onus is in the debunker to explain that.

          I hope “barryb” does that.

  3. Hollywood warns us often about bad things coming our way. Harrison Ford’s remake of “The Fugitive’ 1993. No one talked much about the power of Big Pharma back then because not many people had Internet. TV commercials never told us to “ask our Doctor” about drugs. I have a friend that’s a pharmacist. He mentioned prescription meds skyrocketing right after the 911 attacks in his store. Junk grew wings on his shelves. It wasn’t too long ago the new style of commercials “ask for doctor if Comadose is right for you” started. What if street pushers of heroine were allowed to do the same thing. “Ask your doctor if smack is right for you” right there on TV. The religious right wound put the Kabash on that. In the movie, when Tommy Lee Jones’ character looked at the 7 billion in revenue on their prospectus, he called fictional company Devlin MacGregor, a monster… he was not exaggerating. The Big Pharma outfit was portrayed as not terribly concerned for their customers well being when they faked a clinical trial to win FDA approval. What, do you think that never happens? Here’s Hollywood saying look at this>>>>>pay attention! They do it ll the time.

    1. The way Hollywood works is (partly) is that someone goes to people with money and shops a project. I know about one project Mel Gibson wanted to do and he went to a millionaire Catholic that I know real well.
      He needed several such bank-rollers, but I never heard about the project ever getting off the ground. So the people who are credited as producers (secondary ones) are sometimes the money sources.

      The “embedding” that has gone on with the military involves using their gear and probably submitting a script for approval.

      Needless to say, there is a lot of money in certain quarters with an agenda to promote. But can you still make a movie that is independent and also get the distribution? It may once have been possible to do more of that than today. But I would not think it was impossible, as Gibson demonstrates.

      1. I think that today more than ever before, indie films can–and do–get made, and often on a shoe-string. In the 80s and 90s, the equipment alone was very expensive and well out of range for the “little” guys. Now, with the advent of digital, anyone who wishes can make a movie…and with forums like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and iTunes, the days of relying on massively expensive theater distribution are over.

        Personally, I love this turn of events. I’ve long been turned off by the CG/FX-heavy studio blockbusters and far prefer the naturalistic storytelling and character development that indie (and foreign) films generally rely upon.

        If you do some poking around on YouTube, you’ll find a similar revolution in the kind of episodic storytelling as you’d find on TV. The wonders of podcasting–not subscription radio–is doing the same for radio. These innovations are broadening entertainment, not narrowing it. Never underestimate human invention!

  4. ​There would be a much greater understanding of this unfortunate incident for Gary Null, if more people had caught the remarkable book ‘Vandals At The Gates Of Medicine’ authored by Miguel A. Faria, Jr. M.D, and published in 1994 by Hacienda Publishing Inc. in Macon

    To ensure transparency to the skeptical….

    This is a book that goes deep into historical parallels right to the mists of prehistory and which then bleeds into our present moral, social and economic problems concerning what the book jacket terms ‘the currently-being waged, intellectual battle over health care reform.’ Faria refers to this battle in the Preface, page xvi, as ‘a gladiatorial arena where the medical profession has been given only scant opportunity to participate.’ Due to his proclivity to be a medical warrior, Faria met many pressures which led to him having to resign.

    I purchased this book at a University bookstore but I believe it is on Amazon for those interested in searching for not only historical perspective but also present day greater realizations.

    I have the utmost respect for Gary Null and all his endeavors. As usual James, I do thank you, for its an uncomfortable road you have chosen where you must continually grow tougher skin, but it does not hide your moral/ethical stance or the graciousness of your presentation in engaging with the toughest issues our societies are now facing. I remain deeply appreciative for the strength of your endurance….keep on keeping on!!

  5. It’s just a matter of time before the truth caves in this fortress of lies! Thank you for providing this platform which we can live the way we want

    žijí volně , nebo dejte nám nemůže žít vůbec za těchto hvězdnou a bezmračné obloze”

  6. Powerful rebuttal letter (and an amazing resume for Mr Null). Ms Prives has been thoroughly spanked.

    I bet a dollar to a donut that she NEVER dare debate him.

  7. I have started following you after Oregon was hit with SB442. I loved your in depth interview on your show the other day with Bonnie Faulkner. Should of been a documentary.

  8. I have an amendment to SB277. It should require each person who votes for it to receive 1000 vaccinations within a one month period to demonstrate once and for all to everyone just how “safe and harmless” they are.

  9. Sorry O/T but here we go again. The Repub’s just got both Houses and now the wind is shifting. I gotta laugh.

    NOW, The Dem’s are the good People. They want to Demilitarize the Cops, They are Fighting Obumer on the TPP another Free Bad Trade Agreement.

    The Repub’s (NeoCon-Rino-Fakes) Now want everything Obama wants and everyone on the Center Right is completely against.

    The Message:is the Demo’s are now gonna be our Saviors….

    What a Scam.

    Thank God for Pepto Bismol. but the Fools will buy it all.

    Mitch McConnell now makes Harry Reid look like a Hero….

    Does anyone have any leftover Blues Pills you didn’t take?

    I just want to go to sleep for this one.

    I screwed up, I took 2 Red Pills………………

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