SHESQuestion “increased government intrusion into the rights of parents.”

By James F. Tracy

On February 25 a press conference was held by parental rights groups calling attention to many of the conclusions of the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Report released on November 21, 2014. They argue the report’s recommendations, if adopted as state law, will likely pose a significant threat the right for families to homeschool their children. The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission was assembled by Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy in 2013.

Representatives of TEACH CT-The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers, NHELD-National Home Education Legal Defense, CHN-Connecticut Homeschool Network, Family Institute of Connecticut, Connecticut Against Common Core, Stop Common Core in New Milford, Quiet Corner Parents for Education, AbleChild, Informed Consent, Label & Drug Free Education, and Student Data Privacy: A Voice for the CT Children of P20 Win, gathered at the Connecticut State Legislative Office Building in Hartford. If you didn’t hear about the event you’re not alone. Only one US news outlet (the Hartford Courant) reported on it.

“This is a press conference to call attention to the increased government intrusion into the right of parents,” announced Donna Person, a home schooler and Vice President of the Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers.

We’ve seen this intrusion in our schools, where our children are monitored and tracked. The goal is to create a database from preschool to age 20 through the ‘p20 Win System.’ We’ve seen it medically, in cases such as Justina Peletier, where the government insisted it knows best, and took the child away from parents because the parents wanted a different doctor. And also more recently with the Sandy C case, where she has been taken from her parents and forced to receive chemotherapy. We’re also seeing it now extended to special needs population and home school students via the recommendations of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.[1]

If the provisions of the Sandy Hook Commission are passed, “it would make Connecticut the worst in the nation when it comes to home-schooling freedom,” noted Will Estrada, director of federal relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association.[2]

“Parents are not going to take it anymore,” attorney Deborah Stevenson of the National Home Education Legal Defense told those assembled at the February 25 event.

We’re not going to stand by and let our parental rights go by the wayside. We’re announcing the formation of a coalition of about 12 different groups. The groups run the gamut; they cross party lines. It crosses class lines. We’re not just talking about education. We’re talking about medical issues, mental health issues–any issue that involves the rights of parents, because, as our Supreme Court has held repeatedly, we, the parents, have the affirmative obligation to the upbringing and education of the children. These children are not the government’s children. They’re our children.[3]

Scott Jackson, Mayor of Hamden Connecticut, close associate of Governor Malloy, and chairman of the Sandy Hook panel, said if such a requirement were approved it would only apply to home-schooled children who had previously attended a public school. “If a child leaves a public school with an [individualized education program], that IEP should be monitored until it is no longer necessary,” Jackson said. Yet a disabled child who had never attended a public school would not be subject to the requirement, he said.[4]

The assurance contrasts with the Report’s overall thrust, summarized by MHB in November, of which the key recommendations include:

  • Universal screening for behavioral health and developmental impairments for children ages birth to 21.
  • Referral for thorough evaluation and assessment by outside experts for a child “displaying the types of multidisciplinary developmental challenges [Adam Lanza] presented…”
  • Access to “quality care coordination” for children and their families.
  • Access to training and information concerning mental health issues for teachers, administrators, service personnel, pediatricians, and parents.
  • Staffing and financial supports for providers.
  • Effective and sustained family engagement work as part of mental health treatment for children.
  • Addressing of the “role of denial in illness.”
  • Access to therapeutic services, psycho-education, and peer support for families.
  • Readiness of “systems” to respond when a parent appears unwilling or unable to meet the needs of their child [aka refuses to medicate].
  • Better outreach to parents who have difficulties “reaching out” or feel “mistrust in the medical and educational systems…” [such as those who homeschool]
  • Active participation of schools concerning the mental health and wellness of their students.
  • Support to schools to enable them to “retain or import therapeutic and other related services…”
  • Evaluation of children by schools “in all areas of suspected disability, including conducting social-emotional evaluations…”
  • A more “holistic approach to identification for special education eligibility that encourages attention to multiple aspects of disability…”
  • State consideration of “an audit of existing homebound practices and procedures…”
  • More attention paid to “post-secondary readiness for disabled youth and young adults…”
  • “State and local educational and mental health and developmental services agencies must work together to identify current capacity and service delivery needs, training opportunities, and must create capacity-building services at all levels.”
  • Increased workforce, technical support and expertise to help meet the needs of “children with complex developmental or mental health disorders, and their families.”
  • Support for schools to provide and import “comprehensive health or developmental supports” to children with “highly specialized needs.”


the OCA report lays the groundwork for implementation of a nationwide program similar to the one presently being beta tested in Scotland, “Getting it Right for Every Child,” or GIRFEC. The GIRFEC project mandates assignment of a “Named Person for every child and young person, and a Lead Professional (where necessary) to co-ordinate and monitor multi-agency activity” that renders the traditional family to the role of a distant caretaker.[5]

In December 2014 ten families of children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School filed suit against the distributor and manufacturer of the AR-15 Bushmaster, citing the popular non-military firearm’s alleged involvement in the children’s deaths. That event was a national news story.

As noted, almost a complete news blackout of the Wednesday, February 25 press conference ensued, despite the presence of reporters from the Hartford Courant and the Associated Press. A LexisNexis search on the event yields only the Courant‘s single front page story appearing on Monday, March 2, “Home Schooling Parents Bristle at Sandy Hook Policy Recommendations.”[6] The newspaper played a central role in presenting the Sandy Hook massacre event to an international audience.

“Adam Lanza, the gunman who shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and six adults,” the Courant reports, “received homebound instruction through the Newtown school system when he was in eighth grade.” Yet “homebound instruction,” administered to Lanza because of his disability, is not the same as home-schooling, which is usually overseen by one or both parents.

This is a crucial distinction that the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Report does not forthrightly address or clarify. Rather, the document repeatedly suggests that Lanza’s isolation was a significant factor in the December 14, 2012 mass shooting.

“Despite the conclusion of the Office of the Child Advocate that no links could be drawn between the failures in Adam Lanza’s education … his violence, the Advisory Commission determined that home-schooled students are socially isolated, that isolation leads to violence and that this requires mandatory government oversight,” said  Person. “This flies in the face of extensive, well-respected, peer-reviewed published research into the social, emotional and mental health of home-educated students.”[7]


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26 thought on “CT Parents, Citizens Organize Against Sandy Hook Commission Report”
  1. It’s all about massive control.
    Glad to see these groups are fighting the recommendations.
    I’m certain these recommendations will ultimately impact all 50 states…is not isolated to CT.

  2. Notice how these folks all agree that Sandy Hook was as it was reported by the State Police and Hartford Courant. These people are following a dog that can’t hunt and they are doing it merrily. How can this be so?

    1. I agree, these parents who are concerned about the loss of their parental rights seems very reasonable but then again to totally accept without question the details around the Sandy Hook school shooting is puzzling to say the least.

      It’s as if Ira Levin’s work titled, “The Stepford Wives” had a plot foundation based upon a reality that many people in Connecticut are robots controlled by State government liberal propaganda.

    2. We do not really know what these folks think, except that they are committed to exposing the truth that the Sandy Hook Commission has based their recommendations on zero facts and therefore the state has no right to demand the draconian revocation of parental rights.

      Some have been as active as the dysfunctional commission allowed. submitted the proper FOIs on the subject and was flatly denied. That organization has bravely stood up against the giant pharma monster and we all know where that will get you.

      They have chosen the battle they can win – uniting parents against the tyranny.

      Declaring the hoax will only label them insane and in danger of loosing their children. It is up to the rest of us to engage in that battle if we choose.

      Reminds me of a psychological test my employer required. it had 500 multiple choice questions, actually only 100 asked 5 different ways. I answered the way I thought a sane person would as I wanted the job.

      The fact that my father abandoned 5 young children and there was no love or admiration there does not equate to being wrong about not declaring it or wishing to be flagged for it.

      1. Skirt, they are encountering the real purpose for this operation for the first time. It was never about “gun confiscation”, per se, it is about the State making decisions for you and yours.

        It is at least encouraging to see that some are not quite ready yet to completely be absorbed into “The Entity”. Wouldn’t they be surprised if they knew they’d been “chumped” to boot?

        What they’re saying is that, even though they think this actually happened, it isn’t an excuse for their loss of parental rights. That is absolutely true. After all, these are not paid actors pushing an agenda.

        They will, of course, be bribed and shamed. These creatures will not let mere eaters decide their futures. Their bosses want total control, and they’ll have it, one way or another.

  3. Thank you for demonstrating not all citizens of CT are willfully participating in what many of us view not only as a despicable means to obtain total government control of our children but also a massive fraud that launders 10’s or more than likely 100’s of millions of tax dollars.

    Of all the secrets with Sandy Hock, perhaps the most important is why are the school and mental health records sealed? It doesn’t get more Orwellian to declare that the invisible, all powerful “Child Advocate” has determined the rights of the now dead, presumed guilty teenager supersede all other Americans.

    Another possibility is that the records reveal this child with special needs was not served well by the system even with the means of a wealthy family. Seems his mother may have been blamed by those unnamed sources, they may have been the only source of information!

    Who are these evil doers who are determined to transform our children into mindless drug controlled game players? Have you seen common core that will make it impossible for future generations to even balance a checkbook?

    Perhaps there are no records to reveal, this was all a horror show and we are still living it.

    Thought the gender free school lockers was just a crazy CA fad, until a conservative Sodus NY district school board has declared an 11 year old male child can join the girls.

    My prediction is that most teenage boys will elect to join the girls in the showers and we will no longer need separate facilities. The needs of the few supersede the rights of the many in this upside down country.

      1. Do not ever recall Dr. Tracy declaring Adam did not exist or that he is Ryan. Have not followed the other two attacked by this video maker. Interesting he was able to create a timeline for the illusive Adam and the only evidence presented was two Newtown Bee articles.

        When the bee failed to cover news on the prolonged outage of the CT – NY rail system, that was confirmation enough that they are not a real newspaper that reports real news of the day.

        1. Skirt,
          Neither do I. Joel has done some very interesting on-the-edge research, but I think he has something against Prof. Tracy. Not sure exactly why, though.

        2. I do not recall any such assertion by Professor Tracy either. Perhaps some engagement might prove insightful.

      2. Hey Ray, I was wondering what you think about the rest of his videos on YT?

        I’m not sold on all of his conclusions, but I have to say, his work is quite telling. Especially the graduation video.

        The creator of these videos stands firm that he believes we were deceived, he just says he wants to work from a different angle, not falling into their traps, which I understand completely.

        1. TC I will say this. There is a strong body of force out there that are hell bent on denying Adam Lanza’s existence regardless of the facts. When offered the procedure on how to verify Adam Lanza on various record systems the posts were met with heavy thumbs downs. Why ? If I told you how to verify death certs, birth certs, drivers licenses or other public documents why in the world would you negatively rate that? I am giving you help of conducting your own verifications on available records why would you not “like” that ? why would anybody “dislike” that ? What is their motive and agenda ? Seeking and promoting truth

          Oh .and for.those that believe the government can fake all public records so we cannot use those then please tell me what alternative procedures we should use.

          One alpha SH Researcher was given the opportunity to speak directly on the phone with someone VERY familiar with the Lanza’s. This researcher ( I don’t know the real motive or it could just be stupidity) declined the offer. The reason is that he already made up his mind that Adam Lanza does not exist and ONLY a picture of him and Ryan together will be sufficient evidence.

          Just my two cents

        2. To answer your question I think he comes out with some brief but powerful stuff. For those that assert Adam did not exists Joel has assembled some compelling materials with the graduation video and the other individual pictures.

        3. It is irrelevant if Lanza did or did not exist, if the SHES shooting cannot have happened because the school did not exist as such. Lanza himself, whoever he might have been, is a total distraction.

        4. Musings,I think you have stricken at the heart of the matter;Lanza is mere diversion. Thank you.

        5. Musings, I agree completely, the issue is irrelevant and the debates are not helpful. If someone wants to postulate an affirmation of Adam’s existence or remain agnostic on the matter I see no reason for concern. I cannot conceive of any legitimate reason however why anyone would place such effort to assert his nonexistence.

        6. Just to add my support, Lanza is completely irrelevant. Like most of the details, they are “interesting”, but not definitive.

          Some of the comments are much like the “9-11 Movie” comments, endlessly trying to “re-prove” the obvious.

          Similarly, with the BMB Hoax, which seems not to be catching as much traction for some reason, it is another lie. Anyone who still harbors doubts about that one need only watch the “trial”. It’s a made for TEE VEE production.

          These lawsuits are part and parcel of it. There is much money that needs “cleaning” and no shortage of supply. It’s a simple matter to “settle” these and provide a little “evidence” to boot.

          Meanwhile we have the Halbig suit that will, no doubt, succeed in sealing any stray evidence that may exist. It’s all so tidy.

          How anyone can look at this slimy administration and the antics of Holder and his minions and not see the obvious is amazing. The only question remaining is “do you want undercoating with that?”.

          They should erect one of those air-powered wavy things in front of the White House. I think they’re offering a ten-percent savings if you pay in Shekels.

    1. It is almost as if they are responding to all the those calling for the truth on the hoax, if it was true there would be lawsuits.

      The only problem is that they are suing the wrong parties, if it was true, whoever denied medical care to 28 souls should be sued.

      The estate of Nancy, has 2 suits, the gun maker 1 suit and 1 for the town for not securing the building. Hogwash all of it and what about the vendor who just installed the state of the art security system never mentioned?

      Whether or not Adam ever existed is a distraction to those seeking the truth of the matter.

      For the Citizens Organize Against the Sandy Hook Commission Report, it is a fact that aside from a few hear say reports, as in the phone call from the doctor hiding in Norway, there is no proof of his school life or treatments for mental disorder.

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