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  1. This event is the product of dissected government agencies. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Ultimately, we are progressing to a Stasi-like existence here, but all in the name of “national security”, you understand that, right?

    1. This article doesnt say what happened at Verizon etc..why were they targetted? Or am I supposed to watch a 53 minute video to find out? Come on, Mr Tracy, a couple of sentences would have done it!

      Thanks, Anne, for the clue….if all he wanted was to change job positions, then I dont believe he would have been worth all the effort it takes to methodically harass someone, like he claims happened…sounds far fetched to me

      1. Yeah I had the same thoughts as to what the actual specific “harrasment” was the first time he worked for verizon as the blog doesn’t state what it was. So I watched the 23 min. video and the most I got was someone allegedly spiked his drink at a christmas party because they didn’t wan’t him changing departments. Huh…

        Then I listened to the Tracy interview and it’s the same stuff…oddly exactly the same. The guy gives a word for word description of his situation exactly as he did in the 23 min. video. To save everyone interested the time I wasted I will give my impression of the mess ala Seinfeld….

        “I was a professional employed at x for x years, I started getting harassed and yadda, yadda, yadda…they spiked my drink and I had to leave because it was a dangerous place. Then i go back to work at a subsidiary of x, where my former union steward tells me it was the government messing with me all along, not x. The harassment starts getting really intense yadda, yadda, yadda so I decide to start trying to contact Obama at the whitehouse, because he promised hope and change. Here is this book Mobbing that describes what was happening to me yadda, yadda.” The punchline is of course, that you yadda, yadda’d over the best part. We have no idea what happened.

        The interesting thing about it is they have people come and measure the sounds at their house and everyone hears it and no one knows what it is…then there is some anecdotal evidence of EMT vehicles being left around their property and the bizzare event of being seated at a sporting event surrounded by people wearing black and pointing their cell phones at them….

        Overall, the story doesn’t add up. Something about it just isn’t right. There is no motive…no evidence of anything specifically targeting them.
        I’m basically disappointed there wasn’t any real substance to this piece.

    2. The interviewees, as well as many others, also suggest that some of these practices are common and well-recognized in some European countries, something that is pointed out in the post. You are suggesting, if I’m not mistaken, that large institutions–governmental or otherwise–should in every instance have a set of easily discernible and rational motives to proceed with certain courses of action.

      1. Im not saying governments are always rational, of course not…just saying it seems like a pointless and very expensive..( manpower, logistics, equipment use etc )… over – reaction by government to pursue insignificant individuals…

        you mentioned European countries…I live in England… cant recall any similar instances here

        My response was from Anne’s comment that all he did was try to change job roles….Im assuming she watched the whole video and thats all the basis this guy has for his belief that he was targetted….if there is more then, as I said, a brief description of the facts in your article would have been helpful….

        having said that, I follow your blog regularly and I believe you do really good work
        love and peace Steven

        1. I’m struggling with this as well. I keep an open mind. I do not deny that governments or organizations are capable of anything. On the other hand, what is the point?

          If he said; “I was going to go to the authorities about their use of…”, or something, it would at least provide a motive. If I started harassing someone, and they have no idea why, what purpose would it serve?

          They claim that their locale makes no difference. As you said, that seems like an expensive undertaking for what result. He implies that he sat next to a “suspected terrorist”. If that were the case you might endanger all the bloviating politicians darkening the halls of Congress (ha!). Although I’ve heard its been so cold in D.C. that they have their hands in their “own” pockets!

          I simply don’t know what to make of these tales. Does the technology exist to do this? I think so. Why would they be using it in such a random manner? I have no idea. It is hard to imagine that “Cable Guy” caused such a stir that he’s now targeted by the clandestine services.

          I have sympathy for this. I would say, however, that if I believed myself the victim of such an attack, I would use every method available to locate the source. If its a radio frequency, it should be possible to do that.

          At the end of the day we are left with “I hear things”, or “I see things”. He mentions being “gaslighted”. Yes, to do that requires the cooperation of a group of people. Could that happen? Sure. Why would it happen is the question.

          Until there’s a nexus, we are left with “I see dead people”. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. How would I know?

        2. I tend to set aside some of these stories because I simply cannot evaluate them the way I can the presentation of a psyop, one of those public spectacles. I do note that a recent suicide of an MIT professor was said to be caused by his frustration with tinnitus. That he might have felt it came from some form of harassment, I never heard.

          I would say that if I attend to the sounds in my own house (and I am not an electrical engineer – as that professor actually was – ) there is a continuous buzz of electronic devices – the heater, the fridge, the lightbulbs, computers, some appliance that is being used. If you go outside, you might hear overhead wires. None of this is natural but manmade sound. Some of it might begin to feel oppressive to people. Some might be there as some sort of Trojan horse if someone is deemed an enemy. Remember, this is country that has admitted to killing targeted individuals by drone warfare “abroad” – though some of those targets have been Americans, with all the rights you and I are supposed to have.

          I say I cannot evaluate these people, but their sufferings may well be genuine, for whatever reason. They may be correct or incorrect about its source, but let’s face, we live in “interesting times” where the old rules have been tossed out. And those who break the old rules do not all pay the same price.

        3. Musings, I agree with your response to my Comment on the apparently illogical targetting and alleged actions taken by government agents to this couples’ supposed conflicts with his employer. Thanks also to Lophatt for his Comment.which I also agree with..

          I live in Britain and Im old enough to have been a hippy back in the 60’s, strong supporter of the counter cultural movement of those days, street protester against Vietnam ( yes, we protested that war in Britain even though we didnt have troops in it ), political activist etc…but Im unaware of any of us( myself and people like me ), being targetted electronically, either back then, or now, given Im still an outspoken truthseeker and all around non conformist..lol

          I do suffer from Tinituss, 10 years now, its stressful at times, but I never think its anything but natural, unless its a side effect of the Contact I believe Ive had with non – terrestrials all my life. Interestingly, here in Britain, the only cases Ive heard of people being TI’s or subject to gangstalking as its also known, is among the community of people like me who believe they have been abducted by ET’s or in other ways been subject of interactions with them…. clearly, this couple dont have that background and my gut says they are either paranoid, or attention seekers, or even possibly looking for financial compensation, after all, it seems a bit bizarre to jump to complaining to the white house, their senator etc, given the vague nature of what might have motivated all this in the first place

        4. Musings, I think that is what I’m trying to say. I simply don’t know. My normal “default” position is not to jump into things that I have no way of verifying feet first. That is not an indictment, it is a problem.

          I would never advise someone to believe something like this simply because someone says so. Why not drive us all nuts? Why select only some?

          I haven’t categorically ruled anything out. I simply have an especially difficult time with these stories. Fortunately, I don’t have to come to any conclusion.

          Saying, “I had others out and they said there are frequencies”, doesn’t mean “they are targeting me”. If true, it means, “there are frequencies”. The logical progression from there would be to identify what was causing them.

          It is certainly true that certain frequencies can cause problems, directed or otherwise. We have established that we are bathed in them. Human hearing generally runs between 20 hz and 20 Khz. You can be affected below or above that range, but you won’t hear it. I think he mentioned 9Khz. You’d hear that. I’m not sure what he means by “scratching on a chalkboard”.

          It is clear to me that I’m in the minority on this topic. I don’t say that it doesn’t happen, I would be more receptive to it if I had a motive. To single someone out no matter where they go, to the exclusion of others, would be an expensive and intensive enterprise. It seems “wasteful” if the “target” doesn’t know what they’re being targeted for.

          I do not agree that it is some form of experimentation. Experiments have already been conducted to the extent that they know what frequencies cause certain reactions. In an earlier post I linked to a manual that has them outlined.

          People have had Tinnitis forever. It is annoying, and can cause some to lose it. It, by itself, doesn’t prove much. Not all afflictions are caused by human intervention. Some are, some aren’t. That is the same thinking that caused people to blame others for their afflictions. That is very common these days.

          It is not necessary to be a “believer” in something. It does not follow that, if they can do something, they are doing it to many. I’ll continue to read accounts of this. I hope to read one that has more substance.

        5. Thanks Steven. It sounds like we have much in common. I’m an aging “hippie” as well. In fact, I was in England in ’68. At any rate, your comments are spot on.

          If this couple are “targeted” or “troubled”, I wish them the best. I am kept pretty busy finding my way in other rabbit warrens. I’m going to take a pass on this one.

          With Mr. Soetoro busy channeling Caligula we may not have long to worry about disturbances. Of course, he’s doing his master’s bidding. Keep a stiff upper lip, and do a favor for me. Take out a few of those cameras, would you? They didn’t have those when I was there. It was a civilized country.

        6. Hey Lophatt, good to hear I’m not the last old hippy on the block!
          Its too easy for the Controllers now, they have the younger generation in thrall to their screens….. being rebellious in words but safe and sound indoors instead of demonstrating and disrupting their streets, colleges and workplaces out in the real world , like we did.
          I still believe there was a very brief time back in the late 60’s, where we nearly reached a tipping point, a moment when we could have wrested control from the psychopaths, but they came down hard and brutal, our movement wasnt organised enough or led by strong enough characters, so it passed and we now have the result, a Western world dominated by Imperialist America, heading for its own destruction as all empires do….

          As for the cameras in Britain, yeah, we are the most surveilled country on the planet and our sheeple love it, better to be safe from those pesky terrorists lurking on every intersection…. I still itch to throw rocks at them!

          see ya around the rabbit holes

          love and peace Steven

  2. Appears to be an exceptional post. I say ‘appears’ because over the course of my life, I’ve learned just about everything is controlled and monitored to further the course of techno-fascism, to the utmost and to the nth degree. All people everywhere, of all types, are being subjected to techno-domination by rabid and diseased (in mind and spirit) techno-fascists.

    I have never heard of Project Avalon but will check it out. Sounds ‘good’.

    I appreciate again, this site (MHB) and the fact that it also ‘appears’ to be ‘against’ censorship. I have only minimal problems with how I see this site (MHB) being operated. I ‘think’ it is genuine and I ‘believe’ people are allowed to speak (write) here, ‘freely’.

    Ned Lud

    1. Says she was born in 1964. his records say age 50-54…. I agree she looks much older, but I don’t look so hot either after sleepless nights!

  3. The attacks against this couple may be explainable if experiments are being done on subjects more or less picked at random. In the biological experiments done under the Nazis, the horrible experiments that were done on prisoners who were picked as experimental subjects. The pscho-social experiments could be done the same way.

    If, for example, American power could induce sleeplessness on a mass basis against protesters or opposition, it would be an enormous political weapon to promote any oppressive policy. in the case of Chelsea Manning, sleeplessness was the major weapon used by the marine corp to harass her.

    This raises questions in the current trial of Dzhokhar in the Boston Marathon bombing. Typically the patsies in the previous power conspiracies were ‘defended’ by dump trucks, as occurred in the Sirhan and James Earl Ray trials. In this trial the chief defense lawyer, Judy Clarke, just conceded the prosecution’s ( false) case, not only admitting Dzhokar’s guilt, but parroting the media version of the bombing. Obviously not only the bombing was staged, but now the trial will be.

    But why did Dzhokar go along with this, looking relaxed while the gross and shocking lies were being told. He was vehement in stating his innocence originally. But they had over a year to work on him. Did they use the same techniques on him that they used on these other victims?
    The usual forms of intimidation might be sufficient, but the power organs now have other means to induce compliance.

  4. This crime is very real and widespread. To gain a perspective on the generations that this crime has been in effect, The Cointelpro Papers, is an excellent academic book. Here is the link:


    Tactics like these were refined from previous federal witch hunts like the Red Scare, Anarchist Scare/Palmer Raids, i.e., a history of retaliatory, blunderbuss overreaction by federal authorities using the “public scare” model. I believe that the feds are fostering an environment of entrenched local corruption to create conditions to necessitate the federalization of law enforcement. This was achieved in Mexico, in large part, by informants linking local police to the mass student kidnapping/murder in Iguala in 2014. Obama seems receptive to a nationalized police force.

    My blog has over a dozen pages, and, nearly a third reach the post “How Widespread is Gang Stalking” through internet search engines. Why isn’t the federal government asking the same question?


  5. For what it is worth, you should look up a professor at MIT (in the very lab which overlooks the new memorial to policeman Sean Collier, allegedly killed by the BMB guys the day they were publicly fingered in the press. Last summer, after stating that he was struggling with tinnitus, he jumped off a bridge. Seth Teller was his name. I only know that he also had been trying to organize in a nearby community to deal with a courthouse that was going to developers when he had the idea it should have another purpose (so in that sense, he was defying authority).
    Another suicide, of a freshman, just happened in the same building.

    Today it is announced by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “defense attorney” that “he did it” and the purpose of the trial is going to be to find out “why”.
    Why self-respecting judge would allow a courtroom to be used for a Soviet style show trial or even a Nuremberg style trial? It’s got to be a continuation of the whole psyop. If he’s admitted his guilt, then he should not be put through a trial to get to his psychological motives. If he does not admit to his guilt, then he should fire his traitorous attorney. This is an attack on traditional notions of legal rights both in our system and the one we inherited it from, Britain. It is not a trial of fact, it is a trial of someone already guilty, as the scenario goes.

    1. “Why self-respecting judge….”, indeed. He or she wouldn’t. Now, a “tool” might. You are quite correct in that this is more “modeling”. This is what certain people (perhaps all people), should expect as “justice”.

      Suppressed evidence, improper representation, dramatized emotionally-charged hoax photos. Hey, this would make Stalin blush.

  6. totally bizarre story James… the fire truck especially. I wonder did he ever ask the driver why it was left there so long? … when they came to move the firetruck. I would be interested to hear if he was ever able to talk to any of the drivers to see why they were there… I was thinking a police scanner might come in handy… you should be able to hear them dispatched to any of these locations. Also if he was able to get a tail number of the chopper to find out who it belonged to. And find out why they were there.

  7. Most conspiracy theories are not big or absurd enough to be summarily dismissed. This one is no exception. Yet it appears to feature some extraordinary elements:
    * cost: numerous expensive harassers, much expensive mobile equipment, fancy sound and electromagnetic generators
    * abundance of video/photo/testimonial evidence: neighbors necessarily have some awareness of the high rate of helicopter passes and emergency vehicle parking; local emergency personnel must know that their vehicles park often at the Weissenbergs’ house
    * the strategic decision to harass the couple as opposed to only Peter and only when his wife is not around, which would have driven both crazy, perhaps to the point of ruining their marriage and leaving Peter even more vulnerable
    * experts’ corroboration: the harassers are confident enough to leave their machines on when an expert visits the house to detect its operation; incidentally and if I remember well, the movie does not show any meaningful follow-up by the experts; it would be interesting to know if they professionally pursued the clues they encountered or if they “suddenly and coincidentally” found themselves submerged under a mixture of abundant high-paying work and intense family problems.

    Indeed, the cause of the current harassment may be the complaint to Obama and a congresswoman. Chances are that the congresswoman’s close aides and Obama’s teleprompter writers are no strangers to harassment. They may have received their own share of it to keep them disciplined enough to faithfully play their roles in Plato’s DC cave. It stands to reason that both complaints would quickly find their way from Obama and the congresswoman’s offices to the front desk of the U.S. Harassment Bureau, where some receptionist would identify them as two coincidental denunciations of the same instance of harassment, proudly merge them, label the single resulting problem a “kill two birds with one stone” opportunity, and assign it an above average priority. But I’m deviating into another conspiracy theory.


    1. Like ckickwork, Daniel shows up with Peter. This time playing devils advocate?

      I lost the page but I did notice that Daniel and peter go way back, having seen them in a 2006 site chatting together under the same aliases. Daniel, care to explain?

      I will try to find the website, it was found in a rabbit hole I wound up in while researching peter and that one guy who claimed to be posting from an Oregon mental instituion.

    2. Daniel,

      “Extraordinary measures” were the modus operandi of COINTELPRO. The FBI rented adjoining houses to spy on activists and attorneys. Fake FBI front groups were created that included literally hundreds of “members”. These and other extraordinary measures are detailed in publicly released FBI documents (many of which were obtained through the extraordinary efforts of F.O.I.A. plaintiffs): This book gives a good introduction and summary using the FBI’s own documents to narrate:


      “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

      J. Edgar Hoover on COINTELPRO

  8. Come on people, some are struck by the peceived age differential between husband nd wife? Is that relavant or just a hook n which to hang your lack of imagination.

    How much more poof do you need to know to understand the chicanary evident in our disfunctional government?
    Bureaucrats invent a problem to ramp up funding from our clueless reps in Congress. More funds mean bigger paychecks; it is a type of sophisticated con game.

    “National Security” is a ruse, not a reason to pursue any given agency policy. Being that there is NO oversight or legal ramifications inherant in the system, small wonder subtrafuge continues behind the cloak of govt secrecy while the public stumbles in the dark.

    To all unbelievers- how can you accept the hoaxes of Sandy Hook or the BM bombing and question this couple’s story so quickly? This stuff is happening–not always with the exact same template, but the FBI can get bored and become very creative. Remember, they are
    playing these head games with your tax money….

  9. James, as a follower and admirer of your work, I must echo some of the earlier commenters and ask you, do you have any idea *why* Peter was harassed? The reason why would have been the bottom line of the whole situation. I thought it was odd that you did not ask this in the interview. Maybe disclosing the reason would get them in more trouble and you agreed not to bring it up. If so, I would think that he hasn’t told you the reason, or what he suspects is the reason. I will also say that both Peter and Cathie struck me as *highly* skilled as interviewees. They both have very high emotional intelligence, and both are extremely good at sounding credible. This does not prove anything one way or the other, but I notice it when I hear it. Maybe they are going as far as they think they can go, publicizing the nature of the harassment, but not publicizing the reason for the harassment. Working for Verizon, one might learn certain things, as Marc Klein did at AT&T.

  10. After reading this it occurred to me a possible motive behind all this TI talk these days: don’t ever question your government. They will make you go insane on your way to your demise, thus rendering your cause useless.

    I don’t doubt that what this couple say is impossible, I just doubt that TI’s are real, rather, they seem more likely to be propaganda or psyops. Who really wants to stick their neck out to find out anyway? And even if you are successfully targeted, how would you convince anyone of the veracity of your plight?

  11. In literature, there is a concept called “nuance” meaning an author does not beat the theme to death but allows for some reader involment in the storyline.

    To me this story seems self-evident: Peter had developed a sophisticated invention for Verizon and was presenting it to various high-security agencies in govt.
    Apparently, he was deemed a security risk;perhaps he mentioned his situation to the wrong people, as someone in an earlier comment suggested–perhaps an innocent remark dropped, then seized upon by authorities to be privileged info (the walls have ears, you know). PETER ewas on notice to shut his mouth!

    Consequently the FBI was off and running and ramping up their surrveilance. In many respects, it’s just a big game to most on their payroll. For every good person who works for the FBI or CIA, there are a dozen misfits who lack human empathy. I was once introduced to a CIA man who said, we want people who are more interested in money than ideology. And they just follow orders

    Case closed, IMO.

  12. Musings is quite right, the Boston Marathon trial is a show trial, like the Stalin show trials in the 1930’s, that is operatively an attack on the entire US legal system. The judge immediately restricted the evidence connecting the older brother, who was Proclaimed the chief culprit, to the bombing. The chief defense lawyer stated, as to the bombing, “it was him,” placing the onus on Dzhokhar, who had pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

    Over 90% of the charges against the defendents are plea bargained, the defendant intimidated out of his legal rights by the huge penalty if found guilty at trial. Now the trials themselves are being attacked. If Americans are being targeted by psychological and physical pressures by the organs of American power, we increasingly ;have no legal recourse if charged with some offense. The USA is increasingly lawless, and the legal system as much of a fraud as the electoral system and the media and truth system.

    1. Agree completely. Notice the bad grammar of the lawyer – it was HIM, wrong case. Better to avoid this construction altogether in a formal setting. Of course the lawyer is in on the game and meant to look like a defender of fanatics who wants them to have their legal rights. Dzhokhar’s friends say the court actor has a pronounced accent so it’s definitely not their buddy. Suspect he’s more than a crisis actor and perhaps has been clunked in the head with hypnotic suggestions as well.
      As to show trials, no one did them better than the Germans even during the war.

      1. Yes, it seems the former classmates of Dzhokhar from Rindge and Latin High School noted that their friend of yore had no accent. Why should he? He was very young, pre-puberty, when he was brought to the US. My husband was about 10 when he came here and he has no accent either, yet a friend of his, from the same country, who arrived at age 12-13 has very distinct accent which forty years in the US cannot erase.

        The Dzhokhar of the arraignment procedure (which old schoolmates rejected) and the Dzhokhar of the trial appear to be one and the same, both talking in an accent.

        By the way, I looked up the background of a “journalist” on Boston’s WGBH, a black man named Phillip Martin, and was not the least bit surprised to find that he studied at the Tufts “Fletcher School” of “diplomacy.” A popular venue for the globalist crowd and a place from which one of the two CIA analysts I have ever known (as such) was hired from. Yes, this fellow is filling a seat in the courtroom through the “trial” and reporting back “objectively” to the wealthy subscribers to Boston’s public television station. Is he doing so under journalistic cover? Is he actually a spook (in the intelligence sense – I have no truck with racism)? Is he so desperate to belong he would participate in one of these unknowable schemes which is puppeteered from on high (oh, yes, and he also reported on the Occupy Boston movement as well)? People have lots of motives for selling out their country.

        1. musings that was hilarious and can’t believe you brought in the race card as I’m sure no one thought beyond the cia definition of spook.

          In all seriousness though, are there any credible references to dzhokhar’s former classmates stating that it is not him on trial?

          Someone mentioned whowhatwhy.org yesterday and I can attest (from memory) that they are the authority on the BMB. I think I will go and have another look after I get kicked out of here 🙂

        2. Contemporaneously with the arraignment, the information came out in interviews outside the courtroom, so I believe it was in some news source in Boston (although the Globe is one of the fabricators).

      2. Don’t forget the video the FBI claims they had of him dropping the bomb behind the little kid who died, which was verified by the Governor, The Mayor,The FBI spokesman doesn’t exist.

        It was reiterated to be true by the MSN even AFTER it was exposed the Video doesn’t even exist.

        It wasn’t even reported by the MSN that the video was a lie and yet the “show”trial moves forward. No One Cares

        And all the phony’s who testified they got blown up was laughable.

        Where was the Carlos double amputee Jeff dude? The actress who walked on her bad foot with a crutch under the wrong arm protesting in front of the courthouse months ago? The Dancer chick?

        We are in serious trouble if we let this continue…

        1. Yes, why not use your most egregiously wounded? I can think of one reason why we might see no more of some of them. I think I recall hearing about one woman (reported breathlessly and without details on the 11 o’clock news) who “needed a second amputation” because of her somehow unnoticed injuries which had escaped publicity with the first amputation. I’ll bet dollars to donuts she was a diabetic with progressive disease (sadly this runs in my family, so I know about the risks even to people being as careful as they can about it). And why not use the probably war-wounded but charismatic double amputee? Could it because there were perhaps two of him, if not more? What about those two brothers who were sheet metal workers? Stoneham Mass. seemed to be ground zero for a lot of the injured. Wonder why? Maybe reminding us of who these people were is not in the best interest of the story, because once again they would be pursued by some potentially too-curious people?

        2. “Maybe reminding us of who these people were is not in the best interest of the story, because once again they would be pursued by some potentially too-curious people?”

          You Nailed It Muse!

          I agree 100%

    2. Folktruther, it does concern me that even if this were merely a continuation of some insane drill (which we should be able to access – why would it be Top Secret?), it is portrayed as real and therefore will be cited if not as precedent, then as obiter dicta in passing to justify other violations of criminal defense rights. Will it go all the way to the Supreme Court? What is being cooked up?

  13. As to the accent of Dzhokhar or the Dzhokar figure, accent modification apparently may become more pronounced under anxiety. Since Dzhokhar has been shot, his throat cut, imprisoned for more than a year, and threatened with execution, it can safely be assumed that he has been anxious. This may be an alternate explanation for his accent. Or possibly not.

    1. I’d say possibly not. Remember the FBI witnesses who removed him from the Swiss cheese shot boat no longer exist to testify to that event. In the hospital, agents visited Dzhokhar and without a lawyer tried to force him to confess or cooperate. Perhaps when all he said was he was part of the drill and refused to go along with anything else, they decided to replace him in court.

  14. Maybe so, Marzi. They did manage to create a duplicate of Oswald in the first Kennedy assassination. But it seems that it would be a gamble, not that they are averse to them. It would account for the reports that he appeared relaxed while his chief defense attorney was lying so blatantly. As is so often the case in these staged deceptions, more evidence is needed.

  15. Maybe so, Marzi. The did create a double of Oswald in the first Kennedy assassination. And it would account for reports that Dzhokhar appeared relaxed while his lawyer was framing him so explicitly. But it would be a gamble, not that they are averse to them. As is so often the case in these staged deceptions, we need more information.

    The initial comment that I am repeating was sent down the memory hole.

  16. Mr. Tracy the comments here no longer relate to the story about the “targeted” couple, but the Boston “Bombing” “trial.” I think it would help matters if you just created another heading and moved those comments under it and invited the readers to discuss the “trial” as it proceeds. (To me, this show trial seems to come directly from a Miles Mathis’ essay.)

    1. And isn’t Mathis held up as a “nut”?

      Legally, I am not sure if in some small case where there really is a death penalty looming for the defendant, it might not in some isolated case be wise to concede something. According to one person I talked to (though he isn’t a lawyer and he thinks more logically than in a lawyerly fashion) – the prosecution simply refused a plea bargain situation and pushed for a trial. I don’t even know if this is true.

      But conceding guilt is normally done at some stage in a plea bargaining situation where you already have assurances from the prosecution that there will be no death penalty, unless the defendant is some poor usually black person who is being railroaded into the chair, in which case all bargaining is impossible and death is a foregone conclusion if guilt is admitted. Hence the many appeals for uneducated or retarded defendants who had no idea what they were agreeing to.

      Lacking such assurances going forward to trial, this is an exceedingly weird thing to say. The pen-scrawled confession in the boat is so easy to attack for instance, or at least it should be. There is no real evidence to connect him with such a powerful bomb as has been described. I think they can fix legs in Boston better than those poor women got, so if they all had their legs blown off by something major, then would you not want to examine how powerful such a weapon had to be, over what area. That would be a whole expert testimony section of the trial. You’d have to explain why the mailboxes and trees survived intact (only to be cut down and hauled away). Lot of destruction of evidence, some of it exculpatory.

      This stripped down trial is not a real trial to defend anyone, because any possible evidence would put the whole event in question.

      We cannot have defense attorneys sounding like truthers can we?

    2. “Memory Hole Blog is a forum for news, criticism and commentary on sociopolitical issues and phenomena overlooked or misreported by mainstream media.” – Dr. Tracy

      We are currently being bombarded with the media theatrics of very bad actors at work in Boston. Just as sure as we know severed legs bleed, everything about this show is make believe.

      Perhaps there will be a day in history when these comments of what was witnessed by a few awakened observers will be revered as much as George Orwell’s 1984, will it be Dr. Tracy’s 2024?

      Having boots on the ground with the local perspective is enlightening. Cannot imagine what it is like to have a whole metropolis locked down, with military brigades barging into innocent homes all because of a ‘crazed’ teenager on the loose. If that was the criteria in my town, we would always be on lockdown!.

      There are not many forums where freedom of speech is tolerated these days. Appreciate MHB and the courage and fortitude of the gracious host that provides it.

      Regarding this article, upon hearing it may have been a letter sent to the ‘leader’ or a representative that caused this torment, the third eye sees psy-op!

      Had a chuckle when the national news relayed the sad tale of marathoners having a terrible time getting in training for the big race as they keep falling down on the black ice and those snow banks are dangerous, they might break a leg or something!

  17. That’s quite true, Musings, that defendant don’t know what they are pleading to. My wife supervises appellant attorneys and she, and they, get letters all the time from prisoners who don’t understand what they legally agreed to. And really can’t understand it without some legal training. And it’s understandable why a public defender with a hundred and fifty caseload can’t explain it adequately. The whole legal criminal system is one of oppression, just as it was one of slavery.

    And it still mandates slavery, with a million prisoners working for pennies an hour in prisons, an increasing number privately owned under Free Enterprise. But what is different about this case is that it is publicized, and, as you pointed out, damages the historical legal system.
    This involves crossing a rubicon of sorts; there is no going back.

  18. As long as we’re on the topic of the ridiculous “trial” of the supposed Boston Smoke Bomber, Dave McGowan wrote about it yesterday on the Facebook page for his Laurel Canyon book: https://www.facebook.com/WeirdScenesInsideTheCanyon/posts/854062074616524

    The last paragraph sums it up nicely:

    “This is the America you now live in – a country where a large scale ‘terrorist’ attack can be faked before the entire world, and it can then be followed by a scripted, completely fake trial, and no one in the media, in Washington, in academia, or in the legal community will speak up about the bullshit being sold to the American people. I, for one, am absolutely appalled. And if you’re not, you need to start paying attention.”

    1. That’s not completely true. I’ve written at length about the BM bombing. Jim Fetzer has as well. At the same time one can argue that we are exceptions proving the rule. Even the major political assassinations of the 1960s won’t be seriously broached in the scholarly literature.

      1. This AJ piece is deeply problematic, and, I would say emblematic of the problem we face.

        After a long set up, the vital issue emerges in the 12th minute.

        He says that these events are staged. Good. Then he says that “they” tried to “flip” it from a focus on Moslems to set up lovers of freedom as the culprits. This is, on the surface, true enough; he presents a few clips of them doing this, demonstrating the truth of his argument. The MSM really did do this (and has done in prior hoaxes as well, always coming up snake eyes).

        But then he pulls a strange switch. He says that the MSM started making the Chechen boys out to be fans of freedom, i.e. Alex, et al. Alex was a “bad influence” on them.

        What is Alex driving at? I’ll tell you: He called them the “bombing patsies.” He is accepting that there WAS a bombing.

        It is possible that our masters have in fact successfully combined the Moslem and freedom factions in the Boston hoax. At least, let’s say, Alex is correct to say that this is what is being attempted. But that, interesting a possibility as it is, does not get to the bottom of this very strange presentation.

        Alex is acknowledging that a bombing took place.

        I do not think the issue of who is falsely assigned the blame (Moslems or lovers of freedom) is anywhere close in importance to the fact that no one was injured because no bombing took place.

        Why is Alex making such a big deal about the patsy shell game? Is he unaware of the abundant research that makes MHB denizens laugh out loud at essentially all the reporting–because the whole thing is a massive fiction?

        Not a chance.

        Yes, the New World Order is using the Islamic world as its foil to generate the next World War, and it indeed sees lovers of freedom as its most formidable foes. And yes, the NWO conspirators are likely to conflate the two. I’m glad Alex pointed it out; it’s an insight worthy of attention. But to focus on such a small matter, while accepting the larger lie, is to reinforce one’s suspicions about what Alex really is up ti.

  19. McGowan should have said ‘ALMOST no one,’ but he was more right than wrong. James and Fetzer, God knows, are not typical academics, and the difference is not mainly intelligence, it is intellectual courage. The American academic Community, and it is more a competition in truth trivia than in common pursuit of truth, is disgraceful, and it is not that different from academia anywhere.

    It is the same problem in any truth bureaucracy. One is restricted not only by the Superiors above, but by the truthees below. A clergyperson may want to tell his Flock something approaching the truth, but his congregation doesn’t want to hear it. And they will report him to his Superiors, who don’t want him to tell it.

    There was an article a while back in the Columbia Journalism Review attacking James that was absolutely outrageous, and this is an Elite academic institution. It is TYPICAL historically. Gibbon, often considered the greatest English historian, stated publically that the 16 months he spent at Oxford was the biggest waste of time in his life. Gore Vidal, when his dad gave him some bonds to go to Harvard, cashed them in and bought a ruined monastery in Guatamala to write his second novel, being an exceptionally wise teenager.

    Paul Craig Roberts calls the truthers of the corporate media, or Free Press, ‘presstitutes.’ Greater attention should be paid to the truthers of academia. As I shall.

  20. The Boston Marathon bombings is connected in some not yet explained way with the Checken war against Russia, which Washington has supported. Dzhokhar’s older brother Tamerlane, killed by the police, was involved in the US support of this war. As apparently was a friend who was interrogated, and then murdered, by the FBI.

    Recently in Russia, an opposition political figure, Nemtsov, was murdered right near the Kremlin, immediately suspected as an obvious false flag to throw suspicion on Putin and the Russian administration. The assassins who did it apparently were Checkens, the leader being Zaur Dadaev, who was captured with his confederates and confessed to the murder.

    This means that the current Marathon trial has foreign policy implications, which American power must try to hush up. This strengthens the argument of Musings and Marzi that the Dzhokar figure is faked, although to what extent is not known. But this also opens up a whole new area of relevance.

    I am not a journalist or investigator, so I cannot delve into this area, which in any case requires the knowledge of a bunch of Slavic languages. The best independent source is a military analyst who blogs as the SAKER, who has set up a remarkable media innovation. He has organized a bunch of commenters from many countries to translate his stuff into a number of languages. This enables the world implications of events such as these trials to be exposed, which transcends national implications.

    The foreign policy implications make the shutting down of the entire city and area of Boston to hunt for one teenager more understandable, if that teenager might have had information that they were trying to hush up.

  21. Why did Washington involve Checkens in the Boston Marathon bombings?

    In these homicidal false flags or homicidal power conspiracies, the intelligence agencies tend to use the same tactics over and over. All bureaucracies tend to function this way. In the president Kennedy assassination, during the War on Communism, an intelligent asset or agent, Oswald, was branded a Communist, and murdered so he couldn’t testify.

    In the Marathon Bombings under the War on Terrorism, they needed Muslim Terrorists as patsies, preferably dark-skinned ones. CNN announced right after the bombing that the police had captured a “dark skinned” suspect. Actually Dzhorkhar appears to have a lighter skin than I do, but “White’ or “Dark” is primarily a cultural designation. As James Baldwin noted, many “Blacks” have lighter skins than “Whites.”

    The important point, however, is that Tamerlane was an asset or agent of Washington, who was supporting the Checken terrorists against Russia. However there was a change in Cheznia with the power structure there beginning to side with Russia, and Tamerlane may have done so as well. He was therefore expendable, especially as his uncle, Rusin Tsarni, widely reported as a CIA agent or asset, split with him and trash talked him publically.

    Although the current defendant on trial, assuming its Dzhorkhor, may have known various information about Cheznia, he appears to have been too young to be active in the intelligence work. He just appears to be unlucky, like Oswald, chosen as a patsy. One of brother’s friends was murdered as well, and a number of his friends arrested on various charges to silence them.

    In short, the Muslim connection with Russia in the Marathon bombings under the Terrorist War appear similar to the Communist connection with the Soviet Union in the Kennedy assassination under the Communist War. Additional evidence for or against this thesis can be gained by discovering how and why the brothers visited the finish line of the race, or whether their uncle was involved in the process.

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