barceloOn this week’s Real Politik we speak with Jeanice Barcelo on modern medicine’s theft and brutalization of the human birthing process. Barcelo is a transformational teacher in the movement to expose the violence of hospital birth and to return birthing to the home. She is also the author of the 2014 book, Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine: Exposing Systematic Violence During Hospital Childbirth and the Hijacking of Human Love, a work that examines the horrors of technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, and how we as a society have come to accept this as a substitute for what was once a truly divine and spiritual event.

Barcelo has spent the last 15 years uncovering the long-term and inter-generational impact of primal trauma on the human body-mind-spirit system. She views the ever-escalating amount of violence being inflicted on babies and pregnant mothers as part of a social agenda. Barcelo has lectured extensively on this and has created an important curriculum to help end the lineage on abuse, violence and trauma, and restore humanity’s capacity to love. More information on Jeanice Barcelo and her work is available at

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Barcelo began to investigate the industrialization of the birth process as a result of her own life and personal experiences of birth trauma and how that has impacted personal relations with loved ones. “[There was] extreme pain and anguish that I felt about what happened to my children, and also the ongoing pain of never really properly bonding with my mother. There’s been a lineage of disturbed love in my family line–a breakdown in human love.

When I sought healing for my birth trauma I began to discover that the roots of this breakdown in love are actually a result of what happens to us when we’re in the womb and while we’re being born. What is happening and being done to us through the medical system is really causing severe brain damage and an alteration in our ability to love, and to be loved. It’s enormously important for us to understand what’s happening so that we can break the bonds that are holding us to this system [that is] having us pass on the trauma to our children.


Barcelo argues that in the early twentieth century the paradigm of Western medicine was transformed, largely to the detriment of those it purports to serve. “What people need to understand,” Barcelo begins, “is that for millennia the medicine that our race used was created by the creator. And so the use of plants, the use of what we find in nature to heal any ailments is absolutely and infinitely more powerful than anything the medical people can conjure up. They’re using toxic chemicals to make what they call medicine.”

The people behind the medical system are those like the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds and the Carnegies and the Morgans. These are people that have an agenda that is not beneficial to all of humanity. It’s an agenda to create a race of slaves that will be in service to think of themselves as ‘elite.’ The medical was hijacked in the early 1900s by these people. They sort of finagled their way in by offering money to the medical schools, so that medical schools could pay for new equipment, research, and that sort of thing. And then they insisted on being on the boards of these medical schools. Before too long they had taken over the medical schools, and they have devised a system of what’s called prenatal care and technologically-managed childbirth that is nothing less than trauma-based mind control. Every single thing that they’re inflicting on babies while they’re in the womb, and on pregnant mothers and babies during hospital birth, is specifically to undermine the development of the human brain, to alter the development of the nervous system, and to break down the bonds of human love.

Barcelo notes that modern medicine’s intervention in parenthood, the birthing process, and child development begins while the baby is in the womb with, for example, repeated ultrasounds that impeded fetal development and impair fertility of male children, and continues with artificial inducement labor and the infant’s immediate entry to the world.  “When you interfere with the ability of the mother and child and father and child to make a strong connection  in love during the first hour after birth, you are setting the stage for extreme violence later in life,” Barcelo contends. “There are certain windows of neurological opportunity that happen during the birth process and in the first hour after birth. If they are missed, for whatever reason, brain damage ensues. The further removed this child is from being able to bond, the more dangerous that child can become. The child can also be totally removed from reality through things such as autism–the whole capacity to be able to function in the way the creator intended us to function is completely cut off though the breaking of the bonds and the disruption of the nervous system and the brain.”

Among the most traumatic, unnecessary, and mind-altering aspects of the birth process experienced by mothers and infants in modern hospitals is circumcision. “This is happening regularly in American hospitals, and it’s happening to babies every single day,” Barcelo points out.

We’ve got more than a million babies a year being strapped to circumstraint boards and having the most sensitive parts of their penis cut off. The operation takes anywhere from ten minutes to up to thirty minutes when [doctors] are demonstrating how to do it to the medical students. That baby is screaming sounds that you’ll never hear from any person ever as it’s being tortured. And the doctors are saying the baby’s not feeling any pain while the baby’s screaming!

Something is deeply psychologically wrong with these doctors who are willing to do this repeatedly …

“Hugger Immobilizer” [Image Credit:]
They’re not all there. There’s something else going on. Their humanity is not present during a circumcision. Anybody that can hurt a child in that way is not in their right mind.

Barcelo argues that both circumcision and swaddling are procedures advocated by modern medicine that have long-lasting psychological consequences. The violent operation “causes permanent brain damage” because of the trauma it inflicts on a newborn.

The same with swaddling. If you take the blood of a swaddled infant the cortisol levels are off the charts. That infant is not sleeping. That infant is in parasympathetic shock. It’s the same exact thing that happens to an infant that’s being circumcised. If they can’t flee and they can’t fight they freeze. They go in to a form of paralysis in order to survive the torture or the threat to their lives. Parasympathetic shock is the goal of trauma-based mind control–to cause parasympathetic shock. To get these children to dissociate, meaning to get the soul to leave the body, so that alter personality can be called forth. That alter personality will be much more willing to be in service to the dark side.

Moreover, circumcision “is a direct assault on that baby’s ability to experience love throughout its life. It’s an assault on that baby’s ability to bond with its mother. It will never trust its parents. Once parents allow this to happen that baby knows that it cannot depend on its parents to protect him. So that baby will never, never trust its parents after that. That foreskin is there for a reason. The creator put it there because when it meets with the vaginal wall it triggers the mail brain to release chemicals of love and bonding. So when you cut it off, you are disrupting that man’s ability to properly bond with his partner.”

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10 thought on “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine”
  1. Easiest thing I’ve ever done and by far the most incredible experience of my life. And I sincerely mean that. I’ve had surgical procedures that took more out of me. 5 hour labor @ a birth center & was home 5 hours later. He never saw hospital …and he’s the healthiest kid I have! The traditional , hospital way, is a nightmare. I’ve done both. It’s a shame they treat us the way they do. And it’s a shame to have women brainwashed, afraid to even try. Females think I’m crazy when I tell my story and that’s the saddest part.
    Thank you Dr. Tracy, for having Ms. Barcelo as a guest and seeing the importance of such a beautiful, wonderful, experience!

  2. Wonderful article from a woman who knows instinctively what a real birth should be. “What Is Wrong With Society” goes to the fundamentals of each human being and how the birth process went. Science wants proof in order to foist convince people of anything and everything. I am neither a doctor or scientist and have no academic proof but my intuition and it has told me years ago that unless we get back to nature (the true medicine) we are stuffed. How is your world?

  3. As a retired pediatric RN of 40+ years I can attest to some of Jeanice’s remarks. Pain control for ALL ages is now a priority for pt’s undergoing painful procedures and surgery. I’m not sure if the protocol for circumcision has changed as that is done in the nursery. I hope so because I observed one being done as a student and it’s something you don’t forget. For the curious You Tube has some vids but don’t watch if you are squeamish.

    Although she didn’t get much into it, Jeanice’s philosophy of Human Sexuality is deeply spiritual. She feels it has been so culturally corrupted that it’s affecting all manner of relationships and family. Her website and you tube vids are eye opening to be sure. She gives us a lot to think about.

  4. That’s why I think Christianity is a better religion than Judaism. the Bible is much shorter–you can get through it in a couple of hours, especially as it is so repetitive–you can eat bacon if you want, and they don’t lop off part of your dick to induct you into the religion. That is why Christianity triumphed historically, although there must be other reasons as well. But we shouldn’t discount the biological abuse.

    The Memory Hole News is a great innovation. I wouldn’t otherwise know that the U of Miami is holding a Conspiracy bashing conference of academics, although possibly they might allow a few honest truthers to speak. Academia is apparently descending to the level of Fox News or the New York Times, and we have to keep up with these things.

  5. Had a tremendously good experience (although in a clinic setting within the hospital) at the birth of a grandchild with the help of midwives. More power to midwives!

    1. Yes–that can be the case. There is no one standard protocol for circumcision done in the nursery, unfortunately. The ‘original’ thought was that a general anesthetic and narcotics were ‘too’ risky for a ‘routine minor’ (their words) procedure on a newborn. Nowadays,since this is done in the nursery by the OB doc, they may now use a local anesthetic, swaddling, a pacifier with a sugar solution it, or tylenol. If for some reason the baby goes home without being circumcised and the parents still desire it, it has to be performed in the OR under general anesthesia.

  6. Intuitively, we knew hospitals were not the place to birth our children. We were fortunate to have our children in two different birth centers with midwives attending.

    Birth is an empowering event, it is facing Life as it happens. You can’t avoid being present. The energy is amazing.

    My view is that modern birthing in hospitals is motivated by both profit and also to dis-empower women and families.

    That said, the choice of where to birth is a personal decision.

  7. I just forced myself to revisit this issue. I gave birth to three sons–two living–and the thought of the cicumcism trauma haunts me.

    I had two experiences of childbirth in civilian hospitals and two in military hospitals. The level of care and compassion was so much more professional in civilian care that I still cannot speak without reliving the bad moments in anger to this day regard military care.

    I can readily see why VA treatment is so sorely lacking. The military finds sickness and chidbirth an
    inconvenient and expensive distraction from business as usual. I was cited for being a trouble maker for often questioning procedures. I was fortunate enough to be married to an officer and not a noncom; that was the only upside to my woes. Rank does have its privileges and it is quite obvious in medical environments.

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