stalking1,jpgFOIA Documents Released Under FOIA Suggest 10% of US Population Experienced Stalking-Harassment

Over the past several years government and law enforcement officials have denied that U.S. citizens are routinely stalked by teams or groups of anonymous individuals. Documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Justice under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that these official denials are false.

The following two documents are those provided by the DOJ, in response to the FOIA request by Keith Labella, Esq.
Extrapolating on the 2006 study’s methodology and results, about 3.4 million U.S. citizens were victims of stalking-harassment. Of these, 447,000 (13%) were coordinated stalkings committed by three or more individuals (see document 2 below).

No known federal study has since been conducted charting this phenomenon. For additional information see the National Crime Victimization Survey: Stalking Victimization Supplement, 2006.



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9 thought on “DOJ Acknowledged Significant Gang Stalking Problem in ’06”
  1. Nice but this is not precisely the hard evidence its claimed to be. This is an enumeratoin of the evidence with the spin that this data acknowledges the problem in its numbers. I think the US DOJ with this report is trying to deny any such gang stalking is occurring because they are focused on the public being victimized by private citizens and they aren’t specifically talking about the criminal stalking done by the government.. And without a breakdown of this data to show claims of covert and government stalking is included, this data is just a lead but not the proof we seek.

    Gang stalking is real and easy to pull off not saying its not real. In previous FOIA requests the DOJ refused to provide results or claimed it didn’t exist. Lawsuits were filed to battle it and dismissed. As the judg e sided with the FBI that they had not concealed any records. This is as recent as 2011. Ted Gungerson actually wrote an affidavit for the suit, but the judge dismissed it and he was dead from cancer by that point so no further information from him could be obtained.

  2. Firstly, I’d like to point out that the commenter above’s characterization that these FOIA materials are simply a “lead” as to the proof that gang stalking exists seems highly cynical, and, reminiscent of criticisms leveled against the same materials when they were first published on NowPublic in 2010. Further details that might assuage some of the concerns of the commenter above can be obtained. One avenue of exploring the roughly 80,000 pages of data referenced on the last page above would be to examine it in its entirety. This would have to be done by volunteers with access to SASS, SPSS and other advanced statistical software programs needed to view the data. These programs are not available to the general public, but, these programs are available at universities to both professors and students of disciplines such as statistics and engineering. Here is the link to the University of Michigan website where the data is archived:

    Active shooter Myron May’s Tallahassee Police Department’s file was released unabridged. This information included a long list of license plates that May alleged were involved in the gang stalking he complained about being subject to. Dr. John Hall has publicly stated on the Alex Jones Show that license plates he has tracked in his investigation of gang stalking in Texas have been traced back to government defense contractors. Given the concern with the growing phenomenon of “motiveless” mass shootings, one would expect that these specific allegations of particular license plates of alleged stalkers would be thoroughly examined by law enforcement. Of course, any cell phone or GPS data could easily be used to find the past geo-locations of these vehicles. The license plates sited by May are found on page 82 of his Tallahassee police file linked below:

    Thanks again to Dr. Tracy for bringing this information to the attention of the public.

    1. You didn’t really say anything to prove me wrong.. If you do a FOIA specifically regarding gang stalking or like activities. They won’t send you any data, they claim it doesn’t exist. You move it into the court side and the judges all side with the US DOJ on it.

      I definitely emplore people for trying but this data on its face as is isn’t proof of gang stalking. Or even that the data includes information on it.

      Another reason it’s probably not represented well in the data is most people don’t even get to file proper reports on it, and law enforcement refuse to take reports about it usually.

  3. Newtown Bee reports how the alphabet-faked community of Newtown is doing K9 drills in schools. Tells how successful it was and how there will be more. I believe Newtown is one of the training venues for what they want to do to the rest of us. They are unabashed with their shutdowns, having had a number in the last half year or so. They are replacing a defunct elementary school with a $70 million facility. Way to disguise a training facility for DHS or FEMA.

    Part of Bee article – More info on their website: A 40 minute drug sweep at Newtown High School the morning of February 27 resulted in the arrest of three students and the issuing of an infraction to a fourth, according to a press release from the Newtown Police Department.

    Police say a “drug sniff” involving 12, passively trained K-9 narcotics teams was conducted monitoring the high school building and adjacent parking areas. The activity was invited by school administration according to the release, utilizing law enforcement resources from several departments as well as the State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force.

    … apparently the first of several planned in the district.

    “We will continue to be vigilant to offer a safe, drug-free environment at Newtown High School,” Dr. Erardi stated. “The Friday school-wide sweep with trained dogs resulted in four students being disciplined and arrested for possession of an illegal substance.”

    The superintendent ensured that, “Efforts and education will be ongoing as we work with the student body to ensure the safety of all.”

    Adavance notice was circulated among members and families of the high school community by Principal Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue, providing a warning that police “would be visible” on campus Friday morning.

  4. The report, “Stalking Victimization in the U.S.”, was based on a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, using the following questionnaire (“Supplemental Victimization Survey (SVS)”:



  5. The big climate-gate debate is a form of gang stalking – either follow the ‘leader’ and declare global warming is our biggest threat, or you won’t get the money! More like a public flogging, wonder if any of these esteemed academia on the ‘wrong’ side of the green movement would venture an interview on the Real Politic.

    If any of these debates were actually real, they would be exposing the manipulation of weather that has been ongoing and has lead to major calamities and loss of life.

      1. Love Mark Steyn, he is sure to make you chuckle at all this madness.

        Would be good if he & Mark Levin could join forces and go for the jugular instead of nipping at the ankles of this evil machine.

        So now we have the EPA, IRS, Administration and academia all gloating over the fact that they can lie and obstruct justice and get away with it. The most we could hope for is a penalty of which is a fine to ourselves?

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