halbig1Confirms Information Discovery Forthcoming

By James F. Tracy

On March 4, 2015 former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig appeared on The Alex Jones Show to announce a lawsuit he has filed in Florida seeking information from officials across the United States involved in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event.

“The new bombshell info,” Halbig states,

is that the subpoenas have been issued across the country. We’re about to get discovery information that is now forthcoming. If they don’t provide that discovery information they’re going to be in contempt of court. We also have the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission hearing that is supposed to have already happened. They keep dragging and dragging it [out]. But eventually we’re going to get the truth. The truth is going to show that Sandy Hook, that school was not an operating school. And I can tell you that from being a school administrator.


Halbig also elaborates on questions he’s raised on the shooting upon achieving national prominence after being visited by Florida law enforcement officers in December 2013. As reported by MHB in January 2014, the school safety consultant attested that homicide detectives visited his residence on behalf of Connecticut State Police because of incessant freedom of information act requests and telephone calls Halbig made for documentation confirming the massacre in fact took place as described by government officials major news media.

Halbig is convinced that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not functioning in 2012 because Newtown officials are incapable of producing routine paperwork that would verify its operation at that time. “I know it’s not operating because the school board is refusing to answer all of the questions we’ve asked in the Connecticut freedom of information request,” Halbig told Jones in the interview.

There are school board policies that require the school board to inspect every school in Newtown, and they have to be completed by August 1st of each year. That inspection report on health and safety and cleanliness, inside and outside has to be submitted to the superindendant, who provides it to the school board. Guest what they tell me? “We have no such records.” You cannot tell me as a former school administrator that you don’t have any records when you have a school board policy that requires it.

Wolfgang Halbig’s website is sandyhookjustice.com.

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75 thought on “Wolfgang Halbig Files Lawsuit, “Sandy Hook Was Not Operating” in 2012, School Safety Expert Says”
      1. I have to agree with Ric here. I have been puzzled by the status of the SHES from the outset. Dr. Doom says he has it from someone unnamed that the school was closed due to flooding. I wish he would provide a little more real evidence. Mould on tiles isn’t good enough. Then there is the “Education Connection” angle which claims that the school was being used by a for profit educational company. It turns out that the address for one branch of the Education Connection is listed as 12 Dickinson Drive, Shelton CT. Was there another one at 12 Dickenson Drive, Newtown CT? Wasn’t there a photo early on with the street sign reading Dickinson Drive? Or is this just another red herring to confuse us. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t be announcing that the school was closed without hard evidence.

        1. The school has the look of an unused or semi-used building. When my autistic daughter was young she attended classes in a similar situation. They often use old buildings for storage or rent them out to businesses, etc..

          In my view, there would be bus drivers, maintenance people, etc., at a minimum who would know whether they delivered kids, cleaned at least part of the place, served lunches, etc..

          If I recall correctly, the bus service was contracted. There would certainly be records of ridership. We all can clearly see that there were not 400+ kids attending.

          So, it in no way changes the fact that they are lying. It would simply put to bed any residual nonsense about their story if we knew for certain that it was closed. I still think it may have been used in some limited way.

          With regard to the lawsuit, a contracted bus service would have to report either to the school or the district. Those reports would be interesting. There would be schedules. Even if lunches were catered there would be records of those as well.

          The handicapped markings, oil spots, internet usage and general disrepair are all compelling, but not definitive. Of course when you couple that with the statements about what a marvelous school it was and the alleged ratings received, it is pretty obvious that someone is not being honest.

          Regarding the doors, we were regaled with talk about security upgrades and controlled ingress, etc.. Again, the talk doesn’t seem to match the facts. It is highly unlikely that someone would perform security upgrades on faulty doors.

          There are several people involved if one considers the number of people on boards and in the district administration. Surely all of them are aware of the statements made regarding SHES. Certainly it is a safe bet to assume that they know that the story does not match the facts. That notwithstanding, the silence is deafening.

      2. I’ve said too many times that whether the school was open for business is a pivotal issue. I’ve read everything I could find on the subject. I know the arguments. I agree that it LOOKS like it was closed.

        I have a suspicion that it was open, if only for a very limited group. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that. I think that whatever “students” were attending were bused there from elsewhere.

        I asked about Halbig’s legal advice. The norm is to ask for “all records, letters, reports, emails, etc., related to the school operations at Sandy Hook Elementary for school years 2009 through 2013” or something to that effect. It is not productive to limit discovery to specific documents that can be called by another term and avoid disclosure.

        Deposition lists are similar, although tend to be more particular. Both sources of information are governed by rules. The respondent has the right to ask the judge to exclude your requested information or a person on your deposition list. The usual statement is that the request is “overly broad, burdensome and not likely to lead to discoverable evidence”.

        I thought that the question of whether the school was in operation, or not, was a good candidate because of this. Obviously, any records sought are pertinent. If the assertion is that the school was not open, it would be a significant hurdle to claim that the information requested would not lead to usable evidence.

        I admit that my knowledge of this suit is limited to what I’ve read here. In fact, the only interest I have in any lawsuit related to this would be in the results of discovery. There are ways to handle this that require finesse. He needs a good lawyer.

        1. Lophatt – Agreed. It appears Halbig is asking for things that are covered by school procedure. He will likely get back a response to the effect of, “Yeah, SHook didn’t follow proper procedures so it doesn’t have these records. Sorry.”

      3. Very small town. They live there and may not be able to move. We are well aware, thanks to E Snowdon, that anonymity is a thing of the past.

    1. Kda – that was a reckless statement at best. Here is some “everyone knows” counter arguments for you:

      Budget info for past 5 years:

      SHE website 2010:


      Click on the above link to see that the school had a functioning website throughout the years, it was just blocked from webcrawling due to its robot.txt file modification (actually all the schools in the district were unavail on wayback or archive due to this).

      1. The link provided, gran1t3, was for 2010-2011 budget info. This link is for the district’s 2011-2012 budget.


        Interesting to me – considering the condition of Sandy Hook that it was set to get $0 in building and site maintenance money (pg.39).

        Further, at pg. 64 it notes a list of items that need repair — one item is $40,000 in exterior door replacement – “Justification: Security; Deteriorated”. Curious if this did not get a top priority because the district was maintaining a building not getting full time use.

        $40,000 in deteriorated security risks (the doors)? Add to this a $100,000 roof replacement that is “past life expectancy”? HOLY – as a former trustee, I have to say that it would be negligence to let such things go in an active facility housing kids. Yet, these items were PUT ON THE 5 YR PLAN!

        I recall there being an issue with the SHook website inactivity…one of our long-time MHB family will recall, I’m sure. I remember it was quite odd.

        Did anyone see the article in the “Courant” about the lawsuit by the Pozner, et. al. estates for security lapses? The suit incorrectly named the superintendent and principal. Sloppy.

        1. gran1t3 has already been observed on this thread providing a link to a specific website that is disseminating misleading and even defamatory information intended to discredit sincere SH researchers.

        2. Beth, interesting, and detailed, budget report. I didn’t see the doors on the five-year plan. There were counter tops, soffits, shelves, carpet, and resurfacing the stage.

          According to this they had 529 students and 78,42 FTE in teaching positions. If I’m reading this correctly, they had a total staff of 119.92 FTE.

          So, if the pictures in the crime report are to be believed, where did they find the room among the clutter? They even mentioned owning two, two-way radios for security.

          So we either have 529 students and a gaggle of staff working out of a dilapidated building or someone compiled and posted a faulty report. At least we know what their report says.

        3. Perhaps it is just my computer, but have not been able to launch any financial documents related to SHH in a long time. Interesting the numbers of students has always jumped around – recall the 600+ number during the event.

          Lophatt indicates Beth’s report has 529 students with 78 teachers, NCES indicates 454 students and 35 teachers for 2012-13. Hmmm Wiki indicates 456 at the time of the event, so that must be correct.

          What is up with 3.7 million savings for not doing renovations the Hawley grade school?

          “But a combination of factors including new grants, the elimination of future Hawley School renovations from the CIP, and a dip in debt service costs on remaining municipal bonding has aligned to permit the funding if approved by the council.

          According to Finance Director Robert Tait, $3.7 million earmarked in the CIP’s year five was removed because of uncertainty about long-term future use of the school building. Another quarter-million dollars allocated for streetscape sidewalk installations was shifted from bonding, and will now be underwritten by grants.”


        4. Beth thanks for that anomaly on pg 39 – I have not gone over the budgets year by year (or page by page as you did). Definitely worth looking into.

          My post was just demonstrating the current disinfo of the school not being there due to no website activity for 5 years. It’s easy to fall into traps that believers of the official narrative will point out if you are not diligent in checking every theory thoroughly yourself.

          I, like lophatt, am unsure whether the school was in operation or not, and I think that it is likely a red herring.

          James, sorry I didn’t fully vet CW Wade (or his site?). I will try to be more careful before posting links. However, shouldn’t potentially misleading posts be allowed? The regulars would certainly shred anyone using intentionally misleading info (I posted in good failth, albeit in opposition to Halbig’s intentions).

          That said, I am grateful that JFT provides this forum (one of the only) that allows intelligent discourse, whether it aligns with consensus or not.

    1. Didn’t Nietzsche have some phrase about history – that if you dug hard enough, you could find the cut of the sandal Achilles wore? Let’s hope the Achilles heel of Sandy Hook is located!

  1. Support Wolfgang please everyone, so many of us real parents out here know SH was BS, so, please support the only person physically doing anything to expose this at great risk to himself. I Will be donating again Wolf another $100.00 this next payday,

    Sandy Hook will fall, and this will crack open the corrupt NWO as well it should…. Were going to need a lot of rope….Remember Nuremburg, this will go down in history the same way only bigger, and it will be conducted by courts of and by the people, as the current judicial system is also to be put on trial here with this and Boston all the way back to every SOB false flag these maggots have been doing for ever….

    I am mad as hell and we are behind you Mr. Halbig……The true silent majority is watching……

  2. Connecticut has drafted a “final” Sandy Hook report and Malloy has promised that his report will be used to “guide” the state on many issues. Malloy the governor has dreams of higher office and I think Connecticut is in for some draconian stuff. He’s a ruthless character who adores Obama. He loves the dictatorial aspects of Obama and wants to emulate them as much as he can. It’s utterly amazing how this town of Newtown and the investigatory tribunal totally disregard the presence of investigatory sleuths like Fetzer, Halbig, Tracy, et all. The silence of Newtown is eerie and we all wonder what keeps this town “together”. It may be a horrible answer, too. What is behind this fact blockage? What prevents the truth from coming out? Why has there been nobody to come forth and spill the beans?

    1. You read my mind Gil. What I kept thinking as I was reading the comments, thank you for wording it better than I’d have 🙂

      Also, would love to hear from “real” people, who lived there, their whole life. Or “real” parents, who’s kids went to school there, in other classrooms not part of the “crime scenery”.

      And, no chatter on the local Topix forum, or other similar places. Early on, maybe, but it’s scrubbed now. Maybe I just have a chatty town, but with all the weirdness, we’d all be talking about it around here.

      1. While I am disturbed that the state of Connecticut appears impenetrable, legally or illegally, I have to look at “our performances, too”. I’ve asked myself and others about our failures in obtaining a way to crack open this nut and despite the fact we have some tremendous sleuths working on the issues, we can’t get past the roadblocks which exist, but which we are bumbling with now.
        Arguably, the JFK researches by Jim Fetzer stand among the greatest sleuth jobs ever done in the country. Jim is one tough bulldog, yet the finishing touches to these investigatory miracles elude us all. We can’t get arrests and convictions, we can’t inform the American public due to major media obfuscations. The deck has been stacked and we can’t unstack it. We are clearly under major attack from many angles and if we survive and roll back the perpetrators, it will be due to the Fetzer phenomena and others who have done the job the other agencies have either failed to do or have omitted so purposely. I repeat, we are under attack.
        That said, we are going to win this one…..we will prevail. Count on it…..

        1. Why would you want to see photos of a child’s dead body? It violates privacy and it’s disgusting. Can’t we just be kind to one another and not do nasty, illegal things? And if you read the blog http://justicesandyhook.wordpress.com (not my blog), you will learn a bit about some information.

  3. […] Confirms Information Discovery Forthcoming By James F. Tracy On March 4, 2015 former Florida State Trooper and school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig appeared on The Alex Jones Show to announce a lawsuit he has filed in Florida seeking information from officials across the United States involved in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event. “The new bombshell info,” Halbig states, is that the subpoenas have been issued across the country. We’re about to get discovery information that is now forthcoming. If they don’t provide that discovery information they’re going to be in More… […]

  4. Woman calls out Connecticut Safety and Security Commission.


    Part of article. “I was, as some of you here are now, I believed every word out of [CNN anchor] Anderson Cooper’s mouth that day. But once the persecution of Wolfgang Halbig began, I wanted to ask why the Newtown Police would send law enforcement into his home in Florida if they did not have something to hide.
    This is serious! This is a non-event that has turned the culture of the state of Connecticut and the culture of the United States of America upside down. Mental health vulturism. Drills in which 3rd-graders are forced to look down the barrel of a gun. And even state monitoring of Connecticut homeschooling, and even a president that wants to war on bullets.

    “I reject the official narrative of Sandy Hook. I reject the lies. I’m suspicious of the upwards of $500 million raised through a plethora of donation websites with zero ISUC scrutiny, zero money-laundering scrutiny, zero United Way …”

    1. IF ANY OF YOU actually believe that Sandy Hook Happened? Congrats to you. Go get a refund on your education. Here is how to tell it never, ever happened. It is the very first ” MASS SHOOTING ” in U.S. History, where there is not one shred of footage from video or still photography, of any bodies being removed.

  5. Wolfgang Halbig is a hero. Corrupt CT officials sent FLA Police to threaten Halbig at his Florida home. That’s because CT panicked when folks began asking questions — and Governor Malloy had to LOCK DOWN all Public Records (aka Death Certificates) to hide NEWTOWN’s Gun Grab Treason.

    I still can’t find anyone able to explain these 3 photos:

    Target stamped “FBI USE” behind Adam Lanza’s basement sofa (in Nancy Lanza’s house):

    Sandy Hook Elementary window, blown out with (Police shotgun) breaching ammo — NOT by Adam Lanza’s AR15. See the metal powder on the school foyer furniture? That’s from the Police breaching ammo that shattered the window. AR15 rifles don’t leave metal powder on the target.

    500 Sandy Hook Elementary students vanished into thin air. They don’t appear on 3 Police dashcams in the parking lot. Instead, the public was shown 2 (fake) “evacuation photos” created in PhotoShop. Look at this girl’s shoulder, and hand. It’s all fake.

  6. It is unclear to me how lawsuits filed in Florida, could do anything about something that happened in Connecticut. If it works, then bravo! I just don’t see the jurisdictional reach across seven state borders. James could you comment on that? Thanks.

    1. The only reason that I can come up goes like this:
      If Connecticut allows non-state citizens to file Connecticut FOIA requests (I’m not sure that they do; some states don’t), then the intent of the law must be to allow enforcement of this law in other states’ courts, otherwise the law would have no remedy for breach, due to the inconvenience of forcing non-state citizens to actually go physically to Connecticut.

  7. If this event is proven to be fabricated as I fully believe it was, what would be the end result? I would think everyone from the president to the local officials in CT are guilty of treason, they broke their oath to uphold and protect the constitution and acted in a criminal manor to subvert it –

    Not to mention the massive fraud from funds raised under false pretense..

    This is no small crime, I understand they legalized the use of propaganda in America in 2012, but this went way beyond fabricated news, this includes massive fraud all the way from the bottom to the very top of the government-

    1. “I understand they legalized the use of propaganda in America in 2012…fabricated news…” I have seen this statement in various forms, but still do not know what law or regulation you mean. Would you care to cite the legislation you are referring to? It might go some way to explaining quite a lot. Even its legislative history would be revealing, because it might make reference to earlier legislation which enabled this kind of government behavior before 2012.

    2. Sandy Hook and other false flags have shown us, told us, that the American public is sufficiently numb such that they don’t care to seek the truth about matters. It’s shown us that these false flags “work” very well. It shows us the media is preempted completely. It shows the true nature of what the oligarchy wishes to do to us. Creation of a living hell is what these issues coalesce to, but, hey, I’ve got some texting to do, see ya.

  8. I have not been able to tell what exactly Halbig’s new “lawsuit” is, but I would guess that would be an “order for a writ of mandamus”, a follow-up to his failed attempts to receive information under the Connecticut Public Records Act (a state version of FOIA). I don’t know why a Florida court could have possible jurisdiction in this case.
    It’s not really a real lawsuit, more like a slap on the hand action. The penalty for non-compliance is simply a fine, as far as I can tell. The Connecticut FOIA law is so full of exceptions that Conn. administrators can point to one reason or other to avoid compliance. Or they can simply ignore the subpoenas (ignoring third-party subpoenas is surprisingly common), and force Halbig to file Motion To Compel suits in Connecticut.
    If you want to read about an attempt to force the production of state records, look up Yves Smith’s (of NakedCapitalism) Cal FOIA suit against Calpers – Calpers basically blew her off and got away with it.

    So while I applaud Halbig’s attempts, I don’t think they will succeed, at least this time. Halbig should try to sue the Federal Government under FOIA for records in their “possession” – FOIA has more bite (and fewer exceptions) than local state Public Records acts.

    Readers can find more on this story in a Veterans Today article from 3-08, with a partial transcript of the Alex Jones’ interview.

  9. Take this for what it is worth. I do not say if it is true or not. But here goes:

    Whenever, in my life, I have encountered a really elaborate lie by a clever sociopath who understands that those who are supposed to believe it should include as many intelligent people as possible (in this case to make sure the infection of the lie spreads like a virus, is taken in completely by the host) – there are points made which seem to give answers to future objections. It is fiction which goes beyond the temporary suspension of disbelief necessary for the success of a work of art, such as a film or play or novel. It has to be so complex that it will become a part of our history, and to that end the plot holes must be well reinforced so that the whole thing does not tear apart.

    I can think of two examples of this process, and again I want to say it is only my opinion, the opinion of a person who has written historical fiction that I know is false, but is fairly convincing (at least to me). They may seem to be trivial points, but I see them as a signature of certain kind of creative process, not unlike the creation of a series which from one episode to the next must retain consistency and for which there must be answers to the fans.

    1) Does anyone remember when the “survivors” of Sandy Hook moved to their new location? We were told that their classrooms would be re-created in every detail exactly as they had been in SHES.

    At the time, some commented that this sounded weird, a little obsessive.

    But consider that if you did something like that you could deal with random photos taken in those classrooms said to be pre-SHES shooting and declare that they were actually taken at Sandy Hook. It would not affect the kids in the classrooms at the other school, they need never have been “in on it” but for purposes of the story, some of those classroom shots could be used as publicity for the state of Sandy Hook before the event, and when someone recognizes them as the existing classrooms (perhaps in the following year), who will be any the wiser? I cannot say I have the whole trick analyzed, but I know it is a trick. This is not set in stone, my analysis that is, but I do feel it is one of those things that snags the story and whenever you find that, you find a potential unraveling of the plot. Call it a buttonhole, which needed reinforcement.

    2) It is remarkable to me that people with some understanding of explosives have not been all over the BMB. But maybe since there is a less obvious reason for holding such an event, they have tended to pay more attention to buildings on 9-11, because that started a serious set of wars and the loss of rights. Of course a week later, the anthrax reinforced any plot holes by taking the war to your mailbox.

    But the curious nature of the injuries, explained by the ground level explosion, seems to be somehow required to explain the use of people who had lost their legs as crisis actors, when arms and heads would also have been affected. Bombs, even the one described, create three dimensional arcs of destruction along with potholes, and they do not spare historic street lamps or trees. Bombs do not explode in a flat manner, propagating outward – even earthquakes create waves. Energy-wise, the story is for a totally ignorant audience. But somehow, authority is so strong it is accepted.

    The courtroom hijinks in Boston cannot ever examine the forensics of the bombs because that could be exculpatory evidence. You’d need something far more powerful to affect that many people, and it would not be a well-behaved blast in any case.

    But they tipped their hand. They knew they were vulnerable with the choice of people who lost legs only. So they created that picture of the gorgeous chick with torn stocks and blood dripping down her head, looking dazed. With her appearance firmly planted in the mind, you can argue now that people did receive upper body wounds.

    1. Musings, yes, I commented extensively about what an idiotic idea it was to recreate the scene of a “slaughter” to “comfort” the kids. I also, like you suggest, believe it a cover for something quite different. Remember, they did it in the middle of an investigation and in record time. Impossible.

      Those at the “new school” would be unaware of any of this. Things like this leave me speechless.

      The BMB hoax and attendant show trial, are “in your face” examples of Karl Rove’s statement regarding our roles as they define them. They create reality. We merely observe. Those who comment are “extremists”.

      What I see from where I sit is that people do not want to acknowledge the obvious. After all, those who perpetrate these shams do not care if we believe them or not. They care that we don’t attempt to do anything about them. They are a lesson in powerlessness.

      If you think about it, there hasn’t been anything “real” about official life for quite some time. Those who are TEE VEE watchers are bombarded with wildly implausible information constantly. It is almost as if they are pushing the outer limits of dishonesty.

      I have to answer your remark about “infiltrating the judiciary” by reminding you that we don’t really have a working government, at least not as advertised. We have self-serving scamsters willing to do anything in furtherance of their lust for wealth and power. They are all owned and controlled.

      We will find no relief for any of this from those who are responsible for it. We must find ways to make them irrelevant. You can’t stop them from staging a play. You can refuse to attend.

  10. The best way, in my opinion, to cause people to be more skeptical of the media is simply to stay calm and don’t lead with your conclusion (i.e., SH was a hoax). That will immediately shut down lines of communication. If they ask your opinion, don’t even say outright that you believe it was a hoax. Instead, in a calm manner, say that you have some doubts about some of the details surrounding the incident.

    If they ask why you have doubts, show them *mainstream* materials that provide motive and opportunity to pull off the event. Again,the goal is to cause them to harbor some doubt about things they hear without questioning whether it is accurate.


    1. Political History of Gun Control:


    2. Statement by Holder in 1990’s About Gun Control:


    3. Holder Admits “Lone Failure” was Lack of Gun Control:


    4. NY Post Reports FBI Has Actually Used Fake Defendants to Fool Judge


    5. DHS Funds Terrorist Training Drills with Local/State Agencies Which Include Resident Actors:


    6. ATF Proposed Last Month to Ban Ammo Used in Rifles Allegedly Used by ‘Lanza’ by Classifying them as Handgun Ammunition:



    These articles establish that the exact rifle purportedly used by Lanza has been in the “crosshairs” for many years before SH (motive). Holder admitted his desire for gun control years ago (motive).

    Federal agencies have admittedly used fake defendants, and the judge and the defendant’s attorney didn’t even know! (opportunity and demonstration that they not only *could have* but *have in fact* fabricated criminal identities). Local agencies have received federal money to run coordinated drills. Actors are a part of these drills (opportunity and precedent).

    When the gun control ban did not pass congress, Eric Holder directed ATF to tenuously argue that ammunition “could be fired from a handgun” so that they had legal authority to ban it (shows desperate end-run around gun ban for rifle used in SH narrative).

    This is just a starting point, but you get the idea. At all times, you have to remain calm and controlled in discussing such matters. James Tracy did a great job in his 20-minute interview posted on Youtube in demonstrating how you need to be professional if people are to take you seriously. Your job is to make them question things they hear. That’s it. Do not get worked up if they disagree with you on a particular issue or event.

    1. Interesting precedent for fake trial, with in this case the feds running it through the FBI as a sting on a municipal court judge. It shows that the executive branch of government may intrude upon the judicial.

  11. In order to view SH financial documents, the program NitroPro might need to be installed first, then right click on the link & select Save target as, select a location to store it.

    The file Superintendent Budget Proposal 1-13-15.pdf has some interesting historical data. The link was imbedded in the file First Selectman’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget found on http://www.newtown-ct.gov/Public_Documents/NewtownCT_Finance/index

    Of course you always ask for more money than you need, as it will be reduced and more than likely further reduced when other areas overspend. Each student represents a billable unit.

    Focusing on elementary schools, K-4 in Newtown, FS estimates there will be 1,264 enrolled in 2015-16, the Superintendent predicts 1321.

    In 2007-8 there were 2031, that is a 38% decline in enrollment. [Had to make up random numbers once and simply transposed the digits!]

    The number of teachers in this period declined from 115 to 99, a 14% decline.

    The number of schools remained at 4, however in the 2011-12, principals were reduced from 5 to 4.

    The maintenance and administrative support have stayed at the same levels in these several years.

    The Hawley School was built in 1920, given the current estimates, this revenue starved town that has a problem with math, could very well get by with three k-4 schools, but it would mean reductions in their major employer!

    1. What’s missing in the detailed number of personnel budgeted to support Newtown [page 47] is the Personal Services piece.

      Near as I can gleam found buried elsewhere is the Special Ed/Mental health pieces which increased from 192 to 210 in the same period, a 9% increase. The numbers are purposely obscure and do not include the federal grants, some are listed below.

      The Maintenance plan for 2015/16 for the Hawley, Chalkhill or Sandy Hook has zero dollars budgeted [page 238]. There are 5 Safety issues at Hawley, such as repair gym floor, scheduled for 2016/17.

      The Capital improvements 5 year plan indicate Hawley is in need of a new roof and HVAC to the tune of $4,500,000 which is the amount listed as savings in this article.


      Of course, there are no improvements needed at Chalkhill, and SH represents a $49,250,000 credit. That is a big windfall for this town with a $70,000,000 annual school budget and apparently no maintenance costs for 2 of it’s schools in the present or near future.

      No wonder the locals rejected a 5% tax increase to cover new security concerns in the schools. Here is almost $9,000,000 in federal grants and that is not counting the small gifts from us!

      P 275
      Newtown Public Schools applied for the Immediate Services Grant under SERV which was approved and awarded on May 22, 2013 in the amount of $1,303,195.

      A second immediate services grant of $1,938,913
      for the 2013-2014 school year was approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

      In September, 2014, the U.S Department of Education announced that the Newtown Public School district was awarded an Extended Services grant of $3,170, 625

      Through June 30, 2016 to assist with ongoing recovery efforts.

      P 284


      Of this amount, the BOE was awarded $59,442 to help offset the additional security that was required for the 2012-13 fiscal
      year. …. The total grant awarded for Board of Education expense, including this security was for $511,016.
      The BOE has recently been approved for phase II … total for this award is $1,642,905

      The phase III component of this grant was recently awarded to the District and will cover the period 7/1/13 – 6/30/15. The total amount for this phase is $368,343.

      They are having a hard time trying to spend all this blood money.

  12. lophatt, among others, has suggested that SHES was not in use as a regular school, but perhaps was there for other uses such as storage and for special education classes. I often compare Newtown to its neighbor in the north, New Milford. They are the same size in population and square miles. I was especially interested in suggested uses of a New Milford elementary school after it closes in July. See link below.
    There has been much opposition from parents to the closing, but it will happen nevertheless. The students will be bused to a school further away in the fall. John Pettibone School looks very much like SHES did, both built in the fifties.

    Comparison between the two schools:
    New Milford is closing its John Pettibone School in July due to sinking enrollment. The school now has 430 students from pre-K through third grade.
    1944 – John Pettibone resigned as Superintendent of Schools after 41 years of service.
    1955 – John Pettibone School, Pickett District, dedicated.
    1956 – The New Milford Public Library opened first branch at John Pettibone School.

    “Enrollment projections show a decline of 11 percent by 2017-18, with the pre-K to third-grade classes affected the most, according to educational analyst Tom Jokubaitis.”

    Suggested uses of the school after closing in July:
    “To keep building use under school board jurisdiction: the Central Office could be moved from East Street to the Pettibone building. It could be used as an in-district therapeutic placement for special education students. It could be used as an alternative high school. It could even be used to store education board property and supplies.”

    dinophile refers to this information as “habit evidence” – a legal term.

    1. Anne, so why do those little darlings in Milford get an old school like SHES instead of a “MAGNIFICENT THING”?

      I merely proffered a possible use. I know that many (if not most) think it was totally closed. It could have been, but it seems to me that it would be easier if it were used on a limited basis.

      Where I grew up this was a common issue. After WWII there was the normal baby boom. They built elementary schools and, as the kids grew up, they built middle and high schools.

      If the neighborhood was at least “middle class” often families stayed put. Younger families didn’t move in and the elementary schools stood vacant.

      We had many examples of old schools used as offices and special education units. Some of them were used as educational extension annexes for the state university system.

      The financial report presents a problem. It is detailed. The detail does not match the facts as we understand them. We know that it is quite impossible for the stated number of students to have attended.

      When you couple that with the teaching staff and the plant operations people, where did they go? It would mean that the conspiracy reaches all the way through the school board.

      When one objectifies the staff as “FTE’s”, it somewhat obfuscates the actual number of employees. However, they do list a breakdown. That would mean that, if they read it, they would have either known that there were not that many staff there or they are so unaware that no one challenged it. That’s unlikely.

      Some of the information that Fetzer mentioned is good. The spots in the parking lot, for example. The obvious staging of vehicles was indicative of a drill. The evacuation videos obviously did not show what the report stated.

      A small point that I noticed in the financials was the statement that there were no ongoing construction projects at SHES. If that is so, where did the “Contractors enter through here (or something”, sign come from that was clearly visible? That means the report is inaccurate, at a minimum.

      So, as usual, we are left where we began. As professional as the report looks we should assume that it is another ruse. Instead of helping to understand this, it leaves me wondering how they manage to get all of these officials to look the other way. It’s one thing not to say anything. It’s another to “sign off” on a report you know to be inaccurate and post it publicly.

      None of this changes the nature of SHES. I was hopeful that some valuable information may have been contained in the report. Under normal circumstances it would be straightforward to audit the information. I doubt that is possible under the current circumstances.

      I still think it would be interesting to interview a couple of bus drivers or cafeteria workers. Unless and until they relax their deathlike grip on information we’ll be left guessing.

      1. I, for one, will be very surprised if the school turns out to have been closed. The disinfo on this point, coming from proven frauds, is just too unified. It is a perfect little cul-de-sac to herd the Sandy Hook skeptics into. Get them all to loudly insist that the school was closed, then prove otherwise in a publicized court case, making them all look very foolish.

        I know someone indirectly who sent her kids there through 2006. She lives between the Lanza house and the school. She thinks that this shooting was real. How could she not have noticed that the school was closed? I don’t think she is lying, just fooled by the media.

        I have noticed that the SHES enrollment declined precipitously between Sept. 2010 and Sept. 2012. It decreased by over 150 students, from 575 to 452, a statistical anomaly. Did the school select families who could be counted on to keep the secret, and get rid of all the others. There is anecdotal evidence of families living close to the school who sent their elementary school age kids elsewhere.

        There seems to have been a for profit educational enterprise sharing the SHES building. Could the Education Connection’s enrollment have been counted in the total we were given for the number of students? If so, this could have greatly reduced the total number present on the day of the event, and also on the day before, when the Hicks photos were taken. Were most of the remaining students in the gym getting ready to take their PTA geography tests? Janet Robinson’s account of her experience that day indicates that all of the faculty left the school via the gym, as they all asked Robinson whether she had seen Hochsprung. Evidently none of them walked by the “bodies” in the hall. These people are still teaching at the SHES, in its new temporary location.

        1. Just wondering if people have seen this photo on Hochsprung’s twitter account. Go to the entry for 18 Oct. 2012, where you will see that SHES and the Education Connection seem to be operating in the same building:
          Also see this:
          Education Connection-School Age Program – 12 Dickinson Dr Newtown CT 06470 – Local Search – New York, NY Local Businesses
          Wasn’t the woman who ran the Education Connection named Donna something? Dawn and Donna? Donna’s husband was convicted of committing a multi-million dollar stock fraud, mentioned here in an earlier comment on another post. It would be easy to get someone like that to do what she was asked, and keep mum.

        2. Janet Robinson’s office was not located at SHES. She reportedly received information about the event via phone at her office. Therefore she could not have been present at SHES to answer any questions about Hochsprung. Mrs. Robinson has skated through this hoax blemish free.

        3. The Education Connection was discussed in comments related to “Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses” July 10, 2014.

          The Connection had since branched out to other CT towns.

          The owner at the time was Donna Denniston whose husband had been indicted on a million dollar fraud. Links are in the comments referred to above. It may be a good idea to follow up on this, although a million dollar these days in Sandy Hook is pocket change.

        4. The school depicted in the endless videos of the ‘police report’ was definitely not functioning. Chalk Hill was closed in 2010. Three years later, we are led to believe just a few coats of paint in that many days made it just as nice as the old Sandy Hook for 500 students and staff?

          The numbers have always been suspicious to me, the budget for next year indicates ~1300 in k-4, which means only 2 or 3 schools are needed. Have they been over reported for awhile now? It would not be good for the housing market to be closing schools!

          Comparing the numbers from 2010-2016, there is a 17% decline in student population.
          K-4 – 18%
          5&6 – 14%
          7&8 – 10%
          Highschool – 3%

          Knowing someone indirectly who sent her kids there in 2006, really means nothing. The district had at least two physically failing schools along with declining enrollment and very well could of presented parents with this tax free plan to build anew with federal dollars.

          There was just this small matter of the confidentiality agreement and participation in the drill that will benefit the town and country until the end of time.

        5. That’s “odd”. Ms. Denniston owned the “Education Connection”? Hmmm! The advert reads like glorified day care. So the idea would be that you drop your little darlings with them in the morning and they look after them before and after school. Full time during summer months.

          Now, given the Ponzi scam involving her husband, it is uncertain if any of this actually functioned as advertised. If it did, of course, it would reduce the available space for the elementary school.

          We, of course, have the video tapes that correspond to the report. The report narrative reads like a drill scenario. There’s probably a good reason for that.

          I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my concerns here. Part of my suspicion involves the fact that all we have is what has been presented. We’ve discussed this at great length in the past. We have not been presented with a continuous sequence of events. Rather, we have sound and visual “bites”, that are spliced together for effect.

          There is also some evidence I’ve seen that there was some sort of test cycle in progress and students were not to attend certain days or at least for the full day.

          I could go either way on this. It wouldn’t effect the nature of the hoax, only some of the particulars. I certainly did not see any evidence of 400+ kids on that day. It is also unlikely that they would share the space with a business if they had anywhere near that number of students.

          We know from other aspects of this that some of the footage and activities were from different times. That is why it is not possible to categorically say that “I saw the video and there weren’t any kids”. It presumes that we have seen all the video, if any exists beyond what we’ve been shown. Or that kids were evacuated but not videotaped.

          I have a difficult time with the theory that they could “sell” the idea of participation simply to get money for a new school, or other needs. This was a “top down” operation. The “top” being located South of Connecticut.

          As we’ve observed, I can believe that some of them were “entrapped” in a way. They probably signed confidentiality agreements for participation in the drill. Others would obviously have known the extent of their plans.

          When looked at properly, the “drill”‘ aspect is largely about control, and I don’t mean guns. If one can run a bad script like this, violate all manner of law and tradition, hide public records and lie with impunity on national TV, I guess they’d call that a “success”.

          I would really like to clear up the issue of the school. It appears to me at this point, that it was used in some limited fashion. If I’m wrong about that I’ll gladly admit it. Others have submitted some pretty compelling “evidence” of closure. To me it isn’t conclusive.

          This should be an easy thing to sort out. A lot of it requires access to untampered records. It should also include some discussions with bus drivers, vendors, etc..

        6. Last year the Education Connection had facilities listed at SHES and Hawley School.

          Application form for SHES:

          Application form for Hawley School:

          Their current Newtown facility is at Head O’ Meadow School, 94 Boggs Hill Road.

          It appears that the Education Connection has grown and prospered. They have several new locations such as the west side of Danbury and locations north in the state. They now offer programs for autistic toddlers and finger printing services.

          Donna Denniston is also the owner of an art gallery in Maine.

          From the “illustrious” Newtown Bee:
          ~In reality, Denniston did not invest his victims’ funds in stock options or in any other legitimate investments. Rather, he spent the money on his own personal and business expenses, as well as for other unauthorized uses.
          Denniston used some money for gifts to family members, and spent additional amounts on airfare, hotels, restaurants, country club memberships, golf and ski outings, mortgage and rent payments, cable and telephone bills, furniture, home renovation costs, and other personal living expenses, according to Ms Daly.~

          Perhaps Wolfgang Halbig will be the one to gain more information on the operation or non operation of SHES.

        7. Education Connection application forms to both SHES and Hawley School have a memo dated February 19, 2014 from Peggy Kelley, Assistant Director.

          SHES on 12 Dickinson Drive was demolished at the end of 2013. Both schools application form memos are dated 2/19/14. The application form to SHES has to be for the Monroe location.

  13. Wolfgang Halbig has been granted a hearing in Hartford. It will take place on 3/31, 2015 at 9:30 AM. Duration is 90 minutes. Location: 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford – Hearing Room A.

    1. Anne, from a numbskull like me who would miss the obvious, many thanks for practical information. Unless the Lord does not allow me, I will be in that courtroom when Wolf is heard. I have pleaded here on MHB in the past to be joined in a “canvassing” of the Newtown/Sandy Hook region, but have been met with discouragement (though not necessarily an indictment).

      Wolfgang can go right back to Florida if he wants to. That’s his decision. He will be invited by myself to tour the area, and ask questions of the locals. What he, and others here at MHB may not understand, is that this poster goes in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. This does not necessarily mean the lid will be blown off of Sandy Hook. But what it does mean is that my sole agenda is to uncover the truth. If this happens, praise God Almighty. If it doesn’t, praise God Almighty.

      I go to Hartford on March 31 to honor the truth. You do not have to be a believer in Jesus Christ to love the truth. This is why I read MHB. I am fully aware that this is not a Christian site. But if you ARE a believer in Jesus Christ, you BETTER love the truth, and honor it above all else.

      Jesus Christ came into the world to bear witness to the truth. There is, nor can there be, a more noble expedition.

      God help me, and Wolfgang, to honor the truth in Hartford on March 31st.

      1. This is the biggest breakthrough yet and we all need to pray for Halbig and everyone attending in support. Perhaps 2015 will be the year of some real SH justice with Maureen Crowley having paved the way. I’m 3000 miles away and can’t make it this time, but will be there in spirit.

        Directions to Wolfgang Halbig’s hearing:

        Commission Office: 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford

        The Connecticut Commission on Children operates from the second floor of 18-20 Trinity Street in Hartford. The building is located across the street from the state Capitol and adjacent to the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

        From I-84 eastbound: Take Exit 48, Capitol Avenue. Get into the left lane of the exit ramp and follow the signs for Asylum Street. At the end of the exit ramp turn right onto Asylum Street. Stay to the right and proceed through the Memorial Arch onto Trinity Street. After the Arch, the first right will be the Capitol visitors driveway; the Commission office will be on the left.

        From I-84 westbound: Take Exit 48, Asylum Street, at the end of the exit ramp turn left at the light onto Asylum Street. Get into the right lane and go under the railroad bridge. Stay to the right and proceed through the Memorial Arch onto Trinity Street. After going through the Arch, the first right will be the Capitol visitors driveway.

        From I-91 northbound or southbound – Take Exit 29A, Capitol Avenue to Pulaski Circle. Go right onto Elm Street. Follow Elm Street to the traffic light. At the traffic light proceed across Trinity Street directly onto the Capitol grounds.

        Parking: Free parking is usually available to the public at the foot of state Capitol parking lot on the corner of Trinity and Elm streets, across the street from the Commission office. A free parking garage is also attached to the Legislative Office Building, on the far side of the Capitol. Street parking is available along nearby Bushnell Park, but be aware that it is metered parking and that the City of Hartford is aggressive in issuing tickets for expired limits.

        Here’s a map of downtown Hartford parking lots and garages, courtesy of the Hartford Parking Authority.

        1. Anne, thank you so much for the practical information. So helpful. Do you know if this will be recorded. We need people to be at that hearing lined up outside. We need people to protest. Is that possible?

          Every month or two I look up progress on Wolfgang’s work. If he an shed enough light on this, he is a true liberty hero. He needs all the support he can get. Thank you for keeping this page alive.

    2. Completely Awesome and Yes God Speed for Wolfgang Halbig.

      Remember when he first started his journey all the the criticism here?

      My My how things change.

      The closed school tactic is slippery as it could be just a storage dump and a hard fact to prove. I’ve never liked this tactic but it may well work. Who knows. Hard records of the activity there would be persuasive if you had a Real Court and Honest Judge. Good Luck. The last 6 years have astonishing as I watch the integrity of my Govt. collapse.

      No one is going to cooperate from Newtown for they have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

      The reason I find SHE and BMB so fascinating is there are mere human beings involved, Unprotected at the military levels from 911 which was/is impossible to break as JFK. This could break.

      This time the treasonous unprotected American Traitors involved who were paid CASH will easily be tossed under the bus by their handlers to protect the Govt. officials involved in this crime all the way to the White House.

      This is the TRUE Achilles Heel of SHE and BMB.

      Stupid Humans taking money with NO guarantees from uncle sam as they did with 911 for they were all military and could never be touched.

      I can’t wait to see real tears as the cuffs go but in Obama’s world, only the just go to jail, the players walk free and are rewarded.

  14. Perhaps a visit to the Hawley school, another k-4 ancient elementary school of 331 students would be enlightening.

    As with Sandy Hook {or Chalk Hill} there are no budgeted maintenance improvements scheduled for this calendar year in the Superintendents budget. Strangely, there are several safety issues scheduled for next year as in replace sidewalk at front entrance and repair gym floor.

    The Newtown Bee announced they would be saving $3.7 million in not doing repairs at the Hawley, does this mean $800,000 will also be saved in not replacing the roof?

    HVAC Phase II Ventilation Improvements, electrical upgrades ’21, ’48 and ’97 sections. $3,700,000
    Roof replacement 1948 and 1997 sections $800,000

    Wonder what the parents think about all these cost savings.

  15. Po Murray @ponumurray · 10m 10 minutes ago
    Lots of noises from the demolition of the shooter’s home today. Hoping for peace in our neighborhood. #SandyHook

  16. Wouldn’t it be easy enough to find the yearbooks for each year and match them with names, faces, physical location and as many other aspects of this event. There have to be yearbooks out there, every school does them. It should make analyzing this easier.

    1. Yes, you would research who the yearbook company was for the school and/or district and ask them if they ever produced such a yearbook. If you discover that no such book was ever produced you’ve got your answer. And you would also find out what photographer took class pictures for this school in 2012 and back over the last ten years. Again if you don’t have any such photographic record then you’ve got even more evidence. QUESTION? Why aren’t the local residents doing this research and discovery?
      Look the official U.S. record keeping of deaths for both Newtown and Conn. do NOT contain the deaths of any of those who supposedly died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This was a staged event.
      Up on Youtube is a video where they take the official police video shot of the cars all parked in the parking lot that day and they zoom in and discover that ALL THE REGISTRATION STICKERS ON THE LICENSE PLATES ARE DATED 2006! These same cars are also found in aerial photos lined up in another school parking lot in the days proceeding the event. It’s becoming so clear – YOU are the target America!

      1. I have never looked at this topic until it came up on a podcast I was listening to. I still have no view of this one way or the other.

        However, I can provide some pointers on how to do additional research.

        But first things first: Elementary schools don’t always have yearbooks. (Mine didn’t.) The school may have participated in national spelling bees or some other academic or sports related activity that would put them on the map, however. If they ever remodeled, changed their schedule or launched a new program, it should have made the local community newspaper, too.

        As to public records, Wofgang Halbig really ought to start his search locally (I understand he’s in Texas). Why? Because the school board meetings, library and community newspaper archive may not be online but it ought to be locally searchable. (For that matter, those of you who live in Connecticut could do the same.)

        One of the arguments Snopes uses against conspiracy theorists is that the dates on Google and Facebook are only approximate, and therefore we can read nothing whatsoever into the presence of fundraising efforts/announcements that seem to predate the tragedy. Snopes did not go to any trouble to quote a Google source, which it should have done to maintain its own credibility. (I can tell you from managing my own blog since the late ’90s and doing some web design that literally every file you upload to a server is dated. It’s up to the webmaster to visibly date the content, however, and a lot of websites, including major media sites like Slate, are oblivious to the concept of datelines — so that part is NOT surprising.)

        Human behavior (how the victims should have behaved) is entirely subjective. But dates and times should not be so indeterminate. A search of the LexusNexus system at a university is your best bet for a more accurate timeline. Anyone who wants to access public or published documents should be researching this system. It predates Google and the Internet as we know it, and is much more thorough. Universities that offer a journalism degree often have these systems in the school library.

  17. OK, my post was just deleted again. I got a bogus message that I needed to put in a valid name. Just another gang stalking techique from Word Press. It takes me forever to write as I am handicapped in typing and dylexic in spelling. They don’t like my analysis. I give them the Italian put down, akin to the finger in America. No more I caN do except keep trying.

    1. Sorry, I lost my temper. I will try again and hope it will be worth the read.

      My education regard law was gained byh watching two tv series, “Boston Legal”and “The Goodwife.” I am a sucker for a catchy trial sequence. lol…I did view the entire video of the Halbig versus the town of Newtown, et al. To my lay observation, Kay Wilson’s handling of the case was exemplary, given the opposition’s weasel tactics by Mr. Frank.

      My curiosity further led me to wonder if lawyers were required to take some oathe before admission to the bar. Regulations differ from state to state. In particular, what does Connecticut have to say pertaining to this issue? Below an excerpt from the state on legal ethics.

      the legal system:

      The legal profession is largely self-governing. Although other professions also have been granted powers of self-government, the legal profession is unique in this respect because of the close relationship between the profession and the processes of government and law enforcement. This connection is manifested in the fact that ultimate authority over the legal profession is vested largely in the courts.

      The entire statement is found at the American Legal Ethics Library located at the Cornel Law School, Ithaca, New York–a repository for research on legal matters, There is a disclaimer on the sight stating that some information maybe outdated due to slow upkeep, citing lack of financial funds.

      If you are a cynic, you may think, what is becoming of our nationwide trade in legal practice as it plays out in the courts, government and professional ethics?
      Is the dificit one of moral failing and why? hmmmm

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