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When Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy spoke at a press conference on the evening of the Sandy Hook inciden he said something vague in a sense yet generated great interest in another sense. The interest shared by school safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig and others led to Mr. Halbig to ask the Governor to clarify what he meant. At the press conference, the Governor said, “The Lieutenant Governor and I have been…” at which time he paused at length. He continued, “…spoken to, in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state.”

Admittedly, there’s reason to suspect that the events of that day weren’t unexpected. Was it only a coincidence that where the Governor paused in mid-sentence was exactly where a single verb could have resulted in a much clearer statement? For instance, were he to have said, “…informed of…” or, “…advised that…” then there would be no question that the event was preplanned. But, after pausing to presumably tailor the completion of the sentence we’re left wondering, “Spoken to in what way; in what context?”

There’s no doubt the events that played out in the immediate aftermath at Sandy Hook left an indelible impression on Governor Malloy, as it has for many others. After all, the event was deemed so newsworthy as to garner news coverage that rivaled any American tragedy, before or since. So, it was somewhat unexpected when he later denied having made any such statement.

Wolfgang Halbig, accompanied by a camera crew from Caravan to Midnight visited the Governor’s office on April 22nd, just as the Governor was returning to the office. Mr. Halbig asked the Governor who, specifically was it that “spoke to” him about being prepared for such an event. Governor Malloy’s response was, “Nope. Not me.” So, Mr. Halbig attempted to remind him of his statement by saying, “You said, ‘someone told me and the Lieutenant Governor that something like this might happen.’” Again, Malloy denied he made the statement, saying, “No. I never said that.”

Stymied by this second denial, Mr. Halbig asked the Governor if upon being presented with a clip of the Governor making the statement, would he look at it. He replied, “I’ll look at it, sure.”

Only three weeks prior to the Sandy Hook event, Attorney General Eric Holder visited with Governor Malloy to jointly announce Project Longevity, an initiative to reduce gang and gun violence. Based on a model that was reported to be successful in some other US cities, the strategy was being implemented statewide for the first time in Connecticut. Although the initiative focuses on violent acts committed by gang members, the mere fact that a gun violence initiative of any kind was being first implemented statewide in the very state where the deadliest mass school shooting would occur only weeks later, is either an unbelievable coincidence or points to preplanning.

It seems unlikely, given that Project Longevity doesn’t focus on mass-casualty events or first-time offenders that it would have been the catalyst for Malloy being “spoken to” about an event like what happened at Sandy Hook. But Longevity does involve preparedness by facilitating inter-agency cooperation, and Attorney General Holder did state at the announcement that many of the crimes committed in Connecticut targeted children and young people. So, there are some vague parallels between Longevity and the Sandy Hook event, and the question of whether the meeting in November was the forum where Governor Malloy was “spoken to” remains unanswered.

The purported Sandy Hook event has impacted the entire nation, the subsequent ripple effect causing immeasurable harm to both children and adult American psyches. But, too many questions remain as the event narrative is cited in justifying numerous initiatives, becoming enmeshed in local, state and federal legislation. Please support Wolfgang Halbig, IMS and Caravan to Midnight and call for Governor Dannel Malloy to clarify his statement and for the authorities to comply with Mr. Halbig’s FOIA requests of documents the public has a right to see.

Some footage courtesy of Caravan to Midnight – John B. Wells…

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31 thought on “Wolfgang Halbig Confronts Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy”
  1. So, did the Governor receive the tape where he states he and Lance was spoken to…? and did he reply to it? it seems to have gone quite with the Halbig investigation. leading down a dead end street.!

  2. I don’t trust Malloy for one second- My only question here is- Would Halbig be able to just march right into the Governer’s office like that? I don’t know the protocol for one to get into that area but I would think the people on Malloy’s side would have known who Halbig is no?

    1. The Connecticut State Capitol Building is open to the public.
      After all, the building and it’s occupants are paid for by We the People.

      1. Charles, I’m re-posting your comment here from the other blog. I think it’s an important post. Who would have thought the Hartford Courant was still pursuing the SHE story.

        Police ordered to release documents in school shooting probe

        Also from an old MHB post this is still very interesting..

        AFB Construction on 12-15-12 is moving the SHE classroom furniture to Chalk Elementary, Blood and all? He brought in a cleaning crew?
        BIO Hazard Crew? Wolfgang should have a word with this man.

        Mr. Barbarotta, owner of AFB Construction Management and Conveo Energy

        He claims his crews cleaned all the blood off the furniture?

        The owner of AFB Construction Management and Conveo Energy, Barbarotta is no stranger to such work. AFB is a longtime recipient of lucrative municipal contracts throughout Connecticut, looking after 11 million square feet of public school facilities in addition to parks and beaches.[1]

        After reportedly receiving a request from the Connecticut Commissioner of Education’s office within one day of the massacre, Barbarotta sprang into action. “Instantly, on Saturday,” December 15th, “we started bringing in cleaning crews and moving crews to get the furniture out,” he told the New Haven Register.

        I’ve seen things I don’t even really want to talk about,” the contractor declared. “There’s markings on the floor.[sic] There’s blood everywhere. You can see the broken windows in the classroom in the whole area where the shooting took place.[2]

        1. Regarding 3 Continental Ave., Danbury 06812 featured in NamesNot Mary’s video.

          There is no Continental Ave. in Danbury, but there is one in New Fairfield which has only one zip code – 06812. 3 Continental Ave. in New Fairfield was sold on 11/2/10 for $ 215,000 not $ 21,500,000. See link below.

          This is an area of small summer cottages mostly owned by New Yorkers at one time. Many have since been made into year round residences.
          What would not surprise me if some players in the SH theater picked this address, moved it to Danbury on paper and created a fictitious sale of 21 million and change. That would be laundering at its whitest.

    2. Yes, it is impressive that Halbig actually got access to the Governor’s office. The Governor looks like he has been blindsided.

      Of course it is tempting to speculate about the nature of Project Longevity. Here we have a black President and a black Attorney General. The statistics on longevity for black youth, whether or not directly involved in gangs, is very bad relative to whites. Connecticut for all its image as bedroom suburb for New York City is also full of the black and Hispanic poor (New Haven, Hartford, Milford, etc.). So maybe the idea would be to reduce the number of guns in the environment by getting white people to feel personally more threatened than they have felt, as though keeping a weapon either leads to addiction to buying more weapons or puts you at risk from your own children in the home.
      If whites voted against firearms (since they are the main ones voting – felonies disqualify you of course, and also indifference is big in poor communities) – then perhaps the trickle down effect into the ghettoes would cut the murder rate there. So Sandy Hook was employed as a psyop to get the discussion moving in that direction and allow people to run for public office based on their interpretation about Sandy Hook, using the government supplied talking points.

  3. Wow, out and out denial. This gets better and better. I predict that statement will haunt the Governor the rest of his life. FYI…I had no luck donating to Wolf’s legal bills on his site, or getting a call back from him. My credit card was mysteriously rejected, I say that because I used it after that to buy something else and had no trouble. Might want to check it out Wolf

  4. I just looked at this a second time and it doubled the impact on me. Denying what the whole World heard him say live? That takes guts. Imagine if every place the Governor went, people came up and just started chanting “Who told you governor, who told you Governor…” The idea is not to get an answer because he looks incapable of the truth. I bet he starts hearing it in his sleep.

      1. Yep, There’s the 1% who control everything…

        And there’s the 1% who get they are are lying sacks of Sh&t and cause all the trouble and wars and shipped our entire industry that made America away through NAFTA and GATT and Now TPP.

        So that leaves 98% of the rest of the Country Brain dead or part of the Problem.

        How do you convince the young America’s today America is something worth fighting for when since 1994 when Clinton Nationalized the Education System( and before that) every Kid has been taught for the last 25 years that America is bad and is the problem with the world?

        Those Pesky people who believe in morality, Opportunity and self reliance are the BAD people.

        I could go on and on but it doesn’t matter.

        1. Malloy recently signed a bill signifying that it was against the law to possess or sell dope within 1500 feet of a school.
          To show just what this governor is all about, I sent him an email and asked him if he could countenance passing such a law while the American CIA, the fine folks at Langley, were importing and monetizing dope for nearly 50 years! Did our esteemed governor know about Iran Contra, Oliver North, the management of the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels???
          Of course, I got NO answer. I’m writing the Governor again and again and again……all done in the spirit if patriotism and love of country. I would recommend that others do the same thing, Malloy would LUVV to hear from you, what a warm fuzzy he is!

  5. I watched it a third time and noticed something really telling by pausing the play button at different short intervals. When Wolf starts asking the question, the pained expression on Malloy’s face looks like he is passing a kidney stone. Pause it at exactly 1:05 and you can see the pain. Pause it at say 1:02 and try to catch Malloy’s face as it emerges from behind a man’s body blocking the camera around 1:04. Malloy’s expression in the early part of 1:05 is different than late in second 1:05. The pain looks more extreme in the beginning of the second than at the end of the second. They are called micro-expressions by body language experts. He looks down as the question is being finished, then he starts backing away before he answering. Notice how the Governor briefly was looking Wolf in eye pretty close in. But before Malloy answered, he turned his head and started to back away. The whole world knows Malloy is lying. I think his ship is starting to capsize.

  6. Here’s another intriguing tid bit… at time 1:15, Wolf and the Governor are no more than 30 inches apart face to face. As Wolf finished his last word of the question “state”. The Governor moved so fast backward I can’t even catch his motion. In less than a second, the Governor was five feet away. Wow. Go look and see if you can find the Governor’s motion backwards, it’s almost like half a second of frames (15) or so were missing. See if you can catch the backwards motion. I can’t

  7. It says on the video that John B Wells has the video credit on this one. I think he is still a Coast to Coast host isn’t he? I would love to hear what happened at time stamp 1:15. It looks almost like the pause button was pushed by accident and we lost half a second of video. I want to know from Wolf or the camera man if the Governor jumped a step backward at the end of the question. There is nothing in the video that shows how he doubled the distance between Wolf and himself between 1:15 and 1:16. Can anyone tell me?

  8. There is an awkward edit between the time Halbig is so close and the Governor is suddenly much father away. Wonder what was edited out.

    I agree with the previous statement on the body language. The old Gov is so full of b.s. that his nervous system is a-quiver. Lying son of a gun.

    1. The jump in time doesn’t bother me all that much, but the gap is there and does cause me to wonder if a word or two were missed.

      In the video above, I had only the final cut from the Caravan to Midnight video to work with. At the point where you see a jump in my version, there was actually a brief advertisement for Mr. Wells’ site. A still shot fade-in for a few seconds. I’ll see about obtaining the raw video, and otherwise try to assess whether there was anything said during that cut.

      You can view the version I used by clicking the YouTube link at the bottom of the article.

    2. The edit seems strange to me as well…..something seems staged about this encounter…. It also makes me wonder what kind of security the Gov has that Wolfgang can enter the Gov’s offices and ask such questions standing 2 feet away….. wasnt any screening done?
      The Governor does not seem uncomfortable to me at all….he is lying and avoiding any direct questions….something he has been doing all his professional life hes good at it.

    John B. Wells in definitive Wolf interview. My mind is too blown from it. All the postings for victims’ donations before the shooting can’t be true, can they? My first thought is the PTB spoofed the dates to make us look insane when we fell for the trickery. Or they just didn’t care and weren’t worried about small details like jumping the gun

  10. Here is a revealing tidbit about who controls academia:

    “Oil tycoon Harold Hamm told a University of Oklahoma dean last year that he wanted certain scientists there dismissed who were studying links between oil and gas activity and the state’s nearly 400-fold increase in earthquakes, according to the dean’s e-mail recounting the conversation.”

    I guess when you donate 20 million a pop to the average Universirty, not only can you strong-arm them, but members of you University Board kiss your but to boot!!

    Go Team Cushing!!

  11. If you want to drive your mayor or senator/rep crazy, write them and ask if they are concerned about the drug problems in their state/district. Then, ask them if they are aware the US CIA is the world’s biggest dope smuggler and has been for 50 years. Then, ask them if they are doing anything about this FACT. Ask them if they are in contact with the “War on Drugs”. Ask them about their relationship to DEA.
    I have asked Malloy about this and await his answer or the answer from some lackey of his. Sandy Hook is chock full of discrepancies and we are going to get some answers.
    But, do ask your government these questions and see what you get for answers.

  12. Comments about Dan running away with great speed are so funny and perceptive. Wolfgang was very respectful which helped make the gov more uncomfortable.
    As to today’s news about the Boston Drill court case, “family members” and other phonies have been on TV saying justice was done – and they have been well paid to do so. The One Fund Boston has already distribute $79 million to “victims’ families.” Being a crisis actor means much more pay than voice overs or summer stock.

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