wolfgangBy James F. Tracy

On Wednesday, April 1 Wolfgang Halbig retained a Connecticut-based attorney, Kay Wilson, to represent him in his FOI case for records pertaining to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 14, 2012. On April 3 Wilson informed Halbig that she could no longer represent him, citing a fear for her safety and that of her family, according to Halbig.[See update below.]

“My new attorney just resigned stating that she is concerned for her safety and that of her family,” Halbig wrote in an April 3 email to Linda Fasciano, one of the Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission‘s administrative assistants. “All this in just three days. Who talked to her?”

Halbig further asked Fasciano to inform the CT FOI’s Executive Director and General Counsel Colleen Murphy of his uncertainty at the appointment of Matthew Streeter to oversee Halbig’s FOI appeal. Streeter, who arranged for the postponement of Halbig’s March 31, 2015 hearing so that attorney Monte Frank could ride his bicycle at a pro-gun control event, has an established history of hindering Legitimate FOI requests.
As the testimony from one CT Freedom of Information Commission member observes,

The record shows that hearing officer Streeter sustained virtually every objection by Assistant Attorney General Terrence O’Neill and suppressed evidence and statements that normally and customarily would be admitted during Freedom of Information hearings. Notably, while shutting down the complainant’s case, the hearing officer never once cautioned the respondent’s attorney for asking leading questions or for any other technical violations.

Indeed, conversely, Streeter allowed the respondent attorney — numerous times — to interrupt and forestall our attempt to put on a case.

The hearing officer has a duty to keep lawyers from dominating lay complainants. More importantly, the Code of Professional Conduct covering hearing officers demands a fair and unbiased hearing.

Among Halbig’s main requests is information pertaining to local Newtown arrangements for children attending Sandy Hook Elementary to travel from Connecticut to the Super Bowl’s opening ceremony in New Orleans on February 3, 2013. Despite the fact that extensive paperwork would have been processed and stored for such a momentous event, the Newtown School Board is incapable of producing any such documentation.

Halbig’s formal 2014 communication to the Newtown School District Superintendent Board Chair requesting such records, and a 2015 email to the School District counsel Monte Frank requesting same, are provided verbatim below.

March 17, 2014

Connecticut FOIA Request

Wolfgang W Halbig

25526 Hawks Run Lane

Sorrento, Florida 32776

Newtown Public School District

C/O School Superintendent

C/O School Board Chairman

3 Primrose Street

Newtown CT. 06470

Dear School Superintendent and Chairman of the School Board:

Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act § 1-200 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect and obtain copies of public records that will show:

  1. 1. Provide a copy of the January 23, 2013 School Board Meeting.
  2. 2. Provide copies of all supporting documents for each item listed on the Consent agenda for Jan 23, 2012.
  3. 3. Provide a list of all 26 children and the chaperones who represented the Sandy Hook Elementary School on this Feb 2013 field trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans.
  4. 4. Provide copies of the field trip waivers that all the parents had to sign for the 26 children who participated in the choir singing at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans therefore not holding the Newtown school district liable in the event of an injury on this field trip.
  5. 5. Copy of the in-line duty leave for the Chorus director who was responsible for the field trip to the Feb 2013 Super Bowl In New Orleans.
  6. 6. Who paid for all of those Airline tickets and did those expenses include the payment of the parent’s tickets?

If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me if the cost will exceed $ 200.00.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act requires a response within four business days. If access to the records I am requesting will take longer, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records.

If you deny any or this entire request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.

Thank you


Wolfgang W Halbig


From: Wolfgang Halbig
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2015 10:03 AM
To: Frank, Monte E.
Subject: Waiting for your response since March 17, 2014. You have a school board policy on Filed trips and again ignore those policies. Why?


The Newtown Public School District and its School Board members approved the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir Field Trip to travel to New Orleans and perform at the pre-game show of the Super Bowl Feb 3, 2013 if you remember?

The reason I am asking is Why did the Newtown Public School Board not recognized those 26 children and their families during the school board meetings on Feb 5, 2013, or Feb 15, 2013 since they performed to a world wide audience making the Sandy Hook Elementary School and school district proud.

They NEVER ever brought in those 26 children and parents to shake their hands showing them how proud they were of their performance at the Feb 3m 2013 Super Bowl. Why?

There are school board minutes recognizing two Choruses from Sandy Hook and that was that. Why? What does the other Chorus have to do with that fantastic presentation of those 26 children and Chorus Teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary School?

Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act § 1-200et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect and obtain copies of public records that will show:

So I am asking again under the CT Freedom of Information Act which you and the school board are intentionally ignoring that you and Newtown School Board provide me with copies of the following;

1. Copies of those 26 children Parental Field Trip permission forms holding the school board harmless if something where to happen to them on this field trip.

2. Copy of the School Board approved Field Trip Application signed off by the school board that was submitted by Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus Teacher requesting permission to attend the Super Bowl in New Orleans and perform with 26 children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Feb 3, 2013.

3. Copy of the Chours Teachers out of State In line of duty request form approved by the school board showing dates of when leaving and dates when returning signed by school principal and approved by the school board.

Three simple questions again that are not exempt from Public Records as you must know.

Act accordingly and process my request since I have been waiting since March 17, 2014.

Wolfgang W Halbig

3 Attachments

[Update 12:45PM 4-4-15: On the morning of April 4 Wilson states that despite some misgivings she will in fact move forward and represent Halbig in his FOI case.-JFT]

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62 thought on “Wolfgang Halbig’s Attorney Quits Case, Fears for Life”
        1. Just wondering if the threats to Wilson’s life came from the “microphones” of That thug Vance. Watching his testimony at that panel hearing you recently posted, he admits in his own language that he threatened the media from doing their job with threats of color-of-law harrassment. He says that they immediately “got the message” after they ran one photographer out of town. It’s no wonder that Vance and his mafia crew want to disarm We The People, since he is such a dirtbag. Just like a Hitler or a Mussolini. You people in Connecticutt better watch out, he will be eating your children next.

  1. “The hearing officer has a duty to keep lawyers from dominating lay complainants. More importantly, the Code of Professional Conduct covering hearing officers demands a fair and unbiased hearing.”

    Nice, yes. Reality, no.

    I seriously doubt that in the entire history of any state agency’s administrative law courts and hearing officers that there has ever been anything that vaguely resembles that high-sounding statement.

    Thousands of times each month in all the states, ordinary citizens are the brunt of grossly unjust proceedings by these “courts and hearings officers” who answer only to the front office. And if the state agency head is a public statewide elected office, the big campaign donation benefactors never have their state law violations even come before one of these kangaroo “courts.”

    1. Amen! It is painfully obvious that all the high-sounding words belie the fact that, if those in authority ignore their own requirements, what is one to do about it?

      We know that this goes from Obongo “down” through the rest of the hoaxsters all the way to the aspiring mobsters in waiting on their way to the “top”.

      You can demand your rights all you like. What will you do when they ignore you? Who ya’ gonna call? Holder?

      As you say Doxie, there is nothing unusual in this, It isn’t confined to administrative law, either. These administrative authorities have the reputation of being even less scrupulous than the higher authorities. Who would you go to for relief?

      It doesn’t help that the actual request is so poorly done. Further, he is not required to state his reasons for requesting the documents. If his lawyer is representing him I can’t determine to what extent from the quotations above.

      When you have a State’s attorney who puts out a “report” like the one in SHES, do you really expect professional behavior from an administrative process?

  2. After stating what Halbig’s lawyer said about her reason to quit, the rest of the article is devoted to Streeter’s misconduct. But IMO the bigger story is the implied threats against the attorney and her family. Just as we still do not know who issued the ‘stand down’ orders in Benghazi, we also need to know precisely what threats were made to the attorney and who made them. That will lead back to the real killers. Digging will be dangerous, but digging should be done.

  3. I wish Wolfgang would look into Gean Rose the man who took in the children. He played a “SUPER STORM SANDY” victim on a TV commercial when Governor Andrew Cuomo ran for re-election. The ad ran on news 12 Long Island NY, you can clearly see it’s the same man.

  4. the intimidation of lawyers, witnesses, and truthers is becoming more routine as American power becomes more fascistic. this is especially true in the case of power conspiracies. the lawyer of the Muslim group convicted of the 1993 attack on the Trade Centers, Lynn Stewart, was sentenced to ten years in prison on a trumped up charge, while she had terminal cancer. Her husband, who I met at a NY conference was instrumental in getting her released to die at home. In this power conspiracy, the explosive to blow up the Trade Center was provided by the FBI, as their undercover informant stated to the defense.

    that is why legitimating the conception of power conspiracies is so important in combating the increasing Orwellian oligarchical fascism. the distrust of the American people in American power must be increased and made more knowledgeable to protect their truthers from intimidation, repression and, indeed, from state murder. It is only the widespread and growing distrust of American power by the American people, both Repub and Dem, that will inhibit it from increased repression. this political brutality is necessary to maintain the economic inequality, both being legitimated by religious, political, and scientific delusion.

    as the expressed distrust of USA power increases, in which the American people join the world’s people over historical time, American power is restricted. the attention of the people are directed against the American government, rather than the oligarchy that rules the government and corporations that comprise the institutionalized power system. the oligarchy finances the political candidates and lobbyists which selectively control the American government. The increased wealth of the capitalist oligarchy the past few decades increased their power, and essentially they have BOUGHT the American government.

    the American people have been deluded that the government is the problem rather than the financial oligarchy that controls the corporate-government power system. lawyers, witnesses, and truthers can only be defended by the American people focusing ideologically on the central power source. this attempt will be obfuscated by both Conservative truthers and the Progressives who operatively cuddle up to them. it is exhibited in the imprisoning, victimizing, and forcing truthers like Snowden to flee the country. this intimidation of a lawyer is especially common in defending the false flag operations conducted by American power, which are used to redirect American anti-people policy and power.

      1. elements of government and corporations combine to form and institutional power system. The Free Press is private corporations selectively controlled by intelligence and other government agencies from Washington. And Washington is controlled by an oligarchy of multibillionaires who finance electoral candidates and the lobbyists who help write the legislation. The oligarchs and their agents are in both the corporations and government. it is the oligarchs that are politically dominant, not the government. the institutions of government and corporations are intertwined, just as military actions are conducted by government troops and corporation mercenaries.

    1. Perhaps Halbig should contact the Minnesota attorneys that took on the tobacco industry …….and won.
      Perhaps Halbig should use the big mouths like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Rense, etc to get the story out.
      Oh heck, even use Before its news and all the truther and prepper websites as well.
      Try blog talk radio….Hagmann and Hagmann has a large following.
      As well, All News Pipeline would carry the story.
      As we all read articles re. The Boston Marathon false flag trial we can comment often and link back to these articles.
      Hit hard, hit often, and use all resources that have a big readership.

      1. “using bigmouths to get the word out”…..ponder if you will that Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, and others are blatant, upfront, obvious agents of Zionism. They’ve all had their canonizations on the altar of Zion and have been convinced/blackmailed/coerced that they will faithfully carry out the diktat of their masters. I forgot the dreadful Hannity, easily the most obsequious loudmouth of this group.
        It’s very ironic, in a way, that these so-called conservatives are all Zionists, they’ve taken the big money and been bought and paid for. They are currently residing in the creels of their masters, waiting to be skinned and fileted. Spies are usually considered to be undercover while these downstream swimmers are literally proud and effusively happy to show and prove they are hewing to the Zionist line. I mean, the vast majority of Americans buy into the poor ‘lil Israel gig despite the voluminous facts that Israel breaks every international law on the books, just like it’s action agent the United States, the hitman of the banksters.
        We languish under the aegis of control by foreign agents and agencies and we grow our own home brand of traitors right here in the states. Some say we are doomed. Do you believe we have little time left before we go under?

      2. Good plan, if he is for real, than those venues should be used I don’t know, the whole WH (short for white house?) story sounds as contrived as Sandy Hook did for me. It sometimes comes at you from either the right or left, the key to figuring this out, is who benefits? Just having a story out there where people’s lives are threatened, for asking about a truth that is not there to begin with, it’s just meant to “corral” and intimidate those who would continue to press forward to get to the truth.

    2. Folk,

      I’m glad you brought this up.

      For some reason not to many know the 1993 WTC bombing was a scam.

      If “he” had not recorded his conversations with FBI no one would have ever known.

      Also, some of the characters involved in that game were running Security at Logan Airport (911)where the Cave Men hijacked our planes..

      HAHA . I’m so MAD and so Sorry, I have to l;laugh before I cry.

      America, Please…..

  5. This is devastating and this is exactly, to the last split hair, what I fully expected from life in the state of Connecticut. I would have to say this is orchestrated not in Connecticut, but the District of Corruption.
    Within the last day or two, we’ve read and evaluated an article on similar subjects like Wolfgang’s trials and tribulations and why this reader has profferred how the resistance will react to Wolf’s requests. I might have stated that no attorney would take this case pro bono because of the huge innate risk to life and career that would come from any involvement in this maelstrom. Can we blame attorneys for their acts of self preservation? I think not.
    We also discussed getting the word out about Wolf’s plight and how we might craft a program to do just that. Only widespread publicity, delivered intact and on time can do what needs to be done. The populace is simply unaware of what is happening in this tete a tete and this is to our detriment. Do we approach churches?, I think so, definitely. I am of the feeling that there are many organizations, clubs, and agencies that would serve us well. Until we have numbers of people to share the load, it is simply too dangerous for individuals to stick their heads out of the foxhole.

    Let us put our thinking caps on and add to this thought. Better still, if you have better ideas, let’s run ’em up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes.

    1. Gil…..I would think that proper vetting of the attorney should have been done., Any attorney taking on this case should be well aware of the magnitude of this case and also of possible threats and consequences. Didnt Halbig state that he has been visited 3 times at his home by the poiice telling him to back off? Wouldn’t any attorney entertaining this case know that? Why should the threats be a surprise if what Halbig states is true?.
      In my opinion any attorney accepting taking this case should do so looking beyond a retainer and billable hours and work and pursue the truth with an altruistic purpose.
      Although I believe whomever is behind this hoax is perfectly capable of using threats and intimidation to thwart any investigation into Sandyhook it seems odd to me that they threaten a newly hired attorney who has not even started work on this case . Why not wait until later to see where the attorney takes this case and if progress starts to be made you could then threaten the attorney to back off…..but not after bilking real truth seekers of out more funds. Furthermore if you are going to threaten an attorney with his /her life why not just shut down Halbig? Halbig is behind the hiring of attorneys…. by threatening the attorney and not Halbig you leave open the possibility that he will simply hire another attorney who refuses to be threatened.. .
      Something seems odd to me… and in light of research into Halbigs background done here on this page over a year ago..I am not ready to take all his statements at face value.

  6. It appears that jft was just placating us when he wrote the article ‘bad company for Wolfgang.’ Its a shame he won’t fill us in on why he supports, or even follows the insane antics of halbig.

    But, I read an article not too long ago that questioned how people with such credentials decide to go whacky all of the sudden, putting their name behind causes that are ridiculous. He – the author – pointed out that in a small time frame four credentialed men of academia out of the blue went rogue with support of wild conspiracy theories

    The conclusion? That it was impossible that this wasn’t organized and preapproved from on high. He lastly defined these acts as treason. I concur.

    1. Grant, it would appear to me that you may be one of those “trolls” we encounter at all websites of any credibility. The simple fact that you seem to perceive these people as you do says that you have to be a troll. Anyone intelligent enough to spend their time at this site is certainly intelligent enough to fully understand what our gov. has been doing in the arena of “false flag” events.
      Should you be sincere in your failure to comprehend the truth of our current situation, and all the “false flags” leading up to it, I would suggest that you spend a month reading those high quality texts that do, in fact, expose the truth of Our government and rogue 3- letter agencies.
      I suppose you are also ignorant of the fact that our lovely gov. snuck thousands of high level NAZIs into the US immediately after WW2 so that WE might use their knowledge and skills to recreate the third reich. Yes, we are, in fact, the Fourth Reich.
      Go away. You fool no one here.

      1. Gabe, I have no idea who you are, but your arguments and vague ad hominems are indicative of your actual knowledge of this site (and also false flags – which btw are when a country blames another country).

        Your suggestions are well taken. I will spend another month reading high quality texts, thank you sir. As I do every month. For the last decade.

        I am aware of the op paperclip. I’m not sure what the hell it is you are saying that relates to my (intentionally) cryptic comment, but I assume you mean well.

        I don’t claim to know it all. One day I’m all for a particular person, or event narrative… and the next I’ve changed my mind. Eventually over the days, and months, I solidify an opinion of what may have occurred according to the best of my research. I’m still volleying 911 scenarios, and I’m not ashamed of that.

        I play devils advocate. I trust no one. I don’t intend to demean, but I’m not perfect and I let emotion slip in sometimes. For that, I apologize.

        The following link is what I was referring to, and I would have the utmost respect for JFT if he allows me to post it. I don’t know if this site is a honey-pot, or a shill nest, or an honest truther site. It definitely doesn’t get everything right – I don’t think any site does. But I do enjoy the people that post here, and since this site is my first stop every single day when I go online, I must say James is doing something right. Without further ado –


        Take what you will from it. Hate me for having a dissenting opinion or for daring to go against the cultural norm at mhb. Tear apart the article line by line. Humiliate me by pointing out the fallacies in my arguments. But appreciate the fact that I – just like you – want truth.

        1. It is difficult to take you seriously. You call out Gabe for an ad hominem response, yet the page you link to is filled with ad hominem laced points. If you want to be taken seriously, remove the ad hominem references from your research, share your credentials and use your real name. Drs. Tracy and Fetzer do. Otherwise, you must realize your position will appear as that of a troll.

        2. Rick gets it exactly right.

          First, granwhatever, you constantly change your handle, and use more than one handle at the same time, as if you are more than one person.

          Your comments are often dubious, and suspicious, but clever enough to evade being called out as a troll. But this link is very troubling. This, for example:

          “Even if you try to imagine a “parallel world” in which Fetzer is telling the truth and the WTC planes were faked, the problem is that it requires a population that is so dumbed-down and a government that is so competent and technically proficient, that the government would be able to exploit and enslave the citizens as they pleased without having to go to all the trouble of faking planes and staging false-flag terror….The population would need to be so stupid as to fail to see or hear “hologram-projector” planes flying away, or fail to understand that it discredits the official story. And they would have to fail to see or hear government agents smashing aircraft debris into the back of cars or into walls or roofs, before the plane was supposed to have crashed. Or, again, fail to recognize that it is inconsistent with the government’s version of events.”

          This is typical of the piece. If you wrote it, I would not admit it in public.

          The first thing to point out is the stupidity of the remark: “The population would need to be so stupid as to fail to see or hear “hologram-projector” planes flying away,…” No one saw any such thing. But they saw, after all, nothing at all.

          I pointed out to a friend the impossibility of planes having crashed into the Towers, adding that even if planes HAD smashed against the surface of the buildings they would have slid down the face of them to crumple up on the ground below; such an event could not have caused the destruction that happened that day. Amazingly, he responded: I SAW it happen. I was shocked. I had no idea he was in New York that morning, much less was in that part of the city, having a vantage point to actually witness the events with his eyes, what with those skyscraper canyons pretty much blocking the view for everyone. And he’s not one to be up that early. And, my God, to have the luck to be there at that hour, with that vantage point–and just happening to be be looking UP! No one looks up in New York.

          Grannywhateveryourcallingyourselftoday, it turns out my friend DID NOT SEE IT HAPPEN, as he readily admitted, after I pointed it out. He saw a TV show. Just like everyone else in the world.

          Everything everyone has seen has come out of the flickering blue light.

          Just as with Sandy Hook, which you treat with the same strange rhetorical technique (presuming you wrote the piece of dreck), if something is impossible, it cannot have happened.

          Once it has been established that the facts tell us that the official explanation of an event is physically impossible, the speculation begins.

          In the case of 9/11, something happened. The Twin Towers were transformed into dust, and blew away. How can that be done? The rest of the WTC buildings were also destroyed, at the same time, although each a bit differently. So, the whole complex was destroyed. But only a retarded adult or a tiny child can believe two crashed airplanes accomplished that.

          In the case of Sandy Hook, there is no evidence that anything happened at all. No missing buildings. Gene Rosen tells us that something happened, and I always get a hearty belly laugh when revisiting his testimony. He was a first responder, in his own way, so his is the highest level of credibility. The rest of the Sandy Hook story ranks right up there with Gene’s solid set of evidence.

          Early on, in the article you link to, we find this fantastic bit:

          “And whilst denying the abundance of evidence supporting the official Sandy Hook narrative as broadly correct, the Sandy Hookers are frequently found trying to sell other preposterous conspiracy claims….”

          Why someone who endorses such a foolish statement would bother to trouble him/herself with the thoughts expressed at MHB is a mystery for the ages. Unless that person is a troll.

        3. Thanks for your comment Rick. I agree in part. My second read of the article saw a lot of what you stated and it could have been written more professionally. However, there are valid points re: halbig and fetzer, which I contend are worth further examination.

          In summary, I find it suspicious that someone who writes textbooks on cognition and the philosophy of, as well as AI, machine language and logic and is probably second only to Chomsky in many aspects. I don’t believe fetzer is just getting old and senile. The man is a genius. I find it hard to believe that he could work with Gordon who he himself admits is and has been in disinfo for quite some time. And harder to stand by some of the articles at VT.

          If you don’t know what I’m talking about I urge you to read the headlines there and if necessary, see if you can get through 3 articles without shaking your head in disgust to at least one.

          Rick, everyone is at a different stage in their development, I’m not trying to win people over. In fact, I would prefer someone set me straight when I present articles that conflict with the consensus here. I don’t post them to troll, i post game changers that seem worthy of discussion and out of concern for this so called movement, I don’t want us to be caught with our pants down.

        4. Granit3,

          I’ve sat back and was going to write a VERY sarcastic statement to you like “thanks, you solved it all” The Jews did 911 and everything else from 1993 WTC Bombing, Ruby,Waco, OKC,911, AZ, Col, Sikh,SHE,BMB,Santa Barbra ect are ALL real.

          And “these” HIGHLY Professors with DONATION BUTTONS who “work” for Cass Sunstein aka BHO are all really tricking us and we have been decived for 25 years,

          Haha ..I guess I did it subconsciously….


          I listened to Gordon Duffs interview when he said “40% of what I say isn’t true” as you say.

          Listen again, He said, and I paraphrase, “I can’t come out and tell the exact truth so I disguise it and anyone awake will know and read between the lines what I’m trying to tell you” .


          On a side, How do you get these Troll Jobs that pay $77K a year. I want one……

        5. The more I read over your comments and responses….

          Really? You can;t possibly believe your own rhetoric.

          “I don’t claim to know it all. One day I’m all for a particular person, or event narrative… and the next I’ve changed my mind.”

          “I play devils advocate. I trust no one”

          “what I was referring to, and I would have the utmost respect for JFT if he allows me to post it. I don’t know if this site is a honey-pot, or a shill nest, or an honest truther site. ”

          If This Site is a “Honey Pot”…LMFAO

          Then he post’s his CRAP link….HAHAHAHAHAH

          I hope you Don’t get a Bonus this month for best Stupid Troll..waht a Laugh..Thanks

        6. Patrick thanks for commenting. I need to clarify: I didn’t write that article. I’m not sure who did. It’s postedonon various sites and a cursory look proved fruitless trying to find an author.
          The thesis is what concerns me: that several professors dove into the conspiracy realm and used little discretion vetting, agreeing with seemingly any conspiracy that comes their way.

          That author formulated and produced a valid, coherent argument that surmises what I have suspected since the real estate at Sandy hook article that was posted here years ago. I actually asked the mhb creator “what if you are just conducting an experiment with this site” to which Rick even joined in and requested that he explain himself.

          I have to run now, but if anyone wants to comment on the argument instead of 911semantics, please do.

        7. ric – are you fetzer? I’ve engaged fetzer before and he flies off the handle when confronted. you seem to take personal offense – have I touched on some things that hit too close to home?

          makes you wonder just how many of the commenters here are shills or impersonators… either way, door is still open for rational commentary. so far we have a few emotional outbursts (which is the first stage in truth acceptance (ridicule)).

        8. Perhaps it takes one to know one–or to at least think they do.

          Mr gran1t3 I’m convinced at this point that the discussion here and elsewhere on MHB would be fine without your input. If I’m not mistaken this is not the first time you’ve been approached in this regard.

    2. @ the “granite” individual

      Your choice of terms seems a little trollish and incredible here. I hope that isn’t so, given what is really at stake for us (Americans) or for the world, if the SHES “tragedy” was either (1) fabricated in any way, or (2) simply seized upon by “anti-constitutional” persons or interest group(s).

      Describing James’ connection to “the insane antics of halbig” apparently amounts to some lame attempt to smear both men.

      Is that correct?

      One doesn’t arrive at the stage of FOI public hearings by “insanity” or mischief. Perhaps you owe both gentlemen some sort of apology, if you have the constitution for it.

      Those “wild conspiracy theories” of “credentialed men who suddenly go whacky” similarly amount to nebulous, unsourced accusations from some unnamed author. Well, gee, how could anyone object to your fondness for such an empty reference or intentional ambiguity?

      If one is all out of facts, in the land of incredibility, i suppose that a backpack full of pejoratives will suffice to describe themselves well… err, rather than their perceived adversaries, anyway.

      I believe that you might, in fact, have not only read such an article, dear (Mr/s) “gran1t3,” but unfortunately believed every word of it, and then don’t mind insinuating in JFT/MHB’s very own forums that Dr. Tracy is such a man.


      That is rather callus, don’t you think; given that your “conclusion” is in fact CORRECT; that without “the organization and the approval” of the Executive branch and/or the DoJ ([sic] “on high”), that such an “event” as the SHES skeptics allege has happened, could otherwise not have occurred, and indeed, amounts to treason (IE- high crimes and misdemeanors, in the very least; to either order such a domestic psyop be carries out, or to simply cover up such an op, even if unauthorized).

      You will well recall our recent history, that our dear, downwardly-mobile Mr. Holder has earned himself the distinction of being the first cabinet member in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress.

      It is my belief that he will not be the last either, and that the “Truth Train” is just now gettin’ a-rollin’…


      Enjoy and Beware

    1. How would this be verified? According to the story, it’s not as if Wolfgang violated any law by which formal documentation would have been issued or filed.

      Note that this moderator sometimes exhibits trust by posting the remarks of anonymous commenters who use other names, such as ‘gran1t3’, stemming from the same ISP.

      1. james – I appreciate the trust you show – most of the time – by letting me post. marb (marble/granite) was created a while back when you censored gran1te – probably a year or so ago. For some reason I logged in with the wrong email address and marb pre-populated and posted. For the record, granite, gran1te, gran1t3 and yes marb are all me.

        I post from numerous IP addresses because I have two hotspots and I am often away on business, working from hotels.

        Just want to thank James again for allowing me to voice my (sometimes inconsiderate) opinion. I hate it when emotion gets into my comments and I will keep working on that.

        That said, I expect the regulars here to give me a lashing if I veer too far off the course. I’m blunt, and not so courteous, but I really don’t mean to be hurtful.

  7. These forays into side roads and dead ends typify the wild goose chases we are being led on. Clearly, this appears to be something written by Rod Serling.
    I think the perps believe 100% that they are protected by Obama and Holder and can go leading people astray. Threatening a new legal hire is beyond the pale, it sounds far more like fiction than non-fiction.

    The JFK event has occupied 50 years of time from highly qualified investigators, mostly because the wild goose chases kept pace with the progress the Private Eyes made on the case.

    Until people far and wide learn of these diversionary tactics, these lies and treachery, we are not going to make much progress whatsoever. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t believe over 12 people are aware of the great successes Jim Fetzer has scored on his JFK research. Until we get a critical mass of at least 10% of our citizens aware of the events and sequelae of these events, we don’t stand a chance and will keep getting bounced off the pool room walls.
    People have many questions regarding Halbig, I myself have questions regarding legitimacy of some upfront personalities who are point men for some important blogs. Are we being flipped the bird in some of these cases?

    1. I have a suggestion for MHB. Please write an article, start a thread, listing the names and circumstances of suspicious deaths that appear directly connected to SHES, at least three coming to mind immediately.

      I posted a thread years ago

      at Killtown’s now defunct forum, 9/11 Truth Movement.

      POST 9-11 Body Count – Mystery Deaths

      several years ago on now-defunct Killtown’s forum, forum.911movement.org.

      If these stories of threats become more prevalent, I think it is logical to look for mysterious deaths of threats carried out.

      There are JFK Assassination Body Count lists with close to 300 names on them — similar for G. W. Bush, and the Clintons.

    1. Good call and with this item, it looks like it will be “terrorism” again, maybe a dirty bomb scenario?

      For each EXEVAL, provide two (2) Glo-Germ kits. Each kit shall contain one (1) bottle of Glo-Germ and one (1) hand held black light for detecting contamination containment and decontamination techniques. Glo-Germ applications and usage shall be dictated by exercise requirements

      1. Structural Collapse Venue Simulator Training Area (SCVS)

        and they need

        Provide shower or water shoes for all role players.
        Ensure all role players have appropriate skin tight undergarments (swim suits).
        Provide costume jewelry (inexpensive) for processing casualties’ valuables.

        So…bridge collapse over water?

    1. Gov. Malloy is constantly doing things and saying things that indicate he’s of the mind that he is meant for higher office, like POTUS. He adores Obama, is a horrendous union hack and caters his campaigns for governor by appealing to the right groups. There are many people who insist he’s corrupt to the core.
      Things are starting to fit together. Once freedom of speech is gone, people will not be able to criticize government and that’s when the gloves come off. Read about any Holocaust denier and you’ll see a progression of freedom removal that is happening before our eyes. America is ripe for a complete communist takeover, can there be any doubt? Sandy Hook was completely predictable from Day 1, when I saw that first press conference with the governor and state police with their proud declaration that “you will be prosecuted if you show differences of opinion from the state view on the SH subject”. It’s been one obfuscation after another, one lie after another, and people are buying it hook, line, and sinker.


  8. Here’s an interesting link from the FOIA support organization in CT. It gives real insight as to why they are not helping Wolf in his quest for the truth. Here’s an tidbit: “Many of the public-policy measures being considered to diminish gun violence are focused on ways to identify potentially dangerous people and to prevent them from obtaining guns. Public applications and permits would make it possible for individuals to bring to the attention of authorities disqualifying information that applicants for permits might have concealed.”

  9. Here’s another interesting tidbit from the CT Council on Freedom Of Information: They have a pledge signed by Gov. Malloy himself ! If this is so, how is that Wolf is having any trouble at all getting his FOIA requests fulfilled???? It’s also signed by the entire state house as well. I find it comical in view of the stone wall being erected ever higher! fhttp://ctfoicouncil.nfoic.net/advocacy/signed-ccfoi-foi-pledge/

  10. I find the stonewalling on Wolf’s FOIA requests – ridiculous in view of The Ct Council of Freedom Of Information’s Mission Statement:

    CCFOI’s mission is to advocate and promote strong Freedom of Information Laws and other laws that help guarantee the rights and liberties of journalists and other persons under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article First of the Connecticut Constitution.


    CCFOI’s primary purposes are:

    1. To promote, preserve and protect the public’s access to government in this state and in its municipalities and to uphold the constitutional principles of Freedom of the press.

    2. To support the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission in its role educating about and promoting open government.

    3. To watch, report, comment and warn of the effects of legislation, regulation, court decisions, technological changes and other developments in Connecticut life as they may have an impact on open access to public records, documents and meetings.

  11. To escape last-column-hell, I shall start anew, continuing the thread that began with the mortal words of gran-whatever-he’s-calling-himself-today:

    “It appears that jft was just placating us when he wrote the article ‘bad company for Wolfgang.’ Its a shame he won’t fill us in on why he supports, or even follows the insane antics of halbig.”

    The first thing that should be said about this is that James Tracy rarely reveals his speculative thinking on any of the controversial subjects he finds of interest. When he does so, it is almost always it is in interviews. It is obvious that he did not create this place to tell us what he imagines is going on, but mostly to tell keep us updated as to the things that are going on.

    So when it comes to the “insane antics of halbig,” I’m sure James has no responsibility to tell us what he thinks about good ole’ Wolfie or whether he thinks his “antics” are insane. He obviously feels it to be his responsibility to update us as to new developments in the Sandy Hook saga (just as with smart meters, chemtrails, vaccines, etc,). THAT’S what MHB is meant for. He leaves it up to us to develop a conversation about these things.


    Next, the article gran???? linked to, which is unhinged, illogical, and vicious. The only good thing about it is that it is so ridiculous that no one could take it seriously (much less make it all the way through–I wish I could get those precious minutes of my rapidly dwindling allotment back). But granny DID purport to take it entirely seriously. So either granny is mentally ill (doubtful), or he/she has an agenda.

    What might that agenda be. Well, it is a vicious attack on some of the most prominent questioners of official stories promoted by the visible government about the promotions of the secret government–all of them the most cautious well known investigators. So why would such an article be written, to flay alive the skeptics least likely to be in the pay of the secret government? The question answers itself.

    So grannybabe wants MHB denizens to read it, to inform ourselves about the dangers of Cass Sunstein’s plot to muck up truth-finding the internet, and it turns out that the man behind MHB is one of the most viciously libeled therein! SHAZAM! Soorprise, soorprise, soorprise!

    Said article, beyond its premise that all the pageants we analyze here are “obviously” most easily explained by the official story, and that those who question them are “insane,” has a fascinating new insight, a heretofore never identified commonality among them all. Wait for it…….in each and every instance, IT WAS THE JOOOOOOOZ! Knock me over with a feather. I’d never heard that theory before. Bring me some smelling salts. Crafty buggers, able to diabolically, masterfully, engineer countless out-in-the-open, real, atrocities that just happen to fail every test of genuineness when the available evidence is tested. Damn, they’re good! Must be that reptilian blood.

    Finally, there is granny’s (and the article’s) axe to grind with Jim Fetzer. Say what you want about the guy’s style, he puts his own name on the line, tests theories, and when he finds out they fail to hold up he admits it and changes his position (that’s called the scientific method, by the way). Many people disagree with him, and dislike him, too, and wish to discover that he’s really working for the secret government. This is the same debate that endlessly swirls about Alex Jones, and I’m tired of it. There are plenty of places to go on the internet to thrash that out, but MHB, while tolerating it in small doses, does not exist for that kind of discussion. James Tracy brings Fetzer into the mix when appropriate to the MHB mission, and that’s great. MHB does not exist to destroy people like Fetzer.

    The question is, why would granny want to bend MHB to smear any of the people attacked in that article?

    1. Patrick, thanks for following up although I could go to IMDb if I needed a color commentary.

      Look, believe it or not, the brothers Jim are not infallible. And the article posits that they may be conducting a psyop / experiment to test boundaries. Pray tell, what’s wrong with keeping a skeptical mind? Anyone?

      Here we pride ourselves on how “awake” we are and proclaim our intellects superior over the materialistic, mindless sheep. Over and again we stress for people to “open their eyes” and be open minded. Yet when I bring a more than valid thesis to the table for open debate, I’m considered a troll and shill for even daring to suggest that things may not be as they appear. This is the same tactic everyone claims the gov does to the populace!

      Gentlemen, based on your rhetoric laced, hypocritical ridicule, it is hard not to wonder how the rest of us wound up so misled that we didn’t question even the fundamentals of what was presented as truth.

      Did anyone see that lanza was wearing no bulletproof vest, or that his gear combined weight was 35lbs, or that he routinely played dance dance revolution for hours on end?

      Did anyone check halbigs dead references, or his phony businesses with po box addresses claiming to be children’s safety institute, or that he regularly uses the ‘n’ word on white pride sites, or that he twisted the truth every chance he got, mailing outlandish exaggerations so far from the truth you have to question the mans sanity?

      Did anyone care to check out the dozens of photos of hundreds of students evacuating, or the death and birth certs from pozner who will talk to anyone in the truth movement despite being denied interviews by the very men I have been questioning?

      Did anyone even read the goddamn report? Or was clicking the donate button about as far as you could go?

      Who questioned shanley? Who amongst you questioned anything that was presented here? All I saw the last time fetzer was here were 5-6 parrots professing their undying idolotry for all the good that he and jft were doing for humanity.

      I don’t know who is really being paid to be a shill vs who is getting paid for entertainment and clicks, but one thing is certain: there are conmen profiting off the weak and impressionable people here.

      So, scoff away ye of little integrity, we are now studying you. I just hope that narcissism and entertainment and fame were the motives behind this site instead of what has been proposed.

      The confidence vote has already been conducted and the results are in.

      The silence is deafening, isn’t it?

      1. Delightful.

        “Pray tell, what’s wrong with keeping a skeptical mind? Anyone?”

        You slay me, granny. Buler…Buler?

        “Here we pride ourselves on how “awake” we are and proclaim our intellects superior over the materialistic, mindless sheep.”

        No. We don’t. We weep. we mourn. We don’t feel pride, and we hate it that the people around us can’t see what’s going on. What’s wrong with you?

        “Yet when I bring a more than valid thesis to the table for open debate, I’m considered a troll…”

        If your argument is that article you linked to falls into that category…well, no. That’s not possible. You are not mentally retarded. You brought it up to attack James Tracy, Sofia, and Jim Fetter–against whom you have particular bile. It is not “more” than a valid thesis. It is a thesis unworthy of discussion. It is not merely stupid, it is intended to do evil. No one who would promote it can be anything other than a troll.

        (Granny. I think you are “Carl.” Remember me? I was that lesbian quadriplegic with leprosy who could not join you in visiting Sandy Hook, but whom I fell in love with notwithstanding my orientation problem. Is that you? Your skills match “Carl’s” in pretending to be something you are not.)

        “…and shill for even daring to suggest that things may not be as they appear.”

        That’s a laugh.

        “This is the same tactic everyone claims the gov does to the populace!”

        Good one! I’m busting a gut here!

        Speaking of laughing ’till I puke, I love this:

        “Did anyone care to check out the dozens of photos of hundreds of students evacuating”

        Uh, no. My bad. Must have slipped my mind.

        Wow. You know, granny, years have passed since the day of that fake event, and no one–NO ONE has posted those “dozens of photos” here. No one here has even seen them! It must be because James Tracy is everything that article you posted says he is: he censored them! Brave people like you tried to post them here, but he refused to let us see them. The bastard!

        I know that that tyrant has asked to to stop attempting to bring truth to this benighted website (damn his name), but perhaps, if I ask really politely, James might accede to my wish and allow you one last post: please, I want to see those “dozens of photos”!!!!!! Where can I go to find them?

  12. Halbig’s requests seem to be quite reasonable and easily within the realm of a quick response. That he hasn’t received the information he has requested points to obfuscation. The official hope is that age and or time will silence Mr Halbig’s voice.

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