By James F. Tracy

(Two years ago today the Boston Marathon bombing event occurred. Major media still maintain that at least 260 individuals suffered injuries as a result of the incident, most recently as the implied rationale behind the curious prosecution and conviction of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the crime. This article originally appeared on May 11, 2013. Additional research and analysis of the Boston bombing is available here.-JFT)

Exactly how many people were injured as a result of the April 15 Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB)? An official tally from the Boston Public Health Commission puts the number at an incredible 282 injured and four killed, including MIT police officer Sean Collier. “Only two patients wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings remained in critical condition” on April 22, the Boston Globe reported, “but the count of injured people who were treated in area hospitals has risen sharply to 282, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. That is far higher than the initial estimate of 170.”

According to the Globe,

The number rose because dozens of victims delayed seeking medical care for minor wounds or symptoms that they thought would go away on their own, said Nick Martin, a spokesman for the health commission. He said the latest data … show patients were seen at 27 hospitals in Greater Boston.

The threshold for allegedly having sustained a bomb-related injury is not high.

“One of the best examples is hearing issues,” Martin said. “People might have first thought their hearing problems would be temporary.” Instead, hearing loss or continuous ringing or buzzing in their ears remained. Others sought delayed care for minor shrapnel wounds.[1]

On the same day Reuters reported 264 people injured.[2] Each of the exorbitant figures trumpeted by these organs differs sharply with the tallies provided by the New York Times-owned Boston Globe and listed on the popular Globe-owned website Here one finds only 55 victims out of the purported 268 (Reuters) or 286 (City of Boston and Boston Globe) injured and deceased.

“This is a list of confirmed deceased and injured victims of the Marathon explosions and their aftermath,” the website reads.

“We will continue to update this list. If you have some information, please click here … If you would like to donate to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, please visit

The 55 victims listed on are categorized below by name, age, hometown, injury description, and the news source where initial reportage of their injuries or deaths appeared.[3]





News Source

Krystle Campbell



Fatal injury

Martin William



Fatal injury

Lingzi Lu



Fatal injury

The Boston Globe

Sean Collier



Fatal injury

Sydney Corcoran


Lowell, Lowell High School Senior [sic]

The Boston Globe

Richard H. Donohue Jr.



Severe injury

Kaitlynn Cates



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Heather Abbott


Newport, R.I.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Jeff Bauman Jr.



Severe leg injury [sic]

The Boston Globe

Roseann Sdoia



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

David Yepez



Head and arm injuries

The Boston Globe

Jarrod Clowery



Hearing loss, leg injuries

The Boston Globe

Aaron Hern


Martinez, Calif.

Leg injury

The Boston Globe

Remy Lawler



Upper leg injuries

The Boston Globe

JP Norden



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Paul Norden



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Beth Rothe


Highland, Ind.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Marc Fucarile



Severe leg, chest injuries

The Boston Globe

Michelle Connolly


South Boston

Head injuries

The Boston Globe

Nicholas Yanni



Temporary hearing loss

The Boston Globe

Ascer Barlatier



Wounded in chest and leg

The Boston Globe

Jenny Chung

Shrapnel wounds

The Boston Globe

Dan Soleau


Hearing loss

The Boston Globe

Unidentified female


Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Zhou Danling


Chinese student studying actuarial sciences [sic]

The Boston Globe

Gillian Reny



Senior at Buckingham Brown & Nichols School in Cambridge [sic]

The Boston Globe

Marilyn Kight


Redding, Calif.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Erika Brannock


Towson, Md.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Darrel Folkert


Redondo Beach, Calif.

Leg injuries

The Boston Globe

Unidentified male


No longer in critical condition, severe injuries,

The Boston Globe

Celeste Corcoran,


Lowell, Sydney’s mother

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Denise Richard


Severe upper body injury, Martin Richard’s mother [sic]

The Boston Globe

Jane Richard



Severe leg injury, Martin Richard’s sister [sic]

The Boston Globe

Lee Ann Yanni


Severe leg injury

John Odom


J.P. Craven



Head injuries

Patrick Downes


Cambridge, BC alumnus [sic]

Severe leg injuries

Jessica Downes


MGH nurse [sic]

Severe leg injuries

Brittany Loring


Ayer Boston College JD/MBA student

Severe head, leg and arm injuries

Boston College

Liza Cherney

Boston College MBA student was a spectator [sic]

Boston College

Jacqui Webb

Severe leg injury

Fundraising website

Ryan C. McMahon



Back and arm injuries


William White


Severe leg injury

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Mary Jo White


Hand injury

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Kevin White


Moderate injuries [sic]

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Nicole Gross


Charlotte, N.C.

Leg injuries

Charlotte Observer

Michael Gross


Charlotte, N.C.

Head injuries

Charlotte Observer

Eric Whalley



Severe head injury, other wounds


Ann Whalley



Severe flesh wounds


Kevin Corcoran

Lowell, Sydney’s father [sic]

Minor injuries

The Lowell Sun

Denise Spenard

Manchester, N.H.

Abdominal injury

Victoria McGrath


Northeastern student

Severe leg injuries

Connecticut Post

Sarah Girouard,


Falmouth, Maine

Injuries to lower extremities, received surgery

Portland Press Herald

Michelle L’Heureux



Severe arm and leg injuries

Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal

As indicated in the above table, The Boston Globe and are responsible for the initial and in many cases only reportage on 37 of the 55 victims, with otherwise referring readers to either Boston College’s website, eight local or regional newspapers’ sites, and in one instance a donation page, for information on the remaining 18 injured.

The 231 added to the overall City of Boston count of April 23 appear to be phantom victims who might have sought care for modest injuries in the week following the incident but for which no records have been made publicly available. Even’s list of 55 has numerous informational gaps. For example, eleven of the 55 have no age recorded, an especially glaring oversight for medical authorities administering care, while five have no injury listed. provides an online form for victims to submit a description of their injuries and the hospital where they are being treated. When I contacted Boston Globe newsroom via telephone on May 11, 2013 to clarify why the injury list had not been updated in accord with the City of Boston’s figures, or whether entire names and injury descriptions might still remain unpublished, a reporter identifying herself as Mary Covlu [4] responded that the website “is just for people with serious injuries.” When I inquired whether “temporary hearing loss,” listed as the medical condition of 32-year old Nicholas Yanni of Boston could be considered a “serious injury,” the reporter expressed astonishment and could not respond.

Repeated email inquiries by Memory Hole to Boston Globe’s chief and associate editors asking whether the newspapers have obtained autopsies or death certificates for the four decedents remain unanswered.

If temporary hearing loss can indeed be counted as a demonstrable injury and the figures provided by Boston’s Commission on Public Health are comprised primarily of those complaining of such minor problems, then roughly eighty percent of the BMB-related injuries might be negligible.

The 248/286 figures stand in even greater contrast with the original injury count in the immediate wake of the BMB, which was reported as a much less sensational 23 injured and two deaths—figures in rough accord with the number of individuals whose images were recorded on CCTV and surveillance cameras involved in and around the initial blast that exhibited ostensible injuries.

This estimate of injured also conforms with arguably excessive eyewitness accounts, such as those of Roupen Bastajian, an off-duty Rhode Island State Trooper who told the Associated Press that he just completed the race when he heard the first detonation. “I started running toward the blast. And there were people all over the floor,” Bastajian recalls. “We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. … At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.”

Early reports lend further credence to the event’s drill-like qualities, with acknowledgment from “a senior U.S. intelligence official” who said “on condition of anonymity” that “two other explosive devices found nearby were being dismantled.” According to the AP,

A third explosion was heard about an hour after the first two after authorities warned spectators to expect a loud noise from a water cannon that police apparently were using to destroy one of the devices.[5]

This account closely conforms with reports in alternative media outlets that drills were being carried out around the Marathon.

In sum, the photos, videos, stories and figures comprising the mediated BMB do not add up and suggest elements of a manufactured event. The inflated injury count provided by the City of Boston is not readily supported by existing visual documentation of the two bombings, where at most several dozen individuals may have been seriously impacted. Nor are the calculations supported by the information made publicly available through the primary news outlet reporting on the event.

The Boston Globe has played an inordinately powerful and arguably suspect role in framing the BMB narrative. The outlet’s distribution of information concerning victims—information that remains inconsistent or sorely lacking in important details–clearly diverges from the dubious and unusually high “official” casualty counts so heavily propagated in corporate media.


[1] Deborah Kotz, “Injury Toll From Marathon Bombing Rises,” Boston Globe, April 23, 2013.

[2]Boston Officials Say 264 Injured in Boston Marathon,” Reuters, April 23, 2013.

[3]Victims of the Marathon Bombings,”, n.d. Accessed on May 11, 2013

[4] In a May 14 blog post, “FAU’s James Tracy’s Mistakenly Yells at Boston Globe Intern,” a New Times writer rightly notes that the Boston Globe employee’s name is Mary Pavlu, yet erroneously posits that Pavlu is an intern. At the conclusion of my May 11 early afternoon conversation, correctly recounted above, I asked for the spelling of Pavlu’s name and repeated the spelling of the last name to her–c-o-v-l-u–which she confirmed before we concluded our conversation. Pavlu identified herself as a Boston Globe reporter at the outset of our conversation and again midway through. Indeed, Pavlu’s Twitter profiles, @GlobeMaryPavlu, and @MaryPavlu both indicate that she is a Globe reporter, as do numerous Globe stories with Pavlu’s byline and job description.-JFT, 5-17-13.

[5]RI State Trooper at Boston Marathon Says Blast Tore Limbs Off Dozens,” Associated Press/Providence Journal, April 15, 2013.

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70 thought on “The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Inflated Injury Tallies”
  1. Youtube Search: PeeKay22 or Peekay Boston.

    Watch his “Hoaxathon” videos. Totally blew my mind. This event was very suspect. Likely no one injured. Am I Preaching to the choir here?

      1. Living is easy with eyes closed, Misunderstanding is all you see, its getting hard to be someone but it all works out, it doesn’t matter much to me….

  2. ““I started running toward the blast. And there were people all over the floor,” Bastajian recalls. “We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. … At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.””

    The photographic evidence, which cannot lie, tells another story entirely. No pictures exist of severed limbs strewn about the sidewalk, or dozens of people missing body parts. And there are hundreds of pictures, and lots of video.

    How such a ridiculous hoax can be successfully pulled off is the real question. Sandy Hook had no pictures.

    1. This is an add-on to a comment stuck in moderation, concerning the strange lack of photographic evidence of body parts strewn around the pavement. Re-reading it this morning, it struck me that there is a glaring, abundantly obvious question I have not heard anyone ask lo these two full years.

      There is exactly one person the photographs depict with missing body parts: Jeff. He really IS missing his lower legs. There are lots and lots of pictures of the general vicinity he was supposedly injured in.

      Where in the pictures can we see his missing feet? Presumably, they would still have shoes on them. By the time Carlos the Cowboy Hat Hero got around to giving plucky Jeff his wheel chair ride surely someone would have located the poor fellow’s missing body parts, and made a point of reserving them. Wouldn’t they?

      1. One of the Boston Globe reporters, Kevin Cullen, reported to an Irish audience (who were familiar with the history of IRA bombings and the resulting mayhem), that while Mr. Martin’s son was dying he could not comfort him because he was running down the street chasing the rolling leg of his daughter. You have to recognize that your audience needs color like that to make a really good story. The purpose is to make the jaw drop so no follow-up questions can be asked.

        “Oh, the poor wee lad, dying all alone on the sidewalk, no one to hear his last words.”

      2. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, or so Dr. Fetzer says.

        But really, when we talk about anomalies in the video and still photographic record, it is all one big nonstarter. Same goes for other false events or “false flag” events of recent history.

        Besides Bauman, I am aware at this time of only one other bilateral leg amputee, Celeste Corcoran. This lady tossed the first pitch at Fenway in mid-September 2013, five months after her purported major trauma.

        If the traumatic amputation was not complete, that is, if the severed limb was still attached by some flesh and skin, you would not find a body part separately nearby. Neither would you find broomstick handles bare to the bone protruding from a stump.

        1. Well, Bastajian recalled that “At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.” And he certainly knew, because he was in a panic to apply tourniquets. Very “Johnny on the spot,” that guy.

          Trouble is, we have pictures taken there and then, and nothing like that happened. This is not absence of evidence. It is evidence.

          If Bastajian’s story was true, we’d see lots of severed feet in the pictures.

          But only one person is pictured in that spot with missing feet. And if anyone found them, it’s never been reported. Poor fellow. If it were me, I’d like to have them returned to me. I’d probably keep them in the deep freezer for a memento, and have the shoes bronzed and kept on the mantle. I’d certainly have asked about them. Certainly that amazing Jeff, who remained conscious and able to speak (probably because he was miraculously incapable of bleeding from his horrible wounds) continuously, never passing out, must have done so.

          But the point is, it’s all completely fake. No feet are seen in the pictures because the fakers did not think to plant fake feet along with fake blood when they wrote the script.

          I don’t suspect, Dachsie, we’re talking at cross-purposes. Still, I can’t see how you imagine the Fetzer quote fits here.

        2. “I can’t see how you imagine the Fetzer quote fits here.”

          You have a photo and there are no feet or body parts strewn about as would be present if the informant’s story were true. That is absence of evidence. But that absence cannot be taken as evidence to prove the informant’s story is false or that the photograph is actually of what it purports to be, that is, the exact setting described by the informant.

        3. Guess we hold different definitions of “absolute proof. Air tight.”

          Also I have never known still photos to show exact date hour, minute and second. Also, as with all photographic records you need chain of custody and verifiable original source.

          They used greenscreen backgrounds on the videos so I have been told. Not on Boyston street, etc… Don’t know why still photos could not be staged and not be real time as well.

          I think you said EVERYTHING is faked. I agree with that. That is why it is so difficult to establish any solid points of reference.

        4. I don’t know why this is so difficult. Jeff and the gang are abundantly photographed at the main scene. Some fellow called Bastajian claims to be an eye witness of dozens of limbs being blasted off people in that exact circle. All the pictures show nothing like that. Hoodie-guy, who attempts and largely fails to strap on Jeff’s horrifying prostheses lays back as if it’s a Sunday in the park. The black woman in red who participated, completely unhurt, is then carted off on a gurney, but poor Jeff, rendered footless, has to wait for a wheel chair ride driven by Carlos with the bloody flag in his mitt.

          That scene is documented abundantly. It is the central text of the pageant. It’s the whole story. We have the pictures. And there are no body parts laying about in them.

          I am unaware of anyone claiming that the official story denies that Jeff and Carlos and the black chick and hoodie-guy were captured on film in the minutes immediately after the blast.

          Is that your contention? Are you saying that the official story denies that that cozy crowd was captured on film, just as the pictures say, at the time of the blast?

          So far as I know, that cozy scene is the heart of the official story. But the pageant-masters forgot to hire people to fabricate artificial feet, and as Bastajian says, “ankles,” to drop around the place along with the fake blood. These body parts should be in the pictures (as well as lots of other live amputees). They should be visible in the official record, because that’s what the official record claims to be there. But it’s not there.

          I am growing weary, and shall cease to try and explain this obvious flaw in the official story any more. I can’t restate it again with greater clarity. So far a I can see, I’ve pointed out something completely obvious, and explained it to death. I’m done with it now.

        5. “Some fellow called Bastajian claims to be an eye witness of dozens of limbs being blasted off people in that exact circle.”

          I doubt that this guy is “part if the official story.” In any event, he does not get to define what happened or what we should see based on that.

          We cannot know what we should see in the photos, that is, what is shown in the photos in relation to and in regard to the official account that is consistent with the official account. Also we do not even have the “official story” or “official account” of the BMB. It certainly has nothing to do with Bastajian, whoever that is. If you have something that is the full official account or story, please specifically point us to and identify it. Sure you can point out inconsistencies between Bastajian testimony and photographs. So what? We still do not know what did or did not happen. Period

          As far as…

          “I am unaware of anyone claiming that the official story denies that Jeff and Carlos and the black chick and hoodie-guy were captured on film in the minutes immediately after the blast.

          Is that your contention? Are you saying that the official story denies that that cozy crowd was captured on film, just as the pictures say, at the time of the blast? ”

          that is just straw man garbage.

          I simply made some comments about the problems with video and still photos.

          Those still photos you refer to may be actual photos taken at the exact time, whatever that is, that you claim. I do not have enough specifics to agree or disagree with that.

          i see many flaws in your arguments or “reasoning” but I am very glad you are exasperated that others do not buy your take on things and that you will cease and decist.

        6. Patrick, you’re missing the fact that those dastardly Chechans are so cunning that they put flesh-eating bacteria in their pressure cooker bombs. This is commonly known throughout the intelligence community.

          After placing the special pant-eating shrapnel, they incorporate the biomaterial developed by Monsanto. This increases the odds against reconstructive surgery and further demoralizes the enemy.

          Another overlooked element is the delayed wound. Many are clearly shown running around like they were participants in a Chinese fire drill, to later collapse into untidy heaps and be carted away in wheelchairs.

        7. Lophatt,
          You are correct and many have not taken notice of the Technology the Boston bombs incorporated.

          This is some high tech Sh%t.

          Your pants can be completely shredded like right out of a Hollywood Movie set but there is no damage to your Skin!

          These Ruskies have some high tech pressure cookers we should have NASA and MIT investigate.

          This is why we need Homeland Security,NSA,CIA,FBI to protect us…/Sarc off

      3. They merely “upped the ante”. If you bought SHES…., wait ’till you see THIS!

        Remember, this one was the “action movie”. You became breathless just watching it. It was all “move along there, no time for details”. First, we’re making amputees of runners, then we’re shooting cops, then we’re stamping on the Fourth Amendment. It has lions and tigers and Chechens, oh my.

        Let’s not forget the Israeli contingent brought in especially for this production. This is such a monumentally bad production that I haven’t bothered to comment much about it. You’ve got to be pretty “slow” to get sucked into this one.

        SHES was done at a leisurely pace with selected shots and lots of emotional schmaltz. This had some of that but was rapid-paced. It was the “Terminator Two” of psyop hoaxes.

        Like SHES, the drill isn’t over. We’ve had the show trial. I’ll bet they’re regretting all that time spent on the McVeigh frame up. Look at how easy this was. Sharia law, right here in the USA.

        I suppose the gullibility of the American public explains all this as well as the success of blind-call vinyl siding sales. When somebody writes our history they will say we died of terminal stupidity.

        1. HaHa,
          You are in Full Force.Haha
          I Feel ya.
          Enough is Enough yet they sleep…………………………

        2. Lophatt, you nailed it. The thing about Sandy Hook is the complete lack of physical evidence that anything happened, and the ridiculousness of the testimony of the key players (Gene, Carver, Robby Parker et. al.). When the media reported the official story uncritically, failing to notice contradictions or ask probing questions, they were testing to see how dumb we are, to determine if we even noticed how stupid it all was, or if a high enough quantity of emotion/trauma is enough to turn off our collective brain.

          Boston has an abundance of physical evidence. Some researchers think the two sets of photographs are a little too convenient–as if they were taken to document the hoax by the hoaxers themselves. So we are able to see exactly what happened. But will we pay any attention–will we notice that all the eye witness testimony completely contradicts the physical evidence we can examine for ourselves? Apparently not.

          I have been keenly interested in the work of those who have closely examined the evidence, paying close attention to what is pointed out about the pictures when they are described–not to mention the hilarious videos by Pee Kay. And, as I say, I can’t recall anyone thinking to ask where Jeff’s feet are. That seems like a pretty good question, and pretty obvious, but I completely missed it until now. (I like your flesh-eating virus theory, incidentally–that’s one damn fast-acting bug. Good thing Jeff got treatment when he did, or his whole body might have gone away. One problem, though: would it eat his shoes and socks, too?)

          That is, even highly critical examiners of the evidence haven’t noticed the severed limbs are not pictured, or any of the people (outside of Jeff) who supposedly lost them, either.

          This Bastajian fellow James quotes is not the only one to claim to have witnessed dozens of limbs blown off. I recall one guy claiming that huge numbers of hands and feet were flying through the air, striking bystanders. Yet we see no photographs of those victims, let alone their severed hands and feet.

          So part of the test was to see if we’d notice. If even if we are given physical evidence that contradicts the official story it won’t matter. As with Sandy Hook, will we believe anything we are told, so long as the emotional trauma factor is high enough?

          Seeing that ridiculous footage of Carlos and Jeff’s wheel chair ride was apparently emotionally sufficient to turn off our collective brain, and we did not notice how ridiculous it was.

        3. Maybe that was what was delaying Carlos when he did his hat and flag change. He was collecting body parts. Is Carlos a cannibal? Just asking.

          You’ve got me wondering about the shoes. I had a moment of inattention when I got distracted by the naked walking suspect who ended up a dead suspect in the morgue.

          Carlos had more panache than Carver. “How you say…..tourniquet een English?”. Why just like you say it is Spanish. It was his Recardo Monteban moment.

          In SHES they used a stand up comic for medical examiner. In BMB they got a guy who was notorious for burning government vehicles in his front yard. As Hunter Thompson once said, “when the going gets weird, the weird get going”.

          But, as to the shoe thing, I’ll have to do more research into Monsanto patents. I know they make some chemicals that will rot the wheels off your roller skates.

        4. I read your reply an hour ago, lophatt, and laughed out loud; as I peruse other reading, your jokes keep popping back into my mind, starting the deep chuckling all over again. Thanks for the laughs!

          The image of the tall, naked terrorist being put in a police car has to be one of the most outrageous elements of the story: how did he get naked? And how did he come to look that way, dead, on the slab? What’s with that deep gash in his chest? Police interrogation must be awfully rough in Boston.

          Yet, and this is the really fabulous part, little brother backed over him with the stolen car, too!

          These are all elements of the official story, and with the exception of the tires rolling over big brother, we have evidence for it all. Completely contradictory, yea, but solid evidence nonetheless: a picture of the desecrated dead man, and video of the live, healthy, naked guy being taken down to the station by Officer Friendly.

          It is chilling. The official story is obviously insane, clearly impossible, but none of the “reporting” points it out. And the public doesn’t notice any of this.

          I feel like Marlon Brando in that Angor Watt-looking jungle ruin he used as a base, in the lead-up to Martin Sheen killing him: the Horror.

        5. Patrick, I totally agree. I’m glad I provided a laugh. The thing reminds me of that old TV comedy, “Green Acres”. There’s the talking pig, and everything is weird, but everyone just goes about their business like nothing is amiss.

          You are absolutely correct in your analysis. I hadn’t thought of it quite that way. We have tons of evidence, it just obviously doesn’t mean what anyone sane would take it to mean.

          “We’re not violating the Fourth Amendment and dragging you out of your house. We’re protecting you”. Cue the cheers; “USA, USA….”.

          These two desperadoes are the worst thing since the Dillinger Gang. Footage shows them peacefully shopping and buying milk. The story has them robbing convenience stores and killing pseudo cops.

          The backpacks are clearly not the ones in question. No matter, if they say so, it must be true. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. I haven’t even mentioned the hype. All the miraculous recoveries. The “please make them stop” video of the Fourth of July. WTF, (over).

          All of us who are methane intolerant are likely to die from this before its over. They are creating “realities” out of pure lies. Soon those who refuse to live in them will be declared “extremists” and eliminated.

          They say its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. I was looking for a nice tie in to BMB with that line, but it escapes me.

        6. Re: “The tall naked terrorist”: Didn’t he end up naked when the police got him surrounded and ordered him to do a strip-tease, ostensibly to ensure he didn’t have any more explosives hidden on his body? I remember watching that “live” as it unfolded, absolutely flabbergasted at how it was all going down. I mean that CAN’T be protocol: to have a suspect strip naked in front of news cameras and the gawking public? That must violate some civil right (God-given or otherwise), somewhere? You’d think they’d have had a bomb squad on hand…considering the number of SWAT and federal teams they had at the ready during SHES.

          Once, while watching a particularly ridiculous story play out on a soap opera, I thought about what a hoot it would be, to have a single character play it straight, Kafka-esque. I bet I’m not the only one who feels like that character right about now. :/

        7. Recynd, if you recall, they had “expert” Israeli help. Our noble boys in blue have been getting training from them lately. That is why we are all Palestinians now.

          First you help create “The War on Terror”, then you teach how to terrorize the “enemy”, namely us.

          From what I can gather we’re averaging three cop inflicted killings a day now. The number has been estimated to be four or five times that, as the reporting is voluntary. This also doesn’t include beatings and strangulations.

          The story is that he somehow was ran over by his brother. In the film you can see him cuffed and placed in the police car. At the time they were saying that he killed a cop. We all know how those turn out.

  3. […] By James F. Tracy (Two years ago today the Boston Marathon bombing event occurred. Major media still maintain that at least 260 individuals suffered injuries as a result of the incident, most recently as the implied rationale behind the curious prosecution and conviction of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the crime. This article originally appeared on May 11, 2013. Additional research and analysis of the Boston bombing is available here.-JFT) Exactly how many people were injured as a result of the April 15 Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB)? An official tally from the Boston Public Health Commission puts More… […]

  4. Thanks for updating us as to the injury tally. A friend to whom I sent the bomb site photos with smoke and victims commented that there were barely 30 people in each location and no one running past the finish line seemed to have any problems except the goofy older man who dropped down and picked himself up unharmed. I challenge Mr. Martin to demonstrate shrapnel injuries on 50 – 280 some odd people – please show photos of damage to faces and hands revealing permanent injuries and not just makeup – there was not even any thought given to shrapnel injuries in the stage makeup immediately following the smoke blasts and they forgot to shred the banners waving at the site locations. Why bother to give an accurate account when the press will back up all the untruths anyway? This drill made a mockery of WWI vets who suffered immensely from shrapnel, as did service horses and donkeys.

    1. My father, a WWII vet, had visible shrapnel in his legs, which used to work their way out sometimes. But he also had some in his back. And he went deaf in one ear (which I remember as infuriating as child trying to get his attention).

      The strange lack of significant upper body injury in these blasts (along with perfect building facades, except for broken windows), and yet a flattened pressure cooker lid found on a rooftop as though it had that much force, come on, someone’s pulling our legs.

      The people who would be the most deaf would be the amputees… but this is such a silly story there isn’t even a serious discussion about the forces involved. That would be a perfect argument in the defense of Tsarnaev – the forensics – but since it was toy balloon show trial, it didn’t matter.

      Everything has been creepily managed. Very creepy if you live here. It’s like being a guest at Disneyland, where all the magic is being cooked up backstage. Maybe the message is that even if you think you own property here, you are merely a guest in a theme park. It is as though the place has been sold out from under you, best way to describe it.

      1. Do you know any of the 280 injured and treated? My two friends in Boston did not know anyone injured but they did know friends of the brothers who went to the same gym. It must be that the 280 were brought in – and at great expense. As to Jeff and Adrienne, and the others, they served their purpose and became exhibitionist celebrities, so their personalities are no longer needed. A more circumspect amputee is now needed to commemorate the deed.

        1. I don’t know anyone who says they were injured that day, nor did I hear about them from anyone who works with my husband in the area. Nada.

  5. It would not surprise me if many of the Boston Globe stories and even photos were done in advance. It would not surprise me if the Pulitzer was a done deal beforehand.

    1. Indeed. The planners could control the entire schedule and as for the scenes (especially of the night of shooting) they could be done simultaneously in many places or on sets of their choosing.

  6. Very interesting that some of the major stars are not on the list: Rebekah Gregory-DiMartino, Pete DiMartino, Adrianne Haslet, Karen Rand-McWatters.. Others?

    1. Good posting, Tim.

      Here is another I found missing on the list.

      Mery Daniel left leg amputation, above the knee

      I “think” I have “identified” 12 of the alleged amputees, a term that include amputation of any part of arm or leg. I could never find the other 4, and the list may provide some clues for my further searches.

      However, the whole list is pretty much a joke with many anomalies and contradictory or missing data.

      1. Here’s more proof of fakery. Check out this vid from Peekay boston:
        It shows that Daniel’s left leg was covered with undamaged clothing even though the “blast” injured it so badly that it had to be amputated. Only the right leg shows any damage. Apparently they decided to keep the fake left leg covered for convenience. They had their hands full with everyone else’s moulage. Or perhaps they just ripped up the wrong pant leg by mistake, and needed to get her off the set asap. Maybe they thought we couldn’t tell left from right, or would never check? Who Knows. Busted again.

        1. Well, there is obvious blood coming from under her leg. And you can’t see the back of her leg, so what are you basing your analysis on?

  7. And so, to reify the message and to replace true ethics with a collective psychological response, a mass belief structure (no doubt to replace the religious values of the past), after a day of devotional walking in memory of the fallen and maimed – the mayor of Boston asks for “random acts of kindness” to be done in the name of One Boston (one true Boston):


    So every time you think of running down a pedestrian in a cross-walk (like a real Bostonian) and every time you think of getting so drunk you throw up on your shoes in the MBTA, you’ll remember the event. Tell me, what does it mean to you when you look at a digital clock and it says 9:11? Well, I don’t think this conditioning will go as deep, but they are trying, almost comically, to tame the beast that is Boston. Like keeping a pet tiger.

  8. Of course it was planned well in advance as is documented here in Richard Serino’s 2008 “Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event” called a “Tale of Two Cities”.
    How can this be more blatantly shoved down our throats ?


    1. Knowing all of this, what is surreal is the way in which the whole thing has been spun out for two years. I wonder where the papers are on that plan, and how it could ever be justified to control the press in such a way. You only get that kind of control if you are in a state of war. I’d like to know who they are saying is such an enemy that these measures can be taken, along with hood-winking the public. Is there something in the USA Patriot Act that explicitly permits the recent practices? Or something in an international agreement? They see us, but we are not allowed to see them. It’s a one-way mirror.

      1. They don’t “control” the press, the OWN it. It is a mistake to persist in the belief that they serve any other purpose than to “sell” state actions.

        They are there to define the acceptable limits of discussion. They are there to foster the false belief that we live in a democracy and voting counts. They are there to convince an addled public that there are “opposing” political parties that care about the public’s opinions.

        Every bit of this is as phony as the BMB. That is why it is universal worldwide and they are so concerned with so-called “alternative” sources of information. Ours reflect reality. Theirs do not.

        All of these developments are outrages. I am as outraged as anyone. I just recognize it for what it is, not what I wish it were. I don’t expect them to behave differently. If I were running a fascist state I’d do the same thing.

        What matters is that they will be successful if most are not aware that it is happening. They are counting on the drone of “the news” to lull the masses into sleep. They are not asking permission. They are pushing acceptance.

        What is needed is both non-acceptance and lots of ridicule. The funnier the better. Making fools of fools is not difficult. Giving them serious consideration only encourages them. They should be universally heckled and laughed out of any room in which they are found.

    2. This is what the “Bombers” CIA linked Uncle told Time Magazine:

      ” The bombing was part of a U.S. government conspiracy intended to test the American public’s reaction to a terrorist threat and the imposition of martial law in a U.S. city. “This was all fabricated by the American special services,”

      He should know……

  9. Another rationale: “Tsarnaev Trial Helps Heal a Violent World”
    Yes folks, it’s all about closure and remembrance. Annual moments of silence at the hour the bombs exploded. May your house be safe from tigers.

    (Meanwhile a real trial of a thug member of the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, who killed a hanger-on because he dissed him in some minor way, has just resulted in a long jury deliberation followed by a life sentence without parole for the sports figure who acted with impunity and may have killed others too. Whether he was part of a crime syndicate did not come to light, but his behavior strongly resembled that of Whitey Bulger, in a smaller way. Bulger’s trial happened just before the Marathon sham, and it certainly took the heat off the criminal enterprises of the FBI in the long run of mayhem that Bulger perpetrated, while muscling into business in Boston and killing anyone who tried to stand up to him. Has Boston “healed” since these two trials? I seriously doubt it.)

    1. The prosecuting attorney in the Whitey Bulger trial was none other than Carmen Ortiz, who is leading the prosecution of Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Does she handle both fake and real prosecutions? One has to wonder what was left out of the Bulger trial. Other cases that she has handled include that of Tarek Mahanna, who was convicted of translating jihadi propaganda from arabic, and sentenced to 7.5 years in prison, and that of Arron Swartz, who ended up dead, or so we were told. Given the level of fraud involved in the BMB trial, one starts to question narrative of all of these other cases. The Judge in the Mahanna case was the same George O’Toole jr. who is presiding over the BMB trial.

      During the trial we heard nightly updates on NPR with vivd descriptions of the victims fatal injuries. Shredded torsos, legs ripped apart, bodies pierced by shrapnel; we were treated to a smorgasbord of shocking images. Isn’t there a law against deliberately inflicting mental anguish on other people? Isn’t Carmen Ortiz, and everyone else involved, breaking this law by participating in this sham trial and allowing these news reports to be broadcast to a traumatized and unsuspecting public?

      1. Thanks for the reminder about L’affaire Swartz and Carmen Ortiz’s prosecutorial role in it. With threats of a thirty-five year prison sentence, they say he hanged himself. I see you may be skeptical. It was all the talk at MIT. Someone even thought to connect the kid to officer Sean Collier, after the alleged officer’s alleged murder by the alleged perps of the BMB. Schwartz was a Harvard student using the facilities at MIT, I seem to recall, which is not unusual. Perhaps he was doing more than just downloading files. Some people come to sorry ends at MIT — it is like that little village in Maine in Murder She Wrote, or the Oxford of Inspector Morse — lots of bodies, no end of them. When I worked there, the CIA maintained a safe house for defecting spies in my building. So think: Intelligence Hugger Mugger. I suspect Carmen Ortiz simply follows orders.

  10. Yes, we here get interested in many details of these events. Recently I’ve been thinking of how important it is to step back, take a view of larger things and try to see how all of these actions fits the “big picture”.

    We’ve discussed the obvious reasons and intended lessons of these hoaxes. All of that is true. What seems to get missed is the fact that these things are but puzzle pieces in a much larger effort.

    Just this week there has been a major effort seemingly spontaneous both here and in Europe to eliminate cash. I’m sure that any thinking person doesn’t believe that things like that happen by coincidence.

    So, what does it all mean? To me it means that their NWO is largely in place. They will not announce this. They are simply proceeding with it on all fronts.

    Just as it is getting increasingly common to see military vehicles in our streets, we see the same “kit” used by cops in Europe. The European banksters are preaching “austerity” for all while building multi-billion dollar edifices to operate from.

    The “muscle” on the street is there for all to see. The killer-cop stories are there to instruct of the fate of those who are “extremists”. Cops worldwide are not to serve, they are to be obeyed, (or else).

    These manufactured events like BMB are there to model both the “need” for extreme measures, and the “proper response” to to state tyranny.

    We will not find answers in anything official. All things official exist to support the state. They will not give back rights they have stolen. The only question is “will they be successful?”.

    We are living through what we see every day. The conquest is now, not some future time. We have absolutely zero influence over it. All we have is our own personal response. We will not shame them. They have no souls and, therefore, they have no shame.

    1. I disagree with the rights being stolen. They revoke our rights incrementally and legally most of the time. Same way Hitler did it and the same way every dictator does it. They always have a justification and usually an event to mitigate uprisings.

      As was the case in the 30’s we are too damn stupid as a herd to fight it. If we do, they back off just enough to shut us up. And the worst part? Its not like these are foreigners usurping our rights. Its our neighbors and families. Everyone is bought and paid for. Aside from making everyone become like Gandhi by studying philosophy and actually thinking for themselves, we don’t stand a chance. So what’s left? Just enjoy this time with your kids and advise them not to have any themselves. Game over.

    2. There are many plans that have been or are being implemented on an international scale: Community Oriented Policing, Common Core (though it goes by other names, including “European Qualifications Framework” and “International Standard Classification”), SmartGrids, vaccination requirements, Social Security, universal healthcare, chemtrails, GMOs, the acceptance of the THEORY of evolution as the basis of all life, institutional mockery of God, the push for “social justice”. And these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Coincidence? Yeah, right. I mean, really, it is outside the realm of possibility that all of these programs are developing (or have developed) naturally the whole world over. That there’s no better, or merely different, way to do any of these things. The fact that this is all happening in front of our very eyes with so few of us willing to stand and shout, “But the emperor has no clothes!” (even if we had a forum to do so), defies imagination. But here we are, and there doesn’t appear to be any stopping it.

      But like Lophatt wrote, we can impact our own lives; we still have control over our own personal responses. And while I agree with reprehensor that, yes, we must enjoy our kids, we must also TEACH them differently than the world would have us do. I disagree wholeheartedly that we should discourage our kids from procreating; in fact, we MUST encourage them to find a suitable mate at a reasonably early age so that they can have MANY children of their own, who can eventually take their turn to do the same. If we could do this, it wouldn’t take all that many generations before WE became the majority (especially if everyone else besides the Elites were only have one or two children of their own). If we follow your advice, we’ll soon die off, and then we’ve lost the battle for certain.

      It is not impossible to live righteously and morally in a corrupt and wicked world, it’s just harder.

      1. Yes, if government were responsive and operated as advertised, we could feel guilty about “allowing” this to happen. It doesn’t and we have no reason to feel guilt. We didn’t ask them, they didn’t ask our permission.

        Recynd has it right. It takes courage to lead an honorable life. It isn’t easy. In fact, there could be negative consequences for doing so. Our choice is simple. Be a soulless slave or live our lives. We do not need permission.

        Our rights are God-given. It is true that refusing to obey our oppressors could result in consequences, but if we obey we are slaves. We need to use our intelligence here. If everyone, in their own private way mounted their own resistance, they wouldn’t last long.

  11. Hello all – one of the questions i have is, if we are looking at fake EMRs in the trauma photos (a conclusion I can’t help but arrive at, with the ridiculous violations of first aid protocol we see) why would real Boston EMRs stay silent about these supposed fakes? Has anyone done any asking around about this? Thanks.

      1. Thanks for your reply. We know there must have been real EMRs at the real marathon event. It’s concerning to me that none of them are as yet speaking out publicly about these obvious and life-threatening errors of First Aid that are evident in these photos. I hope to get some input from relevant medical responders in my locale (in Canada). It would be a fascinating project for someone in the Boston area to try and do the same. Getting expert input on these serious violations of First Aid protocol would go a long way in giving credibility to skepticism about this event.

        1. This is four hours long, but you will wish it was longer (alright, the first half hour I could do without):


          I can’t remember where, but Dave deals with the ambulances and the fake doctors and the question of why no real medical attention was given to any of the fake victims (it was a closed set–no REAL medics were allowed in, because all the “injured” were just actors). At many points, he shows in the pictures all the fake cops just standing around.

          This is not Pee Kay. It’s not funny. It is serious analysis. But it answers your questions.

        2.  Ando, Yes, some EMRs speaking up about serious violations of protocols would be helpful, and this is perfectly analogous to Wolfgang Halbig’s speaking up about the many gross violations of school safety protocol and active shooter protocol in the Sandy Hook event. I have focused my study of the Boston Marathon Bombing of the alleged sixteen people who sustained leg amputations in the event.I have read many articles about these alleged amputees and see that at least 6 major hospitals in the greater Boston area had medical doctors and other staff spokespersons to the media all consistently lying to the media.  Several M.D.s lied and several top-level hospital administrators.  The Spaulding Rehabilitation hospitals and clinics, a very large corporate chain of facilities, seemed to play a major role in the deception, perhaps supplying rooms with medical equipment and uniformed medical personnel present being filmed with the alleged amputee undergoing physical rehabilitation. Yet there is not one Boston area medical person associated, even remotely, with any of these deception-facilitating hospitals and clinics and their staff who will come forward and share specific information about the hoax. I have been amazed at how it appears the whole town of Newtown, Ct., seems gagged and how not one person will come forward and speak the truth.  Indeed, it even appears that the entire state of Connecticut is in the “twilight zone”, is under some kind of “spell” and not one person will speak up about Sandy Hook. So maybe the same phenomenon is happening to the entire population of Boston, and even Massachusetts, so that not one person is coming forward with some serious questions and information. I searched for the names of the sixteen amputees.Here are the alleged names of 12 the alleged 16 amputees that I was able to “identify.”  

          1. Jeff Bauman (both legs) amputations – two operations

          2. Celeste Corcoran (both legs) amputations – one at knee level and one below the knee

          3. Heather Abbott “part of ” left leg amputated – appears in photo to be below the knee

          4. Roseann Sdoia, right leg above the knee amputation

          5. Erika Brannock, left leg above the knee amputation

          6. Marc Fucarile, right leg, above the knee amputation


          7. J.P. Norden right leg amputation more info needed

          8. Paul Norden, right leg amputation, above the knee

          9. Adrianne Haslet Left Leg amputation , below the knee , aka Adrianne Haslet-Davis

          10. Jane Richard left leg amputation, below the knee (7 year old)

          11. Mery Daniel left leg amputation, above the knee

          12. Rebekah Gregory [DiMartino]  “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        3. Watching the “Trouser Bomb” series by Peekay at Internet Archive is all you need to know beyond any shadow of doubt that it was a complete hoax.

  12. Check out Bruce Mendelsohn, “The Hired Pen”. Also:

    I noticed at an MIT announcements page online for the Sean Collier memorial dedication next week (April 26 and 27), there is only one comment – “I miss Sean every day” by Bruce Mendelsohn, so I looked him up. This comment totally intrigued me.

    In real life the head of a public relations firm would not be hanging out with an obscure young campus cop. But in the friendly neighborhood that is Boston One, this kind of thing happens all the time in a “Cheers” sort of world when there are no class or ethnic boundaries. Like a foxhole in WWII pictures that make you feel good about America and its utter sense of equality and fairness, this special space is reserved for the dreamers and idealists that the planners of such events think they are.

    1. Or check this out to see perhaps Mendelsohn’s real motivation: Defense Department dollars. At “Scribbles from a Hired Pen” his blogspot, dated April 30, 2014 ( he proposes hiring himself out to get in on some of the $200 million the Army spends annually for advertising, using a big advertising firm. I suppose he is showing how he can do it better on a shoestring, but with a large relative return for himself. He has the creative chops (and the experience with being a veteran) to make up better feel good stories about the military (no good about those suicides – gotten do something about that; plus the public is not spitting on soldiers in airports and calling them baby killers anymore – in fact it seems totally indifferent – he could fix that).

  13. I was talking to someone who works near the MIT structure that has been built to memorialize the shooting of Officer Sean Collier on the very same spot.

    We have seen it here and commented on it, but I had not realized the scale of the thing. You actually may have to walk THROUGH it to get onto campus from the street. In other words, it is a gate and it is shaped like a turnstile. It has not had its dedication (that will be next week, a week after the 2015 Boston Marathon, on April 26-27). I am not sure if it has the purpose as a gate, and if it is the first of many such structures to limit access or do surveillance on those entering and leaving campus.

    The MIT campus is largely open to the local environment. Many other campuses by contrast are like walled cities – Harvard can be locked for the night and Boston College, the Jesuit university in Newton a few cities away from Cambridge, also is surround by a wall with gates. On the day of the 6-city lockdown, my brother and nephew were denied entry to Boston College thereby because the gates were locked against the outside.

    Could it be that MIT is contemplating some sort of structure to make it also able to shut out the city of Cambridge? Is it possible that the thing now named for Collier was already planned before the shooting? This is mere speculation. But maybe the open plan of the campus and its relation with the city is seen by some as a problem to be solved. I just don’t know. It could explain the sheer size of it, and the odd way of memorializing someone with something so massive. It would also send a message about gating a community against the “mobs” of disenfranchised. Harvard had that down centuries ago. The Aaron Swartz story may demonstrate it in another way.

    1. Pedanticskirt – A comment at the Breitbart article links to what is described as a real bombing (at a funeral in a Moslem country) – just mayhem.

      I have just watched the Boston news at 11 PM on the day of the 2015 Marathon, and they are still reminding us of the 2013 one. Boston people are wearing “livery” with MR8 on it – kind of a gang symbol – stands for Martin Richard, 8 years old.

      If the comment at Breitbart is also based on a fake video, then their production values are ten times better than that of the Marathon. Not a single amputee leaning on his arms – just pathetic, sad, dying people bleeding out, most of them unconscious, sprawled all over a street with pieces of everything in sight. Many with clothes blown completely off, and not in some aesthetic Halloween costume way. Take a look if it is still there.

      The Boston Marathon has been co-opted by a maudlin story of blood and sacrifice, as though everyone who comes out and cheers for the runners is also cheering for that story of “triumph” over terror. In reality, people have been supporting those runners for decades. It has ALWAYS been a big party, associated with Patriots Day and the first shot of the American Revolution, the shot heard ’round the world. But I guess we are not supposed to think about something like that anymore.

      1. Thanks, musings, for recommending reading the comments, and watching that footage of a REAL bombing. Plenty of real body parts strewn around, and real corpses. And a genuine sense of horror. Pee Kay won’t be making any hilarious videos about THAT one, pointing out its fakery, as he has done so admirably with Boston.

  14. Can someone remind me/us of the name of that alleged dance-instructor whose foot purportedly got blown off? She supposedly worked at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio, I think… you know, the young woman with photos of her ballroom dancing taken before the Marathon, but without both her feet ever visible in any of them?

    As I recall, Dr. Tracy showed us many months ago the original “official” lists of victims… and her name, whatever it allegedly was, definitely wasn’t there then.

  15. I missed this too: ICYMI: Emotional Video of Boston Marathon Survivor Crossing Finish Line (

    Townhall is a favorite of mine, but they swallow this stuff just as happily as the rest of the wretched media.

    She doesn’t appear on James’ list, and she’s not in any of the pictures of the blast site. I wonder how much she’s been paid?

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