As the national conversation ensues concerning vaccination, health rights researcher and advocate Catherine J. Frompovich is this week’s guest on Real Politik. A frequent contributor to ActivistPost, Frompovich discusses the steadfast pharmaceutical corporate and regulatory agenda moving toward mandatory vaccination policies in the US.

Catherine has been a consumer healthcare researcher for 35 years. She is a retired natural nutritionist with advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice, in addition to Paralegal Studies.

Catherine has authored numerous books on health issues, along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. Her latest book is Vaccination Voodoo: What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines.

Interview Highlights

In the dialogue Frompovich begins by providing a historical overview of vaccination and the eventual adoption of statist policies toward the practice since the early 1900s. She explains how the practice of “holistic health modalities” that have been around for centuries are now being borne out in scientific studies. “When I was in early practice in what was called the vanguard of the holistic movement, yet I was called a quack. The very things they’re now starting to say about diet, nutrition, food composition, now everybody is starting to talk the way I was talking. It’s very, very gratifying to find that out.”


As far back as the year 900 AD, both infectious diseases, measles and smallpox, were known and described. According to the literature, around 1000 AD a Chinese boy is though to have been innoculated, or “vaccinated,” by having powdered smallpox scabs blown into his nostrils … Smallpox ravaged through the centuries. In 1545 it killed 8,000 children in India. There was a smallpox epidemic in 1633 in Massachusetts. So, yes, in the past there have been very serious problems where there was not proper sanitation, good food, and so on and so forth.

As populations increased with poor sanitation, closed and cramped living quarters, no refrigeration and food or other sanitary improvements that we have today in Western cultures, whooping cough, yellow fever, and measles became normal occurrences. It wasn’t until 1770 that Edward Jenner, an Englishman, learned from a milkmaid that she thought she got protection from smallbox because she caught cowpox from a cow. Cowpox belongs to the orthopox–a genus of pox viruses isolated from mammals. So there are several kinds of poxes; cowpox, camel pox, monkey pox, mouse pox, and the variola virus, which is smallpox.

On May 14, 1796 Edward Jenner tested his hypothesis that the smallpox infection could be prevented with cowpox pores. So he innoculated an eight year old boy with a cowpox pore from a milkmaid’s hand. That boy suffered a reaction to that procedure, but he did live. That’s what is traced back to the beginning of today’s vaccination program.

However, in 1800 physician Benjamin Waterhouse performed the first vaccination on children in the newly-formed United States. Waterhouse learned of Jenner’s work while studying in Holland. In 1802 the state of Massachusetts became the first state to encourage vaccination against smallpox, and the term vaccination came in to use in 1803. However, in 1813 President James Madison signed “an Act to Encourage Vaccination,” which in effect established a vaccine agency within the United States.

It was in 1891 that English physician S. Monckton Copeman showed that by adding glycerin to animal lymph it acted as a germicide in vaccines made using lymph. Now contrast that procedure with today’s manufacture. Today there are hundreds of chemicals, toxins, antigens, preservatives, foreign DNA from other species, neurotoxins like ethyl mercury and aluminum in four different formulations, and numerous other ingredients that I’ve listed in Vaccination Voodoo.

So how were vaccines first produced in the USA? In 1876 a vaccine-producing farm was established in Lakewood, New Jersey, where lymph from cows infected with cowpox virus was harvested and used as vaccine. That was the genesis of the strain of vaccines for the smallpox vaccine.

There was much research of sorts going on for vaccine production for various childhood infectious diseases between the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, the key event that has galvanized vaccinations legally in the United States occurred February 20, 1905, when the US Supreme Court held in the case Jacobson V. Massachusetts the constitutionality of mandatory smallpox vaccination programs to preserve the public health.

Currently, there are religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions to the USA. The Jacobson v. Massachusetts case was based on a Swedish minister–he was an immigrant to the United States–who based his refusal of the smallpox vaccine on a personal medical problem. He said that he had [suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine] and he wasn’t getting another one. He was fined $5.00 for not submitting to the vaccine. And was the first, I guest what you would call informed conscientious objector to vaccinations.

Currently only two states, Mississippi and West Virginia, have only the medical exemption. Other states have religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions. Mississippi takes great pride in its 99.7% vaccination rate for kindergarten age children. However, on health ratings for states in the US Mississippi ranks 50th.

With drastic improvements in sanitation, food production, and preservation of food, all infectious communicable diseases waned dramatically both in occurrence and mortality.

Frompovich then provides the following figures illustrating how such public health and sanitary improvements decreased the incidence of communicable diseases before the introduction of mass vaccination:

200 deaths per 100,000 infants in 1900
<10 deaths per 100,000 in 1960
(Tuberculosis vaccine rarely used in US)

Pertussis (whooping cough)
16 deaths per 100,000 in 1918
<2 deaths per 100,000 in 1948
(Pertussis vaccine introduced in 1948)

Scarlet fever
12 deaths per 100,000 in 1910
0 deaths per 100,000 in 1958
(No vaccine for scarlet fever in US)

180 deaths per 100,000 in 1933
10 deaths per 100,000 in 1949
2 deaths per 100,000 in 1965
(Influenza vaccinations first introduced widely in US when senior citizens were targeted)

Measles (England and Whales, where death rates were high)
1,200 deaths per 100,000 in 1850
<25 per 100,000 in 1950.
(Measles vaccinations didn’t began in those countries in 1965)

Frompovich argues that the intensified vaccine regimen in the US began in 1986 when Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, Public Law 99-660. This legislation

created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which basically gave vaccine makers a “get out of jail free” card. This meant that no one could sue vaccine makers for any damages to health or for death, occurring from vaccines they make.

Congress also set up what’s called a vaccine court … which administers a no-fault system of what I would call “injustice for damaged vaccinees,” because more are rejected than are paid. As of fiscal 2015, the awards paid for vaccine damages by the vaccine court totaled $3,090,780,181.43. Do you think vaccines cause damage? Are they safe?

As the production of vaccines has increasingly become opaque, so too have the number of hidden ingredients, none of which have been tested together to determine their effect on human physiology or neural functioning. “There’s no reason to have formaldehyde, ethyl mercury, aluminum, Polysorbate 80–Polysorbate 80 takes chemicals and other things across the blood brain barrier to the brain. And that Polysorbate 80 is in just about every one of the vaccines given to kids at two, four, and six months.”

Along these lines, present regulations stipulate that every article used as a component of a drug is classified as a drug, and must be tested as such. Yet the substances found in modern vaccines have not been subjected to any testing. “They have never done studies of how all of the ingredients in one vaccine interacts with each other,” Frompovich explains.

Or how all the ingredients in each vaccine of nine vaccines given at one time interact with each other. They’ve never done those studies! What kind of science is that? Furthermore, every package insert for a vaccine has this specifically printed on it: This vaccine has not been tested [for carcinogenesis] birth defects, or interfere with fertility or reproduction. If every parent knew that, do you think they would allow their child to have those things pumped in to them?

With this in mind, it is ironic that some parents who vaccinate their children are calling for parents who question vaccination to be arrested. “Who are the child abusers?” Frompovich asks. Perhaps those “allowing their children to be innoculated with 35-to-45 admixtures of chemicals, toxins, aborted fetal cell linings, foreign DNA, formaldehyde, aluminum, and ethyl mercury.”

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31 thought on “The Hidden History of Vaccination”
  1. Something strange going here.

    The most important topic is JADE HELM 15.

    I will happily go if thats the gig.

    Most know Aspartame is deadly and after 8 years with Congress and the FDA it took Donald Rumsfield to get it passed to poison us. He also got the technology for North Korea to build Nukes passed in 1999.

    I’m really confused. And as I said I will never blog here again if this is the gig.

    Jade Helm 15 is REAL. And it involves all the phony players, hired crisis actors as Sandy Hook and BMB and No One Cares?

    Maybe because its not in your backyard.

    By the way, there is no way the number of troops they claim could pull this off.

    Foreign Troops maybe? As they have practiced with for the last 20 years.

    I couldn’t even post on the last blog here for there was no where to blog….. I hope this goes through then I’m done

      1. That,s part of the exercise according to the manual.
        Watch how we react to the military.

        You should read some the links I’ve provided.
        I thought for sure this was a hoax but they have confirmed its real and we have nothing to worry about with all the crisis actors running around. We know how that turns out.

        They are even deploying the “snatch and Grab” teams as part of the exercise. It’s all in the parts of the declassified manual.

    1. Nothing wrong with being prepared. I think it’s best not to overreact to “plans”. Sensational claims of military threats have been par for the course the past few years. None of them have materialized to the point of violent revolution yet. Not to say it isn’t inevitable, though.

    2. Ric,

      I live outside Detroit and this past weekend they were supposedly doing training on an Army Reserve base in a suburb called Southfield. A local radio station (sounds set up to me) called to question why an Army truck was seen on the public streets sporting an ISIS flag. Reply – doing training operations and using flags of enemies in that training. Comments by ex-military stated they never used real country flags or real country names during training exercises.

      I’ve read a little bit about this Jade Helm 15 and it sounds like they are ready to implement whatever is coming our way. I’ve also been seeing (and NEVER have in my 50+ years here) women in retail stores sporting full burka’s with only the eye slits. I don’t live near Dearborn so I believe this is intentional in your face conditioning to draconian changes.

        1. 1200 people is nothing. They wouldn’t waste their time. If seven or more states are involved, it will certainly be more than 1200 troops. Texas takes 2 days and 10 red bulls to drive across. 1200 support personnel more likely.

          There is always someone, somewhere who doesn’t know what is going on. What happens when that someone sees a bunch of troops(or troops dressed as terrorists) shooting up Podunk city with their blanks.

          I spent the first 20 years of my life in the northeast, and more than that in the southwest. This isn’t Boston. This valley has 100,000+ people in it. I would estimate 1 million plus firearms here. I am a realist. I have served, and seen the weapons, and the hurt a top notch military can dish out, and have no “Red Dawn” delusions. No good can come of this, especially in a country that is so fractured politically by a government that is dragging so many into a future they do not want.

          I saw a Chinook fly in here two days ago. That’s the second one I have seen in 27 years. The first was during last years capstone drill. I live in the flight pattern. We have been conditioned to seeing fighter jets come through here daily for the last 20 plus years, but big green choppers is a different story. Our only military installation is an Army guard unit, and it has grown significantly since the 2008 “too big to fail” debacle. I really miss the little desert town I moved to in the 80’s.

        2. Rich,
          That’s what I said. 1200 Troops across 10 states? Really?
          Foreign Troops maybe to get those numbers up? They train every year with them on NLE I think it’s called, why not now?

          It just stinks. I’d like to read the Classified part of Jade Helm 15 they didn’t release….

  2. I wish these interviews had a podcast feed – I would love to subscribe and have them automatically downloaded to my podcast app (I use Downcast on iOS)

  3. My feeling is that diseases that were already in natural decline, Big Pharma takes credit for reducing them with vaccines. God only knows what’s actually in them, only a mass spec analysis would tell you. If all the mothers out there who read food labels religiously before feeding it to their kids – took the same approach to evaluating vaccines – far more people would reject vaccines for what they are, just another way to make money. The same economic principals apply to vaccines as any other product… produce them as cheaply as possible and sell them for as much profit as they can get away with. This programming people to believe vaccines are made by some benevolent entity that cares about your health is one of the most successful propaganda campaigns ever conceived. I have seen vaccine refusers lumped in with Holocaust denial. I think I am going to get a lapel pin that says ” Proud Vaccine Refuser, Holocaust Denier, 911 Truther, Moon Landing Hoaxer”.

  4. Important and timely interview, thanks so much. Catherine Frompovich’s efforts to enlighten the public have been a true blessing.

    First Do No Harm will be irrevocably replaced with “the end justifies the means” if we don’t make our stand – a medical freedom Cliven Bundy moment.

  5. the implication that you are suggesting, Rick, is; that we wait until there is a violent revolution before we react. this is in line with the stupor the American people are in while an Orwellian gangster state is being installed in the USA>

  6. Ric, I care about Jade Helm too, but I am spending a great deal of time now speaking out against SB277 which removes all exemptions to vaccines in my state. In addition to mandating 10 vaccines public school and home-school children, it allows future vaccines for:: “Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.” This goes against the principal of informed consent and cannot be allowed to pass. Please keep us informed about Jade Helm and I hope James will investigate. Thank you for this interview, I am in the process of listening to it and am learning a lot from it. Thank you.

  7. Sorry for being off-topic, but Dino, I saw this and had to bring it to your attention.

    I get an online newsletter from, a medical ethics group with a mildly conservative (not so much political, but social) slant.

    This week’s email was introduced with the following paragraphs:

    “Does anyone else feel that that they are being suckered by the Brittany Maynard videos produced by the assisted suicide group Compassion & Choices? Brittany, you must remember, is the 29-yar-old woman who chose assisted suicide in Oregon last year, rather than suffer a slow decline because of a brain tumour.

    She made two videos which went viral on YouTube – no wonder, as they were directed by a New York public relations firm which put together a multi-platform media campaign called Twenty Nine Years for C&C. A professional story-telling consultant was employed to create the video. The celebrity magazines, the glossy women’s magazines and the major newspapers were provided with photos and interviews. Brittany was interviewed on national television. C&C has a lot riding on her story.

    This week, Brittany spoke from the grave to California legislators in video testimony about a bill to legalise assisted suicide. While it lacks the professional gloss of the first two, it is poignant and direct – just the thing for fence-sitting legislators.

    But I found it a little bit creepy: the poor woman was being ventriloquized by C&C and exploited as a pin-up girl for assisted suicide. Her words add nothing to the debate except the tragedy of premature death.

    Let’s be honest. Isn’t this a bit sexist and ageist? If Brittany were 59 instead of 29, would she have become a YouTube sensation? I think not. In fact, Maggie Karner, a Connecticut woman, has exactly the same disease and has no intention of asking for assisted suicide. Take a look at her video. It makes a lot more sense than Brittany’s.”

    Here’s the link to what the aforementioned introduction was introducing:

      1. Good to see you completely read an article Pat, however pay attention to the structure of a model. It is not too far-fetched. I have an acquaintance who has always been non-vac but in being sent across the pond (work related) that person had to undergo 9 vacs in order to board plane. Its that or your job.

        Lots of insider meetings going on with this issue so we have probably not heard the last of this. Don’t forget this model structure. It might benefit understanding in the coming days……:)

        1. I actually get Dr. Mercola’s daily email, and had read the article before seeing your comment Bev. He had me taken in for a while–because it is indeed plausible. But like The Onion, its absurdity started to become obvious, and then I realized it was April Fool’s Day.

          Still, you are correct. It is not far from becoming a reality. We endure as a matter of fact in our day many things that would have been considered inconceivable horrors no one would submit to only a few decades ago.

    1. The BS Alerts will be categorized according to threat level based on the number of unvaccinated threats milling about in any given area:

      BS Alert Level 1: One unvaccinated individual within a 500-foot radius of your current location. Finish up what you’re doing and calmly leave the area.

      BS Alert Level 2: Two to five unvaccinated individuals within a 500-foot radius of your current location. Call the BS Alert center for extraction assistance.

      BS Alert Level 3: More than five unvaccinated individuals within a 500-foot radius of your current location. No action required. Hazmat-equipped containment unit is automatically dispatched to the scene of the anti-anti-choice conglomeration.

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